Video: Cop Literally Performs Drive-By Shooting on Home of Someone Who Was “Critical”

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DETROIT, MI — People often compare police to an organized gang, with some saying that police are actually the “largest street gang in America.”

It recent case is causing some to treat that comparison more seriously.

A police officer in Detroit has been charged for performing a literal drive-by shooting.

Officer Clifford Earl Gullion was reported to have driven by a house, spraying bullets at it from his vehicle.

The drive-by shooting was said to have occurred after Officer Gullion found out that someone in the targeted home made “critical” comments about his wife that he didn’t like.

Apparently, his wife was working for someone as a caretaker for someone in the home. That someone may have been unhappy and allegedly made “critical” comments about the officer’s wife that officer Gullion didn’t approve of.

Rather than handling it straightforwardly like a man of integrity, Officer Gullion is said to have literally fired five shots into the front of the home as he drove by.

Officer Gullion pleaded “no contest” to the charges.

He was sentenced to 3-8 years in prison — given that he is a cop, however, it is rational to expect that he will be released long before 3 years are served.

There were apparently people in the home at the time it was riddled with bullets. Why Officer Gullion was not charged with attempted murder is a mystery.

Officer Gullion was suspended by the department after they conducted an internal affairs investigation.

Watch the video below:

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