Dog Chases Burglar, Cop Shoots Dog and Lets Burglar Get Away


LOUISVILLE, KY — When Brandis Pepper left her home with her three young children to go to the dentist on Tuesday, she did not realize that it was the last time she would see some of her possessions.

When the family returned, they found their home had been ransacked.

One of the windows had been smashed.

The children’s things had been tossed around; Brandis could not believe that her home had been ripped apart.

They had been burgled and worse yet the teenage culprit got away, despite police getting to the scene.

But she isn’t the only one upset on the street.

It turns out that the police shot a neighbor’s pet dog.

The youth who burglarized the home managed to jump over the fence into a neighbor’s backyard as he was being chased by a police officer.

A pit bull at the neighbor’s property lunged at him, as any dog would naturally do if it sensed a dangerous intruder in the house.

The cop also came into the yard.

Instead of continuing to chase the burglar, the cop drew out his gun and shot the dog instead, letting the burglar get away.

The police are claiming that the dog “charged” at the officer, so we guess the officer will say he feared for his life.

That a burglar is able to get away from a dog without killing it but a police officer stops to kill it (while letting the burglar get away) is quite telling.

To many, it illustrate the inadequacy of contemporary police training.

Neighbors are reeling from the shock of the break-in that took place in broad daylight as well as the death of a pet that was following its instinct and standing up to intruders in his space.

The whole episode seems an exercise in futility because the suspect is still at large.

All three of Brandis’ children are under the age of six and she scared for her family.

“My fear is that he’s going to try to come back to my house, or what if it’s night time and we’re asleep and he tries to come back,” she said in an interview with
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