Officer Who Smuggled Drugs Into Jail Now Wants to Supervise Children


Kory Watkins |

ANNE ARUNDEL — On Tuesday, a now-former Anne Arundel County corrections officer charged with smuggling contraband into the detention center was led away in handcuffs.

She is ready to serve a mere year-long sentence for her role in the operation.

The smuggling started small with petty cigarettes, cell phones and other things.

Of course it turned to bigger things later, namely, drugs.

Officer Catherine Windsor, 27, of Lothian, pleaded guilty in Anne Arundel Circuit Court to bribery by a public official, misconduct in office and delivery of a telecommunications device to a correctional facility.

Judge Michael Wachs sentenced Windsor to five years in prison, suspending all but one year, plus probation.

Wachs said Windsor will serve the first 90 days in jail – arrangements are being made to house her elsewhere – and the rest of her sentence on house arrest.

Windsor was one of four county corrections officers indicted as part of the months-long investigation into contraband smuggling at the jail.

Sadly, you know this is not the only place that this happens at.

This is all over our nation.

A teary-eyed Officer Windsor on Tuesday apologized and asked the judge for leniency.

She has since resigned from her job at the corrections center and has been working as a nanny.

I would like to personally know who is letting her watch their kids after she was caught smuggling drugs into a jail.

That is not the kind of person that should be watching other people’s kids……maybe not even her own.

“I’m a good person that made a bad mistake,” Officer Windsor said.

If this was someone not wearing a badge and smuggling drugs they would get far more than just 1 year.

For her, it will probably be more like 5-6 months in jail, if that!

After her arrest, Windsor denied her involvement, but eventually admitted it.

“In a moment of weakness, my character was tested and I failed,” Windsor said at Tuesday’s hearing.

Isn’t that the truth?!

Watch the video below:

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