Parents Devastated After Gruesome Police Execution of Their Innocent Child


The Hammonds are inconsolable.

Their 19-year-old son was murdered two months ago while he was on a date.

The couple was sitting in the teenager’s 2002 hundred Honda Civic eating ice cream, when cop cars surrounded them.

Lieutenant Mark Tiller, carrying a gun, shouted at them: “I’ll blow your fucking head off”.

The cop stuck to his word and shortly after gunned down Zachary Hammond through an open side window of his car.

An independent autopsy suggested a bullet hit him in the back of a shoulder and side near the back of his head.

The earlier autopsy by Oconee County Coroner Karl Addis claim that there were bullets lodged in his chest and shoulder.

The Coroner ruled that the death was a homicide.

Apparently, the police were carrying out a marijuana bust on that fateful evening of July 26.

Police admit that Hammond did not have a weapon in his car.

However, they claim that Tiller used his gun to defend himself.

According to them the boy was “driving towards” him in order to, what the authorities claim to be, attack the cops.

The victim’s family on the other hand says that he was trying to park the car and was not at all risk to Tiller or any of his colleagues.

The 121-pound teenager with no criminal history was shot twice and died at the scene.

What happened next was disturbing enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

Hammond’s parents say after murdering their son the officers desecrated his body.

They lifted his hand and gave it a triumphant high-five.

Next, a witness said they saw the police take something out of the patrol car trunk and place it under the’s body.

His corpse was then left to be pillaged by ants.

Unfortunately, since the young man was not carrying a wallet, he could not be identified.

Despite parents’ desperate pleas the police department has refused to release dash cam footage of the incident.

Without it, there is only the witness’ account of the cops disrespecting Hammond’s body.

Tiller has been placed on administrative leave and investigation by state and federal agents is expected to commence shortly.

The Hammond family say in a world where the Black Lives Matter campaign has taken firm foothold, it is sad to note that a white teenage boy victimization has not invoked the same level of public outcry that is so common with the killing of an unarmed black man.

Watch the video below:

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