Police Just Shot This Christian Musician to Death, and They’re REFUSING to Say Why


Max Chantha | An Independent Blog

FLORIDA – As we have seen in previous cases, asking cops for help on the side of the rode can lead to getting shot in the head.

However, after the case Corey Jones, it seems as though even when you’re not asking for assistance, a helpful officer may come kill you anyway.

Jones, a well known local musician in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, reportedly had issues with his car after a show Saturday night, and had called his brother to ask for a ride home.

That was the last his family would hear from him again.

The Palm Beach Police seem to have taken a media blackout stance on the issue.

The only information given to the grieving and bewildered family was that they had shot and killed a man – not even naming Jones – around 3AM, who they had spotted pulled over on an exit ramp of the I-95.

Jones is said to have been a talented musician, a kind soul, and a law-abiding member of the community, though this criteria has never stopped aggressive cops from killing before.

In an age where good cops are being constantly overshadowed by their more reckless, corrupt, and irresponsible brothers in blue, we can only hope that those officers who still hold some sense of pride in their work and responsibility to those who they are meant to serve will divulge some information on Jones, so that a family in mourning will not have to wonder how their son, brother, and cousin died.

Watch the video below:

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