Cops Forcing Black Men to Act Like Chimps, Sharing Photos

DETROIT — Police officers in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, made humiliating videos of black men in Detroit and texted the videos to friends, according to a recent news story.

The Motor City Muckracker obtained the videos from a source whose identity was withheld due to safety concerns. Investigative journalist Steve Neavling declined to publish all the videos, describing them as “humiliating.”

The two he did publish depict black men making ape-like faces and motions on the orders of police, who filmed them.

An officer identified as Mike Najm instructs one black man to “Go ahead. Do your song.” Another photo shows a black man riding in the back of a wagon attached to a truck. The officer who texted the picture included the caption, “Got to love the coloreds.”

Cops distributed the humiliating photos and made racist comments about them, according to the report.

Cops distributed the humiliating photos and made racist comments about them, according to the report.

























The Huffington Post reported that Najm’s ex-wife may be Neavling’s source.

Neavling told The Daily Caller that the rest of the videos and pictures contained similar, racially-demeaning content.

“It’s a lot of the same kind of stuff where black men are asked to sing or make noises that are chimp-like that [the officers] wanted them to make,” he said. “It’s these humiliating things that they are having them do.”

Neavling said it was clear that the images and videos had been sent to other phones.

“It’s disgusting,” the source of the messages said. “It’s part of the culture in Grosse Pointe.”

via The DailyCaller

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