Raw Video: Cop Repeatedly Kicks Man Who Was Sitting on the Sidewalk Peacefully

noel carter

ORLANDO, FL — A video has emerged online showing a police officer repeatedly delivering what appear to be Muay Thai kicks to the torso or right arm of a non-aggressive citizen.

What has enraged so many about the video is that the man was merely sitting down and not doing anything when the officer began kicking him.

After the one officer kicked him over and over again, another officer began shooting the man with a taser gun.

In all, the officers hit him three times with a metal baton, shot chemical pepper spray at him twice, shot him between four and seven times with a taser gun, and repeatedly kicked him.

The man is 30-yr-old Noel Carter.

The incident began when Carter’s girlfriend broke up with him at a local nightclub.

They had been drinking and got into a scuffle during the break up.

That is when the two officers decided to intervene and try to arrest Carter.

When Carter saw that officers were intending to arrest him, he allegedly ran away from them.

A woman who was in her residence heard the commotion and began filming.

Cops claim that Carter “struck” one of them, but the footage does not show that.

In fact at no time in the footage can Carter be seen attacking the officers or even resisting arrest.

The video first appeared Friday, broadcast by WESH-Channel 2. It does not show Carter fighting or resisting arrest.

After they beat him, they charged him with “battery of a law enforcement officer.”

Watch the video below: