Woman Who Worked For Police Claims Superior Forced Her to Have Sex, Gave Her STD


It seems Eugene Bridges should have been fired a long time ago.

Currently, the Tunica County sheriff’s office is investigating more than one complaint of sexual harassment against him.

One of his victims was a deputy at the Department.

She says Bridges bullied her into having sex with him. According to her, he told her that she would lose her job if she did not fulfill his demands.

She alleges they had sex in a patrol car, in the office building as well as his house. All of these encounters took place when he was on duty.

Worse yet, the victim says she has contracted an STD from her oppressor.

The community is still reeling from the shock of Bridges’ actions, which have now become public.

One woman Luella Williams said she was very surprised to learn of the allegations and the fact that the officer’s services have been terminated.

“It’s a shame that they got stuff like that on him like that,” she commented.

Another resident, Mario Bryant said he was alarmed.

“You think they have your back. You’re safe, but you end up not safe to hear something like that,” he added.

The Deputy is currently on medical leave.

Bridges has not been criminally charged with any offence.

In the past week at least three other Tunica County sheriff’s department employees have been fired, including senior officers.

The reason for their termination is unclear at this stage.

Watch the video below:

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