Women Tried to Help Cops, Didn’t Know Cops Were Signing Them up For Prostitution



SAN ANTONIO, TX — The general public is wired into trusting the police and stepping forward to help out when necessary.

This is perhaps what was playing on the minds of four women who were approached by a trio of San Antonio Police Department officers who asked them to assist in an “investigation.”

Aaron Alford, Alejandro Chapa and Emmanuel Galindo came up with an elaborate and well thought out plan.

Chapa and Galindo asked the women to sign a contract that stated they agreed to do anything necessary to help the investigation – this included having sex if needed.

The officers also said the women would be paid at the end of the job.

The detective work they claimed to be carrying out as well as the remuneration they promised was a hoax.

The details are still sketchy; it is not known whether the victims, who had been picked up from two different locations – an area bar and a coffee shop, knew each other.

Once the agreement was signed, at least two of the officers demanded to have sex with the women. Unfortunately, the victims complied, thinking that they were bound legally to do so.

It is still not known how long this deception lasted; however, it seems investigations culminated recently following a complaint from one of the women in June this year.

The three officers were arrested last week on charges of sexual assault, compelling prostitution and official oppression.

Essentially, what the dishonored officers had managed to do was trap the women in a cunning scheme by making them sign up for prostitution without them even knowing about it.

Live Oak Police Chief Ken Evans said the department took the matter seriously as soon as it seemed like the law was being used as a cover-up.


He added: “In no way did they [the victims] know they were getting involved into prostitution”.

The disgraced officers not only fooled the women, but also impersonated members of the vice unit.

All the officers face a charge of official oppression – a class A misdemeanor.

Chapa and Galindo have been additionally accused of aggravated sexual assault, which is a second degree felony.

It is increasingly beginning to feel as though a police badge is becoming a license to act above the law.

In the case of these officers, none of them had been with the department for more than five years.

Watch the video below:

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UPDATE: March 5, 2017

Two former San Antonio police officers were found guilty Friday on multiple counts of sexual assault and other charges after a lurid trial in which three women described how the men seduced them with the promise of money and legal favors for participating in what turned out to be a fake undercover operation.

Emmanuel Galindo, 31, was convicted of four counts of sexual assault, five counts of compelling prostitution and 12 counts of official oppression. Alejandro Chapa, 29, was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault, four counts of compelling prostitution and eight counts of official oppression.

State District Judge Steven Hilbig immediately began the punishment phase of the trial, and the wives of both men made tearful pleas for the jury to keep them out of prison.

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