Avid Police Supporter “Heartbroken” After His Son is Kicked in the Head by Cop


James Walsh’s father says he is heartbroken.

An avid supporter of the police department, he has found himself in an odd predicament.

Last month the Walshes from Lakewood went to the Dublin Irish festival near Columbus to celebrate their granddaughter’s first birthday.

Twenty-six year old James was with them.

He says he was just standing there, minding his own business when a punch in the head knocked him unconscious.

Witnesses say the assailant continued to bash the unsuspecting victim even as he lay listless on the ground.

James said he did not know the man and nor had he ever seen him before.

However, the brutal perpetrator’s identity has now been disclosed.

In a shocking revelation, Dublin Police identified him as 27-year-old policeman John J. Kotchkoski.

According to witnesses – the officer, who was off-duty when he carried out the assault – had not been provoked.

In fact one witness say James did not even have his fists up.

James suffered a concussion and needed stitches under his left eye as a result. He also sustained serious injuries to his head and face.

“For whatever reason, he went after me. I don’t know him, I’ve never seen him in my life,” said James.

Witnesses say that the attack appeared to be totally random and unprovoked, almost like a “knock-out game.”

The Walsh family was shocked to learn the man who had randomly attacked their son was a member of the law enforcement.

Although his wounds are starting to heal, a visibly distraught James says that, to him, it does not matter who Kotchkoski worked for.

He says he was an innocent bystander who was enjoying the festival.

The officer has been charged with assault and is due to appear in court on October 1.

Watch the video below:

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  • Kim Serrahn

    Sad when a love affair goes sour.

    • sharoncullars

      or when you realize the affair was all one-sided and your affection was never returned. it was all in your head.

  • Mike

    Death penalty for this POS cop!!!!

  • Hall Al

    Now while are you complaining keep supporting them.

  • Corey Shade

    Death Penalty. Cops need to be held to a higher standard. If they can not follow it and physically attack people for no reason, using the power we gave them, they need to die. It would start teaching these cops citizens do have rights. You work for us.

    • tinynot

      that is part of the problem, they dont work for us, they work for big business! did ya get that? did ya understand that, what i just said? good.

  • Jeannie Wood-Ramberg

    Why is he complaining? He supports cops doing that, doesnt he?? Oh or is it different when its your kid and not some black youth or mentally ill person?

    • BC

      The difference being this police officer was not on duty, and not in uniform–so they had no idea he was a cop until recently. Had the guy been in uniform the dad may have had a completely different view of them sooner..

      While I support ‘cops’ I do not support ANY cop doing things like this..to ANYONE, no matter their skin color.

      • AuroraMoon

        I’m the same way. I support cops who does their jobs and keeps criminals off the streets. But, I do not support cops being above the law and acting like they are. If one of them makes a mistake or does something bad, then they too need to be held accountable just like everyone else.

        • jasminxeick

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          • Billy Hyland

            Prostitution is illegal!

        • Joseph Edward Bodden

          we should keep in mind that within the law, they are police, outside the law, they are outlaws. Criminals.

      • eatshit

        “While I support ‘cops’ I do not support ANY cop doing things like this..to ANYONE, no matter their skin color.”
        This statement means you don’t support ANY cops because every last one of them does this type of thing at every given opportunity.

      • Jose Sellman

        Which makes it even worse because he is hiding his cowardice

      • itstherecit

        …sorry but cops are never “off duty”…they may get out of uniform but they are still cops and respond to all types of situations in their civilian clothes….the major problem here is that the cop was a “narc” cop who are never dressed in traditional cop gear…he was relieved of his narc duties and put behind a desk…additionally, who are we to believe about the cop being “off duty”?…are we to believe the cops who say he was off duty? i don’t believe it!…or was this psycho-cop just hanging around the bar/pub hoping to make a drug arrest or get someone on a public intoxication charge?…there are zero good cops…any cop who tries to be a good cop will be fired or resign because they “don’t fit in”!!!

    • hornet

      Damn I hate agreeing with you.

  • Megg Lindeen

    Conservatives only see a problem when it effects them~

  • Brian

    Interesting that it is not a felony charge , The kids father just got a rude awakening. Supporting the police is insane. I know the supporters are saying ” Its just a few bad apples” the truth of the mater is there are over 4 million different videos on social media showing cops shooting, beating, murdering, stealing from, Unarmed American citizens, they have been caught planting evidence, falsifying reports, stealing money and jewelry from dead accident victims, beating pregnant women to death and beating pregnant women to the point of them miscarrying. shooting to death children as young as 3 years old, raping women and children, taking bribes, off duty cops assaulting innocent citizens, pair of drunk cops who were high on cocaine beat a 76 year old man and his 74 year old wife the man died all due to the elderly couple taking a parking place at the mall that the cops wanted. there are numerous teenagers who have been raped by cops, tried to press charges and was told if they did the police would make their lives a living hell. they have threatened the parents of the victims they have raped trying to scare them in to not pressing charges, witness tampering, you name it the cops have done it and are still doing it. Its time to say enough is enough , we need to call it like it is, the cowards are running the largest criminal empire the world has ever known. and even when there are witnesses and video to prove they are guilty only 1 in every 250 officers are ever charged or held accountable for their crimes. there are a few rich people who are promising money, cars, monthly payments as high as 50k a month , hell one guy is paying 1.3 million dollars cold hard cash for someone to beat a cop to death and video the entire beat down with confirmation the cop is dead . one guy says he will buy anyone a passport , a vehicle of your choosing and 50k a month for the rest of your life if you can prove you either shot a cop in the head or kidnapped a cop and tortured it for as long as a week before slitting their throat and videoing it. people are tired obviously of the criminals wearing badges thinking they are somehow protected , they may have chiefs, and judges coving up the massive corruption but that’s fine , because at the end of the day. even a judge cant protect these scumbags not when people are seeing them violate American citizens rights everyday, not when there are rich people who are willing to make these spineless idiotic scumfucks pay. My advice for the pigs in the blankets would be to stop…. stop thinking your untouchable , that you are somehow brave, or tough , stop hurting, beating, shooting, and murdering unarmed American citizens or , just carry on and pray you get to come home after work without being disfigured , crippled, or mangled , or even shot in the back of the head . fucking morons don’t you read social media, people are tired of your shit and NO ONE fears any of you tools , you spineless jellyfish. your only tough when there are 30 of you against one unarmed child or elderly woman. your parents must be real proud losers

    • It’s Ireland. Only the United States thinks in terms of “Felony/Misdemeanor”.

      In Ireland, it’s Indictment or Summary conviction.

      …so no, it’s not “interesting” at all.

      • Actually this happened in Dublin, Ohio… Near Columbus.

      • Brian

        I just moved to the states from County Cork 7 years ago. I don’t need another American telling me how the Ireland justice system works moron

    • Mustafa Curtess

      Brace Yourself! It’s going to get worse! Trump has declared his full, unconditional, support for cops. (First scary thing he has done.)

      • Joseph Edward Bodden

        first? you mean besides stealing the election?

  • Michael Anthony

    This is the best kind of irony.

  • Anonymous

    So, this cop sucker finally gets to see the world from our side for a change.

  • Swapster_com

    And the cop is on desk duty. What the fuck do you have to do to get fired from this gang of psychopaths? Seems like he actually becomes more valuable to the police state if he proves himself a nut.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    ya, it kinda changes things when it happens to someone you care about, ain’t it?

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    you or I would be charged with attempted murder for kicking an unconscious person in the head…twice

  • Seatired

    I rather enjoy it when something like this happens to a family that supports police.

  • Rand0m411

    I would have shot someone in plain clothes physically attacking my kid.

    • Mustafa Curtess

      And you would be proscuted as a “cop killer”. (“You didn’t know”? “Ignorance is no excuse”.). They’ve got it ALL “Their Way” and are effectively above the law.

  • gracemarie

    it makes a difference when it’s you or your family doesn’t it?

  • Ellie_Light

    These police devotees are learning; one beaten child at a time. Shame they have been so blind.

  • Luci Fur

    All Cops Rape, Enforcement, that is their job. etymology is the key to learning the true meaning of words this is from the oldest date. Legally “Authority” is simply the author of a document. (why do you think they get you to sign a ticket!) don’t believe anything! belief is evil, the opposite of knowledge. enforcement (n.)late 15c., “constraint, compulsion,” from Old French enforcement “strengthening, fortification; rape; compulsion, coercion” http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=enforcement&searchmode=none

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    But you love them unconditionally, right? So I have zero sympathy for you or your wounds. They were just “doing their job”.

  • Dante201
  • I hope more cop supporters or their family members get their asses kicked by cops. Building hate, one victim at a time. LOVE IT!

  • Gordon Klock

    & all this (suspicious) talk of a growing “war on the police” that the news media, & the cops themselves, seem to be not-so-subtly begging for, perhaps a better target would be the judges, & attorneys, prosecutors, etc, that justify, & perpetuate this obviously deliberate monstrosity, & try to nip this weird, tyrannical, slave labor/prison industry in the bud, or at least expose it further for the life destroying, abomination that it is….

    • Mustafa Curtess

      The problem sems to be that the entire law enforcement and “justice” community feel like a fraternity morally-obliged to protect each other against the “public”.

  • VSamuels

    Regular psychological testing will weed out some problem officers, but unless the unions themselves are held responsible for aggressive and violent acts against citizens, they have little incentive to police their own. Unsure what can help fix the lack of empathy that runs through the so-called police apologists, who refuse to accept that some police are corrupt. Our standards for law enforcement should be higher, but too often guys like this apologist find their way on juries that often exonerate the officer, than hold him or her accountable when evidence points to guilt.

  • Tracey Williams

    Shit hit home didn’t it!

  • Jose Sellman

    Oh when the veil of Stockholmes syndrome comes crashing down.

  • Bbaile29

    At least, his unarmed son is alive to talk, walk, and complain about treatment that’s has been in he Black community for years!
    And, for those who say they support officers doing this to criminals…Save that!
    This is what I read from most of you are saying that support stuff…If, it happens to minorities it is cool!

  • Mark Stegel

    Lady Gaga has recorded a song titled “Till it Happens to You”.

    A key lyric:
    “Till it happens to you, you don’t know how it feels.”

    It is about rape but the words can apply to almost anything especially assault by cop.

    I wonder how dad feels now about his unquestioning support of the police?

  • Cassie Marie Swindle

    All cops are pieces of shit. If their good, it’s only a matter of time before they turn into a racist pig like all the others