Brave Man Stops Criminal, While Cops Cower and Hide With Guns Drawn

When you put crabs in a bucket, you don’t need a lid to prevent them from climbing out.

That’s because when any one crab tries to climb out, the others will pull him down and keep him there. Eventually, all of them will be eaten.

Americans today suffer from Crab Bucket Syndrome.

When any one of us takes a stand and does something that takes balls — or ovaries — the timid and the brain-dead try to claw at us until we’re back down at the bottom.

Such is the case with Douglas Hughes, a man who decided to use a gyrocopter to protest the government. He is now facing nine and a half years in prison, with obedient police apologists calling him “crazy.”

More recently, one man decided to stop a police chase that could have turned fatal — using only raw instinct and courage.

The act was caught on video.

A criminal can be seen in the video being chased by officers.

That is when this brave man steps into the path of the criminal’s car, forcing the car to come to a stop.

At this point police can be seen scurrying around and hiding behind their vehicles with several guns pointed at not only the criminal but the intervening man as well.

The man still proceeds to take efficient action, and brings the criminal physically to the police, using no beating or tasing or anything.

He deescalated the situation without resorting to shooting someone to death.

What happened to him for stepping up and taking action in his community?

He was called “unstable” and “homeless” by the media over and over again. Several out-0f-shape officers can be seen emerging from their hiding places and arresting him once he solved the problem for them.

All the while, a timid media narrator stares down at the situation from the safety of his helicopter and continues to accuse the man of being "clearly unstable."

As one commenter described it:

"Clearly Unstable?" Seriously? The guy looked like he had total presence of mind to me. He was even smart enough to put his knees on the bumper in case the guy hit the gas so he could fall on the hood of the car. Unstable? Hell no.

It's almost as if the cops arrested this man because they were jealous that this man did what was right and stole their thunder. Perhaps they felt useless after seeing what real courage looks like.

And even if he was some kind of unstable crackhead -- he wasn't, but assuming for the sake of argument that he was -- what does that prove? All it proves, in this case, is that even an unstable crackhead was smarter and better than police.

The cops should have shaken this man's hand and showed him respect for de-escalating a volatile situation.

This man helped save taxpayers potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars, helped prevent any shooting deaths, and handled the situation efficiently -- yet he, too, must be clawed back down to the bottom of the bucket by timid media and police crabs, arrested and labeled "unstable."

Watch the video below:

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  • Christina Olier


    • roke

      Nice Damn Job American ! We need too keep un the Good Civil Duties too bring our Country Back !

  • paul

    the crazy ones where the ones in the black and white cars is that msmnbc why does he have to called crazy you fucking reporters are dumb

  • Scott Giblin

    How the fuck is he unstable? what kind of idiot is commenting on this video? clearly the commentator is a moron and needs to keep his mouth shut.

    • John Kadwell

      That’s the news for ya!
      I couldn’t tell if the guy was under the influence of something WOW
      He just gave the cops #probable cause…..
      To arrest a hero

      • John Seychel

        HERO, is correct sir. This guy saved hundreds of cops from, he should have been made a hero.

        • Finfid

          I kinda feel bad for the Cops. They had a great opportunity for each of the 20 or so on the scene to get to shoot at somebody with some impunity. Ah well, there will be other opportunities to kill.

          • Dakota Lally

            That statement is a bit frightening.

          • Finfid

            Well ya, its meant to be. Its hyperbole, but its really NOT! that is even more disturbing.

          • Erwin Martinez

            ^^ it’s true.

          • Eddie Perez

            but very true

          • LillianIHeard

            ♥❧♥❧♥❧ $73.. per-hr @mi25//



        • Patrick H.

          Heros arent made. You are one or your not. Those 20 officers may have badges that they covet, but they’re not heros.

        • Phillip Cantu

          Incorrect: cops ALWAYS “fear for their lives”, because they always want an excuse to kill innocent people.

          • John Seychel

            DAH< you didn't get the joke, dumb ass.

      • James Wilkinson

        It’s called the Spirit of God/holy spirit Christ. None of us fear death.You wouldn’t understand; It’s a God thing.

        • jumpin_jimmy

          God has nothing to do with it. Once you understand that you will cease to be a human at some point and simply transition to being another form of the energy you are, you realize there is nothing to fear. I will neither be punished nor rewarded for being me. I just am the way nature intended.

        • CSadens

          god these nuts bitch.

          God can prevent evil but doesn’t? That makes him evil.

          Either that, or god really can’t prevent evil. Or doesn’t exist. You pick.

          • Joshua Haskins

            God gives us free will to choose evil and some choose it. If God fixed every problem their would be no free will and we would all be slaves. God doesnt want slaves he wants a personal relationship with you. Its like the saying guns dont kill people, people kill people well same for God. God is not evil but he gives us the freedom to choose evil or to choose him because God is love the opposite of evil.

          • CSadens

            Bullshit out of here please.

          • CSadens

            Do you know what the biblical definition of “to know” someone is? It means to have sexual intercourse. Jesus wants to know you.

            Let that sink in for a moment.

          • Eddie Steele

            There is a parabol about this. You see God loves us all even the evil sinners. All are given the chance to repent and give their heart to him. The wages of sin are death. We all die good or evil we all sin and die for it. That is the punishment. However there is a second death from which there is no return.

    • Dr. H. Sawyer, Jr.

      Huh ! That’s for damn sure !!!! Amen !!!!!

    • John Seychel

      Exactly my thoughts. Who is that moronic idiot? He should be getting a metal, no less jailed and looking at 9 years in prison. This just shows how easy it is to get tossed in prison. How can the police beat the shit out of innocent people. Its not their job to be Judge and executioner. Well, that is if we are still living in a constitutional country.

      • Billy Lthr

        You can think republicans for taking rights away. Its why we must go vote and stop republicans

        • javi

          you, sir, are ill-informed and need to do some reading before taking your first attempt at being a keyboard warrior.
          Don’t forget that your democrat president that you have now tried to take all your guns away less than a year ago… and since the republicans didnt want him to, he took away all the ammo for the guns….

          fucking dickhead, read a book

          • Wacokid36

            Hey, fucking dickhead, show me the book that proves, using legitimate sources, that Obama tried to take away American citizen’s guns. Man, the stupid is strong in far right land. As for the ammo, go to any gun store, there’s still plenty to go around. You are proof of the dumbing down of America and may now go back masturbating to your picture of Wayne LaPierre.

          • Richard StJohn

            Please tell me you’re kidding. Democrats hate the public having guns. Diane Feinstein would take them all away despite having carried one for protection against a legit threat. She’s a senator from Cali and of course a Democrat. What do you think fast and furious was about? Increasing gun violence so they’d have public support for more gun laws. Worked like a charm. But most of the killing was done in Mexico. How about that thing in Newtown that reeks of false flag. Obama rolled out his anti gun agenda in a matter of hours. Obama through the new AG is issuing orders to bypass congress on new gun restrictions. At the Bundy ranch stand off the feds put up “free speech zones.” Roped off areas where they determined you could exercise your Constitutional rights. Obama also increased domestic spying via the NSA. So much for Amendments 1, 2, 4, and 5 under Obama. Republicans are red, Democrats are blue. Neither of those groups gives a fuck about you.

          • Wacokid36

            Would it surprise you that the majority of Liberals own guns, yes, it probably would. This may surprise you, there are many Obama policies that I disagree with, just not the fake ones.

          • Stevie Ray Vaughn

            I’m a Democrat and I don’t hate the public having guns. So much for your grossly broad over-generalizations and knowing what everyone who fits your label wants. Tell me what I eat for dinner, Mr. Oracle… lol…

          • Doug Balish

            Wacko kid…are you for real?
            hold the insults and stick to facts if you know any.

          • Wacokid36

            Provide some facts, I think I stated mine but, you’re right, I shouldn’t have lowered myself to that person’s level.

          • Doug Balish

            Re obama/ gun control
            #1. Fast and furious…Obama administration sells lots of guns to known criminals to bring to Mexican cartels . This in response to Mexican presidents speech to congress calling for gun control and the “need” to stop US bought weapons from getting to Mexico
            (Special note to mexico…close and secure your border, stopping drug , gun trafficing.oops, then the illegal aliens won’t be able to come to the US.)
            #2. Obama issues 23 “executive orders” all aimed at more gun control
            #3. Ammo…attempts to ban various ammo (.223), clips, gun types. Drove ammo prices to all time highs
            Wacokid, I agree, he will not take away guns, the plan is to make Americans throw them away in disgust at the rules, regulations, and taxes being placed on weapons and ammo.
            Just because obumble has not had much success does not mean he ain’t still trying

          • Stephen Wright

            He put a restriction on how many boxes we gun owners can buy and also tried to ban .223 ammo and tried to say 5.56 mm and m855 cartridges where armor piercing rounds

          • Stevie Ray Vaughn

            Oh my God!!! How terrible!! Nuts like you want to have 3,000 rounds, right??

          • Marc Stinebaugh

            Should be able to own as many as you want.

          • Stevie Ray Vaughn

            It’s Democratic and he has not tried to take guns away. Stop watching FOX, dumbass.

          • leastyebejudged

            You’re a liar.

        • Scott

          It’s Democrats that favor big government and want to turn us into a police state. Conservatives want small government and favor more Freedom. Everyone should support Rand Paul and stop the coming police state.

          • Esteban

            The two party system is the real issue. If you think theres any real difference between them, if you think you actually have a choice in an election, if you think your vote actually counts…well, there isnt and we dont.

          • Doctor CatGod

            You actually believe Rand Paul when he’s talking? LOLOL ” I’ll stop the IRS ” ROFL

          • Stevie Ray Vaughn

            No. GOP wants more military, more cops, more governmental authority. Look at what Dick Cheney did after 9/11, he made the Presidency WAY MORE powerful and got way more money for the military and wars. I’m a Dem and only favor government that works, not bigger. Try to stop regurgitating FOX talking points, and think for yourself, okay??

        • Doug Balish

          Yea, cause the libs are all about freedom and Constitutional Rights, right?
          you only need to look at the corrupt, crooked, welfare slave big lib cities to see the truth.

          • Stevie Ray Vaughn

            You do realize that suburban whites get a HUGE portion of welfare and are the hubs for heroin and meth addictions and epidemics, right??

        • John Seychel

          Wow, this thread has gone long as hell. This just shows all you suckers are ignorant idiots. The right and the left are both wings of the same bird, both brought to you by big corporations. What a divide they have drawn, you all know the reality is that as long as we are divided, we will never ever stand together for real change that we are in desperate need of, so, you all are suckers to the system, Congratulations! You got the idiots of the year award.

    • Abbe

      What kind of idiot? The complete one…

    • Duane Weimerskirch

      what a judgemental ass ..the reporter should be embarrassed.

    • leastyebejudged

      Most local media are useless copsucking assholes.

  • Rex

    He denied the Blue Mafia their blood bath, compounded by he fact that he made them look cowardly and violent (not horribly difficult).

    The media, using their usual investigative prowess, read the script given to them.

    • Rita Garza

      Blue mafia!! lol I love it. Gotta steal it.

      • Rex

        Steal it, spread it! I’d love it if that became a “thing” when talking about these sadistic, thieving assholes.

  • Lee Cadena

    So what’s the point of a citizens arrest if the citizen is arrested as well? The guy in the car stopped because contrary to main stream media most people interacting with police are not violent murdering psychopaths.

    • George Schmidt

      I agree 100%! Most people who run are scared of police! When you confront someone with intimidation and in a threatening manner instinct takes over and it is fight or flight!

  • Paul Waldeck

    I wonder what the charges are? Jaywalking? Stupid cops should be charged with kidnapping of good citizen

    • Cliff

      He will turn up dead later for “resisting arrest”.

    • Clive

      They’ll charge him with obstruction or something equally as stupid.

    • Dental_FlossTycoon

      Obstruction of justice, basically interfering with the police doing their job.

  • Terrance Collier

    I bet Fox News says the cops were valiant and brave. and made the arrest by themselves.

  • Bob6DaBeast

    They’re mad they didn’t get to shoot dude in the car so they arrested the man that stepped in front of it for doing it. Either way he saved that guy’s life cuz the pigs were definitely gonna blast him. Even with his hands up look at how they rushed him.

  • Casey Fletcher

    These robot announcers NEED to commit suicide, “Unstable Individual, one Unstable Individual and another Unstable Individual, LAPD doesn’t want Unstable Individuals helping with Unstable Individuals, what an Unstable Individual”

  • Casey Fletcher

    The police are just mad they don’t get to shoot and kill, or beat someone to death again that day.

  • positive

    just stop watching telLIEvision,please
    they are all racist bastards!

  • SlimJim

    The commentator is Fritz Coleman mentioned at the very end

    He is a fucking idiot.

    • Timothy Tata

      He’s their Weatherman, he is used to talking about something he has no real evidence of. A master guesser as it were.

      • Bob Miller

        And it seems he is as wrong about this story as he is about the weather!

    • Sam Cat

      Correction … he’s a major fucking idiot

  • John Seychel

    He must be unstable, he didn’t allow the police to kill him. Who in their right mind would have made such a move? The cops and their hundred car wanted to pile drive that guy into the ground. This guy has to be under the influence and unstable.

  • Stefon Scott Loch

    This is fucking disgusting, in enough ways…… including that dumb s.o.b. reporter .

  • Nick Skulski

    “Clearly unstable” and “Clearly under the influence of something” ? Only things that are clear is that he stopped the car the Police where pursuing and is Black.

    And why does he think he is a homeless man?

    Makes me wonder if this guys black skin makes this reporter think he is an unstable homeless addict/drunk?

  • tryingtopost

    post on these ppls fb news page to show this is not tollerable i did

  • Joe Draper

    and this is our media, Cleveland Ohio’s sucks just as bad, but wow, this reporter is a basket case.

  • Sydney Crandell

    “Unstable individual” “homeless” “clearly under the influence”…. what an ass. For all they know the guy could be a regular 9-5 dad who wanted to put an end to the chase… he clearly did more than the police officers, ( I supportthe police), but come on… the reports are assh*les.

  • George Alexander Brown

    unstable deeez…….

  • Sky Rider

    clearly unstable? nothing is clear when you are in a fucking helicopter looking through a camera but it is clear that you need to be fucking fired you idiot,

  • Todd M Olson

    I completely agree. The commentator is a moron. The guy made the Police look as stupid as a box of rocks. This should be a training video of how to really handle a situation.

  • Syn

    Willing to go outside of the norm in society to prevent chaos when chaos is craved.

    This must be the definition because of the newscaster’s unrequited hope that he’d be on air live, in the midst of a gun battle with police so that it would be reported through, not only local media outlers , but on a national scale, boosting his Facebook & Instagram likes , getting him a job at a bigger network.
    This is the mentality of too many…this is the epitome of ” UNSTABLE”.

  • Viktor Saucedo

    The driver was scared to stop, he knew cops would kill him. I can imagine what he said to stop him. “Do you want them to kill you??? Stop! Don’t make them Kill you!!” He sae the bluff, called it and won. He deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for that. Shame on the Fat Lazy Trigger happy Cops who let it eescalate so far.

    • Kevin Eghbali

      u know the first hing i hought was this man deserves a nobal peice prize for courage in the face of danger and doing the right thing he saw the situtation for what it was and not only stepd in . but in my opinion did so to save the life of the driver . becuse we all know how most of the’s chases e

      qnd he riskd his own life to protect others thats the definition of a hero in my book

  • Ruby McFarland

    Who the hell is that reporter to pass judgement on that person! How many times can they dub him ‘CLEARLY UNSTABLE”. Fuck you reporter, fuck your opinion. You’re there to report, not judge.

  • JTF168

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  • Inducted Kitty

    Put him on the payroll.

  • Don Hanson

    maybe he’s not unstable….! maybe he was trying to save the guys life from cops…! f’n dickbag news guy

  • Police are cowards with shiny badges and guns. They were the kids who got bullied in school and now take it out on everyone.

  • BuckTard

    NBC. Go figure.

  • bacchys

    The news guys here are fucking idiots.

  • ED

    Listen to the asshole announcers !!!…I bet they charge the citizen with obstruction or some other trumped up bullshit….

  • jtrusl

    Send this commentator (weatherman) your suggestions about his live news cast.

  • nudogg

    The police were mad at the citizen for showing them up and demonstrating that there are other solutions to apprehending individuals other than tasing and or shooting them to death.

  • Clive

    And now the cops will still end up costing the taxpayers money over this incident. They arrested him because he made look like the cowards they actually are.

  • Mumma Cat

    How many times does the word unstable need to be used ( sorry “clearly unstable”) in your attempt to hype this story up. Call yourself a journalist? You, sir, belong in a small town amateur theatre group. What a wanker!

    • wellard

      unstable is a great word !! The more it gets used the more the pharmaceutical companies shares rise.

  • Earl Tower

    He looks like a competent man in my book. But in this day and age, cowardice is considered a social virtue in American society

  • wellard

    Look people that guy could have been unstable, could have been on something, could have been homeless, he also could have been wearing a bomb on his way to the whitehouse with box cutters to take out some sober, upstanding flag loving, wholesome christian secret service agents and the whole of the US government. Thanks to the quick reactions of the officers who arrested that lone lunatic another 911 has been avoided. Never underestimate the terrorists they are out to destroy the amazing freedoms the corporations of our oligarchy allow us. If you dont like you can rot in Guantanamo. God bless you Fritz Coleman and God bless Goldman Sachs for keeping us safe

    • Randy Robinson

      LOL you’re too funny

    • Assaa Loic Djamal

      Hahaha…Fuck your stupid talk by yourself.Wellard.Are you a lezard?amazing freedoms the corporations of our oligarcy?when you say our,are you talking about us all or your stupid family?this man is just a dicksucker

      • wellard

        not the sharpest knife in the drawer are you ? maybe you could have a career in blue

        • Truth4all

          The ONLY reason I could see this man being taken into custody would be to see if he and the man being chased were connected in some way or maybe knew each other, But to threaten this guy with 9 years behind bars after an investigation showed no connection is clearly Wrong!

          • wellard

            well thats the reason why they do that shit, to make everyone paranoid as hell and justify their blatant abuse of human rights. You could read the worst into the most innocuous and justify completely bizarre reactions

      • Eric Vollmar

        You obviously don’t catch sarcasm very well do you?

  • Erika Domnick

    omg I am so sick of being told that complete morons, are my authority. So tired of being pointed at, by rapists, assaulters, liars, and killers, and told I am the suspect….It’s all so fucking upside down and wrong….there is only one way out….right the fuck through the bullshit.

    • Assaa Loic Djamal

      what are you talking bout?in which side are you?for the cops or the unstable brave citizen?

  • Brandon L

    The cops soooooooo were hyped up for the chance to kill someone here….. and one dude off the street makes 50 cops look stupid so he gets arrested for ruining their fun.

  • Ron Lynquist

    The cops are unstable!

  • Paul Costanzo

    This “unstable” individual may have saved this mans life. I would support his actions any day, no body got hurt!

  • Ron Rankin

    news reporter is unstable

  • Randy Robinson

    unstable? HERO! Cops are pissed they didn’t get to KILL anyone!

  • joe m

    who the hell are these douchebag commentators? unstable? guys got a pair, something neither of them will ever have.

  • Duane Max

    FUCK the media and the police !!!

  • immortalvegan


  • guitarken

    Why the FUCK would they arrest this man. He’s a hero and they arrest him. Typical of the pig culture.

  • James Wallace

    You guys are all idiots. The man got detained and was later let go.

    • tristan

      you fucking bottom dwelling timid little crab

  • Tj Timberlake

    Wow so ONE unarmed man can do what 10 armed cops can’t. Take a man into custody WITHOUT violence !!! Then the cops arrest the guy for doing their job?? Are they mad they didn’t get the shoot and kill the dude or what?? And the reporter is the one who’s UNSTABLE , How the hell can he tell from a helicopter weather he was under the influence or homeless ?? What a douche !!!

  • hshd

    Guns are good tools, but sometimes they make walking tools feel like a “man”. That’s one thing I hate about the whole situation.. A lot of them probably have the “gun complex” mixed fatally with a man-given power and position of the law. There’s good cops and bad cops, and these ones sound like bitches to me. If you’re one of them, then good luck surviving without one, pussy. A lot of shit talkers, but who would do this? I’ll be the first to admit I wouldn’t go this balls deep. Good job and fuck the pussies talking shit, cause most of them don’t even know how to fight, handle a situation in that demeanor, or have balls that big.

  • Madapvfreak Commodoresfalcons

    every one else has said every thing i want to say. Good guy saves criminals life . Is what should be the news

  • Mav Black

    Police are glory thieves.
    The police union wants this man jailed for 10 years for doing the job they claim to do.

    • Truth4all

      facing 9 years in jail. Seriously. I personally know cases of felony drug dealing and vehicular homocide receiving less than half that jail time.

  • Simon Boyle

    I have found its the cops who are unstable !

  • Jarod Menace

    Cops are the most unstable people in this world!

  • That commentator needs a “Gibbs slap” to the back of the head. Clearly he’s been indoctrinated.

  • snaker67

    ☤☤☤☤☤☤☤ filmingcops====== —->SEE INFO< <<<< >

  • steve

    He is a moron bro,,,and all those cops standing there like they want to shoot but r froze,,

  • Alexander

    OK, I agree with the story, but homeless isn’t an insult if the guy vlear

  • Scotty Monte

    Wow……The blue uniformed GANGS OF L.A. just got shown up by one guy (braver then them) that did not have a gun and he got arrested for doing a job that the Bullies with a Badge can’t and will never be able to do……….Serve and Protect…… without beating up or killing someone……….LOL

  • kirkdickinson

    What a tool is this newscaster? The newscaster is more unstable than the guy who helped.

  • The Truth

    So I guess if u treat ppl like human beings and not target practice, ur unstable but if u kill an unarmed man, ur a hero..FOH.. I’ve come to learn it’s the media who is destroying this countries sane way of thinking..Cops would have killed this man instantly and not one would of faced charges. ..Cop Apologist are always the first ones to say “Well what would u have done?” Well this man did what the pussy ass cops couldn’t do and he’s called unstable, but murder a child with a toy gun and that’s sane? http://FTP…Their day is coming…

  • Truth4all

    Amazing how this reporter was able to assess this man as clearly unstable, homeless and on drugs all from video feed
    hundreds of feet above and all within moments of seeing him. Clearly this is irresponsible journalism at it’s worst. At least with media present they refrained from shooting another black man dead.

  • NLP

    Unstable?!? He is a hell of a lot more stable and human that the power hungry, trigger happy LAPD! And then they arrest him whilst the news reporter ASSUMES he is homeless and under the influence. He did absolutely nothing to suggest he was under the influence. Even if he was, that just proves that some one who is “unstable and under the influence” is more efficient at handling these situations that the bloody LAPD themselves. Disgraceful action by the police and the poor excuse of the news reporter! All should be on unpaid leave for the foreseeable future!

  • Frank Presson

    Reminds me of Tank Man from decades ago. Same outcome too.

  • MasterJunior


  • Justin Lindsay

    Guy heroically puts himself in harms way to protect others and help apprehend a criminal. His reward? Insults and arrest. This! This right here is what the fuck is wrong with society, and moreso the police force. They should be handing that guy a medal, not putting him in handcuffs.

  • SirTerrance Murphy

    I want to step on this commentators face ”hes unstable ,hes on something ,he homeless” what a cunt .

  • chetmckee

    The good folks of LA should have a big presentation, alerting the media ahead of time, giving this guy an award for saving the lives of a dozen policemen. Maybe a parade in his honor.

  • Nycole Westover

    should put together a fund to bail this guy out lol

  • Nitro Glory

    The Epidemic of police brutality and Extremely low accountability ,immediately tells me that the chances of being killed or pummeled nearly to death ,by one or a few Badge wearing psychopathic self made executioners ,is too high.

    One citizen ! Took the blood thirst out of them ,imagine 1000 people.

  • Geoff

    Typical motor mouth on the microphone. Can not give credit where credit is due. The cops guns drawn ready for a fire fight and ready to shoot 1) an unarmed driver 2) civilians, and the man brings it to a quick efficient end without the use of violence. The cops are looking for an excuse to fire their weapons … hey look at me I’m gunslinger and a bad boy cop !!! …Sorry boys it was not your day, but to have the balls to arrest the man that ended this, because ??? Unstale my ass … a man interested in proving his community is worth saving, the cops on the other hand need another cup of coffee with a side of humility.

  • Finfid

    If it makes anyone feel better, the hero was not held or charged with any crime.

  • Finfid

    A white man who essentially did the same thing wasn’t arrested and is proclaimed a hero.

  • Padge Vounder

    Video taken down 🙁

  • Amy

    video no longer available because youtube account was terminated.

  • ben

    I seen one already a few days ago… If you look more I the story… The man that did the helping also had warrants for his arrest… So yeah kinda fucked himself…

  • Konner Vanderpal

    So do you all you dumb cunts actually think every police officer is a homicidal maniac who just wants to abuse power and kill people.

  • Jordan Theodore Clark

    why was this video deleted its obvious that the media dose not want this widely known please i think we need to share this video to its fullest extent

  • Joe Linder

    The account of the video has been terminated. What is this?

  • Launi Kucera

    video account terminated.

  • middleman
  • Abel Guy Soto

    Where is the video? Or any other kind of proof. I don’t disbelieve this happened, but my friends and I need proof because we weren’t there and didn’t see the news story of it.

    • Anon

      Look it up, it’s not that hard.

  • Chris Vandawalker

    OMG please research before you all comment yes the guy that helped was DETAINED and released later NO CHARGES. No he shouldnt have been detained to begin with but either way RESEARCH to avoid stupid shit

  • Matthew

    It says the account for this video has been terminated on youtube. Censorship?

  • kbace .

    Wow, they sure did remove the video from Youtube pretty fast!

  • DarthGreenScar

    Ok, this is how hate and lies are perpetuated. The man who stopped the car is a firefighter. He was off duty and decided to help since the pursuit was so slow. The police detained him and released him within the same day, jail time was not even a possibility. Not defending the police, just stating a fact.

    Also, I know they randomly slipped it in and it confused people, but this man is not Douglas Hughes, he his not the one called “crazy” and he is not the one that faces 9.5 years in prison. They slipped that info in because they knew people would be angry and read too fast to realize.

    Whose the crab in the bucket now?

  • tucker

    I like how youtube has joined in the censorship of the truth and took down the video.

  • get back to me when you link to the video (again)

  • Willie E. Drayton

    No surprise, the video got shut down.

  • JD Hale

    While we were arguing the video was removed.

  • Kevin A Phillips

    sto·ry ˈstôrē/noun

    1. an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.

    “an adventure story”

    synonyms:tale, narrative, account, anecdote;

    I find it intriguing FC starts the story out by referencing circumstances that have NOTHING to do with the actual story and declare the “The act was caught on video.”, yet conveniently the video (aka evidence) to support the story is ‘no longer available’, yet there are 108 ‘OPINIONS’ being shared on WHAT?.

    My query: WTF? (Where’s The Focus?) not just to those who revealed their ignorance of a made up situation created by FC, but more for the Id10t’s who posted this segment (because an ACTUAL ‘EVENT’ it is NOT, ‘story’ yes). FC if you’re looking to see how many ignorant/ gullible people will buy into this kind of nonsense, just look in the mirror, THERE’S ALWAYS ONE! (in this case 108 and counting) EVERYONE ELSE, the only real ‘cost’ in LIFE, is PAYING ATTENTION!

    As a former “Combat Correspondent” in the US Marine Corps, here are THREE THINGS to remember to validate legitimate information:

    1) Is the Source of Information Bias

    2) Does the Source of Information disclose their Name

    3) Those who prefer their English sloppy have only themselves to thank if the advertisement writer uses his mastery of the vocabulary and syntax to mislead their weak minds. (Dorothy Sayers)

    BONUS: Unless you can find it in two separate reliable, unbiased sources, it’s probably NOT WORTH YOUR TIME


    Kia Kaha & Semper Fidelis!

    • Someone

      You’re a fool; this was a legitimate story reported by multiple media outlets. It was on my local news as well.

      • Kevin A Phillips

        As a former Combat Correspondent in the United States Marine Corps and MCDBA, please refrain from speaking as your ignorance of reality is as astounding as the ignorance of the original story.

        I don’t care what you say, it’s what I can prove that counts. SANTA CLAUS DOESN’T EXIST!

        One: LEGITIMATE stories are posted by a Journalist or Entity giving credit to the specific Journalist with date to legitimize the article. (otherwise anyone could write anything about you and it would be REAL)

        Two: PAYING ATTENTION is all it costs to UNDERSTAND Reality. Everyone else has been conditioned to beLIEve what they DESIRE (often including the unDESIRED).

        Three: Just because you can locate the same story plagiarized or regurgitated on multiple URL’s doesn’t make them LEGITIMATE, it’s called RSS. RSS is the acronym used to describe the de facto standard for the syndication of Web content. RSS is an XML-based format and while it can be used in different ways for content distribution, its most widespread usage is in distributing news headlines on the Web. (even if they’re made up like this one)

        Four: If you’re gonna attempt to discredit someone, perhaps providing ACCURATE INFORMATION to support your claim as I have, your statement would appeal to more

  • “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”

  • The Youtube account for the video was removed… hmmmm…

  • Jones

    Could you post another video link? This one seems broken

  • Kamikaze Fluxe

    Then to save face Youtube closed the account and removes the video…

  • Edwin Sequeira

    this video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

  • Can someone find the video, the account was deleted.

  • Darrell Malone Jr.

    Looks like the video is down. Is there another?

  • Papi

    Where’s the video?

  • A. Edelstein

    Irrelevant media filming irrelevant police.

  • Sam Cat

    this reporter is a DICK

  • raggz

    arresting a man for doing their job shows just how cowardly cops really are…

  • Shawn

    It use to be called bravery now its called “unstable” the only unstable people I seen were all wearing badges !!

  • Jason Kennell

    what a bunch of bullshit..this guy clearly was aiding the police in stopping this dangerous why would they arrest him?….see folks..? it doesnt pay to ever help the police…ever.

  • George Schmidt

    This citizen of the United States of America just saved this Mans life. Cops are just pissed they missed they’re chance at getting paid vacation for shooting this guy! What fucking charge are they trying to arrest him under? And the commentator is exhibiting how weak and stupid he his with his speculations! He needs an ass whopping and the police need to be fired for dereliction of duty! This country is full of people who pass judgement on any and everyone who show any type of real bravery. I love the ideas that this country was founded on. Unfortunately, it is all lies and smoke screens. Fuck the police, fuck the corporations, fuck religion, fuck banks, fuck the racist hate mongering likes of Politics!

  • Jerry McMains

    How do they know he is UNSTABLE???
    These two reporters are NUTS, and deserve to lose their jobs…I’m certainly NOT unstable and would do the same…there will certainly be plenty of money for this man when he wins the lawsuits that are sure to follow!!!

  • old409

    Fifteen or so cops hiding with guns drawn is unstable,not the man that did their job for them and showed them all up. The media in this country is so effing corrupt, in fact if the media had done their jobs in a true journalistic way,our country wouldn’t be in the mess it is now in. The media, even Fox is nothing but an arm of our corrupt government.

  • Jim

    Obviously unstable, just like that unstable Chinese guy blocking the tank in Tianamens Square.

  • Carter Slade

    Situation & Explination made simple…… cop shoots dog , its the dogs fault…. cop shoots adult man , he was retarded and weird…. cop shoots woman , she didnt show enough respect … swat team gernades baby , that little fucker was snoreing too loud…. concerned , god fearing , tax paying , well mannered , and brave citizen stops a lunatic on the run , is portrayed as a crazyer person than the one he stoped and is also arested by trained cowards for doing the right thing. if you cant see the pattern yet then your still blinded by ignorance .

  • tonymengela


  • Mike TheVet

    Lol “unstable.”

    As far as logic goes, this World is upside down.

  • Mike

    Ha Ha, cops what a bunch of pussies!!!!

  • Bill Northrup

    I didn’t see anything that would indicate the man to be “unstable”….where this News Commentator got that idea is beyond me. Yes, I think the Cops are probably a little pissed cuz’ this guy made them look like idiots cuz’ they couldn’t KILL another civilian, since he was no longer “a threat”. That was, though, a Brave thing that man did.

  • Matthew Lee Hopkins


  • Mike Mesa

    Idiot robot reporter, It’s called bravery. That “clearly unstable person” is what we, “uneducated plain folk”, call a “Hero”!!! What an upside down brainwashing circus, we call reporting, we have here in the US !!! It is absurdly pitifull !!!

  • alsodanlowe

    Look at the comments on the news channel’s own page:

    Vast majority are people who mirror the response of the report, that the citizen was a “moron” who “put himself and others in danger by taking matters into his own hands.” These kind of opinions don’t form in a vacuum.

    Also note that the guy was ‘detained’ but not arrested, because of a ‘mixup over warrants.’

    • alsodanlowe

      Detentions vs. Arrests: If not handled properly, a “detention” could become an “arrest” which, if not supported by “probable cause” to arrest, would be illegal. (Orozco v. Texas (1969) 394 U.S. 324 [22 L.Ed.2nd 311].)

      General Rule: The use of firearms, handcuffs, putting a person into a locked patrol car, transporting him without his consent, or simply a “show of force,” may, under the circumstances, cause the court to later find that an attempted detention was in fact an arrest, and, if made without “probable cause,” illegal. (United States v. Ramos-Zaragosa (9th Cir. 1975) 516 F.2nd 141, 144; New York v. Quarles (1984) 467 U.S. 649 [81 L.Ed.2nd 550], handcuffs; Orozco v. Texas, supra, force.)

      The Use of Handcuffs

      The use of handcuffs. (New York v. Quarles, supra; United States v. Purry (D.C. Cir. 1976) 545 F.2nd 217, 220.)

      While putting a juvenile in a security office at the border, and frisking her, were not enough to constitute an arrest, handcuffing her shortly thereafter when contraband was found in her car was an arrest. (United States v. Juvenile (RRA-A) (9th Cir. 2000) 229 F.3rd 737, 743.)

      A Locked Patrol Car

      Putting the subject into a locked patrol car. (People v. Natale (1978) 77 Cal.App.3rd 568, 572; United States v. Parr (9th Cir. 1988) 843 F.2nd 1228; United States v. Ricardo D. (9th Cir. 1990) 912 F.2nd 337, 340; “Detention in a patrol car exceeds permissible Terry (v. Ohio (1968) 392 U.S. 1 [20 L.Ed.2nd 889].) limits absent some reasonable justification.”

      Physical Touching

      The physical touching of the person of the suspect. (Kaupp v. Texas, supra, at p. 630 [155 L.Ed.2nd at p. 820.)

      (And so I’m not cherrypicking:

      United States v. Meza-Corrales (9th Cir. 1999) 183 F.3rd 1116; “(W)e allow intrusive and aggressive police conduct (handcuffing, in this case) without deeming it an arrest in those circumstances when it is a reasonable response to legitimate safety concerns on the part of the investigating officers.”

      United States v. Rousseau, supra; where it was held that using firearms and handcuffs did not convert a detention into an arrest when the use of force was necessitated by the potential danger to the officers.)

      Either a) he was a threat to their safety or b) they intended to arrest him.)

      For what it’s worth, the guy jaywalked and obstructed traffic, which probably constitutes ‘reasonable justification,’ but it should be clear that they intended to arrest him, but didn’t when they found he had no outstanding warrants. So, given that it’s the LAPD, not ticketing him for the jaywalking was the closest thing to gratitude we should expect.

  • Kdub

    Coming from an experienced fishermen, if you don’t put something over the bucket, the crabs will climb out. The other crab just tuck themselves in or try to escape as well. don’t put shame on crab by comparing them to people…

  • choppinbroccolis

    You can give a clown a weapon, a badge, a uniform, and a set of handcuffs….but he is still a clown. This applies to 99.9% of the folks in law enforcement, all the way from the LEOs on the ground to the prosecutors in the office.
    Well guess what clowns? The show is almost over!

  • R Darby

    Unstable? Seriously… This country is sick. The man doing the commentary is obviously devoid of a working brain. Does no one know what a citizens arrest is!?? Unstable… Pfft… I oughta… *grr*

  • Christopher Neil

    These media ASSHOLES immediately back this police action! Un-fucking believable!!!

  • Riley Long

    No you piece of shit reporter, you’re not at a loss for words you’re making them up as fast as you can fucking lie. How the fuck do you know he was unstable???? Maybe he was just a brave motherfucker. Yes brave, something those pussy cops don’t know anything about.

  • Shane Shaw

    cops are only brave when they’re shooting someone in the back…

  • Mashiach Adia Uzziel

    Shit he did too much. Let’s take him in too.

  • Dave Youngman

    If he goes to court claiming he was making a CITIZEN’S ARREST (which he IS allowed to do) then him getting arrested is a criminal act.

  • Doug Balish

    Need help?…call a crackhead .(police t shirt slogan, lol)
    Things will work out well

  • Xtalline

    This guy didn’t show anyone up or do anything heroic, and what he did was pretty stupid. He could have easily been run over by the perp, whether on purpose or by accident. The cops were behind their cars to order the guy to approach them slowly because you don’t know what he could have had on him and it’s a part of their training and protocol; to insinuate that they’re pussies for doing this is just childish, like all the shit on this website. I love how you declare a war on “police brutality” because you don’t have the balls to attack far worse groups of people for fear of being called “racist” so you pick an easy target; ironic that, after picking the safest target you can pick nowadays, you have the balls to insinuate that they are cowards. Hypocrites.

  • Rohan Isidore

    OK, so its official, citizens are not allowed to assist the police in any way, shape or form

  • useless eater

    Looks like someone managed to get this Youtube account terminated. The “video is no longer available”.

    I wonder who would do a thing like that?

  • Scott Ray Brewster

    The video isn’t available because the account was terminated. WTH?

  • Marc Stinebaugh

    And cops wonder why people hate them. Morons.

  • YadVashem

    The Emperor is Naked. Everyone can see, and no amount of words will undo it.

  • Kevin Boudreau

    The “crazy” was arrested because he ruined the police’s chance to empty their magazines into the driver.

  • Bethany

    poor cops didn’t get to shoot 100 rounds into someone today i know those animals are pissed

  • GlitchDoubt

    they dont like it when someone messes up there “show”

  • ewop07

    Prime example of how shitty Police are.

  • FlatusOhlfart

    cops are miserable cowards – nothing more.

  • dxsmopuim

    Worthless pigs are not dying fast enough ! I hope they ALL die horrible deaths and IMMEDIATELY is not soon enough !!

  • Curtisbaby

    most heros have less to lose than those that are afraid to step in. The police should have beat down the bastard driving around like he’s leading a circus parade. You expect them to get beat down cuz you would expect the police to make an example or everybody would be hog wild.

  • Eddie Perez

    cops hate this because they never had a chance to ventilate their anger, they couldn’t beat the living c r ap out of him or be able to shoot him dead.
    Then this guy also took all the overtime hazard duty pay they all get, the longer it continues the more the cops rake in.
    You ever wonder why they take their sweet time???? because they get paid more.

  • Albert Ross

    C’mon the cops were “overworked”.

  • Mancave Heywood

    This is why I wouldn’t do anything to EVER help any of the NAZI PIGS in trouble and would rather watch a thousand of them be executed than risk to help!