BREAKING: Another Government Chemist Accused of Deception, Over 180,000 Cases Now Need Review

BOSTON — The Annie Dookhan deception continues to unfold. Dookhan was a government chemist who tampered with thousands of cases, creating fake “evidence” that caused the imprisonment of countless innocent Americans.

These innocent men and women were rounded up and locked in prison cages while prosecutors scored successful “convictions” because of Dookhan’s fake evidence.

Many lost their marriages, lost their children, and lost their careers. Many immigrants were also deported, losing the lives they had built when they traveled to the US.

Dookhan recently pleaded guilty to all counts brought against her.

However, many have been questioning the State’s official story that one rogue chemist was responsible for all the catastrophic injustice.

The now closed Hinton Lab in Jamaica Plain / Jamaican Plain Patch

The now closed Hinton Lab in Jamaica Plain / Jamaican Plain Patch

Indeed we now have reports that a second “chemist” has been fired over doubts concerning her qualifications.

Kate Corbett, who worked in the same lab as Dookhan, claimed that she had a “chemistry degree” from Merrimack College.

That turns out to be a lie, as investigators determined that she took some chemistry classes in college but her degree is actually in sociology, according to a report.

Which is to say, a sociology major may well have worked in a lab that required high-level expertise in chemistry, a lab whose “evidence” determined the fate of thousands of human beings.

Corbett also may have testified as a chemistry “expert” in dozens of court cases leading to the conviction of Americans, which could add to the devastation that Dookhan has already caused.

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Meanwhile several questions remain unanswered.

Did Corbett also tamper with evidence alongside Dookhan? Are we really to believe that Dookhan’s forgeries continued for almost a decade without anybody else participating?

A writer to the Boston Globe asks, “Where were Dookhan’s supervisors and those responsible for checking and approving her work? Why were no red flags raised at the speed with which Dookhan completed tests and submitted reports?”

Corbett has not yet been accused of tampering with evidence.

Jonathan W. Blodgett, president of the Massachusetts District Attorneys Association, found out about the problems with Corbett last week.

He and other defense attorneys are now reviewing the cases she worked on to see whether she, like Dookhan, created any fake evidence.

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  • Keri-Anne

    Im sure most of these innocent victims sitting in prison had their homes raided and the moronic state of Massachusetts didn’t even look into an employees resume – an outside investigation is needed to put away the dirty prosecutors, I highly doubt this woman did their bidding for free

    • Josh Myers

      exactly, why would you take the time to mess with thousands of pieces of evidence, for fun?

  • The chemists did something horrible. But I think the real culprit of this is the system of incentives typical for US penal system. If the prosecutors are rewarded based on the number of convictions and prisons can be privately owned and prisoners can be exploited for private gain… something like this is inevitable. If sending people to prison is profitable business there is always going to be someone who decides to expand his ‘business’ by making sure as many people as possible get sent to prison no matter whether they are guilty or not.

    • SiliconDoc

      How is it that we are told over and over again that a prosecutor with “a great record of perfect convictions” is what “they live for” and “is great for their career” ?
      In what world is that true ?

      What is true is I’ve NEVER HEARD OF a “prosecutors” record for any reason in voting them in or supporting them somehow.
      I think the TRUTH is, the entire system of injustice “LOVES” having every person they bring into their court convicted and sent away GUILTY, because them they can ALL tell themselves they “served justice” and didn’t waste anyone’s time or life.
      SO… a 100% CONVICTION RATE means all the pigs, all the judges, all the DA’s, all the jailers, all the Clerks, the entire COURTHOUSE can all pat themselves on the back 24/7/365, and further claim ” we are doing everything humanly possible to stop all crime” when they go home and tuck themselves in.
      Of course they all must know it’s one gigantic lie, but none of them can say it – instead it’s handled with the “you know they have done something far worse than what they’ve been convicted for” excuse, to settle any outlying doubt.
      That also of course FUELS the government’s and law enforcement rabid desire to make anything and everything illegal, with varying and many multiple charges on every possible imaginary infraction, and keeps the lawmakers/legislators plenty busy “writing bills” “that do something!”…

  • Tseug

    Given how much information we have online about ourselves. It will be only a matter of time before authorities seeking to improve their resume start performing regular data-mining on the population to unveil crimes individuals may have performed unintentionally due to obscure federal regulations.

  • YksiSuomalainen .

    The whole system is corrupt. Just let people peacefully secede and form their own new systems from the ground up.

    • Dave

      Yeah, let’s all go start our own nation where we can govern ourselves free from the corrupt tyrannical structure that is oppressing us! We can build a new society, one where everyone is treated fairly, and their rights are respected!

      Oh, wait. That’s exactly what the founding fathers of America set out to do, isn’t it?

      Turns out leaving and going to start your own little club doesn’t fix the problem of some people being greedy and corrupt. That will always happen, no matter what kind of “new system” you form. There is no perfect system that will prevent these things from happening. We can’t simply run away from it. We have to face the problem where it is, right now.

      • YksiSuomalainen .

        It will take a few hundreds of years for the system to become corrupt again. In that time we can build our own independent nations into prosperous nations again. I’ll take that any day compared to being stuck under this corrupt oppressive tyranny.

  • a

    Don’t you wish there was land left to escape to? To avoid this inevitable collision with incarceration…wouldn’t it be nice to be able to flee to a free land. When you go downtown anywhere…do you not feel like you are lucky you left without a ticket, a fine, a violation, an arrest, and more holes than the ones you already have? Good luck trying to gt to the bottom of hell…as you will never out all the evil fucks in government, education, and police. Sometimes I feel like starting over with a nice look down a barrel. Escape this prison planet.

  • Paul goodwin

    The Florida keys are corrupt with drug smugglers in politics, laundering foreign currency,close relatives running our Sherriff office. But our sherrif office arrests an Eagle Scout mechanic over $56.44 when he went to fix a boat, owner supplied parts, kid met owners wife , did work and left, owner went and used boat and still had same problem, owner said kid stole $56 in parts. Oh yeah the owner a local cop, this went on for a year, now this cop works for state attorney. This country is completely ruined by these elitests who treat citizens like their puppet subjects while abusing public funds for personel interest and their friends. Main stream journalists are beginning to talk of an American spring as citizens are sick and tired of abuse when all institutions criminally protect the elitest criminal.

  • anny


  • Na_na99

    Please people, remember: POLICE PRECINCTS HAVE A QUOTA FOR THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE THEY SHOULD BE ARRESTING. If they don’t meet their numbers, they have to MAKE criminals.

  • U.N. Soldier

    They all get kick backs for putting people in prison. As always…follow the money.

  • oldwoman

    Time after time, year after year, incident after incident, it’s always the one, “rogue,” “bad apple.”