WATCH: Video Reveals Looters in Baltimore Were Law Enforcement Officers


BALTIMORE —  A raw video has confirmed that officers, dressed as ordinary citizens, were actually looting in Baltimore.

After the State-controlled media spent countless hours drumming into our heads that we needed officers to protect us from looters, they evidently forgot to tell us that officers themselves were looting.

So far two officers have been confirmed to be involved as video footage continues to go viral, both confirmed corrections officers.

Footage shows the officers literally looting a 711 convenience store and running out with what appears to be handfuls of candy, soda, and other junk food.

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The media played this up as if society itself was on the brink of destruction — many blamed “thugs.”

If by “thugs” they meant “law enforcement,” they would be correct in this particular case.

It begs the question, how many more officers were out there looting and purposely trying to create a crime spree in order to justify a militarized police presence?

Officer Tamika Cobb and Officer Kendra Richard were processed on Wednesday with theft and burglary after the footage of them looting surfaced online.

The video shows the officers leaving the 711 at about 10 seconds into the footage.

Officer Richard was wearing yellow shows and black pants, and is seen carrying what appear to be slim jims and soft drinks.

She was seen covering her face as if to prevent exposure.

Officer Cobb, the larger officer, was seen holding the door open to facilitate the looting, and she herself appeared to be holding a stolen bag of potato chips, according to reports.

Both were employed as corrections officers and have been placed on “administrative leave.”

Had it not been for this video being shared, the officers would have probably never been caught.

The reality of the situation is that it is often cops themselves that cause chaos and looting.

For example, during the revolution in Egypt, hundreds of officers took to the streets in plain clothes and engaged in vandalism, theft, and even murder, in order to create a fake crime wave.

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This fake crime wave was, in turn, used by the Egyptian media to instill fear into the population, and thus the police were able to justify a larger presence, bringing home big paychecks.

The actual protesters in Egypt specifically targeted State facilities and shut them down, while the police were the ones destroying and looting small mom-and-pop shops.

The situation in Baltimore bears some striking similarities, albeit on a smaller scale.

Only two have been found looting so far, but some suspect there are far more whom we’ll never hear about.

Keep this in mind the next time social unrest occurs in response to police brutality. If somebody poses as a “protester” and encourages you to shut down local businesses which had nothing to do with the brutality, immediately ask them for their name and badge number.

Watch the video below of two officers looting a 711, a story which was then used by the media to convince us that we need officers to protect us from looters.

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  • Bendy Bentley

    Cops looted in New Orleans after Katrina, and stole citizen’s guns in a gun-grab. Sub-human.

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  • Rene Arizona Craig

    I KNEW it!

  • Sabbie

    Hm, was this is an organized plot or did these two ladies really want some free candy and chips?

  • bobby

    Cop Block site feeds the ignorance, with no proof whatsoever!

    • This user, bobby, conveniently enough keeps is Disqus activity private. So, if he’s a paid Internet Shill, we have no way of telling so. What proof do you need bobby? The story contains a link to a Fox News report on the two officers being charged.

      • bobby

        Bagel, Fox News? Proof? Ha! Feeding your ignorance every day and you believe it. Good luck with your cop block hocus pocus bullshit.

    • D Wickund

      Bobby, while I agree cop block is full of idiots, this is indeed true. They are corrections, not police. But yes, Baltimore has had ongoing issues with corruption in the correctional system there.

      • Carmecita

        They are the police! Here is California they attend POST – police officer training given at police academies. It is a requirement for ALL officers here in California…even the racist ones from San Francisco.

  • D Wickund

    They are in Corrections, not police. There is a difference. However, that being said, when you lower the requirements and getting your “diversity” and “quota” of minorities, you will start getting the trash. Keep the standards high, and if enough of the minorities don’t pass, then don’t hire them. When you lower standards you are asking for problems. However, the Balitimore corrections system has had some real ongoing issues with corruption. But once again it is a democrat city run by blacks. Look in your own backyard.

    • Rrivera77

      Based on your comment, I can tell you haven’t looked into what those standards are. It’s not only minorities who are trashing LEO reputation.

    • Floridatexan

      Riiiiight…what we need are more cops who belong to the KKK and/or are pedophiles. (See the article featuring Sheriff David Morgan of Pensacola, FL, and the 2 deputies who were caught having sex with minors.)

    • Carmecita what excuse do you have for the white racists cops in San Francisco and the “hate texts”? Does that come with an “education”. The requirement in California is 60 units of college credit equivalent to an AA degree here. Diversity now days includes Asians, Mexicans, Africans…many who are smarter than you would ever be – speak more than one language and can chew gum and think at the same time. Buckko

  • GunnyNinja

    Why do people have no problem believing there are corrupt cops, but this has to be a conspiracy because there are corrupt CO’s? They wanted free crap just like every other looter.

  • shellyTheGreat

    Although this is no surprise, I do appreciate people reporting on this. Out of all those fires, there isn’t any footage of any black kids setting them. There were also cops exposed for egging on protesters to riot at Berkley after the Michael Brown incident. We need to ask ourselves why law enforcement is trying to instigate these riots.

  • E.B.

    I don’t know about up there but down here correctional officer are not cops. FIRED THEM – JAIL THEM and then give them a street corner to work.

  • Thomas C

    They are not cops, the author of this story is trying to make a connection that falls short, very sloppy reporting.

  • Judy Reamy

    Corrections Officers are not Law Enforcement. Corrections and Law Enforcement are two related, but different, career

    • PaulineFSutherland

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    • Bob

      Is being imprisoned not enforcing the law? hair splitting if I ever heard it.

    • angie497

      Corrections officers most certainly *are* law enforcement. They work in a different area, but they’re still law enforcement. In fact, depending on where they work, they’re more than likely fully commissioned officers with the same enforcement authority & responsibility as anyone in a patrol car, they’ve simply been assigned to a different division. You’ve taken hair splitting to ridiculous levels in an effort to make excuses for these two.

      • Carmecita

        They are law enforcement at least here in California. I’ve worked at California Dept. of Corrections and believe me they are the police – who do you thinks monitors parolees (who have served their time) making sure they do not recommit crimes against the community where they’ve committed them?

  • rocky22

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  • sharps60

    If they wear a Uniform and carry a Badge they are considered Public Trust Officers of the Law. Throw the book at these ass heads. Enough already.

    • TruthExposed

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  • D

    corrections == cops just because the word “officer” is in the title.

    • Rick Dweebo

      They have a badge. They ARE “cops.”