Cop Arrests Woman Then Messages Her on Facebook and Demands Nude Pics

bryan lee

UPDATE (4/14/15): Officer Will Get Prison Time

The Associated Press reports as follows:

A former Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper accused of forcing female motorists into sexual acts in exchange for dropping traffic charges was sentenced to five years in federal prison Thursday for violating their civil rights.

Bryan D. Lee, 31, had pleaded guilty in October to four counts of violating the civil rights of the women motorists and one count of cyberstalking involving threatening messages sent to a woman he had pulled over twice within a month’s time.

LANCASTER, OH — Officer Bryan D. Lee, 30, of Lancaster has pleaded guilty to four counts after being charged for pulling over females and coercing sex from them in exchange for not writing them tickets, as well as an additional count of cyberstalking a woman on facebook.

This isn’t the first time Officer Lee has come under fire.

In the past he was accused of not ticketing fellow police officer who were speeding over 100 miles per hour on their motocycles.

He has also been placed under investigation in the past after a woman reported him for sexual harassment.

According to U.S. Attorney Carter M. Stewart’s office, Officer Lee has been pulling women over, then telling them he wouldn’t write them a ticket as long as they agreed to engage in sexual activity.

He would then pull out his cell phone and take pictures of the women’s body parts as he groped them, according to reports.

It is not yet known whether Officer Lee shared these photos with his buddies back in the department.

The charges compelled Officer Lee to resign last year, and he is now facing trial.

“Public trust is one of our first priorities, and individuals like Lee compromise that trust,” said Lt. Craig Cvetan, spokesman for the patrol.

In one appalling case in Lancaster, Lee is reported to have pulled over two women.

The woman driving was drunk. Officer Lee admitted that he let the woman continue driving drunk without being charged, but he told the other woman — the passenger — to get in his car for “a ride home.”

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Instead of taking the female passenger home, Officer Lee pulled into a secluded alley.

He then began groping the woman’s bare breasts — while doing so he pulled out his phone and took pictures of it.

In another case, Officer Lee pulled over a woman for “speeding” and instructed her to get inside his police cruiser.

Once she was in, Officer Lee tore up her speeding ticket in exchange for intercourse as well as pictures of her bare body parts.

Another victim had accidentally crashed her car.

Officer Lee accused her of “being drunk,” and proceeded to handcuff her. As she was handcuffed, Lee had her bend over his police cruiser in an area where the dashcam couldn’t film them.

Once she was bent over the cruiser, Officer Lee began grabbing her breasts and thrusting his penis against her handcuffed hands, according to reports.

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Officer Lee’s sexual misconduct included facebook stalking. According to court records, Lee pulled over another woman and began groping her body. After doing so, he locked her inside a jail cell because she had an outstanding warrant and had been driving with a suspended licence.

Officer Lee gathered all her information and found her on Facebook. Once she was released, he sent her facebook messages demanding that she send him nude photos of her body.

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These are just the reported cases. It is not known whether there were several other women whom Lee victimized during his career as a police officer.

He is scheduled to be sentenced soon and could receive time in prison. Some suspect that he’ll get an extremely light sentence due to his state-privilege. His case will be updated as more information is made available.

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  • michael92064

    How long was his paid vacation?

  • Damien Cross

    Let’s get his address & Kill the shitbag.

    If we kill the scumbag, it will save the taxpayers a ton of money.
    Send his severed dick to his parents!

    • Jeff Lachance

      Threats in view of the public are not very bright.

      • Damien Cross

        It wasn’t a threat. Just my opinion.
        We still have a little Freedom of speech here right?

        I would LOVE to kill this scumbag but it doesn’t mean I will.

        I’m sorry that I have NO Respect or Compassion for this scumbag as you seem to have.

        • Kenneth Henderson

          In what way does Jeff Lachance say he has any compassion for this scumbag. You come across as a neanderthal thug who is itching for a fight. All Jeff did was give you warning that making in threats in public is not protected speech. Boy are you a whole world of stupid. GROW UP.

          Oh btw, if you want to commit a crime in this guys jurisdiction and get sent to the same prison by all means please do, maybe you might just get the justice that you desperately seek. (And no I don’t have any compassion for any douchebags, sexual predators or otherwise.)

          • Damien Cross

            This animal is not human.
            As far as itching for a fight, hell yes I am because I HATE scumbags like this asshole who hides behind a shield.

            Answer me this?
            Why makes you think i threatened this scumbag?

            I simply stated my opinion.

          • JackFou

            You seem to have a strange understanding of the word “opinion”.

          • Kenneth Henderson

            Oh trust me, Damien is that special kind of tool, his mind works in mysterious ways….(He’s pretty dense too.) Anyways, have a good one.

          • Kenneth Henderson

            “Let’s get his address & Kill the shitbag.”

            This is a viable threat not protected under free speech.

            “Why makes you think i threatened this scumbag?”

            Does that answer your question?

            All Jeff did was inform you that YES you were making a threat, and you accuse him of being compassionate towards the officer. (Which btw, I’m still trying to wrap my head around your deluded little mind on how you would see Jack’s comment as compassionate. I honestly don’t think anyone else thought this. You have to be some sort of special mind reading tool to come to this conclusion.)

            Like I said before, if you want Officer Lee’s arse so much, then go commit a crime in his jurisdiction, you might get lucky and end up in the same prison that he’s in. Have at it.

          • Damien Cross

            Happy now?

            Sorry you got all cunt hurt over a comment.

            Now go get the sand out of your vagina.

            You are so strong that words offended you. Fucking twat!

          • Kenneth Henderson

            Here’s a form for you to fill out, once done, give it to someone who cares. I would say have a good weekend, but special tools like yourself don’t have anything good in their life, hence your penchant to bully or try to. I hate to tell you but you fail at that too.

          • Damien Cross

            I have a lot going for me.
            I have my own home.
            I am a 30yr Army Veteran.
            I have a 2014 Dodge Ram
            A 2010 Harley Super Glide ( Yes I belong to an MC )
            I have my dream car a 1966 Mustang ( Passed Down from my father )
            I have a great wife of 25yrs, 3 amazing kids ( My Oldest is on the Army )
            9 grand kids & live is AMAZING!

            So twat muffin, before you write about me, get to know me or just better yet, go back to sucking cock to pay for the rent of your Mommy & Daddy’s basement.
            Have a good day little cock smoker.

          • Kenneth Henderson

            There’s a saying that goes, “Someone who has the need to brag, feels inferior, or is either a liar.” I take it you’re a bit of both. Do you need another butthurt form? I have plenty.

          • Damien Cross

            I am neither.
            You called me out so I responded.

            Now stop being a little twat & go wash your vagina.

            You need the butthurt form as your Daddy pounds your ass for the rent of his basement.

          • Kenneth Henderson

            Well you are a braggart, and yes in my opinion you are feeling inferior. Hence your puffing of your chest and your thumping, trying (unsuccessfully) to attain dominance, which I will never acquiesce to. Hey Damien, I think its time for you to grow up, because you haven’t proven to me that you are an adult, I’m guessing, you’re maybe 22? Your language and attitude defy much, my poor toddling fool.

          • Damien Cross

            Well since you say that you are ( Supposedly ) a strong person, then why are you letting a few words hurt you?
            Stop being a little girl & grow a pair! ! ! !

            If you ” Think ” you know me so well, then you know that I stand behind every last word I say.
            It is so very sad that you SUPPORT a Rapist who is so vile that I hope dies in prison.

            You sir, have proven that the Liberal agenda of making PUSSIES out of 90% of the population is working.

            I, on the other hand will never apologize for being a true man. A man who isn’t afraid to speak up & say or do what others fear!

            Now please, Go back to your pathetic life of TRYING to put others down for their opinions or statements.

            YES, I would love to kill that PIG but it will NEVER happen as I like my freedom.

          • Kenneth Henderson

            LOL your words don’t hurt me Damien, I’m having fun at your expense. Unfortunately you are too dense to see it. If anything I pity you, you keep reaching out. If I didn’t know any better, I think you’re looking for a friend, too bad that you and I will never attain such a status, as I find you repugnant and really not worthy of my time. (Though here I am, its my sadistic side that is having fun though, of course at your expense.) Well, its been interesting. If I may make one more suggestion before I end this conversation. Seek some professional help, learn how to grow up, and learn to take constructive criticism. You get upset over the pettiest of things, no wonder you feel inferior, lost, and lacking friendship. Have a good one! (LOL who am I kidding, you won’t.)

  • pissed_off

    Police! Public Trust? heh!

  • Bill

    “COULD” receive time in prison?

    Tell me whether us serfs get off with a “could” so easily.

  • disqus_7XeFokRE9B

    No Hiding place for this type of Crime. Open Prison should fulfill his needs.

  • NobleOx

    He appears to de-age by a year in the space of a paragraph, that’s some trick.

  • Chaiyz

    Nothing to look at here folks. Just doing his job, protecting and serving….. Himself. Pathetic!

  • Markus Jonathan Savage

    i’m from the town this guy “serves & protects” one thing you gotta remember bout the ohio highway patrol which does have a post here is they are one step up from mall security guard

  • Jeff Lachance

    Club fed!?!? May as well put him up in the Radisson. …

    • Kenneth Henderson

      Yep, pretty disgusting, though from what my stepfather told me about federal prisons, even at the minimum security ones, prisoners who are there on sex crimes are at the bottom of the totem pole. I think he’s going to have a lot of “friends” inside, don’t you think?

  • Kenneth Henderson

    5 years is a joke. Let’s hope someone on the inside knows about his escapades and he finds himself having an “accident”.

  • Adam Reed

    Citizens of America I would highly recommend & encourage we all take a stand once and for all against police corruption/brutality.The best way to do so,write to your state representative and complain.take a stand,Let them know how fed up we all are from this.Come Join M.A.C.C. (men against corrupted cops) in support,back each other up nationally and help dissolve the corruption quickly within the police forces.Help pass laws for every citizen in case we feel uncomfortable,unease and offended by a sudden attack by a cop so we can protect ourselves.we don’t deserve it so why tolerate it? Together we stand,divided we fall remember that.I urge everyone that’s had enough to stand up and help defend our god given american rights that corrupted cops are attempting to take away with nonsense procedural excuses they literally use against us.please go to the website below,sign up and become a member.Support copblock in your local neighborhood,towns and cities.Enough is enough.

  • Max

    To serve and protect, right?