Officer Chains Down Naked Child: What He Did Will Shake You to Your Core


OTTOWA — His mother had passed away four years earlier, and she was all he could think of when supposedly being exorcised by his two captors.

At only 11 years old, he had experienced torture perhaps worse than a detainee at Guantanamo Bay.

For having a crush on a schoolmate, his head was dunked in a cold bar filled with ice cubes as he struggled to come up for air.

In the harsh Ottawa temperatures, he was made to live in the basement naked and with the fan going at full blast.

There were days his violators would make him drink his own urine, from a container that served as his toilet.

As if his suffering was not enough, his underground prison was deliberately kept dark – the windows covered with cardboard.

Perhaps as part of some twisted ritual to relieve him of his demons, the boy’s self-proclaimed saviors covered his head with a cardboard box to make him understand what jail feels like. He said it was like being in a black hole.

One of the perpetrators was particularly merciless. It did not bother this man that the child he was tormenting was his first-born son.

Just as when one would think it couldn’t get worse, it turns out this coldhearted 44-year-old was an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

The cruel father’s accomplice in this torture, which went on for three long years, was his 36-year-old wife.

These are some of the gory details that emerged in a court trial that has gripped Canada with horror, disgust and alarm. A man who could not even protect his son had been in charge of protecting the community.

All three involved in this case have been awarded name suppression to protect the identity of the victim.

On the third day of the trial the boy, who is now 13, delivered a chilling testimony in court -this included in graphic detail the anguish and pain his father had put him through.

The couple has been charged with aggravated assault, forcible confinement, separately assaulting the child with a weapon and failing to provide the necessities of life.

His stepmother said the duo had done nothing wrong because she felt the boy was out of control and feared for her safety.

The father, who admitted tying the boy with a chain and plastic ties, has one extra charge pressed on him – sexual assault that led to bodily harm.

There is also video footage of the boy’s suffering. The court has been presented with a total of five videos that were filmed just a month before the heartless pair were arrested in 2013.

The amateur footage, captured on the father’s cell phone, shows a scrawny boy tied to the basement wall all the while breathing heavily as his father hurls abuse at him. He is seen shivering and crying as well.

Those present in the courtroom were left clearly shaken and were seen with tears in their eyes. However, it was the last video that left the courtroom traumatized and aghast. Although the exact details have not been revealed of whatever is contained in the footage it was bewildering enough for the judge to shield away space from those present.

Even with the evidence stacked against them, both have pleaded not guilty.

According to the RCMP, the Officer had been on leave since May 2011. As per the timeline suggested by the details of this case, his son must have then still been living in the basement and facing the horror that was his daily life when the officer took time off.

The reason for this sabbatical is under a court-ordered publication ban.

Watch the video below:

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  • Ben Dover

    Fuking sick. 🙁

  • So What

    I like the way Canada is prosecuting these individuals for their evil. I can’t say the same about American cops prosecuting evil cops in America. I suggest the death penalty for both individuals. I also support the death penalty for a ton of American cops, Judges, the DA, Assistant DA’s, Union Representatives, Captains, and Jury panels, who allow evil to walk amongst us, to murder a citizen, or their own, once again…

    • Rinety MacLion

      I’m not even sure if you can get the death penalty for that in the states. Good luck in Canada, lol. In some Provinces it’s still technically legal to hang people, but nobody’s done that here for a long, long time.

      • freddawes


    • freddawes

      US Cops can rape your kids and murder you and walk away.

  • steveranden

    Why does it say “Ottowa” at the beginning of the article?

    • Robobob

      You serious, Clark?

      • steveranden

        Yes. Why would they misspell “Ottawa”?

        • Robobob

          Ah, right you are!

        • freddawes

          One world

  • rob

    Sit there and eat this shit-sandwich Canada! You are unarmed and FULLY exist at the mercy and depravety of your police state. Come down here and buy what you need to take back your nation, else this will keep on happening.

    • PLIvans

      Canada has plenty of guns. Also, all the guns in the US haven’t stopped this kind of sick shit from happening here either.

      • rob

        Well then, Man-up and start shooting the bastards when they misbehave. It will cause them to stop!!!

        • vivian greer

          really? has it stopped here in the states? i’m not anti-gun but some things you can’t stop. they should both be shot, but there will be another one every day and you can count on it. just evil and it is everywhere

          • rob

            VIV, Dear….it will stop with each one that is put down…not an entire nation you dolt!

          • vivian greer

            that’s it, when in doubt just call people names. show everyone how intelligent you really are

          • rob

            Okay….without any adjectives or names:

            Dear You. Pedohililia and propencity to rape is an individual crime perpetrated by “individuals.” Elimination of any individual who perpetrates, by means of a firearm, will ensure immediate and permanent stoppage of the crime in focus.

        • R Stefan Joseph

          Really? So tell us “Hero” how many sick, degenerate, fucked ups’ have you killed? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

          • rob

            You seem quite adamant that this Cop is okay, as is his behavior of torture and rape. Good to know Officer!

          • vivian greer

            you’re really good at twisting peoples words.he never said anything like that.he was simply calling you on your comment. so how many have you taken out tough guy? you started the bullshit with your comment about canada eating a “shit sandwich”. canadians are just as well armed as america so you need to pick up a book occasionally, or if need be google is a good alternative. you’re ignorant and i’m done, troll!

          • rob

            So anyone who dissents is a “troll.” Okay.

          • rob

            OMG! Just saw your avatar! Yer GAY! Of course you are OKAY with raping little boys!

        • freddawes

          We need a human war here inside the USA Not in Canada its us who need to do the war,rob.

      • rob

        Here’s the ENDLESS LIST of guns you cannot own in Canada.
        So what’s left? Single-shot rifles!

      • freddawes

        You are right in fact something like this happen 3 years ago and cops checked out the home one years before the people got out.

    • Rinety MacLion

      That was a dumb statement that didn’t need to clutter up the internet. Contrary to popular belief, we have almost as much long gun ownership as you guys. We are just worlds more responsible with them…

    • vivian greer

      are you kidding? canadians hunt, and not with sticks and stones. they have guns moron.

    • freddawes


  • Sophisticated Redneck

    That aint all. The “officer” was part of the RCMP’s counter-terrorism unit. Is only suspended from the RMCP, albeit without pay. And from what I read made bail after 9 months incarceration awaiting trial, on $50,000 bond. And incredibly, whenever this trial started, maybe in 2013, it’s still ongoing.

    • Valerie Franke

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  • Gary Williams Jr.

    WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!??? everyday I become more convinced it’s mass demonic possession! fuckin freaks!!

  • freddawes

    The third world mass evil is here more and more all Nation states have become insane!

  • Megatron

    funny how the copsuckers t and his boy ain’t here lauding this guy’s ability as an officer of the law

  • bob

    the officer was put of a paid leave after almost torturing a child to death I see are country heading for a civil war again with all the black sites and the patriot act and so on and there is nothing patriotic about torturing and violating your own people I think its almost time to nut up or shut up