Cop Goes on Murder-Suicide Spree, Kills Two Teen Girls and Three Dogs in Cold Blood


WESTCHESTER — It has been called “pure evil.”

It is certainly one of the most egregiously cruel and wicked cases of police violence in recent times.

Officer Glen Hochman was a cop for 22 years.

Officer Hochman pulled out his gun, aimed it at two young girls, and shot them both to death in cold blood.

Those two girls, both still just teenagers with their whole lives ahead of them, were Officer Hochman’s daughters.

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The two girls, aged 16 and 13, had been sleeping peacefully in their beds.

They never expected that their deranged cop-father would enter their bedrooms and murder them.

After executing both girls, Officer Hochman then approached three pet dogs at the home.

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Americans using new tech

He opened fire on each dog, murdering all of them.

After causing this blood bath, Officer Hochman then turned the gun on himself and killed himself.

About three weeks prior to the murder-suicide, Officer Hochman filed “retirement” documents with his department, suggesting that he had been planning the horrendous act for quite some time.

Given that domestic abuse and violence in police families is magnitudes higher than incidents in normal families, many were not entirely shocked to hear that a cop did such a thing.

But a new discovery by The Post has provided even more disturbing details to an already hellish nightmare.

Officer Hochman purposely chose not to execute his wife and his third daughter, but instead left them a hateful suicide note, and ensured that they would be penniless after his murder-suicide plot was carried out.

It turns out that Officer Hochman intentionally made it a point to exclude these left-behind family members from the pension that would have been owed to them.

“It’s the most selfish final insult,” said a friend who knew the family.

“It’s reckless and insulting for any man to leave their family high and dry like that, by choosing the zero option on their pension. But for him to do that and then kill his children, that’s pure evil. He effectively stole the future away from the family he left behind.”


In the suicide note, Officer Hochman sarcastically told his wife to be “financially responsible,” as if to rub it in that he had just murdered the daughters and took away her money, according to reports.

Apparently, his wife had been wanting a separation from him.

ne can only imagine all the other abuse and trauma she may have underwent during the marriage.

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“We’re as heartbroken as can be,” said a neighbor of the Hochman family, who was involved in the memorial.

“We go far back, and right now the only ones on our mind are those two girls, their mother and their sister,” the neighbor added.

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  • Andre Leonard

    Seems as though they only take a psychological test once upon being hired. Their mental health deteriorates shortly thereafter.

    • Ben Dover

      Why do people think there’s “psychological testing” to become a cop in the first place. That in fact is EXTREMELY rare… and when conducted, the testing is an aptitude test and to base a study if you are able to handle long hours of boredom more then anything else.
      Sociopaths, cowards and bullies with a super-hero complex are typically attracted to policing, psychological testing is not designed AT ALL to keep crazy, psychotic freaks out… if it was, police agencies would not be seeking out Afghanistan or Iraq war “vets” who have acquired a desire and taste to kill people into policing.

      • Albert Ross

        and some applicants are turned down for having too high an IQ.

        • frank

          you mean ALL.

    • Gabe

      Yea and if they score to high meaning they are reasonable understanding people they get the shaft….they only want the mindless corpses that make up our present day “police”force

    • Patrick H.

      Its all that dishonest stuff they do. This guy had a conscience. The ones that dont have a conscience would never hurt themselves just others.

  • Ben Dover

    COPS make the absolute worst parents…… Too many cops are rapist, thieves and murderers that nobody even knows about.

    • Guest


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    • Megan

      My dad was a cop and he is the best dad in the world! He knows how to protect my family and loves me. Before you start generalizing all cops into one category maybe you should pull your head out of your ass and realize that not all people are the same. That’s like saying all black people are rapists and all Mexicans are illegal. Being a cop has nothing to do with it. I’ve seen people who work at a god damn McDonald’s that do way worse shit. So why don’t you keep your opion to yourself because you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • Aaron Sewell

        So you’ve seen people who work at McDonalds( generally jobs that do not even pay a living wage, therefore forcing some people to have to engage in criminal activity to survive ) do way worse shit than a cop( generally jobs that pay generously) systematically murdering two of their own children, then the family pets, then themselves, but only after leaving a mocking suicide/murder note to the remaining family members? Can you post the link please? The fact is, some people who are police officers are the kinds of people who think they have a right to force their will onto others no matter what. Almost all people have a bit of Stockholm Syndrome that plays into this. I’m sorry if they tarnished your dad’s profession, but blame the people responsible for the actions, not the people who are fed up with the actions. Your dad might be wonderful, but domestic violence is much higher in the homes of police than in other homes. There is definitely a reason for that. He did generalize, but the second statement is true. They get caught all the time, and generally do not face the same consequences as other people do. These are some of the reasons people generalize cops, just like they do other gang members.

      • Neil Gaetano Lindberg

        Um. You coulda kept that to yourself. God Bless ya.

      • Nyarlathotep Ozymandius

        Being a cop has everything to do with it

      • BiteMyShinyMetalAss

        Too many does not equate to “all”.


        Shill alert.

  • Doug Hurd

    PROOF: All cops should undergo psyche evaluation at least twice per year to weed out the undesirables and protect the taxpaying citizens from their rogue actions.


      No 4 times per year. They can turn in a NY minute

    • Ben Dover

      Except the Police WANT psychos….. they protect each other. It starts from the top down.

      • kkb

        In ref to your comment of it starts from the top down…the WPPD chief commented on this murdering bastard’s “good police record.” Believe it or not…his “good police record.” So, BD, you are correct.

  • Curtrena Webster

    So why can’t the retirement be given to her? She is married to him and therefore, considering the circumstances, should be entitled to it. Let’s see if the right thing is done. I didn’t know you could exclude a spouse without their consent.

    • Megatron

      it’s the police. they do whatever the fuck they want

    • Patrick H.

      She may be able to contest it, He obviously was’nt in his right mind.

  • normajeana
  • Michelle

    This is a poorly written article, but a tragic story nonetheless.

  • Clive

    His department will laud him as “an outstanding officer who cared deeply for the community” because they have no soul.

  • alphaburr

    “she and her husband had a verbal dispute over a $80 cell phone bill” this cop went ape shit and killed 2 kids over a CELL PHONE BILL!!!! thats what pushed him over the edge. fucking A ! i swear this country is going to shit.

    • Patrick H.

      Is this why cops hate being recorded and see a cell phone as a threat?

  • Ben Dover


  • Marty B.

    This murdering SOB planned this murder/suicide right to the end. He wanted to make his wife suffer incredibly because she wanted a separation. When she went to the police department to make note of the incident with the cell phone bill, it was a cry for help. To bad no one picked up on the cue. This poor woman had no idea just how evil her husband was because had she known that he was capable of killing his own children, she surely would have separated and taken the children out of the home. I just want to say to her that none of this is your fault. You will think to yourself that you could have prevented this, that somehow this is your fault. Do not do this. Do not take his evil acts upon yourself. Put the blame where it belongs. My condolences to you for the loss of your two children and the loss of your loyal companions. Treasure the daughter that luckily is still with you.

    • kkb

      The police think that their FIRST DUTY is to other cops.

    • Patrick H.

      If I cant be happy no one can. These are the people that violate your Rights to protect your Rights.

  • mslighterning

    Women should not be silly and desperate enough to marry a cop. They’re all a bunch of gun happy psychopaths.

  • corey

    yea…there have been a few incidents recently involving cops and their kids…while not anywhere near as bad as this case is..a few weeks ago a a k-9 officers dog attacked his son and they ended up having to amputate his foot

  • kkb

    As with many cops and many men, he had control issues, testosterone poisoning. Once he realized his wife was leaving and he could no longer CONTROL his wife and children, he murdered them. I worked with this guy, years ago. The chief of police in White Plains, NY’s comment to the press after this happened was to PRAISE Hochman’s duty record, instead of making a USEFUL comment about domestic violence. It’s axiomatic. Guns in the home are more often used to threaten family members than to ward off the mythical “armed and masked intruder.” This makes me SICK and FURIOUS.

    • Mr. T

      “Testosterone poisoning.” Come on, now, you don’t really believe that, do you?

      • kkb

        Lol, it’s my pet phrase for that behavior. Not to be taken literally!

  • Chris Allen Thomas

    You think this is because he is a cop? This is a typical story of murder-suicide in the family. Because this time the person was a cop, you think it automatically is transformed into something other than what it is? Sudden mental derangement. Ridiculous.

    • AlvinBr

      Yes dear, because he was.

      • Chris Allen Thomas

        Now that is about as stupid a response as you can make.

        • AlvinBr

          Says the clueless type… Ever heard of similar cases? Even if you did, you lack the capacity to compare and analyze.

          • Chris Allen Thomas

            that’s damn funny coming from a guy who paints the world black and white. Move along moron, go paint by numbers.

  • Neil Gaetano Lindberg

    Come on! We don’t have a state mentioned. I looked up “Harrison” and there are a few towns in the USA named that. Am I just mental or do I feel like y’all could have defined the location, at the least, more clearly?

  • Tina Ilikebeautifulthings

    This is all fake,

    • AlvinBr

      What is?

  • White police rape littleboys

    My mom’s a hug raping pederast police clown and is the world’s most heavenly mother. In fact, every time I’m out with my friends or strangers I take off all my clothes because that’s what I’m use to doing for my pederast child hug raping mother because she doesn’t have a wiener hehehehe!!!


    Don’t forget the biggest police force in the world: The RCMP

    No point in explaining it all to you.
    You know how to look things up on the internet.

    But what’s not well-known is that the 1995 Gustafsen Lake mass-murder attempt was their DEMO TAPE to acquire a “training services” contract with the EU.

    Look up their braggadocio website entitled “CURRENT OPERATIONS”, and you will see that they are deployed in EVERY country that the EU Globalist psychopaths have ‘vested interests’ in.

    ISRAEL, West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, UAE, Ukraine, Romania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Turkey, Venezuela, Brazil, etceteras.

    The RCMP have killed FAR more people internationally (not just in Canada) than ANY American police force, due to the fact that they’ve swelled their paramilitary ranks to over a quarter million – most of whom are deployed in overseas for the EU agenda.

    Yes, it is well known that you have to have a criminal mind even to become a police officer, and that most police COMPANIES deliberately hire psychopaths.

    We all know that.

    The question is…what are we going to do about it?

    I’ve a feeling that when (not ‘if’) the Globalists achieve their world-domination, corporate appropriation of nation states (including US- and note that Canada is ‘joining’ the EU as of December, 2016, via Trudeau’s backdoor “CETA”, which is the equivalent of the state’s “TTIP” – both of which are the machinations of the EU), we are all going to see things get worse.

    Much worse.

    The first step is to steal your right to own firearms.
    It’s already underway in Canada.

    Good luck, people.

    I think we’re going to need it.

  • Rob W

    An officer killed his family then himself in my neighborhood after getting caught dipping into the evidence locker.