Cop Indicted For Conspiring to Rape 1-yr-old Baby

“Put Your Hand in His Diaper” “Play With His B*lls” – Disturbing messages released in case of Police Sergeant commanding mother to rape her own infant.

More grotesque details have come to light on exactly what the cop ordered the woman to do to the baby boy.

Randazzo had instructed one of the women to “put your hand inside of his diaper,” “talk dirty to him,” and to “play with his balls.”

The victim was only an infant, only 1 year old.

This week it was discovered that the infant may not be the only victim.

Randazzo also now faces new charges relating to another woman — he told her to molest an 8-yr-old boy, reports say.

The child was drugged at the time, and the woman, who is a 52-yr-old grandmother, did what Officer Randazzo told her to do, according to reports.
UPDATE (6/2/15): Woman States Things “Became Weird” When Cop Talked to Her

A woman who was once thought to be involved in Officer Randazzo’s exploitation of children has now had her charges dropped.

The charges were dropped after her defense team was able to show that there was no way she could have been involved, since she hadn’t even met Randazzo at the time the photos were being exchanged.

When the woman did eventually meet Randazzo, she quickly stopped talking to him because things “became weird,” according to reports.

UPDATE (4/17/15): Court Proceeding Begins

An NYPD Sergeant who was reported for issuing commands to a citizen to perform detailed sexual acts on an infant has entered court for initial proceedings.

The court proceedings began in late March, according to the DA report.

NEW YORK — In a shocking case of sexual abuse, an NYPD officer has been indicted on charges of conspiring to molest a 1-yr-old infant, according to the Daily News.

Sgt. Alberto Randazzo could face a sentence of more than 15 years, but only if he’s convicted.

cop child molestation

Officer Randazzo has been charged after conspiring to perform lewd acts on a 1-yr-old infant.

It happened when Officer Randazzo was caught earlier this year with over 20 pictures on his cell phone and laptop depicting lewd sexual acts being performed on babies and toddlers, prosecutors say.

When his computer was seized, it was discovered that Officer Randazzo had been in contact with a citizen, using a social channel with video.

In the video chat logs, he had been ordering the citizen to molest a baby so that he could watch, reports say. Details as to the nature of the orders that were issued to this citizen are quite graphic.

Reports that at one point, the citizen was instructed to perform oral sex on the baby — the baby was still in diapers at the time.

According to reports, the archived video footage shows Officer Randozzo giving verbal instructions to perform various sexual acts on the baby’s body.

RELATED: Parents Trusted “Good Cop” To Watch Their Infants and Toddlers — He Was Raping Them the Whole Time

Officer Randozzo was charged with conspiracy to sexually exploit a child.

After he was set free on bail for the child exploitation charge, Officer Randozzo was reported yet again for evidently downloading up to 30 videos of child pornography.

Randazzo is now at the Metropolitan Detention Center awaiting trial.

RELATED: Cop is Set Free, After Two Charges of Child Molestation in Connection With Family Violence

Officer Randazzo has been an NYPD officer for 15 years. One wonders — how many children did he come into contact throughout those 15 years?

How many unsuspecting parents told their children to “trust” Officer Randazzo because he was a police officer?

As a cop, Officer Randazzo would likely arrest people or issue tickets during the day, and then he would apparently go home and enjoy watching 1-yr-old children being raped and molested.

He has been suspended without pay.

Watch the video below:

audiobook rise 1

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  • intheknow

    This monster needs to be taken out and executed. Instead we as taxpayers have to pay for this beast to have his day in court and incarceration.

    • CvilleGuy78

      That’s how the Constitution works. It applies to all or none, no matter how despicable a person may be.

      • Heather

        So just put him in prison where he belongs and make sure he goes into gen pop – nothing unconstitutional about that

  • Justicemustbedone

    He should absolutely get the death penalty for this. What a disgusting waste of skin. 15 years?! Oh and he’ll be in a special wing because of his magic blue suit? No! This prick should live among the reat of the prison population. Let nature take it’s course. He wouldn’t last a week…

    • outlawlobbyists

      No let the cop haters [gang] rape & torture his scum sick ass every hour of every day as well as the female(s) molesting children

      • swagchef

        He’ll be in segregation sadly

  • Walt Karma

    Just put him in the general population with the larger inmates. Pretty soon he’ll know what rape really is all about.

    • Walk away from your dead body

      Thank for the targets.. I DARE yOu white pig toilet money!

      Your race and your burned and looted smell of African baby boys anuses!

      =D~ CONSUME

  • Damien Cross


    • My D your GoD

      You are the pederast child rapist white pig

      • DJ Cross

        And you support Pedophiles when I want them ALL Dead! ! ! !

        I bet YOU are a Pedophile yourself.

        Oh & before you try to label me something, be sure it’s true.

        Just by your statement, We agree that you SUPPORT Pedophiles & therefore must be one.

        Go take a selfie with a shotgun. Fucking moneys like you DESERVE to DIE as well.

      • DJ Cross

        You wise you Turkish Bath Loving, Anal Licking, Fudge packing, Little girl creeper.

      • DJ Cross

        Awww, I never knew you & your family loved & Support Pedophiles like this shitbag Cop…

      • DJ Cross

        Watch what you write about someone you don’t know. It could be ugly.
        And why are you so fucking Racist?
        Let me guess. You MAY be a Black Man ( Boy ), Unemployed, Still living with your Mama( You really should get your own spot ) who thinks everyone, owes you everything, right?
        Get a LIFE scumbag cunt bubble.

  • OpenMindedPS

    Kill him.

  • fatunclesam

    Did someone photoshop his chin and cheeks

  • joe

    You are the same people that if the cops were taped giving a child molester an extra few shots to the face, call for said cops to be arrested, fired, put in gen pop etc. Yet now you call for this guy to be killed, beaten etc.

    Doesn’t that seem odd?

    • CByron

      Would never hear me complain about a child molester being treated poorly- they should be executed as far as I am concerned. Anyone having sexual contact or possessing porn/pictures of children, should not be allowed to exist. That’s my opinion on the subject.

    • David Rosier

      Not at all. Does the concept of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law mean anything to you. Cops who make themselves judge jury and executioner should be prosecuted like any other criminal. If this man is found guilty of the charges I hope he goes into general population and gets what he deserves. Until then he should be treated like any other SUSPECT.

      • Trixinyah

        Yeah because there is ANY doubt when he was caught red handed, TWICE with child porn as well as being caught in his own words telling a woman to molest her baby. He is not a suspect at that point, he has already been proven guilty

        • David Rosier

          Yeah ’cause they would never lie to the press about the evidence in order to bias any jury that might be selected. It’s also not possible for any of the evidence to be faked or planted. Yes it has and does happen. I’m not saying that’s what happened here but the process must be allowed to play out to be as sure as possible.

    • Christina

      Not the same. A child molester gets beat down by cops or killed I personally don’t care. They can kill as many of those as they want and I wouldn’t say a word

  • HP

    This is sick if true…remember our government sets of people all the time with child porn on people’s computers

  • This man is pretty sick, but have you noticed all the violent comments are directed at the man and none at the woman or women in the report that were actually performing sex acts on babies? Unbelievable lake of fairness in female rapist and male rapist. Child molesters are the same, female child molesters are not deemed as much threat as male child molester. Noting the difference in pedophilia and child molestation, two different levels of molestation. And the term ‘sex act’ just don’t seem to fit with what this woman was doing.

    • Michele YellowRobe

      I’m under the impression that he (scumbag) was give her instruction on what to do, like he threaten her or something like that.

    • TomKi

      Like Michele said. I was under the impression that the mother was not willing and did not do any of those acts.

      • qweztionz5

        Yes, he’s a cop, he could threaten to arrest them and have their children taken away from them forever. Maybe even adopt them as who would think a cop wouldn’t make a fine foster parent. So much evil comes when bad people have authority.

        • TomKi

          That is what “authority” is for.

        • TomKi

          Thank you, yes.

    • Patrick H.

      Im reserving judgment to hear if they were coerced or not.

    • Marnie Culotta

      I hope only oral was done to them. I was worried when I read the headline that there was penetration of an infant. As sick and depraved as what they did is, at least there will be very little or no bodily harm done.

      • danybx

        Your sick…how could you hope for anything? Thats the lesser of two evils..but its still evil…

        • Eric Mora

          There is a certain degree of validity in this idea. Someone VERY CLOSE to me was a victim of child rape. One of her most pressing concerns, is the physical damage caused. It matters.

          • danybx

            No it doesn’t. .

          • mew mow

            Stop being mean and rude.

          • danybx

            If i said kiss my ass..that would be rude..instead ill say mind your damn business .add your opinion to the article not to my comment because i can assure no fucks will be given ….

          • helghast

            Wow the amount of insensitivity in that last comment compared to your comments at Marnie just doesn’t make any sense. There’s no need to draw attention to yourself by condeming someone else over their choose of words when you know what the person ment. Its OK though, you won’t be getting anymore attention here.

          • mew mow

            lol if you didnt want someone to read it… why post a comment on the internet aahahahahahah

        • Marnie Culotta

          I’m sick because I am relieved that a month old baby wasn’t internally ripped apart by being penetrated? Are you fucking serious?

          • danybx

            Yes im fucking serious. How could you hope for any thing..bad choice of words and you know it

          • Marnie Culotta

            I didn’t HOPE for anything. I was RELIEVED that the baby wasn’t penetrated. Reading comprehension is not your strong suit I see.

          • danybx

            Actually you said i hope only oral was done.. you did in fact use the word hope..bad choice of words and you know comprehension is obviously need a thesaurus. ..

          • Kelly Karoly

            jesus fucking christ she’s not glad oral was done she just hopes it was the ONLY thing done…my god

    • Guest

      It’s because the article was about the officer. This website is called “Filming COPS.” So the focus was on the officer. This does not make the women that hurt the babies any less evil, it just means it’s not the focus of this particular article.

    • Sad

      Perhaps some reading comprehension trouble here, folks? “A woman who was once thought to be involved in Officer Randazzo’s exploitation of children has now had her charges dropped.

      The charges were dropped after her defense team was able to show that there was no way she could have been involved, since she hadn’t even met Randazzo at the time the photos were being exchanged.”

  • dufas_duck

    What is amazing is that if convicted, he will get an extremely light sentence compared to a private citizen, if he gets any prison time at all. Many cops have done worse than he and just received probation, some even kept their police credentials so they could move to another area and still be a cop.. It’s sickening!!!!!

    • aisha

      …it’s a damn shame, cops are citizens too & should be treated equally. it’s that above the law mentality that gives them permission to act as they do. i saw no mention of being listed as a sex offender…smmfh

  • Hang Co

    so….are they gonna find out where are these children and save them all??

    • Trixinyah

      I sure hope they at least try! Sadly no guarantee they will be successful

  • The girl with the big mouth

    He is a cop and child molester going to prison! Good luck with that “sarcasm”! He’ll get what he deserves 10 fold.

    • Christina

      No he won’t. He will be put in isolation for his own protection which is bull shit. Unless the guards take care of it or let an accident happen this piece of shit will be protected like so many others.

  • nobody important

    Why can’t any of these scumbags live closer to me? Well, eventually I’ll have my wish come true. Keep your torches ready and your pitchforks sharp!

  • Lisa Smith

    15 years??!!! Wth is wrong with our justice system??! I think “people” like this should be put to death ASAP! They are clearly sick in the head and I truly believe there is no “fixing” these people either. Sex crimes against children seems to be a growing problem in this country that needs to be addressed.15 years is in no way a suitable punishment for these monsters.

  • Charlie Manson

    I believe that cruel and unusual punishment is appropriate for this scumbag.

  • David Chancey

    Hang the sick bitch pig !!!

  • Bryan Rubalcava

    PPLLEEAASSEE Tell me he’s not getting a paid vacation

  • nans11

    The needle is waiting!

  • rubyruberubes

    Two words… Steven Sandison.

  • Ann

    No freaking way. Why hasn’t someone beaten the crap out of him. Please let him go to jail Dear God.

  • A moment when all prisoners of every group will join forces to pop this sicko in Genpop. His parents must be sooooo proud of him

  • Omar Barreto Cast Away

    and///who reported him ?

  • Brandon L


  • Merlin Jenkins

    Sick Fuck! I hope someone in prison rips his ass hole open pours salt in it and beats the shit out of him while he screaming
    Hope he burns in hell with gasoline pants on!

  • Kim Serrahn

    This shit head needs to have an accident.

  • upagainstthewall

    If anyone were to ask Child Welfare for their opinions of what this man has done, I would imagine that they would rave about him and state that he is a candidate for foster parent certification with his upstanding reputation. Afterall it seems that he fits the profile of infamous foster dads. (please note this POS deserves to be skinned alive and I am only being facetious)

    However I am concerned that the children portrayed in pornographic videos may actually be children that have been ripped from their parents after corrupt courts have terminated their parental rights. I hope that others may understand that this is not a far stretch… its legitimate and should raise concerns regarding the human trafficking that is allowed to take place in our country. There are thousands of missing children that may never be found since being placed in the state’s care. Perhaps someone should check the faces of those in the videos to see if they are indeed victims of the real monsters that have set up a system to use children so that they can keep their lush lifestyles.

    I am even curious to know if this man was acquainted with Timothy DeFoggi, the man who had fantasies to rape and murder a child. I know there are people that will make a mockery of my post… however, I invite you to take a look at the stories of children that have been raped, murdered, or ended up missing after being placed in the state’s care. (doesn’t matter what state either … just pick one)

    • Lynda Michel

      I believe you

      • Lynda Michel

        My daughter was ripped from my life over bogus claims a d a “risk assessment”.”placed in one sexually abusive home which I reported and they left her there another year and didn’t do shit until the age of 6 when she stabbed him. I jumped through hoops to get her back the entire time. They placed her with another family and when they found out I was pregnant made it very clear that my baby was already wanted by the couple. They terminated my rights despite following my case plan. They adopted her and I lost contact for over a decade. She found me at 16. Told me of the horrors she endured and he adoptive father was raping her. I helped her escape that torture. He is in prison and blames her for seducing him. She was 7 when he started. So you think they gave me custody? I had moved to another state and had my baby and another here and had them still. But they still refused to return her and she spent the next 18 months in a group home. She came to be with me at 18. She’s almost 21 now and we both have cptsd and she has lingering traces of Stockholm syndrome.

        • upagainstthewall

          Lynda. We are mothers that have been forced to endure a flawed system. I’m sitting here, in tears. You are not alone. I am the mother of a beautiful girl who was molested in foster care as well. When she was returned to me she made her disclosure. I was told that it would jeopardize the closing of my case. They may as well have said, “shut up or we will make it so you never see her again”.

          I sat in silence. The state didn’t do my family any favors. I was a battered wife. I didn’t suffer addictions. I desperately wanted to leave the bastard who beat me. However the state decided that he was the better parent. In spite of his history of domestic violence and animal abuse. They also forgot to mention in court that he was convicted of rape in another state. I was not made aware of this monster’s convictions until it was too late.

          I want you to know that children are resilient. I watched my child go through hell in therapy. I watched her struggle with demons. I am also a victim of the state and sexual assault as well. So this journey we have embarked on for the last decade has brought us closer. She doesn’t blame me for not being there anymore.
          I have been blessed in witnessing how resilient children can be. Stay strong. Take the time to cry when you need to. Take the time so you can walk through the journey of healing and come out stronger than you ever imagined you could be.
          My youngest is also a victim of the system. A victim who was raped and suffered Stockholm as well. The state stated it was their intention to place her with that non-related family. They overlooked the fact that she had just made a disclosure of a violent sexual assault. No judge filed a mandatory report. Instead of pursuing justice against her perpetrator, we spent the year fighting to be reunited…long enough for any physical evidence to be lost forever.
          Those bastards from the state even contacted my ex husband, the convicted rapist, who plead guilty to criminal mistreatment 1, whom I was awarded a stalking order (of unlimited duration) against when I finally broke free of the abuse. They were asking him if he wanted to exercise non-existent paternal rights. In a coverup, to excuse their mistake the judge told me I could now have her real father placed on the birth certificate… when in fact he has been on her birth certificate since the day she was born.
          Those that are in charge of protecting the children overlooked the fact that each of my children are also protected on the stalking protected order. Instead they showed their bias and discrimination against me for having disabilities I was rendered with after suffering years of abuse as a victim of domestic violence.
          If you ever need someone to talk to … we can exchange emails so that our stories are not aired on social media. However you and I both know that they damn well should be, so that those that are insistent on continuing to perpetuate this system (that statistically shows they cause more damage to children and families than any other system set up to “help” families) can be held accountable.

          Please check the state statutes regarding sexual abuse that occurs to children when they are placed into protective care. It is my belief that your child can sue the hell out of them and have the state that did this to your child held accountable. A monetary judgment may not bring her healing… but it would surely set her up so she can afford to pay for the services she will need throughout her life to overcome the trauma she has endured.

          • Lynda Michel

            I’m not sure how we exchange them here. But you can find me on Fb

        • alpha_centauri

          Geez no wonder why your daughter and you have so many problems, and why she likes to pretend she’s a boy and has a penis when she’s never going to be male or a man at all no matter how many hormones she takes or how much she mutilates her genitals.

          • Lynda Michel

            The child you are referring to you fuckface is a grown cis gendered 21 year old.

            Why are you so obsessed with my 14 year old child’s private parts?

            That just screams pedophile

          • alpha_centauri

            Nope not obsessed with anyone. But you are a professional victim and making stuff up which is not that surprising.

            I’m simply stating the fact that anyone who is Trans is never going to actually be or change into the opposite gender or sex from that which they were born no matter how many hormones they take, or how much elective cosmetic surgery they get.

          • upagainstthewall

            What business is it of yours to come online and harass another person for sharing their story or voicing their opinion? In your comments you allude to the idea that you have trans friends. I am calling you out as a blatant liar Alpha, I truly don’t believe you have any friends in the LGBT community especially since they are not ones to include people who perpetuate ignorance in their circles.

            What you have said is very invalidating to a mother who has endured hell. A hell that has been continued to be purported by those like yourself, who do not understand that 68% percent of the children who go to foster care will endure sexual abuse. You apparently live in a PollyAnna world where you still refuse to believe that Child Welfare actually does more harm than good.




          • Lynda Michel

            And btw? You’ll never be a man either.

          • alpha_centauri

            LMAO as if a woman or anyone that’s trans would know what it’s like to be actually male or masculine, LMAO!!!!1 Sorry it does not work that way.

            Trans people are always going to be the gender/sex they were born, both physically and biologically despite how they wish they were another gender and take hormones like candy, and get elective cosmetic surgery. FYI-I was told this by trans people who I’m friends with, and even they said how Transitioning does not actually make someone the opposite sex or gender but just makes them a person of the gender/sex they were born imitating a person of the opposite gender/sex. But I’m sure you’ll claim these people are not really trans and are bigots but you’re a useless SJW.

          • upagainstthewall

            Did you seriously just take your comment to a place where you can question someone else’s choices? You seem very ignorant. I highly doubt you have any transgendered friends btw. Acquaintances that cringe when you are around, I will believe. Or perhaps you’ve never shared your disdain for those that are transgender.

            Are you an example of what is called an Internet “troll”? Honestly, we don’t need your answer on this. You’ve made it plain to the world that you cannot stay on topic and instead used this site as a venue to humiliate someone.

        • alpha_centauri

          As if we’re actually supposed to believe any of this BS.

  • Tiger51

    This makes me sick. 🙁 Both, the cop and the women are guilty. No matter what he threatened them with, it takes a demented male or female to abuse any child in any way, especially like that. They all deserve death by execution.

  • hitmhard313

    Sick muthafucka

  • Rebuke The Heathen

    this “thing” hiding in human skin is not….human

  • Charlie Morgan

    They should have a special type of death penalty for these assholes kill them soo slowly and let the parents do it.

  • Peechizz M. Botwin

    It’s disgusting to me, that I’m not surprised that this is all coming out. They just had Hollywood explode on how many actors and actresses knew about the hidden code of child sex with actors and body guards. It’s not a shock to me that now the police are being exposed as well. Along with the child slave trade that keeps popping in and out, I genuinely think there’s a serious issue in this country with child abuse and sexual abuse than people would like to believe. This only 1 story, god knows how many are still covered up. It’s disgusting..and I’m surprised this guy wasn’t killed yet..but then again, if he goes to Prison he will be.

  • steve

    Cops shoot people everyday why not this guy,he needs it,,,

    • bobby mcgehe


  • Bruce

    I hope that bastard never ask god forgive him cause I would like where he going forever doing that.

  • Teressa BluesBabe Brewer

    Welcome to the Scum of the Earth blacklist, scum bag psychopath! Down you go.

  • iabanon

    Paedophiles don’t do well ni prison. one who orders rape of infants is basically a dead man, plus a cop…..don’t worry, he’ll see justice one way or another.

  • E.F. Coleman

    He’ll probably say he feared for his life and the babies grabbed his taser.

  • Latasha Simpson

    This is what happens When you let people say they are the law, rather than upholding it. It has gone to their heads who would have thought it.

  • Chris Wilson

    We need to just start shooting them on site. their presence is a threat to our safety

  • bburke

    This guy is not a child molester or a pedophile..he’s a BABY RAPER and should be known as such with it inscribed on his forehead.

  • Patrick H.

    One NYPD Down how many more to go? Im surprised they didnt investigate themselves and were ok with their actions.

  • Stephy Tóth

    The woman doing the behavior should also see prison! Its disgusting these people are allowed to live! Prison isn’t good enough -they should have to FEEL the pain they inflicted!

  • Lee Lopez

    N.Y.P.D. New York Pedophile Department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mark

    Wow what the hell can you say about this ? this man is a monster why isn’t this making national news

  • steve

    Hang the scum asap,,,

  • danybx

    Who cares if hes a cop..that means,nothing. Hes a man first .hes a pervert with a city job period.

  • Eric Mora

    Brand their faces and release them into the general public. We will handle it from there.

  • Hannah L Duer Giffen

    kill him

  • Arman Ogchief-Ag Garrett II

    Sick fuck, he needs to die

  • RL

    Put him in max security prison. People that murder have a hate for people that sexually abuse children, especially infants. Hopefully the guards will look the other way and let true justice be served.

  • Jay Pletz

    burn him alive

  • Kim Bak

    you know it’s bad if he was ” He has been suspended without pay.”

  • Denton Young

    Slit this fucker’s throat and let him bleed to death.

  • Austin Guy

    He’s a disgusting pig.

  • Clayton

    Put him in general population for life having his crimes well known and let jail sort itself out

  • Mocksoup

    I hope he burns. Literally. I hope someone douses him with lighter fluid and strikes the match.

  • mew mow

    Why is this other “citizen” unnamed?!?!? WTF
    I demand a name.

  • Shana

    Who the F WOULD LISTEN TO SUCH A SICK BASTARD??!! YOU HAVE GOT To BE JOKING?? Bc he’s a cop??? YA F U!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are u F KIDDING ME??!!!! IF I WAS ALONE WITH THIS F PIECE OF SHH— LORD HAVE MERCY ON MY SOUL!!!!!! 15 years??!!! But these children have to live with this forever??!!! HE DESERVES LIFE , DEATH, HELL!!!!! Sick POS BASTARD!!!!!

  • Heather

    Pedophiles dont change – they cant be rehabbed – he needs to be in prison for life – and the best punishment would be him having to go into general population while in prison – it wont take long for prison justice to take place and save the taxpayers the time and money of executing this scum

  • Chris Sky

    another GAY PAEDOPHILE… funny how gay men make up only 2% of the population of men, but account for over 1/3 of child molesters…. hmmmm…. “gays and paedophiles” are “unrelated” though.. .just NAMBLA (North American MAN BOY love association)

  • Pierre Montsion

    OMG..this freak of a human needs to be dispensed and put away forever. Or a day with the general population.
    This is really truly sick

  • Stole wrong baby


    Average white pig

    =D~ toilet mOnkey

  • Bella Robinson

    Officer Randazzo directed child porn involving infants just a year old and an 8 year old Girl. He is only facing 15 years however if a 18 year old sex worker is working with a 17 yr old, they can get up to a 100 year sentence for sex trafficking in RI.
    Why is it the anti trafficking organizations are not outraged at these sexual assaults on children, and why are they not lobbying for harsher sentences for police officers who prey on children and vulnerable women
    Why would anyone advocate to send violent, predatory officers out to investigate adult prostitution under the guise of rescuing kids.
    Could it be that they want to increase violence against sex workers, since they can’t seem to abolish sex workers from the face of the earth.

    Here you can see a list of over 1,000 US police officers who have been convicted of sexually assaulting children, many of them don’t even go to jail, some just get probation and many are not even required to register as sex offenders, which allows them to move to another city and land a job as a police officer again.

  • Virginia Hall

    Put him under the Prison !

  • Where is the MSM on this?