Cop Kicks Dog, Whips Its Body Repeatedly With Leash — Other Cops Stand Around and Watch

PEORIA, AZ — A deeply unsettling video has been uploaded online involving police abuse of an animal.

The video appears to show a police officer literally whipping a dog.

At one point the officer can be seen appearing to deliver kicks to the dog.

The person recording the animal cruelty wanted to remain anonymous.

Amazingly, but unsurprisingly, multiple other officers can be seen in the video standing around and watching the abuse of the animal take place.

None of them appeared at any time to stop the officer from harming the dog.

Peoria Police assured concerned viewers that they will be conducting an investigation into themselves to determine what happened.

We are guessing the officer will get some paid time off, if that.

Perhaps they will use the old “the dog was being aggressive” excuse in order to justify the action.

A witness said she heard the cop say “I know you’re in there, come out with your hands up!”

When she heard that, she was inside her home.

It is unclear if that was being said to her or to someone else outside.

In either case, the witness decided to grab her cell phone and start recording — a decision that proved to be wise, given what she was able to capture.

“It’s not at all what I thought I would catch on camera,” the witness said.

She was referring to witnessing the officer use a leash to whip a dog.

After the dog doesn’t respond to the whip, the cop then appears to get closer to the dog, whip it again, and then kick its body.

The dog appears to be small and is possibly just a puppy with a frail bone structure.

What she saw and what is shown in the video is an officer whip his own police dog with a leash. Then when the dog does not respond the officer walks up to the dog, whips it again and then kicks it.

“It didn’t seem right to me I have never heard of an officer stomping on a dog or whipping it with a leash,” the witness said.

“The dog looks like a puppy and looks terrified of him. I think the officer needs to be disciplined or spoken to at least,” she added.

Watch the video below:

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  • Shinji’s Soul Reaver

    Pussy ass pigs all deserve ass cancer.

    • Scott Downey

      Ass cancer doesn’t deserve to be stuck with a cop. I mean, it’s not as deadly as they are.

  • Mike

    Another example of why Police should not be allowed to have police dogs. Too bad the dog did not rip out this coward pussy cops throat. This cop needs to have the shit kicked out of him!

  • Jeff Pearce Sr.

    It starts with animal abuse. The “fix” escalates to humans. Not this punks first rodeo.

    • shebajblackwell

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  • Rusty Shakelford
  • Robertmark Carlson

    The police simply will never be held to the same level of accountability we are held to. They steal, lie, and murder with impunity.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      there’s no line they won’t cross, and no crime….of theirs, that they won’t cover up

      • Mathieu Hubin

        Until we do something about it…

        • Gary Williams Jr.


  • Anonymous

    I fail to see what the dogs crime was! As young as the dog was, it may have still been in training. If it was given a command, it simply may not of understood it. Oh, right, not understanding is NO EXCUSE!

  • cancersurvivor

    Chicken shit anonymous person that video should be whipped also!!!!!!!

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      at least she made the video!! the one who should be whipped is ALL 3 COPS!!! not some innocent person who has enough sense to know she was/is in danger from psychotic pigs

    • Michele Mayes-Gerra

      Yes, that lone woman, should have ran over there and told that big cop to stop beating his dog. I am quite sure he would have had no problem turning his dog and the leash against the woman… and the 2 cops who are just watching him beat the dog…..they would have watched him beat the woman.
      Not running over there does not make her a coward, it makes her smart.

  • cancersurvivor

    Cops have guns why do you need the dogs anyways??? To abuse them!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary Williams Jr.


  • SJ resident

    I am utterly appalled by this so called public safety officer. In no way should he handle a canine. This is shameful and disgusting and cowardly act. POS!!! burn in hell!

  • Gordon Klock

    Now I know why ‘retired police dogs’ are so mean, & have that tendency to jump their owner’s fence, & terrorize the neighborhood, until they maul some kid, &/or nearly kill a postman (or someone similar), & finally get put down….
    (animal abuse is all around tragic.)…..

  • If he does such things in front of fellow workers and in public, imagine what he could be like when no one else is watching – not just for any animals he happens upon, people too !
    Animal cruelty and domestic violence are linked – these are serious signs – be warned !
    Bully, cruel man who abuses and brings shame to the uniform and all who wear it !

    There is a petition – sign and share please

    Petition | Fire Illinois cop filmed whipping, stomping on puppy as his colleagues watch and do nothing!

  • Mira

    When did it happen ? You forgot to add the DATE under the post !!!!!!!

  • Mari Inkinen

    Police always be able to count on and fuck !!! when man’s best friend jotui victims of violence, and the puppy. kick, but the work and others who held or should could the next block but does not !!! a life ban on keeping animals

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    Only aggressive Dogs are Police.
    Loving peaceful Dogs are Public

    • Molsy

      Your one stunned muslim maggit. I bet you call 911 weekly.

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