Cop Shoots 4-Yr-Old Child in Attempt to Kill Dog



COLUMBUS, OH — We have received breaking reports that a 4-yr-old child has been shot by a police officer.

A bullet entered the child’s body while the cop was trying to shoot a dog, reports say.

An officer was on patrol when he received a call for help from a family nearby.

The call was for a medical emergency that the family was experiencing, according to reports.

What the family got was far from help.

As the officer arrived at the scene, he was allegedly approached by a dog, reports say.

Evidently, the officer thought it would be a good idea to take out his gun and start shooting.

That there was a 4-yr-old girl in range of the gunfire did not stop him.

That the dog could have been controlled by other, safer means did not stop him, apparently.

He just had to go for the gun.

Despite a child being nearby, he began opening fire on the dog, attempting to shoot it, and ended up shooting the girl in her leg instead.

He either missed the dog completely and shot the child, or his bullet ricocheted and hit the child — reports are mixed as to exactly how he shot the child.

Police are now claiming it was an “accident,” according to reports from 

The girl was rushed to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

We are guessing the officer’s actions will be found “completely necessary and justified.”

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  • LawrenceNeal

    There’s nothing accidental about firing a gun. Some serious retribution needs to be laid out.

    • Khai Fox

      it will. by me. you’ll see. he’ll bleed for eternity.

    • ZeDingo

      One should never discharge a weapon with someone they don’t intend to kill. This isn’t an accident, the little girl is not collateral damage, because America is not a warzone. Just take away guns from all cops except those specially trained to use one appropriately.

      • LawrenceNeal

        Disarm, defund and disband the SA.

  • hstevenmead

    Who are the one’s that shouldn’t have guns?

  • JibsMan

    Over 500 citizens shot by cops so far this year. I wonder how many dogs have been shot?

    • Sherry

      Far Far more its not hard to check it out,,

    • MyKinKStar

      Have a look at a group on Facebook called Dogs Shot By Cops and you’ll see it’s a lot!

    • Timothy Cronin

      *killed, not just shot

    • sweetums

      unfortunately, in previous times, there were never any OFFICIAL records kept regarding the incidents of police shooting animals. as we all know, stories like this have seemingly skyrocketed in the last couple of years. a group of computer and internet savvy people are working to change this. it is called the puppycide database project ( and originally started out as a blog which discussed the alarming increase in recent years about citizens pets being killed by law enforcement. one of the projects founders has written and created a computer program that aims to keep track of all incidents where police have been known to kill family’s pet dogs or any animal. and the information can be entered by anyone with any amount of knowledge regarding the event…even if the event is un-official. i encourage anyone that is interested in helping this cause to visit the site and see what its all about. this site will help to answer the question above, finally. not only will it document every incident but help to serve as an official record and registry of sorts documenting other information such as officers names, and animals involved. it really is a work in progress, but something productive to help fight the problem. if you love animals and have pets…a story like the one above is every parent and pet lovers nightmare. and that is the biggest tragedy of all. allowing police to continuously hurt those they have sworn to protect is just adding insult to injury. i pray for this family to heal and for justice to be served. =)

  • GaMomof5

    Take away that cop’s gun, have him carry a dog biscuit instead.
    Ridiculous for anyone to draw a weapon for a medical emergency call.

    • Brian Pan

      It is so funny, GaMom. I had the most vicious, German Shepherd chase me up a tree once when I was a paper boy. My brother gave me a tip and I started bringing dog biscuits there everyday because i had to deliver the paper. In less than one week, this dog went from being a paperboy killer to being one of my best friends. Who HIRES these retards anyways. They can’t figure something out that a 10 yr old boy learned????

      • GaMomof5

        Even my bank teller gives treats to my dog. This cop must have been an idiot. To think I used to live in that part of Columbus.

        • n4zhg

          I remember McDonald’s drive thrus that handed out Milk Bones.

  • Bill Catz

    It’s always an accident. Another paid vacation coming up.
    If they would quit rewarding these cops for unacceptable behavior, then these incidents would probably go away.

  • Patrick H.

    My God let the Fucking dog bite you before you shoot it. You’ll survive a bite or two. Its easier to destroy than it is to build. Kneel down n be friendly, the dog isnt the only one that notices. Land of the Free, Home of the BRAVE, not cowards. You fucking coward!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Realist

      Ok this is a tragic incident that should have never happened depending on the demeanor of the dog, which the article fails to mention, but you are out of your fucking mind if you think anyone’s going to allow a dog to bite them for the sake of being politically correct. I’ve seen careers end from dog bites. The hell with that. That dog probably needed to be shot, just needed a better aiming cop.

  • Patrick H.

    No problem here he was child hunting, he just bagged a human doe! Dont worry he has a permit.

  • Patrick H.

    We need to have fear training, dog training and then gun training. And then Citizens shooting back because you FUCKED up training.

  • Tyler Tron

    e officer was found to be justified in his shooting of the child as both she and the dog lunched for his gun and baton and pepper spray all at the same time. The officer reacted out of fear for his life, fear that a dog and small child would somehow fatally harm him, a grown man. The officer has been awarded our highest medal of honor and a raise, as well as his own gofundme for he now suffers immense emotional and physical pains as a result of this child/canine duo’s attack!”
    *that’s sarcasm based off the results of 99.9% of police shootings. Sadly, it’s probably not far from the actual results.

  • Tyler Tron

    “The officer was found to be justified in his shooting of the child as both she and the dog lunched for his gun and baton and pepper spray all at the same time. The officer reacted out of fear for his life, fear that a dog and small child would somehow fatally harm him, a grown man. The officer has been awarded our highest medal of honor and a raise, as well as his own gofundme for he now suffers immense emotional and physical pains as a result of this child/canine duo’s attack!”
    *that’s sarcasm based off the results of 99.9% of police shootings. Sadly, it’s probably not far from the actual results.

    • Harper Eu

      Lunged …
      Lunged – definition of Lunged by The Free Dictionary
      A sudden thrust or pass, as with a sword. 2. A sudden forward movement or plunge. v.lunged, lung·ing, lung·es. v.intr. 1. To make a sudden thrust or pass. 2.

      • Blah on police


  • Where is the body-cam video? ,,, that needs to be mandatory — to teach and transcend into some intelligence!!!

  • whytoldbear

    Trigger-happy pig idiot strikes AGAIN!!!

  • Corey Gibson

    They will probably let him investigate his self

  • A stun gun will work on a dog also, why do they not teach these morons this?

    • MyKinKStar

      Pepper spray IN THE AIR works too!

    • Realist

      Now you’ve just shown that you have no clue what training they receive. Officers are taught that a taser “MAY” work on a dog but the rate of failure is high.

  • butcha

    I like how the news reporter says “hit by a bullet” not shot by a police officer. Corrupt media is not media

    • Debbie Knight

      Yes! The words are chosen deliberately and matter to our perception of events.

    • GaMomof5

      The phrase ‘bullet entered the child’s body’ like a bullet jumped up and flung itself towards an innocent child?? Did it have the chance to knock before it entered??
      Who is teaching these ‘journalists’?

    • Lazarus Mavis


    • Lew Taylor

      Obviously in an attempt to avoid being bitten by the dog’s teeth…

    • rob

      “A gun went off.” I like that one.

  • Marc Wilson

    This cop needs to be charged with cruelty to animals to start with and take it from there for the girl.

  • Guy Starkey

    Why the fuck do cops need to show up for medical emergencies? The dumb ass bastards probably don’t even know how to apply a Band-Aid, not that they would even if they could.

    • Kanye Beadly

      Cops actually do have first aid training. But of course their cowardice gets in the way.

  • James Scott

    This was no “accident.”

  • michael92064

    The police released a statement that the officer will receive counseling for the traumatic event….THAT HE CAUSED! That obviously, was not the environment to use a gun. If the dog was such a threat, why did the officer not get harmed when the bullet missed the dog?

    • Realist

      Who says the bullet missed the dog?

      • Elexis Craig

        The report does, the dog was not shot, only the girl

        • Realist

          Ummm… The article says, “He either missed the dog completely and shot the child, or his bullet ricocheted and hit the child — reports are mixed as to exactly how he shot the child.” I guess you know more than the article states.

          • Elexis Craig

            Despite a child being nearby, he began opening fire on the dog, attempting to shoot it, and ended up shooting the girl in her leg instead.

            He either missed the dog completely and shot the child, or his bullet ricocheted and hit the child

            Copied and pasted from the article, if you cannot understand that means the dog was COMPLETELY missed. Then there’s something wrong, let me put it in terms you can understand. The dog was completely missed and that’s either why the bullet hit her or a ricochet from it being missed hit her leg. Understand now?

          • joe foley

            I guess you can read so I guess you must know something by now too! Perhaps not if it doesn’t agree with your agenda.. Remember never let the facts get in the way of your convictions.

      • michael92064

        Other reports say the dog was not harmed. Interestingly, the dog remained with the family. Sounds vicious doesn’t it. No reports to date comment on the size of the dog and why it did not ultimately attack the officer.

        • Zach

          Not to mention the dog was with the family and the 4 year old girl. I’m sure the family wouldn’t allow it around the 4 year old if it wa such a vicious dog. I’m sure they won’t be allowing cops around their 4 year old anymore though.

  • AlvinBr

    They never care about who might be in the line of fire, or where the ricochet might go, or what could happen if the bullet goes through a wall. Reckless shooters, absolutely not guided by intellect.

  • punisher

    I guess they hire any one these days???

    • Realist

      Except you.

  • Gary Harryman

    That cop is unfit for public service of any kind and should be fired today. This is another example of why we must disarm our cops and rethink what policing is all about.

  • Johnny Black

    I like how you guys are condemning the cop before all the facts are out. But what else should I expect from a bunch of pantied waist liberal reactionaries?

    • Cory

      In a situation where pulling out a gun isn’t necessary, you find it somehow justified?
      I’m not a liberal, I’m a human fucking being you retarded cock sucker.

      • Realist

        Like he said… All the facts aren’t out yet but you claim to know that pulling the gun out wasn’t necessary. The article didn’t even clearly state what the dog was doing but I guess you know more than the article writers.

        • Lisa Trudell

          Funny, the dog didn’t attack him after he shot the kid. Real dangerous dog.

          • Realist

            Again… All the facts aren’t out. The article isn’t even clear if the dog was hit or not. Guess you’re another know it all.

    • Brian Carty

      johnny black he shot at a dog and he shot a child in the leg…he shot a gun with a child in the area what facts are you looking for he shot a dummy stop eating those crayons

  • doridori

    Cops are the cowards and bullies BORN among us, thus their love of the job that pays them to intimidate, assault, terrorize, ruin lives and KILL.. and a dog is such a great target for the itchy trigger fingers of these P!ss ants. Firefighters RUN into OBVIOUS danger, hoping to SAVE someone OR something… yes, even if it the family’s Pitbull, terrified, backed into a corner of a smoke filled room. COPS? They CREEP into ‘possible’ danger, hand on their gun, HOPING to SHOOT someone OR something, and at the sight of a DOG (OH, Lordy, SAVE them, it is a DOG!) they ALL piss their pants and pull that gun.. I am an ooooold lady who has rescued terrified AND big aggressive dogs from the mean streets of Miami for 40 years.. Never had to shoot one! If I am SO MUCH BRAVER than cops that we give GUNS to and expect PROTECTION from…. SOMETHING in the hiring of these pansy a$$ morons is very very wrong. SUE THE CITY EVERY TIME (they will SETTLE or be blasted with the BAD publicity for their cowardly cops). SUE THE DEPARTMENT EVERY TIME and GET THESE DANGEROUS YELLOW BELLIES OFF OF OUR STREETS!

    • Realist

      If you’re so brave why don’t you become a cop and show them how it’s done. You can be the cop dog whisperer. But WAIT… You’re full of shit.

  • Chuck

    Another cops just gets a free paid vacation!!

  • Jesus Christ

    I’m confused.. did he shot the dog? Is this dangerous dog alive? Why not use the taser on a dog?.. could carrying dog treats help.. what about pepper spray? Does that work on dogs?

  • Morgan G

    I just saw someone post something today that said there are so many police shootings because of our gun laws. That cops shoot because they are scared of getting shot. While I think that logic is stupid enough, this kinda blows it out of the water.

  • MonkeyBoy

    all of this is completely uncalled for they have mace that will make a grizzly bear turn tail and run, why are they not using it …….guess you don’t have to show a weapon any more to shoot a human
    and dogs don’t have to show teeth…….Thank God I taught my dogs to shoot back and they are aware of there field of fire

  • James S. Patrick

    When we have an accident with a gun we get arrested and thrown in jail, not coddled and told it is ok, we will kiss it and make it all better!

  • Clarice

    —– i like me filmingcops………. …………. Continue Reading

  • Exquisite Corpse

    I love the spirit of holding Law Enforcement equally accountable under the law that has been motivating people to begin “Filming Cops” now that handheld camera technology is so widespread as to be ubiquitous.

    Also excellent that police in many jurisdictions are now being required to wear body cameras.

    Its clear we need to re-assess the original concept of “qualified immunity” for police officers who commit acts that would otherwise be unlawful while in the pursuit of a suspect or the investigation of a crime. The legendary police “license to kill” was never intended to grant police a license to shoot unarmed and otherwise nonviolent suspects, especially those fleeing misdemeanor charges. One good step in that direction might be to require all police be insured and bonded on their own personal liability for these infractions. Another would be to rearrange the far-too-cozy relationship that often exists between police and prosecutors, who seem far too willing to accept the word of police over that of even multiple eyewitnesses. Currently in most jurisdictions it requires a Grand Jury to charge these officers. There is zero incentive for prosecutors to make it any easier to charge police with these crimes. Instead prosecutors almost always default to giving free reign to even the most egregious repeat offender “police”.

    HOWEVER, one small point about this site.

    “FILMINGCOPS.COM” *fails* in one HUGE way.


    While its great to get the news out there, its not helping the cause of accountability to present these stories and updates without including the dates. People seeing these stories for the first time often relink to old stories as though they were fresh and new.

    Adding dates would do nothing but increase FILMINGCOPS.COM credibility

    Once dates are added to the stories, how about FILMINGCOPS.COM use their web development skills to create a searchable database of these incidents, their dates and times, and their city and state of occurrence? This could then be displayed an a zoomable overlay on a Google Maps map of the USA.

    Just some thoughts.

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  • NEPAexile

    This is the price we pay for a society that loves it’s guns and is unnecessarily fearful post 9-11.

  • Edward The Great

    “We investigated ourselves and have found we acted within policy, and the shooting of the 4 year old was justified because our officer feared for his life.”- Scumbag Police Chief.

  • Stanley

    I like how it says they claim it was an accident. Tabloids. It was an accident. Did you think the police felt threatened by the 4 year old. Seriously. Ppl need to stop letting their pets play in traffic. What is this the Muensters, the dog is not a dragon that can drag home a police bumper. Sorry pig haters.