Cop Shoots Innocent Mother to Death in Front of Her Child, Opens Fire on Pet Dog — Receives Paid Leave With No Charges


UPDATE — Body Cam Footage is Released

The officer’s body cam captured the final moments before he tried to kill the family’s dog, but instead shot the mother to death.

The police decided to only release a small fraction of the body cam footage, and the victim’s family is urging for the footage to be released in its entirety.

Nevertheless, the footage you are about to view is extreme. Discretion is advised.

BURLINGTON, IOWA — Absolutely no charges will be filed against a police officer who opened fire and killed an innocent 34-yr-old woman at her home.

Autumn Steele and her husband posed no threat to the officer, according to reports
The incident began when Autumn and her husband had a family argument with each other.

The argument became a domestic incident, and the next morning Officer Jesse Hill came to the house to “supervise” the situation as the husband and wife planned to part ways.

As the husband was strapping their 4-yr-old son into the car and getting ready to leave, he and his wife began arguing again.

Their dog was outside in the yard with them as they were arguing.

According to witnesses, the dog was being playful.

But Officer Hill pulled out his loaded pistol anyway.

What had started out as a family dispute now escalated into a situation in which a cop was standing in the couple’s yard with a loaded gun and ready to open fire.

The cop began firing rounds at the dog, and as he pulled the trigger he fell backwards to the ground, according to reports.

One would think that Officer Hill would stop firing at this point, but he kept shooting even though he fell to the ground.

That is when he shot Autumn Steele.

The bullet that Officer Hill fired at Autumn ripped through her chest and burned a trail through her vital organs, ending her life.

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Rather than negligence or any other charges, the police are claiming that Officer Hill “slipped” and shot Autumn instead of killing her pet dog.

As a result of his decision to start shooting, an innocent woman is now dead.

One can imagine how the 4-yr-old child must have felt as his mother was gunned down and killed by the officer.

Officer Hill received administrative leave with pay after the fatal shooting.

There are no reports that he has been fired.

The tragic case has made many think twice before involving police in family affairs.

You start arguing with your spouse, when someone decides to get the police involved — the next thing you know there’s a cop in your yard firing bullets at your pet dog and shooting your spouse to death.

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Autumn’s husband was left behind with their 4-yr-old child and never got the chance to resolve the relationship with his wife.

Watch the video below:


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  • Christopher Usewicz

    with no repercussions, what makes a cop think twice about drawing a gun? THe dangerous mother putting a child away? The barking dog? All these are threats and must die to a cop with gun drawn. Can we sue for wrongful death? Will that stop these crazy murders?

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      you can sue anyone, but winning a suit like this is no guarantee. and even if you did, it would take years. and NO , it will NOT stop them. the money doesn’t come out of their pockets, so they don’t give a shit

      • ScarletPimpernil

        It can. It’s just that attorneys use those famous words. “deep pockets,” when discussing suits with their clients.

        In Washington, chapters 4.92 and 4.96 RCW address suing individuals for acts outside their scope of authority.

        A wise public would put in place laws that make it mandatory prosecutors and attorneys general sue the agent having caused the agency/county/state to pay out for damage caused by the agent.

        Not only would such laws make agents rethink their propensity toward abuse of law, but it would damage the cozy relationship between them and other public servants. Such laws would, from both directions, result in more justice.

        • Joseph Edward Bodden

          never heard it stated better. and murder is always murder, the unlawful taking of a human life… and as I do not see him firing wildly as he was falling as being lawful, this was murder…

          • Learned Foot

            You are an idiot. There is no way this is murder.

            At common law murder is 1. The killing of a human 2. By another human 3. With malice aforethought.

            Elements 1 & 2 are met as this was a killing of a human by a human.

            Element 3 has not been met as even though there is a volitional act, there is no men’s rea and definitely no malice aforethought.

            ,”I do not see him firing wildly as he was falling as being lawful, this was murder.” No. Just no. You can not just go around and make up your own elements to a crime and claim a result. It was not “murder” as “murder” only happens under common law and this act does not meet the elements of murder under common law.

            You could have claimed that firing the gun was “reckless” and we could have looked at the MPC for a negligent homicide theory, but you want to claim “murder” you are wrong.

          • mobsie666

            I just hope the next person they shoot is you. Then no-one will care.

        • Palsgraf

          Are you drunk?

          “(P)rosecutors and attorneys general” (sic) should sue…

          What? Are you advocating criminal courts being combined with civil, or are you arguing that the state should recover for damages from criminal defendants?

          If the state recovers from criminal defendants on a theory of tort liability, would this make the tortfeazor jointly liable to the state and victim? Or could only the state recover damages?

  • um, so the husband got the child in the split up, no child support, no parental alienation from mom. maybe even a nice insurance policy? probably a nice million dollar lawsuit for the child…. I can think of a split up I had, I would of loved this outcome…

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      • Rick Prohaska

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        • Eric Razar


  • Walt Karma

    …The takeaway message here is: Don’t call the police; for any reason. If the situation is volatile, the cops will show up and turn an unpleasant but manageable situation into one where people will be arrested, shot at, or killed. Why are cops so afraid of dogs anyway? Animals have an innate sense of external threats and dangerous people. Hmmm.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      they are afraid of their own shadows because 99.999% of them are PUSSIES

      • manwithagunn

        And Mr. Williams your opinion is base on what? I know you don’t have the nads to go up to 9 much less 99.9% and go face to face with that nice news story you got there.

        • thatgunwonthelp

          And what is your knowledge of his balls based on? Where did you get your facts? How about me?What percentage of idiots like you do you think I’ll have no problem squaring up with? Enlighten me.

      • Guest


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      • mslightening

        I totally agree. That’s why they usually attack in groups. I celebrate every time one is killed.

        • Theresa Easley

          You are sick in the head.

        • Jo Peter

          Celebrating every time one is killed is taking it a bit far, there are a few good cops (though none blameless, since all are complicit to some degree.) There are some though who don’t deserve to die, and who would actually be the type of allies that constitution-defending free citizens would want. If it becomes cops vs everyone else then we’re all in for a world of hurt.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            especially for all the poor saps caught in the crossfire between the criminals and cops that see EVERYONE as a criminal…

          • dxsmopuim

            They are ALL complicit which makes them ALL BAD.
            END OF STORY. There is NO SUCH THING as a good cop in America. NO SUCH THING.

          • SacJP

            By the same logic we as citizens are ALL complicit in the crimes of our government and that makes us all bad. I guess we should all just commit suicide and burn everything to the ground rather than try to make anything better right? I’m sure that ISIS would love to come build a nice Islamic caliphate here on the vacant continent.

          • Awakened One

            Police have the option to arrest the bad cops, so why don’t they? It is not even close to compare citizens to police in terms of our corrupt government. What could you expect us to do? Launch a civil war? Police have a legal option at their disposal that they use EVERY SINGLE DAY! The mere fact that you had to resort to age insults kind of takes the claws out of everything you said. When you insult others, you demonstrate your own insecurities. Try and work on your confidence, then you won’t need to throw out insults for no apparent reason.

          • SacJP

            All citizens have the ability to effect citizens’ arrests, so your distinction doesn’t stand…

            Not only that but the career law enforcement officers also have the added risk of withdrawal of supports against a population full of people like you who would do them harm without regard to the specific evidence against them as an individual.

            Not only those but they also face the very real risk of not only losing the means by which they support their families but quite possibly their own freedom (or even their very lives if they call for backup and it never comes.)

            The kind of ‘us versus them’ thinking that you advocate, if adopted on a wide scale, can lead nowhere other than civil war. Nobody is perfect, but there are numerous examples of law enforcement officers who have paid with their lives to ensure they honored their oaths, and your over-simplistic agitation casts our whole country in a negative light.

          • Awakened One

            Funny how police work doesn’t even make the top 10 for most dangerous jobs…. I love how people like you like to use the “risk” excuse. I guess it’s just too bad that the excuse falls apart once you realize working on a farm is more dangerous. I don’t see farmers going around randomly killing people after attempting to kill their pets.

            As for my distinction, it most definitely holds water. Sure citizens can do a citizen arrest. However, it is the JOB of POLICE to enforce law and protect the constitution. If they see crime, whether committed by citizens or by uniformed officers, they are OBLIGATED to act on it. Yet they don’t.

          • SacJP

            You act as if the police bear this responsibility all by themselves: they don’t…

            A good police officer, who, all by himself, tried to arrest his fellow officers would accomplish nothing because:

            A) most of the time be overridden by their (ultimately elected) superior officers before anything could come of it…
            B) the prosecutors (elected or appointed by someone who is elected) would decline to prosecute, or if they did prosecute would do a half-ass job and not present sufficient evidence to get a conviction.
            C) the (elected, or appointed by someone who is elected) judge would throw out the case
            D) in the off chance the case wasn’t thrown out, the (elected, or appointed by someone who is elected) judge would suppress all of the evidence of the enforcer’s guilt
            E) the jury would ultimately be made up of the same people who put those elected people in A through D in place, so in almost every case will acquit the enforcers anyway.

            … And all the while they would be ensuring that:

            1) The lose out in the protection of their fellow officers (part of why law enforcement is so safe is because they have each other’s backs.)
            2) They probably lose their jobs and become unemployable in their chosen profession for “not being team players”
            3) By tossing themselves on the sacrificial altar they ultimately do nothing other than ensure that the remaining officers, who stay in place, consist of those with even less conscience and less qualms about ignoring their oath of office.

            Police officers are not obligated to enforce each and every law and statute. They are obligated to protect and defend the constitution as a whole, and for many the best way to accomplish that may be to keep their position so they end up not being replaced by someone who doesn’t given a rats ass about civil rights. That doesn’t make them “bad”, it makes them “good”.

            Yes, if they see an egregious violation of someone’s civil rights in their presence they should do something about it, but no it’s not up to every individual police officer to root out all corruption throughout the entire jurisdiction singlehandedly. They are responsible for their own conduct, not the conduct of others.

          • Awakened One

            Thank you for single-handedly admitting and demonstrating how the police force in the USA is a broken and unfix-able mess of corruption and criminality. Everything you wrote above demonstrates that we truly need to tear down our current law enforcement system and rebuild it from the ground up.

          • SacJP

            If by ‘law enforcement system’ you mean the government itself, all the way back to the constitution, then sure, we definitely need systemic correction, but that’s entirely different than holding the least culpable part of that system, the part that is essentially just our brothers, fathers, husbands, and sons, merely doing the job we ostensibly pay them to do, as ‘all bad’ just for doing the job. The problem is systemic so the solution must be systemic.

          • Basil Malik

            No theyre responsibility is tax payers and to uphold the law no matter who is breaking it.

          • Ryan James Fitzpatrick

            I think he was getting at there is no reasonable defence for any cop. which there isnt. they are scum. chosen by scum, to do foul deeds.

          • Jason Oramas

            cause if they arrest one the other cops will fuck them into the ground

          • Butch Taylor

            Were in the start of a race war now headed quickly for a civil war.

          • Sim Jackson

            WE are complicit and that DOES make us all bad. Doesn’t mean we should commit suicide or whatever. Now you’re the one taking it too far. Stop worrying about Islam, you paint chip eating moron. A caliphate is literally the last thing that will ever happen. However, cops constantly killing it’s citizens – is something that is ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

          • rouge1

            So what are you doing to stop this? Nothing except flapping your gums. I have been beaten twice in the last few years by these honorable people. Then the nasty prosecutor threatens you with prison and the corrupt judges let’s you know that you should take their deal or else. I to find it hard to have sympathy for these scumbags when they are killed. They have no accountability. If I shot a woman on accident trying to kill her dog I would go to jail then court and most likely prison shortly afterwards.

          • SacJP

            Unless the cop’s life was in imminent danger he had no business using lethal force, and if I were on the jury I’d convict him of animal cruelty, reckless endangerment, and first degree manslaughter. This is a far cry however from wanting him (or even worse everyone in his profession) to be murdered.

            I also vote for liberty and small government-minded leaders every chance I get (and refuse to delegate my moral and legal authority to someone I don’t trust not to abuse it.) What are you doing?

            It does appear however that this dumb c-nt probably thought she’d gain the upper hand in court by involving big daddy law in her relationship and in many ways brought this on herself.

          • Collin

            So, what, cops are supposed to go after corrupt cops that aren’t even in their department? Not all towns and cities have bad cops you moron.

          • Putz Tanger

            Most people who are cops are probably good people.That is correct, but all cops ARE bad. Law enforcement and the court system needs reform, most people think this even if they don’t come out and say it. When you choose to be a cop you are keeping this bad system going even if you mean no ill intent, you are still part of the corrupt system. You will still enforce unjust laws and take money from people over victimless ‘crimes’ or violations. Rules made by bureaucrats (The Wealthy), enforced by you (The Goons / Order Takers), to force control and limit the rights of the populous. Now that we see the corruption, crimes, and violence more and more, there will be a breaking point. I hope it comes sooner than later.

          • SacJP

            But unlike the military you can quit if asked to do something unethical. Reforming the system from within is in some cases far more effective than hoping for it to collapse.

          • rouge1

            That’s the problem they don’t find most of what they do unethical. They are like Crackheads who hang out with other Crackheads because those Crackheads are not offended by their bad behaviour. The sheriff of a county in Oklahoma safe is full of confiscated guns. I personally know of several who have stole from the citizens for their personal gain. We know about ROAD-TAX. The whole culture is corrupt.

          • SacJP

            Yes, that’s blatantly unjust and unconstitutional. Hopefully it can be rectified in court and the property returned. They absolutely need to change the laws so that law enforcement agencies cannot directly profit from confiscated property (since it’s a HUGE conflict of interest and the court should strike down such statutes on this basis alone.) Some states have already abolished these f-cked up civil forfeiture laws so there are pockets of functionality still left in our decaying republic.

          • Jo Peter

            We choose to be a part of the corrupt system every day we go to work and pay taxes into it instead of dropping off grid instead. To the degree you’re faulting police for not dropping out the VAST majority of Americans are at fault too.

            Those who choose to go to work as cops also take rapists and child molesters off the street and enforce the rule of law and laws that protect the rights of millions and help keep us with one of the highest standards of living in the world. If you think anarchy is preferrable you’re in the minority. Unlike a large military deployed abroad domestic police are actually necessary in a free society. It’s not the fault of the police that the population keeps a corrupt government in power.

          • Skip Burroughs

            No it isn’t.

          • itsallgood4me

            Why do they “ALL” keep so quiet when they wittness one of their co-workers, murdering unarmed american citizens ???????

          • Jo Peter

            Not all have witnessed that, but I admit a high percentage are corrupt. That doesn’t mean all of them though. It may be relatively uncommon but a few do indeed do the right thing when it comes up (though they seem to be getting more and more rare as the years go on.)

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            yup, you see it too, badges vs non badges… and we furnish all the military hardware they need for a hostile takeover.

      • itsallgood4me

        Well ,you seem to have a legitimate point ! The cops most famous words are ,”I WAS IN FEAR ,FOR MY LIFE “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All over american ,families need to be more careful about bringing the cops in on a family disagreement situation !!!!!!!!!! The cops will even shoot the person who called them !We all know that they are not all bad cops but how the hell can you tell who is or isn’t some kind of murderous nutjob ?????? The cops got away with killing this white lady ! You (THEY) know damn well that they can get away with murdering EVERYBODY ELSE ,EVEN IF A VIDEO RECORDS THE MURDER AND IS PROOF THAT A MURDER TOOK PLACE !!!! HITLER’S NAZI GERMANY ,AIN’T GOT SHIT ON AMERICA’S MURDERING LAW ENFORCERS !!!!!!! : (

    • taz123

      Actually from this story leaves out she had been arrested for beating her husband was there with the officer to get her stuff. Husband took 4 yr old to leave . Wife again started yelling and the dog became aggressive.

      • redfairie77

        And???? None of what you said excuses that cop for murder.

        • Blackacre

          Murder? Can you not apply the law to the facts?

          You are stupid. There was a volitional act of firing the gun, but no men’s rea. So it is not even homicide, much less murder.

          • Awakened One

            Curious, what do you think would happen if I entered my neighbors yard, started shooting their dog, then fell and killed the owner? You think I would get off of the murder charge since it was an accident? Double standards are whats killing this country and corrupting our police forces. Everyone should be accountable for their actions, badge or no badge.

          • NikolaiG

            It’s called intent. Using Latin doesn’t make you smarter. Recklessness to this degree is, under the law, equivalent to intent. It was negligent homicide.

      • mslightening

        So killing her in front of her child made the situation better?

      • rouge1

        Oh ok that excuses it all. Maybe she wasn’t sharia compliant.

    • Dogs can tell they’re terminators

    • Deborah Vincenti

      They aren’t afraid of them they just like killing them to show they can and get away with it

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      arrested SHOT AT OR KILLED? What exactly do you consider UNmanageable?

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    calling the cops (paid gang banger assassins) is the LAST THING YOU SHOULD EVER DO!!! not only did he kill this woman, ending any chance of reconciliation between her, and the husband, but the kids mother too. not to mention the fact that this pig murdered her mother in front of this young kid, which is most likely ruined that kids life, even before her life had the chance to begin. because of this cop, she will likely grow up to have a drug problem, and/or become a criminal. congratulations, cops/govt. have destroyed another family, and furthered the contempt, and hatred the public feels for them.

    • manwithagunn

      nice assumption.

    • taz123

      She had just gotten out of jail for beating her husband and became aggressive even with a cop there.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        and the “bad asses” in uniform couldn’t handle one woman???

      • Dave

        Yeah so? Tell me where she deserved to die, and in front of her child

    • Barb Ordell

      Cop did the husband a favor. There was no reconciliation in the offing – only more anger and abuse.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        well that might be true, but still, these cops are out of control

  • Cromwell

    “I slipped” and “I feared for my life”, Will now be the first 2 phrases these pigs will learn.
    I hope the locals turn this prick into ballast.

    • Brian

      Along with “STOP RESISTING!” They start shouting this as they get out of their car nowadays, even before they start beating you.

    • rouge1

      Another is “quit resisting” while they are beating you. When you hear quit resisting tighten up because it’s coming.

  • Lefty Blitzer

    OK, so if the “system” won’t take care of this scumbag, it is up to THE PEOPLE to drag this piece-of-shit’s worthless carcass into the street and dispatch the asshole slowly and painfully. You hear that, Jesse Hill? Your time on this planet is extremely limited. THE PEOPLE are coming after your worthless ass.

    • manwithagunn

      This goes straight to the FBI. Thank you sir. Don’t believe it? Use google. Good Luck Sir.

      • Rob


      • inevitablerevolution

        Go kill yourself, cops are worthless and serve no purpose save for enforcing the 1% fascism. When the revolution comes, your genetic legacy will be annihilated. Enjoy the time you have left.

        • Theresa Easley

          It is because of crazies like you and some others commenting here is why we have cops.

          • rouge1

            No it is because some pussy bitch like you needs the comfort.

    • taz123

      Do you even know the whole story?

  • LawrenceNeal

    Citizen slips and kills someone, it’s manslaughter.

  • Randall Williams

    more lies .

  • Rick Prohaska


  • ScarletPimpernil

    It’s only a matter of time before you starting seeing bounties on some of these uniformed thugs.

  • Gina Klinner Waters-Colbert

    This video from news station.
    The taser Hill used on a dog was a Pit Bull back in Oct.2014.
    Poor many distorted stories.
    Family of Autumn Steele

  • Gina Klinner Waters-Colbert

    This News video is another one of twisted tales.
    Cop Jesse Hill used a Taser on a pit Bull in Oct.2014
    Family of Autumn Steele

  • Mook ~^^~

    Of course he walked free, what did you expect? This is just another day in the office for these incompetent bottom feeding, worthless scumbags. NEVER call the cops, for anything if possible!!! Never trust a cop. People should know that by now.

  • john_erox

    A message to all the LEO apologists. Go fuck yourselves. Crawl back under that rock you’ve been living in and leave society to the rest of us. We don’t need no stinking police officers. They’re good for one thing: Directing traffic.

    • Brian

      And collecting revenue.

  • jimmyt

    Beware this comments section is about to be brigaded by the union cops

  • Christopher Dorner

    There’s no telling how much this piece of shit gets payed to do nothing but shit like this. Worry the hell out of people, hurt people, and kill people. That’s all this scum is good for.

  • bobmaginnis

    If legal settlements for police abuse came from their pension fund instead of directly from the taxpayers, the cops would be more careful.

  • parallelB
  • account03

    Cops get hazard pay. They are paid to give the public the benefit of the doubt and to take the risk that the people they encounter will turn on them, hurt, stab, shoot or kill them. That’s their job. Does he have a gun or a cell phone? The cop’s job is to assume it’s a cell phone until proven otherwise. Is that a kid with a BB gun or a gang banger with an AK-47? The cop’s job is to assume it’s a kid with a toy until bullets start flying. Yes! Because the alternative is worse. A cop getting killed in the line of duty is a terrible thing but an innocent person being shot by a cop is a broken system. Any cop who is not willing to take that risk, whose life is more important, whose family is more important, is not qualified to be a police officer.

    • Kanye Beadly

      Exactly. However, cops are taught in training the exact opposite of everything you just said. Give no one the benefit of the doubt and assume the cell phone is a gun until proven otherwise and shoot first and ask questions later and that officer safety is top priority which basically means that the cop’s life is more important that those of the civilians he’s supposed to be serving and protecting.

  • Joshua Martin

    Missing the dog is a lie. A lot of accidental things like this happen when the police are around. “Oops, I accidentally turned the camera off.” Shit like this.

  • brothervizlani

    This article is diametrically opposed to what actually happened.

    Read the investigative report for the full story.

    “claims he shot without provocation”

    Deceased was actively assaulting her husband while he was holding his
    daughter, for the second time that week and in violation of a
    restraining order.

    “tries hard to portray it as the guy draining his magazine”

    Officer fired twice, verified on the recording, while being actively attacked by a large dog.

    “claims he never reported the dog bite”

    Went to the hospital and was treated and released for the bite.

    There are enough bad cops doing actual bad things out there that we
    don’t need to muddy the waters with bullshit nonsense lies like this.

    This is copy past from a reply on reddit. Thought you should see it.

    • SPQR

      you are a lowlife POS and I hope this happens to your whole family

      • brothervizlani

        Bring it. Magnolia, TX. Give me call when you get here.

        • DaliMina

          Bring what? He didn’t threaten you. You can be more mature than that, can’t you?

          • brothervizlani

            He wished ill on my family. I wished he would be the fool to meet me face-to-face.

          • mobsie666

            Why would you care.? You’ll be too busy defending the cops…

        • SPQR

          but I am not an unarmed girl that you can kill. you would soil your pants if faced with an armed man. any you are POS cop who would have 50 cops backing you up

        • Herman Christ

          LOL you sound like a retarded 12 year old. “Come fight me IRL!”


        • rouge1

          I went to high school there. Tell all my redneck buddies hi for me.

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      You have a point if I stipulate to what you say… us ‘fortifying’ our complaints is no less unfair and prejudicial than cops who perjure themselves in their ‘pleadings’ to the DA…. in fact what happened was bad enough without someone pouring gasoline on a fire to put it out (Because gasoline is a liquid, doncha know).

  • eu

    the land of free and stupid

  • Casper the badass Ghostbuster

    This is totally messed up! When did the “good-guy cops” turn into “Nazi Storm Troopers”!?

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      maybe when we started offering vets a ninety day early out of military service to go to the police academy – after subjecting them to an environment where ANYONE could kill you without notice, anyone could be lethal without notice, and civilians were just camo for the people who wanted to kill you to hide in… Viet Nam, remember? Yeah, that totally justified war that wasn’t a war really did a LOT for America…
      So, then we train them with different weapons, different logos, different colors and drop them in what their mind cannot ignore as being a too familiar and potentially instantly lethal environment… PTSD knows no geopolitical boundaries.

      • rouge1

        Our military rules of engagement are stricter than they are for cops, they would do fine.

  • DaliMina

    Why won’t he face charges? Beyond the sarcastic answers we would give about injustice, what is the technical reason that he isn’t being charged?

    • JimBob

      Technical reason? “Prosecutorial discretion”. The DA will decide that the cop has suffered enough, what with the paid vacation and the horrible suffering of having killed somebody. (The family’s suffering will, of course, be minimal by comparison, especially when it comes time for a lawsuit.) Further, all the evidence that indicates that the officer was acting irresponsibly– all the eyewitness reports, the dash cam footage, any security camera footage– none of it will be deemed sufficiently convincing to result in a conviction on even the most meager of “4th-degree-almost-kinda-negligent manslaughter with mitigating circumstances” charges. Further, the dash cam footage, if it exists, will likely disappear due to one of those damn “technical glitches” that seem to happen ALL THE TIME in cases like this– sad, really, but what can you do about it, right? Nah, not worth pursuing for all of those reasons.

      The ACTUAL reason? No DA ever gets elected without the support of the local police.

      • Eric Razar

        The ACTUAL reason? No DA ever gets elected without the support of the local police

        so what u really mean is a conflict of interest

  • Howard Treesong

    I am astounded at all these stories of gross incompetence on the part of the cop. These are people who have been trusted to keep the peace (yeah, don’t say it) and they get to use a fire arm. Then they can’t do that without, yet again, killing people.

    At times of crisis you want a police officer there, someone with a cooler head to de-escalate the situation. What do you see, time and again, the cop *yawn* fears for his life, it’s an occupational hazard, and starts shooting where no shooting was necessary.

    I’m starting to think shooting innocent people is a cop’s way of getting paid time off.

    What a needless tragedy :-(.

    • rouge1

      You haven’t heard a drop of it. I was beaten on my property in front of 8 witnesses hand cuffed and beaten tazed and rifle butted for over 20 minutes. No news outlets care. There is no one to complain to.

  • Nook_The_Chosen

    If there is a cop present, you are in danger. Realize that, and act accordingly. If you have a dog, and a cop is nearby, that dog’s life is in jeopardy, and you must take action to prevent it from being killed.

    • Eric Razar

      exactly, also the woman knew she was supposed to go with the cop there and not alone. there was a court order to that effect.

  • brewster

    These cops would kill hardly any innocent civilians if they had to pay with their own lives.

  • Eric

    If this had been anyone but a cop charges would have been filed. The main problem is not the officer doing the shooting but the prosecutor who refuses to prosecute criminals just because they have a badge. Cops have been trained to handle firearms and these situations they need to be held to higher standards at bare minimum the same standards the general public is held to.

  • Linkamus

    Title 18 Subsection 241-242 Spread the word… it’s a US sanctioned code

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or
    custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory,
    Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights,
    privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or
    laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or
    penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his
    color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens,
    shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or
    both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation
    of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or
    threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be
    fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;
    and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this
    section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap,
    aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual
    abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or
    imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be
    sentenced to death.

  • Marlou

    Seems to me that american police officers’ motto ‘To serve and protect’ is far away!

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    why are cops so easily and frequently ‘afraid for their lives’? I always thought they got all the respect etc.because they were less afraid to risk their lives to protect the innocent… now they get away with murdering the innocent ‘because they was skeered (sic)” for their lives and the innocent be damned. I have even begun to wonder if this is where all the serial killers are hiding… what better way to make a living, combining fun with a paycheck… I can’t help but wonder if there is a betting pool somewhere for the most kills for the weakest excuse without any prosecution…

    • rouge1

      They are told that their job is dangerous and if you did to people what they do wouldn’t you live in fear too?
      Officer safety is what they are tough and to make it home no matter how many kids you have to kill.

  • John

    hell if that been one of us civis doing that where would we be smdh shi getting old

  • Alden

    noun: manslaughter; plural noun: manslaughters
    the crime of killing a human being without malice aforethought, or otherwise in circumstances not amounting to murder.

    This cops negligence = Manslaughter, and certainly should be charged as such.

  • Cat

    The retard should never had a badge if you dont know how to shoot a gun and there was no need for a gun.

  • Cookie Thumper

    Slit that fucking pig’s throat.

  • mr.mee

    police should not be alowed to carry guns unless the situation clearly calls for it they do not need an instantly fatal option less then a second away any more then every other citizan needs one and if cops are alowed to carry them then i say the rest of us should start carrying them too maby then a cop would think twice b4 whiping one out jst to kill a dog cause if one killed my dog id exicute that cop without a second thought.

  • dxsmopuim

    The only thing worse than a pig is a retarded PIG.

  • Great… now we can experience the typical white reaction as they rampage, pillage, loot and set fire to everything that is flammable. When will the white representative reverends arrive to get their media time and recognition?

  • Daniel W. McCullar

    They are not even gonna consider Negligent Homicide! I mean k’mon, that is exactly what this is. Cops need to be subject to shit like the military is. In the military being recklessly negligent can be punishable under the UCMJ!

  • Sherry Gillespie

    So he didn’t shoot the dog. Did the dog bite him after he missed?? Why was he even trying to shoot the dog??? This should be involuntary manslaughter. Never call police unless you want someone dead.

  • Pist

    Here is what should happen, if an officer kills someone while trying to shoot or kill a dog, or just kills anyone who wasnt doing anything violent or wielding any weapons, they should be publicly executed for all to see, to send a message to other pigs who think they are above the law!

  • Vernson

    How many innocent people have to lose their life before WE put an end to it?

  • too blind to see

    chickens’ coming home to roost, repeatedly told this would happen. after getting away with murder on just about all shootings they fear no retribution. If only she would have just complied, see how dumb that sounds when it comes to a life

  • anon

    fucking pigs

  • James

    facebook dot com/BurlingtonIowaPolice/ Let the merciless lambasting begin

  • Seriously, why are american cops such a big bunch of pussies?

  • Keep Crying

    They should have shot whoever was filming this.. How hard is it to hold a camera steady?

  • Jean

    Did he hit the dog also, anyone know?

  • quest2quest

    Stop dialing 911 (Government) to solve your problems…. what you get is the High School jock with a gun.

    • rouge1

      It’s the high school fat fuck who got wedgied everyday not the jock. The jock would stomped the dog and slapped the bitch.

  • King Lou

    Yet another video to add to this rap song.

  • RaymondAmelia Schwab

    Please help this disabled vet and his family

  • anarchistbookshop

    Here is a link to contact information for the Burlington PD. In theory we still have the First Amendment.

  • anarchistbookshop

    Here is a link to the bastard’s LinkedIn profile:

  • anarchistbookshop

    Although he doesn’t come up with an email listing at the Burlington PD, based on how their emails are done, if he had an email it would be [email protected]

  • llonewolf


  • ButtKnockr

    DO not call the police, call a pastor call a nieghbor, call a lawyer, BUT DO NOT CALL THE POLICE.

  • frederick

    the family and friends must take revenge on the murderer. that is only fair – an eye for an eye. People HAVE to take a stand against the corrupt law system, and that is the way to do it. quickly, quietly and discreetly. otherwise this will only continue and get out of hand.

    • rouge1

      It’s all we are left with.

  • Truth

    Talk about disingenuous reporting.. If you look at credible witness accounts this is totally fraudulent. Nice try reporting though

    • AlvinBr

      Please elaborate.

  • jim

    now I have to ask – did the dog get shot ?
    did the dog attack anyone ?
    if the answer is no this cop had no reason to pull his gun at any point
    YES the cop should be charged
    and barred from ever working as a cop again
    but what will happen is the city (meaning tax payers) will pay the family money to shut up

  • AlvinBr

    It has been quite a monumental, and unsuccessful, fight to get the full video released. In the process, numerous state officials at various levels of govt. have been exposed as worthless, cruel scumbags.

  • Zoro

    Video doesn’t proove anything. Fake?

  • Velteyn

    Hello, I’m from Italy and I think you should reconsider all your 1800 far west laws… You are scaring me ! I’ll never come to your country for any reason!! We had problems with our cops as well but Italian law do not permit to Carabinieri to use weapons if there is no other weapons visible and ready to fire to them. Why don’t you vote for pacifist politicians ??? I truly don’t understand ….

  • tomanonymous

    I keep saying this every time this shit happens, FIRE THEM ALL and start over!

  • The Grand, Exalted Imerial Poo

    There needs to be a task force of millionaires who are tired of scumbag cops and bureaucrats over stepping their boundaries and review boards which are mainly scumbags cops,. They will take the law into their own hands, review it with no law enforcement and the bullshit blue shield and alleviate those responsible just as they eliminated them

  • ricklee228

    Until the courts stop excusing them and the self policing police (this is so wrong on so many levels letting the cops police themselves when they can’t even do their own jobs) they will never stop killing us.

  • Uno Strawman

    Aside from the cops being pussies, I want to know where this lady’s husband or brothers, or father is? I certainly would understand their grief if I were on that jury.

  • Disvox

    Burlington Iowa PD. WTF is wrong with you?

  • buzzookaman

    Hold police accountable for their actions. Require police to furnish their own insurance and when there are too many payouts or large settlements insurance is denied and bad cops are done

  • Darren Graham

    Say what you want BUT that isn’t the sound of a playful dog. That is the sound of a dog protecting it’s owner.

  • Paulocaust

    Fucking lynch the cunt.

  • How about start reporting the REAL story, instead of some bullshit…

  • Project Freedom

    I am an advocate of common sense personal protection, so I obtained my Conceald Carry license. Before you are allowed to get your Concealed Carry license, you must attend classes which teach you when you are allowed to discharge your weapon: ONLY when you are 100% cer

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    apparently if you need protection, call the Mafia… they charge a lot, but won’t fuck it up like these pigs.

  • Beck

    its more the politicians and do gooders who passed to many oppressive laws and mandate certain responses than the cops that deserve the blame.

  • Bailey Croft

    PAID VACATION for murder.

    NEVER call and NEVER talk to cops

  • Butch Taylor

    Was there actually someone out there who expected this cop to get charged with a crime?