Cop Shoots Man With Taser Gun Again and Again Until Man’s Heart Explodes, Dies: Report


Steve Watson |

Cops in Oklahoma City pepper sprayed and tased a 47 year old man to death after being called out to help by his girlfriend, according to reports.

Darrell Gatewood was killed Sunday during the incident, which has led to three police officers being suspended pending an investigation.

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Gatewood was described as “acting kind of weird,” by his girlfriend, Ruth Temple, who called 911 and asked police to help defuse the situation.

A family friend also told reporters that Gatewood was breaking things in his apartment, noting “He broke all the glass and started fighting the cabinet, literally boxing it.”

When the cops arrived on the scene, they found Gatewood lying on broken glass inside the apartment.

They dragged him out into the street, and attempted to cuff him to no avail.

Then they broke out pepper spray and tasers.

“They kept saying you’re resisting and fighting. So they kept pulling the trigger on the taser over and over again,” said witness Leeann Mize.

“They should have restrained him inside the house because they could have.” Mize urged.

“They could have put his hands in handcuffs and put him in the back of the police car but instead they drug him out and electrocuted him in a puddle of water.”

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“He would release, Taser again, release, Taser again.” said Mize.

“It was scary and out of line. They killed a husband, a father and a grandfather in front of the grandbabies, wife and the daughter.”

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  • Hasanda

    #wOw… how utterly sad and disgusting…

  • ChristCrusader

    So, looking back – wouldn’t it have been better to have left him lying on the floor, instead of escalating and killing him in your attempt to “help” him ~ derp!

  • Charles Vella

    So hard to trust the police in some cities. They go around acting tough, but inside they are frightened of anyone they can’t control on a short stick.

  • Chris Mcneil

    Sad….. cops are really pushing it time to push back it would be easy to set up booby traps and call them in to their deaths …..

    • Silence Dogood

      You are one unstable pos

  • agio

    Don’t call the police if your loved one is “acting strangely”. Just don’t. They won’t “defuse” the situation, they’ll fuck it completely up.

  • Macorichi


    • jim

      that’s hard to do even if you call for medical help the cops show up and take charge

      • Macorichi

        You just request no cops, and if theyre forced to respond tell them you don’t want them involved and they dont need to be.

        • anon

          you request no cops and you get 4 times as many

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            and maybe a swat team

      • Guest

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  • Kenneth Henderson

    What does it say for the white populace, if they are so afraid of black/brown people? Black/Brown people have more power than they realize, time to use it. I call BS on these cops, cowardice. If they were truly afraid they would avoid black/brown people not get into confrontations with them!
    Hopefully, these LEO’s will face charges, and hopefully the victims family can call out the cops and their cowardice, for what it really is, inciting racial hatred.

    • Mason Harris

      I’m not afraid of black people. I’m afraid of POLICE.

      • Kenneth Henderson

        I’m not afraid of the civilian populace. I too am afraid of the POLICE. My point is that the majority of people who are dying are black/brown by white cops.

        • Chris Tarkington

          Bull shit

          • Kenneth Henderson

            What’s BS about my statement? If you have something to say, back it up. If not, I have a lovely bridge for sale, it can easily handle any number of goats you may have.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            I love my country, my government scares the shit outta me.

          • Kenneth Henderson

            I love my country too, and yes I agree the sentiment is mutual. (Though its not only the government that scares me, its many of its citizens too.)

          • The only citizens who are not pigs who scare me are copsuckers and military-fluffers, and of course voters, who are the sole cause of the perpetuation of this tyranny.

          • Kenneth Henderson

            Yea that’s what I thought, you are either a cop, or a cop sympathizer. Either way I smell bacon, normally that smell makes my mouth water, but the smell I’m getting from you is rancid. Have a nice day.

    • Ellie_Light

      You f*cking bigot. They do this to white people too. Stop this incessant race bating crap. The cops kill everyone. Almost 200 civilians killed so far this year and just 1 police officer.

      • Kenneth Henderson

        Hey Ellie, Woah, woah, I’m not a bigot, nor would I f*ck one. (especially you, you’re aren’t my type.) I’m not race baiting, I’m pointing out the disparaging statistic of deaths associated by cop upon Blacks, Latinos, Indians, First Nations, ect. Its evident that you are embarrassed by these statistics, too bad you aren’t ashamed of them. (Btw, I’m Norwegian, Lithuanian, German, and Scot. I am ashamed and embarrassed how white people treat those who are different, its disgusting, and its wrong.) Its either time for you to grow up, or shut up. Have a good evening.

        • Joseph Edward Bodden

          you shine a light, someone grabs a flamethrower…

          • Kenneth Henderson

            This is true, but to deal with the racists hacks is to give them hard cold facts. They don’t want the truth, perpetual fear is what they crave. (I refuse to give it to them though, in the end have they responded? No, because I am smarter, braver, and more intuitive then they are.)

      • Kenneth Henderson

        Hey Ellie did you see this? (From the Dept of Justice. Posted today 3/3/2015) Thought you should know how ridiculous your statement is.
        Here’s the link, don’t strain yourself too much if its too hard for you to fathom. Not everyone is blessed with being smart. (But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, okay?)

    • cody

      Dont make it a race thing thats ignorant.

      • Kenneth Henderson

        But this is about race. The article was about race. Okay, lets make it a HUMAN thing, how about that?

        • anon

          its not about race, stop race baiting. its a human rights thing , women, children, men, all colors and backgrounds and mental capacity. so NO it is not a race thing

          • Kenneth Henderson

            Please look at my post to Ellie. I posted the Ferguson Police Dept findings from the Dept of Justice. (NY Times article.) Yes unfortunately when the proponent of people being killed by the police are Blacks, Latinos, Indians, First Nations, ect compared to how many white people have been killed, then yes has everything to do with race. Please read the other responses, thank you.

          • It’s a low-hanging fruit issue. It’s far easier to harass a minority population, especially one that is often poor.
            But the enemy of my enemy is my friend and I stand with the people of color against tyranny.

          • Kenneth Henderson

            The only enemy I have are those who oppress, discriminate and kill. Other than that I’m 5 x 5 with everyone I meet. Have a good day.

      • Kenneth Henderson

        Please read my other posts with regards to the latest findings from Ferguson. (NY Times article Dept of Justice) unfortunately, yes its an ugly reality, but this has everything to do with race. Too many humans who are not white are suffering from the police forces in this country. (and in other countries too.) Not race baiting, perhaps you can post why you are so uncomfortable to discuss this? I’m white, and I’m upset, embarrassed, ashamed to admit that people like me are doing this. I at least can be disgusted by my own kind, can you say the same?
        Have a good day.

        • Just like people of color are not all the same, so too white folks.
          Those pigs murdering civilians aren’t “just like you” and there’s no reason to feel upset, embarrassed or ashamed.

          • Kenneth Henderson

            Thank you for you kind words.

  • Bugs

    Drugs and electrocution does not mix !!! Cops & Negros are out of control in this country !!

    • Rene H. Provencher

      Cops are out of control! Government has allowed them to use any force they have and they use it. Time to knock them down a notch. Don’t blame people of different races out of control. What are you? Hiding your ass behind a cut out!

  • LawrenceNeal

    Never, EVER, call the Murder Squad

  • LawrenceNeal

    Is breaking your property against the law? It doesn’t say anything about anyone being threatened or endangered, family or SA. Is it against the law to lay on your own floor, in glass or not? What’s the probable cause?

  • Charles Matthew Goldbach

    they protected him to death. please dont protect anyone else.

  • Sean Boswell

    Fuck this pig…suspects do not “make the decision” to be fucking electrocuted to death!!

  • Again, if you care about someone, do not call the police. They are trained to “defuse” situations by eliminating the situation.

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      eliminate equals terminate?

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    boy, if that is NON lethal weaponry, what is the dangerous stuff like? I’m gonna make a stainless screen wire mesh vest to wear under my coat or shirt… short that shit out!