Cop “Had No Choice” to Shoot and Kill Mentally Ill Child Because He Left His Taser Home?

NORTH CAROLINA — A cop who said “We don’t have time for this” and then killed a 90-lb mentally ill boy has been indicted by a grand jury for voluntary manslaughter.

Bryon Vassey "had no choice" to shoot the child because he left his Taser home?

Bryon Vassey “had no choice” to shoot the child because he left his Taser home?

Bryon Vassey entered the home of a family who called 911 for medical help after their schizophrenic child had an episode.

Rather than helping officers de-escalate the situation, Vassey is reported to have said “We don’t have time for this.”

Moments later he opened fire and executed the young boy, killing him as his parents screamed in shock.

Now, Vassey’s attorney is saying the officer “had no choice” but to shoot the child.

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“Detective Bryon Vassey exercised the only morally, legally justified duty of protecting the life of a fellow officer and that sadly (ended) the life of young Mr. Keith Vidal,” said the attorney, James Payne.

Now see if you can wrap your mind around this.

The reason the killing is justified, he claims, is because Vassey had only his gun on him that day and no Taser, according to reports.

Thus with his firearm as the only weapon he brought with him that day, he “had no choice” but to shoot the child in the chest.

Vassey was carrying only his gun that day because he was assigned to detective duties and detectives aren’t required to carry Tasers, said police chief Jerry Dove.

That’s government logic for you.

The shooting death of an innocent boy “had to happen” because, well, the cop had a gun to shoot with.

Vassey has been on paid administrative leave since the killing.


Read the full detailed story of what happened when the boy was killed and hear what his parents are saying (VIDEO). 

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  • SatanClaus69

    Anyone that this scumbag would have arrested for doing the exact same thing would automatically be convicted of first degree murder in the press and never have the opportunity for a fair trial.

  • Tom Birmingham

    wow he faces 1-12 whole years? wtf, I would think this would be a murder charge given the premeditation.

    • greenguy

      With any luck, when the inmates find out he’s a former cop they’ll give him the death sentence….or at least AIDS….

      • TepcoSushi

        In jail he would be offered complimentary protective custody seeing as he’s law enforcement. Still he only has to pay %15 of his bail in N.C., which is like $7,500… So he’ll come in with the money, pay it, they may ceremonially slap cuffs on him for a second, and he’ll be released until court is over.

        Now when he get’s to prison, if such a thing is possible, I don’t’ know if he’ll get complimentary automatic protective custody, but if not he’ll find himself constantly breaking rules to be forced into solitary confinement.

        • Carrina Murphy

          reward after reward for his actions

      • Defiant

        No way…priority ONE will be to set him up in a nice safe isolated cell to make sure nobody bothers him.

  • Jon

    so in other wordsss you shouldnt give stupid people a free gun and tell them its loaded

  • Joh

    I am appalled at seeing how many people have shared this on Facebook. This story should be EVERYWHERE! 😉

  • JesseMace

    murderer, i bet he sleeps just fine at night too.

    • shay3780

      he is a sociopath. They don’t have any feeling. They are as cold as ice. He sleeps just fine.Not only that, he wants to know what the fuss is about

      • anonymous

        police departments give extensive psychological and personality inventories to make sure they hire people with sociopathic tendencies (mostly just any lack of empathy)

      • Yabbi Yum

        A schizophrenic is by definition without empathy. Look it up. They have no concept of the impact of their negative behavior. The cop may or may not have empathy, but I’ll bet he recognizes a dangerous situation when he sees one.

    • Michele From Ohio

      It’s obvious he does, if you look at his ugly mug on FB

  • rugvendor

    Police need to be held accountable. If you don’t have the temperment for the job, sell insurance.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      it’s not even whether he can handle it or not, it’s HOW THEY’RE BEING TRAINED. that’s why none of them EVER GO TO PRISON! some ppl don’t even know that. they are also “training them” to believe that the founding fathers were “terrorists” I saw it in alex jones “police state” (not sure which one) the people in charge KNOW that these cops are committing “crimes against the people”, and these “officers” won’t stop abusing people, and their power” because THEY KNOW NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO THEM!!! THEY ARE PROTECTED BY THIER SUPERIORS, MAYER, CITY COUNCIL, AND THE D.A AND THE COURTS!!

      • wrong . they’re purposefully hiring sadistic idiots … literally refusing to hire anyone whose iq make them more likely to resist the urge to follow illegal orders or think for themselves in any way

        every human knows right from wrong, regardless of ‘training’ … if not, they should not be hired to carry a weapon

      • pat

        um. no. BLEA actually pushes the “guardian” mentality of the “warior” mentality because of people ;like this that can’t handle the job.
        quit believing every media outlet you see.

    • Defiant

      THIS JUST IN…murder among insurance salesmen has skyrocketed this year…

  • BreakerOneNine

    He is now on unpaid leave. Has been for about a week.

    • bwark

      It is being reported in multiple other publications that this so called “peacekeeper” is on PAID administrative leave.

  • yaw

    why not the legs

    • altmartion

      right! this is what baffles me the most. not just this case but many of them. I understand certain situations it has to be a kill shot. I also understand you can lose focus in a wild scuffle or something. but I bet at least 50% of deaths caused by cops shooting could have been handles by aiming at an extremity first. the severity of the situation could have possibly been downgraded. if it didn’t work, then go for the kill. it sure would help justify the kill a little better. if there was one at all.

      • Carrina Murphy

        and this seems so obvious to us. someone please tell me where we are headed. I can’t see anything positive in this society.

  • JonEdHil

    He suffers from “assfluenza”, a chronic mental disorder which affects pigheaded pinheads causing them to lose the ability to reason or make rational decisions. Widely reported but basically untreated in the ranks of law-enforcement. Because “We just don’t give a shit! We have it, too!

  • Larry cochrane

    Should be murder…

  • richard

    wasnt there other officers there, who had tasers?

    • the other officers had actually already (unnecessarily) tazed the boy … and had him on the ground, under control

    • Michele From Ohio

      Yeah, a man cop and a woman cop, who apparently had the situation under control. In strolls fat fuck Detective Vassey, who orders the two cops to taze the kid. The two idiot cops blindly comply, then there is a struggle and piggo Vassey decided to shoot Keith because “He doesn’t have time for this shit”. He also mentioned to the EMTs before going inside that he was there to “Take names and kick ass”

      Credit to his profession, right there.

  • Tonya

    Seriously! Should this liar even be a lair cause I’m sure if this was his child he wouldn’t be up there defending this man the same way. Was the child armed with anything? Did this cop or any of them fear for their life? 90lbs I’m sure if the cops big ass would of sat on him probably would of done more damage than a taser alone. Cops these days think just because they are above the law so say they can just do whatever.. Let’s kill get away with it get paid leave and still go back to work.. Humm wonder why the justice system seems to not work.. If you have corrupted killing dirty cops liars etc working for it and they are suppose to up hold the law and make it a safer place when in reality they are the ones doing most the damage food for thought!.. Can’t send a blind cat out alone u have to guide it first.

  • Mike

    As for the prosecution of this man, we don’t have time for this! Just shoot him!

    • bwark

      Absolutely perfect answer to the problem! Go Mike!!

    • Rob

      Where is the motherfucker? Seriously.

      • Dakota
        • amos

          thank you i did, the sick fuck

      • Michele From Ohio

        Still on the police force, tanned and enjoying his life. The fuck face has two or three Facebook pages, and each one is him. He can’t get his soon enough.

    • Red

      Please don’t make light of Due Process with this (admittedly witty) reply. So many people are wronged with public prosecutors/defenders having just this sort of approach to justice…

    • Denis

      I’d rather take my time and torture him… he’d go “unpunished” if he would die shot.

  • Pyrate Rob

    Is this the “government’s” logic, or his attorney’s logic?

  • billmartin1

    a;; i say after this the father and mother of this boy should have this fucken pig killed that it . am i right i think so . the fucken pig will no longer be able to do this some other pigs that think they can get away with this shit would have second thoughts maybe some parent brother sister friend stranger might kill the worthless pig

    • shay3780

      we won’t say anything..

  • Impeach Obama

    This is what America has become, with the people of the Nation silent about the Police Murdering it’s citizens in the streets. Even today there are those that will remark “well the Cop must have had to shoot him, their cops”. This is the mental insanity and brainwashed ignorance of many Americans. It seems the “Men” of this country have all had their nuts cut off. Where are all the strong “Fighting Men” in this country? This wouldn’t last one day even 20 years ago without men taking to the police station where the Murder worked… Very Sad-

    • Yabbi Yum

      I’d like to see your reaction to a schizophrenic acting up in your living room. You’d be on the phone to the gummint police asap. They you’d thank them for showing up and saving your sad azz.

      • jake

        lol u can see who is a cop

        • altmartion

          who is? how do you know this?

        • rotton57

          It’s not “Yabba Dabba” with the government gummy in his mouth. “IDIOT”!

      • Terry Gene Blagburn

        a 90 pound one…. really? I do not have to because i raised young men but let me tell you both my sons are over 100 pounds but if i catch them disrespecting some one they answer to me and trust me no 90 pound person man or woman will ever end up on top of me without them useing a deadly weapon i do not see!

      • Joseph Daniel Milnes

        Oh so mentally ill people scare you so much you justify killing them because you love g9vernment so much? Its people like you who have no respect for innocent life who will be judged in the afterlife I can promise you that

      • eli

        I wouldn’t call the cops unless he had a gun. Someone that’s mentally ill needs help- they don’t need to be killed. If a small (95 lb) schizophrenic teenage was threatening me with a small screwdriver, I’m quite sure I could handle the situation without killing him. I’ve worked with mentally ill people before. I’ve been chased around the kitchen by a man trying to hit me with a skillet filled with sizzling bacon fat. I didn’t need to call the cops and I was able to calm the man down and avoid injury.

        • Kevin Holmes

          Didn’t you hear… The cop didn’t have time to do that… I am mentally ill and it’s controlled by my meds. Sure hope I never have a break in reality when I am on the streets…. But it would give the state one less mentally Ill I suppose

        • Monicatoby

          It says that the parents dialed 911 for medical help. I guess it’s common for cops to be sent along, too, but who would ever have dreamed that said cop would either taze OR shoot the child!

      • Alhazred

        the kid was 90lbs. a 90lb schizophrenic could easily be detained with minimal force.

      • Sherry Gillespie

        Just go vote for the Drumpt already and STFU. I would never call the police for help, they don’t help at all. If they show up it is after the fact or like this just in time to kill a innocent mentally ill child

      • Michele From Ohio

        Until they shot your dog for barking.

  • NiggaMustDie

    the PIG had a Bad day. god damned immigrants..clearly he fought for his country.

    • MrWangsKungfooey

      Go fuck yourself troll

    • NiggaMustDieIsADick

      What a retarded, brainwashed dumbass you are.

  • bwark

    Look at this guy’s picture. This is a power hungry guy. He is mean and looking to show everyone who is in charge. I would bet money that he has been abusive to other people in his life. And yet…he is put on PAID administrative leave. Like one of the other comments here, “We don’t have time for this, and I don’t have my taser, so let’s just take care of him now!”

    • Alhazred

      Cops have a much higher ratio of domestic violence compared to regular citizens. Look up the numbers.

      • Michele From Ohio

        Alcoholism and sexually abusing their kids, too.

    • Michele From Ohio

      He reminds me so much of Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad. Which is a shame, I actually liked that character.

  • zaiger

    So he is saying that the only actions a police officer can take are tazing and shooting?

  • Sdtony13

    Mike you took the words right out of my mouth!!

  • Leroy Blankenship

    i don’t have a Tazer & we don’t have time for a Trial so let’s just shoot this Pig & get back to our Suppers.

  • shay3780

    he’s probably on desk duty

  • possumpoop

    must be kin to Hillary………………………..”what does it matter???????”

  • goodjuju29

    been sitting here for 5 mins and my brain just can’t seem to get past WHAT THE FUCK?

    • you and me . and i’ve been sitting on this one since just after it occurred . still … what thee actual fuck

      • Michele From Ohio

        I’m here 4 years later and I’m still, WHAT THE FUCK

  • Halvar Fonn Dretvik

    Somebody try to find out where this guy lives.

    • altmartion

      who? are you looking?

      • Halvar Fonn Dretvik

        No, but his address should be public info.

  • Messenger

    The emphasis on “child” is misleading. Kieth Vidal was age 18 and allegedly tried to stab one of the 3 officers with a screwdriver. These details are omitted from filmingcop’s writeups.

    “The attorney for the Vidal family issued a statement… “We believe justice for Keith will not be served by trying thus case in the media.” Keith Vidal’s childhood friend is quoted as saying he “hopes the media can ahead more positive light on such a negative situation.”


    • altmartion

      most of the articles that are written for or by this site are misleading and missing details. if they weren’t like that somebody might actually justify something.

  • Messenger

    Though the emphasis on “child,” Keith Vidal was age 18 and allegedly tried to stab one of the 3 officers with a screwdriver. These details are omitted in filmingcop’s writeup.

    “The attorney for the Vidal family issued a statement… “We believe justice for Keith will not be served by trying this case in the media.” Keith Vidal’s childhood friend is quoted as saying he “hopes the media can shead more positive light on such a negative situation.”

  • Daktoa

    i have the motherfucker’s facebook page, IF anybody wants to send him a little message

    • altmartion

      is there a way to post the comments to this page?

  • Kenny Hoey

    Could he not have just tackled this 90 pound boy to the ground and restrained him or was the officer not strong enough to take down a 90 pound boy?


    The officer probably got drunk the night before, woke up on the wrong side of the bed with a hangover, and took it out on this kid. Something else that might interest everybody, the week before this officer was indicted, another officer was indicted for killing and “unarmed” straight A college student named Jonathon Ferrell in Charlotte, North Carolina. And it won’t be long before another one of them does something to somebody. They can’t help it. It’s the way they’re natured.

    • Michele From Ohio

      He looks like a drunk on his FB wall.

  • altmartion

    I don’t see a general discussion forum here so I will ask here. what are your opinions of gangs? how about the every day killings we see in the news? I’m just curious.

  • Yabbi Yum

    Have you ever dealt with a schizophrenic having an ‘episode’? Difficult
    enough while on medication, they can be physically aggressive, if not
    just verbally threatening.

    I am related to someone with a
    schizophrenic son. As parents, they are total wimps when dealing with
    their child. They treat him with kid gloves, never giving him the basic
    discipline ‘normal’ children learn to get along socially. I have
    suffered through many occasions of their indulging him, so very afraid
    to make him do the most normal of things, like bathe or go to bed,
    begging and pleading and cajoling. He’s a horrifically spoiled brat.
    Then they inflict their coddled child on other people, as if that
    exposure will help make their child normal, and oblivious and indulgent
    to his every whim. His behavior under everyday circumstances can be
    quite frightening.

    I can see an ‘episode’ might escalate where
    people’s lives may be endangered. My relatives are too stupid to put
    sharp knives under lock and key, thus junior has often ‘pulled a knife’
    on his parents. They say, that’s ok, he’s got issues. As he matures
    physically, he becomes harder to deal with. I honestly believe the
    parents can create a dangerous situation.

  • snow

    just cause you forgot your tazer at the house doesn’t mean you pull out your gun. I THINK officers can tell just by the weight of the gun if it is a tazer or a baretta. Send this mother fucker to sybirya where it’s -50 below zero so he can freeze his ass off to death

    • altmartion

      I think the headline took it just a tiny bit out of context. lol. I don’t think that was the only reason he shot was because his taser was home.

  • Angel Ramos

    Take our guns and more of this will continue people!

    • altmartion

      yes it will, but if you lets us keep them it will continue as well. guns are not the problem, it’s the people who have them. both sides. the criminals are guilty too.

  • Joseph A. Clark

    excuse me, but when I did a search of cities in North Carolina, it seems to me that “Officer” Vassey came in from the neighboring town of Southport, NC. There were two sheriff’s deputies on the scene already, and I don’t recall reading anywhere where “Officer” Vassey was requested to render assistance. If so, then that’s exactly all he was supposed to do, but instead, he walked up and “took charge of the situation” even though HE WAS OUTSIDE OF HIS JURISDICTION. His attorney’s contention that it was the only morally, legally thing to have done is a criminal statement and the attorney should be disbarred for having said such a thing. It’s one thing if the boy had been holding a weapon and threatening “Officer” Vassey and if “Officer” Vassey was the only responder. Since the two deputies were legally in their jurisdiction, the call was theirs to make, not “Officer” Vassey’s call. So, “Officer” Vassey is possibly going to get reacquainted with some of the people he put in jail, it appears. Oh, and by the way, if he’s found guilty, all the “paid administrative leave” he’s collected comes back to the city, right, and then they can use that to help defray funeral expenses, etc., for the family he destroyed.

  • Tulay Azize Tuncay

    Paid admin leave and then doubled with disability from trauma. Give him the rope quick and bring back citizen review boards!

  • Robert North

    He has been indicted for murder right? In this case I believe the system appears to be working.

    • Alhazred

      Indicted is not being found guilty. He was likely only indicted to quell public outcry, I’m sure he’ll be let off the hook like all the others. Disgusting.

  • greenguy

    I wonder what’s gonna happen to him in prision when the inmates find out he’s a former cop…

  • Usurper

    I would have an orgasm if this guy took one between the eyes after his inevitable acquittal.

    • Helena_Handbasket

      It would be the first time I enjoyed snuff, that’s for sure.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    another thing, these cops and “their EXPERT POLICE TRAINING”, they’re all supposed to be badasses, they’re always telling each other how “bad” they are, and throwing their weight around. but this tough guy with his training, couldn’t take a 90 lbs KID!!!!!????? “he had no other choice” the definition of a “badass” must have changed. i’m no badass, but I could sure as hell take a kid without SHOOTING HIM , AND ESPECIALLY IN FRONT OF HIS PARENTS!!!!! WHAT A PUNK!!

  • noneofurbiz

    That does soud like a logical answer..

  • John Boyd

    ALL cops are fucking scumbags. Criminals with badges that get away with EVERYTHING. If you need help just call MS13. You will have a WAY better chance of not getting shot..

  • andy

    Allow the parents to shoot him in the chest. That would be only “choice” to make care of him.

  • mrpuffy1

    This guy should be taken out and shot.

  • Mer Luchador

    I can’t believe these lawyers…

  • Jason Overton

    Wire the taser to his ass, give him life in prison, and give a button to the boys mom. anytime she thinks about her son or the loss of him she can push the button and zap his ass. Till death do they part.

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    The sad fact is, these situations have become common place across this great land, a end result of the militarization of local law enforcement by the DOJ, DHS, DOD, when the administration is as corrupt as this one is, one can’t expect anything less at the local level, when you can’t trust the things the president says, or what he does, it isn’t surprising police at the city and state levels, and the sheriffs get little respect, and are untrusted, this cop needs to be brought upon 1st degree murder, and are the reason they are called PIGS!

  • Target4Tyrants

    I hope they know that he’s a pig when he goes into prison and he gets what he deserves… 12pack of hotdogs, 1 bun.

  • Target4Tyrants

    My god.. Just look at his mugshot. what a creepy Ahole~

  • Max Blood

    ya if i was the dad and was right there i would have cracked the cop as hard as i could try to take the gun and shoot him with it. at that point it doesnt matter anymore. infact would make it very clear that i need a medical team and if any cops show up i;ll atk them on entry

  • nemlive


  • Jim

    VOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER? HE pulled his gun, that was no accident. HE PULLED the trigger, that was no accident. HE said he did it cause ‘he left his taser at home.’ That, is more than VOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER. That is at least murder 3. DIFFERENCE BEING? the VM charge will put him in jail (if convicted and not pled down to misdemeanor) to only about 10 years in jail. MURDER 3, would give him 20+ years in jail. HOPEFULLY long enough to be made someone’s bitch in jail and die in a prison cell of old age.

  • Christina Woodruff

    I’ve called 911 for medical several times in the past, and the cops have never shown up. Why did they come this time? This is completely ridiculous. The situation was over, but two “people” tackled that 90lb guy to the ground and had him restrained. How were they in any danger? I sure as hell know when I tackle someone holding a weapon I’m grabbing them by the wrist with the weapon in it. And they had to have been doing just that, because the cop shot the kid in the chest, so clearly there was an opening.

  • disqus_F4LAnhGEIL

    The police are street thugs using the color of authority to abuse, taze, beat and murder people. The photo of this subspecies depicts the typical cop of today. They will not hire people with IQs above 100 and obviously the psychological test must be designed to find the most mentally unstable cretins.

    Of all the daily horror stories about police brutality this is absolutely one of the very worst. Let this lowlife be sentenced to the general population and we can hope he will live his last days in fear.

  • Grim Fandango

    I would be outraged, but I have become somewhat desensitized by the endless barrage of killer cop stories such as this one.

    And anyway, dancing with the stars is about to come on, so, I gotta go.

  • farang

    Maybe he’ll be found in his garage, full of nails head and torso, after committing “suicide?”

  • FaqUrNwoBS

    I bet you if cops killed half the population, the remaining half would still sit and complain in front of their computer and do nothing. Ukraine is showing BALLS right now.

  • wally58

    Make a note on who this guy is, then, wait till the SHTF and THEN take care of business.

  • HaywoodZarathustra

    That cop’s not even a human being. Pierce his skin with a needle and the probability is high that SAE 10W40 leaks out.

  • Rubric Zøe

    Why bother with a trial as we don’t have time for this. A bullet to the chest seems fair doesn’t it? Freedumb . . .

  • jack

    As much as I would like to see this man dead, I’ll leave it to the Lord to send him to Hell.

  • Defiant

    Remember…the police are our friends! You can ALWAYS trust them to help you. They are the best men our society has to offer…
    If you want someone beaten to death or shot.

  • Uncle_Meat

    They will find a jury that fears retribution from police and this piece of excrement will be acquitted. This is amazing what the public will swallow. These cops have no training nor do they care for human life because they have been selected for psychopathic traits. If he is not convicted, someone needs to stalk his sorry ass and put a bullet in his head Stallone style.

  • snake

    He deserves it up the ass everyday of those 1 – 12 years

  • Klax

    I say get rid of the gun, give them a bullet proof vest, and have the police take care of criminals with their bare hands so they won’t be trigger happy everywhere they go. And if the criminal has a gun, take it away from them like a real MAN!

  • Carrina Murphy

    paid leave is a reward. “take a vacation bub u need the rest after what you been through”

  • gcdugas

    We don’t have a guillotine but we do have this rope and a tree…

  • Thomas Smith

    Hm, funny feeling that line of reasoning wouldn’t work if the roles were reversed.

  • ckicountchocula

    I’m sorry but if I had been his parents I would have shot him dead right there.

  • Concerned

    Has anyone thought about what state of mind this officer was in at the time of the shooting? I have several times. Before the shooting he was at the house of a known pill popper/ coke head female that he was supposed to be investigating. It is well known in town that he is a heavy drinker and the female he was “investigating” has gotten out of tickets due to him. WHY? Has anyone asked this one question……… WAS THERE A DAT (drug and alcohol test) DONE?

  • Xavier Sancho Jover

    If a cop killed my son or a family member I love, just like that, I would take care of him.

  • Punnisher

    So once again another cop has killed a person in cold blood and the Dept defends his actions . He was protecting his three or four fellow officers from this 90 Lb kid with a screwdriver . I guess they could not handle the situation with their guns and taser’s so he needed to kill the kid for their own protection . When will the public wake up and see this for what it is ? I will be the first one to tell you that not all cops are bad , just most of them ! not bad in the way that this cop is just bad in that they WILL NOT cross that thin blue line for fear of their own asses getting burned. Put yourself in that scenario and that’s your child , because next time it just might be your child or sister or brother ,Mom , etc. The politicians do not want to do anything , their protected , the good cops , forget about it they ain’t sticking their necks out to bury another cop , their careers would be over , no other cop would want to be their partner. and the first time they step out of line they would be looking for another job. So whats the answer ? The best answer right now is DON’T CALL THEM FOR ANYTHING ! And use your camera phone to DOCUMENT EVERYTHING . If you have a problem and you need help call the Fire Dept . or a friend. And never ever talk to a cop about a situation without legal council.This cop should be prosecuted for First Degree Murder , because that’s what it was.

  • Kevin DeLong

    another hyper aggressive Nazi cop goes bananas and murders a teenager

  • James Earl Turner

    Actually, If who ever wrote this crap peice, and took the defence attorneys comments out of context, would have been honest with the readers you all would have learned, that 18 Keith Vidal had a pick in his hand, in mid swing toward officer Thomas’ head, when Officer Vassey used the only weapon he had to protect the life of another officer. Also the body mic on Officer Thomas reveals that Vassey never at any time said, “we don’t have time for this Taze him.” It does reveal the step dad saying, “put down the pick…you are doing what the officers are telling you to do.”


  • Monicatoby

    I don’t see anything about what the boy was doing that was threatening anyone! Schizophrenia is a frightening condition, very tough for parent to deal with. They must have a lot of guilt over having dialed 911 for help, although they certainly never thought that anyone who answered the call would actually KILL their son! I hope the big bully gets prison time. There are great people who are cops, and there are some real assholes!