Cops Destroy 90-Yr-Old Woman’s Home, Claim They Were “Looking for Drugs” — None Found



RIVIERA BEACH — An innocent 90-yr-old woman was startled when she heard what sounded like a bomb go off inside of her quaint little home.

It was the police using a flashbang grenade and raiding her home.

“I don’t know how the cops got in here. The noise woke me up when something said boom! Like a bomb or something,” said the 90-year old.

The police were performing a no-knock raid on the woman, claiming that they were searching for “drugs.”

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Insulted, the woman said she has no criminal record, has never been arrested, and certainly has no illegal drugs in her home.

“Cops standing over here talking about ‘where’s the drugs’? I said what? What drugs? Ain’t no drugs in here,” she said.

Police brought in a drug sniffing attack dog and indeed found nothing in the home.

Meanwhile, they destroyed the woman’s home — a place where she has been living quietly for 23 years.

Her windows were shattered, her door was busted down, and her floor was burned by the grenade.

Thankfully, the woman did not have a dog loose at the time of the raid, so no pets were killed by police during the ordeal.

Police insist that they did not raid the wrong house.

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It is unknown whether the woman will be filing a complaint or a lawsuit.

Watch the video below.

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  • JTDraper

    Riviera Beach? Is that in Florida? The reporting on this site is fucking horrendous.

  • martymarsh

    What planet are they getting these cops from, they are far out, of their minds.

    • Phasung Baccam

      They are in planet fear to change baby diaper

  • Kenneth Walter Frank Doucette

    Police Officers should after that be forced to reimburse the lady a
    fully repaired home to better than that she lost in the case and if
    those police officers balk on it they should lose the ever holding a
    shield to ever serve & protect anyone that they were trained to do
    for the destruction of the said home she had and be forced in the
    rebuilding party needed to repairing all they destroyed. This is what
    uncultured thugs do in general for trashing a place to glean a place for
    anything of worth or value that can be flipped for profit. Well nothing
    profitable here but hopefully the Lady getting free home improvement on
    the city’s & state free time because we shouldn’t have this aswell
    come out of taxable derived wages that can be taken from honest
    taxpayers everywhere aswell. Good luck/ Bon Chance Lady in your getting
    your “Home Improvement” This would be a task for Extreme Home Makeover
    in the state she’s from. 8Dbd

    • Nick Nitro

      The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that police officers at all levels of the government have no duty to protect the citizens of this country.

  • upagainstthewall

    Well at least they are getting her new windows and a new door. However it doesn’t take away the fact that those that perform these no-knock raids are the real domestic terrorists in our country. Who in their right mind, swears to uphold the Constitution and then turns around and terrorizes an elderly person? Simple… the answer is terrorists.

  • Russell Smith

    And they STILL will not admit to making a mistake. How very sad.

  • so, are they providing 24 hr security for her until they fix the windows and doors ? and are any of them charged with breaking & entering, destruction of property, terrorism???

    • Ronin Cheburashka FaceKontrol

      No security… but the cops won’t be back and they sound like the scariest people in the neighborhood.

  • Melissa M Homan

    Someone I know pointed out that as long as they had a warrant and the address they searched matched the address on the warrant, then the police can not be held liable. Myself, I hope that at least one officer has the decency and humanity to go back and help this innocent person.

  • Tom Lowe

    This is what happens when cops use criminals as snitches, narcs and informants to gather info for investigations. It is the same with the drone strikes overseas and bombing of Kunduz Hospital and wedding parties in various nations. When cops and military listen to someone who has enemies without independently verifying the facts before acting, disasters like this are sure to happen.

    Don’t expect them to figure it out anytime soon, especially as their masters closer to the top of the globalist organized crime pyramid just love it this way.

  • Nick Nitro

    No matter how much you trust the police, remember the police are trained to never trust you….. They hardly prevent crime, they just respond to it, but by they time they do, the crime already took place.

  • Mike

    Too bad she did not kill each and every thug who invaded her home, for she would he a true American HERO!!!!