“Do you want to die today?” Cop Threatens to Murder Man as 20 Officers Attack the Man’s Family

omaha police brutality

The police chief, Todd Schmaderer, wants the public to believe that the brutality “doesn’t represent” his department, despite the fact that over 30 officers are involved in the complaint.

OMAHA — A family has filed a lawsuit after their home was violently invaded and they were beaten and abused by a swarm of police officers.

It began when Octavius Johnson noticed a group of officers outside of his home.

They were standing near his car and calling a tow truck over to have it impounded. They were doing this because Octavius’s car did not have new registration tags on the licence plate.

Octavius peacefully went outside and tried to dialog with the officers.

That’s when one officer can be seen coming up from behind and attacking Octavius, grabbing him by the neck and yanking him backwards onto the concrete.

The officer looked around and checked to make sure nobody was observing, then continued punching Octavius in the head while Octavius was restrained, according to the complaint.

Then the officer threatened to murder Octavius.

“He went around my neck, threw me to the ground, choked me out to the point where I couldn’t breathe or speak and kept punching me in the face. Then he said ‘Do you want to die today?’”

Fortunately, Octavius’s brother came to the sidewalk and began filming the incident. He can be heard yelling “Why are you hitting him?!”

But officers ended up destroying the brother’s camera and memory card, the complaint states.

Several more officers arrived even though Octavius was restrained, and appeared to start rampaging in the street just for fun.police brutality octavius johnson

The entire block was clogged with squad cars and officers were seen running in multiple directions.

They had no idea that another neighbor was filming everything from a home across the street.

With Octavius beaten and pinned to the ground, they then barged into his family’s house with no warrant and began attacking the rest of his family.

Inside the home, one of the officers placed his hand on an elderly aunt’s wheelchair and tipped it to the side, causing her to be thrown to the ground, according to the complaint. She had to be rushed to the hospital for injuries.

The ACLU has issued a press release, stating that four members of the family were attacked and their privacy was invaded “despite the fact that no crime, drugs, or weapons were involved.”

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Included in the press release are statements from two members of the family.

Octavius Johnson’s statement: “I feel like I am on the opposite end of justice. A parking ticket turned into officers storming my house and me being thrown to the ground and put into a chokehold. When I was on the ground and police ran towards my house, I was worried about the family that raised me. I have seen incidents like this happen to other people. I now know that something like this could happen to not just my family, but any family.”

Sharon Johnson’s statement: “Officers entered the home while I was watching from the front door. Juaquez enters and next thing I know an officer enters, throws my wheelchair and me out of the way. I end up with the wheelchair on top of me, my legs in the air. Several officers continued to walk over me as they entered the house… I ended up in handcuffs. It wasn’t until a family member came by later that I was able to get back into my wheelchair. I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I still have physical pain from that day.”

Four of the officers were fired after the video surfaced and of those four, only two are facing criminal charges.

In total, the lawsuit names Todd Schmaderer, Chief of Police, eight named officers, and 24 unnamed officers, according to the ACLU press release.

Watch the video below:

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  • mike88

    What the police realize is that these tickets are illegal. here is proof. This has been established in virtually every Supreme Court of every State and even the U.S. supreme Court has agreed. All a person needs to do to find these cases and the proof they need in a court of law is research Travel Rights Vs Privilege
    This is from Right to Travel by Aid and Abet Newsletter. There are many many more cases i could have posted about, please go to this website and look at the cases and the Judges decisions and summaries yourselves.


    By Jack McLamb

    from Aid & Abet Newsletter)

    For years professionals within
    the criminal justice system have acted on the belief that traveling by motor vehicle was a privilege that was given to a citizen only after approval by their state government in the form of a permit or license to drive.

    In other words, the individual must be granted the privilege before his use of the state highways was considered legal.

    Legislators, police officers, and court officials are becoming aware that there are court decisions that
    disprove the belief that driving is a privilege and therefore requires government approval in the form of a license. Presented here are some of these cases:

    CASE #1: “The use of the highway
    for the purpose of travel and transportation is not a mere privilege, but a common fundamental right of which the public and individuals cannot rightfully be deprived.” Chicago Motor Coach v. Chicago, 169 NE 221.

    CASE #2: “The right of the citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, either by carriage or by automobile, is not a mere privilege which a city may prohibit or permit at will, but a common law right which he has under the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Thompson v. Smith, 154 SE 579.

    I could have posted many more, but I think you get the idea.

    • dhsbrenda

      Post more. This is important. Just like the so-called war on drugs, police use traffic laws to stop people and then do all sorts of abusive things, as in the video.

  • Cats Majik

    This is like sharks on a feeding frenzy ..this is what happens when you hire children that have been brought up on video games.. they are violent ..and I believe that they are all physiologically tested for aggression then hired .Psychopathic tendencies and no moral compass must also be what they are hired for ..who else would sit by and watch people get beat or murdered in front of their eyes .They will not come forward and most of the time aide and abet what ever violence is being directed at the civilian/civilians . Police state because of 9-1-1, which I still believe was a lie ,so that they were able to take our rights from us and infringe on our freedom .My opinion .

    • Tulpa Kat

      what the hell do video games have to do with this you pleb

      • Cats Majik

        I guess you did not read my post or understand ..maybe because you are what ,about 13..14 years old? and if you are older than that then something is wrong with you . Let ..me .write ..this like I am doing so you may be able to sound out the words ..I will make them little words so you can u n d e r s t a n d that was a big word ,so I left plenty of space for you to sound it out. I won`t waste my time e x p l a i n i n g it to you .you won`t get it anyway your brain is not capable of comprehending ,ooops another big word ..how are you doing with sounding it all out .. Go Play your video games sport .

        • Matthew Novak

          you are both idiots

          • Cameron Moore

            ^no kidding

        • ssj12

          This has to be the most retarded response i have seen in a while and blaming video games adds to this.

          Before you act like I’m some punk kid let me make a few things clear. I chair the Libertarian Party of my county. I am also a candidate for US House of Representatives. I’ve also been a game reviewer for 8 years.

          Video game are never a problem. It’s parenting. Parents fail at teaching the difference between reality and fiction. Not all, but some.

          The real problem here is that the police only hires those with low IQs, like you, who are easily provoked and angered.

          So before spewing off an uneducated comment how about thinking it through “sport”?

          • Andrew Gray

            a few year later and still no response from cat lady. ty for humbling her

        • Iwasbeingsarcastic

          How rude. Anyways, I think rudeness would be linked more to violence than violent video games, just my opinion like yours. Also a PhD with new research tends to disagree with you. Research comes with intelligence and dedication to your work. Can you say you’ve done the research on the subject?


        • Tulpa Kat

          my response to you was that short and to the point because it deserved nothing more than that.

        • rkn78

          If someone doesn’t understand what you’re saying it’s your fault, not theirs. A sign of intelligence is being able to make a point clearly and succinctly.

          If people can’t understand what the hell you’re saying, you’re the idiot. Not them.

        • Halvar Fonn Dretvik

          Urgh…. your grammar is incomprehensible. Go back to grade school.

        • Richard Chamberlin

          Not an intellectual whatsoever. I play many different games but I don’t act like these criminals.

          Perhaps you can’t tell the difference, or your husband left you for a video game?

          • russ hook

            Richard plays USELESS video games, and isn’t a Rocket Surgeon???? B0W W0W!!! How surprising!!! In a perfect world you pathetic pustules will kill each other off!!!

        • Alex Ostrander

          and you are also super Ignorant.

        • Mr. Wrestling III

          I’m 38 with an IQ of 136. Your response is rude, arrogant, condescending and not in any way helpful. Video games have nothing to do with cops running rampant. You have provided no evidence to back up said claim. You aren’t so smart yourself if this is the best explanation you can give to your theory.

          • russ hook

            An IQ of 136 with a SATANIC PRO WRESTLING icon to ID yourself???? Ha ha ha ! Typical RETARD, and you are the majority today.

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            Mr Wrestling has nothing to do with Satanism. You are clearly intellectually challenged.

          • russ hook

            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tagIh0RIFoI Nope, nuthin to see here RETARDS, move along….

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            Mr Wrestling I and Mr Wrestling II didn’t work for WWE. Also, seek help. WWE isn’t necessarily producing role models but I’m pretty sure they are free from Illuminati and Satanist ties.

          • russ hook

            The SATANIC FAGGOT is telling moi to SEEK HELP? OK, GOTCHA fruitcake!

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            Troll on, sister.

      • I agree, I played video games growing up Im just not a D-bag with a badge that says Im above the law. Cops are the lowest form of life and every cop that gets shot I’m going to scream in joy and probably do a shot of whiskey. I just wish I could find a town without these pesky pigs in it, then life would be grand and all my tax money wouldnt be dwindled away on donuts and one toothed hookers.

        • Phasung Baccam

          yes i agree i just a roll a big phatty joint make tee pee bung hole

    • Cats Majik

      I have been asked by a prepubescent child what video games have to do with aggressive violent cops ..? Well video games are violent, and if that is all a child sees day in and day out it will desensitize the violence and the child does not see it as violent ..it begins to see it as normal. which in turn takes it from cyber to reality ..and the child ages ..but the aggression and the desensitization stays with the person and is then acted on . What profession gives a person carte blanche on doing this ,and getting away with it with out going to prison ..armed forces ..and police . Check out studies and data .

      • Cats Majik

        also the ages of the cops are between the ages of 20 and 30 and that is the population of people that were raised on violent video games ..

        • Desik Vice

          But were the officers involved raised on games? Do you know this for a fact or just pulling information out of your butt? I’ve played violent video games for over a decade and am appalled by the officers’ behavior. Humans have been doing this crap since ancient times; power corrupts some people.

        • I guess you’re one of those “conservatives” that likes to reject science and evidence. Doesn’t your kind root for the cops?

          • sntduke

            Conservatives and Libertarians are the ones most upset by Cops going off the rails. Everyone of these cops are guilty at some level and 6 or seven should go away for a very long time. The fact that we do respect the law makes these cops even more disgusting in my eyes because they damage the respect for authority and that makes there assault even worse than a simple assault. At the very least most should never don the uniform again, but there will most likely be a cover up and the one thug cop that initially took down that man, will take the fall for all their lawlessness. As far as your science comment. What planet are you from. Conservatives are the ones who use science and facts to make our point. If you want to change the comment to fake science like global warming then I agree with you. You need to read more.

          • ssj12

            Republicans and Democrats are no different in their actual views. They want big government. They want the citizens to be well behaved sheep. They enjoy the police state. Even the “Golden boy” Republicans Ted Crus and Paul both are hypocrites that supports oppression.

          • Melvin P. Arbuckle

            I guess you’re one of those liberals who craves a huge government to care for your every need from cradle to grave… big government comes with badge-carrying thugs who usually register as democrats.

          • JonEdHil

            Actually, cops are overwhelmingly conservative, thus would most likely vote Republican. This is easily discernible through just a very cursory internet search.

          • Cats Majik

            I really love your reply ! I am saying this with as much sarcasm as I can in print. Kaitlyn ,No ,I am a liberal and really proud of it .I am an advocate an an activist. I am also a mother ..an aunt and a person that has played video games ..and watched other people play them . I have seen how it changes children and teens attitudes.I also have other incite into this but it is not something I wish to share. What I have written can be found ,by using any random search engine on the internet . Try using it .. And look me up I am involved in many LIBERAL activities.. true fact .

        • unknown guest

          Cats Majik get the fuck off your violent video games speech. You have no proof or any hard data to support your on going ramblings of nonsense. I grew up on violent video games and have never committed a crime in my life. Your on going rant is pointless video games have only been mainstream and publicly known since the 80’s with the 90’s being the big boom on that “industry” with that said please do explain the other thousands of years of abuse of power, I guess they had video games as well? how about all the cops in the prohibition era, I guess them sitting inside playing grand theft auto all day made them go out and beat and kill blacks? What ever your issue is with video games you need to get over it because the media had tried blaming everything on them to remember the 90’s school shooting, oh it was video games, then they moved on to music, and now drugs. people will point the finger at anything and I mean anything other than at themselves.

        • Matthew Novak

          you have no proof that video games are to blame. Get over it.

        • Iwasbeingsarcastic

          Correlation is not causation, care to cite sources?

        • SampsonGodsmight

          Bitch you are fucking crazy hung up on video games…did your husband leave u for an xbox?

      • PithHelmut

        There were no video games in Hitlers reign of terror, but plenty of willing robotic soldiers. Men have been doing this kind of shit since forever.

        • Marc Trius

          You should look up statistics and research on kills per bullet fired by soldiers before and since video games were introduced. And Hitler had quite a hard time finding willing robotic soldiers — they kept committing suicide on him, despite the tons of vodka and meth (‘adolan’) they were given.

          • Alex Ostrander

            yea I know man when Alexander the Great got his hands on Call of Duty his soldiers started killing people so much better.. Also listened better too

          • russ hook

            Trius, of course the CONditioned RETARDS like YOU will always bring up those evil Nutzis, b/c you cannot differentiate between the Talmudvision and reality. Tell me which symbol these 2-legged PIGS have on their costumes. Is it a swaztika, or a STAR OF DAVID??? I know this is way too much for your PEA BRAIN to comprehend, so don’t even bother to try to work it out.

        • Max

          I suggest you read up on the desensitization techniques employed by the SS.

          • russ hook

            MaxSTEIN, which JEW wrote those I wonder? lol

        • russ hook

          Hitler’s ‘REIGN OF TERROR? bwahahahahahahahahahashahaha!!!! I can see U R well ed JEWcated son! Ha ha ha.

      • solo

        What video game was Hitler playing? I hear he was a tad violent.

      • takingthepiss

        How do you know the child was prepubescent? What exactly did you do to that child? The child would have been better off had you been playing video games?

      • Michael

        Video games, really? People other than police play video games, don’t you realize this? So why aren’t there mobs of geeks out invading people’s homes?
        “Check out studies and data.” Studies and data? That’s pretty specific…
        You are amazingly stupid.

      • Iwasbeingsarcastic
      • meat

        So wait, you are saying that the saying of “monkey see, monkey do” Applies to children, and that someone who sees violence in video games will grow up to be… What? Max Payne? A live action GTA?

        The REAL problem with police brutality and lawlesness like this, is the amount of laws PROTECTING police from nigh any wrongdoing. Do you need me to explain any of those words for you? The next problem with police officers, is the hiring practices. They hire US Vets, good on them. But they also have a practice of barring potential candidates because their IQ may be too high.

      • Romeo

        You are a moron … lol

      • Mr. Wrestling III

        By constantly belittling anyone who questions your hypothesis with insults you show that you are the ignorant one. You are the one acting like an adolescent and refusing to provide any actual data to back up your ludicrous theory.

      • Cutter

        Your stupid. Human children have been watching blood and gore since we stopped being cavemen. Did u forget about the dark ages? War was everywhere and the majority of children had one duty or another on the battle field. So please shut the fuxk up. You really need to stop listening to your “feelings” and grow the fuck up.

    • PithHelmut

      No. It happens because there is no discipline and we’re talking mostly about Neanderthals here, you know, the types that want to exert some power, make themselves feel manly.

    • Dunrobin

      “this is what happens when you hire children that have been brought up on video games.”

      This has nothing to do with video games. This is the result of a deliberate policy pushed since the Patriot Act for police departments to hire veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. They are treating us just the way they were taught, and considering that they are essentially immune they get away with it.

      • Tom Prescott

        And don’t forget the extensive training by Israeli’s in brutality, which is responsible for much of the brutality of the last decade.

      • russ hook

        Dunrobin has come closest to the truth so far. Most, if not ALL pigs today are MK’d. (mind controlled zombies) They are MK’d by military to TERRORIZE the pubics into compliance. They treat you just like most of you have treated the INNOCENT DEAD ANIMALS ROTTING IN YOUR GUTS right now. That is INSTANT KARMA, and I am luvvin it! (=

    • Adam Alkouri

      Please explain the past thousands of years of violent human behavior…Video games don’t make people violent….

    • Ravynlea

      “.this is what happens when you hire children that have been brought up on video games.. they are violent ..” I was brought up on Video games, so was my brother. My son plays Minecraft, my daughter Wizard 101. I am one of the most non violent, spiritual persons you will ever meet. Video games don’t create sociopaths. Capitalist cultures that value money and power above anything else do.

    • 187 a Pedophile

      These punks with badges need to be gut shot and beaten up and down the streets with riding crops until they expire.

    • Shane Ruse

      So do to gamers what your complaining about censor everything take away rights . That’s the problem with people today the hipocrasy is astounding . What’s your excuse for violent people who don’t play games ….. That’s right I am a gamer I am not violent and frankly I despise the fact that you are trying to censor my experience on this planet and INFRINGE ON MY FREEDOM .hypocrite.

      • Shane Ruse

        Stop perpetuating stupidity

      • Cats Majik

        Not trying to censor your rights to play games. I am not trying to censor you at all ..I was stating my opinion..I have my reasons .. and those are my rights ..If I was trying to censor your game rights I would come right out and say it . I am an advocate and an activist .If I see something wrong or an injustice I speak out . I see video games being used to parent children as soon as they are able to use their thumbs .Parents sit their children in front of that violence all day long . They have impressionable minds and at that age are being molded by what they see hear and feel . I am a parent one that is pretty darn liberal but I will not allow my teens or child to watch or play something for hours that will frame their mind into a desensitized adult .Now with that said I grew up with people that watched and played violent games ..most of them are cops ..I am not joking ..and these people were the worse teens you could have known.The one that was a cheat and a bully that played video games from morning til night ..turned out to be a very high ranking cop .His department had the most violent cops in his reign .He is now out but his atrocities have left many families hurt . I will say no more on this subject ..think what you will.

        • Iwasbeingsarcastic

          Have you checked out rapelay? It’s a game that is meant for you to rape women on subway trains, it’s made and played in japan.

          • Alex Ostrander

            Yup all the Ancient Men who raped Women played that game.

    • Randye Davis

      Perfectly summed up!

    • Alex Ostrander

      you lost all credibility when you brought video games in this, Media and Entertainment Has had much more violence and has been much more violent than just about every video-game since its dawn…. Ever seen a horror movie? listen to rap/metal?

    • Difdi

      Can you cite a reputable study that confirms your claim that video games cause violent behavior?

      I ask because the available data proves the opposite — as a demographic group, gamers have approximately one tenth the violent crime rate that the general public does.

  • Sokr8ez

    Police have just made their job more dangerous.

  • Wendy Joseph

    I am totally gobsmacked at what the American Public seems forced or willing to tolerate from their Public Servants… Land of the Free? Oh my! No way… Sorry…

    • Black Betty

      What do you suggest

      • Marco Maurizio Gianturco

        everyone should have a gun… theres this state called texas… theres a town in texas, i forget/dont care about the name. everyone that lives in this town has a gun… theres no violence. well almost non. case in point, give everyone a gun. contrastly, australia did the opposite when one of the largest mass murders in history occurred, they took all the guns away. the relevance of the last part you might ask? non really. just hoping that someone will have a good idea from what ive said… i know see im replying to a comment made over a year ago. whoopie to me and my snowflake gun owning rich ass.

  • Arnt Johnsen

    and what happened after that? Is it still going on in the courtrooms or what?

  • wingless

    who knows what those first cops told everyone on the radio. all you have to do is say that person has a gun and people have been shot or something and the whole force will come running down. the first ones there beating up the guy need to be fired and charged with crimes.

    • Tom

      When the first few cops show up they watch a cop run after a man who runs into his home. PAUSE — that whole thing with the home would have been prevented if the cop would have NOT cared about the camera.

  • PithHelmut

    Can’t anyone tell there isn’t enough crime to keep the sociopaths occupied?

  • TGUN

    As time goes on police officers will not be able to wear their badges or uniforms without being pushed, shoved, mocked — their cars will be demolished, their armored vehicles burned and reduced to tin cans.

    It is fun to beat up on unarmed law abiding timid people.

    It will not be fun to be a doughnut eater when intelligent well armed and extremely upset God fearing Patriots decide enough is enough. I do honestly and sincerely feel sorry for the children and spouses of cops. Some of them might be completely unaware of how wickedly stupid and pathetic their cop spouse/parent is.

    People always reply to these things with, “There are good cops”. A good cop would arrest bad cops wouldn’t he/she? If a department has 10 bad cops — how can you call the others “good” cops? They will all kick your door down without a warrant but none of them can arrest a bad cop? It must be really complicated, kind of like the God given right to privacy is complicated. Kind of like the Bill of Rights is complicated.

    • mymojobiz

      Serpico – must be revisited… clearly history she does repeat herself!!!

    • Jason Douglas Saville

      Those thousand pound doughnut piggies will definitely have their badges and credentials taken away indefinitely. Just like Donald Trump will indefinitely be impeached. Even bad cops in this video will receive death sentences if necessary along with Trump.

      • john

        nah jason trump will not be impeached, they dont have anything on him bad enough for that, hell obama robbed us blind and he still is stealing from the american tax payer.

  • Fredsta

    And exactly how much did this clusterf*** cost the taxpayer?

  • Garner Scott

    Why are the cops not in jail?

  • Unlicensed Dremel

    Put me on that jury, please…

    • Airam4454

      If the “camera” was a phone….. it is a federal offence through the fcc ~federal laws to destroy someone’s phone with up to 5 yrs of jail!!!! Doesn’t matter WHO destroys the phone…IT IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE

      • ClintJCL

        *[citation needed]

  • protect?????

    They are worse than any serial killer, they use the uniform as excuse. But there out there killing and hurting ppl. They dont stop & think that they have family and it could happen to them as well, & from another just like them. All so called police officers like this ones should spent a couple days in prision as their training. Maybe they will think twice bfr hurting others….. TO PROTECT &SERVE? RIGHT 2 out of 10 probably

  • mference

    If I missed it I apologize, what town is this and what state. I at least want to call the mayor’s office to let him/her know I will never venture within 200 miles of the place.

    • Joel

      Omaha NE

      • mference


    • Jim Farley

      What, does your mouse wheel only scroll down?

  • JoeSixPack

    Cops: the biggest, most violent, disruptive gang in America. Fire them. All of them.

  • beth borden

    this is so so wrong.

  • albitzian

    We gotta start taking out streets back. I hate seeing armed gangs roam free like this.

  • Airam4454

    14-15 cop cars???? Just how afraid were these so called officers??? They should have called the Girl Scouts for help….. what a lame sorry ass lot of moronic men!!!!! They should ALL be in court up on charges & this fella should sue their pants off of them & the city…..

  • K Solomon

    The police officers are chosen for their low IQ scores among other things – fact. 99% of police officers are aggressive thugs, mindless and heartless.

  • Curtis Ruuska

    power corrupts,…absolute power, makes for absolute corruption.

  • Curtis Ruuska

    4 got fired huh, every officer there should resign, out of respect for the police force, I have never seen such a disgrace to a uniform in my life, and I been to some pretty funky places in my life. This is a clown act from start to finnish. All should be terminated.

  • Curtis Ruuska

    and just think folks, Obama is hard at work making it so cell phones, and video cameras can be blanked out by the police forces when getting ready to do this kind of stuff, so be very aware folks, cause without this footage, they would have all lied to protect eachother, and that poor family would have had their normal lives ended. My hat is off to the person filming this, very very very smart idea, the more of this that comes out, the less chance they can take your right to film what you need to. Thank you filmer guy.

  • Shane Ruse

    Lmfao yes it’s all about video games . Has nothing to do with the self righteous values the academy Instils in them and the fact they are taught civilians are beneath them . What’s your excuse for the violent people that don’t play video games …….. Exactly you’ve got none they are just normal cause they don’t play video games lmfao .
    You’ve got no facts to back up what you say so you start attacking others intelligence do us all a favour and stop perpetuating stupidity .

  • Cody Smith

    this is when it is shooting a cop should be allowed.

  • elizabethregister .

    Doesn’t matter what they say or do, they even get in trouble for calling the policeman, sir! This is beyond belief, very frightening!

  • sam gonzales


  • Spinne

    I have to tell my grandchildren, that cops are bad, and that cops are to be avoided like a rabid animal.

    • Garnette

      I hear what you’re saying.. I was raised to respect law enforcement but those days are long gone. I’m sure there are good cops out there but until they stand up with us and get rid of the bad ones they are no better than bad ones. Keep your children and grandchildren safe~

  • Joe

    Studies have shown that eating donuts causes aggressive behavior in the ape community

  • robert jojola

    charged but never convicited. Police live under diffrent law. sad but true

  • PGies Chan

    Well I think I’ll take my business elsewhere.




    “Why are you calling me sir all the time?” Fucking idiot.

    The important question that he – the coward piece of shit that invades peoples home without a cause – should have asked was to himself: Why do I break the law?

  • SJ Bobkins

    Don’t you just love the militarization of police officers?

  • MrsWHY

    Opinion from a libertarian government/economics high school teacher:

    People are freaking out over the video game statements and I think this comes down to a balance of parenting. Yes, many of us played videogames that were violent but many of us had good parents who taught them right from wrong and didn’t let their kids become consumed with violent games.

    It is a fact that the military funds development of violent video games for recruitment purposes and even drone pilots (you know, those guys who murder children in their front yards) claim that flying a drone is just like a video game. http://www.businessinsider.com/us-drone-operator-like-a-video-game-2013-7

    Children as young as six are acting out rape scenes from Grand Theft Auto. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2557533/Children-young-six-acting-drug-rape-scenes-Grand-Theft-Auto-PLAYGROUND-says-headteacher.html

    Should these games be banned? No. Are children desensitized to violence (and sex, for that matter) because of video games, violent/sexual tv/movies/musi? Absolutely. Good parenting is the only solution.

    I have several students who do nothing when they go home except play violent video games all day and night and, surprise surprise, want to enlist in the military or become a police officer. I believe this is all they do because they fail to submit any work to me or their teachers and relate to gov/econ content by discussing these games in class. Unfortunately, many of them have unstable home lives and video games offer an escape. I see this all the time.

    Fortunately, many of the comments are written by people who are balanced humans and know the difference between right and wrong. I do not believe in government heavy-handedness to outlaw these things; I just wish parents did a better job raising their kids and I wish companies could find ways to be profitable by producing games with a purpose of creating life and other goodness.

    These people saying there is absolutely no relationship between violent entertainment and violent people is to live in denial.

    The government is in bed with violent video game manufacturers: http://www.academia.edu/363948/From_Americas_Army_to_Call_of_Duty_Doing_Battle_With_the_Military_Entertainment_Complex


    Hope this info is helpful.

  • dorraine

    OMG like what twelve cop cars are you friggen kidding me and I bet there is two per car so that what twenty four cops lol ha ha ha

  • JetFleet

    This happened due to expired license tabs? If there was some other reason please, let me know. This is right out of “Clockwork Orange”. The thug gang members in the movie were later hired as cops and they continued beating up people except now, in the movie and apparently in the USA too, it is “legal”. The time has come to STOP funding any state and local cops with federal dollars. Furthermore, STOP sending tactical vehicles for swat equipment. Shut them down at the federal level. If our elected federal legislators, senators, and presidents don’t want to do this then vote them out. Forget party affiliation, vote them out. Maybe defunding at the federal level will get the “local law enforcement” to get a clue that this behavior will no longer be tolerated.

  • I don’t live in the fucking nightmare called USA, who cares.

  • IHateFatChicks

    No one should be surprised about what these fat, donut eating losers did. Most LE is comprised of narcissistic sociopaths, pathological liars and violent psychopaths.

  • Betty Clouse

    This is so wrong have police lost their minds or the person in Charge doesn’t know how to hire the right persons and watches them. I think this Chief of police was as bad as his men and a do nothing cop like Congress. He just sits on his ass and does nothing and draws his big fat check and careless whether he has murderous police officers on his force who act like gang members!!

  • Stazzy

    I have to say thank the universe for the person who filmed the video, that is 4 less corrupted officers out there.

  • Bendy Bentley

    I’d like to see street justice catch up with each and every one of these asshole motherfuckers.

  • Bendy Bentley

    All of this bag of trash needs to go, including Todd Schmaderer. If he ran a clean department, these pigs would never think they could do this.

  • Mickie Perian

    There were a total of 6 officers fired over this incident and all the trumped up charges were dropped.

    “Members of an Omaha family filed a lawsuit in federal court today alleging that excessive force and a warrantless search and seizure were used in response to a parking incident in March 2013. The Johnson family has never received compensation for the damages to their property or their medical expenses resulting from the incident. All charges against the Johnsons were dropped. An internal investigation resulted in the termination of four officers and criminal charges being brought against two of the officers for either tampering with evidence or being an accessory.”

  • Drakenfly
  • Terrence Arrington


  • rob

    Wanna know WHY all those fine officers ran into that house? Because they heard there was a naked little boy in there. They are all pedophiles!!!!

  • Leon Bonta

    its not about video games its about out of control cops what are we as a society doing to stop this holy cow evry time i turn around people are being shot n beaten its disgusting these cops are younger than i ,most an they are out of control

  • So What

    Sounds like more cops who need to be swinging in a tree by their necks.

  • Kirk Orr

    This was years ago. Why are you reposting now? I mean WTF?

  • Beverly Brown

    The cops were nothing but a bunch of cowards with badges. Cops like them are the ones who cause people not to want to help them with anything. The public is getting more cold hearted when they are killed in the line of duty. They are hardly ever punished for their crimes.

  • mymojobiz

    No one has the guts to say that this is the war on drugs… so unfortunately the cops see everyone as being just that… But unfortunately for some folks they get caught up in this environment and fortunately they get to sue and win!!! So are we whining of winning yet – ??? Suing is the new Lottery!!!

  • Jason Douglas Saville

    Those fucking bad cops in the video deserve to be revoked. They are thousand pound fatass piggy cocksucking police fucks. They even ought to be shot dead for this type of misconduct. For certain we have already called for a death sentence against President Donald Trump accordingly on top of impeachment. We will ignore police orders and ignore Trump policies.