Jogging Woman Arrested and Dragged Into Squad Car for Crossing Street Without ID


AUSTIN — A video has surfaced showing an athletic woman being harassed and arrested by two officers as she cried “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

The woman was jogging in her gym clothes by the University of Texas campus.

Officers were seen roaming the streets for hours in what a department spokesperson calls “pedestrian enforcement.”

She was exercising when the two fat officers stopped her and hauled her to jail.

She was exercising when the two fat officers stopped her and hauled her to jail.

Police statists claim that this was being done to monitor the crosswalks in order to “ensure the safety” of pedestrians.

The reality of the situation is that police do it to issue tickets for jaywalking, generating revenue for the government they protect.

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Texas student Chris Quintero happened to be sitting at Starbucks across the street when he noticed the two officers placing the woman in handcuffs.

He immediately began filming the incident.

“I heard a cop shout at an innocent girl jogging through West Campus with her headphones on,” said Chris.

Allegedly, she was jaywalking.

When the two officers shouted at her to give them her ID, she apparently didn’t have it.

That’s when they initiated physical force to stop her from jogging.

She can be heard on the video pleading with the officers to let her go, crying and repeating “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

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All of this, we are assured by the Nanny State, was “for her safety.”

The video then shows the police forcing her into the squad car and hauling her away.

Watch the video below.

UPDATE (02/23/14) Police Chief Angers Residents With Disturbing Statement. Apparently She Should be Grateful That Cops Didn’t Rape Her.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Austin police chief released a disturbing statement regarding the woman who was arrested.

Anger has poured on the department after he seemed to imply that the woman was lucky that the cops didn’t rape her, as they do in “other cities.”

“Quite frankly, she wasn’t charged with resisting. She’s lucky I wasn’t the arresting officer, because I wouldn’t have been as generous,” he said.

He quickly added, “In other cities there’s cops who are actually committing sexual assaults on duty, so I thank God that this is what passes for a controversy in Austin, Texas.”

Apparently she should be happy that cops didn't sexually assault her.

Apparently she should thank the cops for not raping her.

The criticism over his statement pressured him to release an apology shortly afterwards.

The Raw Story reported his apology as follows:

“During the press conference I attempted to place the arrest into context by bringing attention to the fact that law enforcement deals with many acts of serious misconduct,” Acevedo wrote. “This includes recent instances in the news of sexual assault by police officers in other cities. In hindsight I believe the comparison was a poor analogy, and for this I apologize. I stand committed to transparent leadership and will continue to engage the community we serve in an open, honest, and timely manner.”


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  • Kirk Baker

    you said there was a video where is it all I saw was a bunch of pictures

    • Hughe Manitee

      Scroll slower next time.

  • Julie Whutsherface Stejskal

    So tired of these power hungry pricks. They most likely had a crush on a gurl like her back in the day and got cold shoulder’d .

    • Chris

      Either that or they were bullied in school, and decided it was their turn to be the bully so they become police officers.

      • hyp3rcrav3

        It is common. I knew someone in Chicago who became a cop because he was bullied and he became the biggest bully in the hood even though he thinks he did it to better the world. Should I name him?

        • Alleycatb

          most cops were the jock bullies in school and they take the job so they can continue doing the one thing they actually are good at

        • Śœarar Ó Murchadh

          yeah name him keep these pigs accountable why not fuck him what good does it do protecting evil people your just another one of their pawns if you dont.

        • MichaelFibo

          Name that toolbag

        • highroller2012

          ??? we’re waiting!

  • Crosshairball

    Look at those disgusting fat pigs.

  • Rusty Shakelford

    Ver ist your paperz! Ve hast vays oof making you obey der law!

    • DanSimpson

      Go fuck yourself!

      • hyp3rcrav3

        Rusty is correct. We live ina Corporatist
        Fascism, so Dan GFY.

    • Jewls

      Ya…go fuck yourself !!

      • hyp3rcrav3

        Rusty is correct. We live ina Corporatist
        Fascism, so Dan GFY. You too Jewls. GFY

    • Jesuswasaradical

      German police wouldn’t ever do this now. One has to practically be a doctor to become a German Polizist.

  • Spookie Bones

    Jaywalking tickets are a fucking joke. I got one in sacramento. Didnt pay of course. Funny they think people are too stupid to cross the rd.

    • Here in Gainesville FL they have crosswalk stings. They have some
      “undercover” cop deliberately walk into a crosswalk into the path of an
      oncoming car then cite the driver for a the crosswalk violation. It has
      caused crashes because now drivers will slam the brakes and cause a rear
      end accident so they don’t violate the path of some moron pedestrian
      who can’t be bothered to look up from his iPhone before crossing the
      street. Unreal.

    • crookbuster

      Lol no YOU are too stupid. The warrant will be issued for a non payment of ticket and you will go to jail. Have fun smart as.

      • EYS

        I dunno about California law, but usually they just turn non payment over to a collection agency, or possibly pull your license. Mainly because putting you in jail for non payment is awful close to debtors prison which is unconstitutional

        • Honey

          I wanna live where you live!!!! Where the constitution is still being followed, and we eat ice cream everyday for breakfast, and unicorns roam free shitting rainbows.

      • fuck the police

        You should smack yourself

      • Ronald Williams

        Fuck u u fucking faggot leo. U know full fucking well we don’t don’t live n a nanny state we don’t need u protecting us by liberating us from our money. And Being kidnappad for jaywalking? Hope u run into a real criminal he blows ur fucking brains out. Hopefully afterwards he’ll pay a visit to your family and tell it was all ur fault for being dead

      • Raoul Eternale Livith

        With an attitude like that, you’ll be a target soon enough if you are really a cop. And learn to spell.

      • jjj

        I’ll tell you what’s stupid, jack booted thugs with badges.

      • C3

        It’s ass* But good try! Dumb ass! =)

      • guest4000

        which in this country is unconstitutional there are no such thing as debtors prisons

      • bloodyspartan

        you are a slave sooner or later they will come and use you for Fodder.
        Best to have nothing nice because they will take it , Remember Robin Hood.

        The state is far past what it was. All belongs to them because of Cowards like you.

        • Traka

          People have lost the wheel of rule long ago in this country, blinded by material possessions, corporations and feds, slowly but surely took place where values and morals once stood…The result is empty shells, consumer hungry, and blood thirsty zombies.. Be good to each other and refrain from hatred, there is much of it in USA, it has penetrated the social structures to the core…People are not born hating, or differentiating, we are product of our social and cultural exposure, but the freedom to not be such a bad figure it’s still ours..

  • David Krug

    If she didn’t stop how in the hell did those fat pigs catch her? She had to have stopped!! No way they could have caught up to her any other way!

    • Will Ewing Sr

      I’m supposing they saw her jayrunning at some point, then sped to the next intersection in their cruiser.

  • Robobenito

    They just keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing…

    • Heather Sirotak

      I think cops all over the US are deliberately goading people now, to try & spark disruptive reactions which the Fascist State will use as an excuse to institute Marshal Law. They’re building up resentment.

      • Guest

        Here in Gainesville FL they have crosswalk stings. They have some “undercover” cop deliberately walk into a crosswalk into the path of an oncoming car then cite the driver for a the crosswalk violation. It has caused crashes because now drivers will slam the brakes and cause a rear end accident so they don’t violate the path of some moron pedestrian who can’t be bothered to look up from his iPhone before crossing the street.

        • Reaverbait

          Anyone driving on an urban or suburban road should be looking out for anyone crossing the road on foot.
          As for crosswalks – if anyone has to “slam on the brakes” because someone is using the clearly marked crossing they’re supposed to use, they’re a dangerous driver.

          • Jewls

            If someone has to “slam” on the brakes because of a “undercover” cop deliberately walking into the path of oncoming traffic (like above commentor was speaking of) then actually the “undercover”cop
            is dangerous and needs to get back to the station and take a desk job. Cops should not be putting the public at risk no matter what, and they do it all the time. Disgusting.

          • Reaverbait

            Where I live, the road rules are that when approaching a crosswalk, the driver *has* to slow down. Crosswalks? They’re there for pedestrian use. Pedestrians have right of way, and if a driver is too impatient to drive at a speed that enables them to stop, then should they really be allowed to drive a car?

          • Cheese

            Sure the drivers should be watching, but there are a shit-ton more factors to deal with while driving then there is walking… So the person crossing the STREET (which is made for vehicles to drive on) should be paying attention as well.

          • hyp3rcrav3

            Pedestrians ALWAYS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY!

          • ChrisBroekhof

            As a matter of law they do, and I have always questioned that law. Pedestrians have the best field of view, and the least amount of damage can be caused by their failure to pay attention to the other people walking around them. Drivers have to watch out for other cars, pedestrians, and anything else that might impede their travel because it can cause a serious accident. Why do drivers have to watch out for pedestrians, who have a better opportunity to see an oncoming car then a driver does a pedestrian?

            If the law allows for some responsibility to be put on the pedestrian then you might find that more of them try to cross the road during the most dangerous of times, and in all the wrong places and expect traffic to just stop. No matter how little time they give, no matter how much traffic there is. It is like expecting a train to stop for crossing car traffic. Physics weeps when people expect the car to stop on a dime for a person who can’t be bothered to understand that the law isn’t going to protect you from a mass of steel moving at speeds higher then 25 mph. It’s only going to punish the driver.

            Physics is the only set of laws that are truly absolute here. Pedestrians do not always have the right of way in reality, and exercising it is foolishness completely disregarding the accident that both driver and pedestrian are about to create. Look both ways before crossing a street, and use crosswalks on busy one’s. And drivers should always be prepared to stop, especially in a high pedestrian zone. Avoid them if you do not need to be there. Go around such zones unless your business lies within them.

          • hyp3rcrav3

            That is just the lazy selfishness of someone in too big a hurry. Drivers are moving faster so should pay more attention to what is going on. I have seen drivers speed around me when I am stopped to let a pedestrian pass. children die all of the time because of these arses. Legally, in every state of the Union, Pedestrians have the Right of Way.

          • Reaverbait

            ” Pedestrians have the best field of view”? Not always. People who are blind or have narrow fields of vision use crosswalks.
            It’s also a scientific fact that children often think cars are further away than they really are.

          • ChrisBroekhof

            I’m not opposed to the responsibility of an accident being on the hands of the driver. But it is also a scientific fact that you can cross the street safely. The point I am getting at is there is a lot of responsibility put on drivers. So much so that they are left to being aware of people who are not aware of them in a situation where it is scientifically proven to be harder for them to be aware of their surroundings. Driving is still a huge responsibility that, should you screw up this much, you deserve to be held accountable for. But I refuse to not hold to account the other party involved in an accident.

            Pedestrians, as a whole, are usually comprised of healthy adult individuals who usually do have the best field of view, and blind people cross the roads with assistance usually. Children are shuttled across roads with help from adults frequently. The two things above are relatively common because people realize the danger of the road. Disregarding that danger because some people in our society don’t operate like the rest of us is dangerous to road safety, which is tantamount.

            Even if these accidents are caused by a reasonable excuse of blindness, or just being a child physics does not go on vacation. Cars are dangerous, and the blind as well as children should use extra caution around them. And the pedestrians as well as the drivers around them should try to be aware of their presence and adjust their habits accordingly. But accidents are accidents, and by their very nature will still happen. Nothing changes that the responsibility of the crash falls on whoever caused it, and not simply the driver. If a person moves out in the road five feet from a car moving 25 mph (reasonable speed in a residential zone) that person will likely be hit before the driver can put their foot on the break pedal. If your concern is truly for the pedestrian victims of cars then having a law giving them right of way when the reality is that a mass of steel and aluminum moving at even slow speeds wins only encourages people to take their chances with the road. I mean if you get hit then at least you can sue… But most people forget that the chances of surviving a collision of an unstoppable object with a very movable one is pretty damn low.

          • Andrew

            I was brought up to believe that the road was like the ocean.. whomever is bigger has the right away.. THIS HAS NEVER SERVED ME WRONG!!

          • hyp3rcrav3

            You were brought up wrong.

          • david breaux

            Its a smart rule of thumb! And dumb otherwise to not respect it! But ignorance is abundant and bred deep into laws even!

            The law might convict a driver but wont save your life!

          • hyp3rcrav3

            So you are saying that a driver should just run down anyone who is smaller than them? Horse manure. Try giving a damn about more than one’s own petty little existance

          • brad cunningham

            No-Hyp3rbolic! Fairly obvious that comment was meant to convey to anyone not as literal minded as a 3 year old that your being “right” is not going to save your life.

          • hyp3rcrav3

            Wow this was 4 years ago and it wasn’t even directed at you.

            I’m just saying that the driver is culpable. Right of way isn’t right philosophically. I wasn’t happy being called ignorant when I implied the drivers should pay attention.

          • brad cunningham

            Wow – this was 4 months ago and is directed at how you missed the point of my comment. You made a completely unfounded and idiotic comment regarding David Breaux’ comment that being right is not going to save your life as pedestrian. OF COURSE, the operator of a thousand plus pound machine is ultimately responsible for controlling their vehicle (although their are legal limits to this, as well) Being literal minded is not the same as being ignorant (although the 2 are often linked). You dichotomy was ridiculous–own it and move on.

          • brad cunningham

            better wrong and alive than right and dead

          • david breaux

            Right who wins car or assholes with the right to walk out in front of them while they are driving?

            People die cars dent 1 to cars 0 to shit brain people with there snob attitudes!

            People vs cars over people dead driver in prison alive car still wins!

            Dumb ASS!

          • david breaux

            The fuk they are assholes walk into the road all the time when they shouldnt without looking!

            Dipshits. Need to be accountable for there actions and cross when its safe! Or they will loose! Fact!

          • hyp3rcrav3

            People walk into the road at crosswalks and are killed by selfish idiots on a regular basis because the selfish idiots have no respect for life. As I have said, children are killed at crosswalks all of the time because of selfish, careless, and ignorant drivers who are in a hurry to go watch American Idol or other such drivel.

          • bloodyspartan

            Half the idiots who walk into traffic are probably the same fools who pull out in front of a tractor trailer doing 70 and do 30 .
            Stupidity leads to death, wasteful but sometimes Darwin is right.

          • hyp3rcrav3

            Actually those are the same people who wait at cross walks at 2 am waiting for the light to change when there isn’t a car for 5 miles.

          • ChrisBroekhof

            BOTH should be responsible. You are responsible for your life when you are crossing a street. If you refuse that responsibility because the law says you can then you can suffer the consequences. No law is going to make a brake pedal stop a car on a dime, no law is going to change physics or science. But you as a pedestrian can. As a pedestrian you have 360 degrees of visibility, as a driver you have blind spots and traffic as well as pedestrians to look out for, all while driving 25 mph at the least. If you, next to a road, have no respect for the drivers on that road then you are just as much a part of the problem as the irresponsible drivers are.

            Honestly if you were right then trains would have to stop for cars crossing their tracks. All pedestrians should be extra careful around moving vehicles, because, as you said, many drivers are irresponsible. But you can counter that by showing responsibility as a pedestrian. If both have it then the problem will begin to diminish.

          • hyp3rcrav3

            I like the idea of having eyes in the back of my head. I would need that for 360 degree vision. Cars have mirrors for that. However, cars that don’t stop at crosswalks to let pedestrians pass are nothing more than selfish penises.

            Here’s one;

          • hyp3rcrav3

            I’ve also noticed that SUV drivers tend to act more rudely as if they are powertripping and don’t care about other human beings. This, of course, isn’t a hard and fast rule but it is common.


          • ChrisBroekhof

            Cars have mirror’s to help with that problem. But it doesn’t solve the problem that physics gives you. When you, a person, has to stop walking it takes maybe a step before it happens. When a car needs to stop tens of feet can go by, even hundreds before the person even puts their foot on the break. There can be hundreds of reasons for this, among them being the traffic that pedestrians should respect. When a person is driving the chances that another car is going to hit them is higher then a pedestrian crossing the road.

            Another point here is that nobody was arguing that cars should not stop at crosswalks. Nobody has proposed that they shouldn’t stop, or that pedestrians don’t have a right to cross the road. That is a straw man argument that everybody here agree’s with you on. But by no means do I think that right of way should belong absolutely to pedestrians.

          • hyp3rcrav3

            Legally, it does so this debate must have happened long ago and we are rehashing.
            Pedestrians always have the Right of Way.

          • hyp3rcrav3

            Using the Crosswalk is being a responsible pedestrian.

          • hyp3rcrav3

            One other thing, there is this thing called a brake pedal. Learn to use it.

      • Raoul Eternale Livith


  • Carl Mccutcheon

    This country’s gonna end up like Syria if these cops keep doing this kind of shit,we still out gun these motherfuckers

    • Jewls

      Ya baby !! they make me sick.

      • Brad Canelo

        A-HOLES, it’s time to go to WAR (not against the Arabs, but against them FAT DOUGHNUT-EATING PIGS!!!

  • Mike Dalton

    Look at these two scumbags.

  • TJ rajchel

    Disgusting. They’re making matters worse not better. I hope these guys get stripped of their rights to practice law enforcement. That’s downright vile. If that was my daughter, I’d have that entire precinct under fire for this. Like I said, I hope these guys burn hard for this.

    • hyp3rcrav3

      You would have to be a 1%er or you’d be ignored

    • Stazzy

      Trust me, they won’t. They will continue serving as cops without any serious repercussions for any of this. What police chief was implying is that cops get away with far more serious shit in other cities, so they will get away with something as “small” as this.

  • DesiDM

    Maybe they should join her in a jog instead of arresting her. Lazy bums. Waste of taxpayer money.

  • James Stephens

    The video actually makes the cops look good. Whoever posted this only posted bits and pieces instead of the full video. What a dumbass

    • Randy

      You’re pretty simple, aren’t you?

  • Seth A. Yellin

    “She can’t even exercise her right to exercise.” -A FB commenter


    Jesus Buddha Krishna Horus Christ Allah……………DAFUQ is wrongggg with this “#PoliceOfficer”.

    #America #Murica #Merica #Police #Chicago #WhatTheFuck #ID #FelonyCharge #Snowden #PowerToThePeople #Fascism #Fascist #Fascists #Dictators #Dictator #Dictatorship #PoliceForce #Cop #Cops #Sheriff #Deputy #Illuminati #Killuminati #WeThePeople #ForThePeople #Exercise #Healthcare #Obamacare

  • Impeach Obama

    I don’t see cops I see Strong Arm Thugs that love to prey on the innocent. These Thugs need to be put to sleep… Americans need to arm themselves and use deadly force when Thugs Act Out. Americans did not “Ever” ask for any of this and were not going to remain silent… It’s time to put deadly force back in our own hands…

    • hyp3rcrav3

      These strong arm thugs all want to impeach obama too. You have been used.

  • River Song

    I carry my identification when I’m exercising in case I’m in an accident .the fact is it is the law for adults to have some form of identification on their person at all times. Full stop end of story.

    • CEDUPZ

      What PLANET are you from, the LAW says I need I.d. when walking, are you the east end of a west bound horse…you are a perfect form of gullible dolt!

    • River Song

      I’m from planet common sense. And the wife of a civil servant of 20 years ,yes Identification is required or people can claim to be whoever, and if you choose not to cooperate with the police that’s your choice and they can detain you for disorderly conduct. You don’t have like it, agree with it ,however it is what it is.

      • JonGSonOfTheDee

        Tell that to the kid shot for holding a Wiimote.

      • Stazzy

        Maybe in your state you are required, but not in Texas where this woman is from. The problem is a lot of cops don’t know the laws in their state or choose to ignore them and practice their “own” law.

    • Stazzy

      In most states you are not required to have an ID if you are just walking and not driving/making store purchases/voting/etc. In TX (where victim is from) you are not required to carry an ID (unless you are driving, etc), you are only required to provide the officer with full name, address, and birthday IF lawfully arrested. She wasn’t under arrest when they asked for her ID that she is not even required to carry.

  • James Dore

    something tells me to be afraid for her safety. an attractive, half dressed girl like her could easily be a victim of police gang rape. considering how bad police are i wouldn’t be surprised if it happened and she never comes forward :(. More important than harassment, I hope she is safe.

    • Jesuswasaradical

      I have the same gut feeling, James Dore. That is what I am most afraid of. It seems obvious that they would bring her right to the Police Station, but the “obvious” is no longer so. I am so frightened for her. If anyone has any information about her now, please post it. I don’t think someone screams like that if they are feeling safe. She is scared out of their mind for her own personal saftey, and for good reason. She is not safe in the hands of those wetiko men.

      • Shaun Arron Moorhead

        seriously it takes six men to detain one half naked female????

  • SchoolBoy

    I meeeeeeean we’re missing a lot of information here….

  • Josh Hubbard

    I hope she has a rich daddy. The cops might actually get reprimanded for this abusive and needless behaviour! Cops only protect the rich in 1st world countries. You know if this was Reece Witherspoon that they wouldn’t even have stopped her; well maybe to get an autograph. Pathetic.

  • Noirdieu

    I can just imagine those filthy men projecting their pent-up resentment and sexual repression onto that poor woman, and then, seeing that she had no ID, decided they were going to force her to come along with them and likely abused her rights even further. Men like that should be shot in the head.

    • scottish-jim

      Or in the balls. Then in the head. Then the balls again.

  • Joshua Lee Carrasquillo

    What a bunch of motherfuck pig shit bag. Fat motherfuckers. Goddamn I hate the police.

  • the truth

    thats why u carry a gun

    • Jesuswasaradical

      Actually, I think this is why we have neighbors and people called “civilians”.

      In addition: It’s beneficial of course that those neighbors and people called “civilians” actually know how to be a civil neighbor. Walking past such event as if nothing happened is not being a civil neighbor. I don’t think guns are needed just yet. There are plenty of steps to take before that one is necessary. My plea is that people cease defending themselves ego-maniacally and open up their hearts to defending their neighbors with a higher level of selfless passion.

  • Richard Harney

    While the cops are dicks for arresting her. She probably was jaywalking. I see so often when people cross the street wherever they want to or when the sign clearly says DON’T WALK or a solid red hand. If I was a driver at a red light I would have to stop or get a ticket for running a red light. I don’t get to just go through a red light because no one is around but pedestrians do it all the time.

  • Sean Hawes

    and the Pigs wonder why when they get blown away I give 2 shits !! Just a bunch of overated dumb ass militant moron trained with no other skills but how to Bully around people who in a non Pig issue would get their fat asses beat !!

  • Majikjat

    I jaywalked right in front of a cop car which was stopped in traffic the other day. Jaywalking is not legal here, but I live in Russia and they don’t seem to care about enforcing victimless crime laws.

  • Eric Slafter

    True justice whould have been Citzens lawfully demand her relase. When they fail to do so. Put two behind each of there ears and call it a day. SCOTUS Says one can effect the release of those falsely imprisoned. This crap has gone on to long. Even if some written statute says they can. It doesn’t have effect of law because its illegal. Right of travel is an inalienable right!

  • Scot Hickerson

    If I lived in Austin I would storm the Mayors office and the Police Cheif Mad as hell and make them piss their fing pants.

    • Jesuswasaradical

      Do it where you live. Demand that your mayor denounce such actions. Even across the country, it takes cooperation like that to raise awareness and enact people’s justice. In France, Poland, Brazil, etc., the citizens (documented or not) of towns across the country would be livid with such behavior. They would be on the street and demanding people’s justice. Let’s do the same. Soon.

      • Jazzidiot

        I’m sure the uprising is coming, but wait, Dick Dynasty is on.

  • crookbuster

    To all the haters posting on here when shit hits the fan and you find yourself being robbed or raped or otherwise harmed who are u on gonna call??????? 911 or ???

    • Jewls

      Smith and Wesson or Colt…self reliance serves me better then any of the friggin cops ever could. Besides the cops cant do anything until after a crime has been committed ! wake up…

    • Your A Stupid Phallus

      If i find myself being robbed, raped, or otherwise harmed I’ll ask the officer to stop, insist upon my rights, and then get tased.

    • raiderbudd

      Not all cops are bad, but these guy’s crossed the line, and obviously need to be better trained in Human Relations. They could also go through a Marine Corps boot camps Fat Platoon. And if I’m having a crime against me I’ll call 911 after I pull 357, or 45, and I am better trained than 95% of cops. Cops are needed, but not in this case.

    • The Constitution

      I don’t call 911. I will handle it myself. If I catch a cop acting like that without backup and a gun on me it will be the last time. When shit hits the fan I will be the fan! 911 just brings trouble. The police are out of control. They are the real criminals and puppets for the money pulling the strings.

    • Raoul Eternale Livith

      Not a cop for sure. Especially if it’s you.

  • Flower Bunch

    I’m sick to death of police hassling obviously innocent clean cut people who are just going about their day, this young woman will never be able to job again without stressing over whether she will be assaulted again. They have just robbed a piece of her life away from her, somebody needs to stand up to these bullies. I don’t care if she was jaywalking, this is not something you get cuffed and hauled off to jail for. I think the thing with jaywalking is if they get hit by a car while jaywalking they don’t get to sue the other person’s insurance, and that should be it, unless they are impeding traffic. Slap them with a ticket, no big deal. I’m getting really pissed off at this kind of bullying. Cops like these need to be surrounded and told, hell no, we’re not going to take it anymore.

  • Flower Bunch

    I’m sick to death of police hassling obviously innocent clean cut people who are just going about their day, this young woman will never be able to jog again without stressing over whether she will be assaulted again. They have just robbed a piece of her life away from her, somebody needs to stand up to these bullies. I don’t care if she was jaywalking, this is not something you get cuffed and hauled off to jail for. I think the thing with jaywalking is if they get hit by a car while jaywalking they don’t get to sue the other person’s insurance, and that should be it, unless they are impeding traffic. Slap them with a ticket, no big deal. I’m getting really pissed off at this kind of bullying. Cops like these need to be surrounded and told, hell no, we’re not going to take it anymore.

  • I work in the States from time to time, but thank god this hasn’t come to the UK…But give it time!!

  • TB

    It would be so frustrating to know you did nothing wrong and know that you shouldn’t be arrested but yet have no control over it. This shit is just getting ridiculous. They think they can do whatever they want to do, to anyone and the sad thing is that they get away with it.

    • hyp3rcrav3

      1st, 4th, and 9th Amendments are gone.


    WOW, how low is the standards across this country for being a cop? these loads are truly complete buffoons! Real tough stopping those joggers! She really should get a lawyer to go after these idiots, talk about out of control, these two obviously have nothing to do. Two useless air wasters

  • Montgomery S Cowan

    There is a special place in hell for these bastards, where satan regularrly shove pineapples up their butts, pointy end first

  • Cha Der Box

    I’m on a rampage to destroy bad cops. remember me.

  • Tammy

    I just hope she’s ok….any follow up on her whereabouts now???

  • Jon Webb

    This is what we get for hiring the D rate students as cops.

    • hyp3rcrav3

      Cops don’t need any college at all. Do they need a high school diploma?

      • Jazzidiot

        They mostly come straight from their military “service”.

  • Honey

    Ladies and gentlemen you have just witnessed a kidnapping….

  • Brad Ford
    • Brad Ford

      When you find a “half” video involving the police, you might want to research it for yourselves and find out what really happened! The Campus police were there because of several complaints about that particular crossing and they issued 28 WARNINGS and only issued 7 citations! If they were there for revenue as suggested, they suck at it! lol The people like this woman that refused to give their identification and acted an ass got what they deserved. She was not arrested for exercising, she was not arrested for not having an ID, she was arrested for refusing to identify herself to the police for her warning or citation she was going to be issued. When you refuse to identify yourself, you go to jail. I’m so sorry haters…Go find another police article to hate on, she brought this on herself.

      • Shaun Arron Moorhead

        who the fuck is another human being to tell me i have to talk to them or tell them who i am. especially when im WORKING OUT. dont fucking bother me during my work out. why cause you got some special piece of metal on your chest and get to carry around a gun, that makes you boss? yea i think not

    • Shaun Arron Moorhead

      lol from lol. thats the biggest problem. its 6 officers words against one female student. who is to say whats true? i was in the army ive seen some fucked up shit and shit get covered up, people getting set up for article 15s. cruel torture of low ranking soldiers. and that shit gets pushed under the rug. being police officers does not make them good people.

  • Steve Plumlee

    This is our fault. We have let the cops get away with this type of thing for far too long. We , as a society , should be questioning the whole validity of our police officers as the majority are completely corrupt. They are So Shady and underhanded in the practice of “Policing” us and we just let them. We believe them above and beyond. We are taught they are the Good Guys. I have news for you, they are the Most corrupt and deceptive people in our society. They go “Undercover” and get a free pass to Break all the laws they see fit to not blow their cover. They pit neighbor against neighbor under the guise of ridden us of crime when they are the ones creating a lot of it.


  • Shaun Arron Moorhead

    Showing patriotism and love for ones country does not mean bowwing down to law enforcement and government officials. We own this country and we give them power. IT CAN BE TAKEN.

    • Shaun Arron Moorhead

      and yes i do realize the what the deffinition of Patriotism is.

  • Shaun Arron Moorhead

    Showing Patriotism does not mean bowwing down to law enforcement and government officials. The People own this country we give them power and we can take it.
    “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president”
    Theodore Roosevelt
    and the same is applied to law enforcement

  • Nick

    They should be fired with criminal charges brought up against them! Make them an example to all the cops out there to drop all their power trip BS!

  • Jim Fitzgerald


  • Dakota

    i don’t see why the fuck we keep on letting them get away with this… we already know that cops are bad news. it is time to take action. we need to pick a day that we can all protest against these mother fuckers!

  • jj

    If that’s not kidnapping I don’t what is.

  • Raoul Eternale Livith

    And they wonder why they get no respect. Or get shot

  • Ricky Blaze

    This must have changed her outlook on society

  • Jeffery P Hamilton

    More like they made a lawful contact of the woman and rather than stop she ignored their verbal commands, escalating the situation. Likely if she’d have just carried ID with her and been a bit more respectful and cooperative this could have been avoided.

    • mikeinportc

      Since when do you need ID just to walk around? That’s total bs! I’ve been stopped just for walking (not across), and asked for ID. I just say “No, I’m just walking, not driving.” They don’t press the issue. It’s really disturbing , and depressing, that you( & surely lots of others) place blame on someone for not having ID while doing ordinary things, that don’t involve driving, or financial transactions. Is this the Soviet Union, or Aprtheid-era South Africa? Apparently so. :(.

  • Louis Cipher

    Cops over reacting because someone didn’t jump when they spoke. Cops need to learn they are for the public, not their egos. Too many ego cops for themselves.

  • Chris Schultz

    Here’s what I see. They wish to enforce the crosswalk as THE ONLY way to cross the street,which it is the only LEGAL way to cross the street. I’m sure jaywalking gets people hurt all the time because they just pop out from between cars…whatever. They detained her because she had no I.D. and because she was breaking A LAW. PERIOD. I see them trying to put her into the car and her kicking the door ,etc.
    It isn’t anything illegal. It’s cops who are doing what they were told to do by their bosses. It IS revenue collection,but that’s part of the job these days.

  • Chris Schultz

    As far as the cops walking out into crosswalks…a pedestrian in a crosswalk has the right of way. Too many people are too self absorbed and ignorant to understand this. If someone decides to walk out into a street ( as long as they are crossing at a walk signal,if there is one ) motorists have to stop. Again,enforcing an existing law. If someone hits the person who slams on the brakes,then they should receive a ticket for following too closely.

  • philfy

    Think bout cops 2 ppl ratio and the guns u can buy weather legal or illegal, if every1 stood up the police force would be shut down, it’ll be a civil up roar but who would win? Not them

  • greenthing

    I bet the cop went home and (cough) “fantasized” while pleasuring himself about manhandling this scantily clad young women. Especially the part where he dragged her down the alley and she brokedown screaming and crying while handcuffed. This certainly is an exciting passtime that this officer and supposed public servant has devised. Now how is this that much different then an abduction and sexual assault . Is she had been a flea infested scabie ridden lice infested excrement covered lunatic street person they would turn a blind eye before ever allowing him into their squad car.

  • Blah

    Man oh man someone should’ve beat the dog shit out of those fat fucks. I hope someone does to be honest.

  • Joshua Drake

    The problem is no one ever stops to help the people the police are harassing! people need to stand up to the Nazi police force in this country.

  • Julian Bartorelli

    Could have been a good story, I wish this site was more objective it its reporting though. I get it’s all about uprooting criminal cops but with a bit more journalistic integrity it might actually be well worth the read. Guess I’ll look up the story on the actual news.

  • oath keeping patriot

    Yeah he should be fired and all the cops fired from that department. You are public servents not all powerful gods.

  • Brad Canelo

    I hate these pedaphiles and rapists we have for cops nowadays…I HATE ALL OF THEM PIGS!!!!

  • Diogenes

    GUYS!!! There is a lot of flaming going on here over stupid things. (Is “flaming” the right term? Anyway… We’re on the same side! Put stupid shit aside and stick to the basics. Basics like, “how do we deal with these murderous thugs and brutal police state?”

  • david breaux

    I actually met a cop yesterday who was pretty awesome!

    But have met many more who were real power hungry assholes. Who know nothing about the constitution and violate it constantly thinking otherwise! Worse than criminal!

  • Ron

    Jackbooted assholes thugs in uniform.

  • Śœarar Ó Murchadh

    Fire him and the entire force immediately

  • David Kelly

    OMG this isn’t even controversial. The woman was arrested for failure to identify. Apparently now a days the police can’t even physically stop someone. News flash people Jay walking (which the cops tried to stop her for first) is actually against the law. She had headphones on she didn’t have anything covering her eyes. If your stupid enough to do that with 2 cops right in plain sight and in uniform then I have no sympathy or empathy. Just as a note the Police chief didn’t imply anything about her being lucky she wasn’t raped. What he said is that, “Thank god this is one of the biggest controversies in Austin, Texas”. He then went on to say that in other cities they have problems with sexual assaults in their police departments.

    • Julian Bartorelli

      Yeah if that happened to you you wouldn’t be so supportive of the brave police officers putting their lives in danger to arrest this girl for crossing the damn street. I would be really fucking surprised to find anyone who has never jaywalked. I’m SURE if she saw the cops chasing her she would have stopped. Your lack of understanding is actually frightening.

      • David Kelly

        I also wouldn’t be stupid enough to cross the crosswalk without a walk signal with 2 cops standing in plain sight LOL. This isn’t even news worthy. If this was some dude this wouldn’t even be a story.

  • I wonder…if it was a really ugly fat guy, would they have done this?

  • iKillbadCops

    It make me so fucking angry that this is not being stopped by our leaders in office. Fuck this country.

  • Peter Keune

    I see that its illegal to workout in some states. I guess in Texas you’re encouraged to be overweight and put in handcuffs if you workout. Gotta love Texas!

  • Katkool

    The Chief and the officers involved should be FIRED immediately!!! (and put on a forced diet…)

  • Mario Gandolfo


  • ccreamer_22

    I know, lets all get really pissed off and post on a blog, sign a petition on and then never do anything else about it. That will restore my freedoms!

  • DoGoneMad

    The video speaks for itself… I’m DogoneMAD

  • G Del

    You guys have no idea what happened before she was sitting there. Obviously the tape was edited as it said in the end of the clip. Everyone hates cops until their house gets robbed or they get their ass kicked Then they need the cops.

    • Bendy Bentley

      Nah, still hate the worthless idiots.

  • neale

    Well, they didn’t shoot her. But I bet they would have if she made a run for it. She could have easily out run those two fat assholes. But not a bullet. What a world. We go out of our house and you never know. Shot by a cop, crazy person or bombed by a terrorist. Crazy times.

  • Leon Stewart

    Considering their size she could’ve just continued to jog as they attempted to make the arrest. They would have died from exhaustion EVENTUALLY!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Ben

    These two cops should have been jogging with her. They both look like they would benefit from some exercise. Too, they should probably be given a psychiatric examination as they both seem to have lost their feeble minds. The chief doesn’t appear to be much smarter…

  • crazytrain2

    Jaywalking can be an issue in downtown areas. I responded to three pedestrians hit by cars in one shift last week. One was seriously hurt, though she was jaywalking trying to get a dog out of traffic. Some people are downright ignorant about it too. THey walk out in front of cars in some sort of stupid ass power display like “you will stop for me, bitch!” Honk at them and they want to fight.

    So there is a safety issue at stake. There are much easier ways to “make revenue” if that is what it was about, but that is all you will ever think no matter what. I could tell you that most cops could not care any less about revenue for their city. I know I sure as hell don’t. Haven’t written a ticket for a traffic offense in years.

    I think the best way to combat this issue, and many others like it, is to do news stories and Facebook posts to educate the public, warn them, then ticket them. It is out of laziness or because of inconvenience that people jaywalk. I do it, but I also will never walk in front of a vehicle. But you may have a day where you still three people in the hospital because they jaywalked and any enforcement done after that has zero to do with revenue, but that won’t stop the broken record like the mentally deficient parrot that can only say “revenue generation” “revenue generation rahhh.”

  • scout638

    No, she was “Jaywalking”, a ticketable offense. If she was carrying an ID, none of this would have happened. common sense thought though, shouldn’t she be carrying an ID while jogging in case something happened to her, ….. like being struck by a car?

  • Will Ewing Sr

    Jogging while WHITE? Color me confused, I thought…