Man Heartbroken After Cop Shoots Service Dog in the Head – Dog Helped Down Syndrome Children



SAN DIEGO, CA — Community prayers and hopes are going out to a devastated San Diego man after police officers shot his service animal companion to death.

Ian Anderson is absolutely heartbroken after losing Burberry, his pet dog who was his service companion and member of his family.

The incident happened on Sunday when officers were near Ian’s house looking into a “domestic disturbance” call they claim they received.

Ian said that at one point, the officers knocked on his front door.

The knock caused 6-yr-old Burberry to begin barking, as most dogs typically do.

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When Ian opened the door, Burberry got out, but did not attack anybody.

Burberry actually stopped barking and one of the police officers bent down and began petting Burberry, according to reports.

But a second officer evidently chose to escalate the situation.

“The other officer yelled and screamed at the dog for no reason to get inside. It startled the dog,” said Ian.

With the dog startled and confused, the officer then pulled out his loaded gun, aimed it at Burberry, and opened fire, according to reports.

Burberry collapsed to the concrete and began dying in a pool of blood.

“The cop jumped back, went this way, drew his weapon. BOOM! Shot right in the head and he was done. He was dead,” Ian said, crying as he recounted the scene.

The San Diego Police Department assured the public that the incident is “being investigated,” and released the following emotionless statement:

“The preservation of life is our top priority and this includes the lives of animals. This incident is currently being investigated as any Officer Involved Shooting would be to assure proper procedures were followed. Any further comments prior to the completion of the investigation would simply be premature.”

Burberry is missed by many neighbors and families in the community, as he was a service dog who comforted children with Down Syndrome.

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“These dogs are there to put their heads on your lap and let you know everything is going to be okay, there’s just no way to explain the bond,” Ian said.

“He was the best dog in the entire world. I would do anything to have him back right now. Absolutely anything,” he added.

Watch the video below:

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  • anonymous

    “The preservation of life is our top priority and this includes the lives of animals.” Then fucking show it. Right now, all I’m hearing are empty words

    • Patrick Borush

      Doesnt apply to “dangerous breeds” like pitbulls or pitbull mixes, rottweilers, doberman pincers ect… Basically any breed of dog your likely to find in a black persons home is automatically a “dangerous Breed”. Therefore it needs to be legislated out of existence and taken out with extreme prejudice! I “feared for my life”, It was coming right at me!…. Im thinning the “herd”… BANG BANG BANG… Even though no police officer has ever been killed by a dog in the line of duty… The real story is if they decide to escalate a situation for any given reason (as they seem to think they are entitled to) they know your family pet is going to protect you, as they either attempt to beat you or drag you away and kidnap you for ransom or to fill a spot on their people farms (prison)… Cant have that… BANG! BANG! BANG!

      • Carla Maria

        Wow Patrick Borush. I own two of the breeds that you mentioned above and don’t fit your description whatsoever.

        • drew

          Carla, I think you missed the point of his post.

          • John Dix

            Read it again, and try to comprehend.

        • Patrick Borush

          and WHOOSH! right over your head that whole comment went… obviously you don’t comprehend English well or sarcasm or understand what things being in “….” means…

        • Cromwell

          I sure hope you’re pretty!

          • Prentiss county police (Booneville, MS) shot and killed my dog in 2009 when my son accidentally let him out the front door of my home. I dealt with him myself. I developed my own justice System if you know what I mean. His wife left him and he lost his home and job before I was finished with him. I guess I will call it “even” now but I sure miss my dog.

      • Carlos-Fernando Hurtado

        when you are dead you don’t know you are dead. It only difficult for everybody else.

        It’s the same when you are stupid.

      • Jason Peart

        A cop has never died by a dog in the HISTORY of law enforcement so how do you justify fearing for your life? Number one killer of cops is them not wearing their seatbelts in traffic accidents yet they still cant manage to buckle up? If they dont value their lives to buckle up even when they extort the public, how is that a justifiable excuse to use? Thats like saying he shot the dog because they have cheese in Wisconsin.

        • ConcernedMom

          I read about two cops shooting a 1 or 2 year old chihuahua/terrier mix 3 times cus they feared for their lives after they cornered it on the porch of it’s house and tried to pick it up without wearing gloves. They left the body on the porch and a note to the homeowner who was out of town. 2 big cops feared for their lives from a chihuahua who might be able to bite their ankles enough to shoot it 3 times . What the hell kind of cops are we training anymore? Did someone get the “good” and “bad” flash cards mixed up? “guys with guns and drugs” BAD, “pregnant women, unarmed people and the taco bell dog” GOOD. He tried to goad that pit into an aggressive stance by how he acted. Faced off and yelled at him then gave ground and backed up ..if you look at dog behavior that’s like threatening to fight then backing down, he was asking for an aggressive response.. Even then the dog didn’t once act aggressively. Poor dog was set up because of his breed. That breed is like any other breed out there. They can be the some of the best dogs you’ve ever seen IF they are raised right by people who understand their nature. People need to take a stand and say enough is enough. They need to crack down on dirty cops and the ones who play cops instead of police officer. It not only makes it dangerous for the citizens but even worse for the decent officers out there that defend people and uphold their oath. They are the ones that are getting harder to find. One of these days people will get tired of it and fight back, hopefully before it’s too late.

      • Animal Rights

        Sounds like you need an ass whoopin you fukin peace of shit! What do you mean black people? Your a dumbass and probably don’t live here in San Diego you fukin loser! You want to judge a black person, then say it in their face you fukin pussy! Dogs have emotions and most pit bulls here in San Diego aren’t dangerous, unless the owner teaches it that dumbass, get a clue you racist piece of shit. How about we meet up somewhere and i’ll show you scared! Punk ass ho! you look like a pussy!! I hope you get eaten by a fukin pack of german shepard asshole.

        • typical media

          Easy there, if you would pay attention to the other comments in this thread…..HE WAS BEING SARCASTIC !! You should probably lighten up, step back and take a breath before you lay into someone.

        • R.C. Romero

          Easy, killer. It’s called sarcasm. and he was using it to illustrate the ignorant stereotypes that people use to justify killing and legislating against “dangerous breeds”

        • John Dix

          He was making a point. He was saying nothing bad about any race, but pointing out the racism of cops. Try rereading it and know that when he puts quotation marks (these things: ” “) he is saying what others thing. Shit.

      • acelee74

        YOUR A FUCKING IDIOT, White people had pitbulls and rotts and dobermans, long before black people did, but what the fuck does that have to do with anything, cops shoot and kill dogs period and they don’t give a shit what race the owner is or what breed the dog is. they just love shooting and killing your dogs.

        • Patrick Borush

          What this has to do with black people is that it is known quantity that black people tend to have rotties pits and such breeds usually over more “Family Breeds” like labs or collies…

          • lemieuxmc

            ADVISORY WARNING! This post contains “SARCASM” and “IRONY” literary elements sometimes used to inject humor into an otherwise humorless topic. The opinions expressed in the post do not reflect the viewpoint of the staff, management, or owners of the ISP, FaceBook, the NSA, the NAACP, the CIA, the IRS, the DNC, the Justice League, S.H.I.E.L.D., SPECTRE, Stephen Hawking, Flo from Progressive, HSUS, the DOJ, the Ferguson Police Department, Al Sharpton, Brian Williams (who was there!) or any and all friends, associates, or other social media contacts of the poster. Not everyone will “get it”, and you may or may not be one of them.

            No need to thank me…


        umm…. ya some of you need to actually read the whole comment and comprehend english better….sigh….

      • Lee

        what part of this dude looks black? your input is already flawed!

        • Patrick Borush

          no your English and reading comprehension is flawed…

      • Patrick Borush

        Man alot of you really should of payed more attention in English Lit class… Maybe if you all weren’t spending 90% of your class time memorizing answers to standardized no child left behind tests you would actually be able to comprehend Americanized English… Also to alot of you… If you would do some research and open your fucking eyes and ears and close the mouth, you might learn something instead of automatically discounting those more informed and smarter than yourselves… This is a prime example of why we are in a police state and the fucking aliens wont talk with us…

  • Tamra Louviere

    They’ll investigate themselves and find they did nothing wrong. UGH! I fucking hate them so much!

  • Joe Suhrada

    Do NOT open the door for police unless you have caged your dog and they produce a warrant.

    • Bobbie Jo Justice

      do not open the door for pigs unless you have your loaded gun aimed at their head

      • Michelle Sapp

        *High 5*

    • Joe Wierzbinski

      They’ll just force their way in the house and shoot the dog in the cage.

      • spokomptonjdub

        I wish you were joking, but that has literally happened before.

        • Joe Wierzbinski

          Yep I know. Some years back it happened in a SWAT raid in Colombia Missouri. The dogs were in their kennels. One of them was a damn corgi, no threat at all and the cops for some reason decided to kill them guess they don’t like dogs barking.

  • bernie geotz

    Drawing a gun on my dog will be the last mistake someone makes because the dog isn’t going to be the most serious threat to you at that moment, my CCP gun will be

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    kill the pig

  • Rusty

    No consequences they can do anything they want …. same old tired story . No one ever makes an example that would make others think twice or trice even, about killing a human let alone a lowly dog or parakeet.

  • Jeffrey Grimes


  • Ihavenouseforaname

    Fuck every one of you cops that are following this page you pussy motherfuckers. You can all eat the corn out of my shit.

  • Drakenfly

    Service dog by federal law is the same as shooting a cop since it serves in the same aspect of service as a regular police dog. The cop needs to be charged with murder on a federal level.

    • Akeel Ahmad

      yeah but cunts with badges are above the fucking law in the US

  • Akeel Ahmad
  • Jan Soderstrom

    Another warrior cop PD that needs animal behavior training. According to the Dept of Justice, law enforcement is shooting 25-30 dogs EVERY DAY in the U.S. And a lot of the time, it is this exact situation—–going to the WRONG address, moron cop freaks out when the dog is NOT attacking, and then Internal Affairs exonerates the officer 99% of the time.
    Time for this sorry excuse of a PD to get the FREE training materials from the DOJ COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) Agency—and use it. Also time for the owner to contact an attorney. I gave them the name of Jill Ryther in LA. She has represented two other families in the LA area whose dogs were murdered by cops.

    • unknownunkown

      No the cop needs to be prosecuted like a criminal. Not more training. Its pretty obvious that the police’s treatment towards pets is systemic, by design and not the product of a “lack of training” in a “dangerous job.” They kill your pets to make you feel powerless and weak and ignite the 1/100 of you to provoke an incident with them to generate the excuse for more and more authority and abuse of power.

  • Joesph Smith

    The poor dog wasn’t even black. Whats the world coming to.

  • Kristy DuBois

    this is almost unbelievable!! i hope the police officer gets charged.. why use deadly force with the owner right there, i feel really sad for the family of the dog, i hope they take legal action , its a freakin dog! my brother is a mail man and gets bitten by pitbulls and big ass dogs all the time and he has pepper spray

    • agio

      He won’t be charged. Cops will investigate themselves and find no wrongdoing. They’ll probably release a statement how they feel really bad about it but it was the owner’s fault. No consequences for anyone wearing blue… that’s how police roll these days.

  • Donna

    If you are against unjustifiable shootings of our family pets….by police officers…please join our group Freeze Dont Shoot…and march with us in every state capital on April 25th. We need your support and your voice to bring change. United we Stand….Divided…..our dogs will continue to die….

  • Hey U.S., how much time do you need to start protesting these sick psychos? Cop violence is now literally daily news.

    • Anthony Quatroni

      There are still too many idiots here in America that think the cops are Gods or something. They have it ingrained in to their heads that cops are perfect and they are actually there to protect you. They’ll figure it out, when they get pulled over and Tased for no reason or have their door kicked in in the middle of the night. Give these morons some time, although cops, cop families and cop friends and/or lovers will NEVER go against the cops, even if they commit heinous crimes. They protect their own, and that’s about it.

    • Elizabeth

      People are oblivious. It’s going to take time unfortunately. I’m 24 and growing up I thought police were there to protect and help you. I had first-hand experience and learned they don’t. This past September a call was made about domestic violence when my bf and I were arguing at a park. If anything it was disturbing the peace, but nothing more than that. He was immeditaly arrested. I was questioned multiple times (sames questions repeatedly) In the end I questioned why I was being arrested. They beat and tased me and added resisting arrest and assaulting an officer to my initial false charge. I’m lucky. It was recently all dismissed. I share that because my mom still blames my bf because of his so called “crowd” and “type” she has yet to realize it could have just as easily been her and my dad.

  • Mother F*ck the Police

    always remember the police are militarized thugs who do not care for your well being and are just as likely to kill you and your family as they are to “protect and serve” you. A fraternity of criminals that hide behind guns and badges.

  • William R Reynolds

    This is bullshit! How the hell would they react if someone shot a Police Dog? HEY COPS! I WAS IN FEAR FOR MY LIFE! NOT TO MENTION, IT’S JUST A FUCKING DOG! ASSHOLES!

    • Pete Ponchorat Maddison

      I guess you’ve never had a dog as a pet?
      They’re like a member of the family to people who DO have one as a pet.

  • aric

    So sad, you so much as touch or bark at their TRAINED ATTACK dogs your going to prison, BS,no regard for human life or animal life!! Sorry for this guys loss.

  • Raji the Green Witch

    From now on, if a cop states that he killed an animal because he was afraid of it, he should have to produce his own shitty underwear as evidence of his terror. And THEN he should be discharged from the force for being a coward, and in FRONT of his entire force who gets to stand there laughing and pointing at him and calling him a wuss. We, the Public, want BRAVE cops, protecting and serving us, not a bunch of pansies who are afraid of their own shadows.

  • Bendy Bentley

    More piece-of-shit cops in a department with a piece-of-shit chief, in a city with a piece-of-shit government.

  • OpenMindedPS

    Does it not concern anyone else on how fast these cops shoot?

  • Rick Day

    It is time to disarm the police. They lack the maturity and empathy necessary to carry and instrument of death.

  • kingdo goodbomber

    cops are scum

  • Richard Avalon

    Any lame excuse to shoot. That cop is one sick bastard.

  • Vic

    I only wish the cops were as anxious to shoot the human scum they come in contact with as they are to shoot people’s pets. The number of incidents of this happening is ridiculous.

  • Louis Peluso

    Another incident involving a good cop-bad cop scenario. Too bad the fucked up bad cop won. RIP Burberry, sorry your life ended at the hands of an idiot who should not be wearing a police uniform.

  • This officer should be fed to wild dogs.

  • Charlie L.

    And these victims don’t contact their member of Congress and State legislators asking for legal retribution? If a cop shoots a dog, his pension gets transferred to the owners of the dog.

  • Laurette Giardino

    The worst part nothing will happen to the cop. He’ll be on the job no prosecution or being fired and next time a dog comes near him he’ll shoot knowing nothing will happen to him.
    The only satisfaction is suing him & the police dept for the death of a service dog.
    Plus people need to get active start petitions and email/letter writing to state legislation to make las to protect family pets from the police and making the police accountable for their actions by firing, jail time and financial penalties.
    Writing here on FB is not enough action is the answer