Mother Dragged on Ground and Attacked for Filming Cop


MIAMI — Brandy Berning, a Florida mother, is seeking justice after she was pulled over by officer O’Brien for a traffic stop on the I-95 going northbound.

She decided to be responsible for her safety and begin recording on her cell phone as the officer approached her vehicle.

Once he got to her window, she respectfully notified him that she was recording the interaction.

She was attacked and arrested for recording a cop for her safety.

She was attacked and arrested for recording a cop for her safety. Image via ABC Channel 10 News

“I have to tell you, I was recording our conversation” she said, letting the officer now that his job performance would be documented.

That’s when the officer unbelievably snapped back, “Well I have to tell you that you just committed a felony.”

The officer can then be heard demanding that Brandy hand over her phone.

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“Give me your phone” he commanded

This brave mom knew that she was doing the right thing.

“No,” she said, “get out of my car!”

What she recorded next is disturbing.

The officer can be heard opening up her car door and climbing into her vehicle, according to a report by ABC Local 10 News.

“Get off of me! Get off of me!” Brandy began screaming.

That’s when the officer literally grabbed her by her arm, pulled her out of her car, and dragged her body on the ground, she says.

He then threw her against his police cruiser and forced her wrists behind her back to arrest her, she says.

The attack caused scars and cuts to her face and legs, spraining in her wrist, and multiple areas of skin scraped off of her leg.

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The officer then confiscated her phone, took her to jail, and locked her in a cell.

She spent the night injured in jail for peacefully filming a police officer.

“He took my personal belonging… putting me in jail, for something so small,” said Brandy, noticeably disturbed by the incident, in an interview with Local 10 News

She has hired attorneys and plans to file a lawsuit for battery, false arrest, and false imprisonment.

Watch the video below

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  • Guest

    Lesson here: Lock your car door.

    • Rick Hiltz

      and you don`t have to roll your window down

  • Rex

    Yea, lessons here: Lock your card door, film and don’t record, and use an app. that sends the recording offsite. More and more cops are just stealing the phones, and it’s not unheard of for the “dash cam” videos to disappear.

    • ccreamer_22

      I was about to post the same info. I use an android app from the ACLU. Is there something better?

      • Janey Siegrist

        Bambuser is recomended by cop block…is live feed

    • Jim

      Its ironic, most cops have a recording device (for audio at least, and their dashcam is on) but yet let a CITIZEN record a cop and they get all pissy. THEY arrest many people because they are:1. ‘interfering with the investigation. 2 refusing ‘orders’ to move away from the scene. or 3. violating the wiretap law against recording someone.
      I would think that a video/audio done by a citizen is perfectly within their rights and a safeguard against wrongdoing by anyone present. BUT too many cops think we’re somehow HURTING them and therefore should go to jail.
      TYRANNY? We’re living in it.

      • Rex

        The good news is that at least three state Supreme Courts have said (I’m paraphrasing here) “Suck it up, dudes. Your a Public Servant (irony killing me here), in a public place, and have no expectation of privacy”. And if you follow up these cases, the charges are often dropped. Sometimes a lawsuit ensues, and money is paid. Unfortunately, it’s not the Cops money, but at least it gets the point across:

        Photography IS NOT a Crime!

  • Joe Clam

    Actual lesson here: Record the motherfuckers and don’t tell them a goddamn thing. You’re not obligated to speak to the police, either voluntarily or to answer their questions. All cars should get equipped with video/audio recording capability from multiple POVs and with simultaneous offsite mirroring, and should be activated WHENEVER there is an encounter with police.

    • JoBrown85

      While you’re at it, the car should also be outfitted with anti-cop weapons such as flame-throwers that fry anyone standing beside the car. If a cop gets too lippy, hit the foot switch and watch him dance and howl. Woo-hoo!

    • Rex

      And if your going to have multiple cameras, make sure a couple are in places where, if the “officer” pulls something out of his pocket to “find” during a search, you can catch that action as well.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    lesson, start executing thugs with badges

    • Rich Pea

      smartest response…

    • Tracer76

      I have no problem with doing that in the first place.

  • guest

    terrible writing. you don’t name the officer, thought he is clearly named in the news story. you don’t mention that this is not his first time of doing the exact same thing.
    you don’t tell how she got her phone back. you don’t say that all charges were dropped, which is as much as admission of guilt by the police and prosecutors.
    damn it, you lose all credibility when you write a half assed story.

    • Jim

      THE story isn’t half assed. WHY? Because as long as THAT cop is still working and PAID NO PRICE for his actions, it isn’t over. WHAT happens the NEXT time he does this, but destroys the camera? AND who is going to pay the lawsuit for this officer’s abuses?

      • Ann

        Because basic journalism is WHO WHAT WHY WHERE WHEN HOW.

        • Rex

          Well, it’s SUPPOSED to be. These days, not so much.

    • Jason Kennell

      they did say all charges were dropped…

      • Rex

        That’s all well and good, but she still has an arrest record, and still suffered the horror of being kidnapped and abused by someone that, practically, she couldn’t fight back against as he’s “The Law”. All this for doing something perfectly legal. Not what I would call a triumph of the rule of law overall.

        • methinks jason was responding to the attack on the report

  • Laura Lee

    God bless you! Sue… sue… sue. You did the right thing… you should record such incidences. They have a video dash cam… why can’t you do the same thing? Is this a free country?

  • ambesa74


  • Jason O

    He gave her an illegal order, he should be charged with kidnapping and assault.

  • Ben Emery

    This is why I have HIDDEN cameras in my car that I can trigger whenever I want, they dump the video onto an SD card and also uploads it to an offsite server in real-time in case the fucking pigs decide the smash up the DVR in the car

  • CodeRED

    Wow… Another douchebag pig that sucks at his job.

  • Jim Henderson

    Hopefully her attorneys will also add in at least a count of civil rights violation for abridging the freedom of the press.


    As long as she let him know she was filming, no felony is commited. Cops like this are becoming too frequent and should be beat half to death, then locked up till they actually do die of starvation

  • billmartin1

    kill that fucken pig this shit has to stop now maybe some other pigs might get the message but no the are fucken morons

  • Mike Brown the dumb nigga that

    Why don’t people just kill Cops. Cops shouldn’t exist. It’s the biggest government propaganda job in the world. They act like Nazis.

  • Boko Hos

    Another cop that needs to be killed while off duty. This type of human garbage is the most dangerous of all.

  • Leland Whitehouse

    I hope the suit is for six figures and I hope she wins every single penny.

  • craig klucas

    Behind you


  • Don Unruh

    It’s almost looking like the only way to protect yourself during an encounter with cops is to take the initiative and be ready to defend yourself to the death.

  • eric

    lol trash is trash, to be a cop is to be a puppet.

  • Dave Parliament

    if you are going to film it download a streaming app so it is also stored on a web server and is easily retrieved no matter what the corrupt pig does to your device.

  • michael92064

    This was February 2014 and there has been no update in my recent google search

  • Dan

    Why don’t you just post the video so we can watch it, instead of just narrating the damn thing?