Officer Loses It Online, Openly Calls for the Extermination of Black People

aaron mcnamara

Image Via Cleveland Scene

it's finally here longCLEVELAND — Officer Aaron McNamara has resigned after he was caught making highly inflammatory violent and racist statements online.

The statements were alarming because they did not appear to be mere jokes — Officer McNamara literally called for the extermination of the black race, and expressed wishes to “beat the living shit out of” what he called “jungle monkeys” and “nigger.”

This is a man who planned to patrol our neighborhoods with a loaded pistol.

Now his plans have been dashed.

Over a period of two years until as recently as the Tamir Rice shooting, Officer McNamara would “hang out in the YouTube comment area,” according to the Cleveland Scene.

While there, he was “regularly dropping racial and gay slurs, unambiguously expressing hatred toward minorities and anyone who dare not comply with police,” reports the Cleveland Scene.

This included him expressing a wish to “beat the living shit out of that nigger,” a comment that he left under a video of what appears to be a black child.

And it only got worse.

On one video of a child filming police, he said that the child’s life was a waste, and alluded with approval to the idea of the child being raped in prison for daring to film police.


On another video, he advocated slavery and then called for black citizens to be exterminated.


When he was questioned by the press about his statements, he initially denied making them. His excuse was that there were other people with the same name as his.

“I’m not the only Aaron McNamara in this world,” he insisted.


That story didn’t hold up, however, after he was observed hiding his Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+ accounts moments later.

Moreover, he had posted photos of himself in his police uniform that matched the face on his profile.

Having been caught, he finally admitted that he made the statements and resigned moments later.

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Fairview Park Police Chief Erich Upperman said in a statement that McNamara would immediately be investigated.

Had he never been caught, it is anybody’s guess as to how many citizens he would have abused while on patrol.

Watch the video below

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  • yourmom

    This is hilarious. Dont judge a whole race but its OK to judge a whole profession!

    • Eric West

      Where in this article are they saying “judge a whole profession”? And why do you find this “hilarious”. You sound like an asshole.

      • Catoninetales

        He is an asshole.

      • rat

        i find his statement hilarious because i only judge legs… never do i bother to judge legs that are attached to a body… just those alienated legs that still find the energy to walk… i think those legs need to be exterminated with extreme prejudice before they start liberating upper-bodies from their already happily paired leg owners.

    • Guadalupe Raul Reyes

      holding any form of a service profession to a high standard is a right every last citizen has. we should also respect the law, and the public security officers that enforce it. that said, those two things are not the same thing. you don’t get one just because you get the other. you can respect somebody and still hold them to a high standard.

      not to mention, ‘a race’ and a profession, aren’t even in the same scope of their subjects.

      • Beamer Beamer

        How can the Kops have respect for the community when they have an it’s us against then mentality. Police brutality did not just begin it has been around for decades.

        • Guadalupe Raul Reyes

          they don’t all have that attitude. even if it seems that way, they simply don’t all have that attitude. even if you assume they do, what good will that do? they aren’t going any where. fighting one negative with another, isn’t going to fix a thing. having pride in yourself and/or your surroundings is okay ,but using that pride to make a decision isn’t going to lead to anything except more negative outcomes. there has to be a solution brought forth by both sides.

    • Isaac Clarke

      Except I don’t pay taxes for people to be black, and black people aren’t given the legal authority to employ lethal and/or less-than-lethal force.

      Grow the fuck up. These cops are to be held to a higher standard, because for all intents and purposes they are authorized to KILL PEOPLE. Do you understand that, mate? That’s why it’s okay to judge them. They need to know we are constantly judging them.

      • Erik

        I think what he’s trying to say is that it is wrong to categorize all cops as the same as it is wrong to categorize all black people as the same. (though this is nowhere in the article, but seems to be inherent in some of the comments) Saying that cops are bad and cops need to be stopped or killed even, is just the same as saying all black people are criminals and should be in jail. But I definitely agree that cops need to be held at a higher standard and the bad ones need to be weeded out.

        • rat

          just so long as you don’t get confused. Cops are not a race. Cops are not a gang. Being a cop is a sworn in position that you give an oath to protect and serve. The enforcer needs to be held under a magnifying glass when they’re responsible for everyone else.

          The cops that break the law need to be held accountable to the full extent of the law… or they need not enforce those laws. end of story. if a cop or would-be cop reveals a bias in their execution of the law, they need to be rightly served. Perhaps this man doesn’t deserve a prison sentence for exercising his free speech, but he definitely needs not to carry a badge and a gun…

          All bad-cops need to be fired. all bad-cop is a blanket statement. all rapists need to be in jail. all murderers need to be tried for murder and if proven guilty need to serve life in prison.

          there is no condition to race or creed when taking this into account and as such can not be compared.

        • Troy Saxton

          The problem is they’re not weeded out they’re recycled. The blue wall of silence is against justice and an injustice to the words good cop. Their silence and permissive turn my head and act like I didn’t see it attitude is criminal.

      • Alexandra Baldyga

        thats EXACTLY what the problem is… MOST immature idiots like that cop believe they SHOULD be held to a higher standard… that they are lawless and above everyone else… when in reality they arent… they are doing a job like most every other human is doing… their JOB or their title DOES NOT make them respected… its the way they choose do DO their job where the respect is earned… same with most fields… if you a cop hanging out at wawa all day in your car, throwing your lights on to get passed red lights… speeding around town and drawing your gun on innocent people…. that in NO WAY should he be held higher then any one…. just because hes a cop… get what im saying here?

        • No need for a shallow grave

          I hope this comes across in a nice way, Alexandra!

          For someone to be held in “high esteem” would be what you appear to be talking about. As you say, it isn’t about the title itself, but how well you do the job, which includes how you treat other people except in special circumstances.

          Being held to a “higher standard” means the following should be true. If a dude who shovels rocks at his job says some mildly hateful stuff at a bar after work, some might agree, many won’t, but he can probably keep his gravel handling job. But on the other hand, if a cop, or a judge, or perhaps a teacher, having a direct impact on other people and their future fates as an inherent PART of their job, harbors the same spiteful feelings to the point that they need to vent them in public, that may imply their objectivity is compromised and they can’t actually do the job they were hired to do without bias or malice. Since dealing with people is more important than dealing with rocks, they are “held to a higher standard” of behavior on and off the job.
          Hey, to anyone shoveling rocks, thanks. I am sure it is hard work that needs doing! This guy… may very well now be LIMITED to doing such manual labor, however.
          Hope that helps. 🙂

    • richardruscoe

      Training in this profession leads to twice the domestic violence of common people. Nothing hilarious about it. Study up, your prejudice is showing.

    • Not-a-Cop

      RIGHT?! Plus, cops are better than them because cops all have JOBS. Look at all the black people in jail! Proof!

      • troll keeper

        Bad troll! go back to your cage

        • Isaac Clarke

          Your name + this post. So fitting that I nearly pissed myself laughing.

          Thank you.

      • Adam Abramowitz

        Sit in the corner. The adults are speaking. Do NOT speak, unless spoken to. Better yet, never speak.

        • Arcanek

          Lead by example.

      • nunya

        NAC is sooo obviously a troll I ain’t even mad 🙂

    • Beamer Beamer

      Anti police brutality is not anti Kop.

  • anniemoakley

    Isn’t this the same thing Sharpton, Jackson – both of them, & Winfrey among others that are calling for the extinction of the white race ? Shouldn’t they resign too ?

    • Catoninetales

      Oh brother you must be twisted up like a pretzel trying to validate that ridiculous comparison. Grow up.

      • JoEllen Schupmann

        just curious but if you or i owed over 4 mil in back taxes, we’d b in jail. why isnt Sharpton ?

        • Ron Rivers

          Show proof to back it up…Show links…I believe proof, and not bigoted rumors…

        • Beverly Durant

          Stfu and learn something.

    • Sloover

      no they’re not, lazy brained fuckhead

    • Jason Faulkner

      Let me guess. You don’t actually have a link to any of them saying that, do you?


      • aalexandergreenejr

        Do you? Please share it!

    • dballance

      You really cannot be serious. Sharpton, Jackson and Oprah have NEVER called for the extinction of the white race.

    • Jalonna Gipson

      Yep your that person that justs sits in front of the tv and have no idea how to communicate with blacks….you just say amything against what is real….you have been checked as a fruad and a mindless moron Jesse Williams is always right

    • Erica Daniels

      They never called for the extinction of white people! Liar.

    • Fran Miller

      Actually that is far from what they are calling for Anniemoakley. Suggest you change your tv watching habits and your reading habits. Maybe read a real newspaper.

      • Troy Saxton

        That’s that fox news garbage

    • Not-a-Cop

      You’re goshdarn right! All of them uppity black race baiters are the REAL racists! Say, do you know where I can buy some pot?

      • nunya

        LOL ^

      • Beverly Durant


    • Adam Abramowitz

      Did your father drop you on your head as an infant, because his sheet was covering his eyes, and he couldn’t see?

    • B.C. Batty

      I’ll call for the extinction of you though.

    • Beamer Beamer

      Please send the link where anyone of their you named called for be extinction of the white race. Winfrey said the only was to stop racism is for the older racist to die off. Stop lying you racist.

      • There is a flaw in thinking that once the old racist dies racism will go away. Racism is a sickness. The host may die but the sickness will remains, just like mumps or any of those other sickness.

    • Justin Braider

      Dippus Shittus.

    • Soooo

      None of the above have called for the extinction of the white race. But you tried it.

    • Rita

      No one called for the extinction of the white race unless you are saying the entire white race is racist! Winfred’s exact words are “When the old die hard racist, the ones that have marinated in their hatred are gone then race relations should improve! She never said she wanted to exterminate or kill anyone, when they died naturally of OLD AGE! I also have never heard Jackson or Sharpton say anything vaguely like that! Stop the Madness! There always a cop apologist lurking in the background!

    • Charles

      Fox must be feeding you a continuous slow drip of information through an I.V. Wake up man!

    • Moe Jangles

      My time hearing of this.

    • guest

      Where are the facts, proof for what your saying about, Sharpton, Jackson, and Winfrey?

    • wll777

      Are you insane? When did any black leader, let alone the people you mentioned, call for the extinction of the “white race”?

    • JoEllen Schupmann

      yeah, right ?

    • Ron Rivers

      Grow up, idiot!!! If they did, they’d be done a long time ago…Stop baiting as a “guest”/ghost….

  • @disqus_4dHtQFaDEj:disqus
    i wish i could say i was surprised …
    but “in my youth” could mean a year ago so he can go and stuff himself .
    just another SCUMBAG giving the rest of the force a bad name.
    did you hear about the officer in FL who is selling “i can breath” and supposedly the FLPD is gobbling it up ??

    its ok to kill your kid in florida , its ok to kill a kid in the back of the van in florida , but its not ok to fire a warning shot to an abusive bf (the black lady who was denied STAND YOUR GROUND) in florida.

    whenever you read a weird story ALWAYS SAY “gotta be florida” cus its gonna be either FL, TX , or AZ who produce those bizzare articles.

    • Adam Abramowitz

      Read Team Rodent. It will tell you all about the insanity that is Florida, and also how that racist Walt Disney swindled the people of Florida..

      • Angie

        Oh boy here come the Jews

        • just so you know , they dont count as actual children of abram @disqus_pR6pYLMXCW:disqus … why because they arent brown like the people of the middle east ( hence the fighting). they came to palistine after the kick out and started drama .(look at JAFFA CLOCKWORK ORANGE as proof)

          • Suzy Six

            Both u and @Angie are sad, pitiful people. U really are. It must be hard to carry around that much hate and anger all the time. U keep embracing ur disease. Holding on for dear life to ur mental illness. U are a sickness

          • naryaquid

            Gee, Angie, since you want us to believe that you know so much about Jews and who does or “count” as the ‘actual children of Abram”(sic), you might to actually learn how to spell “Abraham” and “Palestine”. Duh.

    • upagainstthewall

      Here in Oregon its okay for officers to refuse to report felony crimes. Repeatedly.

      • like i have been saying for years @disqus_FhCzST1Lpr:disqus the people need to take into account where the bad cops (aka the killers) are and do something …. those two who fell because of that scumbag from TN were good cops, and you know the bad cops are laughing at their deaths cus it wasnt them.

        i have no problem with bad cop killings if it was those who took out diallo or any unarmed person like recently, its the bad cops who give the good guys a bad rap (AND STILL KEEP THEIR JOBS .)

        WHAT GOOD ARE CAMERAS IF THE BAD COPS STILL WALK?? ( we spend billions on these and still they walk )

        • JoEllen Schupmann

          seriously, if black lives do matter so much, then why are they killing each other constantly ? I say All lives matter, & live & let live.

          • Ron Rivers

            Why won’t you see the bigger picture for what it is? Everyone thinks that they can eradicate us, that includes the police and those trying to be like us….Life matters…Unfortunately there’s colour attached to the killings…Stop being so “afraid” and living with blinders on…..You’ll only keep on seeing it…Your way

          • Jc Davis

            The fact is hen a black kills another he get arrested. Tried and goes to prision,the cops walks away free

          • Yeremyah Yah

            Whites kill whites to, or do you not know that ? And it’s happening rapidly . They just don’t publicize it like they do blacks.Matter fact it’s more white on white crime.84% of white homicide victims were killed by other whites. That’s a true statement according to the study. 45.3% of all homicides committed by whites while whites accounted for
            50.3% of the victims of homicide. (-5% offender/victim ratio) March 28, 2015
            the rate of White on White crime. Based on 3000 white victims, 2500 are victims of other Whites.


            Of white murder victims were killed by other whites, according to the Justice Department [PDF, p. 13] The reasons you don’t hear much about white on white crime, because they don’t want to air there dirty laundry. Just everybody else’s. White’s are taking out there entire families.

            A California man, 69, who COOKED his wife’s body parts on a stove after killing her dies of cancer while awaiting trial
            Frederick Hengl, 69, faced first-degree murder charges in his wife’s grisly death last year

            He died in jail of prostrate cancer

            Police found flesh and bones belonging to his wife, Anna Faris, 73, simmering inside three pans
            Work bench with bone saw and other cutting tools was set up in a bathroom
            Officers found a bag filled with freshly cut bone pieces and a meat grinder ‘in use’

            Neighbours reported hearing power tools and horrible smell pouring from house over last week and a half
            Faris, who had Alzheimer’s disease, described as frequently running around neighbourhood holding a knife and with her pants down
            This is the kind of stuff they hide from the media, about crimes of white people. Which happens more rapidly then you think.They want to hide there skeletons. In which they have many !
            Read more:

          • yo

            You’re comparing elderly mentally ill whites to homicidal, racist, adrenaline-junkie cops? Yo, you’re a moron.

          • Dave Pa

            Its not about blacks and whites, its about morons trying to kill for stupid reasons. If you take a black man and give him a gun and a badge you still get a racist idiot with a gun.

          • Bethie41

            Of course ‘All Lives Matter’, but that’s not the point of ‘Black Lives Matter’. It’s recognizing that they haven’t seemed to matter as much as others, and that’s a crying shame:-(

          • Angela Hyman

            If all lives matter then why are white people killing each other at a rate of 6% less than the statistics for black people? Why are 71% of cop killings done by WHITE MEN, yet cops ONLY fear black men,women, and CHILDREN?? WHY are you so GOTdamn STUPID???

          • We Hobson

            You should spend some time watching Forensic Files.

        • steve

          Trade in the camera’s in for a gun,,,

    • rat

      the best part… i bet he made the comment under an alias prior to google killing the anonymity and switching to the ‘RealName’ youtoobs

    • Jenny Brown

      Speaking of Florida, have you heard about my good friend Dustin Heathman in Marion County? He’s accused of trying to kill a bunch of cops. They sent in a SWAT team to arrest him for a suspended driver’s license. No joke. Go to for the real story… The cops have lied to the media right from the start.

    • Dave Pa

      I said the same, more or less. And yeah, I lived in florida, but this man is from cleveland, and you usually dont see this shit from ohio.

  • George Bredestege

    This is a good indication of the hatred our President Obama, his Attorney General, Eric Holder and Agitator, Al Sharpton have created with their granting heroes garlands to the black criminals in our society of overwhelming law abiding good citizens. Shame on Black Leadership!

    • Bob Dean

      We all of a sudden have all this hatred in the last 6 years.

    • Adam Abramowitz

      NONE of those people have done anything to hurt white people. The opposite is true, they’ve done a lot to hurt black people. Remember, to get your sheets as white as possible, use lots of bleach, and you really need to inhale the fumes, dumb ass…

    • Mac Dub

      you are really stupid analyze what you said research it because it’s bullshit report back tomorrow and apologize and the two people who agree you all are just as stupid.

    • agio

      This is a good indication that George Bredestege is a bigot.

      • John Devlin

        The term ‘bigot’, you use to describe Mr. Bredestege, is perhaps inappropriate. May I suggest ‘congenital idiot’ would be more accurate.

    • Humanswillbefree

      Or do you mean shame on the Bankers/Wall St criminals? Or did you just skip over those Welfare/Entitlement/Bail outs criminals who stole more money than all Mafias/Welfare recipients combined in the history of the world, under Bush’s watch, but no one was arrested, Lol….Stupid ignorant comments like yours, are seriously unintelligent. You have to be from the Southern States….Florida, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, or Missouri.

    • Beamer Beamer

      So calling for police reform is handing garlands to criminals? Spoken like. True 100% racist.

    • yeah so

      Hate isn’t created by other people. This man made a conscious decision to feel a certain way -and unwisely chose to express those feelings online. I live in a country where white folks have routinely committed atrocities against people that look like me, yet I make a personal decision to forgive those people and pray for their awakening. This MSN made a choice and paid for it.

    • aardvarked

      Racist old moron, nothing to see here.

      • rat

        i think it’s amazing he didn’t have a heart attack while pecking away at his keyboard to come up with his cockney malarkey. God damn kids and their music lol

    • nunya

      Aren’t you late for a Klan meeting or something old man ?

    • Tony

      Are you for real? You need to go hug a transformer, maybe that will reset your brains, because obviously, you got life mixed up with bullshit with a brain like yours, Mr George.

    • Suzy Six

      We expected that from u. U look about 500 years old. U probably was the captain of ur own slave ship, right?

    • Ron Rivers

      This has been brewing in pots for generations, and no one person thought about karma coming back to haunt those that believe that hatred, bigotry, and ignorance will prevail…It was bound to happen, and who we blame isn’t the POTUS administration, but the people who are still afraid of change and want to keep the old ways new…Shame on those who subscribe to this ignorance!!

  • Humanswillbefree

    The cops worst enemy are the Cops. If they weren’t out killing and beating people to death none of these stories would be out. Cops need to come to grips with their violence/gang mentality/mental problem.

    • Arcanek

      If they could do that, they wouldn’t have joined in the first place.

    • upagainstthewall

      Exactly. If what the scientists have researched is true, then they truly are suffering from mental problems. Those problems can be resolved… but it takes time…which is what each and every murdering officer should get …TIME.

      • JasonSBabb

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      • Malik Wilson

        They have more issues than we want to realize because, we need them for a job we don’t want to do……………………………

        • Jason Beyer

          There’s plenty of good people that would love to be good cops the problem is the system itself. Going back over 100 years the police have got use to doing whatever the hell they want and getting away with it. Today when police do the wrong thing they use other cops to decide what happens to them which is a conflict to say the least. They will almost never rat on each other so Most cops abuse there power, some in huge ways like stealing, killing, sending incocent people to prison and cover ups and most in small ways like free coffee, PBA/FOP Cards, maybe just giving someone a hard time just to get there way. Why not everyone else is doing it. We need to do away with the Unions and rewrite the whole system to give the power back to there bosses, The Taxpayers

          • SuzyQT

            Don’t bring unions into it. You were spot-on when you talked about it being a conflict of interest using other cops to decide what happens.

          • Mason

            The unions are a critical part of the problem; they are a reason the bad cops can’t be fired. They are the reason police get the extra-special privileges like being able to view a video or taking several days to make a statement after a shooting.

    • Honeybee12


      and minorities aren’t the problem…
      you are pressed bc you CHOSE to be a police officer and accept a starting salary of 35K a year (with a family, bills and putting your life on the line daily). I would be pressed to and going that pay rate. They need several more mental health evaluations before joining the force because what they have in place currently isn’t detecting the loon bins out from the good ones…

      stop using humans for practice likes its police academy and realize this is reality

      • Dave Pa

        I think its also important to add the quotas they live by make them want to find a problem rather than solve a problem. The DOC is all psychological torture in the end, even to the people working the self righteous bullshit.

      • StillCantBanMe

        Minorities aren’t the problem, it’s just coincidence that violent crime rate correlates to black population? It’s just coincidence that when police pull back violent crime in black areas soars (hi Baltimore!)

        • Honeybee12

          I stand by what I typed.

          If you are pressed, scared and trigger happy than you shouldn’t be a cop. Go be an unarmed security guard and people that think like you shouldn’t be police officers. I don’t need policing.

          “The police can go to downtown Harlem and pick up a kid with a joint in the streets or for whatever reason they deem is justified …but they can’t go into the elegant apartments and get a stockbroker who’s sniffing cocaine. ” Please. Again I don’t need policing. Police your own FIRST.

        • Yeah Right

          Poverty equals crime…

          • Pedro

            Not to homicide wich black comunity has a lot.

          • We Hobson

            You should spend a day watching Forensic Files.

        • Marcus Spaceage Hill

          Not a minority problem, definitely a poor problem.

        • Dj Rubicon

          Right on! One look at the FBI crime stats is a good place to start making your list of the reasons blacks need to get the F out of America. Like, forcibly. At least the males anyway. Sterilize at birth or destroy the males at birth.

        • Freud Voltaire

          Black on black crime is nothing more than another white supremacy bullshit. It is amazing that a race that has been dominating the world for over two thousand years and have been committing genocides after genocides forever even against their own kind can actually have people talking about “anyone’s crimes”. The police, just like the government manufactures crimes statistics and acts of terrorism against its own citizen so they can justify RIPPING them OFF by constantly increasing their already ASTRONOMICALLY OBSCENE budgets. This is why racism is used as a DRUG for whites to keep them from EVER SEPARATING THEMSELVES from those EVIL DEEDS DONE IN THEIR NAME. The police is to blacks in the US what the military is to the non-white world. An institution created to ENFORCE WHITE SUPREMACY. That there are “good policemen or soldiers” is totally IRRELEVANT. They have no impact on the institutions they serve.

          • StillCantBanMe

            If it’s white supremacy bullshit THEN WHY DO MURDER RATES AND VIOLENT CRIME RATES CORRELATE WITH BLACK POPULATION. Point out the murder capital that doesn’t have a black population that is above average. It’s not Detroit, or Gary, or Chicago, or New Orleans, or Baltimore, or….

      • SuzyQT

        That is rarely even the starting pay and doesn’t count overtime. Most cops START at 50,000 +, again doesn’t count overtime.

        • Honeybee12

          it varies from state to state and 26-50K isn’t a lot of money…at all especially if you have a family, mortgage, 2 car notes or a second family you’re paying child support to etc. . Don’t shoot me but we have a difference of opinion.
          No worries. 🙂

          this comment was so long ago and I’ve had 5 replies in one day!

        • DNA(splicer)

          True but it has been said that 60,000 is what is requited to live a sustainable life.

  • upagainstthewall

    This just goes to show that law enforcement officers are in need of classes in humanity. There is so much rampant discrimination in the departments. It shouldn’t surprise any of us, afterall, the IQ standards have been lowered. If we take into account what the scientists have said regarding people in power and how they lose the ability to empathize, then we have a recipe for disaster (ie. more murders, rapes,brutality,etc)

  • BreadFriend

    Key word in this article is “volunteer.” Not sure what a volunteer cop can get away with in Cleveland, but where I live..a volunteer police officer has little to no power in the police force. They have guns, but trust me, for the most part they are cowards who are just trying to get pensions.

  • tommiegunn

    wow , he just resigned ? That just leaves him able to get rehired somewhere else ! They need to backtrack everyone he ever ticketed or arrested ….

    • rat

      maybe he will meet some ‘black’ people who will change his mind. perhaps he’s only exposed himself to the dismal parts of the internet and there’s still hope for him to reform and stop hating.

    • Troy Saxton

      That’s the problem. These type of people get rehired. Like the cop who shot mike brown and the cop who shot Tamir rice. The cop in new York who killed Eric garner has been sued so many times that he’s cost the city millions. Why do they keep people like this around and armed and working with and in the public.

  • Power67

    Well now he can go and beat the crap out of a black child..because he wouldn’t dare try that with a grown man.

  • Roman238

    Oh… appears that I have accidentally fallen into the mire that is our existence, or is this the zombie apocalypse we’ve all heard so much about? I remain unimpressed and less than inspired. No living thing has ever deserved to “die out” as much as mankind.

  • Lorelle-Joy Justice

    is th

  • Carlos Arturo

    “Officer Loses It…?” Nah, seems more like dehumanizing Black people was in his heart the whole time. He didn’t “lose it.” He exposed his real thoughts and feelings. Rather foolishly and carelessly, I might add.

  • Darrick Murphy

    There are too many white people like this! Hiring savages as police officers to continue to push black hate? I’m old enough to see the mind job white people put on other white people. Black people are not the problem! Don’t build an area for black people and not hire the majority of us on good paying jobs. There’s no reason to call it section 8 or low income living. White people love to talk shit about black people not being educated. Well get rid of private schools and take inflation off of college tuition. Allow everyone access to the best! If it wasn’t for slavery white people would have nothing racial or bad to say about black people. Matter of fact white people wouldn’t be called white and wouldn’t be the ruling class. Dam! What a mind job!

    • Alexandra Baldyga

      you can blame slavery if you like…. because all you doing s blaming black people….. if you actually look into the history…. black men sold their OWN race to the white men…..

      • Darrick Murphy

        Dam! I lost track of this here! Black men didin’t sale their own into slavery! That’s lame to even use that without doing any real research! You take a title of an internet post and run with it! But, will never pick up a book by a Black Author to get the real history!

    • No need for a shallow grave

      What you are asking for is Marxism!

      Low cost or free housing for Blacks, but you can’t call it that. Secret subsidies?

      Good paying jobs for unqualified applicants. Because you know… social justice.

      BANNING of private learning institutions because that will make public schools the BEST! That is like having a Ferrari, a Benz, a Bimmer, and a KIA. Burn the nice cars, and not the KIA. Now the KIA is the best!

      Here is my suggestion. Buy Louisiana! Move every Black person alive in America there. And then do everything for yourselves. Picture this: You start a hamburger stand in the park. You buy patties and buns and orange cheese squares, and a tank of propane with your own money. You spend all day making burgers. A massive crowd of other Black people gathers around you, demanding free burgers, because you know… social justice = free stuff for everybody!

      After you run out of burgers, the crowd beats you and steals your BBQ. Your whole “team” makes no demands of themselves. It is all just supposed to be a “gift” from someone else.

      You won’t try that again. Everyone will just stand around, and start starving. Then, the people-eating will begin. Eventually, that last Black man standing will axe “so THIS is how Marxism works; didn’t this happen last time?”


  • Lisa Drake

    This is amazing

  • OffThePIGS

    Glad we have more and more Black Panthers with guns, growing everyday. McNamara doesn’t belong on this planet anymore!

  • Bruce Lee R

    He forgot that whites didnt set black people free,they tried to keep blacks enslaved as long as they possibly could but the blacks fought tooth and nail for the freedom we have today. So you didn’t abolish a fucking thing,you personally didn’t do shit but contribute to the problem we have in society by putting on that badge. You don’t deserve that badge,you are a piece of shit,we need good people in uniform.

  • Bruce Lee R

    and on second thought this guy takes a L just for looking up videos featuring black people to harass them in,he should kill himself .

  • Guest
  • Malik Wilson

    Here is another issue we don’t get the whole truth about our men in blue………………………………….

  • D.P.

    I have always been harassed by the police from when I was a kid til now at 50 and I have been trying to tell anyone that would listen… Nobody cared and I am not surprised. Being arrested for ANYTHING goes on some type of permanent record and can and will hinder education and employment opportunities. The police know this. This is one way to keep minorities down… And it is fucked up !

  • Charles

    All cops should undergo psychiatric evaluations that are independent of their union and their local departments. This is not to paint all police as bad, but it should be a proven fact by now, that not all police are good. Police cover for each other, and police protect one another, if you have ever seen a cop speak out against another for wrong doing, usually the one who blew the whistle is excommunicated and is treated like the black sheep in the family. Most police officers who blow the whistle on wrong doing, eventually resign due to the other officers not backing them and supporting them during life & death situations. The only way to end this culture of corruption and remove this criminal element is by breaking up the criminal gang that America calls “The Police Department.” and setting up each department to be overseen and governed by citizen’s review board. The department should not hold the power, the power should be in the hands of the people.

  • guest43

    Internet Gangsta Cop Wow.. Hope they got some real niggas in his town that’s gone go see him about something..

  • Donald Hill

    I have yet heard of a black policeman killing a white person. Adult or a kid. They weapons must be loaded with blanks. Or they use better judgement , and communication ,when apprehending and arresting a person. Then maybe they are thinking if I shoot this person, there go my badge and job. Plus the paper work, and dealing with internal affairs. Fuck it let him run.catch his azz later

  • Andrew Wade

    This idiot has no idea that the Irish were the original slaves of the United States. And he is a volunteer at that, dangerous Obama, dangerous. How boring the world would be without Black Folks, these devilish punks would kill all the people with brown eyes, IDIOTIC they are.

  • curious

    What kind of psychological testing do police recruits take while in training? Background checks? This kind of conduct doesn’t just happen overnight.

  • Tee

    This stupid ass, punk ass cop looks half Black or Latino his damn self! A brain washed punk hiding behind a badge! They should hate us because Black people are the BOMB! Is that why they always coping our style and culture? They are just mad them white girls love black dick!

  • Suzy Six

    Notice the police spokesman didn’t say it was wrong. He just said they have to be careful what they say. That’s not the same thing, is it?

  • Crazie Flawed Narcissistic-Vam

    His bitch ass wasnt good enough to be a real cop. All that aggression has a source and lemme venture a guess…little dick, he was bullied,…maybe mommy norman bated his ass as a kid…or some black kid took his lil girlfriend back in the day…SOOO NOW HE WANTS TO WALK THE GREENMILE pretending he’s Percy Whetmore, and take down all the John Coffeys of the world……LOLOL. whatever u dweeb

  • Push

    In the past when there were vandals, lawbreakers and undesireables infiltrating our neighborhoods we felt compelled and confident in calling the cops. Now we have to call vandals, lawbreakers and undesireables into our neighborhoods to protect us from the cops. Go figure. America! America!

  • guest

    Cops have issues like eveyon else. They take it out on everyone else to be used as an escape goat. Hate feeds on positives and especially negatives. The way DNA is sorted every no person who is not black have a small % of black in them, some more than others. So he need to rethink about his comments because he might as well kill himself.

  • LuLu

    Apparently poor little Aaron has already been made someone’s “bitch” for him to have such hatred in his heart. That’s to bad.

  • Guest

    He really needs to fact check before he spews his garbage. If only he would have Wiki Slavery he would have found this and kept his opinion to his self:
    The Irish slave trade began when James II sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World. His Proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners be sent overseas and sold to English settlers in the West Indies. By the mid 1600s, the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and Montserrat. At that time, 70% of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves.Ireland quickly became the biggest source of human livestock for English merchants. The majority of the early slaves to the New World were actually white.
    From 1641 to 1652, over 500,000 Irish were killed by the English and another 300,000 were sold as slaves. Ireland’s population fell from about 1,500,000 to 600,000 in one single decade. Families were ripped apart as the British did not allow Irish dads to take their wives and children with them across the Atlantic. This led to a helpless population of homeless women and children. Britain’s solution was to auction them off as well. So..Officer Aaron McNamara, You Paddy Green N****R,Your ancestors were slaves and bastards,

  • onaxanamun .

    I don’t understand why there would be outrage at his comments..he is only repeating and acting on what he saw his father, grandfathers did/do.

  • Tonya M Duquense

    I am so dam tired of white racist people alluding to slavery still! What don’t they get? The mere fact that it was slavery to begin with totally explains why America will forever be a corrupt and morally bankrupt country! From day one, if all these dam white people, who are always talking about what blacks should do, were strong, proud people of worth, we wouldn’t be in this corrupt ass country in the first place! They murdered and stole America away from the Indians, and never did anything worthy in America from day one! Carry your raggedy asses back where you came from and let the business of real people living continue!

  • bert fromarketin


    an Irishman..the Irish who were treated like savages by the rest of the Europeans, raped murdered , plundered and pillaged…a very savage institution perpetrated against that people..

    complaining about a savage institution not having its former “sway” on a particular class…

    go figure

  • musikfanat22

    typical! Be on your guard, these demons are everywhere…

  • Micheal Krane

    We need to stop acting like we are surprised when they say stuff like this, They have been saying this since the 1800.

  • Marlon46

    The real issue is, These are the 1st responders, While on business trips, I come across Police Officers all the time & It’s truly disturbing to know that we will never know which officer is a ticking timebomb, aanother scary thought is, They protect each other! The share jokes about these issues!

  • Camille E Hall Thompson

    This form of lynching has been going on for centuries. Social media is bringing it to the public eye. If they fired all of the racists and sell outs from the police force, there wouldn’t be any police officers left.

  • Dr E

    Yeah that should solve all of the world’s problems SMH. He needs therapy to help him forgive WHOEVER did that to him- and it ain’t black ppl.

  • Auxiliary cops are volunteers, if they carry a pistol it’s their own, certainly not assigned by a police department. Virtually anyone can become an auxiliary cop in a city where they are volunteers. He wasn’t a police officer anymore than a mall security guard is a police officer.

  • mariah asphalt

    Just another scared (and dangerous) punk who can legally wear a gun. Thank god he is gone.

  • Chris Brown

    “Had he not been caught?” I wonder how many people he shot while on duty.

    If you ask me, I believe officers who are found to be biased should have all their cases investigated.

  • Raymond Moser

    Alcoholism and paranoia are occupational hazards for police. The job attracts those who want to protect the weak from the BAD people of color, mostly. You figure it out.

  • Reno Pratorius

    Just imagine how many Black people have gotten tickets behind this dude. The crime stats go up because he preys on Blacks with his job title. Imagine what white crime rates would look like if Blacks were more like white people?

  • melanienlee

    Oh, his name is McNamara.
    He’s the leader of the Klan…

    And what if the British had said the same thing about his people?

  • melanienlee

    Oh, his name is McNamara
    He’s the leader of the Klan…

    And what if the British had said the same thing about his people?

  • Beverly Durant

    Well white boy , you will never have it that way again, EVER.

  • Hispanical Law

    We’re living in a Police State, and this is just the beginning, us Minorities are going to go thru LOTS of drastic changes in the near Future. the playing field is set for us by the other team..

  • Ioannis Polemarkhos

    The man is right. Blacks reproduce rapidly, and their women are bastard factories, bastards who grow up to become dindus who are parasites to society. I refuse to pay any taxes that supports the breeding of these people who should have been exterminated when they had been “emancipated”- they are no longer useful because they have their “rights” and now they feel entitled to living like a kings though they earned nothing- not even their slave ancestors earned their freedom, it was handed to them. I say; kill all niggers, spare no one, until every last one is returned to where they belong- Africa. The time is too late for them to assimilate- they have now a mulatto in high office to articulate their savagery and stupidity. There’s no other solution- not religion, not education, not even employment.

  • dylan214

    I went to school with this guy, he was a complete douchebag. Im not surprised. he was an auxilary. basically a rent a cop.

  • Bub Tanazera

    If only he were the only one.

  • Dave Pa

    Why would any one be surprised over a cop’s actions when we all know you shouldn’t trust the assholes to begin with. Hell, I’m white and I don’t trust the motherfuckers.

  • Naterich313

    These cracker ass boiled baloney mayonnaise smelling fuck boys should be shot on site kill em all and let the parametric s sort em out . Ass a black man i have had encounters with about 1000 of these fuckers . We should start arming ouselves against this beast and kill them without hesitation just like they do us.

  • Abigail Dole

    This guy represents the face of many officers but not all.

  • baruchzed

    Police departments around the country have been infiltrated by white supremacists. That is a fact. This appears to be an instance of that. All cops who express similar views or who have white supremacist background should be purged, nationally.

  • Supergirl

    I don’t see any police officers out protesting about how “bad” cops are ruining their reputations or that the system needs to be improved to prevent people like this McNamara guy from ever being hired in the first place. Know why? Because every police station in this country has at least a handful of McNamara’s in it – sometimes at the highest levels. Anyone who would choose to become a part of what is clearly a corrupt system, is knowingly endorsing that system. Until police officers can stand up and admit that these racist killers exist among their ranks, thereby acknowledging that there is a problem, they are in fact no better.

  • kartashok

    Why doesn’t he have freedom of speech online, and how did those Orwellian liberals catch him?

  • Mark Markab Beckford

    hmm I’m not at all surprised at this, I’m wondering how many more like him or her, are on police departments across the U.S.

  • Anne Ridgers

    He has to quit because of what he said yet Farakhan can say what ever he pleases…..again the old double standard.

  • Merrill McCollum

    While not condoning his behavior and statements, I find it hard to believe more LEO don’t “lose it”. After seeing all the vile cruelty people commit against eachother daily, any sane person would probably lose it. Talk about a hostile work environment. Holy f****!! I’m sickened by the cruelty I see in the black community every day. It’s obscene what black people do to eachother! I would honestly lose my sh** too.

  • GuamTippedOver

    Considering that the Democrat Overlords only bother to worry about out crooked, violent, lawless pigs when there a race angle to exploit I am confident this scumbag will actually get punished.

  • Souris

    Yet another wanna-be (we hope) murderer, suggesting that he somehow “keeps people safe at night” while simultaneously calling for their rape or murder. Maybe someone will “keep him safe at night” — by his own backwards definition.

  • djtorchMusic

    If he’s still gotta job…that’s the problem. He’s obviously un-fit to police anyone.

  • Crystal Spanishdoll Austin


  • Robert Tyler

    Isn’t it absolutely heart warming when knuckle dragging neanderthals go down? Makes me warm and fuzzy to know this xenophobes arrogance got him in right in his sphincter. Thanks o superior one, your superiority appears to be stupidity. Now you’re out of a job and gotta go live in a trailer and eat possum. It’ll be alright. Have a six pack and a smile.

  • slap a hoe

    God has a plan for these crack heads in uniform. What goes around come around. People start reversing. Dont knock at my door Im the papaarazzi. say cheese

  • Liberal

    The only bad thing the he has done is use his real name. Rather silly of him, and a shame, too, as we need more good men like him to stem the menace of the black tide.

  • Duende Brooks

    Yeah, white people should’ve stayed in slavery

  • Treasured Lights

    White people are not normal. They are the most violent of all races but they project and deflect all the time., Check his background, this sicko is a child rapist like many White men are.

  • mhfrancois52

    Well… Nicely done I guess,
    but what are they gonna do about ALL of his friends who knew about him, hung out with him and still covered for him??? That’s just a drop of water in the sea if you tell me.

  • Highlandsparrow

    I agree with everything the cop said. Blacks are the scourge of society, bringing down property values and pushing up crime rates wherever they go.

  • Dj Rubicon

    He’s absolutely right! Sterilize and destroy the males at birth. (This is already going on in parts of America – and thank allah for that.) Vile race of uncivilized animals.

  • obamathefailure

    Blacks continue to play the blame. Game look in the mirror therein lies the problem

  • OhioAnon85

    Blacks are subhuman animals that need to be violently subjugated and controlled.

  • Brian Crowell

    Sounds like typical rap lyrics to me.

    • Brian Crowell

      “I’m a cop killer, better you than me.

      Cop killer, fuck police brutality!

      Cop killer, I know your family’s grieving,

      (fuck ’em!)

      Cop killer, but tonight we get even, ha ha.”

      “I got my brain on hype.

      Tonight will be your night.

      I got this long-assed knife.

      And your neck looks just right.”

      “DIE, DIE, DIE, PIG, DIE!


      And now this guy plays a cop on TV and makes millions. And people act dumbfounded when cops use the same type language right back at them….

  • Liz O’neill

    allowing this racist to resign just means he can keep his licence and go work at another station.

  • Most whites simply do not know what black people are like in large numbers, and the first encounter can be a shock.

  • Marlena White-Ackee

    Wow! Such evil among us!