SCANDAL: Scores of Officers Caught Stealing Money From Death of 9/11 Victims


NEW YORK — In a breaking scandal that is causing outrage across the nation, over 70 police officers have now been caught for fraudulently profiting off of the 9/11 tragedy — stealing money that belonged to 9/11 victims.

Many of the officers were known as “heroes.”

It has now been discovered that they were lying about their “injuries” in order to get large sums of cash.

Several were seen partying and living in luxury, at the expense of real 9/11 victims.

The officers illegally took funds that were reserved for suffering 9/11 first responders, according to Daily Mail.

The officers created fake forms saying that they had “PTSD” or “depression” and other debilitating conditions in order to rake in the profits.

The claims on their forms were shown to be false, after a District Attorney in Manhattan devoted over two years to investigating them. 

Many of the officers stole massive amounts of money — between $400,000 to $500,000 in some cases.

filming cops 9-11 jetski

The officer was seen spreading his legs over an expensive jetski, smiling and gesturing “fuck you” after taking off with money reserved for injured 9/11 victims and families. He claimed that he suffered from “depression” in order to scam the money, according to reports.

To be eligible for the cash, officers had to be retired because of their “depression” and other disorders.

But many of them still took up other  jobs, from helicopter pilots to martial arts teachers, in order to rake in even more money.

filming cops 9-11 partying with fish

Officer Cosentino is seen partying on a fishing trip after he fraudulently took over $207,000.00 that was reserved for real victims of 9/11. He claimed that he was “unable to leave his house” because of 9/11, according to reports.

“For years, federal taxpayers have unwittingly financed the lifestyles of the defendants charged today,” says Cy Vance, an attorney working on the case.

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“Many participants cynically manufactured claims of mental illness as a result of September 11th, dishonoring the first responders who did serve their City at the expense of their own health and safety,” he continued.

“The brazenness is shocking,”

filming cops 9-11 cake

Officer Hurtado took over 407,000.00 illegally after lying about his conditions, according to reports. He was found doing just fine, enough to live in luxury and teach a martial arts school.

Many of the photos that investigators found on officers’ Facebook accounts directly proved that their reports were deceitful. 

One officer, for example, creatively claimed on his report that he was incapable of being around crowds due to a phobia caused by 9/11, according to local reports.

Investigators then found him having a great time with crowds and selling cream puff cakes at a gathering in New York.

filming cops 9-11 selling cream puffs

There may have also been lawyers and doctors involved in the scam.

It is believed that the lawyers and doctors knew how to invent paperwork to steal the taxpayer money that was reserved for real victims, and they may have advised the officers on how to lie in their reports, according to reports.

The officer is grinning with an expensive motorcycle, which his  reported "disabilities" wouldn't have allowed him to ride.

Another officer was seen grinning with an expensive motorcycle, which his reported “disabilities” would have prevented him from riding.

The advice was so specific that they helped the deceitful officers find out which keywords to use in order to make their claims seem legitimate, according to reports.

For example, they may have been told to say: “I nap on and off during the day.”

Another instruction described in court documents was put as follows: “They’re liable to say… spell the word “world,” so you go “W-R-L-D.” Then they’re gonna say “Spell it backwards.” You think about it, and you can’t spell it backwards.”

Police commissioner William Bratton released a statement about the scam, saying that the former officers indicted in the case “have disgraced all first responders who perished during the search and rescue efforts on September 11, 2001, and those who subsequently died from 9/11 related illness, by exploiting their involvements that tragic day for personal gain.”


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  • Unlicensed Dremel

    Lower’n whale shit, these guys…

  • Alice Mechler

    Whale shit floats…these guys would not!

  • Steve Uns

    What…more deceit and lies from cops?? No Way!!!!

  • lungfish

    I’ll believe its a crime when they fire them and send them to jail for the same crimes and the same time as any other citizen… absolutely disgraceful.

    • Tom

      Right on!

  • deanmay

    >>…stealing money that belonged to 9/11 victims.

    We are talking about money that was stolen from taxpayers, not money stolen from 9/11 victims. This kind of abuse is the natural and inevitable result of all government give away programs.

    • Tom


    • Justsomeguy151

      You are right. It should be worded “911 survivors” but the fed govt did that to act like they care when everyone knows those lying criminals allowed 911 to happen, at the very least.

  • Cops leech off Americans anyways, they don’t produce anything, just write tickets and take your tax money. Once in a while they may do some good but nothing that normal armed Americans couldn’t take care of if they did away with the laws that protect scumbags and send normal people to jail.

    • Drew

      so everytime a cop does something beneficial to society like make an important arrest its supposed to be aired on tv so idiots like yourself can have proof that they do something? Even if they never did anything its the intimidation of cops that prevent many crimes from even happening, most of the time cops prevent something from taking place if you wanted to see proof there would have to be a crime first, so it seems to me that you would want there to b crime just so you can have a cop come and stop it…..stop giving cops shit, regardless of anything else they all put their lives on the line everyday so jerks like yourself can sit their and mock them when they do such a good job

      • BrunoFehr

        At this moment the Police intimidates the people or “enemy combatants” because the crime rate does no decrease, proving that criminals do not feel intimidated.

        It does not matter if there are good cops when they look the other way when it comes to bad cops. Any cop that does that is a bad cop. Otherwise it would be like saying that he who robs an house is a criminal and he who keeps watch outside, is not!

        When I see a cop speaking out against a bad cop, I will be able to say, “there is a good cop”, until then fuck those leaches!

        • oocwpah

          You are right. As long as the cops cancel the truth they are an accessory to the crime. I will end the double standards everywhere. Pass the word.

      • Hp B

        kiss kiss smooch smooch (gag gag)

        Put their lives on the line.
        They’re not even top 10, unless it’s thievery or donut eating.

        • Tom

          I didn’t read your comment until after I posted. I know its hard to believe but I kid you not. 🙂

        • oocwpah

          The Supreme Court sais it is NOT the duty of the police to protect the people. Gonzales v Castle Rock and Warren V D.C. So what is their job? I will end the double standards.

      • Arcanek

        Wake up cop, you’ve abused the trust of the sheep. The bad ones don’t get rooted out. And you don’t do such a good job. You’re not fooling very many people anymore.

      • more truck drivers die every year on the jobs than cops. Farming, construction and dozens of other jobs are way more deadly than being a cop. Reducing poverty and the amount of lead poisoning in the environment would do more in reducing crime than all the cops in the world.

      • carlos

        Bums that they are. Thy are not helping anyone but themselves, FTP.

      • Tom

        The cops put their life on the line everyday? Is eating doughnuts that dangerous? How can they put their lives on the line everyday and not make the top ten most dangerous jobs list? A lumberjack puts his life on the line everyday just so you can have paper for your printer. The 7-11 Cashier working the midnight shift without the bullet proof vest, firearm, mace, taser, 12 gauge shotgun and two way radio – he or she is putting their life on the line so you can get a big gulp and a microwave burrito. Cops put their life on the line each and everyday? You don’t know what putting your life on the line is. You need to watch more DEADLIEST CATCH and less FOXNEWS.

        disclaimer: I hate MSNBC and CNN more than I hate FOXNEWS.

      • Eric

        Your “logic” is flawed on so many levels that I honestly don’t know where to begin. First, far more questionable homicides were carried out by police last year than police killed in the line of duty. I used to be a tree worker, so I know what it’s like to actually risk life and limb in the line of duty everyday, working a job in the top 10 most dangerous, and I have witnessed some ghastly shit as a result. Don’t kid your self, your job is not that dangerous, you’re trained and conditioned to precieve everyone as a threat though, so maybe, consider for a moment the possibility that the mentality that every person you deal with could be a violent criminal, actually makes you far more dangerous to the general public than any real criminals. People don’t need to be bullied and intimitated to behave properly, we don’t live in Nazi Germany (although its starting to seem more like it every day). A small percentage of people will do bad shit whether or not cops show up (typically after the crime has been carried out) and often times, the police will escalate situations after the threat and danger is long gone. Don’t worry, I won’t be calling the police “the next time I need one,” I have never needed a cop, and those rare times I was foolish enough to think I did, the best that happened was the cop did absolutely nothing. The fact that you believe people need the threat of police intimidation or we’ll descend into anarchy, really displays your hubris, arrogance and stupidity. The threat of violence and financial extortion does not make this world a safer place, for anyone. That’s like trying to use heavy curtains to let more light into the room. Mostly, the police serve to perpetuate another system, backed by private monetary interests and turn nonviolent offenders into convicts, all for the profit of the new, privitized prison system, while tax payers shoulder the burden. I’m tired of hearing this rhetoric again and again that most cops are good cops, well guess what, most citizens will do the right thing when given the opportunity. We aren’t all dangerous criminals who need to be locked up in the name of profit. We need to stop letting fear guide our actions and cloud our judgment.

      • Justsomeguy151

        Wrong, pig bootlicker. Pigs do what they do because they’re hoping to put a nigger’s head thru a plate glass window. They are unaccountable, fascist, murderers. I notice that yr dumbass had nothing to say about these criminals who defrauded the taxpayers to live high on the hog.

      • Ginger McNulty

        Even if what you say were true, would it justify the crimes reported in this article?

      • cops_suck_dirty_cocks

        cops and cop worshippers are all low iq, and were social outcasts as young kids and they want o show off that they aren’t the losers geeks and nerds they were when they were young.

      • Guest

        Get buttf*cked by more cops shillboy.

      • Frank

        Drew is absolutely correct, when seconds count the police are only minuets away. The line about how they lay their life on the line “every day” is old, worn out and completely false. Occasionally a life threatening situation comes along, frequency depending on your location. You know who truly lays their life on the line everyday? A clerk at an all night mini-mart/gas station. It’s the most dangerous job in this Country followed by a cab driver. Police are far down on the list. Don’t take my word for it, check FBI stat’s. That’s the problem with people these days, they just spout off what has been pounded into them. Very few “free thinkers”.

    • Tom

      Well said, Michael. It always annoys me when someone shows a video of a cop helping a person. A cop buys someone a bag of groceries and it makes tv – a teenager buys someone a bag of groceries and its just a nice gesture. When they show the video of the cop being nice it’s like they are showing a monkey on a typewriter – look, he can do things like humans.

  • Drew

    more than half of these cops didnt even realize what they had done, there are a few people in charge of the pensions funds and such from cops and when they told these human beings there is a chance for you to make free money all you have to do is say “blankety fucking blank” and its yours. How many people here would say fuck no to free money? People be dissing the men and women who keep them safe at night about shit they know nothing about, damn pricks…..

    • future astronuats mom

      So, that makes it alright? I’m not understanding your point. Because its “free” money that makes it okay? I find a lot of cops abuse their power. I also find some cops are excellent at doing their job. But, the meir fact that these stories are a majority makes you wonder how many are straight and how many are crooked. I’m well aware of ptsd and other things that came with 9/11. Jetskis and martial arts is definitely not characteristics of someone who is dealing with anything long term or debilitating.

    • Arnt Johnsen

      Bad excuse are not good enough when it comes to this.
      Just because you have the opportunity to “STEAL” money from this fund and those who actually lost someone at that time doesnt make it ok, they are policeofficers or was that at that moment and by cheating to take others money should give them a long long time in jail.

    • Arcanek

      Typical cop. So the cops don’t know the law? Is that what you are saying?

    • Luke Bartin

      drew you boot licker cops don’t keep us safe at night quit lying !!!!!! they are parasites sucking off the tit of the American taxpayers!!!!!!! disband and defund the gang in blue!!!!

    • SirTerrance Murphy

      You’re an idiot please don’t breed .

    • Justsomeguy151

      STFU, you lying pig!!! Yr not fooling anyone, fagot!!

  • juice

    A few bad apples fk it up for the rest
    …pardon my french

    • Arcanek

      A few bad apples would be driven out. That has never happened.

  • ben dover

    Bullets sent express airmail for all corrupt thugs in blue

  • Strawman

    Reading this has put me in a depressive state. Can I sue? I need the cash for ‘therapy’.

    • Arcanek

      You have to be a cop first.

      • Ginger McNulty

        Not worth my eternal soul

      • oocwpah

        I was military police 8 days out of High School and not knowing any better, and was thrown out for questioning stupid orders.

  • Arnt Johnsen

    These guys should be DRAGGED to jail with a sentence of 50 years. How the hell could they even get money, dont they (gov) check it up at all??? Thats the way in USA. Your society are crumbling down pretty fast now…

    • Arcanek

      If they checked up at all, it would be just another corrupt investigation and would end up with another pair of hands reaching out for their share of the loot.

  • Hp B

    Porkers thrive in the phony baloney US of Everything Is Rigged, Illegal (or pending)

  • Albert Ross

    But, they bleed blue! They’re better than us so they should be able to scam and cheat!

  • dagobarbz

    A lot of those tools got sent to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project sponsored by Scientology. I hope you fucks die later from that “treatment.” You are unworthy to be called human beings, let alone American patriots. F. U. Rilly.

  • Gary Pepper

    if ya have nOt figured it out for yourself yet…its like this…crime is a business … if there was no crime…you would not need all the cops…therefore when crime goes down…they invent crimes in order to collect a paycheck an show THERE stats …and a need for so many cops…when in fact …we do not need that many to do the same job and arrest real criminals…the justice system is a business..big big business the prison system is big big business …its made to be a revolving door…but the criminals in prison now from say 20 years ago are dying so they need to say restock to make the shareholders money they do not get paid for empty cells in jail or prison so they have to make sure there full…or over crowded….most are in jail for petty crimes and such like traffic tickets and other crimes of that nature….what happens when ya go to jail…ya loose your job …when ya get out….BAM…reality check…ya got to survive somehow… an there waiting on ya using that FACT they know your gonna commit a crime like stealing food to eat …an your right back in….its a revolving door for us…but not for them they do what they want when they want and how they want…..its the cold hard TRUTH…an the taxpayers you and i pay for them to do it….

  • Bill Brink

    and they expect respect because….?

  • Satina Pavia

    Is the Union President gonna tell his members to turn there backs now????

  • Dave Williams

    This is exactly why I will never donate any money etc. to any cause or charity.

  • Phasung Baccam

    Scumbag of the earth

  • KP

    Scumbags stealing money slated for 9/11 victims and still you cop cheerleaders are giving excuses. Of course there are good cops but when you see some POS cops likes these you turn a blind eye……What shitheads some of you are. That’s why the system is screwed up and cops get away with murder. I hope they prosecute these pricks to the fullest extent of the so called law.

  • Kim Serrahn

    Is anyone really all that surprised.

  • bill

    These disgust me, everyone claiming falsely should be shot. They are total scum bags but what else would you get in the NYPD.

  • Not pro Israel

    What do cops do for you besides make you nervous when you leave your home?

  • Barack Obama

    Conservatives look the other way or support cops when they kill minorities, but the minute they start messing with their money its a travesty and their evil.

  • oocwpah

    There are charges that can be brought up that have no limitation of time and there will be no double jeopardy.

  • samoanpunch .

    What’s amusing about this is that 9/11 was not only used to swindle trillions through artificial wars in the middle east but was also used to destroy evidence in major cases worth trillions when Building 7 went down. So here we are now arresting those who responded for fraud and yet to this day the DOJ will not act on the Commissions referral to prosecute individuals from the Pentagon who knowingly falsified reports in their attempt to disrupt the investigation. Keep believing you’re doing the community a service officers. You’re nothing but pawns for the elite.

  • michael92064

    I do disability evaluations. Police departments and cities use 3rd party administrators for workers compensation cases. The administrator companies do not pay the claims but pass it on to the city to pay. Unions have seen to it that very little oversight is present. The vast majority of the claims I work on minimise the injury as they want to continue to work. Near retirement however, they blow it wide open to get additional retirement benefits. They call it “Chiefs” disease.

  • Christopher Dahl

    Come on, I’m from NYC, whaddya expect…cops are corrupt. They can’t live in NYC with what they get paid…gotta hustle. I always keep a folded hundred under my driver’s license for contributions to the Police Benevolent Fund in case there is an issue with the cops…They always like my paperwork, and I can continue to do whatever illegal thing I was doing…