Cop Tases Handcuffed Girl Until She Becomes Vegetative, Dies


TAMPA, FL — A 20-yr-old girl’s family has filed a lawsuit against a cop after their daughter was left in a brain-dead, vegetative state until she died.

This is Danielle Maudsley before she was Tased to death by the officer.

This is Danielle Maudsley before she was Tased to death by the officer.


Officer Cole, who was known as “Trigger Happy Trooper,” can be seen on dashcam video Tasing the girl until she collapsed into the pavement — ultimately she passed into a vegetative state (footage below), and died.

She clearly posed no threat to the officer, but he Tased her anyway.

She was in handcuffs at the time.

Once he Tased her in her back, she fell to the pavement and became paralyzed.

She said, “I can’t get up.”

The officer replied, “I don’t want you to get up,” as the high voltage electricity made its way through her limp body.

After surviving in a vegetative state for some time, she finally died, leaving behind her family and community.

Danielle Maudsley is pictured in a brain-dead state after being Tased by the officer.

Danielle Maudsley is pictured in a brain-dead state after being Tased by the officer.

The officer was “cleared” afterwards and was not convicted of murder. Her family is hoping that will change.

10 News reports that the same officer was also being sued by a cemetery owner whom he shot in 2012. 

Regarding the dashcam footage of Danielle Maudsley being Tased, the attorney states, “This is one of the most disturbing videos I’ve ever seen.”

“Once you watch this, you can’t get it out of your head.” he added.

Danielle was handcuffed and trying to avoid the officer, wanting to be left alone at the time the incident occurred.

Instead of running to catch her, the obese officer opened fire with his Taser gun, shooting electrical hooks into her spine, until she collapsed and smashed her skull against the concrete.

This might illustrate once again a psychopathy among officers, unnecessarily inflicting pain on Americans.

Often they can be heard bragging about killing people afterwards, or laughing and high-fiving each other in total disregard for citizens.

After Americans protested the beating death of Kelly Thomas, for example, they were arrested and thrown into a police van.

As they were transported to jail, cops could be heard laughing and saying “There’s a pack of 12 cops waiting to smash your fucking faces in (laughter).”

Another cop added, “And I’ve got two words for all of you, ‘Not Guilty,'” prompting the officers to laugh again. He was gloating over the fact that the officers who were caught on film bludgeoning the homeless man to death were found not guilty.

Another incident in which a young boy was Tased to death included reports of cops laughing and joking about how the boy’s private parts “tightened up” as they electrocuted him to death.

Dashcam footage of Danielle Maudsley’s tragedy is included below. Discretion is strongly advised.

Warning: graphic footage.

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  • denxerw2000

    I’m having the feeling that the increase in the psychopath behavior of cops (although in decadent ultra-individualistic and shallow societies like ‘Murika the increase in psychopath behavior is omnipresent everywhere, from school shooters, to CEOs and tv-anchors) is not evolving passively.
    Instead, I believe there may be an organized politically motivated effort to make the police appear as horrible and despicable by the population, that originates from the “libertarian” far-right, who are waiting for society and the rule of law to crumble down, so that they can start their private armies and start building their fiefs and empires the medieval way as they always wanted since democracy came in and ruined their dominance. There’s absolutely nothing else to expect if you take Friedmanian thought and the other Rothbard clowns and place it on the longterm..

    • Ori LegFav

      Yeah. Because Andy Griffith would have tazed the shit out of someone. Get real bub. He was obviously a fat sack of shit, that just did not feel like putting in any effort to move faster than a walk.

    • Herbert Napp

      You’re so full of sht that it’s coming out of your ears, eyes, nose, and mouth.

    • Tamra Louviere

      Sounds to me like you have absolutely no idea whatsoever what being a libertarian actually is about. ZERO CLUE! How about educating yourself before you make yourself look like a moron…OOPS! Too late!

    • JW

      Why won’t anyone think of the violent, militarized and heavily armed police!?

      Need a hanky to wipe away those tears?

    • Sean Sellars

      The girl was involved in 2 hit and runs which she could have killed multiple people….no real sympathy from me

      • the girl was being charged, and was not convicted, of fleeing the scene of an accident . this is not even a felony charge, and the penalties surely would not have included the death penalty . exactly why are you such an ass?

    • Raven Macdonald

      I don’t think these people are capable of understanding what you are trying to convey.

  • Rob creek

    You guys are fucking crazy. If she had only two misdemeanor offenses why did she run? Maybe the cops missed a weapon and that’s why she was running that’s probably why she was tazed. Your all blaming the cop. She made the choice to run. The cop was by the book tazed. Told her not to move she hit her head. And started a call for ems. Goid job officer.

    • Herbert Napp

      Not by the book at all. Maybe the initial tase but the continued tasing? Nope.

      • Sean Sellars

        He tazed her one time maybe watch the video

        • Herbert Napp

          You can maintain the single tase you absolute knuckle dragging statist apologist.

          • altmartion

            for starters, no…. you can’t unless it’ tampered with and even then, it will overheat. also, I can’t imagine anyone rolling up the wires while it’s sending high voltage through them.

          • Herbert Napp

            You are a MORON. You can maintain a single tase, wow. Do you need a link to one that does it or are you too busy licking a burly moron cops boots?

          • altmartion

            do you understand how a tase affects a body? there is absolutely no way, no how a person has the ability to voluntarily pick themselves up. and talking is not going to happen. it’s just not. if someone is able to function at all it is because the weapon malfunctioned. 10,000 volts at small amps affects function. 50,000 disables function. that’s the point, of them. other wise they would use a 9 volt battery. right?

          • Herbert Napp

            Actually tasing has anomalous effects on a variety of people, and if this woman’s death isn’t an example of how true this is, I don’t know what to tell you. I am maintaining that he tased too long. Either way, he should have been picked off by a citizen. Stop worshiping the state you little idiot.

          • altmartion

            you are misinformed. or just plain making it up. all police issue cew’s interrupt body’s electrical communication resulting in involuntary muscle contractions and other functions. you will not and can not talk or get up. you pretty much are brainless for 5 seconds. this is the way they operate if you don’t want to believe it, I don’t know what to tell you. right? do you realize the lives these things save? how about the amount of money these cew’s save towns and villages? I am not worshiping anything, I am simply putting things into perspective because of all the fiction here. idiots do not guess about facts. if I provided info based on a guess, I would not have a job. and must be doing something right because my family lives very comfortable.

          • taser is a deadly weapon . you can claim ‘lives saved’ all you want, but tasers have killed hundreds of people since their fairly recent introduction … and are used by lazy ass cops instead of running … not used instead of firing a gun … they’re used as pre-trial extra-judicial punishment by self-promoted pigs

          • Gary Fischman

            How can you claim that tazers are saving lives when cops are shooting more people dead than ever?

          • Raven Macdonald

            and why don’t you read a book honkey tonk?

          • Herbert Napp

            I just finished a Thomas Beckett novel, what do you recommend besides the back of a spray paint can?

    • Stoney

      Im with you Rob I think the cop did his job. Why did she run out of a police station? I don’t see in the video her getting constantly tazed. I see a cop trying to get her help. I fill bad for the girl dyeing. But its not the cops fault it is all on her for running.

      • Yourallfuckingretards

        So it’s alright for some to be killed because she was fleeing for her life? All these points of maybe this and maybe that are completely heresy. There’s nothing to support that she was a danger and grabbing onto false information of should haves is not acceptable. Cops are supposed to protect citizens and deadly force should only be used if the cop is being threatened. She was clearly no threat and he deserves punishment for clearly being a murderer. Period.

        • Endgame

          All of these points of maybe this and maybe that are completely against religious philosophies of the church? (Heresy) Lol! Just kidding, I couldn’t resist.

        • Sean Sellars

          She did it to herself….you escape from a police station and expect to be coddled

        • Sean Sellars

          You do know her two minor traffic offenses was two hit and runs….where she could have killed multiple families….so excuse me if i dont shed a tear

          • her charge was fleeing the scene … no felony charges because whatever scene she fled caused no injury . but you go right on ahead cheering this fatfuck cop for murdering a kid

        • altmartion

          nobody said it was alright to be killed. fleeing for her life was not the case here… wait, maybe after the hit an runs she was in earlier.

          • maybe she was afraid for her life . we’ll never know, since the cop murdered her

        • Raven Macdonald

          its considered less than lethal force FOR CRYING OUT FUKING LOUD ARE U ALL WEARING CLOWN SHOES?

        • Raven Macdonald

          I hate to say it but I’ve seen exsesive force have been the victim in fact. This girl made a choice now did she expect to get tazed I doubt it. But the fact remains that they r in Tampa not bum fuk Hoboken town in rural Colorado, the offic…er made a choice as well he chose less than lethal force to apprehend a person in custody who was trying to escape. Let’s also take note of the handcuffs in front of her and not behind the back that speaks volumes to how the girl was being treated before the attempted escape. I’ve been arrested numerous times not to boast but to say that I’ve never had the cuffs in front unless shackled around the waist and a matching pair of cuffs for the ankles. Bottom line cause and affect. Two roads diverged in wood and I chose the one less traveled and it has made all the difference. Make good choices people cause u never know when a police officer is going to do his job.

        • LizTheGing

          She wasn’t fleeing for her life! It’s not like she was on death row or something! She was simply running from a police officer. She brought all of this upon herself. Period.

      • Truth-Speaker

        You, like 95% of the american population, have NO IDEA what-so-ever what the LAW is, you don’t understand Law, neither do you understand the system that exists in your society. You are uneducated and too lazy to educate yourself, therefor keep your opinions to yourself until you grow a brain.

        • Endgame

          Wow! I sure hope you’ve got a mighty tall ladder, because that horse you’re sitting on is a serious leg breaker.

        • altmartion

          this is the problem. why not tell us these laws? you certainly are not proving your intelligence here. please educate so our brains can grow. thanks a bunch.

      • Endgame

        Not only does your distorted view of reality read like an open book as to double digit level of your intellect, but your grammar does as well.

    • Ophelia

      There is a fine line between by the books and police brutality. The dash camera clearly showed him saying he didnt care. That’s not a good police officer. She said she couldnt get up, she was injured. He killed her through excessive force. There was no reason to KEEP shocking her if she was on the ground and couldnt get up.

      That’s brutality. You can try to say the officer was in the right, but he killed her through his force. How is that protecting and serving the people? She wasnt even a threat and yet he still tazed her over and over.

      • altmartion

        he said he didn’t care, it was to protect her. she had smashed her head. you should not move until it is checked. where did you see more than 1 time she was tazed? did you happen to catch why she was in cuffs in the first place?

        • in cuffs for a misdemeanor charge of fleeing the scene of an accident … likely a fender bender, or the charge would’ve been greater

          he didn’t care, as is shown clearly by his demeanor . he wasn’t checking on her well-being after causing her head to smash into concrete (which he acknowledged) … he knew she had a head injury and did nothing to check on her

    • slm

      You are an ASS. I don’t gove a sh!t what she did – she WAS in handcuffs and did NOT NEED to be taized. The POS “cop” is a THUG and a MURDER – PERIOD.

      • whitefalcon74

        cops are out of control every were a jury just let 2 cops off fora murder they committed to kelly thomas here in Fullerton got national attention very good camera of the murder but the jury let them go no justice until these cops start getting killed as well

        • yup . it’s getting worse . because of the acquittal of kelly thomas’ murderers … people who otherwise doubted the brutality of the police now finally get it . up ’til that case, almost every case reported of police brutality and murder was against black and brown people … and many whites didn’t care about that

      • Sean Sellars

        She didnt care if she killed anyone while she was using her car as a battering ram…involved in not one but two hit and runs where multiple people could have been killed by this crackhead

        • kevin

          The cop used a taser on her while she was handcuffed. Even if she did get away, she still has to get the fucking handcuffs off, then she would have a warrant. Much better solution for “serving and protecting” than to fucking send electricity through her while she is handcuffed. That constitutes as torture for me. “nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” VIOLATION OF THE 8TH AMENDMENT.

        • Ginger Wilson

          What the hell difference does it make what she did or didn’t do? She was handcuffed, running, with no way to break her fall. All the idiot cop had to do was pick up his pace a little in order to catch her. There was no reason for her to be tased at all besides his ineptitude and laziness.

          • altmartion

            no way to break her fall? her arms weren’t tied to her side. her legs weren’t shackled. if they were we wouldn’t be here.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Have you lost your mind? Her hands were cuffed behind her back. I fail to see how she had the opportunity to break her fall with this being the case.

          • altmartion

            did you even watch the video? she was not cuffed behind her back. her arms were swinging around as she was fleeing. please do more research then get back to me.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Why yes, I did watch the video. Apologies. I should have simply said handcuffed, not handcuffed behind her back. Doesn’t affect the fact that she had no way to break her fall when being tased from behind with no warning. Also, doesn’t change the fact that there was no reason to tase a handcuffed woman rather than just jogging a bit to catch her. No reason but laziness.

          • altmartion

            she sure was swinging them around though, her head was clouded with drugs and adrenaline and obviously wasn’t thinking clearly. his weight was a factor I am sure, but she was pretty fast and had a head start. he could have let her go sure. she may have done more damage elsewhere. it’s not hard to cut cuffs off with proper tools. I don’t think his intention was death he could have done it earlier. mistakes were made by both. consider where the incident began. his mistake was ultimately the biggest but hers made it possible. it takes 2 to tango.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Yes, it does take two to tango. She paid for her part with her life. He paid nothing and probably won’t. That’s kind of the point. She was a danger to no one at the moment he decided to tase her. I’m quite sure with all those cops around, she would not have gotten far running down the street in her handcuffs. There seemed to be plenty of them standing around enjoying the show after the fact.

          • Raven Macdonald

            I hate to say it but I’ve seen exsesive force have been the victim in fact. This girl made a choice now did she expect to get tazed I doubt it. But the fact remains that they r in Tampa not bum fuk Hoboken town in rural Colorado, the offic…er made a choice as well he chose less than lethal force to apprehend a person in custody who was trying to escape. Let’s also take note of the handcuffs in front of her and not behind the back that speaks volumes to how the girl was being treated before the attempted escape. I’ve been arrested numerous times not to boast but to say that I’ve never had the cuffs in front unless shackled around the waist and a matching pair of cuffs for the ankles. Bottom line cause and affect. Two roads diverged in wood and I chose the one less traveled and it has made all the difference. Make good choices people cause u never know when a police officer is going to do his job.

          • Raven Macdonald

            the cuffs were in front u need new glasses

      • t,t

        And FAT! I’ve never seen such fat cops.

      • LizTheGing

        And you are an IDIOT. She was running from police officer. She brought all of this upon herself. If she had not run away, she would still be alive.

    • Troll-hunter

      Stop trolling and go screw yourself

    • sidharta

      I hope his next victim will be your kid, brother, or sister see how you react next.

      • Joe

        Sounds like Robs kid may be smarter than this girl and will stay put when told.

        • PoliceStateBS

          When told? So now any cop can just tell me what to do? If this was my daughter that cop would already be dead.

          • Sean Sellars

            Well if your crackhead daughter was out driving a car with no license involved in two hit and runs and continued to flee and resist arrest and then escape again what room do you have to talk….

          • Ryan

            Doesn’t matter what she did. He used excessive force. He deserves two in the chest and one in the head period.

          • Sean Sellars

            Two counts of hit and run….where multiple families could have been killed….she used the car she was in as a battering ram….she endangered hundreds of lives…try a little research

          • Ryan

            Excessive force…ever heard of it? That fat fuck pig was two steps away from her and he killed her because he was two lazy to grab her. Fuck him and fuck you too Sean. That fat pig deserves to be handed the same if not worse kind of hand he dealt her. Again if that was my daughter we wouldn’t be having this convo because his fat ass would already be in a body bag.

          • Sean Sellars

            And if this girl in her rampage had ran your wife and kids over you would not be all up in a defense of this not so innocent girl who almost killed multiple people

          • Ryan

            I would have much rather seen her go to trial like it’s supposed to work. A cop is supposed to protect and serve he is supposed to be impartial. He does not get to play judge jury and executioner. That cop deserves to pay for what he did. I don’t give a shit what you say.

          • Sean Sellars

            He tazed her once put the blame where its deserved on this girl….she didnt give a fuck. She damn sure didnt give a shit when was using her car as a deadly weapon….she hadnt ran she would be alive

          • is defending killer cops a hobby for you? plenty of business lately

          • kevin

            Sean you love the fucking “if” word. If this, if that. GUESS WHAT. SHE IS DEAD. Your lust on her hit and runs? they are not dead. Grow a fucking brain you murderer sympathizer. It’s sick that you are defending murderers.

          • you seem to believe this cop is justified in committing murder . what a sick puppy you are

          • Ipo Kahulamu

            Sean sounds like hes either a cop or wants to lick their balls on the daily.

          • Sean Sellars

            And you sound like the kinda bitch that talks shit about cops but is the first one to call 911

          • MoBetter2

            Screw you, moron! Most real men, who are self-sufficient wouldn’t call a Thug With A Badge for anything, other to come take the body away from the scene after all has been sorted out. I don’t need them, don’t want them around me, and realize I am actually safer if I have absolutely no contact with these lawless, self-serving, badge-heavy idiots.

          • Phoenixmarguerite Turner

            mobetter2, i agree i open carry a sig-sauer .380 and conceal carry a 22 mag north american arms mini revolver that fits in the palm of my hand,my bra or my boot…i am a self-sufficient woman….with no need of thugs with badges..amen? amen

          • Ipo Kahulamu

            Not me fagboy. But you go right ahead. I can handle my own shit. I don’t chat with the enemy.

            But continue on with your licking. I bet you like those New Mexico searches too huh? Fun for a guy like you.

          • please, please do not resort to using homophobic slurs … you are insulting people who agree with you

          • you seem to think that we, who pay taxes to pay police, should not be able to both criticize and push for prosecution for police who murder on our dime, and still expect police to do their fucking jobs and protect us … even and especially when we’re in custody . they have a job to do : killing us isn’t part of that job

            some of us know better than to call police even when we’re in need of help : they kill unarmed and even innocent people every fucking day

          • MoBetter2

            Yes, great – now morons are bestowing Judge, Jury and Executioner powers to the fat men in blue. Why bother with the judicial part of things?- if a cop says something to a lowly citizen that’s it, if they don’t comply immediately the officer is then empowered to arrest them to death.

          • altmartion

            sure, if your in cuffs they can tell you what to do. I am afraid if your daughter has the same attitude something like this is more likely.

          • ‘tell you what to do’ and ‘taze you to death’ are not the same

    • Joe

      Your right Rob!

    • Bryan Shepard

      You are a fucking idiot. Why defend murder.

    • James

      Hey asshole you think maybe she was running because of something he did. … She was in cuffs, if he wasn’t so fucking fat and out of shape he could have just grabbed her and be done with it. … Second, why didn’t the piece of shit call an ambulance after she told him I can’t get up. …

      • ‘zactly . for all we know he sexually assaulted her, causing her to run … thugs like him kill witnesses

    • Barb Prasow

      Your right, it was 2 misdemeanor traffic offences and she should not have run. Why she ran we will never know. Could it be that she was threatened? Police here in my own city have sexually abused people while being arrested…. did they threaten her? But just because she ran does not mean she deserved to die. Maybe if the 3 huge police officers had chased her they would have caught her. What happened to the days when the officers were physically fit? In the time it took to pull that taser out of its holser and aim and shoot it, he could have caught her and she would be alive….. The police are getting away with murder these days. I know I sure would not trust the police, and the judicial system is no better. She was wrong for running sure, but she surely did not deserve to die for a few traffic violations…

      • Artie

        “Maybe if the 3 huge police officers had chased her they would have caught her.” MAYBE? He was TWO $#[email protected] FEET BEHIND HER when he electrocuted her. If he couldn’t catch a restrained perp who was within arm’s reach then HTF did he ever pass the department’s physical fitness requirements?

        • he couldn’t pass the elephant in the zoo’s physical fitness requirements

      • Sean Sellars

        It wasnt two minor traffic offenses she was involved in two hit and runs…she didnt care if she killed someone

        • kevin

          I guess anyone who commits a hit and run, no matter what evidence is there, no matter that we have the 5th amendment (which is our right to a trial), deserves to die right Sean? Fuck the Constitution. That’s what you just said you sick piece of shit

        • she was charged with fleeing the scene of an accident … misdemeanor

          even if she was CHARGED with MURDER, she wasn’t tried and convicted and sentenced to DIE

    • Tamra Louviere

      I blame the cop! If he wasn’t an out of shape, fat, lazy fuck he could have run a few steps and grabbed her. But no…his donut eating ass couldn’t do that…ugh!

    • sslim

      YOU FUCKING IDIOT! Maybes and might haves have no place hear. is that what was claimed? did they provide evidence of a weapon.I hope one of the people these fucking pigs maim or kill is you or some one you care about. I’m sure you’ll have a different opinion of these government sanctioned psychopaths.

    • Ric

      hey idiot…cops arent trained to taze in the back and escalation of force should have crossed his mind…and if there was a weapon on her this whole story would have been different…but as im sure you know by watching and listening to the story she didnt have one …you are retarded please dont reproduce…oh and im a cop saying he was wrong…youre a pathetic little bitch who came on this site just to be a nay sayer…get a life

      • Sean Sellars

        Lmao who told you that bullshit they can taze wherever theres an open target

        • MoBetter2

          Maybe you’re so dense that you will need a Thug With A Badge to tase you while your handcuffed and pose no threat to teach you some compassion for your fellow human beings. God help whomever you come in contact with if you, in fact, wear a badge….

    • Jat Hunter

      are you fucking crazy? she was half their lazy ass size, seriously? she needed to be tazed? this will not stop until either the decent cops stand up to this shit or the people stand up to this shit. those cops need to be charged , period. If we don’t start charging these so called law enforcers with their crimes then the next shot or taze could be you. but then it wouldn’t be your fault huh ;. ::eyeroll:::

      • tell the truth . she was about a fifth the size of the thug gang member who murdered her

    • Tim Flinchum

      your a fucking tard, and I bet your dad or brother is a cop

    • Tish

      Innocent until proven guilty !! besides.. she was already handcuffed…no one, absolutely no one can be judge, jury and executioner..especially cops !

    • Ginger Wilson

      Don’t you think they would mention if there was a weapon found on her? I hardly think she had time to hide it while she was on the ground.

  • digit

    Not saying the cop was wrong doing what he did. The only thing I could see ad to what he did wrong is this. He knew she hit her head hard. He said it. He should have called for a paramedic emergency. If I were to shoot am intruder or anyone in self defence. I am, by law, required to call 911 to report the shooting. I must do what I can to try and savethisperson. This , so called, cop. Did not. His negligence caused this girls death.

    • truth

      that guy was not a cop, he was not acting in his capacity as a public servant, he was a cold blood murderer, nothing more nothing less..

    • Tony Guillaro

      I agree the only thing he did wrong was not call the paramedics asap…. Her head smashed the ground hard, that’s what cause the damage

      • JW

        Too bad she didn’t have a doughnut taped to her back. He then might have been able to work up the gumption to have chased her. Instead, Officer Lumpy could only be bothered to tase a small, handcuffed young woman, unable to break her fall.

        He should be rotting in jail for his action and inaction, as any non-cop would be. Here’s hoping for karma to kick his ass.

      • Mike Priester

        Which would not have happened had he not tasered her. He was literally a foot or two away from grabbing her arm. How far could she have possibly run before being apprehended? And furthermore, what was she arrested for? Murder? Armed robbery? No. It was a couple of misdemeanor traffic violations for Christ’s sake. This cop could not have reasonably felt that this girl posed a threat to anyone, and that using a taser – a potentially lethal weapon – was necessary.

      • primalmedic413

        How are all you people missing what happened? Did you actually watch the video? He called for EMS 36 seconds after she was tased.

      • pork chops

        come on sick cheese, he used excessive force to ” teach her a lesson” we should make a special day for cops, call it shoot a cop Thursday’s.

    • Anarchist1776

      I hope you are not as dumb as your response, and are being sarcastic,The pig tazering her is what caused her death…people like you are why these cops do what they do and get away with it, people like you were the gastapo in nazi germany…people like you will pay for your treason, if you are not agianst the police you are with them, and deserve the same fate.

      • mrscoffie3

        That was a very good response of digit, Of course he should not have used such force, but he should have called 911 medical emergency once he did it- you can see how she declines as filmed. You can see she hit her head BAD, and her decline as her BRAIN AND SPINAL CORD SWELLED, trying to sit up, trying to move her legs, and able to do less and less in a course of a minute, sitting half way up, then not able to get up at all….that is an emergency, brain swelling, rapidly, about to herniate. You can see her legs are flaccid and she is flat by the end of the very quick film.
        I worked in brain injury, you can see she had to have a craniectomy – removal of part of her skull on the left side- that was to relieve the pressure and try to save her brain. Had he called for 911 medical, it could have saved brain tissue. You can see in later pictures, or at least I can from my work, she cannot do much at all that we consider for granted as life.

        • Fuckyoupigs

          You spelled it all out but I want to pony out how little compassion he showed for a young woman that just hit her head Bc of actions he took that he shouldn’t have. He can see obviously she is hurt and in danger does he try to comfort her no but he does belittle her by telling her she is getting more charges. I hope he get ran over by another cop that he pulled over for DUI and cut him a break Bc he was a cop and the guy turns around to think him but runs him over.

          • Phoenixmarguerite Turner

            fuckyoupigs, i just laughed at your scenario until the tears flowed

          • altmartion

            what? this last part makes no sense. too drawn out.

        • Charles Semenko

          Umm, if you listen to the video, he calls for EMS immediately on his radio.

          • mrscoffie3

            It appears he called the guys in the station. He mumbles about 13 syllables, and all that is legible is “tasered” and “run”. I did not hear the word EMS, or description to EMS of her condition, EMS usually asks questions to evaluate what level of equipment and personnel to send.

    • gespin3549

      He did call for EMS…listen to the video again.

  • Fuller Malarkey

    Chris Dorner, where are you when we need you…..

    • Paul Osborn

      ~ His name was Chris Dorner.
      ~ His name was Kelly Thomas.

    • altmartion

      I have heard this name before. who is it?

      • Higzy

        It’s called Google Search. Don’t be so lazy, use it.

      • seriously? barbequed by police … ultimately because he had dirt on them . plus, they shot up two other vehicles and almost killed three people (two old asian ladies and a skinny, white surfer) in their effort to murder a large black man

  • Joe

    Dumb people running away for dumb reasons bring this on to themselves.

    • EBounding

      Well said, Slave!

    • JW

      Much like this post.

    • Tamra Louviere


  • wut

    Soooo where’s he tase her the second time?

  • fat cops nightmare

    he did it because hes a fat, disgusting waste of a man. who was goig to get outrun by a little girl.
    the people in charge of prividing security should atleast be fit to do so in a proper manner.

  • monobin

    I wish the video was posted before the article. the comments would be much less biased.

  • FuckTheWorld

    Anyone who defends or supports what this pig did, deserves a savage beating, fuck the police, and fuck you. according to some, he did his dooty,, and a 20 year old girl is dead, because of him. she ran, why, who cares, fuck them and fuck you.

    • Zack attack

      It’s videos and things like this that make me smile when hearing about a pig being taken to the slaughter. Wish it would happen more often or at least often enough for future bacon to learn how to treat people.

    • John Thiesen

      Look at your name. If you hate this world so much, why don’t you do us all a favor and leave?

      • Peep

        Why don’t you leave. You must be another pig fucking, killer cop.

        • altmartion

          good one!! lesson learned. way to show how you can educate him. come on man, put some thought into it.

  • Barb Prasow

    Im sure they could have caught her without tasering her. Maybe these cops need to lose some weight so they can actually chase and catch her. Cops are getting away with murder these days. I dont know about anyone else, but I sure do not trust the cops nor the judicial system.

    • Duane

      Have you seen how fat these cops are? he couldn’t chase a donut if it rolled away

      • Phoenixmarguerite Turner


      • Merk

        He sure as hell would try though.

    • Tony Capo

      No maybes about it. Look at him. He is a fat lazy pig.

    • John Scott

      Me neither !!

    • anastasiya gutnik

      i wonder why she was attempting escape. she would be alive if she hadn’t tried to escape.

      • Peep

        So because, she “attempted” to get away, she deserved to die? Are you an asshole, pig fucking cop?

        • sick and tired of all this cra

          You are a moron. All of you are morons. All you hear is one side and immediately make a decision. Grow up, learn all the facts and then speak. I know, I know, you do know all the facts! BS no one does on this thread, but you are all willing to condem some one for it!

          • Ryan Cuzzort

            I hope someone you care about dies via a “cop just doing their job”.

          • Brianne Turner

            That is seriously uncalled for. What about you? Should someone you love be killed? Grow up!

          • Miles Coleman

            He’s making a point trash……..people as ignorant as you will never change your oppinion until it happens to you or someone close to you…… lack empathy for your fellow man (which makes you a sociopath just like cops), and you lack any real world experience to even have formed an opinion…..I hope the same as Ryan Cuzzort does, then maybe you would wake the fuck up!

          • Raven Macdonald

            what a comment you ignorant fk

          • n10dkf

            A stinking worthless pig tazed her. She died as a result of his actions. I am sick and tired of you bootlicking pig apologists. NOTHING she did warranted the death penalty!

          • Brianne Turner

            It wasn’t the death penalty. It was an accident. Caused by her actions and also the cops.

          • Miles Coleman

            yes I agree, there was that part of the video where she grabbed the cops taser and shot herself with it and then amazingly pulled the trigger over and over while being electrocuted and having no muscular control……you guys all saw that part right?

          • Margaret Sturman

            It was not an accident, he killed her. I hope the parents’ lawsuit leaves him penniless, I hope karma catches up with him soon.

          • do-the-right-thing

            raven, you are a fucking idiot. im sure from your comment that you are too stupid to recognize it

          • YERDUMB

            He tazed her, because she was fleeing an officer of the law, you cant controll how much a tazer hits somone, its made to knock them down, chasing someone can put their life at risk as well, he made a choice and it ended poorly yes, but she shouldnt have ran, if you actually watch the video, he hit the tazer once, and unplugged it, never hit her with it again, she never tenses up again, or twiches like when a tazer hits someone, these “pigs” as you fucks like to call them, are the ones keeping retards like you from getting shot and killed, putting their life on the line, so you can live in your fucking fantasy world where they are the bad guys, by protecting the peace, if you want to hate on anyone, hate the government

          • Mvp

            Chasing a girl who is at arms reach is dangerous, so I’ll just taze her instead? “Oh, and I’m too fat to run, so that justifies it as well.” Are you a fucking moron? It’s called bad judgement. And these days, a lot of cops make bad judgements. You wonder why most cops are fat? Because they don’t care about their job, they just want a pension.

          • Ralph E Berkeypile Jr

            A taser is a deadly weapon. The violent maniac used it against an unarmed human being. It doesn’t matter if she was running. If I were a woman, I also would run from these violent sociopaths behind badges. . If this girl were my daughter, I would find the cop, walk up behind him, and put a bullet in the back of his head.

          • Raven Macdonald

            actually its considered less than lethal force

          • Miles Coleman
          • Margaret Sturman

            Obviously that’s wrong. People have died of heart attacks because of tasers. I find the willingness to give up everyone’s civil rights because the cops “are always right” rather disturbing.

          • Jack

            But no they protect us from the really bad people out there… what a joke. The law and threat of punishment is the only thing in the USA that protects any of us, but the government is just as likely to break the law and kill you as any “criminal” is so what does that matter?

          • Pinken Green

            you can see her convulse on the ground then he tassed her the first time so i say he zapped her twice the cu#t. and
            yes to fat the run

          • nopers

            Statistically speaking, in most places you are now more likely to be shot and killed by a Politically Incorporated Gangster than any other criminal. They are not protecting anyone. They are bullies and egotists who enjoy violence and control over others.

          • Nicole Lynn Spengler

            He also didn’t care what her legs were not moving… also acted like a jack ass about the other cop helping her… he didn’t care how hurt she was. He only cared that his ego was bruised… He could have grabbed her and he absolutely could have chased her! “Life in danger” is something cops have gotten so used to saying it doesn’t even have meaning any longer… oh you dog barked”my life was in danger” oh you ran away in cuffs with no weapon “life in danger” what a joke. Cops are worthless. So who in your family is a cop?

          • Mr Gadjet

            I find that yes police are here to protect and serve. I was a police office for 7 years and I found that working for the federal government and working with local county police and local municipals. Its about a 30% ratio of bad cops to 70% good ones and the bad ones make the good look bad as well. I met and delt with many difficult perps and had a few run on me. But then again I am not fat; and the word is never run from a fat cop because you will get shot.

          • Tiger

            So…..if none of the “good” cops (your 70%) do not turn in any of the “bad” cops (your 30%)…..does that mean that there really are any “good” cops? Interesting thought, isn’t it?

          • Miles Coleman

            Love to see where you get your statistics pig……….since “good cops” never rat on bad cops….how can you have any statistical evidence on the subject, but way to try and make your buddies look good!

          • Dan Fleming

            When “Good” cops don’t do anything about “Bad” cops then all are Bad.

          • ihateidiots

            Did you even read the report? She died from being tazed repeatedly, and really? Cops are keeping us from getting shot? By whom are we getting shot by? Because, all I see are cops killing people. Educate yourself, please, before you go preaching on how amazing officers of the law are.

          • Ihateidiots2

            Did you watch the video? You can clearly see and hear that he hit her with the taser once then unplugged it. Now I’m definitely not a cop and not a huge fan of police either, however, I don’t have a problem with cops. Why? Because I don’t break the law! Don’t fuck with a person with a gun on their hip and you won’t get shot! You can also hear in all of these cops’ voices that they weren’t insensitive pieces of shit, laughing, or having a good time with this situation. A situation that would not have happened if the cop were in better shape so he could chase her and regain control. But it did. And none of you know the events prior to the dashcam feed, so how can you judge? How do you armchair judges rule on the Ferguson shooting? You should all really grow up and find something more constructive to do with your overactive imaginations. Bottom line is this, don’t break the law, and you won’t have a problem with cops.

          • Eric East

            Fuck you. Are you fucking retarded? He did continue to tazer her for a full 5 seconds AFTER she fell and smashed her head. Listen to the tazer sound effect, she isn’t “tensing up” because her body is practically lifeless at this point dumbass.

            They are pigs and they don’t protect anything, they are more likely to kill you than save you. They kill the people that served and protected them! How many veterans have they senselessly killed? Like when they tackled a 65 year old veteran to the floor killing him because he had the nerve to try to leave a VA hospital because after several hours he was tired of waiting. Or the 68 yr old veteran whose heart alert monitor accidentally triggered. The police arrived on the scene and he refused to let them in saying he didn’t need any help, so they broke in and killed him. Or the 95 yr old veteran who didn’t want to go to the hospital for a urinary tract infection, so they tried to take him by force, they tazed him and shot him with 5 beanbag shotgun blasts at a distance of 6-8ft, and unsurprisingly his 95 year old heart couldn’t take it and he died.

            Are these the type of hero cops you are defending, the ones you say are protecting us all from getting shot? Shot by who dumbass? The cops are more likely to shoot the victim than the assailant if they are called to a scene, that is if they even make it there in time. It has gotten to the point you are WORSE off calling the police if you are a victim as there is a solid 10% chance they will end up killing you, the family pet, or giving your baby severe burns after throwing a stun grenade into your baby’s crib where it exploded right in your baby’s face.

          • Miles Coleman

            yes you can control a tazer, idiot. Once the barbs penetrate the skin you can pull the trigger multiple times to release more voltage. Shut your hole if you have no clue what you are talking about. I hope your not a cop who dosen’t even know how to use his own equipment… the way cops don’t protect me, It is usually a Glock 40 that does, depends on witch weapon I feel like using that day…..I’m so tired of you pussies who think we need cops to protect us, maybe you do, but thats why your worthless! If you think this girl deserved to die for running from a cop, I’ll give you a 70ft. head start,

          • Jill Marie Dixon Evans

            I don’t think all cops are idiots. The guy in this video, however, if a fully-fledged asshole.

          • StreyDawg

            If they “can’t control how much a tazer hits someone,” then they shouldn’t be using them.

            The police never keep anyone from getting shot except themselves on a rare occasion.

            We are more likely to be killed by a cop than be protected by a cop.

          • Phillip Wilson

            Dude do yourself a favor an shut the fuck up!! You sound like a brainwashed idiot.

          • Jack

            He could have chased her, but that would have required more effort then pulling a trigger.

          • christopher

            exactly right. an officer just doing his job. it is really sad that the girl died though

          • Boots TwoBooks McGuinnea

            Just give us back our guns, and the police are no longer needed… quickly enough, the population will be brought down to sustainable numbers; those who are too stupid to use the gun properly will perish by his own hand accidentally, bringing up the IQ and gene pool of this country, those who look to enslave us will be effectively lynched, and we won’t be taken advantage of again by government or big business, because they’d be too afraid of the repercussions… I think everyone, the day they graduate high school should be given a rod with their diploma.

          • Raven Macdonald

            seriously? she died because of her own actions

          • Jessica Klaus

            As will you for that comment. You have only yourself to blame.

          • Margaret Sturman

            I can tell you’d have no trouble living in a totalitarian regime. Amazing!

          • Nicole Lynn Spengler

            Sorry but why couldn’t a 250lbs cop reach out and stop a 110lbs girl? Come on… then they just let her lay there for god knows how long when he KNEW her head was injured badly.,… he even says so! And if you read more you know she was only in trouble for traffic violations… not a violent criminal.

          • justin

            This guy is the biggest idiot of the bunch lol. There’s only one true side of the story you fool. Girl died, doesn’t matter what she did. Their lives were not in danger and we are protected against cruel and unusual punishment. Plus cops lie so why would we want their side?

          • Jorden Davis

            There’s no need to hear the other side of the story if you can’t control a 20 yr old woman without tasing her to death while she’s handcuffed then you shouldn’t be a police officer. All those lazy fucks have no right to act like god.

          • Steven Druzynski

            What facts? I saw fat ass tase a handcuffed little girl who then dropped head first…..if he wasn’t so damn FAT he easily could have caught her!

          • Jill Marie Dixon Evans

            You’re actually going to try and make excuses for this Godless behavior on the part of those who are supposed to represent authority? Are you insane?

          • Guest

            Really?! You are either an asshole cop or a badge liking asshole. Go fuck yourself! You are the moron!

        • james

          No one said she deserved to die
          He’s making a valid point. If she just paid her dues she would be alive.
          And you can’t paint all officers of the law with the same brush. just because you hate them because you break the law and they fine you (ex. Speeding) they are bad.
          if the United States didnt have police officers it would definitely be chaos. Shit, we might even be dead.

          • Disqus-ted

            Bullshit much?

          • Miles Coleman

            If the US had no cops there would be more of us alive…..and we would be able to get together and smash these corporatist fascist that keep us all poor and miserable…and then we might be able to move the human race forward through evolution….cops serve one purpose, to protect the interests of the wealthy……I sure hope your one of those fascists james, because I can’t wait to meet up with you when the shit goes down!

          • Boots TwoBooks McGuinnea

            Its not just the limousine libtards (corporate fascists)… the whole thing started with Nixon taking us off the Gold Standard… and then we have the World Bank and the Federal Reserve (which, by the way, is ANOTHER private bank entity)… the solution to this whole problem? Pretend you are working in the World Bank, the Federal Reserve or the Rothschild building in London, and taunt these terrorist groups into taking these buildings down the way they did the WTC… if these three entities can be brought down to below the street level, the big trust umbrella corporations would be brought down along with them… they own all the debt, they own most of the large corporations… its a thought.

        • Dean Former lee

          Is that what you understand when you read the words :She would be alive if she hadn’t tried to escape” because that sure isn’t what it means, asshole moronic conclusion jumping dick.

      • kevin

        Maybe she was being molested? There’s been stories of it before. Only one cop ran after her. Took quite a minute for other cops to show up. Probably means she was alone with this one cop…Who cares the cop tortured a detained handcuffed prisoner. He violated our 8th amendment rights. Your rights are next, and your just happily handing them over

        • Raven Macdonald

          speculate much?

      • Army guy

        I agree. It’s simple don’t run and then you don’t get tased. Don’t get tased then you don’t hit your head. Or maybe this is one of those things where she shouldn’t have go into trouble in the first place. I think the cop was in the right. Yes he is over weight. Yes he probably needs to lose the weight to be able to run after her. Still does not change the fact that she put herself in that situation. It could have ended better if she had made the right decisions. If I had a daughter or son I would also want revenge.

        • Art Lee

          Revenge ? How about justice ? Two minor violations and she runs so it is her fault ? What Army are you in ? Where is this mans code of conduct ? I highly doubt you were ever in the Army. That comment made with out your name is the act of a coward.

          • DNS

            Take your meds.

          • altmartion

            do you know what the minor violations were? 2 hit and runs. a hit and run means: you run into something, a car or person or what ever, and leave the scene. this girl did not stop to check if anyone was hurt. she ran away to do it again. and she was high on cocain and some other drug. I think pain meds but I can’t remember exactly. she was considered a threat. I wish he would have reacted faster but he didn’t. and when a known drugged up violent criminal flees custody it could turn into more violence and on a higher scale. they were both wrong, but she put her self in the position at the scene of the first hit and run.

          • ETLWTL

            First, the taser was unnecessary, if you watched the video he literally could have reached out and grabbed her at the moment he tased her, if his hand hadn’t been full of taser at least.
            Second, they clearly knew who she was if they stopped her outside of a vehicle for a hit and run, meaning there was no need to get her at that moment. Would have been just as easy to let her run and pick her up at home.
            But neither of those really matter. Being a cop does not put you above the law. If you weren’t a cop, used a taser, and it resulted in death. You’d be charged and convicted. Even if the use of said taser was morally defensible, you still would be charged and convicted. He should too.

          • Raven Macdonald

            but he was and she was in custody

          • john

            are you fucking stupid i wounder why our country is so fuck up because of idiots like you

      • Vanessa Vasquez

        i is it the cops fault? she ran out of the police station. he uses a force that is actually considered non-lethal to stop her. She shouldn’t have ran. I watched this video thinking he like excessively tazed her…not once and she fell and gave herself a concussion. She died not from the taze itself. but from the blow to her head cause she hit the ground like she was suppose to do to be stopped from running.

        • Athanasios1

          We will keep your support in mind when we chase down illegal aliens.

          • Raven Macdonald

            u gonna deport me ?

        • Marsellus

          gave herself a concussion. she didn’t give -herself- one. the cop did by tazing her. get the facts straight. if it were your daughter, would you be saying this? likely not.

          • Raven Macdonald

            yes I would

      • Michael Sievers

        Because she was scared, dumbass.

      • Athanasios1

        Gee Anas tazeea maybe we will say the same about you, when you are captured and someone tries to beat some sense into your head, and you try to get away.

      • anewlife4us

        Maybe because she feared being abused by the cop inside the building! I’ve been beaten by a cop while screaming that I was in need of medical help, but he decided I must be drunk or on drugs…until I passed out and they had to call medics because I was in a Hypoglycemic Coma!

      • Raven Macdonald

        ty for a logical response

      • beenthere

        He was going to rape her that’s why like cops do all the time to young girls!!!!!!!

      • Nicole Lynn Spengler

        Yeah let’s justify her death…. wow…. she was likely just a scared girl worried about being in trouble. She was in no way violent and had they been paying attention she wouldn’t have been able to make it out the door. You’re sick to be able to put the blame on her

      • intheknow

        Maybe because she was a young girl and afraid?

      • StreyDawg

        Tennessee vs. Garner.

        Illegal to kill someone just because they try to escape.

      • Phillip Wilson

        Dumb ass!!

      • sarah

        I wouldn’t be surprised if she was trying to escape a sexual assault by the fat pig, i actually wonder why she was even in handcuffs at the station over 2 minor traffic offences and not just ticketed?

    • Steven Druzynski

      That’s why the girl died, cause those fat fucking pigs knew they couldn’t run cause of their weight.
      Don’t need to hear any other facts as i saw with my own eyes that that fat fuck dropped a 80lb tiny girl who was handcuffed to her inevitable death. You gotta fry that fuck and the two with him…

    • intheknow

      Exactly! You would think there would be some type of fitness requirements.

    • Yasmine Smrekar

      Cops here are required to be fit. These dudes look like they’ve never had to give chase to anything before.

    • JohnSwerve

      Cops should be required to go through physical tests periodically, twice a year minimum. Not just once to enter the force.

  • random user

    she shouldn’t have ran away. duh

    • Tamra Louviere

      Another freakin’ moron…you shouldn’t breed. duh!

      • John

        How about you make an actual argument, Tamra, and not just throw out a baseless, dismissive statement?

        • Tamra Louviere

          Uh…because I didn’t want to? Because I responded in kind to the original post? Because it’s a free country and I can respond any way I like? Pick one.

          • John

            You’re a coward and an idiot. And you don’t understand the reasoning behind your opposition. “Fat fuck too lazy to chase her.” No. It’s her fault for running. By your same logic, if somebody touches a clearly marked electric fence and hurts themselves, the owner is in the wrong for not putting up enough barriers to keep people from touching it.

  • disgusted

    That is why most of this country hates cops! Most cops nowadays are thugs with badges, murderous pigs that have no hearts or souls! Some of the biggest law breakers around! I would NEVER trust a cop! I would trust an escaped convict over a cop and that is sad!

    • Ibrahim

      Tell me more how you’d love to live in a world with no law and order. Lets say your daughter is raped. Nobody knows who did it to her. But it’s fine because you have access to technology to test the DNA, the know-how to analyze the crime scene, track down possible suspects and deal with them accordingly.

      You also can patrol neighborhood and stand as a authority to ward of crime in your area. Yea you don’t need police and their all terrible people right? It’s not that you’re just stupid as shit.

      • Deplorius

        Write you guys. Write. Don’t get at each other. Write how you see it. What you see is the problem. How you can address the problem. How you would feel comfortable being treated along with treating everyone else that you know. Serve each other. Service is a great thing. Then articulate yourself to people interested in like things. Together you all can come up with solutions that better serve each other. None of us want to see these things happen. Nore do any of us want to live in a world where under educated idiots do criminal things. There’s alot of intelligent police officers. There’s also been an increasingly documented evidence there alot of dumb ones that uphold a constitution and service to the people. Yet can’t recite the very law of which they enforce. “I didn’t make the law. I just enforce it.” Well, They aren’t doing a very well job of enforcing laws of which they haven’t even the mental cognition of. Common Sense lets go.

      • Warrmama

        you smell like Bacon to me fuck face! if you condone this Police State we live in fuck you! call 911 the next time you need protecting Dickcheese!

        • Brianne Turner

          Nothing is perfect. There are also good cops.

      • kajidono

        And then it turns out it was a cop who raped her and the entire department covers for him, threatens you, harrasses you, and laughs about it. What do you do, smart guy?

      • Richard Belcher

        Bull shit. There is a private police agency in Detroit that doesn’t resort to psychopathic, bullying tactics because the people under their care are their customers. We don’t need a tax feeding, agency that hires bullies to administrate law and order you idiot. The government pigs are lawless thugs themselves, so I want ask you zombie, who is going to protect US from THEM?

      • rude

        And how about a world where a badge gets you away with rape, murder and they are designed as the biggest official gang in society that can’t be intimidated.

        • altmartion

          getting away with murder can happen to any person. it is not limited to a badge. many, many people get away with it just from knowing people. the badge does not guarantee anything.

      • Not Usless like Ibrahhim

        Ibrahim Is A waist Of Skin Just Like That Pig

      • Fuck you

        Fuck you

      • Mike Spencer

        LOL tell me how people cant govern themselves….but a small group of people can govern billions….

      • Frank Parenteau le Vrai

        Shut up pig

      • n10dkf

        You are a statist fool. Pigs are not there to protect or help citizens. Pigs are there to generate revenue for the fascist pig government. See Warren v. District of Columbia.

        • HempShare

          Policy Enforcers are there to enforce Policy of the Policy Makers. While they are enforcing policy they generate additional income through felony arrests. A felony arrest is like a “high gross” sale to the salesman. Without arrests, the police have no “sales”. Now, the funny thing is that fewer arrests means the Policy Enforcer is doing a better job, yet arrest numbers keep going up. So as a consequence, instead of relieving officers of duty and saving money because the Policy Enforcers were successful the city must spend more money to hire more Policy Enforcers to be less successful than fewer enforcers were in the first place at preventing crime. Since this isn’t their job…it all makes sense.

      • HempShare

        It is ignorant to assume that crime would even exist with Food, Fuel, Medicine and Shelter growing in every garden. It is only in the face of “gold” as value, which has in turn been scripted into scarcity that humans are artificially exercising survival fitness. Remove weapons from the hands of the authorities, and give humanity Hemp. The conscious peaceful advanced society of our ancestors will return again when technology crashes down with the energy grid.

        • altmartion

          I am so glad to see someone who actually gives a calm, educated statement with a proposed solution. and not once did you belittle or insult a persons iq. I like your idea but I think it would allow so much havoc during the gap it may never recover. I agree with weapon stripping, but I don’t know f every one should be stripped. today’s kids already have no fear because of no discipline. they are not afraid to shoot to get what they want. society is in a bad place right now. good reply and thank you for not just spewing idiotic insults.

        • Athanasios1

          Thank you Mr. Clinton.

          • altmartion

            can you explain?

    • Rax

      So like, Batman then.

  • Tamra Louviere

    Fat fuck too lazy to chase her. This is what is wrong with our country. Our cops are fat lazy shit heads who just want to bully people!

  • John

    Because running from the cops never has consequences…

    This is on her. I hate that a good cause like this keeps getting diluted by bullshit muckraking.

    Feel free to disregard this comment as “trolling” since I’m expressing disagreement with you fanatics.

    • Tamra Louviere

      You’re an idiot! Keep defending these fat, lazy jerks! Keep doing that right up until it happens to somebody YOU care about. Well done, SLAVE!

      • John

        Keep making baseless blanket statements and being unreasonable. See how much progress you actually make.

    • m l

      Authoritarian asshole.

      • John

        What are you talking about “authoritarian”? I SAID I SUPPORT THIS CAUSE. But this story is PURE MUCKRAKING. And the “victim” was CLEARLY in the wrong.

        • Zakk Osborne

          Girl’s dead, dude. Cop tased her until her brain melted. Making excuses for someone who does something like that is why they will continue to get away with shooting handcuffed people in squadcars, killing family dogs, and killing people during no-knock raids on the wrong house.

          • John

            See, that’s my issue. All three of the examples you mentioned were completely legitimate causes for outrage. She was arrested not for just two “minor traffic violations.” She committed 2 hit-and-runs without a license. She essentially drove dangerously in a 2-ton, motorized, metal battering ram, causing damage twice (she could have killed somebody, good thing she didn’t); and she showed refusal to take responsibility both times. Her brain death was caused by her hitting her head on the ground because she was caught running again. She kept causing trouble, and kept running from the consequences. She brought this on herself. This story does not deserve to be anywhere near a noble cause like keeping the police in check, because this story only damages that cause.

          • Sean Sellars

            Oh so thats the rest of the story….she was there on felony charges….not minor traffic offenses…bet she didnt care if she killed someone

          • John

            Pretty much. It’s amazing that you can actually find truth on the internet with the slightest bit of research.

          • m l


          • John

            … Yeah, she did… Every single one of her actions led to the next worse one. And she showed no intention of taking responsibility for her wrong-doings. Do deathless hit-and-runs necessarily “deserve” death? Not really. But she repeatedly put herself in danger with her repeated offenses. And, let’s be honest, her actions show her to be kind of a selfish cunt. No sympathy from me.

        • m l

          Stating such is supporting their authoriTIE. There is absolutely no excuse for this conduct by the pig or such support from anyone. If that’s not obvious to you I’m sorry but you are the worst type of human being there is because you legitimize these actions. FUCK OFF!

          • John

            So I’m the worst kind of human being because I refuse to blindly demonize everything a certain group of people do? Causes like this will continue to have a tough time gaining credibility because people like you refuse to have a dialogue or be objective.

          • m l

            I don’t care to have dialogue with fools, idiots, or any supporters of violence like this. Do some soul searching and try to get a clue.

          • John

            Great comeback, you ignorant coward.

          • m l

            Describing yourself is no argument. The cowards are the ones that defend this. FUCK OFF!

          • John

            It’s funny how you keep wanting me to shut up and cut off communication. How exactly do you plan to end the police state without winning people over or communicating in general?

          • m l

            Sorry I’m not here to persuade anyone. A lot of Germans in Nazi Germany thought they were going along with what was right too. It’s pretty damn obvious.

          • John

            Nazi Germany became Nazi Germany because one man persuaded the masses using passionate blanket statements. Sound familiar? Now let’s try using reason instead.

          • m l

            Agree on reason, but you aren’t using it. LOL, it wasn’t because of one man, dang. What if no one legitmized the National Socialist Party and their evil deeds. Please…Geeez…I mean really…ugh

          • John

            Well, we clearly have a different opinion of what “reason” is. Arguing with you has been like arguing with a rabid dog. I have to go. Have a nice life.

  • monobin

    here is the number one problem. we can only judge what we see. we only see her running away from cops in cuffs out of the station. he made an attempt to grab her, he could have tried a little harder yes. she continued to run, ignoring orders and was tazed. the cop could have ran, but obviously ,he knew he wasn’t catching her. she fell and hit her head, he called for help. why was she in cuffs in the first place? typically, that don’t cuff you because you ran a stop sign or speeding. I never saw any evidence of him continually “sending high voltage electricity into her limp body”. how can you blame anybody, you don’t know if she pulled a knife in the cop shop, right? we don’t know if he was beating her inside either. there is so much we don’t know.

    • Tamra Louviere

      He did NOT call for help. And he made ZERO effort to catch her! STOP EXCUSING THIS BEHAVIOR! Idiots like you, who make excuses for this shit, is the reason they behave this way! WTFU!

    • m l

      What a douche bag comment.

      • monobin


    • m l

      Hey ASSHOLE you don’t know if she was in fear for her life, fear of being raped either. She had handcuffs on, how far away could she get? Like I said below, if you take the pigs side in this you are the worst kind of human being there is, FUCK OFF!

      • monobin

        your right, I don’t know. you don’t either. why was she there? way was she in cuffs? failure to yield? speeding? was she on parole? why run? why give them a reason if it’s a traffic ticket? explain why you think it. don’t just start blaming. analyze the situation. do you just always hate cops? I used to be the same way.

        • m l

          OMFG! You’re lack of assessing the obvious is overwhelming. 90 lb girl in handcuffs, how far is she going to get, what kind of threat is she for christ sake. Please go away. FUCKING MORON!

          • monobin

            you are a bitter person. I don’t agree with what he did, but I don’t agree with her either. you don’t know the story any more than I do

          • m l

            Unless she just killed someone inside, there are no excuses or justifications. It would take very little effort to catch her but even that little amount was too much for this pig. Get a fucking clue.

          • monobin

            did she kill someone inside?

          • m l

            While it is not out of the realm of possibility, it is highly, highly unlikely and we know now it isn’t the case. Have you ever had a cop pull a gun on you? I have, not on any justifiable circumstance either. Attitudes like yours are akin to those of the Germans that went along with the Nazi’s. While we are not at that level of violence yet, this kind of stuff may be a pre cursor.

          • monobin

            you have the attitude. I showed the video to my wife before I showed her the article. because she didn’t read the crazy, exaggerated article that includes blatant lies, first she had no biased opinion. she agrees, it should have been handle different, but sees the fault in both players. and she asked the 2 magic questions.1- why is she in cuffs? 2- why did she run? we don’t know exactly. she also commented on the article saying he continuing to pump high voltage electricity into her limp body. blatant lye. this article is designed to make you angry and the aggressor. think about it before you go on to call me a fucking moron.

          • m l

            None of that matters. That’s what you don’t get. If she had just killed someone inside maybe it would be justifiable. Apologists for state sanctioned violence are the worst. Do some critical thinking…

          • monobin

            none of that matters? lol what did she just do that was justifiable? I was at the point of considering you might be intelligent and able to form an unbiased opinion. what about this video makes you believe she did everything right?

          • m l

            Nothing. She shouldn’t have run but that’s not the point. Believing that putting on a badge gives you extra rights or justifies these actions is ludicrous. Cops shouldn’t have tasers. I could have easily apprehended her with out using any taser. It baffles me how brainwashed people are that they would legitimize the use of tasers especially against a 90 lb. girl.

          • monobin

            why did she run? did she just threaten the station? it wasn’t the taze that hurt her. it was the bump on the head. do you know how a tazer works. not just shocking people, works? do you know the actual amperage they produce. do you know the increasing stages and levels of a tazer?

          • m l

            Would she have fallen if she didn’t get tased?

          • Jefferson


          • monobin

            no. you are right. she fell because she got tazed for attempting to escape from jail. now, if they hand cuffed her to a desk or bumper it wouldn’t have happened at all right? but that would have been in humane. instead she would be in jail for 2 counts of hit and run. and if she got away she might have done anything in her power to escape. I bet if she had the opportunity she would have tazed the cop. would you still defend her? as I said he could have done things different, but look at the evidence, the video. study it. you may learn something. the article is doing as designed. like puppets.

          • Jefferson

            This story is actually couplke years old and I first got the story from my local news. It was just as horrible then.

          • Jefferson

            If you cant keep a girl that is in handcuffs in control without someone dieing, you need to give up your badge. This situation was handled incorrectly by a lazy cop.

          • Sean Sellars

            She almost killed multiple people in hit and runs it wasnt minor traffic offenses

          • Jefferson

            I hope you and your wife do not reproduce. A lot of stupid coming from these comments.

          • monbin

            explain the stupid please

          • Jefferson

            If I have to explain to you why justifying tazing a young girl in cuffs is stupid, then Id say I would be wasting my time.

          • monobin

            I think you should. as of right now you should do it to at least make your comments and yourself look educated. continues vague comments make it look childish. I would like to hear them. at least try.

          • John

            She committed 2 hit-and-runs. And it’s not like he was trying to kill her. She kept causing trouble and running from it. She did it to herself.

          • m l

            I hope it happens to you then.

          • John

            It wouldn’t. Okay, now I’m done.

          • Jefferson

            Monobin it scares me that you really believe what youre typing.

          • m

            is this an educated guess. or are threatening my family?

          • monobin

            to know what is not right? why are you so vague? or are you just stirring the pot?

      • Sean Sellars

        Oh get real damn just make shit up bahahaha

        • m l

          Thug lover. Because of supporters like you this shit happens. Anti-social people like you are the problem. 90lb. girl handcuffed. FUCK YOU!

          • monobin

            you have said this multiple times. I am beginning to wonder if you are more mad because she was tazed or handcuffed. or fettish. focus on other things, not the cuffs.

          • m l

            FUCK OFF, DICKHEAD! Pig shot 2 people & killed this girl. How many more before you pull your head out of your ass?

          • monobin

            so now it’s a vendetta? is it even about the crime or the cop?

          • Guest

            Your heads so far up your ass. After reading your post above, please go away….

          • monobin

            did you hate him before this happened?

          • m l

            Your head is so far up your ass. I have ZERO tolerance for violent sociopaths and their defenders.

          • monobin

            who is sociopath? and why?

          • m l

            Cop/s that shoot & taze people & those that defend them. Violence does not solve social problems, try evolving.

          • m l

            OK MONO or Sandra which one are you?

          • monobin

            I don’t know what that means

          • m l

            My email says Monobin, you using 2 accounts? What for?

          • monobin

            it was a mistake but it was only 2 times and it wasn’t sandy. m or something

          • monobin

            you have to give me a better explanation than that. that is not a reason

          • m l

            WTF, take it or leave it.

          • monobin

            can’t do it? if you want to defend her, bring something to the table other than belittling. it does not do much for you creditability. so far you have said nothing to explain details. you just show anger and aggression towards people. please, if you are here for only calling people names and gibberish baseless comments, go over to facebook.

          • m l

            Go back & read. I said plenty.

          • monobin

            I am sure you have. aren’t you defending the girl. you think I consider the cop was right, don’t you? I don’t but. telling me to go back and read is not defense. I would love to educated answers and explanations.

          • m l

            Sorry but I’m not retyping everything for your convenience or satisfaction.

          • monobin

            I kind of figured.

          • m l

            What vendetta? Cop should of been fired along time ago.

    • Jefferson

      She was a cuffed young girl you twat. Are you willing to admit you couldnt do your job correctly and control a situation with a young girl in cuffs inside a police station without anyone having to die? Didnt think so. If you cant keep control of a cuffed little girl then your fat ass needs to give up the badge. Its people like you that this country is having this problem. Please dont reproduce.

  • Bonnie Boduk

    That cop killed her – period. No Ifs, Ands or Buts. His actions – and LACK of action afterward – caused her death. Manslaughter charges are in order.

    • John Thiesen

      It was an accident. Was he a little over-matched by a faster, make-my-day arrest evader? Yes, but he didn’t mean to kill her. So we rid our own emergency force of a practical defense? No. I’m sorry it happened, but no. 1st solution is to not hire a body as slow and incompetent as that fat bastard. A traffic evasion? Really?

      • Haris Segetalo

        This is a retarded stAtement

    • primalmedic413

      Lack of action? She is tased at 0:45, and at 1:21 the officer calls for EMS. How is that lack of action?

      • Bonnie Boduk

        That jerk stood there, completely dispassionate, and took his sweet old time calling for help. He knew she had whacked her head severely on the concrete. Thus, involuntary manslaughter instead of murder. If the fat slob had not tasered her it never would have happened. How far was she going to get while handcuffed? Were there no physically fit officers there? Nobody will ever know just why she ran out of the station. Oh, and there needs to be a strict “Fat Boy” program put in place in ALL police department.

        • primalmedic413

          I would hardly say that 36 seconds is taking his time. And how far would she have gone handcuffed? Maybe just as far as that road where she could be hit by a car and killed.

          Full disclosure- I do agree that there should be continuous physical fitness standards for police officers, not just to get the job. He should have controlled his prisoner, but he also isn’t a murderer for stopping her from escaping. She made that decision to escape, and if she didn’t know the potential consequences, sorry, but that is her own fault.

    • anastasiya gutnik

      she would not be dead if she had not attempted to escape. her actions killed her.

      • Richard Belcher

        You are full of shit. No person should be killed for trying to escape, in the past they were pacified and arrested. They weren’t killed, they are only killed by psychopathic, pieces of shit who have low IQs. Look it up, our police are no longer local, their federalized and now most departments don’t have a IQ requirement. They want officers who don’t question but follow and obey orders.

      • I AM QUEEN

        You are Such an Ass Hole, this cop has a record of hurting and shooting people! Of course she was wrong for running out however he could have taken a better approach instead of killing this young lady!

      • Courtney

        Yes, she was escaping, but I hope her death serves as a lesson for all cops. Never tase someone on something as hard as asphalt or concrete. Your body locks up and you fall to the ground head-first like she did. They ticket bikers for biking on highways without helmets but when a girl dies because she was tased in an unsafe environment, it’s HER fault, right? What did the cop think was going to happen? She didn’t have control of her arms to stop the fall. So what if she’d gotten away. DId she deserve to die because of TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS?

  • Gladys Rodriguez Ramos

    Omg this cops are pigs

  • monobin

    this article is strategically written. it is obviously designed to make us blame the cop. it is so far off base and biased it should be slander. blatant lies and extreme exaggeration. I mean come on, the lady was running away because she got a couple “minor traffic” violations. she was cuffed. the cop could have and should have handled it different, but I think he was within law. all she had to do was stop as he requested

    • John

      Thank you!

  • Neb.

    ……………fucking pigs.

  • Dr Daud Miraki

    Never has been killing a cop been more justifiable than now, kill the pigs

  • GlocKittyXe

    i wonder if she didn’t run and try to escape in handcuffs if she would still be in a vegetable state…

  • PoliceStateBS

    If she was my daughter there would be one dead cop in that parking lot too.

    • Zack attack

      Right on brother

    • How bob

      one ?

    • Richard Belcher

      I wouldn’t have cared if I went to jail either. If that was my daughter I would’ve shot that pig right in the head. F***ing piece of s**t.

      • mad_dad

        RIGHT IN THE FU*KING HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN

        • sarah

          without hesitation

          • Anthony Fraser

            Positive bloodbath on that pig

          • PithHelmut

            It’s easier to just not fund them don’t you think?

          • Aditya

            Please tell me you guys are Trolling, Seriously ? How the fuck can that Fat Fuckking Pig can chase that handcuffed Parkour trained Ussain Bolt’s Disciple and didnt you see the LightSaber she had in her Hand, The Govt should fuckking kick these unfit assholes or starve them to shape they use too much voilence mainly coz they are too fuckking fat or too fuckking lazy to chase and catch which they did only when they went for the selection and during the training days, after that its easy money getting bribes , eating free foods, beating innocents , lets see how many of the bad guys these assholes have confronted in their lifes, they will run in the other direction of real trouble. But they have to use those guns and tasers at some point right, Hence they choose an easy Harmless citizens. How many times have we tasered a cop coz we feel threatened by them all the Time. They have to remember that we are fuckking working hard to pay their salary and they get OUR money and Threaten OUR Safety, Ironic isnt it. Coz of a few pigs like him a Fewer Good cops names are alos tainted.

          • 97E

            I have been physically disabled for nearly a decade (combat disabled Army veteran of Afghanistan), and while I am a bit chunky right now, I have never been nearly as porcine as this “officer”.

          • pgeller

            You haven’t had the ‘professional’ law enforcement training though…

          • phuq obama

            That’s because you’re not on a doughnut diet.

          • Ryan Christian

            Realy? REALLY? My father is a retired officer and he retired early because he was sick of watching his fellow officers get away with literal murder and assault. He had the courage to stand up in court and say “No judge, my partner DID in fact beat the snot out of a man who was already handcuffed and presented no physical threat, but since the man was calling my partner a pig, he fell the need to break his nose.” I support GOOD police officers who enforce the laws to ALL men, not just non-cops. Would you NEVER hear a fire fighter say “OF COURSE Im not running into that burning building to save that child, I fear for my life.” if you CHOOSE to be an officer of the law then you CHOOSE to save lives when you must and ONLY use force when EVERY OTHER OPTION has been tried and failed. Then if you murder someone you need to face the same charges as you or I would. I not saying this little 120 lbsd girl with a knife was in the right, Im saying that once she was tazed and on the ground, you dont KEEP ON APPLYING THE SHOCK unless she starts to come at you again. THE MOMENT you are no longer is threat is the MOMENT the force stops….any force after that is assault or assault with a deadly weapon. Nothing make me or my father more angry then watching 6 NYPD cops MURDER a man for selling cigs. Those guys KILLED him….it was MURDER on the report and those officers belong in jail… IF YOU choked a man to death…you would be in PRISON…if you shoot an unarmed man YOU WOULD BE IN PRISON…if you tazed someone and they DIE as a result of it…YOU WOULD BE IN PRISON!

          • lisers

            They use violence because they can get away with it

          • George Padgett


      • soulsabr

        Should anybody, ANYBODY, cause harm to my daughter you will be my sworn enemy for life. And the one thing you can be sure of when we finally meet is that YOU. WILL. SURVIVE. I’m not as nice as these others who’ll put you down fast.

        • Nicholas DeShane

          Right. I would redefine pain if someone so much laid a hand on my dog I can’t even imagine what I would do if I had kids and someone did something like this to them but psychologists would be talking about it for a long time.

      • Dimitri Theodosakis

        I would beaten him to Death, Shoot him Head

    • Try That On ME!

      Their would be more then one dead……. And They Wonder Why We Decide To protect ourselves, Instead Of Calling Their Fat Ass Donut Eating Pigs.

    • I AM QUEEN


    • Simple answer. Hire a representative in another country and place a bounty in bitcoin on the cops head, asking for absolute evidence. An example of absolute evidence is a pic of the cop dead, with the killer holding an image of the bitcoin has over his lifeless body. Then crowd source the execution, also in Bitcoin. I am certain a LOT OF PEOPLE will donate. As the reward climbs up, the odds of the cop also dying and the reward being claimed go up incrementally.

      • altmartion

        what is bitcoin?

        • Higzy

          There’s a thing called Google Search it. Use it.

          • sellonebay2008

            There’s a thing called class, get some.

          • Clive

            Yes, class while talking about putting a hit out on a cop. That’s fucking rich.

          • david_coberly

            Not much of a cop.

          • Clive

            You clearly missed the point. This is a low-class conversation from the first post. But, whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

          • Nobody

            VERY much a cop. This is what they do and it is one of many reasons they must be eliminated by any means necessary.

          • THECARETAKER

            Seems he’ll have a better chance then he gave her

          • Clive

            There’s my point and then there’s you, way off in the distance playing with a bucket of water and a spoon.

          • THECARETAKER

            Nah I just hate cops and pussies like you that are more than happy to blow them

          • Clive

            You’re not very smart. Calling someone “low class” while you talk about something as low-class as a hit is called “hypocrisy”. I’m not sure what post you’re reading but, it doesn’t seem to be mine.

            You’d make a very big mistake assuming I’m either a pussy or a cop apologist.

          • THECARETAKER

            Never used the term low class or hypocrisy ,Just responding to you and I usually assume most are pussies compared to me especially when they have the stink of LEO on them. You remind me of that fake cop motorcycle club running around calling themselves iron order

          • Clive

            You’re a complete idiot. LMMFAO!!!

          • Anthony Fraser

            Fuck you Clive is a pig

          • Clive

            Call me a cop all you want, it still won’t make it true. It also won’t make you even slightly more intelligent. For fuck’s sake, a 12 year old should be able to understand my comment. But you failed abortions? Not even close. And that’s hilarious.

          • Anthony Fraser

            Fuck you Clive you fuckin shill cop

          • Clive

            You seem to have some anger issues. You should solve that before you mess with the wrong person and get turned into fertilizer.

          • Virginia McCann

            ^^^^^^^^^^ Clive…. is a very eloquent TROLL… yet a pathetic human being. What are you doing commenting on this post constantly, if you don’t like what is said here?! You made an ignorant, insult of YOURSELF.. so now MOVE ON… !!

          • Clive

            I’m not a cop, so how did I insult myself? You people are just flat out fucking stupid for insisting that I am a cop.

            I laugh at your death threat.

          • James Michael

            Traitors cop psychopath….You would let them murder your daughter and do nothing….Maybe the term should be for you eunuch….

          • Anthony Fraser

            Meanwhile you are already fertilizer pig, as in Shit

          • Clive

            I’m not even a cop, dumbass. LMAO at your idiocy. As far as how tough I am in real life, pray you never force me into self defense.

          • Anthony Fraser

            Pfffft bullshit you little punk bitch pig, either youre a pig or you are a little zit faced puke in moms basement

          • Clive

            LMMFAO at you! You must be a career criminal if you think I’m a cop, simply for calling idiots like you on their bullshit, keyboard commando, comments.

          • Nobody

            Wow… you’re really tough… and scary.

          • Clive

            You’re still talking?

          • Christian Kyllonen

            Wow, there are some real insane assholes on this thread. I think its obvious that none of us care for the current state of law enforcement, including Clive, or we wouldn’t be on filmingcops in the first place. After reading through the comments, its pretty obvious that Clive was just making a valid, humorous point, when all of you ganged up on him, insulted him, and labeled him a troll. Maybe you all need to release some of your pent-up bloodthirsty rage about law enforcement at the gym or something before interacting with other human beings, because you all came off as total psychopaths here, besides Clive. You do realize that the violent, gang mentality that you all are displaying is the exact type of behavior which you are bemoaning within law enforcement, right? Its not a crime to be angry and intelligent, so you’re cool in my book, Clive.

          • James Michael

            Yeah the treasonous maggots have kidnapped me 3x and murdered 2 of my friends…Hope they all die screaming…..What you paid to train me to do eliminate ALL ENEMIES foreign and domestic….

          • Joseph Littleton

            They know only 2 things: people like them who break the law, and the rest of us must be cops. LOL

          • KeepItReal

            Clive you sound like an asshole. “Pray you don’t have to make me defend myself”. You sound like a drama queen.

          • Clive

            Cool story, bro.

          • dr_rumor

            And you work as a fry cook at a local McDonald’s. . Good job man.

          • Anthony Fraser

            Not even close punk but You are a pig or family of a pig, thats clear

          • KeepItReal

            A fry cook is way more admirable and humaine than a cop any day. You need better insults

          • Anthony Fraser

            ^ Cop

          • Christian Kyllonen

            Anthony: the rabid lunatic who refuses to identify with other human beings.

          • Guest

            NO JUSTIC,. well fill in the blank.

          • Clive

            You know, you people must be some of the most low intelligence people in America to miss the very clear point I made. All of you morons see my post as “pro-cop”, “apologist”, “boot licker” or whatever else your tiny minds can come up with. My comment is as black and white as the text. You can’t call someone low class when you’re talking about putting a hit out on a cop because putting a hit out on ANYONE is low class. Do you understand it now are you too much of a mental midget to get a simple point through your thick fucking skull?

          • James Michael

            Murder my daughter won’t need to be a hit…I’ll kill your felon murderer ass myself…
            YOU paid to train me to do that …Thanks BTW…

          • James Michael

            When you commit a psychopathic felony YOU LOSE the title cop asshole….

        • deenie1219

          It is cyber money and increases in value too.

      • Lucy Xiu

        this is a brilliant idea

        • Jayapatni Gopi


        • Some Guy

          Jim Bell came up with it, and the government threw him in a cage for telling people about the idea.

      • Anon

        Fuck that cap his fucking knees and shoot em in the gut, bleed that pig slowly

        • Joe Draper

          I agree, a quick death is not the way, he should suffer a physical punishment much like his victim. shoot the knees , any joint , and watch him, keep him in hell before he cant breath.

          • cam

            Lightly beat him with nails then spray him with alcohol then give him a salt massage after that put handcuffs on his legs and arm and get a two ton puller fix his legs to a post and stretch the pig one notch per day stretch him out

      • Jonathan Nilson

        I am amazed. Brilliant idea

      • Swtryker

        My only question then is, what makes you any different than the cop? Everything I read on the comments makes no sense. NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD COP. F*CK ALL COPS. KILL THEM ALL. What’s the difference between that and the cops saying NOT GUILTY. THERE S 12 COPS READ TO SMASH IN YOUR F*CKING HEAD. LAUGHING ABOUT TASING A 10 YEAR OLD BOY.
        Why stoop to their level? Seriously. It’s like a never ending gang war that we’re going to lose. We have to be smarter.

        • Don Davidson

          I hear what you’re saying, and to a degree, I agree! Obviously, the cops are much better armed (or maybe not, I’m forgetting…this is America we’re talking about!) than most of the public, but there has to be a message sent to the bad cops…that the people are fed up and aren’t going to take this shit, anymore! The fucking courts certainly aren’t doing anything to stop this madness! We need a “Dexter” to take out the uniformed garbage!

        • Calvin Bartlett

          We will only loose the next revolution because of cowards like you. Not saying I agree with putting a hit on them, just saying I believe our country needs a revolution that returns us to being a true Constitutional Republic again that guarantees all people the same rights and freedoms equally.

        • Stonerinsteadofcops

          The difference is our responses come from a place of anger created for our desire to see justice. .. the cop comments come from his hateful ignorant nature… I dont claim to be a ” Bad ass” or even that tuff at all … if if there is one thing I think we can ALL agree on is that if that was one of our loved ones .. your daughter .. my little sister … we would lose our minds and become somthing ever this calloused cowerd of a cop would fear …he stood there watching her die.. with all the concern of a man who just hit a racoon with his car … he could have atleast nealed down … showed some companion .. made sure she didnt fall asleep mabey … these police departments seize billons of dollars a year from citizens .. using the war on drugs as the all encompassing excuse. . They request that supluse millitary supplys such as tanks and bazookas be given to this with no oversight because the feel the need to “protect” themselves from dangerous citizen…” like the poor girl in this video ” .. but you know what I dont see … them requesting say med kits for all the officrs in the field … or hears a thought .. instead of using all that confiscated drug money on sone basic medical training .. instead of extra vacation time or new cop cars with seat warmers … I keep hearing everyone say that there are more good cops than bad cops … but in this video I see two other men ” I use the term men VERY generously ” standing there watching a young innocent girl die a slow death.. not one bent over to see if she was ok ….. and one thing I want to know is .. what made her run in the first place? Most people I know dont run from cop because of a traffic ticket. .. and why was she being held for such a low level crime ?? I have a theory. .. this cop arrested this young pritty girl because he wanted to have authority over her ..he was probably putting the moves on her right there .. then she bolted and he tased her … and if you think thats not a reasonable theory of what happened .. look up cop rape statistics and see what you think .. and remember .. most of the number gathered by the government for that study .. were given by police departments on a voluntary basis. . So ya

        • James Michael

          Because it will stop the next fucking innocent victim of this treasonous piece of shit that is why….

      • James Hightower

        I bet another officer, a good one, or several, would set his ass up good…

        • James Hightower

          He can foget about back up anytime soon..

        • P_Arthur

          good cops wouldn’t stoop to the level of bad cops… that is why they are good cops

          • Uncle Tom

            It is corrupt from the bench to the squad car, even their secretaries try to avoid tickets thru their association. 89.9% of good cops cover for the bad which makes them far worse than the bad……but they all become ‘civilians’ again, one day.

        • James Michael

          There are no good cops..They are Serpicoed….

      • shelters

        I don’t understand your solution… Probably because I don’t know how bitcoin works, can somebody please explain?

        • Robert Johnson

          He’s describing an assassination market. Such was discussed in the mid-1990s by cryptography buffs as a future counter to tyranny. (The federal state soon found a way to come down hard on the best known essay writer, Jim Bell.)

          Bitcoin, as a cryptocurrency with popular excitement around it, has led to more discussion of this sort of thing.

      • dr_rumor

        You sound just as bad as the cop… if you want him dead, why don’t you do it yourself tough guy.

      • Nobody

        That is fiendishly clever. Imagine that 100K people contributed to it. What would the scum in “law enforcement” do, arrest 100K people?

        • Nobody

          They’d try.

      • Mike Hoster

        After reading the Lynching Committee’s evaluations…..I would opt for a Kinder/Gentler approach, Baseball Bat(Steel preferred) his Kneecaps to a Stump, Tattoo her name deep into his Thighs and let him suffer for Life….a permanent retirement would be much more Justice..The disdain from those that know of his Crime, he will have to deal with……Ending his Career of Mayhem…

      • PithHelmut

        No. Save yourself the bother. Just stop paying them. That’s local taxes. Just stop.

      • PithHelmut

        That’s just being as barbaric as the cop. I don’t get it, many are saying to do these kinds of barbaric and convoluted things, but we keep paying them? Do you see how we remain slaves when we think like this?

        • Christian Kyllonen

          Because you’re making grand generalizations that make little sense, Pith. Local taxes go to many other programs besides the police, so not paying taxes is far from an effective plan. Regardless, that is also called tax evasion in America, and will put most people in a position to be victimized by law enforcement. If it were as simple as you make it seem, many people would already be doing something about this.

      • sovreigncitizen

        I will always donate for a good cause like this!

      • Craig Watts

        Fire the entire department… and replace them all. No new contract. Let them know they are loosing their jobs for failing to control and correct Office Dickhead. As to his fate… the father gets 30 free minutes with Dickhead tied to a chair… Dad’s choice… tazer, or a baseball bat.

      • James Michael

        These psychopathic felon traitors are making their beds….

        Olmsted v. United States, (1928) 277 U.S. 438

        “Crime is contagious. If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”

    • Real Muslim Real American

      Her life was no less important than your daughters or would be daughters life, she IS someone’s daughter. This is exactly why they’ve gotten so out of control. Many people only care when it hits close to home for them, if it’s someone they don’t know them? Screw’em. Cops know more likely than not the community isn’t going to rise up so naturally they take advantage of it, usually at most a small protest. This is tyranny. The very reason we have the second amendment..

      • Boots TwoBooks McGuinnea

        And yet these libtarded parrots feel perfectly comfortable in being ‘protected’ by these cops… goes to show how mentally retarded the liberal frame of mind is…. to expect an agency that harms people on a skyrocketing percentage to protect them… madness.

        • Yasmine Smrekar

          Says the knuckle dragging Conservative. All dem der libs and their freedoms and shit, I hate all that freedom bullshit they love.

          You are exactly what Chappelle and Carlin were making fun of.

          • JohnSwerve

            so wait, do you trust the so called “police” or not.

          • THECARETAKER

            What are you smoking. You talk freedom out of one side of your cock sucker and then support the pigs that take it away on the other

          • Boots TwoBooks McGuinnea

            Knuckle dragging, maybe… but when the system collapses and there is no more electricity, convenience stores, welfare, food stamps, or even the police you believe will be there in a flash to protect you (who will be protecting their own families), I’ll be able to kill an animal to feed myself and my family, I’ll be able to protect my family, I’ll be able to survive and rebuild without everything the government “provides”… what are you going to do when the iphones go down? What are you going to do when the stores are empty? What are you going to do when you are hungry and cold? You are going to look for a caveman like me who can kill animals, build fires etc, so you can survive. Think about it this way, can you be dropped in the middle of the woods with the closest town 100 miles away and survive the walk back to civilization? I can.

          • Virginia McCann

            Oh Yeah…!! lmbo!! You say that you can do this to provide for yourself and your family…, Mr. McGuinnnea? ” The Lord Giveth And The Lord Can Take Your Blessings Away..”

          • Matthew Frakes

            Democrats and Republicans are equally pathetic and worthless. I say fuck them all!!!! And as far as surviving in a apocalypse goes I could hold my own for sure.

        • zedave41

          And yet these right wing fruit cakes worship the cop’s.

          • Boots TwoBooks McGuinnea

            No one is worshiping cops… besides, us right wings still have our guns, so when the riots begin (and they WILL happen) these cops and us right wing fruit cakes will have the means to protect our families… you left wing morons, who think its a good idea to give up all your rights, will be calling 911 to find no one there to help you… so us right wingers will survive. Don’t get me wrong, I love the left wing, because it will more easily weed out all the non hackers that don’t pack the gear to be an American. When the whole fucking thing collapses, there will be no welfare, no police, no nothing that you leftists rely on… I’ll have no trouble killing animals to eat, and PETA will go fuck themselves while waiting for their gardens to grow… only thing is, all the plant life has been modified by monsanto… it doesn’t breed like normal food on the second generation… its also known as Frankenfood… and you can look all of this up… why don’t you get educated and join the winning team, zedave… I’d be happy to convert yet another liberal.

          • Christian Kyllonen

            And yet, Boots, you’re too naive too realize that this is a dichotomy, and that you are being brainwashed against leftists, just as they are being brainwashed against you. You’ve both been duped by effective propaganda campaigns, and I personally find it hilarious to watch people like you stand so proudly on festering piles of excrement. Liberal, Conservative – its all shit.

          • Boots TwoBooks McGuinnea

            Unfortunately, leftists are all what is wrong with our society. They have no moral compass in life… Most are all for these new laws and regulations because it doesn’t affect them… Most don’t think for themselves, but rather they just memorize talking points… They argue and debate using feelings rather than facts, and when they do use facts. The numbers are almost always skewed. Besides that, leftists are against God… And everything a leftist believes in or follows is the reason this country is going down the toilet. Look for a speech by Richard lamm called how to destroy America, and you’ll find a lot of your mantras as leftists are contained. Also read 1984by Orwell… This is what the world is becoming.

          • Matthew Frakes

            I would rather die then call the police for anything. If the shit hit the fan tomorrow I would prey on the police just for fun.

        • El Kabong

          He protected her real good

        • mia

          actually I consider myself liberal (on most topics) but I LOVE the 2nd amendment and I hate cops…

      • Yasmine Smrekar

        That’s actually not the reason. lol

        • Teeb

          I teach high school Civics and am an adjunct professor at a Penn State satellite campus where I teach a Constitutional Law class. That is the exact reason the second amendment is included in the Bill of Rights which is why the second amendment includes, “being necessary to the security of a free state.” This is not an argument as all you have to do is read what the founders wrote to know their intention… You can argue that you don’t think it is applicable today, but your painfully incorrect assertion coupled with your use of “lol” only betrays your ignorance and intelligence level.

    • John Oliva

      Damn fucking straight, no point in saying this world is going to shit, it already has

    • Mer Luchador

      these parents show a lot of restraint. I’d be up on death row right now.

    • Laura Phares-Wilson

      Well, until more people start thinking and acting that way, it will continue to get worse and worse. In God’s Law (Yahweh), it states that the AVENGER OF BLOOD is to be a family member and if no family members avenge, then God will judge the cowardly or apathetic family member(s). So many people are afraid of LOSING their material possessions, career, etc…..and they deserve to be judged by God.

    • Joseph Littleton

      I guess the fact that she was already under arrest for hit and run and escaped police custody means nothing to you bleeding heart liberals. She wasn’t put in a coma by the Taser. She was killed when she hit her head on the parking lot after being tased. If she had just stayed in the police car, or better yet not hit and ran, she would be alive. It’s a sad America we live in where half the people are on the wrong side of the law. Which by these comments, most of you are. I don’t fear the cops.

      • Christian Kyllonen

        So he was right to paralyze and kill her instead of trying to apprehend her for longer than 10 seconds? I think its time to get back to your miserable, empty life, you heartless scumbag.

        • Joseph Littleton

          I think it’s time for you to re-read my comment but then lefty liberals like you only hear what they want to hear. She wasn’t killed by the Taser. Read the article. She hit her head and would have done that if she was Tased for 1 second or half an hour. And I don’t have a miserable life either, just so you know.

    • Tom

      Only 542 people have liked your comment. 🙂 I think that’s a record.

    • Joe Draper

      I understand every ones rage on this murdering from a obese state tax man. I have been following these senseless killings of Americans for long enough, to think that these cops that do this are sick, but not as sickening as the laws that Protect them. We must look at what is Protecting them instead of protesting, Maybe it would help to get involved with politics before we lose the rest of our sanity.

    • Rico Ironhart

      Tempted to agree with you. When will we as a nation fight back thru our votes and take back our nation from these trigger happy pyschos?
      why won’t attorneys offer their services in these cases where the families of these murdered victims can’t afford them? I’m not saying it’s the attorneys fault, I’m saying the average working Joe can’t afford an attorney in these cases.
      If it takes 6 years of law school and 6 years experience just to stand on level playing field with these bastards then the common person stands zero chance without professional legal assistance.
      The great American justice system, what a joke. There is no ju$tice in the system. The judges attorneys the DA,s the police and prosecuted have taken our Constitution and bill of rights and wiped their asses with them. if someone could make a TV program airing once a week for 1 hour showing America just how far the so called justice system has has slipped into the cesspool along with the cops judges prosecuters and attorneys have, someone would have a hit show.

    • Pete Arms

      one bullit in his fucking head is all this murdering asshole needs.WHy do they employ and protect assjholes like this

    • primosoul

      If she had a father, she probably wouldn’t be getting arrested in the first place.

    • Khai Fox

      Can we just all form militias and hunt psycho cops now? How long do we have to wait before everybody realizes this is a great idea?

    • George Padgett

      More than one , once I started I wouldn’t stop until either I ran out of ammo or they killed me .

    • phuq obama

      Actually I wouldn’t kill him. I’d break his neck or back so he lives as a cripple for the rest of his life. Death is simply too good for that fat ass pig

    • Christine F

      Yes Offer Of The Day by cops < Start Work Online

    • dxsmopuim

      Not enough of that happening these days.

    • Ron Mack

      Now you know how we as Black Americans feel. Join the party. Or should I say the PAIN

    • paul carey

      ur just sprouting b.s. words out of your mouth, cause u think the world revolves around u. ud do just what her family did, and is doing, ud mourn and hate. basically ud do shit. bottom line this fucking police state has to stop. and trust me ur clueless…

  • Sean Sellars

    Hmmm lets see if she hadnt been a hooligan and escaped from the police station she would still be alive correct….she did it to herself once you escape custody its open season

    • m l

      You’re a sick FUCK. Open season? FUCK YOU, YOU DISGUSTING ASS.

      • Sean Sellars

        She was involved in two hit and runs she used her car as a battering ram…she could have killed and injured dozens of people….she wasnt there for minor traffic tickets

        • m l

          That is no justification by any means. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

          • monobin

            this is your reply to more evidence? you truly are a one way person. and I’m the fucking moron? look around you , are there really more like you? telling me to get a fucking clue? lol

          • m l

            Yes get a fucking clue you anti social statist moron.

          • Sean Sellars

            So its completely fine that she could have killed multiple people thats ok huh…dumb fuck

          • m l

            She didn’t kill anyone though did she. Using a lethal weapon like a taser cause you are to fucking lazy is no excuse. The cop killed her period.

      • Sean Sellars

        She would have ran your dumbass over and never thought twice about it..

    • Vincent Vendetti

      YOU are the problem Sean…you’ll pay one day for your choices as will the pigs.

    • Jefferson

      Is that an Ibanez and a goatee? Enough said……..


    Murder by badge a growing trend….

  • Carla Jean Page

    where was this at tampa florida?

  • Made in America.

    those cops should be dragged out in public and tased till death.

  • Tony Velez

    the prosecutors who condone this murder after the fact also needs to die along this POS, this is murder, period, i say an eye for an eye

    • Vincent Vendetti

      And the juries who acquit cases like this too…

      • Tony Velez

        agreed & amen

  • Gonnagetheatforthis

    Poor dumb young woman. Posing a vegetable with a teddy bear does not make her a girl and is insulting. Voltage did not kill her, she was shocked once and he called for EMS right away. Fat pig probably should have tried to chase her down and tackle her but people would be upset about that as well. Stupid sad situation. No winners except the scumbag lawyer feeding your emotions.

  • Vincent Vendetti

    When a cop dies an angel gets its wings.

    • John Smith

      And America is safer.

      • Berker Yıldırımer

        You mean the WORLD is safer.

  • T.T

    Holy crap. This is why I teach my children the truth! You can’t trust anyone who works for the government. Look at these disgraceful cops too. All fat and stupid.

  • cj

    I don’t see anything the cop did wrong. He didn’t use excessive force…. he used appropriate action for a fleeing suspect. She made the decisionto run. If she didn’t run she wouldn’t have had to be tased. And its not the tasing that caused her brain to swell… its her head hitting the ground. You can hear the cop call for EMS right away. People always jump at accusing police for the decisions other people make. If people choose to break the law… they have to handle the consequences.

    • Jim Gunslinger

      And so the punishment fit the crime???? I hope a cop like this one gives you some justice some day!

  • Billy

    I watch the video where he chased after her…I’m not sure what he was supposed to do? chase after her for a few hours while she hides behind a car? or resists arrest? Its terrible that she hit her head. 🙁 I support this site and justice for people like Ryan Ferguson, but not sure how I feel on this one.

    • Jim Gunslinger

      Give me a break! She was handcuffed. She was not a threat to anyone.. And they knew who she was. If the fat fuck could not grab her they could have just picked her up later at home.

  • Guest

    He did not grab her because his is a fat pig and couldnt move fast enough.

  • John Richardson Meadows

    Cold hearted killers approved and protected by their same kind.

  • Carla Jean Page

    THIS MAKES ME MAD! this pig cop should not have done tjos to this precious girl she did not deserve this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i,m glad that both of my children are where they are so noone can ever do something like this to them! shame on you daniel cole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carla Jean Page

    i hope she comes back to haunt her killer

  • lostlove

    cop is to fat and lazy to run, the attitude and arrogance of police in the US is of concern, as best as I can understand it, these people are trained to respond in such a unhuman manner and it seems a level of mind control is at play. Instead of concern for Danielle after commenting how hard she hit her head, all he confirms is, “that’s another charge” there’s a 30 second sniper warning coming to cops all over the US, badge collections will start very soon.

  • AR

    Taze that fat swine to death!

  • m l

    Keep defending this SOB you tools. He’s shot 2 people as well. Should have been gone long time ago… Who’s next?

  • mfernandez57MN

    Looks like a good candidate for citizen justice, if you know what I mean.

  • Sandra Ashley

    Sorry but why the hell did she run !?! People need to have more respect for the law . What’s so hard about just cooperating .. Yes Sir , no Sir .. What so hard about that !?! Then waiting for your time before a judge to clear your name unless your a criminal . The first thing y’all do if someone breaks into your house , car , hurts or kills someone you love you call the law then you belly ache and cry ” they’re not doing enough ” make up your mind do you want them to do what they must or not ?!? I watched the video the pig tased her once and she hit her head . Who’s fault was that ? She was running ! Are we supposed to run out of a police station with cuffs on !?! No we’re not , we should be cooperating ! Yes , It was an unfortunate accident that she caused 🙁 sorry !!!

    • Vincent Vendetti

      This is obviously the first time you’ve been exposed to police state. Now go bow to your master slave.

    • Mike Spencer

      NO…you have it backwards…the law…lets start with this arbitrary function of making money, because lets face it thats what it is revenue. Lets now move on to
      “crime”…where is the victim? Without a victim there should be no crime, end of story…Next up lets tackle your comment about someone breaking into my home, if they make it past the shepherd to my front door there are several loaded and easily accessible weapons that insure that they wont harm my family. Why cooperate with a criminal organization? I dont require “protection” nor do others require protection from me. Thus the police are rendered completely useless where I am concerned. Running from the police is no cause for killing a 20 year old girl who hasnt developed common sense yet. Just as you say we would be belly aching without the cops, had this been your daughter I assure you you would have a diffrent tune playing.

  • David Freeman

    When you rely on a justice system to police itself, you can’t help but to feel stupid. There is only one way to settle this, but too many are chickenshit to do anything about it.

    • Vincent Vendetti

      You’re right. But when things get really bad watch how the people come together. These scum will be flushed out of their nests and…well….

      • Fluck

        Really bad? Like killing innocent people in their homes with no-knock raids on the wrong address? Or do you mean like cops beating homeless people to death while they scream for help?

        You are too scared to do anything now while the government is spying on you, imprisoning 1% of your population and killing you with impunity. What indication is there that Americans will ever grow some genitals and fight back?

        There’s a joke in America about the French being cowards… but who do you think the contemporary world jokes about when they think of cowardice? It sure isn’t the people that had the guts to bring out the guillotines…

        • Vincent Vendetti

          Maybe I should have been more specific. Like total economic collapse and people have nothing left to cling on to except for family/friends/guns/food/water/shelter.
          Cops have been beating and killing people for a very long time. Nothing new here except technology reaches more people which makes it seem as if this is something new. It used to be just non-whites and now everyone is fair game. Are things really bad? Yes they are. But they aren’t bad enough to force people to take action. Most are contempt with their lives and don’t feel a need to do anything as long as it doesn’t happen to them. It is going to take a HUGE event to push them over the edge.

  • Sandra Ashley

    Well then David , thank God for video cameras everywhere !

  • GearheadZ Mechanical

    millions of dead cops!! we need another chris dorner to finishe off where he left off..hopefully i get to throw another dead cop party real soon!


    • Vincent Vendetti

      Am I invited to your party? I’ll bring dead cop jungle juice.

      • GearheadZ Mechanical

        hell yea..we would be delighted to have you at our DEAD COP PARTY!!!You should see our COP SHOT IN THE HEAD parties!

    • monobin

      how do you say things like this while representing your business? this can be posted any where and used against you. crazy.

      • Vincent Vendetti

        I’m sure he doesn’t do business with cowards like you who bow to the throne…

        • monobim

          why the aggression? it was an observation. an observation that had nothing to do with Vincent vendetti. why are you speaking for him? he gave the info we needed.

      • GearheadZ Mechanical

        Used against me how…most people I know agree with me..and if they aren’t coming to see me because I think for myself then so be it..I wont lose any sleep or money over it..I stand by my words..always..MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS!!!

        • monobin

          thank you.

          • GearheadZ Mechanical

            for what?

          • altmartion

            for your statement

          • GearheadZ Mechanical

            anything I say or do will be used against me….fuck ’em

          • altmartion

            that’s not why I’m here.

  • freakadazoo

    FAT Dumb Fucking Pigs…then try to act as though they care! How can these mutant idiots not be off the force???

  • Just do a little research

    To all those trying to post on police agency Facebook page with your comments, at least do just a little research to post on the right agency page. Quick to call names, but you can’t even get a brain to name call the correct agency

  • Rob B

    Why is nobody blaming her from running out of a police station after already being arrested???? Looks obvious to me that she is the one to blame! ! If I ever run from the police I expect to get tazed! Common sense. Everybody has it more people need to use it! !!!

    • kevin

      So because she did that she deserved to die?

      • kevin

        She deserved excessive force?

        • Rob B

          She knew she was doing something wrong when she ran out of there. I know people who have been tazed and they acknowledge that they were doing something stupid. They are not trying to be the victim.

          • Ginger Wilson

            I’m assuming they’re not dead either. Therein lies the difference, idiot.

          • Rob B

            I’m not calling anybody names young lady. If a stunt driver dies in a crash is it the cars fault for killing him or is it his fault for doing something dangerous? I classify running from the police a dangerous thing! She could have been hurt just as bad by being tackled by a large officer. I’m just using my common sense. I suggest everybody should.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Did you just compare police tazing and killing a handcuffed 90 lbs woman to a man dying in a car crash of his own will? You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you?

          • m l

            Nice! LMAO!

          • Rob B

            I don’t just hop on the bandwagon of whatever website supports ideas of whatever is pulling my heart strings at the moment. I also try to give more simple examples for those less fortunate intellectually. Your welcome, no need to thank me.

          • Ginger Wilson

            That would be “you’re”, oh intelligent one. LOL

          • Rob B

            High five Ginger! You really showed that guy!

          • Ginger Wilson

            Sorry, you just make it too easy. If you’re going to boast of your intelligence, you might want to use proper grammar. It’s just common sense.

          • Rob B

            I try to do my best with grammar. Never been my subject. And I will never get arrested for making a grammatical error! !

          • Ginger Wilson

            Oh, I get it. I just wouldn’t make snide comments about the intelligence of others if I could not write a grammatically correct sentence. Kind of makes you look like an ass. Oh, wait.

          • Rob B

            Yet i can admit when i am wrong and still not get arrested. I’m not trying to make you feel stupid when you give me an example supporting your opinion. Unfortunately you or your fellow commenter’s had to put me on the defense. I have an opinion and can even defend it without name calling. I respect everyone’s opinion.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Because no one else has used such an asinine example. A stunt car driver crashing his car. Really?!?! And you expect people to not make fun of you?

          • Rob B

            One person doing something dangerous compared to another person doing something dangerous, just helping point the blame to the person who had a choice before they did something dangerous.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Only one person is a professional who is getting paid handsomely for his time and the other is a young girl who is probably terrified. The exact same thing.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Oh, completely the same. She chose to be tazed. So, well, she should die because of that choice.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            The only reason that what she did was “dangerous” is because of the police. THEY make it dangerous. Take away the accepted police violence and what she did was only a mere inconvenience to the police.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            You do realize you, me, we break numerous laws everyday right? Speeding, not coming to a complete stop (whatever that is), not reporting out of state purchase to big bro, etc etc…And ALL of these things can lead to you being tazed, shot or imprisoned. Catch a cop on the wrong day and he’ll be glad to beat your ass because you “resisted” and throw you in jail.

          • John

            She committed 2 hit-and-runs without a license. Those aren’t exactly victimless crimes.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Whether she was guilty or not has NOTHING to do with what this “officer” did. However, I have to point out that she was ACCUSED of these crimes, not convicted. Remember how that’s supposed to work in America?

          • John

            It’s kinda hard to convict someone who escaped custody.

          • Ginger Wilson

            As I’ve stated multiple times, all he had to do was run a little. I’m sure she would have been pretty conspicuous running around town in her handcuffs. So if fat ass couldn’t run fast enough to catch her, she would have been reported by somebody, apprehended, and not dead.

          • John

            Honestly, who are you to be calling anyone “fat ass”?

          • Ginger Wilson

            LOL. Really? Pathetic. I’m guessing that means you have nothing of value to contribute to the conversation. To answer your “question” though, I’m the fat ass who would have rather broken a sweat to catch someone rather than tasing them in the back. Any more questions?

          • John

            I’ve been contributing all over this zombie pit of a comment section. You people really are thick. I wish the masses of people opposing government state oppression would actually take the time to do some critical thinking.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Rob can’t wipe his ass without gov’t approval. And we’re the thick ones. smh

          • John

            My name isn’t Rob. No wonder you guys can’t think critically; you can’t even read.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            90% of the posts I’ve been responding to have had Rob B. as your name.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            So is it Rob or John?

          • John

            If you’re talking to Rob, it’s “Rob”. If you’re talking to me, it’s “John”. Rob started this thread; I’m just in it.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            I don’t know..maybe it’s my thread that’s messed up. But whenever I post it shows my name and who I’m responding to.

          • m l

            Same thing with me. I think we have a whole cop shop responding on the same computer….lol

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Then explain this…here’s a snippet of the main thread from John and then Ginger’s response to John which is directed at Rob B for some reason…

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Nvm…I found the problem..if you scroll down further the threads break up into different areas. It makes it seem as people are posting in their own thread or responding to a “main” thread but it’s not actually the main comment.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Now it says Rob B. Earlier it said Do a little research. I’m confused.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            I think we are in the site’s never never land of comments.

          • m l

            I’ve been replying to the same posts but name changed from Minob to Sandra Ashley to John to Rob B to John…

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Yea..something is really screwy. Is it time to break out the tinfoil hats?

          • m l

            Same thing has been happening to me. I think we have a whole cop shop replying on the same computer….lol…conspiracy theorist…

          • Ginger Wilson

            Oh, I’ve read your “contributions”. Notice the “of value” in my comment.

          • John

            You people are so focused on finding problems that you find them where there aren’t any. And then your fight-or-flight responses prevent you from accepting new information. You stop caring about the truth; and you start caring only about winning with your argument, even when the evidence is obviously against it. It’s cool; I’ve been there too. Thing is, I was like 12 at the time.

          • m l

            Expected statist response. Cognitive dissonance is a bitch!

          • John

            Stop dehumanizing people who don’t agree with you! That’s how oppressive regimes gain power!

          • m l

            Stop dehumanizing the victim of this horrendous crime.

          • John

            Stop having double standards for when “dehumanization” is acceptable. And I was not dehumanizing her.

          • m l

            Yes you are, your are legitimizing her death based on a costume & shiny metal.

          • John

            I’m legitimizing her death based on her wrong doing and the natural “law” of cause and effect.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Her wrong-doing is not the cause of her death. The cop tasing her is. Not a difficult concept. Her wrong-doing should have gotten her a court date, not a death sentence.

          • John

            No, her wrong-doing was not the cause of her death. I’ll give you that. But the cause of her death was the reaction she provoked by attempting flea from her court date, which she would have gotten, had she not attempted to escape the consequences of her already mentioned wrong-doing.

            Yeah, maybe the cop shouldn’t have tazed her. But that was a split-second fuck-up that he did not know would cause her death. Tazers are generally accepted to be non-lethal. That status most likely led to him not thinking he was going to kill her. Most people know that bad things happen when you run from the cops. She falls into the “most people” category. She caused this situation MUCH more than he did.

          • Ginger Wilson

            The thing is, cops are trained to deal with split-second situations and deal with them better than this, I hope. It does not take a rocket scientist to predict that a handcuffed woman falling onto concrete might cause severe injury.

          • John

            At one point, LEOS during training were told to pick up their shell casings during practice scenarios. Turns out they would do this in real scenarios. This led to the deaths of LEOs. Training isn’t always perfect.

            I’m a lifeguard. I have been for about 9 years. After trainings, impromptu drills, and real rescues, I can confidently say, you’d be surprised at the amount of training and information that adrenalin can knock out of a person.

          • m l

            You are a state worshiper. AuthoriTIE can do no wrong. You also display anti-social behavior as well as cognitive dissonance. You are the perfect example of why there should not be positions of authoriTIE.

          • Ginger Wilson

            I think this comment is pretty dehumanizing. “She provoked a conflict; she got it; and she deserved the consequences..” Or maybe just evil. Undecided on which one.

          • m l

            OK John how about this one. Same situation but when she runs out of the police station a random citizen tazes her & she falls & cracks her head. She got what she deserved, right?

          • John

            If that citizen knew about the crimes she was running from and acted to prevent her from getting away and possibly doing it again, then yes.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Now you’re just trolling Rob/John…whatever your name is. How about this, go back over this comments section and read the overwhelming number of responses that are in complete agreement that this pig is a murderous ass clown.

          • John

            Stop trying to say that me and another guest poster are the same just so you can paint us as trolls and not have to consider new information.

            And there aren’t any good arguments in here that are completely against the cops; they’re all just emotional “RA RA”ing.

          • John

            And just because the majority agrees, doesn’t make them right. Don’t you agree? Isn’t that one of the key arguments against state oppression and for individual freedoms?

          • Vincent Vendetti

            I agree that there needs to be many views. But there are only two views on police:

            1. They are the good guys here to protect us. They also have hard jobs and have to make split second decisions which could end in the death of innocents but that’s ok because police. People must obey the cops because they have magical powers that places them above us. They don’t have to live by the same set of rules as us because of the nature of the job.

            2. They are an unnecessary evil. They are put here on earth to keep the populace enslaved through imprisonment, enforcement, extortion, and fear. They murder and plunder with impunity (there are entirely too many videos and court documents to refuse this). You are more likely to die at the hand of a cop than a terrorist. They are being militarized and trained to suppress the citizenry.

          • Ginger Wilson

            There is a problem when a young girl is dead because of police actions. There’s an even bigger problem when people actually think it’s not a problem. “You people” are what is wrong with America.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            LMFAO! Really Rob? REEEALLLY? Did you just say she escaped custody? She was handcuffed and 20 feet out of the police station….ermahgerd. It’s not like she dug her way out and swam back to shore…

          • m l

            Say she got caught by her neighbor driving without a license. The neighbor held on to her & called the cops. Before the cops get there she escapes & while in pursuit the neighbor tazes her & she falls & cracks her head. Should the neighbor get off without any punishment?

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Her neighbor would have in turn been shot by the cops OR arrested with very high amounts of bail levied on him.

          • m l

            Sad how a shiny badge & a costume changes some peoples judgement & morality. I hear crickets….

          • John

            Let’s stick to the actual facts, instead of attacking straw men.

          • m l

            There’s no strawman here. Simple question, should the neighbor get off or not?

          • John

            Here’s the dictionary definition of “Straw man”, since you seem confused.


          • m l

            I know what a strawman is ya goof. Now answer the question. You’re not answering because it gets to the heart of the matter. Your belief in the myth of authority. You believe the cop has some special standing that elevates him above everyone else. Now when confronted with the same situation, cognitive dissonance sets in and you won’t answer. Hurts don’t it?

          • John

            Okay, fuck it. I’ll bite. The license is irrelevant, since we’re assuming that no third party has the right to decide who can and cannot operate a vehicle, also since the “no license” thing was never the point (it was just to supplement the point).

            If the neighbor just caught her running her car, TWICE, into the various properties of other people (possibly including those belonging to the neighbor’s friends’), maybe even endangering the lives of innocent people, and then trying to escape the repercussions, and everything else in your straw man were still true, she STILL would have been in the wrong. And the neighbor should get off without any punishment, whatsoever.

          • m l

            Here we have a sociopath. I rest my case.

          • John

            I’m a sociopath because I used logic to destroy your attempt to use a straw man to win. Nice out you gave yourself.

          • m l

            You only destroyed your own humanity. It’s not a strawman go read the definition. I’m not changing your argument. I’m giving you a comparison. You have anti-social behavior. See you changed the circumstances when you added the crash etc. That was not the case in this story. The cop wasn’t at the scene chasing her. Everything being equal all I changed was the cop to a neighbor. No difference in my view. Both should be punished.

          • John

            You followed this story. This story changed the circumstances because it omitted the hit-and-runs (plural).The site changed the story to make the demonization of cops easier.

            And of course you don’t see any difference from the cop to the neighbor in your scenario, IT’S A STRAW MAN THAT YOU SET UP! THAT’S THE POINT OF A STRAW MAN, TO CREATE A SITUATION THE WORKS IN YOUR WEAK ARGUMENT’S FAVOR!

          • Ginger Wilson

            The alleged hit-and-runs have no bearing on the action of the officer. We don’t kill people for hit-and-runs in America.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Apparently we do.

          • John

            No. But we do prevent people from fleeing justice for hit-and-runs. And sometimes shit hits the fan in that prevention.

            This whole situation can be summarized like this:
            Girl damages property and endangers lives in a dangerous piece of machinery. She then flees, attempting to avoid taking responsibility for her horrible offenses (itself a horrible offense). She then attempts to flee being prosecuted for the aforementioned horrible offenses and gets a not-so-smooth apprehension that she brought on herself that caused her unfortunate death. She is considered the mostly blameless victim.

            This cop, with adrenalin pumping through his system, makes a split-second decision that turns out to be a bad call. His supposedly non-lethal tazer caused her to hit head on the concrete, killing her. He only meant to apprehend her so she could have her day in court; instead, he accidentally killed her. He is considered to be a pig worthy of the worst punishment possible.

            She repeatedly acted out of malice. The cop did not

          • Vincent Vendetti

   the cop is given a pass for his “bad call” which resulted in a death but the woman is not afforded the same whilst her offenses did not harm a single person…makes sense.

          • John

            If he was trained to respond differently, then shouldn’t be given a pass. But he shouldn’t be made to look like the complete bad guy, either.

            Her offenses did harm people. That’s why hit-and-runs are bad.

          • m l

            No it’s not you illiterate buffoon. I’m not changing your argument, get that through your thick skull.

          • John

            Yes it is. And Yes you are.

          • m l

            Can’t have discourse with a fool.

          • John

            Funny, I was thinking the same thing.

          • m l

            Where did I misrepresent your argument? I only changed the phony status of the cop. That is not a strawman. Again do some more reading.

          • John

            You made the reason for her imprisonment the victimless crime of driving without a license instead of the VERY victimizing crime of the hit-and-run. That’s where.

          • m l

            That’s immaterial, so throw that out, I don’t care about the license, it’s of no significance. I gave you the very same circumstances outside the cop shop with a citizen. The cop wasn’t at the scene of the hit & run with her was he? She was in handcuffs @ the cop shop.

          • John

            Because they apprehended her. Because they were going to try her in court. But then she attempted to flee her day in court. Which led to this whole mess.

            Are you saying that she was just an innocent person trying to escape from wrongful imprisonment at the hands of the state? We have a system for that. It’s called “shut the fuck up and get a lawyer.”

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Last time I check it was supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty…but what do I know? I’m just a thick zombie with no open mind.

          • John


          • Vincent Vendetti

            I did and it doesn’t help your case.

          • John

            It doesn’t? So she’s innocent until proven guilty. She tried to escape the process that reveals whether a person is innocent or guilty. And yet you’re saying that that process was purposely denied of her? Are you really that thick?

          • Vincent Vendetti

            See, here’s where you and I on different wave lengths. I do not believe the system is designed for the best interests of the people. You feel it is. To me, most laws are not legitimate. You feel every law should be upheld through force. Whether that force is monetary, violence, or imprisonment. I feel situations such as this can be handled in a much more peaceful fashion. You only think that our current way of policing is the only way. Maybe one day when you get screwed by the system you love so much you’ll open your eyes.

          • John

            Actually, the system was designed in the best interests of the people, through the constitution. It’s just been corrupted.

            And, again, if you’ve read my comments, you’d see that I do not endorse the government overstepping its boundaries and oppressing the individuals. There are countless unjust laws that need to be stricken. The one SHE broke was just. She victimized people (allegedly, because she fucked herself out of her court date). And she tried to run from it.

            Like I told m I, stop presenting straw men about my arguments and character, and answer my argument only.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Dude…three hours ago you were sucking that cop’s dick…now you’re a libertarian and WE’RE the crazy ones…how fucked are you? Be honest. What meds are you on that you’re not taking?

          • John

            I wasn’t “sucking the cop’s dick”. I said that in this instance he was not completely in the wrong. Maybe you’re referring to one of my alleged pseudonyms that you accuse me of having.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            You’re losing your cool Rob/Mogodin/Fluck..your inner cop is showing.

          • m l


          • John

            “No”? You’re not even trying. You are all one person!

          • m l

            No I am not saying she’s trying to escape wrongful imprisonment.

          • m l

            I’m not misrepresenting your argument. I’m giving you the same scenario only now it’s not a cop. What’s the difference between the actions of the neighbor & the actions of the cop?

          • Vincent Vendetti

            1. What good is a license anyway? Licenses have NEVER prevented anything. They are just a way for the state to generate revenue.

            2. She should be held accountable to the people whom she’s wronged. This would get her a day in court to face her accusers. You know, the way it’s supposed to be.

            3. Still doesn’t warrant a taze and death despite her running away.

          • John

            1. The license wasn’t the point; the hit-and-runs were. But what the lack of a license did show was at worst the possibility that she has a history of reckless driving, and at best the possibility that she never learned how to drive the ver dangerous vehicle that she crashed repeatedly.

            2. Well she was GOING to be held accountable to the people who she wronged. Except for the fact that she tried to escape justice AGAIN.

            3. No, it doesn’t. And it would have been clearly wrong if the cop knew he was going to kill her when he tazed her. But everybody knows that bad things happen when you run from the cops (not that that’s always a good thing). In THIS INSTANCE, she would not have ended up in jail if she was not a bad person. She would not have tried to escape, causing that cop to make the split-second decision to taze her, causing her to hit her own stupid head on the ground if she was not a stupid person. If she was not a selfish, irresponsible, stupid bitch, she never would have GOTTEN HERSELF KILLED. Her death is an example of natural selection. She should be nominated for a Darwin Award.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Ok..just erase everything about this story aside from the situation we witnessed on the video. She was never CONVICTED of her accused crimes so that data is invalid.

            So then we have her running out of the pig-pen while handcuffed, unarmed and not a threat to anyone.

            You said yourself that the COP made the decision to taze her. His decision was the deciding factor in her death. She would NOT have died if that decision wasn’t made.

          • John

            If a person provokes a conflict, they’re going to get it; and they will deserve the consequences. She provoked a conflict; she got it; and she deserved the consequences..

          • Vincent Vendetti

            So what’s it gonna be? Are you Rob B. or John?

          • John

            My name is John. Which is why “John” is what shows up in the name field.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            The post I’m responding to now says Rob B. The main post says John.

          • Ginger Wilson

            “She deserved the consequences.” This is either a sick joke or you’re an incredibly twisted, spiteful individual. My bet’s on the latter.

          • John

            So nobody ever deserves consequences for harming other people and trying to escape justice? You’re incredibly dismissive.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Consequences, absolutely. The consequences she received? Not even close. The punishment should be appropriate to the crime.

          • John

            Regardless, she put herself into a situation where a man with a (usually non-lethal) weapon and adrenalin pumping through his system, whose purpose was to prevent her from fleeing her day in court, was forced to make a split-second decision to keep her from escaping. Unfortunately, that decision led to her death. But that was most likely not his intent. She deserves the vast majority of the blame.

          • m l


          • Vincent Vendetti

            Well he’s posting as 5 different people so maybe psychopath?

          • John

            I’m beginning to think that you all are the same person. You certainly sound the same. And you certainly share the same level of willful ignorance.

          • Vincent Vendetti

   name is right there bro…you could even facebook me if you wanted. You, however, are hiding your identity and posting with at least 5 names.

          • John

            Why would I want you psychos to have access to my Facebook profile?

          • Vincent Vendetti

            lol…how are WE the psychos for representing nonviolence and police accountability? If anything you should be glad there are people like us. I don’t ever want to see a person harmed by imaginary authority. You, on the other hand, would probably get off on it.

          • John

            Sometimes violence is the answer. It’s how this country was founded, after all.

            I’m glad that CAUSES like this exist. I wish you zombies would stop making it look bad, though.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            You are some libertarian aren’t you. Dude you are a phony. The only violence a libertarian would condone is in defense of oneself, family or when the country is physically attacked within our borders. Fucking libertarian my ass.

          • John

            Yeah, some crazy bitch running her cars into innocent people and their stuff and running away from the scenes, possibly to do it again? Sounds like something to defend against.

          • m l

            Hey clueless. The hit & run & the incident @ the cop shop are 2 separate incidents. They did not occur at the same time & place. They were not in hot pursuit. SHE WAS HANDCUFFED YOU FUCKING GOOFBALL.

          • John

            She was in cuffs because of the hit-and-runs that she had not already paid for. She attempted to flee justice. They were in hot pursuit at the time. Thanks for playing. Please try again.

          • m l

            They were not in hot pursuit of her because of the hit & run. It already occurred & she was apprehended. She fled with handcuffs on, where is she gonna go, what is she gonna do? She’s 90 fucking pounds. God damn man pull your head out of your ass!

          • John

            And he didn’t think he would kill her. Stop conveniently ignoring parts of my argument.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            You have NO argument. Your only stance is the cop was right and she shouldn’t have run….oh yea..obey the state.

          • John

            Yes. IN THIS INSTANCE, the cop was right. Maybe he made a mistake with the tazer. But mostly, he was in the right.

            When they set up 4th amendment breaking check-points, shoot innocent people and animals, throw people in cages for inhaling fumes from plants that make them silly, and go over to other countries and blow up children with robots, and other oppressive shit like that? Yeah, fuck them.

            But this is NOT one of those instances. It is a story that hurts the cause that fights against those instances.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Well I bet she didn’t think she would die by running….

          • John

            I bet she didn’t think she would get caught when she committed those hit-and-runs, either.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Your comment is invalid. Never convicted.

          • John

            BECAUSE SHE DIED!


            BECAUSE SHE RAN!

          • Vincent Vendetti

   got it backwards…let me straighten that out for you……

            She was presumed innocent (never proven guilty)

            She ran and got tazed because of a fat dumb slob of a pig didn’t feel like breaking a sweat.

            A result of the tazing was a trip to vegetable land and then death.

          • John


          • Vincent Vendetti

            Really dude? You must be a cop. Cuz you be dumb son. You CHOSE to go into the tiger pit. HUGE difference. And you chastise me for a lack of critical thinking? I’m drinking and can still form a better thought process than you.

          • JOHN


          • Ginger Wilson

            So somehow he is not responsible for her death because he didn’t know it would happen. But she is responsible for her own death even though she didn’t know it would happen. Nice logic.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Ginger..this duded is fucked in the head. I’m not even sure why I’m still typing here aside from shear boredom.

          • Ginger Wilson

            No kidding. I keep trying to leave but his stupidity keeps drawing me back in.

          • John

            It’s not like he said “run, bitch!” She created the situation. He only reacted in the way his adrenalin soaked brain thought was best.

          • Ginger Wilson

            I’m pretty sure, considering the situation, she probably had some adrenaline pumping also. That doesn’t excuse her actions to you obviously. Why do you have a different standard of behavior for the police?

          • Vincent Vendetti

            He’s either a cop or a cop something. You do realize the posting by different names has stopped over the last 30/45 mins. And now he’s trying to claim to be a libertarian. LMFAO

          • John

            Oh yeah, use the non-use of supposed pseudonyms as evidence that I’ve been trolling. Brilliant.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            You can keep denying it bro but the proof is already on the page. Fake ass.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Use the accusation of trolling as an excuse to not answer the question. Again, why do you have a different standard of behavior for the police?

          • John

            She infringed on the properties of others. She got caught. She ran from jail. He reacted.

            No double standards here. She was the primary aggravator.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Yes, there is a double standard when you excuse his actions because of “pumping adrenaline” but don’t extend her the same courtesy.

          • John

            No. She was a negative influence, repeatedly causing harm to those around her and then running from the consequences. Fuck it. Even without adrenalin. Curb-stomp that bitch. Make her head part of the pavement. I don’t fucking care anymore. She was worthless and harmful. And even if she wasn’t, she cheated herself out of the benefits of due process. Fuck her. Fuck her family. Fuck her friends. Fuck her cat. Fuck her house. I hope she never bred.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Wow. You’re a truly horrible human being. Feel better now?

          • John

            No. She was. That’s my point, fuckwit.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Your name changed again. Imagine that. You act like you personally knew her. Did you?

          • John

            It’s John, retard. It always is.

          • Ginger Wilson

            No, actually, now it’s neihouse123. You sure do like the personal attacks better than actually having a logical argument, huh?

          • John

            You are all the same person; if not literally, then figuratively. I’ve had. I’m out. Overdose on insulin, for the greater good. And stop making libertarians and the opposition of big government look bad .

          • Vincent Vendetti

            If one of my kids runs from me after putting her in time out and my adrenaline pumps and I strike her to death…..can I get off the hook? I mean, it was just my adrenaline pumping. She could have hurt herself somehow.

          • John

            She was not his daughter. She was some selfish scag looking to evade justice and he reacted in a way that he didn’t think would kill her.

            And you don’t have kids. You’re still in fucking high school. Christ… You’re still in high school. Why am I still bothering with you?

          • John

            I’ll be you’re the kind of person who would sue McDonalds if you spilled coffee on yourself.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            How on god’s green earth did you ever peg me for such a person? Seriously? I think you are just fucking with us now.

          • John

            You don’t seem to have a problem with ignoring personal responsibility.

          • m l

            I willfully ignore AUTHORITIE! I don’t believe in Santa Claus either.

          • John

            I don’t think the phrase is “ignore your enemy.”

            What the fuck does the “TIE” even mean, anyway?

          • Vincent Vendetti

            South Park, Cartman…RESPECT MAH AUTHORITIE!!!

          • John

            The funny thing is that Matt and Trey would mock your herd mentality.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            omfg…herd mentality? So you’re saying the norm is to go against authority, reject the state and it’s relevance, and hold police accountable for their misconducts? The only herd mentality is people like you who grovel at the feet of your masters. 80% of Americans think like you. You are very special.

          • John

            People like me? Have you even been reading my comments? I OPPOSE government oppression. I ENDORSE causes such as ones that hold police accountable for wrong-doing. I also oppose muckraking that dilutes and tarnishes such causes.

            Your herd mentality is all of you, in your self-congratulatory little subculture here, all demonizing cops for anything they do, not accepting new information, dehumanizing people who don’t agree with you, patting each other on the backs for agreeing with each other.

          • m l

            self delusional.

          • m l

            lol, Trey Parker is a libertarian & Matt Stone is an atheist. My guess is they’d expose you for the sociopath you seem to be.

          • John

            They are also reasonable. And their views are derived from logic and evidence, not overly-emotional mob mentality. I can’t say the same for yours.

            And I’m a libertarian agnostic. Attack my argument, not my character (which you’re wrong about, by the way).

          • m l

            Logic & evidence? Logic & evidence tells me that a 90lb. handcuffed girl is not difficult to capture, nor is she a threat. It also shows me that you have room to evolve. Do you know the difference between a libertarian and an anarchist?

          • John








          • m l

            Who says tazers are non lethal? Oh the gubment & manufacturers. I do not believe cops should have them. Have you heard of the Use of Force continuum?

          • m l

            2 years. Keep studying….

          • Vincent Vendetti

            You say “supposedly” nonlethal…WTF does that even mean? Either they are or they aren’t. Tazers have killed a LOT of people. They ARE lethal but some of the time they aren’t.

          • Ginger Wilson

            So, in your world, it was more malicious of her to run away than for him to taze a handcuffed woman in the back? That’s a fucked up world you live in. She was no danger to anyone at that moment. She was not going to get very far without being noticed in her handcuffs. She was foolish for running, yes. Malicious? I don’t see it. To me, it seems much more malicious to taze a handcuffed person in the back with no warning.

          • John

            It was malicious to run her dangerous vehicle into other peoples’ properties and possibly other people and run from it, yes. I’m pretty sure the assumption that the cop would want to stop her would be plenty of warning.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Yet, you are still glossing over the fact that she was handcuffed and on foot. She was posing a danger to no one. Realistically, how difficult would it be to catch her without using a tazer? Call me crazy but I’m going to rely more on what I actually see on the video than what this girl might have done previously. From the video it appears that he could have grabbed her with minimal effort. He was being lazy. And his laziness cost her life.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Temper, temper. lol

          • John

            Okay, I’m done being reasonable. Kill yourself, you fat cunt. Stop being any kind of influence on the world that I have to live in.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Oh no, I think I detect some “pumping adrenaline”. Hope you don’t use it to justify killing me.
            Oh, and typing in all caps makes you look like a fifth grader.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            This dude is getting creepier and creepier.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            You are NO libertarian. That’s for sure. Don’t believe him people. Libertarians want minimal gov’t. and reject the idea of force. This person/persons has done nothing but condone it.

          • John

            Again, again, again, if you’ve read my posts, you would know that I DO want minimal government, the way the constitution meant it to be. But you want to set me up to be the bad guy; so go ahead and only pay attention to the parts of my argument that support that.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            You set yourself up. YOU typed a load of bull. Now you are trying to make it seem as if libertarians are blood crazed fools. It is YOU that is switching your stance.

          • LizTheGing

            Aren’t you special lol

          • Vincent Vendetti

            She didn’t harm anyone. Only property. But I guess a couple of car crashes are enough to be sentenced to death by cop here in the beacon of freedom.

          • John

            So car crashes don’t have the potential to hurt someone? What if that property being damaged was extremely detrimental, possibly life-ruining, to HER victims?

          • Ginger Wilson

            Of course car crashes can hurt people. But in this case no one was hurt. And this is the case we are talking about. It’s beginning to seem like you just want to twist things so he is justified in killing her. And he isn’t at all.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Everyone has the potential of harming someone else everyday. Guess we are all guilty of pre-crime and I sentence us to death.

          • John





          • Vincent Vendetti

            Please unfuck your thinking. You claim to be a libertarian (which you know is bullshit). As a prior libertarian I would assume she’s innocent because that’s what the constitution has said. People are INNOCENT until proven guilty. Her death doesn’t prove her guilt. She died an INNOCENT person.

            Example, I can lend my car to a friend. If that friend blows through red lights and the camera gets him I WILL receive the ticket. Not him. Say I don’t see the mail in time and then get pulled over for speeding. They’ll run my plates and viola I’m a wanted person. I will be handcuffed and booked on a bench warrant. I’m completely innocent but still have to prove it. What if the cops don’t like me because I won’t talk to them and they beat me to death (has happened a LOT to people). Then my story breaks then news. YOU would still be on here saying I should have just talked blah blah blah.

          • John

            Then lets say you spotted an opportunity and ran while you were still on the side of the road. Then you ran into traffic and got fatally hit by a car. This site would then post a biased version of the story, claiming that the cops chased you into traffic and should have some how stopped you before you got there. Then this site would try to cry murder. Hell, maybe they even photoshop devil horns and nazi uniforms onto pictures of the cops. Then the idiot hordes here would swallow it without question and call for the cops to be publicly beaten to death or whatever. All blame would be off of you and onto the cops.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Yes I’m sure she felt it would be a convenient way to get out of her trial. You know, to be dead. Evil mastermind there.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            She didn’t provoke. She fled. The cops were the aggressors.

          • John

            She committed 2 hit-and-runs (provoking this situation, while harming innocent people), allegedly, since she never got her day in court, since she got herself knocked into a coma and killed because she fled.

            And then she provoked the situation by fleeing her day in court, preventing her from being convicted of her crimes.

            What a sweet girl!

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Are we doing this again with the hit and runs? That material is invalid. NEVER CONVICTED. For all we know she was wrongly accused. They weren’t even the cause of her death. THE COP DECIDED TO TAZE HER. HIS actions resulted in her death.

          • Rob B

            I understand and this woman was already arrested and was running away from where she was being held. I don’t think the cop was wrong in this one single specific video. And yes it is very unfortunate what happened to her. However if she didn’t try to run away, she would be alive today.

          • Ginger Wilson

            If the officer had made any effort to catch her before tasing her, she would be alive today.

          • Rob B

            True!! You are right!! But SHE was the one who decided to run out of the police station in handcuffs!! She was the criminal. Why try to blame somebody else! ?!?

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Blame somebody else? I guess she tazed herself…

          • Ginger Wilson

            I’m not trying to blame someone else for her running out of the police station. Totally her fault. Totally NOT her fault that this “officer” decided to act with such disregard for her safety. And HE was the one who decided to do that.

          • Ginger Wilson

            Because even “criminals” have rights. It was obviously a bad decision to run out of the police station. However, this was not a convicted violent criminal. This was an accused, probably frightened, young girl. There was no reason to tase her. She was handcuffed, she wasn’t going to get far. I fail to see how she posed a threat to the public, seeing she was handcuffed. This was not the officer’s only choice. Why are you pretending that it was?

          • Vincent Vendetti

            He’s not pretending. He’d put a gun to your head if he had a shiny badge, costume, and the state’s permission to do so. He’s a direct decedent of the SS Gestapo.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Rob, before every cop had a tazer and a free pass to violate the citizenry how do you think they would have treated her? I’m willing to bet they would’ve chased her down and maybe given her a lick or two of the baton (because what’s a cop without the violence).

          • altmartion

            purchases? like what? i don’t do it very often. you could catch a priest on the wrong day and get your ass beat.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Maybe you should read Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces by Radley Balko. And then come at me bro.

          • altmartion

            lol. i don’t think it worked

          • Ginger Wilson

            Not quite sure how to respond to the insanity of comparing what happened to this girl to a stunt driver crashing his car. Rather than common sense, maybe you should work on your critical-thinking skills. Just saying.

      • Rob B

        No!! I know he was not trying to kill her. She was the one doing wrong. The person doing wrong is now being made out to be the victim.

        • m l

          OMG you’re a tool. He tazed her & he’s shot 2 people you moron. Why do you like violence so much?

          • Rob B

            I don’t like violence, heck I don’t even like calling people names! But what I do have is common sense, which will ensure I never get tazed by a police officer! !!

          • m l

            lol, don’t be so sure. There are hundreds probably thousands of stories that prove otherwise….

          • Rob B

            I have seen terrible videos of police abusing people to horrible extents and those officers should take full responsibility for all of their actions. I am only speaking of this specific video. There are some terrible power hungry officers that should never have authority.

          • m l

            Therein lies the rub. They get off almost every time cause of morons on juries…maybe like you….

          • Vincent Vendetti

            And if they do get punished it’s time served/probation and back on duty in no time.

          • m l

            With a paid vacation!

          • Rob B

            I don’t want this officer to get in trouble, remember I am only speaking of this video. I have seen other videos that show police brutality in which I hope the proper punishment is given to that officer.

          • Ginger Wilson

            So, seriously, you can’t think of any other way this “officer” could have caught her? Have you actually watched the video? All he needed to do was possibly JOG for five steps and grab her. He gives her no verbal warning, nothing.

          • m l

            He’s shot 2 people too. He should be fired for this. Cops should not have tazers & should receive much different training. Youtube Austin Police Department Cadet training. But of course I don’t believe their should be public law enforcement.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            I guess the jews and Japanese had common sense when they listened to the ruling class to get on the trains or into the “internment” camps (yes, America placed Japanese into prison camps right here in the grand ol’ USA)…we’re such a beacon of freedom :/

          • Ginger Wilson

            Unfortunately, that doesn’t ensure anything. Are you seriously this brainwashed?

          • Rob B

            I’m not an individual who thinks the government is always out to get me. But i do believe in limited authority and much smaller government than what we have currently. But i really saw her doing the actions that caused her to get tazed. I’m sorry things turned out that way for her. But I’m also the guy that’s never going to get arrested, and I will be sure my kids inherit common sense and don’t turn out to be a delinquent that ends up getting arrested.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            I hope you step on a roach (not the bug kind) and drag it into your car unbeknownst to you. Then get pulled over for speeding or some other BS rule. And since you have nothing to fear you allow them to search your vehicle and they find the roach. You’ll see how fast you become law abiding to felon. But you probably never ever ever go just 1 MPH over the limit and rainbows shoot out of your ass.

          • Rob B

            I got pulled over for speeding when I was in fact going the speed limit and the cop told me to leave because he was done arguing with me.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            After you sucked him off right?

          • m l


          • Ginger Wilson

            You do realize that people are sometimes arrested who are, in fact, innocent, right? This is why we have trials and don’t just kill people, you know? Like this girl would have had if she hadn’t been murdered first.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            No, he doesn’t know that nor according to him would it ever happen. He never faults the cop because he lives in constant fear of the shiny metal badge.

    • kevin

      I didn’t know resisting arrest was grounds for capital punishment, better re-read my laws.

      • Rob B

        No need to re – read anything! ! I’m sure you have more common sense than this woman and would not run out of a police station handcuffed after being there for other crimes committed! !

        • Ginger Wilson

          A lack of common sense should hardly carry a death sentence.

        • Vincent Vendetti

          What “crimes” were committed by the woman? It was minor traffic violations. Hardly cause for a violent reaction from the chumps in blue.

        • kevin

          Pshh. You have no idea why she was running out. She could have been being molested by the cop. And she was handcuffed. The cop used unnecessary force that resulted in her death. There was absolutely no need to tase her. Especially since she is already detained and tasers are meant to detain someone.. Why are you supporting that fat officer who decided to risk a girl’s life instead of running? Why are you supporting violation of our 8th amendment rights?

    • m l

      That’s your problem, you believe in the myth of authority. What a fucked up society when you expect the initiation of violence. Common sense tells me a handcuffed 90 lb. girl is pretty easy to catch….

      • Rob B

        She’s not going to change the way society is by running away after being arrested! I didn’t say authority is right or wrong, that’s the way it is, so she is not the victim, she is simply the criminal.

        • m l

          Not the victim? Wow. Didn’t you just state something about common sense. You’re a cop aren’t you?

          • m l

            OK something weird is going on, your name here is Sandra but now I’ve gotten 2 emails from your posts with 2 different names. Something fishy going on here.

          • Rob B

            Lol, no I am not a cop!! I have seen plenty of videos that I would have an opinion on calling those cops terrible people. This video shows a criminal that unfortunately was harmed beyond intentions.

          • m l

            Why does your name keep changing?

        • Vincent Vendetti

          Despite her actions, which were nonviolent by the way, she shouldn’t have been subject to this punishment. These pigs are now judge/jury/executioner and they garner their power through drones like you.

          • Rob B

            If he had pulled his 9mm on her i would be with you on this argument. Please let’s do without name calling, we all made it out of elementary school.

          • Ginger Wilson

            I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a police officer to have enough common sense to foresee the danger of tasing a handcuffed woman as she ran across concrete.

          • Vincent Vendetti

            Then quit the elementary thought of blind obedience. These are just people who have been giving a pretty high amount of power over us somehow. They derive that power from the obedience and belief that they are better than us. That shiny badge is not a magical trinket that blesses them with wisdom and the right to make a kill/no kill decision.

    • m l

      Now your name is Rob B, before Sandra Ashley, before that Monobin. We got a whole cop shop defending their brotherhood…

      • Vincent Vendetti

        I’ve seen his name as Rob B., John, Monobin, Fluck and two others I can’t think of.

        • John


          Yes. You’re right. I’m an agent provocateur. And nothing I say has any value at all. You don’t have to think critically about the problem of state oppression. All you have to do is rally against whatever the loudest figurehead points their finger at. Fight the good fight, comrade!

          • Vincent Vendetti

            There is a reason your name is changing. I’m not doing it. I’ve put screen shots up of it. I’ll go search out more. comrade.

          • altmartion

            i am monobin. i was having issues signing in. as i stated to mi, it was a mistake on my part. this is my normal account. i am not Rob B., John, Monobin, Fluck and two others I can’t think of. nor are they me. show your snapshots. what would they prove though? it won’t show any connection with the names you think i have. please, show us the positive proof you have so you can get ridiculed for all the false accusations. what would i gain with multiple names? so please go search out more. comrade. i don’t know why I’m the moron.

    • primalmedic413

      You’re absolutely correct Rob. There are two great ways to avoid getting tased by the police. The first one is to not get arrested. The second one is to cooperate if you do get arrested. Generally trying to escape from police custody is a pretty serious thing. And nobody can seem to answer how they would’ve felt if she was hit by a car while handcuffed. These same whiners would be saying that the cops should have done more to keep her detained.

    • Chris Cornwell

      Hey rob, you want this delicious doughnut I am having right now mmmmmm dooooooouuuughhhhnnnnnnnuuuuuuut. here boy, here, fetch!

  • MoBetter2

    Unfortunately, many of these Thugs With Badges are arrogantly convinced they will always hold the upper hand against the citizenry. They are too ignorant to realize they are outgunned, outnumbered and surrounded. Their authority is what WE give them. Once they tip the scales too far, and the public withholds its support they will find that they will be on the receiving end, not a pleasant place to be when the public has had its fill of your violence.

  • Wayne Chamberlain

    His fat ass was just afraid he would have to run a few steps. Health standards should be increased for the job. He was probably a bully or got bullied himself back in school.

  • Americans are 5 times more likely to die from cop then their fellow citizens.

    • m l

      Only 5?

      • m l

        think it’s 8.

    • primalmedic413

      The chance of being killed by a cop are pretty close to zero if you follow the law. I’ve never been tased, sprayed, beaten, kicked, or harassed by a cop. I must have beaten the odds!

      • Art Lee

        Hmmmm I just bet you are known to them.

    • LizTheGing

      78% of statistics are made up on the spot.

  • Rebelde Por Ley

    The girl’s family should take care of that dirty cop ANY way possible!

  • cman03

    Wow, the officer should be charged with murder. She was handcuffed and not a threat at all, what a douchbag.

  • Carl Thompson

    A clear case of murder. Since the system is intent on letting the cop get away with murder, it is time for the girl’s male relatives to take care of business.

  • Keith Johnson

    He should have the samething done to him and then let people laugh at him

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    And they wonder why we don’t cower.

  • Larry Johnstone

    Cops is the only profession in the world that takes glory in hurting women.
    Not all of them, but just one is one too many.
    This guy needs to be fired and charged with abuse of power.
    Anyone can see the use of a taser was uncalled for

  • Jeff

    Fucking fat lazy P.O.S pig.

  • withavengeance

    In this one respect, I’ve reverted to the brief time of my hippie days…cops are PIGS.

  • Ev1L

    NEVER trust cops …….whether good or bad they stick together

  • neihouse123

    This is bullshit, this thing is complete lies. This is not how it happened!

    • Ginger Wilson

      How are you so positive what happened?

      • Vincent Vendetti

        This dude is a HUGE troll…in another post he says “Fucking fat lazy P.O.S pig.”

        • Ginger Wilson

          Did you notice the new name?

    • Daniel Hunt

      i’m sure thats what you wrote in your report, officer.

  • Zack attack

    This cop better be glad this was not my daughter other wise I wouldn’t be leaving a commit on a website.

  • Ibrahim

    So basically because someone trying to escape the police is tased ONCE (not multiple times or was continued to be tased after she fell) which was reasonable force when trying to subdue a criminal, fell and suffered head trauma the cop is Hitler? This was caused because she was trying to run away from the police after being arrested.

    The anit-police moment is such bullshit. If you’re going to try and stage a protest or something make sure it’s about a case of abuse of power/authority. Not an officer doing his job and reacting, in a reasonable way, only to result in an accident which would not have happened if the person wasn’t breaking and then trying to evade the law.

    • primalmedic413

      Seriously. If the cop let the girl go, and she immediately was hit by a car, I bet these same cop-haters would be saying that the cops should have done all they could to safely detain her.

  • DezzPizza

    I like how he can say. YOU HIT YOUR HEAD on the pavement pretty hard. No, What happen was you used un-necessary force and in doing so got to see the exact reason those rules of conduct are in place. You’ve in-turn murder this child. Or at very least kidnapped her and kept her against will for a very long time in a strange and unusual punishment. This was a crime. Regardless of his intended action. Using a stun gun over cement on a fragile women; then acting as if her hitting her head on concrete is what happens then calling her “DUMB” that was BEAUTIFUL. What are you STUPID? Speaks for itself this man needs to be educated and put into prison for a long time so he can see what it’s like to have something taken from him.

  • Tom Birmingham

    When you give D students a badge and power, this is the result. Your average police officer scored a 64% on their competency tests, any higher than a 68% and your tanked. Search Cops IQ caps, on google if you want to find out more. When you hire morons you get a person with a low intel that will auto resort to violence. It’s soo much like that film idiocracy it hurts. If we want to save our society from this cruelty we must force the Human Rescource Departments of our various municipal and state police to change their policies and not hire these morons. These dangerous well armed morons.

    • Party every day panda style

      You are so correct. I have a minor in Criminal Justice and I am more qualified to become an LEO than most of the pigs out on the street.

    • Art Lee

      It is easier to get a dumb person to be a thug than it is a thinker.

  • Darkgray

    One can only imagine the sheer sorrow and hatred that will forever live on this this family’s heart and soul. One cannot begin to comprehend the level of rage this family feels from the lost of such a wonderful life. As a human being this makes me sick to my stomach to know such atrocity’s happen and there is no justice to them. It fills me with rage that people look at this and feel as if this has no grounds for anything to be done about it. We as a people are turning into what we evolved from, animals. Yet there will be religious leaders and believes that will say “This is in God’s will”. In the name of all that is good in this would why would a loving caring god allow anything like this happen? What kind of person would look at this and not really the urge to do something about this? To all those reading this I beg of you to share this as much as you can. Let people know of these atrocity’s that our government is funding. Let them know that enough is enough with this downright disgusting abuse of power. Do not fear the government or its treats against you for in the end they fear you more than you do them.

  • primalmedic413

    I know of a great way to not get tased by the police. Actually two good ways. First, don’t get arrested. And second, don’t attempt to escape custody. What if she actually did get away, but then got hit by a car on that road? I’m sure there would be cries that the police should have done more to keep her in custody. Is this tragic? Of course! But its definitely not murder. Especially considering that about 5 seconds after she was tased, the officer called for an ambulance and at one point said “I don’t want you to get up. You hit your head pretty good and EMS is on the way.”

    • Chris Cornwell

      thats not what your wife said to me last night.

      • primalmedic413

        Wow Chris. Intelligent response. Are you wearing your helmet? Is that the best you’ve got?

        • Chris Cornwell

          No, I was not wearing a helmet, but your wife was because her head kept hitting the headboard.

  • primalmedic413

    Furthermore, this “article” is highly disingenuous. The officer sneered “I don’t want you to get up” as the high volt electricity went through her body? I didn’t see it happen that way at all. He did say he didn’t want her to get up because she hit her head and he had an ambulance on the way. She wasn’t being tased at that point. This whole thing is basically just more anti-cop propaganda by people who are either sue happy, or don’t want to face the consequences of their own voluntary actions.

  • Edana

    That lard ass of a cop should be horsewhipped for not having the girl under control in the first place. If he had been doing his job properly the girl never would have had the opportunity to make a run for it.

  • John Scott

    The judge may let that fat pig off but god won’t forget on the day of judgement for all .

  • James

    Jesus Christ cops are a sick bunch. I’ve never trusted them and never will.

  • Daniel Tregant

    How can someone THAT unfit be allowed to work as a policeman anyway? He tases her into submission because he can’t run after her? Just speechless.

  • Glen Saunders

    Who cleared these fat hogs from wrong doing? Who watched this tape and said they didn’t do anything wrong? More fat bureaucrats? Disgusting abuse of police powers.

  • raythemixer

    I find it interesting that the other cops were trying to turn off cameras, but could not get into the one car that had the video rolling. The use of the taser was outside of the use of force continuum. How in the hell was this asshole not charged?

  • Peter Straw

    these cops should not be in uniform – period – nothing to do with safety or whether we need cops or anything else. He did not respect her rights as a citizen who he works for and was callous about acts causing her death.No one but a trained sergeant should have a taser, only certain designated cars should be armed. The police must go back to being an integral part of the community they protect. the emphasis should be on protection first and rule monitoring second. This officer should be given 25 years no parole to engage in some self reflection.

    • primalmedic413

      And then when you have unarmed cops, and another public shooting happens, the media will be wondering why it wasn’t stopped by the police.

  • cj1404

    Why did she run? That fat cop would not have caught her if he tried. In all states that was a legitimate use of the tazer. That is why the cop was cleared. Women need to stop acting like the rules don’t apply to them.

  • Party every day panda style

    There should be a physical fitness standard so fat, lazy piggies don’t resort to tazer abuse.

  • Charles Semenko

    Sorry but she ran and the cop used appropriate force. The Fall to the concrete killed her and that is sad, but don’t run from the police. Her fault and her parent’s and friends’ fault for teaching her to run from the police . He did not tase her again once she was down and he called for EMS immediately.

    • John

      Prepare to be eaten alive by hordes of group-thinking, blind, demonizing fanatics.

    • primalmedic413

      You’re absolutely right Charles. I’ve never been tased or killed by the police, because I’ve never run from them. Imagine the odds I’ve beaten!

      • John

        He was agreeing with you. :/

      • n10dkf

        Of course, how could you have ran when you were down on your knees licking fascist pig boots and taking it doggy style.

  • Jak brown

    STOP ever increasing Government and Corporate TYRANNY !!!!! I HAVE A SOLUTION why dont all of you make
    some effort towards forming what I have coined as the CITIZENS UNION in your
    area to begin with. Call it barbecue Sunday if you like, unite in any form is
    what matters. Later it can be expanded to regional, national and international
    in time. Once the membership reaches a few 100 people you can begin to
    contribute as little as 2 dollars per month. Once the membership momentum
    builds up on a national level the fund can grow to a substantial amount that
    can be utilized for civil rights law suites etc. Got to start somewhere, when
    you have a substantial membership base they will think twice about f……….
    with you. They always win by capitalizing on social division and our isolation
    from each other. A membership of several million has the potential to cause
    serious civil unrest. For example If just 5% of account holders withdraw all
    their money from their bank at once it can cause a serious liquidity crisis for
    the bank due to the mechanics of Fractional Reserve Banking. Which can later be
    used as leverage to reform their policies. Thats the power of numbers. An ant
    cannot bring an elephant down but an army of ants CAN, by crawling in to every
    orifice of the beast. In time it finally submits. It can be done only if they
    all unite as one force. I have given
    this a lot of thought if you dont move now we are all going to be F……..ed
    in the near future. All will be tagged and bar coded in the not so distant future.
    As Aldous Huxley once said “There
    will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making
    people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to
    speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so
    that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will
    rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by
    propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological
    methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.” YES Indeed, getting
    F…………… and dont even know it
    🙂 Goerge Orwell, Aldous Huxley and
    other visionaries predicted the present trends over 70 yrs ago. They were
    simply speculations at the time, but now the shit is already happening all
    around us. Time to wake up and unite as ONE. You cannot be sitting around on
    the sofa because one day they will be knocking on your door. TAKE SOME ACTION
    for your kids sake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! time
    to wake up and unite or !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    The reason he tazed her is because the cop is so fat and slow running he had to use it. Fat cops shouldn’t use tazers a s a substitute for fitness.

  • chelmer

    This was murder, which apparently was legalized recently. I missed the memo.

  • LawrenceNeal

    it’s obvious he tazed her because he’s too fat to run after her. What is it with all these cops with their guts hanging over their belt? Don’t they have fitness requirements?

  • Chris Sea-la

    This is terrible and I hate cops, but the article makes it seem a lot more malicious that the video actually depicts. He didnt mock her and he didnt repeatedly shock her as the article leads you to believe. Is this tragic? Yes, but dont try to sensationalize the cops as some laughing mocking demon when he clearly isnt doing that, their are plenty of those cops.

  • Amy Messamore Blessing

    Poor kid

  • eddie

    they are way out of line the cops are hurting alot of people for no reason,they should be tried and punished double since they are supposed to set example serve and PROTECT!!!!! im making a copy of this article and the next time these so called cops calls for a donation to help fallen brother Im going to say”BEFORE WE GO ANY FUrTHER LET ME READ YOU A LITTLE ARTICLE AND AFTERWARDS GIVE ME YOUR OPINION IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOUR DAUGHTER,SON,WIFE,HUSBAND,BROTHER,SISTER .OR RELATIVE. OR JUST A FRIEND'[ SEE IF THEY STILL HAVE BALLS ENOUGH TO ASK FOR MONEY OR SHOW ANY REOMRSE. COPS ARE A BUNCH OF WASHED UP JOCKS FROM HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE THAT COULDNT MAKE IN THE REAL WORLD WITH REAL JOBS.THEY ARE A BUNCH OF PRICKS. eddie wayland

  • matt


  • Jim

    HOW the hell are these cops being CLEARED of wrongdoing? WTF is happening?

  • Regena Bailey List

    This is the type of behavior that makes the public turn against cops. If this were my daughter I would be going to jail because I would put a bullet right between his eyes . That beer belly ass wipe would be going to hell. To “clear him of all charges”, this is why the public is becoming more distrustful of the “system”.

  • Jake

    I’ll be back guys, gonna go vomit real quick.

  • Vick

    This cop had no right to commit ANY bodily harm to a defenseless perp. REGARDLESS of the fact that she ESCAPED from his custody. She was in no way a threat to the cop, or anyone else for that matter. Just because you wear a uniform does not justify You doing to others what you are supposed to be preventing. The first thing cops like to blurt out when their caught red handed is, “you don’t know the dangers, you can’t do it! ” you signed up knowing the dangers and are supposed to uphold yourselves in an accordingly manner NOT involving personal emotions at an attempt to justify your ignorant actions. You are to be professionals who keep the peace. Instead you resort to bullying,Using forcefulness and aggression as a tool to insteel fear in people.


    Oh I am beyond Angry! DAMN!!!!!!! this is ridiculous 🙁 prayers go out to her family! Justice for Danielle!

  • Anonymous Last

    It makes me sick to see things like this. That the police no longer serve and protect. Law keepers/cops should be accountable for their actions more than non badge wearing civilians.

    I would like to chop his big ass up into six easy pieces and send him back to the police station as a message.

    • primalmedic413

      What message is that? That anarchy reins and we need the police to be on guard more than ever? That’ll sure get your point across!

  • alex

    fuck the police

  • The Ninny

    Did you see how fat those donut eating PRICKS were that were surrounding that girl?I am appalled at what I just saw.

  • Kyle Bubbley

    why is it called the criminal justice system, ? because its run by……………….anybody.

  • William White

    Umm Fleeing and Escape what the hell was she thinking as far as those with such hatred for the cop it was a minor offence why the hell did she run Fleeing and trying to escape it is sad she ended up that way but she really brought that on her self I will pry that she might recover.

  • Paul goodwin

    Storm troopers! that mentality pervades the less than intellegant and easily lead and manipulated gang mentality. I have learned and will relate true tales of instances where local, and federal law enforcement have lied under oath on sworn court documents, personal experiences. The covering of federal officers corrupt behavior by local cops,state attorney, FBI, Homeland Security inspector general. down here in the Florida keys we have politicians whos braggart stories about their drug smuggling through the Bahamas to the keys and now they comand respect and reverance while influence peddling for projects that favor themselves and business associates, it always helps when your family is closely tied to law enforcement to make themselves appear Legitamate. I dont think Al Capone was even this creative! This is how our government operates $$$$$$$$$.

  • Anti-Misinformation

    Allright, screw you people, I found the real issue here, so let’s see:

    That day, she had 2 hit and run accidents. She rear-ended the first car, struck another car, she used excuses about both scenes that she was trying to get her daughter from the hospital.

    The car she was driving belonged to her ex-boyfriend’s mother, a 70 year old woman who did not give her permission to take the vehicle.

    Furthermore, she was found to have cocaine and oxycodone in her system, so she was irrational the whole time. Let’s keep in mind that she ran out of the police station, handcuffed.

    The cops knew she was irrational and dangerous since 2 HIT AND RUNS FOR FUCK SAKE!

    As you can see in the video, she was tazed ONCE, ONCE. He tased her once from what I can see, only once which was the initial taser shot from the taser gun, and that’s it. There is no multiple tasing present in this video (tasing more than once would be very visible on her I assure you since the gun is designed to make your muscles spasm and not make you able to control your body).

    He told her he doesn’t want her to get up since it’s head trauma you FUCKING BIASED MORONS. Head traumas are to be treated by professionals that are authorised to care for patients with that. We were taught at the red cross that we keep the person with severe head trauma in their current position, give them water to keep them conscious and not let them move to prevent any further nerve damage. He did not even keep her on the ground, and the whole time he was holstering his weapon and removing the tazer lines.

    The cop did nothing wrong, and she was smashed the fuck up from cocaine and oxycodine, and she put at least 2 lives at danger with the two hit and runs.

    2 hit and runs, cocaine and oxycodine in her system, expired license from another state, criminal record and irrational behaviour.

    You biased motherfuckers act like sheep. Do some research before spewing bullshit.


    • altmartion

      ahhhhh, one of the few that actually look at and consider the facts. and you are rational? I knew something was wrong because the first sentence didn’t call someone a fucking redneck inbred moron. lol. these people are arguing over and using this article like it is a bio. It’s almost like they are 2 different stories..i think this could have been handled another way but still , this is all a result of her actions from the start of the first hit and run.

      • IamME

        What if it was YOUR family members she injured in one of her 2 hit and runs??

        I’m not saying she deserved to die after hitting her head of the concrete. But what this officer done was LEGAL!! He didn’t repeat the tasing. It happened once. This is what happens all around the world when you run from police you risk this. WHY was she running?? Some of this needs to be put on the girl here….why run? She was inside the police station….why try to escape?

        • altmartion

          please read my reply again. and all my others. thanks

    • Kirkus1964

      Since she was irrational and on drugs, and therefore unaware of what she was doing, all the more reason NOT to tase here. She was n’t a threat to anyone.

    • altmartion

      talking about the drugs she was on. being tased while on cocaine increases the risk of serious injury. and I am sure the cocaine influenced her decisions. your reply is based on facts. well done. one of the few.

  • Johnny Boy

    Google her name, she had TWO hit and run incidents within an hour that morning. Also, she was driving a car that she had no authorization to do, so she STOLE the car… Lets not forget the cocaine and oxycodone that were in her system… She also has previous arrests, and her mugshots are available online too…Nothing can be used in court against HIM, he isn’t being charged with a crime…

    • monobin

      the facts against her do not per sway some of these folks. it is very disturbing that the video shows the real story and the article is so far off in left field it should be slander. yet they all believe the article more than the video. I don’t see how they do when it is full of blatant lies and is wildly exaggerated.

  • CherryDaddy

    While the fact that she was a drug addict who had done a few hit/runs, IMO it still sucks that it happened. Though I do understand why it happened, it doesn’t make it okay that it happened.

  • Jim Strathmeyer

    Never let a cop handcuff you, apparently. When you see a dangerous, armed thug coming at you for your life, shouldn’t you shoot first?? When do we have a right to feel safe?

  • Na_na99

    You guys do realize that police precincts have QUOTAS to meet in the number of people they should be arresting. And if they don’t meet quota, they don’t get raises and promotions. Basically, if they don’t meet quota, they have to make ways to ensure they do.

    • altmartion

      now be honest, please. is this really why you think he tased her? or just a general statement?

  • altmartion

    I don’t see the author’s name of this or other article’s and stories. where can I find this?

  • tracy

    The cop and the state needs to be sued.need to stop using those tasers as toys…and if someone is in cuffs they dont need to be tazed,they are detained.

    • altmartion

      that’s true, but once they flee the are fugitive. cuffed or not. granted he probably knew he wouldn’t catch her and was a bit trigger happy.

      • tracy

        I know,but i dont see how he could not catch her,she was in hand cuffs.They still need to be sued for not getting her medical attention sooner.

        • altmartion

          as soon as an officer tazes they call it in. it is at this point the dispatcher alerts emt. they are dispatched then

          • tracy

            They will pay for it in the end GOD takes a life when one has been will see they will die and it wont be anyones doings but their own for killing an innocent person.

  • ethan

    she ran, he tazed her once. I don’t understand the problem…. its not like the Rodney king tape.

  • Robbie Rage

    If that was my daughter these cops would be sniped out , starting with the tough guy with the tazer ! I would wait till he was with his family , then remove his cap in front of them all so they would know the horror that this little girls family feels, maybe than we could be heard laughing and saying things like” I got two words for you: dead pig hahaha”. Just know that NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE IN THIS COUNTRY UNTIL THE PEOPLE WANT CHANGE, UNTIL THAN we are at the mercy of the HERO’s! Remember follow their motto, shoot first ask questions later!

  • Angry Old Man

    Fat cop didn’t want to run, so he just shot. Fuck cops, especially fat cops, and fuck the direction we are heading as a nation.

  • All The Way Alive

    I hate pigs as much as the rest, but don’t flee the police. People have to know what these pigs are capable of! If you run, they have the right to use force. Just play dumb, be compliant, and ask for an attorney!

  • Crispy Bacon

    I this POS has a family they should torture and kill them in front of him while he watches. Then slowly kill him.

    • altmartion

      can you explain why you feel this way?

  • Crispy Bacon


  • Siks14

    Dumb bitch shouldn’t have ran.

  • Samir Eltahan

    You guys are in Syria not the USA, the only difference that they try the cops and always leave them…but in Syria there is no trial they just kill

  • harald

    Too sick to be true ! this can only happen in a sick cultural third world country ( US ) where cops are far too fat and therefor can’t even run a 100 meters and where weapons are as normal as fork and spoon and where modified and hormoned food are making people fat and agressive . Shame on you !

    • Raven Macdonald

      some of you people making comments need to visit a third world country.
      Ask for a phone call in Somalia.. You think cops are bad here?
      MERDE!!!!!!! its French look it up

  • sp

    Officer Cole – you’re a deadman

    • altmartion

      you my friend are going places.

  • Michael Sievers

    They tasked her because they were too fat to chase her. Remember, you cannot electrocute a prisoner of war, but it is OK to electrocute an American citizen.

  • Pontianak Perfectworld

    I don’t get what the cop did wrong here. She ran from the police because she was facing “2 minor misdemeanor traffic offenses.” She ran because she did something minor? That is what makes no sense to me. Why did she run? According to the full coverage story it was because she was in 2 hit and run accidents in a car that she had no permission to be driving. But that’s a “minor” crime according to her attorney. Now had the cop chased her instead of tasering her ONE time, he MIGHT have prevented her from falling on her face, or he might of had to tackle her to the ground, which a man of his size vs a tiny girl such as her, he might of crushed her. He had a higher chance of doing serious bodily harm tackling her then just hitting her with a taser. And it wasn’t the taser that killer her, it was the trauma to her head from falling under her own weight onto the ground. Imagine if his weight was on her when she fell from being tackled by him. I have to agree that this cop did nothing wrong in this case. I feel bad for the family that they lost a daughter, but this was a case of her bad judgement lead to her death. She put the cop in the position of having to use some sort of force to detain her.

  • Fred Marsico

    The ‘dramatic’ music detracts from the tragedy itself. This isn’t a Hollywood production and should not be made out to be.

    America is in serious trouble, being taken over by a corporate police state where the People are slaves without rights, and few privileges.

  • SwordofPerseus

    Cut his head off and put it on a pike. This should be instant vigilante retribution for this worthless fuck of a cop. And his fat cop buddies too.

    • Raven Macdonald

      alright jace, memory adept simmer down

  • rodellotron

    she didn’t deserve to die, but, she also shouldn’t have fled… Two wrongs here make for a tragic situation….

  • Princefigs

    I don’t see anything wrong with what happened. She shouldn’t have ran, he tazed her once, which was appropriate, and then it was over.

  • Meg Cole

    He tazed her because he is so fat and out of shape he couldn’t run. Towns where these things happen that rely on tourism for their money should be boycotted if they fail to convict these cops. Hit em where it hurts and they can’t fight back, their wallets.

    • altmartion

      so letting a 20 year old girl commit not one, but two hit and runs and on drugs is good for tourism? it’s not.

  • Mike W

    Very sad. She was not a threat, he was just too fat and good damn lazy to go get her. Probably some chicken shit, cash generating ticket to begin with.

    • altmartion

      another reply based on assumption. it’s like nobody has any motivation to study facts. if you people really believe he was wrong saying he’s lazy isn’t going to convict him.

  • Athanasios1

    Zimmerman should shoot this cop pig.

  • Athanasios1

    If it was my son or daughter all those phoqing cops would be dead.

    • altmartion

      I would be very upset myself. but it my child did the things this girl did I would still understand the reason for being tased. the death was a horrible, tragic outcome. I don’t think it was his intention. things could have been handled different on both ends. this story did not start with her fleeing. it started at the first crime she committed. I say first because it’s not the only.

      • Athanasios1

        altmartion, Even if she was accused of setting a fire to a nursery and killing 20 babies, you must look at those fat phoqing pigs standing around and looking on, as the motherphoquer kept tasing her into oblivion. If you can justify their actions, then we no longer need a court system. Those fat phoques actually enjoyed watching her, waiting to see if she would urinate herself. We will get even with these pigs ourselves if they are not brought to justice. Seems like the only time people get upset in the U.S. anymore, is if a black animal gets killed as he tries to smash a mans’ skull into the concrete.

        • altmartion

          I don’t understand. when id he continue to tase? every one keeps claiming this, but when questioned nobody gives an answer. where does it happen? It may change my opinion a little. I refuse to believe anything from the article.

          • Athanasios1

            The wires are connected to her after the first shot that took her down. Then this fat phoque keeps triggering more current into her as she is laying there. Then the other fat phoques come around and watch…like a black flash mob…as they get their rocks off. They are all dead, if not convicted.

          • altmartion

            when did he pull the trigger after the initial tase? I saw no evidence of it happening. when a person is tased it physically affects your body. it is obvious when someone gets tased as you can see by her reaction when it happened. you don’t just lay there and they certainly can’t talk. they don’t have control of muscles.

  • Ginger Wilson

    Yes, it does take two to tango. She paid for her part with her life. He paid nothing and probably won’t. That’s kind of the point. She was a danger to no one at the moment he decided to tase her. I’m quite sure with all those cops around, she would not have gotten far running down the street in her handcuffs. There seemed to be plenty of them standing around enjoying the show after the fact.

    • altmartion

      unfortunately the camera angle wasn’t perfect so we could not see what was happening in the peripheral view. again, I don’t think you watched the entire video. maybe you just watched highlights. you should watch it in it’s entirety. the camera did not show anyone or anything standing around as she ran away. there was nobody around within view. please, please review and gather facts. and not from the article, they aren’t facts. I understand your view and hope you understand mine. we don’t have to agree, that’s what I love about this country. and it is nice to have a debate that doesn’t turn into a kidney garden class room. do you consider the article acurrate?

  • JMan

    Does no one think? This girl was in a police station, handcuffed, and running away. The officer tased her. He didn’t beat her head into the concrete. It’s simple, if she was arrested on simple misdemeanor violations, she shouldn’t have ran. She should have received her tickets or jail time and she would be here to this day. Don’t run. That’s just STUPID!

  • B Dark

    He used a tazer because he is too fat to run after her, disgusting , whatever she did he has to be professional , obviously she was going to drop like a stone , maybe fear made her run it happens to the best of people.

    • altmartion

      I agree, he could have reacted a little quicker and maybe caught her. I am sure the drugs fueled some adrenaline and fear causing her to run.

  • BerniMac

    Those talking about she put herself into the situation have obviously never been cuffed & tazed or had their head hit concrete at free fall speed. She in no way deserved to get treated like that! I mean what she ran an entire 8 feet? Even so….SO F7CKING WHAT! They had her name address was cuffed I mean really? I know cops have a “tough” job but was this proper force is the only question. And the answer is absolutely not. But of course the fox will investigate the fox &come up with another company excuse as to why killing this young lady was “justified” . The only way to stop this is to have citizens investigation team for EVERY SINGLE police incidence, I mean they’re “Supposed” to work for the people correct? And if they have nothing to hide then what harm would it do? People’s Court & the People hand down the punishment. Until then the fox will always find an excuse for another fox. Just like getting called to serve on a jury. Well that’s my idea

    drops the Microphone

    • altmartion

      she did put herself in that position. no I have never been tased because I don’t do the things she did. I don’t put myself in that position. no she did not deserve to die. yes he could have reacted faster. do you honestly think a violent, drugged up, escaped criminal who is in cuffs and wanted is going to just go home? not hardly. I am not justifying her death. it’s unfortunate but, you don’t run away. obviously she was not in the right state of mind. drugs do funny things and help fuel bad decisions.

      • BerniMac

        I’m sorry what drugs was she on? I must have missed it. Any Ummm what part of the Video or story was she violent? I missed that one also. Even if she was she was hand cuffed & you don’t handcuff violent drug crazy people in the front without shackles! Your excuses don’t hold water. All you’re doing is justifying their actions. She was outnumbered & outweighed by at least 150 lbs they couldn’t control her? Why the wait for medical attention?

        • altmartion

          get away from the story here. research it. you will be shocked at the details that were conveniently left out. you will also see the extreme exaggeration and out right lies. she was on cocaine and something else, I think pain meds. she was violent when she committed 2 hit and runs. I don’t make excuses, I do research. I do not debate anything without getting real data. I do not spew accusations for no reason. I agree, they could have handled it better, he did pull the weapon too soon. he should have at least tried catch her. we don’t see any other people there to consider her out numbered. the others show up after she fled. medical attention was called as soon as the tase was reported. that’s how it works. research that too, you will find how a deployed weapon situation is supposed to be handled. he did it right. please look for local write ups about this girl and this situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if your opinion changes. even just a little. meanwhile I will be sitting here holding my water. lol

          • BerniMac

            Nope they had her in custody. Period! All you’re doing is justifying their actions cut and dry. Sorry to hear from people like yourself that can come to a conclusion that some9ho

        • Raven Macdonald

          I hate to say it but I’ve seen exsesive force have been the victim in fact. This girl made a choice now did she expect to get tazed I doubt it. But the fact remains that they r in Tampa not bum fuk Hoboken town in rural Colorado, the offic…er made a choice as well he chose less than lethal force to apprehend a person in custody who was trying to escape. Let’s also take note of the handcuffs in front of her and not behind the back that speaks volumes to how the girl was being treated before the attempted escape. I’ve been arrested numerous times not to boast but to say that I’ve never had the cuffs in front unless shackled around the waist and a matching pair of cuffs for the ankles. Bottom line cause and affect. Two roads diverged in wood and I chose the one less traveled and it has made all the difference. Make good choices people cause u never know when a police officer is going to do his job.

  • Laura Lee

    There is such a thing as vigilante justice that rises when corruption increases to the level that men murder young girls…

    • Malthus

      It’s coming as sure as God made little green apples. And I hope a couple of these moronic cop-lover posters are in my way.

  • SomeGuy1984

    I’m sorry, I hate cops as much as the next guy. I just don’t see anything that out of line with what this particular cop did. Sure maybe he could have grabbed her or tackled her to the ground…maybe. He tazed the girl one time, didn’t jump on her and beat her to death while screaming “Stop Resisting!!”

    Even the line, “I don’t want you to get up” wasn’t delivered in a vindictive tone, he sounded like a normal human being.

    Obviously it is a terrible story, but if you’re trying to demonize cops, not that they need any help, this isn’t the story to go with.

    • altmartion

      I agree with everything you say and have said it here more times than I can count. I haven’t brought up the “I don’t want you to get up” yet. so I am glad you mentioned it. when a head injury like that occurs you don’t allow them to get up. it’s for their own safety. I think I even heard a little compassion as he was telling her this. as you said, if cop bashing is your thing, go to one of the other stories. when an article is written with such exaggeration and lies as this one, it tells me they didn’t have solid facts to easily make her innocent. some other stories are good, but this one is not. I read somewhere it is being investigated for slander and some other thing.

      • SomeGuy1984

        I don’t get what people wanted him to do? You tackle the little girl while she is sprinting in handcuffs… what do you think the outcome is going to be? She is going face first into the pavement with a 250 pound guy on top of her, how is that a better option? That is basically a guarantee of a severe injury.

        Sure he could try to grab her by the shoulder and stop her, but she is fleeing a police station something like that wasn’t likely to stop her. Maybe he could have caught her and bear hugged her and carried her back to the jail… but what happens if this chick out runs him and gets hit by a bus on the road that’s 100 feet away. How fast does everyone get sued for that?

        Again, I am not usually for defending the cops in anyway, but I fail to see any wrong doing in this incident. The girl made one too many mistakes, unfortunately running from the cops turned out to be her last.

        • Garnette

          I get what you’re saying… what this officer could have done better? Paid attention and make sure she didn’t run comes to mind. Be fit enough so that you could grab her if she did run.. but I get that cops spend a lot of time in cars so it’s hard to get fit/stay fit unless you do it on your own time.

          I think it’s pretty obvious that tasing someone who is on a hard surface is not going to turn out well. What would cops have done before tasers? Shot her in the back or caught her?.

  • kahliya

    What the hell are these animals trying to”protect” us from? They are apparently the enemy.

  • budhappy

    If these officers suddenly get shot, late at night, one after another, the rest might start to get the idea. Come on, it cant be that hard. Just one bullet.

  • budhappy

    No amount of time would be to late for me. I would hunt that fucker for as long as it takes. Oops, temporary insanity. Didn’t know what i was doing. or, he killed my daughter and I feared for my safety, so I had to protect myself. Nothing is going to get done unless we stand up and start killing these bastards. YES> MURDER THEM! piece of shit bastards.

    • Malthus

      Me 2. The cop would be a dead man. I would wait for a while before making my move. Then I would find him, shoot him, and then peel his skin off with a paring knife as he gurgled blood through a slit throat. Someone’s got to take this puke out.

      • Two words: Not Guilty.

        • Malthus

          Sorry. I don’t post to human garbage, cop.

  • Brianne Turner

    She tried to run. He didn’t mean for that to happen. He was doing what he was trained to do. If she hadn’t have run this wouldn’t have happened. And the cop didn’t sneer as the report described. He was calm. Told her to stay still and lay down after she had been tazed. It is as much her fault for running as it is his for tazing her.

    • Ian Cochran

      Blame the victim…you stupid c un t

  • helloNSA

    this article is bordering on fear monger status
    this isn’t a video of a girl being tased to death, it’s a video of a girl who got tased down, smacked her shit on the road and died from it
    the article makes it sound like the dude stood over her with a boner while he held the trigger down laughing the entire time as she died
    that is clearly, CLEARLY not what happened
    i’m by no means saying this is right, and it definitely didn’t need to happen but come on, leave the fearmongering bullshit to fox; we already hate the cops and the tragedy was tragic enough without your wordplay making that fat pig into some huge satanic beast
    a stupid cop that uses violence without necessity is already scary enough for fucks sake, and that’s what this was.

    • William Russell

      Quit trying to minimize it for pity’s sake. What kind of man would do that to a woman and then stand over her and add insults to injury? Her life is ebbing away on the concrete and he feels that the best way to proceed is with a verbal assault.

      • LizTheGing

        What verbal assault?? He said “I don’t want you to get up” because she hit her head and getting up would not be good for her. You clearly have no common sense.

        • William Russell

          And you’ve got selective hearing. He says is an insulting and condescending tone “What were you thinking? Are you stupid?” quite literally, adding insult to injury. The ironic thing is that she wasn’t stupid before he tazed her, but now…. well it’s just a shame and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

  • Gus

    so..anyone else think that these cops are given tasers and guns cuz they are too fat to actually run and apprehend criminals?

  • Spinne

    Fat ugly peace of shit, I hope that he dies far worse than he murdered that poor girl

  • Nolan

    If you pause the video, as the woman and officer enter the camera space, you can clearly see the officer was in arms reach of the woman. He could’ve grabbed her so easily. But he didn’t. He tazzed her, for reasons beyond my comprehension.

    This is why so many people in the world become rebels, anarchists and stop obeying laws. Because no matter what you do, police officers are over us, and we’ll get in trouble for anything, eventually.

  • Nolan

    And the discussing part is, is that he’s probably proud. “I might’ve killed her, but at least I got another criminal off the streets”.
    A lot of people arrested, or attacked by a cop, may have broken a minor law, but even if, no one deserves to die, by making a simple mistake.
    I’m pretty sure if I tazzerd a cop, for j-walking, i’d get beaten, and arrested for years.

  • No

    Just keep pushing that line.

    Keep killing more civilians.

    See what happens.

  • Fastercat

    There will be no Justice for Danielle Maudsley until Officer Cole dies an unnatural death.

  • Jonathan

    someone’s dead from someone else’s selfish actions

  • Kassie

    Does noone realize, had the girl not ran from the police she would be alive!?!
    I mean, come on, she was handcuffed, and running from the police station.
    You dont run from the police. It doesn’t matter why she was arrested, she was running!
    I feel for the family for having to face the death of their child. But I dont feel the officer did anything wrong. He knew she had hit her head, thats why he didnt want her to get up. Once again don’t run from the police!

    I just want to add, I dont believe all cops are good cops! There are plenty out there that are not ethical and take advantage of their position.

    • yeah, and if women would just all wear burka and stay indoors women wouldn’t ever be raped, ‘cept by their own family members

  • Kassie

    Does no one else realize this all could have been avoinded by her not runni g from the police in the first place

    • Ian Cochran

      Blame the victim…….you are an as$wipe

    • Phil Grundy

      You have to be a brain dead ass to come up with a comment like that, similar posts to this litter the post but what worries me is the site is full of cop murderers and rapists, how many unlawful cop kills before you fucking wake up

  • headshots

    If I was that girls daddy that pig and his fellow pig trash with him in the video would be fertilizing my garden right now.

    It’s time people. It’s past time.

  • Jo Cadd

    If that were my kid, there would be one dead, fat fucking cop. Jail time or none, that ass needs his fucking fat ass kicked off the force, locked away and given fucking life for murder.

  • john connor

    I would have murdered that cop, that poor girl didn’t deserve any of that. Fuck the police, the officer who did that deserves to get executed by lethal injection. That’s a suitable punishment, imo.

  • Synyster

    You f*cking sick, pitiful waste of a human. How could you do something so cruel? I swear to Lucifer, if that was my kid, or even if it wasn’t, that f*cking b*stard would be dead on the f*cking pavement.

  • ThomasThePaine

    Time to start Barrettizing this occupying army. . . One a the time. . .

  • Melissa Supersaiyan Earthseed

    Ugh…the sound of her head hitting the pavement…just churns my stomach. They don’t even offer her medical assistance, which I think should be mandatory ANY TIME a taser is activated. Like, they don’t even find it weird she’s not moving her legs AT ALL.

  • Raven Macdonald

    I hate to say it but I’ve seen exsesive force have been the victim in fact. This girl made a choice now did she expect to get tazed I doubt it. But the fact remains that they r in Tampa not bum fuk Hoboken town in rural Colorado, the offic…er made a choice as well he chose less than lethal force to apprehend a person in custody who was trying to escape. Let’s also take note of the handcuffs in front of her and not behind the back that speaks volumes to how the girl was being treated before the attempted escape. I’ve been arrested numerous times not to boast but to say that I’ve never had the cuffs in front unless shackled around the waist and a matching pair of cuffs for the ankles. Bottom line cause and affect. Two roads diverged in wood and I chose the one less traveled and it has made all the difference. Make good choices people cause u never know when a police officer is going to do his job.

    • Raven Macdonald

      I cant wait to read your ignorant excuses for this girl ,,,,,,,

  • Raven Macdonald

    some of you people making comments need to visit a third world country.
    ask a cop for a phone call in Somalia

  • Raven Macdonald

    some of you people making comments need to visit a third world country.
    Ask for a phone call in Somalia.. You think cops are bad here?

  • Lucy Xiu

    if I were her parents i would find this cop. kidnap him, tase him by the balls untill hes dead

  • JON

    if you attack my family i am not responsible for my actions. you are.

  • Mikey John

    Get rid of police unions who protect these useless bullies. Police unions throw a fit when a cop gets killed, but if a cop kills someone, oh well.

  • zmx

    You cowards wouldn’t do shit. The statistics prove that.

  • Liz7777

    if you google or youtube “police brutality” it will literally make you sick to your stomach. There are good cops yes, but there are plenty of bad ones as well.

  • Gilbert McCurdie

    These disturbed people NEED to be replaced by PEACE CONSTABLES who understand what keeping the peace is.

  • Indiana James

    I would be in prison today for killing that fat a$$ cop and be smiling about it too If that was my daughter. Dumb fat a$$ just couldn’t reach out a grab the cuffs?That bastard should get the chair for that.

  • Let’s think here a sec.

    Ok, first of all yes the officer made a VERY bad choice. But look at it this way. You are the officer. She is running and you need to stop her. Grabbing might not be the best idea, as you you could get in trouble for ” touching her”. You already had a problem of the sort. So what next? Tazer. She falls and hits her head. Done. And this only one side. Go and find 3 sites with both views of this and then talk to me. Till then forget it. This is one site, one article, one person. It can be biased. Find those three sites and then come talk. Find good points and then I might support this. But get some proof first.

    • Garnette

      What would the cop have done if he hadn’t had a taser? Shot her in the back so he wouldn’t get in trouble for “touching her”??? Or would he have maybe, just maybe, been paying some kind of proper amount of attention so this didn’t happen?

      He was fat and lazy and probably thinking about the lunchroom donut box, he tas’d her so he wouldn’t have to move his lard a$$ and effectively ended her life.

  • john

    if this is to be true I hope and pray that the cop who done this the same shall happen to him the fat fuck ..if this was my daughter the cop would suffer

  • hatespigs
  • Mike Fleming

    He tased her because his fat ass was unwilling to chase her…. I agree ..If that had been my child I would shove a taser up his ass and down his throat ……

  • PoliceStateUSA

    OK here’s what I don’t get. Why does this page have so many good truthful stories and then ones like this. This girl attempted escape and the cop did what he could to stop her. He tazed her once. He couldn’t have grabbed her as he was too far or chased her down as he was too fat. It was a horrible accident that has been blown out of proportion. Her COD was not the tazer but the impact of her head to the concrete. I understand that the rising police state is an obvious problem that needs to be amended but this is just a horrible accident. It was used as propaganda the same way mainstream media uses propaganda. I usually support this site and their views but this is just ridiculous. Come on Filming Cops…Get back to the truth about cops, don’t sink to their level.

  • Adam Brian

    Nothing will happen except morepeople should be used to it anyway this happens thousands of times a day millions of times a year and it only gets worse and never changes no one ever gets in trouble and it will continue and nothing will change

  • John Ho

    Poor Danielle Maudsley managed to stay off the missing children lists,
    that are mostly ignored by traffic ticket tactical troopers. She managed
    not to be swept up dead in heroic homeland see-currency homeless
    sweeps, or in special smitten wesson street sweeping operations.
    Managed to survive, alcohol, tobacco, and flash bang grenades. Sworn
    sick and sour sadly, could Not constable custody survive, her public
    pistol peaceful pestering protective service encounter.

    catching odorous oaf overseer, using overseer orifice safety, human
    livestock runaway slave catching tactics; despicably detestably
    shooting tazer into the unarmored taxation back, of handcuffed little
    liberty life looted girl. Daughter of taxed citizens. Friend of taxed

    The V-8 crown victorious wiener wandering war,
    against fearfully fleeing terribly targeted taxation backs. Bullets,
    would have been justifiably quicker, and gotten offal orifice overseer,
    paid vacation reward for, unarmed handcuffed back shot citizen, currency
    cavalier corpse creation

  • John Ho

    Poor Danielle Maudsley managed to stay off the missing children lists,
    that are mostly ignored by traffic ticket tactical troopers. She managed
    not to be swept up dead in heroic homeland see-currency homeless
    sweeps, or in special smitten wesson street sweeping operations.
    Managed to survive, alcohol, tobacco, and flash bang grenade marketing.
    Sworn sick and sour sadly, could Not constable custody survive, her
    public pistol peaceful pestering protective service encounter.

    catching odorous oaf overseer, using overseer orifice safety, human
    livestock runaway slave catching tactics; despicably detestably
    shooting tazer into the unarmored taxation back, of handcuffed little
    liberty life looted girl. Daughter of taxed citizens. Friend of taxed

    The V-8 crown victorious wiener wandering war,
    against fearfully fleeing terribly targeted taxation backs. Bullets,
    would have been justifiably quicker, and gotten offal orifice overseer,
    paid vacation reward for, unarmed handcuffed back shot citizen, currency
    cavalier corpse creation.

  • Jonathan Bell

    Ok first off your in handcuffs,you don’t try to run from the cops, it’s already to late for that. Second, as soon she fell, he called in an ambulance. He didn’t want her to get up as that may cause further injury. Maybe you should blame the ambulance driver for taking to long. Hell, in this day and age, the cop could have shot her and got away with it. Happens every day. Maybe we should blame society for making her think it’s ok to run from the cops, or video games such gta. Or how about her parents for something I’m sure if we put our minds to it we could think of something. Or maybe she shouldnt have violated the law in her state, they did acknowledge she broke the law, and then she would still be alive. Im just an asshole, but i see this as natural selection at its finest. Sometimes we need to trim the branches back that’s suffocating the rest of the plant so that it can thrive. I say let’s get rid of more stupid people, survival of the fittest, lets remove all warning labels and let things work itself out.

  • jim

    Are YOU ppl retarded????
    She tried running from the police! the officer used his teaser to stop the girl from running. Why mess with a uncooperative person that would obviously be kicking spitting and shouting when he could tase them? It’s a safer alternative for the person and officer. Unfortunately it wasn’t in this case… tasers aren’t ment to hurt anyone when using it properly and i didn’t see him over using the taser either.. looks to me he handled it appropriately. and this is by far not the most disturbing video I’ve ever seen.. FB has more intense videos and pics circulating around…
    I’m not gonna play the what ifs game here but..
    If she just paid her tickets she wouldn’t have been in that situation.. and IF she didn’t decide to RUN from law enforcement that wouldn’t have happened.
    This article is so one sided it makes me sick you biased dumbasses really need to get a grip instead of saying you would kill somebody on the Internet. Maybe look at both sides before you just hop on the bandwagon..

  • How I despise pigs.

  • RB

    Just looks like a really sad accident to me. I’m not convinced the cop could have run her down and caught her before she ran into the street and endangered herself and others. He wasn’t being malicious at all, he was just trying to stop her. The fact that she hit her head and that resulted in her death is an accident, but this isn’t a case of police abuse. She assumed the risk of getting injured when she tried to run. In the clip you can even hear them requesting medical for her right away.

  • killallpigs

    Who is the officer, why is his address not posted. If we knew where murderers lay their heads at night we could get them out of the gene pool. The courts wont stop them, we have to.

  • vengeance is mine

    People just do not get the concept of revenge. Revenge is not killing the cop that killed your daughter it is taking the same thing away from him or her. Leave him alive so that for the rest of his life he knows why. Do so in a manner that one can’t be prosecuted but they know who did it.

  • MistyH

    God, if they did that to me, I don’t blame her for not wanting to stay in this terrible world. Poor child.

  • Haley Munroe

    dafuq…..the cops just tased her and she hit her head because she was trying to escape. I personally did not see excessive force…I just saw a freak accident. SHIT if your running from the cops your going to get tased, its not like the cops intended for her head to smash onto the pavement. I must admit, cops do over step their authority MOST of the times but seriously if I were a cop and this girl was running from PROTECTIVE CUSTODY I would have tased her. Come on people…its sad, but what would you expect the officer to do wave her away with a goodie bag -.-

  • dick head

    OK lets look at this, she was being arrested. FACT. for crimes (though very small) that she committed Allegedly. (but most likely true), SHE TRIED TO ESCAPE from the cops!! is anybody missing this fact. Let me say I would gladly squeeze one off into those bulbous donut fed pork machines. And yes it is very sad this happened. But if you run from the cops while being arrested YOU GET TAZERED, PERIOD. This a far cry from the Orlando cops tazing a 12 yr old in the guidance counselors office!

  • Gmann123

    I hope this officer realizes that his actions were responsible for this, May God have mercy on him for I would NOT!!!!

  • Jeff Flynn

    Gmann13, you think he really fucking cared??

  • Jonathan Frost

    This is why we have the second amendment. So we can kill these evil doers.

  • Tiger

    But….but….but… was a Taser….less than lethal…..REALLY????

  • John stafford

    One dead cop needed

  • Quentin Wright

    Dead fucking pigs are the only way to end this.

  • Sheshouldnotofdied

    Effin Fat slob cop! She was 2 feet ahead. What a lazy, freaking POS. He should be in jail. I hope the parents sue him and the city! If that were my kid I’d make the rest of his life a living hell.

  • Amanda Vazquez

    Thsts so sad cops think there above the law and there not they abuse there power

  • Rebel

    Oh I see why the lazy P.O.S. did it he is to fat and lazy to run after her or just go to her house after she ran to pick her back up. This guy NEED’S to go down for attempted Murder at least, if you ask me the let there sense of power go to there head damn cops give good ones a bad name. Good Police need to be paid more in exchange of they need to have a yearly physical to prove they are in good health and should have to pass a test on the laws they Enforce to prove they know them well enough to enforce them!

  • Donovan Wilson

    The cop was so close it looked like he porposley chased her into the dashcam view so it looked like he had a reason to taze her

  • intheknow

    Damn cop was too fat and lazy to try and catch her. What a POS!

  • Eva

    It is unfortunate what happened. But she did try to run. Why she did so I guess will remain unknown. He did not taze her repeatedly, it was one time. What caused her demise, is more likely due to her hitting her head on the pavement. I actually have to side with the cops on this one. She shouldn’t have tried to run.

  • JustAGuy

    Simple Question: Why would she run? Ask yourselves that before any of you “fuck the police” retards answer. Life isn’t black and white, not all cops are bad, not all cops are good. If you are being arrested and you run you know that there will be a reaction by the officers. If it would’ve been me, I would have ran before he put the handcuffs on, maybe she could have protected her head. Either way R.I.P to this poor soul.

  • venice

    This is horrible

  • pigshouldie

    fucking cop I would kill the mother fucker if she were my daughter. Lazy bastard is so fat from eating donuts, the son of bitch couldn’t catch her if she had a missing leg . Still the pig shouldn’t have tazed her, jerk off. This is why so many hate the police.

  • guestwho

    This article was hyped up to be something it wasn’t ( let’s just be honest and call a spade , a spade ) . She attempted to flee ( true ) why would you do that with simple misdemeanor traffic charges on you ? Yes the cop is a lazy asshole and could’ve just grabbed her ( true ) im assuming he used the x26 taser due to the size , the prongs/hooks did not hit her spine ( they aren’t that long and they extend in an arc formation when fired ). The x26 cycles its voltage for 5 seconds then automatically stops unless the trigger is held down by the officer ( it wasn’t because she began to talk and attempt to get up ). Trust me I hate the pigs just as much but I trump this to a chance encounter with the pavement .

  • Peter

    Tampa police said it was not their department, deny and lie huh?

  • Winddancer Michael-Francis Ant

    Dead Cop = Good Cop …

  • come on now

    This story is very one sided. First off she wasn’t tasered until she was brain dead, she unfortunately hit her head from the fall. But if she wouldn’t have run and wouldn’t have been hopped up on cocaine and ocxy this would have turned out better. Did she deserve to die? No. But actions have a result you run from a cop they usually use a taser, how was he to know she would become vegetative. And if you read the comment from the doctor that he said with the amount of drugs in her system that well be the cause of her starting in a vegetative state. This is in no way the fault of the cop, he didn’t force her to take the drugs she was on. I hate irrational anger and bashing of cops. She had a suspended drivers license. She was suspected of a hit and run, she got scared because of the charges and the drugs in her system. If she wouldn’t have tried to escape custody she would be alive.

  • Rusty

    That fat bastard was not going to be able to catch her …

  • raptorjesus169

    you’re all idiots.

  • anonymous

    I hope someone kills this scumbag

  • John Vairo

    if that was my daughter, I would kill that tropper

  • coprulethemall

    The Cop did a great job…. so proud of them

  • kyle

    Dude all of you with no lives and believe everything you read on the Internet need to get a life and stop complaining about police officers this may be a legit case but too many times have I seen videos where people want to blame a cop for defending himself take Missouri shooting for example a good man is in trial for no reason because some thug Wana be robbed a store and tried fighting a police officer for his gun and the officer defended himself yall talk all the shit in the world you ignorant people but the second one of these thugs mess with you and your family first thing you cowards do is call the police

    • StreyDawg

      You saw video of the Ferguson shooting?

  • StreyDawg

    Long past are the days when it was respectable to be a cop in America.

  • Jenifer Cazador

    What did this pretty girl do? Turn fat ass Chief Wiggum wanna-be down for a date?

  • Buck Kracker

    I wonder what that fat clown was doing to her that made her run, in the first place. Minor traffic violations is not a reason to run. I would like to see the video from inside the building.

  • Dayton Ho

    Cops are the new bad guys … Didn’t you know !!!

  • Horace Gunn

    Fat fuck would not live much longer if that were my daughter or son. I swear on my childrens eyes, it is so.

  • sherri

    I worked in law enforcement for several years and I am very sorry to say it is not just the officers, it is the training they are given. They are taught to scoot around people’s constitutional rights to get what they want. Yes, cops laugh and joke about the people they arrest and even about “riding the lightening” which they call using the tasering on someone. It has become all about the arrests, the awards, and the names in the paper. Cops around here could careless if you are guilty or not, the arrest help them move up through the ranks of the department and even to go to better paying departments. Course no one cares that you had to hire an attorney and go to jail to be found NOT GUILTY or have the county or state attorney drop the charges. You do NOT have to break the law to be taken to jail. I know of people arrested for DUI who had NOTHING In their system but still had to go to jail, hire an attorney only to have the county drop the charges AFTER the blood test comes back negative. The problems need to be addressed at the federal level, state level, and local levels by holding not just the officer but the elected officials who are responsible for the departments. Remember no matter how you feel about the officers, their is an elected official that is responsible for that officer.

  • Crimes against humanity!

  • Clive

    This pig is a textbook psychopath. Notice how he blames his victim, shows no empathy, no emotion, and no remorse? A normal person would have been beside themselves with what they just did. This POS was only concerned about legal trouble.

    I can’t help but wonder how many more attempted murders and murders his department is going to cover up for him? I can’t help but wonder why cops even try defending their “brothers” who do this shit? I also can’t help but wonder where the fuck all you keyboard warriors are. Talk is cheap, especially on Discus.

    The citizens of this nation wouldn’t get lucky enough for this pig to off himself. Why? No guilt.

  • dom

    All these people talking about murdering this cop. Since when is murder the right solution? You’re all speaking like hypocrites. Don’t let anger cloud your judgement. and BTW, this horrible event was caused by BOTH of their actions. Neither of them knew the outcome would be so tragic. My point in true justice, this officer doesn’t deserve to be murdered, or charged as a murderer. But he definitely should be removed from the force and charge with something considering his completely irresponsible use of a dangerous weapon, and disregard for another life. However foolish, not-thought-out, and unprofessional his actions were, he did not have intentions of murdering an innocent person for any kind of evil intention. He just made the wrong decision. He doesn’t deserve death over this accident, and none of you sinners have the right to murder him either.

  • Jack

    Terrible. Simply terrible what has happen to this nation. Murdering people for offending the police… throwing people in jail for complaining about it, among other “thought crimes”. Yet MSM will hide this…

    • Jack

      And its all become worse because of the war on terror… crack down on your own citizenry yeah thats the answer… their going to end up producing more domestic vigilantes and perpetuate the circle of violence even more.

  • urbabiezdaddy

    i really feel angry.

  • Candace Mclane

    That fat ass cop didn’t want to chase her so he killed her! Cops should have to pass physical and psychological testing yearly!!!

  • Joe

    Trigger Happy Trooper Cole has an address.

  • Luther Demesmin

    Very sad, something has to be done about these mass murderers.

  • 0bee

    The question is in all these comments and concerning this piece of crap cop that certainly helps others look bad is “How much value and concern do these type of people put on human life”? In all this cops training and time spent in a jail facility he knew damned well that a large percentage of people die from being tazed and further more he didn’t even try to think it out. She was no fucking threat to anybody! Even if she had got away for fuck sake they could have easily apprehended her. She was just stating her entire fucking life and has family that loves her dearly. Yet this bastards actions took her very precious life. She was so very beautiful and had alot to offer this world. It makes me sick that a son of a bitch like this gets away with outright murder whether intended or not. He fucking knew from experience the varioables. Fuck him for taking her life and fuck anyone who would defend that. A rational mind would NOT execute those ignorant decisions. Idaentify predict DECIDE DECIDE…then execute!!

  • Kaisen Necho

    I dont agree with what happen ..but i think they all should be suspended from Any and All Police work ..Banned for life ..because ..if you set aside the fact that they killed this young woman..Losing a suspect GROSS Incompetence!! What are we paying taxes for if they couldnt process a skinny girl that looks 90lbs wet WTF ? are they doing as cops ..if that would have been a harden killer or some professional hitter..he would have killed all three of them and walked out free as a bird …If they Couldnt Handle her ..that are worthless and have no Business Armed or Pretending to do Police work

  • 1304174

    UGH I HATE THIS! not being able to do anything… Does this mean that nothing can be done, and the cop is just going to live without any punishment?
    Words cant even explain the uncontrollable anger i feel at the moment. She was young, and she could have had such a bright future ahead of her… I thought cops were there to protect us, not kill us.

  • seanmartin

    “The officer was cleared afterwards and was not convicted of murder.” How is that even possible???

  • colleen

    I’m not going to be very popular…I do think the cop should have just tried to grab her, rather than going straight for the taser. But I’ve seen plenty of people fall and bash their heads running away, one person fell and stabbed themselves on a knife they’d been brandishing at the police, when the cop tried to grab her and take it away. I don’t call this murder…I call this a very unfortunate accident. I don’t know what the girl did, she looked and sounded drunk, but can’t know for sure. She did run away while handcuffed…that was stupid. It was also stupid of the cop to taser her rather than just grab her. But I highly doubt he intended to kill her. Manslaughter…possibly. Murder? no.

  • Nikita Marie O’Neal

    I hope people are starting to see that police brutality isn’t a thing you hear happening only to the black community. No one is safe from these pigs. Its them vs all of us. The police aren’t your friend. Time and time again this has happened through out history as far back as the roman empire! The police serve and protect the state. Not the people.

    May this poor girl rest in peace. She had so much ahead of her being so young. I hope this pig rots in the deepest pit of hell. If this were my child, they’d hang my black ass from a tree cause I’d slaughter that mf.

  • JohnSwerve

    cops have been relentless brutal killers throughout our history. it is only now people are waking up due to the internet, phone cameras, etc. WE NEED TO POLICE THE POLICE fuck the 12

  • JohnSwerve

    The 5-0 is the most brutal gang of them all. Just how any street gang has a code about not ratting on each other, the 12 has this unwritten code as well. Whistleblowers in the force will usually face death in a “car crash” or “suicide” or “freak accident”

  • Angie

    So instead of actually running to catch her, this fat little piggy uses a taser?

  • Idiotkiller

    No shit he tazed her he’s way to fat to chase a handcuffed girl. I don’t understand why police are so fucking fat, it shouldn’t be allowed. If your job consist of you running after criminals to “protect and serve” the community you should have to be in shape not a shape (round). Not to mention fat males get turned down by women and have low self-esteem so when you give them power, they abuse it and take out their fat aggression on others. I wanna spit on this piece of shit while he’s smoking in the electric chair.

  • Vic

    Is there a petition?

  • Jason Epperson

    Thats so fucking horrible i coundn’t even watch all of it. If that was my little girl i would walk straight in the police station and put a bullet in that fat fucking piece of shits head. I sincerely hope that someone does.

  • Rachel Mckneel

    Its awful what happened to her but what kind of normal person trys to run out of a police station. The world needs less idiots.

    • Jamie Bates

      Completely agree with you. 80% of the people posting on this are completely ignorant. The dumb girl tryed to escape while handcuffed of course he was going to tase her. Use your brains people, if you commit a crime accept the consequences.

  • Jenni Lovsey

    Put a bullet in this pos head already!

  • Anonymous

    Know what could have prevented it? Not running from the police in the first place. That’s the reason it happened. It was her own conscious decision to run. Maybe the trooper didn’t know the circumstances of her arrest. Besides that I know from experience that handcuffs can be used as a weapon. The officer took the safest choice of action for himself and for her honestly. It’s not like he pulled out his handgun and shot her. I have been shot with a taser for training, they shoot you in the back because it’s the safest place to be hit by the hooks.

    I don’t believe that was excessive force. It’s very unfortunate what happened to her and it saddens me that she died as a result. To point fingers and say that another human deserves to die is ridiculous. It’s not Christian, it sounds more like isis to me.

  • James Hightower

    The cop is the real crimminal here. She wasnt going to get away… she was 2 feet from this fat cop who could have just grabbed her.. but he was too bust trying to aim his toy.. this tazer that he was so eager to use on some poor helpless scared little girl… what a fuck tard psycho cop. This asshole has the power to save a live or take one.. his lazy ass choose to harm an innocent girl. This man has no right to weal a badge.

  • James Hightower

    There are many sadistic officers, especially in the prison system… its soime need to have power over a helpless person. Like a rapist

  • chris

    i dont really see what was wrong with what the cop did. she ran out of a police station with her hands cuffed like she was trying to run away from the cops? is there more to this story?

  • LizTheGing

    He only taxed her once, and she hit her head on the concrete when she fell. He said, “I don’t want you to get up,” because she needed to stay down to prevent further head injury.

  • suzik7

    Disgusting! How could he taser her if she was handcuffed and then be cleared of any wrong doing! She wasn’t a threat if she was already in ” Police custody”! This Police officer will ” fry” in ‘the court of Public opinion’ But that isn’t enough. I didn’t see a petition link anywhere in this story. Is there a petition the family has started to get this cop charged. I would take this all the way if this were my family member or friend! I don’t even know This girl; Danielle Maudsley but I will help fight for justice for her. It’s what I hope everyone feels compelled to do once they read the story! This is a crime and disgrace that anyone has been left unpunished. I am on the families side on this, all the way! RIP Danielle

  • DragropeJustice

    Run from cop, get tazed. Seems like easy math, even for white trash.

  • Trixinyah

    Kay, I only saw him taser her once. Sure it wasn’t NEEDED but it was justified by her trying to escape police custody. Her hitting her head could of happened if he tackled her too. She was it tase red to death

  • wheresthe integrity

    She was about 5 or 6 when she moved next door to me. She lived there with her Aunt until she was killed by that cop. She wasn’t a bad kid. Always kind and respectful to my wife and I. She was just young and impulsive. Trying to find her way in life. The same as every other twenty year old kid that grew up without wealth and privilege. Watch the video that fat cop disregarded every policy and protocol regarding the use of a tazer and the treatment of a prisoner whose hands are cuffed behind their back. He also has his department dealing with two other lawsuits where he unlawfully shot a church pastor and the owner of a local cemetery during separate incidents. The real crime is the findings of the cops reviewing his conduct. Even though the video is absolutely clear, as are the policies and standard protocols of deadly force, tazers, and treatment of a cuffed prisoner, and the actions of this cop are undeniably in violation of those policies; still they found no reason to charge, discipline, or even admonish this trigger happy bastard. They do not reference the video in reporting their decision and are not accountable or even made to explain their findings. These police forces are rotten from the top down. They lack any integrity or sense of justice. They have no regard for peoples rights and in the face of all this shamelessly lie without fear of

  • LizTheGing

    You people are so stupid. I’m sorry that she died, but she brought it upon herself. She should not have been running from a cop for a minor traffic misdemeanor. He tased her, she fell and hit her head on the concrete, then he called EMT. He only tased her ONCE. He said “I don’t want you to get up” because getting up would have caused more injury to her head. Use your common sense before blaming it on the cop.

  • Jenniferlove

    I watched the video and it brought tears to my eyes. While she shouldn’t have ran out of the police station he didn’t have to take her. He could’ve grabbed her or told her to stop or he was going to take her…If she was too far for his fat ass to run. The mother in me would say an eye for an eye. But I’d rather see him in prison being someone’s pig bitch. I’ve read articles where a cop molested a 4 yr old, another one burned his girlfriends toddler he was watching with a hairdryer, 2 articles where a cop raped a woman. One threatened to kill her and her family if she told anyone, he also told her at the station she would be arrested I’d she didn’t perform oral sex on him. Scared she agreed that’s when he drove to an abandoned lot and raped her at gun point. Turns out she wasn’t the only one. Where’s all the “good” cops? I’ve met one “decent” officer… and I’ve dealt with cops. One threatened to arrest me when I was at my house I shared with my husband at the time trying to get my belongings and my daughter. Wouldn’t listen to new when I told him I had stuff in my house. Said I was trespassing…on my property.

  • Makasuro

    Why was she running in the first place?

  • Robert Lents

    Sorry she ran and that tells you something right away. Second thing you run you can get tased, should not have ran. Third that officer was actually polite when he spoke to her after the fall and told her ems was on the way. He did what many officers have would have done in that situation. If it was two minor traffic violations why did she run?

  • sista dana

    This is horrendous, and certainly it does seem like excessive use of force. But one, she should not have run. She also wouldn’t be in a vegetative state if she didn’t run. Second, the title of the article is clearly pushing an agenda. “Hand cuffed” to me suggest immobilized. This was not a case of an immobilized person being tazed. Also, what is meant by he ” tazed her until she went into a vegetative state”? What, did he take her all the way to the hospital? And, what evidence do you have for the following?”The officer sneered, “I don’t want you to get up,” as the high voltage electricity made its way through her limp body.” So you could see him sneering? What video are you watching?? And you are suggesting that the entire time she was laying there, the cop was taking her?? Really? I agree the cop is obese, yes, and I have to wonder how cops are allowed to keep their jobs when clearly not physically fit. And I agree that probably he could have caught her, and that the tazer was excessive, but it was an incidental fall And the way she fell that actually caused her to go into a coma. Should the cop have thought of that? Probably. But let’s teach our kids not to run. That would have prevented all of this. Now, much needs to be improved in the police forces, but there are a lot of good cops. And if you really don’t like them, move to Iran or some other middle eastern country where they cut your hand off for stealing. Then maybe our policing forces won’t seem so bad.

  • Nobody

    OK, so now I am helpless but to wonder what that filthy cop will claim as the pretext for doing this terrible, criminal thing to that young woman. What horrifically felonious act did she commit to merit such torture, capped off with summary execution?

    For this, the death penalty is well warranted, and I would kill him in the precise same manner that he murdered this woman, even if it took days for him to finally expire. Still too good for him, but I would settle with it.

    And they wonder why people have no respect for them and call them “pig”? They have to be kidding.

  • Jenny

    If that were my kid, I’d spend the rest of my life in prison for blowin’ his F* brains out. What a fat POS COWARD!

  • Amigi

    This is the case of the woman that was under arrest and attempted to escape? Does that department not have some kind of physical fitness test? Every cop in the video is obese. All of the officers of both my Sheriff’s office and local police look like bodybuilders compared to these fat asses.

  • Could care less Danielle

    Joke…. !
    I feel nothing from this video.

  • Mike W

    A taser was not required

    This is a complete misuse of force.
    It ended up in a death.
    Negligence causing death seems appropriate.
    What would have happened if a civilian pushed a cop who fell down, hit the concrete, and died?

  • Gabriel Anibal Toribio


  • charles000

    WTF??? This is the sort of evil BS one would expect in a sleazy 3rd world dictatorship . . . but no, this is here, on US soil. Police depts. are scraping the bottom of the barrel for recruits, looking for the most deranged psychopaths they can find to dress up in a uniform with a badge and a gun.

  • Celso Parmisana

    she said, “I can’t get up,” don’t you understand English?

  • Voice of reason.

    I find it disturbing that while there is an Innocent young victim who has spent the last moments of her conscious life while men stand looming over her not even asking if her head is alright or getting any medical aid – then realising that she is actually pretty fucked he goes and tells the other cop to turn the camera off and you guys are arguing amongst yourselves? This is were society fucks up. Don’t say all this shit about killing them in retaliation. You give them motive to do it more because you have now imposed a “treat”. Every single incident like this needs to be handled under a clean court of law. Now run by the state or by counties but by the people. Put them in a room full of civilians from around the world and make them read and watch this. I’m sure they would create a fair and just punishment for them. Death is too easy. Solve it right. Poor girl my love and life wishes to all her family may she rest in peace. And I do hope karma gets the pricks. Maybe one day he will have a daughter And a cop takes it out on her. Then what.

  • Lefty Blitzer

    THE PEOPLE should drag “Officer” Cole into the street and give him the justice that the courts refuse, and dispatch his worthless carcass. We don’t need scumbags like him on the planet.

  • Ken Warfield

    We MUST, by any means necessary, bring community and policing together to better understand each other. This is a systemic problem and will not be solved by hate and violence from all sides. All violence will do is crackdown even further toward a police state. The police are working under stress with limited budgets, poor training, etc. The public has been under stress, also due to the great recession which puts even more stress on police. I am not making excuses for anyone, I am trying to come up with the most sane solution for a dire problem. Community policing and public involvement is the only I see us getting out of this mess. This will destroy us and our communities if we maintain the trajectory we are on.

  • Cop Supporters be like: “OH NO COPS HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO KILL YOU NO MATTER WHAT LAW YOU BROKE. JUST BE A GOOD LITTLE PUPPET BITCH AND FOLLOW THE LAWS YOU NEVER AGREED TO FOLLOW IN THE FIRST PLACE!” So tired of see this shit all over an nothing’a being done to these fat fucking murderous thugs!

    • DJK

      Your a fucking moron.

      • Takes one to know one, person who has balls to insult someone anywhere else other than to their face. Stay in school kiddo!

  • Cameron

    1. I almost can’t take this article seriously because of the way it is written.
    2. Same goes for the video and the way he talks about the incident.
    3. While I don’t know all the variables in the incident, I do know she was handcuffed for a reason and was attempting escape which is another crime altogether.
    4. While he probably could have just reached out and caught her, it isn’t unheard of for a cop to just go ahead and taze a fleeing criminal. I don’t agree with his action but it isn’t unheard of.
    5. If, as stated, she was continuously being tazed then she wouldn’t have kept moving her arms and bending them. When electricity is passing through your body, your muscles are being seized up, even if you are knocked out. She was clearly still moving.

    I don’t agree with his decision to taze her and it is most unfortunate that she became vegetative and died, if this article speaks truth about that, but this wasn’t unheard of force from a cop. Especially if the girl was trying to escape the police station.

  • cpadd

    We must demand that cops that kill be removed from the force immediately. there is no reason to leave a person who took a persons life on a local police force. If they know that immediate termination and prosecution is the out come of any unwarranted crime they commit they will stop. I do hope the parents sue for 15 million, the cop personally the police department and the city. this is wrongful death for sure voluntary manslaughter absolutely and possibly 2nd degree murder if you can prove that he knew of the danger he posed to such a small person. criminal behavior, criminals belong in jail

  • Drew Bright

    Where is this pigs full name and address?! He does have a home address, does he not?

  • Diane Fox

    Why was she tazered?? Was she just walking down the street and the cop thought she looked like someone to cuff and tazer??I would like the WHOLE story for once from at least ONE side!! I doubt very much she was harrassed and cooperative and then tazered! Sorry it turned out this way but people better understand law enforcement has had enough and I for one don’t blame them.

    • Louis Cypher

      You really are stupid…I hope the cops handcuff and taze you someday.

  • Tom McDonald

    That fat fucking cowardice pig deserves to be shot on duty and if the parents of that girl executed him slowly it wouldn’t be murder it would be pest control. Let him try that shit with someone I love I’d have his fat spineless ass roasting on an open fire.

  • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

    I am waiting for the person who says – “Well, she shouldn’t have run out & the reason she is dead is because she hit her head on the pavement … the cop was justified in using the taser because she ran.” There are some people in America today who will justify torture & anything else as long as it is a cop doing it. She was 20. Who knows what was going on in her head when she ran. You don’t make really brilliant decisions sometimes when you are 20. She died because of 2 traffic violations & because the cop used his taser on her when she had her hands handcuffed behind her back. How did he expect she would break her fall????? We really need to go back to screening our police officers. If they show sadistic traits – we don’t need to give them guns or badges.,

  • PithHelmut

    This is from 2011. Doesn’t make it any less relevant but there’s no date on the article though it’s on the video. The signs of perverts and psychopaths taking over have been evident for a long time. But people still pay their taxes so they must like it.

  • Mike Bromley

    Well, the dramatic narrative is false. The officer is clearly seen wrapping up the taser leads when he says “i don’t want you to get up”….which means he was NOT tasering her at that point, like the narrative said. No doubt a tragedy. A real drag. But the dramatization is not truthful, either. But I suppose that doesn’t matter, because he’s a big, obese mean cop. Get as much insult as you can in there to rub salt in the wounds.

  • Woodstuck

    Brutal and insensitive assholes who can’t even do their simple job without hurting anyone. Nobody lifting a hand, all just feel like it was justified. Police should do their jobs with NO WEAPONS! Now let’s see how skilled you idiots truly are – You should have predicted what the people would do when all you cops blatantly break the law and act as if we have no rights. I hope I am able to watch your rights be violated when YOU least expect it… just like all the innocent people YOU incarcerate. Think there is no Karma? Well, just keep thinking that.

  • Woodstuck

    POLICE = Professionally Organized Liars In Criminal Escapades (period).

  • James Brett Mason

    Yep, I don’t give a fuck about this worms badge, if that were one of my daughters id do life, because this piece of shit would dead!!

  • Ibcamn

    i don’t even know where to start………..

  • Ybrik222

    I hate cops too, really. I’ve been harassed by them. But this article is false, in a few ways.

    1. The girl died from her head hitting the pavement, not directly through being tased.
    1b. Thus, the cop would have no reason to be charged for murder.
    2. The girl immediately fell into a vegetative state when she hit the pavement.
    2b. Thus, how could she have possibly said anything, such as, “I can’t get up?”

  • Regina Sellers

    Any mother would go ballistic if this happened to their child….anger would take over and he’d be dead; these trigger happy criminals we have for cops…..

  • Sarah Lowery

    Police officers are out of line these days there has been two shootings in billings one of them fatal and nobody is doing anything about it

  • Chad Moore

    that piece of shit should be hunted down and killed the same way with a taser

  • bdj1

    This cop was too fat to go after her. There should be an intelligence test required for cops, there should be a physical minimum for cops….oh and only hire decent human beings. Not these pathetic excuses.

  • Jim Zubkowski

    fat piece of shit pig

  • bill

    Pigs with this type of attitude should be injected with cancer cells, then lets hear them laugh.

  • David Nevers

    that why i rooted for Eric Frein

  • David Nevers

    that cop needs to die

  • upagainstthewall

    I am gonna say it again… if you want to see how disgusting real police mentality is … go to your community pages and look at what is posted. People are inciting harm to those with addictions and mental illnesses. Many members are officers… I don’t care if they post or not … they are members of some of these community pages and it is disgusting to know that they are not speaking up for the hatred that is being perpetuate against the citizens of this country that are poor and disabled. They talk about vetting us… well if you want to “vet” them go to your community pages and see the kind of posts that they have grown indifferent to. Once you do, you will be able to understand why these bastards are getting away with killing citizens across the country… if you don’t believe me, just contact Chief George… because he doesn’t have a problem with his officers belonging to a community page where discrimination, and hatred are the norm…smh … I think this is what is wrong with your officers Chief George… it is frightfully sad that you and the rest of your good squad do not have the intellect to understand this…

  • Niko

    To fat to run and catch her, thats why he uses a teaser thats wat happend when they hire shit for brains.

  • East Kixkittens

    The article in general is sensationalized, appeals to knee-jerk reactions, and is poorly written, along with its title. It is wanting people who hate cops to hate them more, without even realizing they are falling hook-line-sinker for a crap article with no citations and no concern for actual fact.

    – A 20 year old adult woman is not a “girl”. She was being arrested for involvement in two hit-and-run vehicle crashes, and driving without a license. (And no, I am not implying she deserved it, just giving relevance as to why she was being arrested in the first place, which this article’s author does not even have the decency to do.)

    Ex: “The officer sneered, “I don’t want you to get up,” as the high voltage electricity made its way through her limp body.” This is absolute fictionalized opinion.

    – If you are being electrocuted, your body is not going to be limp.

    – Once a taser is deployed, the voltage is only going through your body for as long as the person holds the trigger.

    – She fell because of the taser jolting her body, once again illustrating that your body is not limp while being tased, therefore he was not “continuously” tasing her as this article would have you think.

    – He didn’t “sneer” – sneering implies you could see his facial expression and hear a certain tone of voice. His voice tone was actually quite neutral during the entire situation. This is nothing more than the author’s fictionalized view point of what is actually happening in the video, which shows they lack neutrality on the topic at hand and wish to create a certain emotional reaction in the reader i.e. to make you think how they want you to think which would be the same as them. Think for yourselves and draw your own conclusions.

    Ex: “Instead of running to catch her, the obese officer opened fire with his Taser gun, shooting electrical hooks into her spine, until she collapsed and smashed her skull against the concrete.”

    – This article again implies that he somehow magically shot his taser more than once at her. She was only tased once, and the tasing is exactly why she fell. If she were being continuously tased by him, her body would be ridged or convulsing, and she wouldn’t sit up as she did.

    – Why is his obesity important to the reader? His weight has nothing to do with the choice he actually made in the video – the choice to not run after her and to instead use his Taser.

    – “Opened fire with his Taser gun” – a taser is not a gun, it is a Taser. A taser does not fire bullets repeatedly, and it does not fire its prongs repeatedly – it fires a single prong cartridge and the electrical signal is what can be fired repeatedly via the trigger.

    Ex: ” Officer Cole, who was known as “Trigger Happy Trooper,” can be seen on dashcam video Tasing the girl until she passed into a vegetative state (footage below). ”

    – was known as “Trigger Happy Trooper” – It is claimed in another article from an actual news network that “some call him “trigger happy trooper” – again, with no explanation who this mysterious “some” could be, and no source for the nick-name. The author uses that same statement and tries to frame it as being fact by writing “was known as”.

    – No, the average viewer does not see him tasing the “girl” until she passes into a vegetative state at all. A vegetative person does not cry, hold their head, sit up, move their legs around and interact with the world around them in the manner that she is doing in the video. What you see is the police officer tasing her a single time and her falling to the ground and hitting her head on pavement, causing head trauma – which is why she became vegetative *at a later date*.

    -” This is Danielle Maudsley before she was Tased to death by the officer. ” She was NOT ‘tased to death’! Dead people don’t hold their head, sit up, cry, and speak.

    The title and entire article are misleading. I researched this incident shortly after it originally happened, and I really despise misleading articles. Not to mention this article gives as little information as possible about its actual subject and then continues on about other events that are vaguely similar to the subject, as obviously talking about unrelated events helps hit a word count.

    I have no love for sloppy writing, and even less tolerance for authors who write “journalistic” half-baked pieces that appeal to gut reaction in order to create emotional responses in their audience based on half-truths and outright fabrications.

    My point: Whoever wrote this trash article, I want your job.

    Obviously you don’t have the slightest understanding of cause and effect, let alone the common sense to write anything outside of fiction, because that is precisely what this meandering, steaming pile of hog wash is. When we came to you for facts you gave us links to even-vaguer news articles, and a cornucopia or non-related incidents, and absolutely no backstory to what brought us here in the first place. Shame on you.

    And finally: the cop should be charged with manslaughter at least.

  • Guest

    If that was one of my daughter’s..i promise you..someway somehow i would of found out where that cop lived and executed him.if not..then i would gone to the first cop i seen and executed him in retaliation.

  • someone

    How dare he tase somebody that was attempting to escape custody, and then immediately call EMS.. and they neglect to mention what the girl actually did in the first place… I’m all for as hole cops getting what they have coming to them. But this shit is reaching for straws, she tried to escape, she was subdued, and hit her head. Unfortunate, yes, on purpose no. Quit demonizing every cop on the Internet already.

  • wildman

    here’s hoping everyone involved with this murder gets to watch everyone they love die a gut wrenching death right before their eyes-

  • Gary Hawthorn


  • Jordan Miles Kaplowitz

    This is horrible. But is anyone asking the question, why is she running out of a police station in handcuffs? Hey, don’t attack me, i’m with all you guys, fuck these low-life cops, but hey there are some good cops and we shouldn’t curse them. But i think the bad cops outweight the good cops.

    But besides all of that, why was she running away from a police station in handcuffs? That never sounds like that’s going to paint a pretty ending…

  • Rees Britton

    I hate cops and yes he absolutely could have gone about this in a much different way, but we have to hold ourselves accountable as well! She ran out of a police station… The rest is very unfortunate, but everyone on planet earth knows that if you pull a stunt like this you’re lucky to come away with your life. As she not been keeping up with all the psychotic cops shooting people for absolutely no reason???

  • Carolyn’s Tips
  • Guest

    “Handcuffed and trying to avoid the officer, wanting to be left alone at the time the incident occurred” if an adult male had been trying to escape or avoiding an officer, and this happened, no one would be freaking out.

    • Tom

      You are absolutely wrong. I see thousands of comments against cops who hit men who are handcuffed. National uproar over a man being choked out in New York City. National uproar when Cliven Bundy’s son was tased.

  • Tom

    How horribly sad. Condolences to the family.

  • Lefty Blitzer

    Every one of these cops should be dragged into the street and summarily executed.

  • Howard Treesong

    If it’s a traffic violation they had to have her car. That means they have a license plate and an identity. Why would the cop possibly care about her running away, she’ll turn up somewhere anyway.

    The fact is that he’s fat and he couldn’t keep up so he tased her.

    Remember when they said these things would only be used as a last resort before having to use lethal violence? Remember that one? Did anyone ever believe that? This girl was a threat to no one. I’ll believe right away she had those two traffic violations against her. So what? Big deal. Give her a ticket and move on.

    This young woman had her whole life ahead of her. She was punished very much harder than any banker who brought down the economy.

    As her father I would not want to encounter that cop because I’d likely have a taser too and I’d be sorely tempted to use it on him until the battery ran out.

    There’s just no proportionality in the violence cops use anymore. It’s like a free-fire shooting range out there.

  • John Galt

    Put him on the list.

  • Pat Enery

    Did anyone here really think that she would have gotten justice from our “admiralty law bar association” run legal system? Everyone here needs to learn about what currently passes as our judicial system first before we can even think as to how to restore our original constitutional one. Knowledge is power. In a Constitutional Common Law system, this cop would have gotten his just due. Cops are above the “law” in our current one for a reason. Killings like this & all the others will only continue under the current system. Learn some history, sheeple. Most of you are products of the state controlled educational system. The results of this are not surprising at all but very much intended.

  • Debra Curry

    he couldn’t grab her because he was so fat he couldn’t run after her. He was probably on desk duty. How dare she not comply and make him almost break into a trot? Too many cops who should find another line of work.

  • altmartion

    why was she in cuffs in the first place? this story is so old I forgot.

  • Anthony Jones

    Yes they would all be in serious trouble

  • Lydia Mpls

    Tampa FLORIDA Officer Cole aka TRIGGER HAPPY TROOPER may soon find a bounty on his head if the comments here are any indicator. The surprise is that 90% of cops killed on the job die due to CAR AACCIDDNTS AND NOT WEARING SEAT BELTS—-NOT being shot. At some point this will change if elected representativesa from local May9rs to State Attorney Generals don’t start holding these LEGALIZED THUGS accountable. In the meantime, DO NOT CALL THE POLICE FOR ANY REASON—EXCEPT THE MSOT SERIOUS VIOLENCE. Ain;t no bad situation a cops can’t make a whole lot worse!!! Especially DO NOT CALL POLICE if you have MENTALLY ILL LOVED ONE–as people with mental illness are some of the most VULNERABLE TO POLICE ATTACK & BEING MURDERED.

  • John Almeida

    The one problem I could see . Was the cops were too frigin FAT to run after her . So they took the chicken sh-t way to make arrest . It should be all police department policy that if you are on the street you have to be able to run at least 2 or 3 block before using a taser

  • unacceptable

    I’m THINKING.. that porky pig fuck is unqualified clearly! And if that was my family member he caused to die. How much I would want him dead. Vary vary slowly. I would weld his food hole shut And slam him on the ground over and over till he crys for his life. And watch him see me have no compassion or love for a human. But he would have he’s fat ass pig in a blanket judge buddy right with him with that wooden hammer inserted ear to ear then hang him from a flag pole to show how proud one is of his country and what he did to help it fall apart like a slow cancer killing the ppl. But I’m not like you. But if I think this way then I know you do. Realistically I would give a solo cup of water take you to the dessert and tell you to walk. Your not good enough to be placed in a cage and cared for till you die. That girl had cuff and ran fora bigger rreason. And was tazed by the fattest white cop I ever seen. Fucking nigger. Family I’m sorry for your loss and hope you find peace one day. And I hope justice comes.

  • fred

    Stop it you guys, for all you know that woman wasn’t wearing her seatbelt or had expired tags….she might have even been speeding….who knows, but trust that our officers are well trained and that this man acted in self defense.

  • Me you

    She was NOT “tased” to death, she fell on her head the wrong way, she tried to run away from the cops, that’s what happens when you have no respect and no clue. Its a sad story, but cop bashing and making stories up is even sadder. Total fail on filming

  • PlainOldTruth

    He’s too fat to run. He has a right to kill anybody he feels like killing. He fears for his life all day long. He’s afraid of sparrows. He is GOVERNMENT and you are not.

  • Justdintrun

    How a out, we teach our kids not to break the law. If arrested than COMPLIANCE is what must happen.
    Both are to blame. SHE SHOUT HAVE RAN/escaped custody. .
    Yeah he could have reached out and grabbed her. He had now idea that this would happen.. but it ALWAYS CAN.. don’t run!!!.
    Accountability on both ..

  • I learned to never shop, spend money, vacation or visit such towns or cities that allow such corruption to continue or refuse to hold cops accountable for such horrible crimes. I was in S Lake Tahoe when the mayor and 17 others were convicted of dozens of felonies while other victims can now prove at least two cops were also involved in kidnapping children for human trafficking. Sadly of course the Attorney General and others prefer to just cover it all up like a few other crimes more recently my book exposes with actual recordings and witnesses. This isn’t Nazi Germany, or is it? One can only wonder when watching such videos. The cop clearly had no need to use a taser in this case. I hope the attorney suing in this case prevails to the point those involved will only wish they hadn’t tried to cover up such horrific crimes by those who are supposed to instead serve and protect The People will only put up with this crap for so long.

  • This is called involuntary manslaughter. If I do this to someone and they die because of it then I go to jail for years. If an overweight cop who is too fat/lazy to run after a handcuffed 20 year old female does it they get a slap on the back for a job well done. The entire system is corrupt! When there are no consequences for actions people act recklessly and only keep their own interests in mind.

  • Suchislife

    This is horse shit. I feel for the girl. It’s horrible that she lost her life. It was an accident. He used his taser (justifiably.) and she turned and fell and smashed her head.
    At no point was there any malice or sneering in the cops voice. Even when he said “I don’t want you to get up.” You can tell he knew it was a bad situation turned worse.
    But jump on the band wagon you sue-happy fools. Life is tuff. People get hurt. People die. Such is life.
    At no point did this cop even come close to showing that he was happy or overjoyed, or even mildly amused that this was the outcome. People are fools

  • frank fontain

    I can’t say what i would do if she was my daughter but i have a very sick and twisted mind so it wouldnt be pretty but would be grusome, violent,graphic there would be nothing left to identafy him

  • Matt Fox

    I wonder how hard it was for her father to not kill the cop.

    This was really messed up but the headline is a little misleading IMO. Seems like the headlines often are. Which I dont understand why that is since the stories are horrible enough that they dont need embelishment.

  • Gary Fischman

    This is very misleading. It doesn’t look or sound like the officer tazed her again after she was down, as would be implied by the statement, “as the electricity made its way through her limp body.” I also don’t hear a sneer in his voice as he said, “I don’t want you to get up.” He knew that she’d hit her head and that trying to get up wouldn’t be good if she had a concussion. I don’t think he realized quite how serious it was. I don’t see any attempt at murder. Most people who are tazed do not fall in such a way as to strike their head so hard they end up dying.

    Do I think it was right to taze her? No. She was arrested over minor traffic violations and wasn’t a threat to anyone. If the overweight officer couldn’t catch her himself, he could have observed her path of flight and contacted other officers to apprehend her. Personally, I don’t think tazers should be allowed, period. They should be illegal for everyone, cop or not. They are torture devices. But I also don’t think what I saw here is murder.

  • craig klucas

    guy in the video, just shut up, take the ticket and the video to a lawyer.

  • swagchef

    This is the result of giving cops so much leeway, and being “tough on crime” . The man was cleared of ALL wrongdoing. What does that tell you? Also, why is this man still an officer if he’s so fat? I imagine if he was more fit, this wouldn’t have happened.

  • swagchef

    The taser warning sheet for law enforcement tells them not to use the taser on 1. anyone who is unable to catch themselves in the event of a fall, (i.e. handcuffed) 2. anywhere where falling could result in secondary injury, or 3. on anyone who is running or otherwise under momentum (i.e. in a car, on a bike, etc), whenever possible. Since this woman was not an immediate threat to him, he violated all those considerations.

  • Chris Baker

    Fucking fat ass, pathetic, psychotic, murdering, pig. He’ll get his. Believe that.

  • Thorn

    cold heartless bastards! I wanna use them as a punching bag. If that was any friend of mine I woulda ran the cunt down!

  • Tony

    He treated her as if she was black OMG!!!!! what is this Merica coming to…

  • Cynthia Andreoli Powers

    Fighting cops you never win.its sad she died but she should have not ran.She could have fought her case in court n still been alive cause cops don’t care one bit if your hurt.prayers to her family poor child.

  • Nailah Talibah

    i don’t do coos let that be know.
    now this girl was under the influence of heavy drugs, causes 2 car crashes and attempted to escape the local jail. this officer lookrd gor the quickest way to apprehend the suspect. hr didn’t know she’d go down that way. he immediately called got ems and began to wind up is leads )wires leading to the probes) hr was actually very kind to her under the circumstances. chastising hrr a little “are you stupid? why did you do that?” he instructed her twice to be still and she still refused to be still, and yet he didn’t tase her again. cops are cutting up these days but THIS is not one of those times

  • Privacy Please

    I love when cops get shot at. They can’t take a punch, but they sure can give one without feeling bad.

  • Lejon Leonard

    Sure is strange when these fat fucker scared of everything ass coos kill white people its a problem.I’m 52 years old and long as I’ve been in the us and when these scared of everything sissy ass cops murderer black people when they want to white america turns the cheek/doesn’t see the e problem of its nasty white males who are home grown terrorist signing up to be cops.the fat bastard in the video is lucky his family isn’t like what I’m seeing from the people who are commenting here.I just wish I could see more comments like this from all of you when your shit ass white boys wearing badges murder black would be a much better country….people keep talking about the murderous organisation they call the Baltimore police having to pay out so many millions of dollars since2010/2011,hell those us government terrorist have been murdering black people for many years before that,where are the payouts and convictions of cops there…please all of you comment on this.

  • Dennis Og Papi Love

    I’m sorry for her,you can’t just hop up and escape outta jail, understand that that’s what happens when you brake the law

  • Rebecca Kleitz

    O k folks. We are doing a great disservice to pigs by labeling these sub human cretins as “pigs”.

  • George Padgett

    Holy mother of God , bloodbath doesn’t begin to describe what would have happened had that been a child of mine or someone’s that I knew .

  • swine foo

    These are all our daughters and sons. Until we stop saying “if this happened to MY family” the more its going to keep happening until it happens to all of us at the same time, and it’ll be too late. Think of all these folks as your mothers/fathers/sisters/brothers/children and people may start giving a shit enough to do more than simply match in protests where obviously the cops have the upper hand and are still the ones controlling and abusing us.. This shits fucked up, something has to actually change & protesting in America hasn’t really done anything since the 60’s but make us look weak and vulnerable. We need to take the power back..

  • oohdale

    These kind of actions is why Cops are being hunted the way they are too.

  • UrbanCamper

    This pig will never face justice on earth. Lets hope he gets eternal damnation and suffers Gods final judgement.

  • Karen Shoaff

    What a disgusting, gross ‘pig’ (literally) this cop is. I don’t understand why we don’t just drag these monsters out and publicly castrate them and let them bleed to death while they’re crying, “I can’t get up.”

  • none ya

    this clive guy is such a troll..dont think that vpn your hiding behind cant be dealt with you hapless techno wennie

  • Jack Deth

    Wow I guess that cop was just standing his ground because this is FL./s

  • Scottie O

    She was arrested in a hit and run case, and then tried to run away from the police station. The officer was justified in what he did. There was no excessive force. She died because she was stupid. Period.

  • Jesse Glover

    Wow. Okay… So… Let’s break this one down…
    While yes, he could have chased and grabbed her instead of using the taser gun, the whole scenario is misconstrued by the media attention on it.
    The officer in question did not repeatedly stun her with the taser. He did one shot which has the voltage to stun a normal person, she hit her head pretty hard on the pavement and that was the cause of the vegetative state in the long run. She couldn’t get up because the gun is designed to incapacitate vs kill a person.
    She was told to lay down because he didn’t want harm to come to her, he neither sneered or jeered at her. The officer was definitely doing his job. He did ask why she ran, and it was then that it dawned on him just how badly she hit her head. And made sure to put in a call to EMS immediately.
    All in all, I believe the officer was not being blood thirsty or a bully, he just chose an action that was a bit more forceful than necessary.

  • Shawna Ballard

    As sad as this video is i can’t say that he was malicious and intended to hurt her or had any joy in it. There are far worse cases of police violence that’s in your face malicious. It’s a tragic incident but he should not have faced any jail time but should be retrained

  • Tyler

    Why was she running? In no way does that excuse what happened but I am curious. Every officer I have encountered has told me not to run or they will tase me. Glad I listened because this is tragic.

  • Luis Mendoza

    What was she doing before getting arrested? why was he running away from the police? 9 out of 10 times someone runs away from the police is because they’re guilty of something…. if you’re innocent, you don’t run or resist arrest… PERIOD!

  • Sharon Allen

    That baby girl was not a criminal, she was just probably scared to death…so sad….I would be in jail for murder if she had been my daughter!!

  • Chuck Maverick

    What happened to that potbellied Fcken son of a bitch is what I want to know

  • Tamadrummer83



    If SHE were MY Daughter or Grand Daughter HE WOULD BE DEAD NOW!!!

  • Eb-dogg Harris

    If she wouldn’t have resisted … never had occurred

  • Santiago Alan

    How sad. While the “protect and serve” motto is only intended for the masters they are paid by. Police officers are not public servants as they are not elected to hold such positions and is exactly why they continue to kill Americans while they brag and laugh about doing so. When was the the police helpful anytime anyone interacted with them?

  • pgeller

    We certainly can’t expect overweight cops to actually chase a little girl can we?

  • Bob Emerson

    I also place blame on the Police Dept. Administrations policy allowing for usage of Tasers in non-violent misdemeanor cases. That should never be allowed and both police officer and police administration officials should be held accountable. They are to serve the public and saves lives not take lives. It’s disgusting to even witness such callous behavior by the police. Even after she went down there was no caring for this person by the police seeing that she was injured. They obviously seem to not care and that is goes to the core of the whole problem as why some police behave and treat citizens very offensively.

  • Jon

    If anybody including a cop killed any of my kids, They will be dead, I would not care if I went with them, But they would die for certain.

  • Jon

    After watching the video, That cop should be dead, This happened in 2011. can’t somebody kill that bastard murderer ?

  • Jackie Kentner

    I cry poor girl I hate pigs

  • only some crazy cops

    I see nothing that he did wrong. She ran from the officer. Had he tackled her or grabbed her, she would have hit the pavement anyway. He told her not to move because she was hurt. The story makes it seem like he tased her, and after she fell told her he didn’t want her to get up while still tasing her…. That didn’t happen at all.

  • musikfanat22

    I would just let him see me with a picture of the girl every day, no matter where he was…

  • phuq obama

    The problem was that this fat ass cop was too damn lazy to grab her so he used his tazer. Somebody needs to taz his fat ass for a while and see how he likes it.

  • Robin

    What is wrong with these juries that keep letting cops go even with video.Why?WHy? Why?

  • Lilith

    So terrible. So much needs to change with police. Stricter qualifications to even be a police officer. No fat man should be allowed to be cop any damn way. I’m in no way justifying what he did to her, but why the fuck did she run? And was handcuffed? Over traffic violations. Stop teaching your kids the fuck the police mentalities and that it is ever ok to run from the cops..Christ especially after being handcuffed.. I’ve been in police custody innocent and they talked down to me and snide remarks and I jus ignored them and did what I had to do to get it over with.. again not justifying this, we don’t know what happened inside, but if she didn’t run good chance she would be ok today.

  • ParishM

    if she was my daughter the cop and his entire bloodline would be dead !

  • Charlotte Johnson

    That’s absolutely terrible. These cops are totally out of hand. They have no respect or compassion for the citizens. They are creating a war and trying to make it look as though black people are calling it racist as attention to discrimination. Most people that are cringing on these actions are feeling frustrated because its also women and children. It’s like they try to find the weak because they are too cowardly to go find real criminals. He should be hung and used for target practice. They keep putting him back on the street, someone is going to relieve him of his misery. Citizens are gunning up, talking wars against the police and our government is just sitting there worrying about every country but ours. I don’t feel so free, and all the brave must have died in war or are still fighting. They sure as heck aren’t the police. Now I’m scared-does that give me the right to shoot a cop, because i know he can shoot me first? If they are that afraid of women, children and unarmed men, they need to be home with their mothers and blankies not on the streets with licenses to kill.

  • Charlotte Johnson

    This made me cry. I just can’t believe how cruel some people can be. how do they expect us to respect people who deliberately takes advantage of it. If I ran into a cop right now, I wouldn’t know what to do and will probably end up dead either from the panic of wondering good cop bad cop or running for my life. They expect us to stop and take the chance of never going home again in hopes that they are the ‘good cop’. They can catch me at the hospital, because I’m not stopping until I get there. That way I can get medical attention asap.

  • Leland Whitehouse

    This PIG needs to have a charge of murder put on him. This outright killing has to stop. Money is the only thing that will stop it. The family should file suit for ten million and win every penny.

  • Riley Long

    It doesn’t matter who’s daughter it is. This piece of shit cop took an innocent life and there is only one way to square it.

  • Mike

    This truly breaks my heart. As for that officer, if he did that to my daughter, I would be patient, and wait and at the perfect opportunity, I would chop off all his limbs, and I do mean all his limbs, stop the bleeding with a hot iron. Then cut half his tongue off.

  • J.J. McCampbell

    Another shitbird cop, caught in the act of rabid shitbirdism.

  • Kenneth Gurganus

    Officer used a non-lethal means to stop her. She should not have ran and the head injury was her fault not the officers. Why run for a simple traffic offense, most likely that is not the complete facts here. You do control your life by your actions.

  • Havinthangs

    why aint this “cop” in jail for murder !? if that was any one of us we would be in jail . but since he is a public servant , they can do that uh ?

  • naveen

    You guys are retarded, she ran out of a police station, sucks she got tased but stop blaming the cop. He was actually decent for a fucking cop.

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  • Jim Cole

    IF it was minor charges then something was going on to make this girl run off like she did and the fact that this girl was not bad looking at all tells me that she was in the process of being rape or was being touch inappropriately imho.

  • martine bruchetti

    All cops need to be dealt with immediately. I’m a Black 47 year old male sitting at my computer crying my eyes out. White/Black people lets take to the streets and demand change. Let’s not go out at night or put money in a system where cops are paid. If we no longer support them then they cannot do this. I am so tired and like I told my wife, if cops try and take my life for no reason than expect many of them to die and you can bury me as well. I can’t take it anymore.

  • Richard Krebs

    I think I missed something. Girl was in custody, ran, got tased and fell down. Did the cop tase her again while she was down? It’s a terrible accident if I’m reading this right but I’m not seeing malicious actions on the officer’s part.

  • Karen R Scott

    I do not understand why the we, courts and state allows this hateful violent action from those that we are supposed to be able to trust and that are supposed to be protecting & serving!!!

  • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys


    Better white fkkk njgger baby polio pederast child raping police race of toilet eurodiseased!!!


  • oldman67

    He is a low life scum bag.

  • fred munter

    Another fat lazy pig with no ethics or morals. Hope he gets shot on duty and dies.

  • alicia arol

    The poor girl shouldn’t have run: I just watched that HORRIFYING video. Why did that FAT PIG have to tase the girl when she was handcuffed, POSED NO THREAT, & couldn’t have gotten very far, anyway? I can’t believe THE FAT PIG was charged with nothing & is still on the force=I can’t believe any of this.

  • I Game

    all lives matter am i right?

  • Capn

    Maybe we can not shit on the officer for being chunky? He’s not obese, and throwing that in the article does nothing more than shove hateful rhetoric in the faces of fat people, who are already extremely stigmatized.

  • fran

    the families of those victims should get together and take the law into their own hands… very discreetly.

  • Christopher Ross

    she shouldnt have ran from the officer

  • kaynash

    As a society we have to stand up for each other….we can not just let these things continue to happen to our citizens. This man is a cold blooded killer roaming freely on our streets….and should be treated as such.

  • Warrior KM

    This infuriates me to no end! Not all cops, but far too many of them do this! Through personal experience, I know how they can get mafia-style and turn into thugs, especially when they start swarming and feel empowered. This why ALL U.S. citizens need to unite and support one another EVERY TIME THIS HAPPENS and we need to stop allowing the LEFT AND RIGHT Corporate media outlets to divide us via race, religion, culture, creed etc. EVERY TIME this happens, we are power in numbers. Cut the crap and unite and root evil from the core!

  • Green Lantern

    Fat POS should be charged and never in a position of any authority again….lazy SOB.

  • Rob W

    The police, the iron fist of the state. We are mere subjects.

  • Ron Mack

    I’ve said it once and I will say it again. They will start killing white people and getting off. In fact they already have. maybe then the country will GIVE A DAMN

  • rene

    I so freaking slow just caught on to PIG- fat freaking cops. to be a cop they have to meet a height requirement. the same should be for weight

  • Dallas Bradley

    The world should take action, on every PD. Chicken shit, coward ass, punk bitch’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JudeThree

    I didn’t hear him warn her either, then he BLAMES her? The attorney is an ass as well. Face it, this girl didn’t ‘leave’ the station she tried to escape, regardless of her crime. Granted the cop is a waste of space, if he was 90 lbs light this girl would be alive, lazy POS.

  • Jim Olsson

    I keep thinking, “maybe it’s high time people started behaving themselves. They ruin their own life and a law enforcement officer’s.”

  • Wendy Colby

    When a policeman is cleared of a crime like this by the system…isn’t there anything that can be done to get justice for the victims?

  • tommycannabis

    I think shes braindead because of the way her head hit the pavement, yo ucan even hear the smacking sound from the impact, nonethelesss why would you fucking tase a kid running away from you, towards you maybe, but not away from you wtf

  • aerodog2 .

    Avoid the Police if at all possible.
    They are Armed, Violent, and Extremely Dangerous due to their Unpredictability.

  • ronald1216

    these cop are protected by god and theirs nothing we can do about it one day children will be in vietnam with cops and one world government cops will kill everyone to stop judges from getting paid

  • Suzy Henson

    Total police brutality & Murder, for No Good Reason at all, other than it gave him pleasure to continually taze her to her death… This should be reopened and a petition started to have this Trigger happy, Power tripping, Officer a poor excuse of a human, to be tried and Punished.
    I would sign the Petition to do so!
    Just rips your heart out, & makes me sick……

  • Gregory Jonassaint

    Everyday people here in America are dying from being shot while unarmed by police, people are also being tazed, and brutalized, this is unacceptable, these murderous, psychopathic, masochistic, and bloodthirsty police officers, have to be held accountable for brutalizing, beating, and killing innocent unarmed civilians daily.