UFC Fighter Attacked by Police, Tased for Asking Them to Identify Themselves



DEKALB — Police are required by law to show their identification, but the officers in the raw video that you’re about to see refused to obey the law.

The incident began when the police started following Dave Herman, who happens to be a UFC fighter.

Dave was driving with his wife and child at the time.

Unsure as to why a car began following him, he pulled into a well lit area with cameras to ensure the safety of his family.

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He then exited his vehicle, approached the followers and asked, “Do I know you?”

The followers began shouting at him, claiming that they were police.

At that point, Dave can be heard calmly asking them to display identification.

Dave never made any malicious or threatening gestures; he simply asked to see ID.

The police could have showed their ID, but they instead chose to escalate the situation.

One officer can be seen shooting Dave with a Taser gun, causing Dave to collapse to the pavement as the voltage pulsed through his body.

Dave’s wife, Madeleine, was in the vehicle recording the entire incident.

Once the police realized they were being recorded, they displayed their ID in accordance with the law.

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This is another illustration of how police lawlessly abuse citizens when they think nobody is watching.

Cops are armed welfare recipients who live off of the money that Americans work hard for — given that they depend on us for everything they have, you would expect them to treat us with respect and show identification when asked.

Adam Kokesh, an Iraq War veteran and anti-authoritarian activist, uploaded the raw video to his YouTube channel.

Watch the video below:

UPDATE (1/25/15): Fighter: Cops Charged Me for Crimes THEY Did to Me

Dave Herman was interviewed by freedom activist Adam Kokesh this week regarding the attack by police.

Police refused to immediately display their identification after following Dave Herman and his family.

It wasn’t until after they shot Dave with a Taser gun and found out that they were being recorded that they finally showed ID.

They then stacked charges on Dave.

Police are trained to stack charges on citizens so that they can get promotions and boost departmental records.

As Dave explains in the video interview below, police actually charged him with the crimes they themselves committed.

A GoFundMe has been set up to offer support for Dave and his family as the State attempts to take him down on dubious charges.

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  • Jason O

    In Indiana it is legal to shoot cops who break into their home.

  • yellowdogmichael

    (260) 925-3365 The Dekalb County Police. Please call them and tell them to let this man go, and to arrest the officers who kidnapped him! Please, let’s flood them with calls!

    • stevebsr

      you dont call and say anything.. you charge them

  • michael92064

    Please correct me if this is not true…. Under HR 218 picture ID cards with a method of contact to confirm the ID is required BUT the ID card is not something a uniformed officer has to show upon demand. Uniform and badge are all that is required of a uniformed officer and badge is all that is required for a plain clothed officer.in most states.

    • Michael Sharp

      I don’t know where you got that information from but your are totally incorrect .

      • michael92064

        Thank you. Please provide a reference

        • Josh Bushell

          Where is your reference?

  • Judd Zimmermann

    At least she apologized for camera work. Sometimes I wonder on these videos. You can hear the action, but the camera work is so sloppy. Come on!! You’re filming the cops beat someone, and that’s your 1 job. To film. It’s fairly easy to do. They need the gas station footage too. Give us, the viewers, a better angle, and help this guy with his case. And I like the cop. “I’m not showing you my license it has my address on it.”. That prick asks 50 people a day for their licenses, and asks them about their addresses.

    • Larry Kiddey

      All you need is the officer’s name to find his address. Voter regstration is public record.

    • nyran125tk

      she’s in a dangerous situation and you worry about camera work? She probably didn’t want them to see her filming initially, who knows what these nutty cops might do.

    • Braeden Van Asperen

      Lol easy to say coming from someone who didn’t have to watch someone they love getting tasered illegally by armed men who are supposed to be there to protect their rights and freedoms.

    • Leonie

      Are u serious, she just watched her husband get tazed and all u can say is she should’ve taken better footage, wtf is wrong with u!!!!!

  • LFord

    Total over reaction by the cops. Typical “I’ll show you!” mentality. But come on, three forms of ID? Legal advice from a cracker jack box.

    • f.x.koch

      most places issue a real picture ID for the LEO involved.. State , federal, sheriff , or local police departments…

  • wildman

    and yet these tin star thugs can’t or refuse to understand why AMERICA HATES them so and doesn’t give 2 runny shits as to if they are all killed

  • Michael Fuson

    how dare a slave to question their masters. i hope he sues the cops

  • Nat

    Ok, she said they weren’t giving her any info whatsoever,how did she know the charges against him…smh

    • AS1124

      uhmmm because LATER, they were able to get the charges because its public record… you must be kidding.

  • fr0wn town

    Sue the fuck out of them.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      law suits only hurt “we the people”. and as long as the govt. allows them to get away with it, without repercussions for costing them money, then they will continue to do it. and why wouldn’t they?

      • Sgt. Killgood

        So petition them getting that right taken away . And make the officers get insurance in case they screw up and get sued . Just like doctors need for malpractice suits . That would stop a lot of bad cops . And get rid of the police unions , they are revenue collectors .

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          better still, take at least half of the cops wages to pay for the lawsuit. and if they decide to quit so they don’t have to pay it, then put them in jail and seize their assets

  • Jaret

    All these cops should be shot in the face!!!!!

  • Gunt

    Divide and conquer fails when you make everybody hate you.

    • when you INTENTIONALLY divide the people against the cops it works BRILLIANTLY to justify in the
      minds of the brainwashed sheeple, the escalation of the police state, the further militarization thereof,
      and ultimately THE CHAOS.

      NEVER FORGET the motto of the nwo is “Ordo ab Chao” (Latin) meaning, “Order Out of Chaos”
      This is all by very clever design orchestrated from the highest international levels. If you do your homework
      you’ll see VERY much the same tactics and general human reaction going on in the UK and other parts of Europe, Australia,and many other parts of the world.

      The biggest difference here is the 2nd amendment and how heavily armed our general population is and we’re the 3rd most populated country in the world. Hence the MOST militarization of the cops who “THEY” ultimately don’t give 2 runny shits about (as @disqus_IdEwUbweT4:disqus put it) them and their families one bit more than they do about the rest of us.

  • joebe1

    Only askng the cops for basic info witch we are required to provide them sparked this? Obviously this cop was heated cause he did not pull over. Then turned his camera off and took off body camera so he could have his way. Seem like the driver pushed to the limit but not past the limit of the law and cops will abuse there power any time you question there power or its limits.

  • Arnt Johnsen

    Bet they dont get charged for wrong doing… headless acts by two jackasses. The thing about the camera, that should give them a foot in their asses plus a paper with their resignation on it. They have cameras or should have for a reason.

  • Tsavo

    Maybe now white people will understand why Black people hate the police.

    • Rickey Cooke

      Your kidding right? Maybe know blavks will understand they are noe alone when it comes to slavery.

      • Carefully study the 14th amendment and “The Act of 1871” and educate yourselves in the

        THE NEW FORM OF SLAVERY that was created for ALL of us!!

        Every time ANY of us (black white brown or otherwise) since age 18 has signed ANY .gov document under penalty of perjury that “Yes I am a citizen of the United States” we have signed what’s known as an “Adhesion Contract” and volunteered ourselves into the jurisdiction of a “Federal Corporation” (USC Title 28, 3002 – 15 (a) ) based in the 10 square mile geographic area called “The District of Columbia” est. 1871.

        The sickest thing about this whole story is that everything “THEY” do to us is totally by OUR CONSENT. They just conveniently forget to make completely clear EXACTLY what we’re consenting to.

        If you REALLY do your homework, you’ll also learn that “THEY” even changed the title of the Constitution from…. “The Constitution for the united states of America” to all block capital letters (very significant in law) and changed the word “for” to the word “OF” to read like this….


        Many of you may have heard of a Russian author and writer named Leo Tolstoy (1828 – 1910) …here’s a quote from him that sums it up pretty well, ESPECIALLY since the establishment of the TOTALLY PRIVATE central bank that decided to call itself “The Federal Reserve” much like the corporation established in 1871 that decided to call itself “United States” and which has been an imposter of the true Constitutional Republic system of government (est. 1787) ever since 1871.

        “Money is a new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal – that there is no human relation between master and slave.” ~Leo Tolstoy,

        Most of you have likely heard the term “Reconstruction Era” applied to the years immediately after the civil war, but NONE OF US WERE EVER TAUGHT exactly what got reconstructed and how. At least not the REAL truth of the matter.

        I’ll leave you with 2 more quotes that go hand in hand in better understanding the “system” of slavery that we’ve all been living in for the last 140+ years PLEASE Google the definition of the word “inimical” as I had to. Not a word commonly used anymore, but very key to fully understanding the 2nd quote.

        “I have two great enemies, the southern army in front of me and the financial institutions, in the rear. Of the two, the one in the rear is the greatest enemy….. I see in the future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of the war.” – Abraham Lincoln

        “The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”
        -The Rothschild brothers of London writing to associates in New York, 1863.

        • Morin Haldane

          Thank you for your post… It is true that until we quit listening to the media and government preach about us and truly unite as a people they will continue to win. Science says we came out of Africa. The Bible says god created Adam and Eve. So either way you look at it we are all brothers and sisters. It is high time to quit arguing over who bs and stand together.

    • SirTerrance Murphy

      Dumbest statement ever !

      • Tsavo

        Truest statement ever.

        • Brandon

          There isnt any privilege in nigger slavery

    • George McJunkins

      Black ppl have alwayzs been a target for police. Now other racial groups are feeling what we have known all along.

      • CloudTiger

        Whites were slaves and treated extremely badly, more than blacks, in the USA, before blacks even arrived. Ask an Irish historian.

        • George McJunkins

          Look at my last name. My great great grandfather came to America as an indentured servant. He was Irish. My great grandmother was Cherokee. My father is Blackfoot, and African American. So no matter which way you take this, I have a broad understanding.

  • Chuck Fasst

    Pigs are always jumping on all kinds of people and beating them down. They often do permanent damage or kill. This is what most people do not understand.

  • NiteGoat

    This makes me sick. Thugs with badges and guns. Just sickening.

  • disgusted

    Seriously??! You people make me sick! That is not even the full story! And why the hell didn’t she start filming when police first came on them? The whole story is that they had car trouble (and apparently pulled over with flashers on on the INTERSTATE). the cops then pull up behind and they speed away!! And then are traveling over the 70 mph speed limit! But you’re right, the cops were unjustified for pulling him over! And two, why would you get out of your car?? That’s just asinine! He was asking for trouble! Had he stayed in the car and waited for the officer to come to the window and then ask for ID he would have been fine!

    • Sgt. Killgood

      You are disgusting

  • Sgt. Killgood

    These cops think they are gods . I’ll bet they sleep with their uniforms on .

  • johnee


  • asdasdasd

    They remember “shoot to kill” but not “show your ID” huh go figure.

  • Shinjin

    Have fun dealing with Dana White and the UFC you stupid cops you have no were near that amount money!!! FREE HERMAN!

    • Don Corleone

      UFC dropped him in 2013. Also, they’re saying he led a “car chase.” He was doing half the speed of smell in a busted car.

  • Phil Freeman

    some may wish to know this info if faced with a similar situation: http://www.youhavetheright.com/home/A%20Treatise%20On%20Arrests%20And%20False%20Imprisonment.pdf

  • So What

    No need to call the department. Citizens should arrest the officers and hang them in the town square as judge, jury, and executioners. This way, cops will in fact know their place.

  • kevin conner

    Guys – put your money where your mouth is! He is going to need legal help. Help out! Just $10 helps! https://www.gofundme.com/supportthehermans

  • Jonathan Storm Brewer
  • Charles Vella

    Why do they cops all shave their heads? Is it so they all look the same?

  • troy

    A law needs to be made that an arrest or anything cannot happen if the body camera is off its bullshit they are allowed to turn them off when an incident is going down so they can lie

  • Tom Young

    All cops in Indiana are nothing more than a bunch of nazi ass thugs.

    • Peter

      Gees Tom, you really know all the cops in Indian? That’s like saying everyone with the last name Young is an idiot.

  • honest citizen

    This was clearly a publicity stunt perpetrated by the MMA fighter and his family..He purposely attracted the police car with his emergency blinkers and when he did stop he got out of the car and confronted the officers and in the video he is clearly acting in a menacing and suspicious manner..If he was so scared for his family..why did he not call 911 while the “suspicious” vehicle was following him! And in his “fear” why did he aggreseively approach the vehicle..and why when the police exited in FULL UNIFORM did he not explain himself in a calm nanner that he was having car troubke and a little nervous not knowing they were cops…The officer that was speaking to the wife was very respectful and courteous..and then the MMA guy blurts out he does not want to ger shot like a black guy..obviousely this is a publicity stunt to garner press coverage..this is disgusting…and these people shoul be put in jail…

    • upagainstthewall

      Honest citizen… please change your screen name to “idiot without a clue”. I am fair skinned. I have witnessed other fair skinned anglo Americans being brutalized by the police. You are an idiot… please get a clue. Perhaps someday when someone in your family is treated poorly and dehumanized you will understand that their are too many of us that are done with the police state.

      • honest citizen

        Yes there are cops who clearly should not be on the job..but this MMA guy did set this up and there are absolutely great men and women who are cops and only want to keep the peace who put their lives on the line each and every day..and only want to keep us safe..walk in there shoes one day and you will see how hard and dangerous a job it is..and its just as wrong for people on this site to say every cop should be strung up or shot in the head..everyone making these comments sound like you all have no education..and no common sense…I guess you think its alright what happened to the two cops in NYC shot dead sitting in their cars….and what about all the people first responders save…Good cops run towards danger to save lives with no thoughts of their personal safety..its a thankless and scary job for the good ones and people like you make it even harder..I have been harassed by bad cops and it infuriates me! But I do not condone killing all cops you MORON…! If you saw someo being hurt or raped what would you do? Would you be Man Enough to jump in and help! No..you would be too scared..and if your loved ones were being hurt or your life was being threatened who would you call for help? Try and correct the system not tear it down in anarchy..without “Peace Officers”(cops) this would be an even scarier world…you should all grow up ..

        • Boko Hos

          Did your cop lover forget to give you a DNA injection this morning?

        • upagainstthewall

          I realize that from time to time people may have the opportunity to meet what appears to be a good officer that does not abuse the power and authority that is given to them. Our system is flawed and is in desperate need of repair.
          When the NYC officers were murdered, I did cry. I certainly know that the officers murdered surely did not deserve to be killed. I am amazed you didn’t mention the officer in Florida that was murdered as well. He too was a family man.
          When I hear the term “peace officer”, peace most certainly does not come to mind. Instead I remember all the excuses I have been given when they have failed to respond when my stalker is doing what he loves best; harassing me and keeping me in fear. I remember the numerous warrantless searches my family has been forced to endure throughout the last decade.No one should be threatened to be arrested for wanting to live in peace without unreasonable searches that have turned up “absolutely nothing”.

          Before you start letting your brain spin… my house was repeatedly searched because the man I have a permanent stalking order against continued to call and ask for welfare checks. Officers, who are under no obligation to tell the truth, always stated the calls were made anonymously. It was the ladies in the records department who informed me that my stalker and his family had repeatedly called in with concerns… concerns that would lead to warrantless searches at all hours of the day and night. When it was brought to the police department’s attention of who the caller was making these bogus complaints, they refused to take any action against my stalker. Just as they refused to arrest him for calling me and telling me that I would find my daughter’s dead body in a ditch. Instead I was told that he was simply exercising his freedom of speech.
          So I am not a cop apologist. However I am not someone that thinks officers should be murdered. FIRED, yes! Charged with dereliction of duty, YES! I feel that they should be taught the Constitution and how not to violate the rights of the citizens in the communities that they serve.
          My child was raped. I placed a call. The officer that responded said he was not there to talk about those kinds of things. That bastard cop instead called DHS and said it would be better for my child to be removed. I spent the last year fighting for my daughter. She is home now. The investigation into the violent sexual assault she endured was not investigated. Instead it was pushed under the rug. When she came home, her disclosures were made. The detective assigned to the case was one of the officers that stood by and watched a man get knocked unconscious as he was being arrested. I of course, made a formal complaint against the numerous officers that stood by with their nightsticks drawn on that man. Of course, with a smile she politely informed me that she didn’t feel that any charges could be made against my daughter’s perpetrator.
          So tell me again… what did you say? Grow up? You asked me who I would call if my child was raped, if someone was in danger… well here is where I am at… I would call my Sheriff’s department. Yet since I live in the city limits I am stuck with what I have available which are the city police officers that are biased against people that have turned them in for police brutality and corruption.
          Would I jump in if a child was being raped? I want to assure you that I have been to the Children’s Advocacy Center to support children that have been sexually traumatized that are not my own. Would I step in if someone was being injured, or threatened? I have and it always sickens me when others refuse to watch out for their fellow man.
          I am sorry that you assumed I am a cop hater. No I don’t hate the police. I hate police brutality and corruption… the two do not need to go hand in hand.

  • Rick

    I hope u are suing the asshole pigs

  • Police work attracts skittish pussies with delusions of grandeur like a moth to a flame. These cops were on a power trip and I for one am sick of seeing people being treated like second class citizens by glorified hall monitor fucking dorks

    • Peter

      Yes, lets get rid of all police officers. They serve no real good purpose. Instead we can have people like you answer all emergency calls for public assistance. I’m sure you will be happy to step up and risk your life.

  • Tom Zychowski

    A marked cop car is a form of identification. Any judge will see it that way. Nobody is going to have an exact replica of your local police car.

    These people were wrong. Do what the cops tell you initially. For all you know they are you are the guy that just robbed the mini mart at gun point. They can do plenty until they have the situation under control.

    If you doubt me…don’t do what they tell you and walk toward them. Make sure you have your estate in order first.

  • Peter

    Dave Herman is not a UFC fighter, he is a former UFC fighter who was cut because he didn’t belong. He was arrested in this incident because he refused to obey the police during a vehicle stop. Dave Herman should be doing instructional videos on how to get yourself arrest during a police vehicle stop. He broke every rule, was advised that he would be tased if he did not comply, continued to be uncooperative, got tased, and is now surprised by what happened? It’s almost laughable. They claim that they wanted to now who was stopping them, however at the beginning of his wife’s video she admits that it was the police behind them with the emergency lights on? Police cars, guns, tasers, men in police uniforms with badges and radios, who the heck did they think it was? At the end of the day, you just can’t fix stupid.

  • Boko Hos

    Good move. Always go to gas station where there are cameras. Ask Antonio Buehler about that piece of advice. It saved his ass from these types of liars.

  • John in Denver

    Apparently Napoleon Complex is a COP in DeKalb as well.

  • rat

    things to improve things… and stuff…
    1.) Cops need button cams.
    1-a.) all button cam records leading to arrests and/or use of force of any kind need to be made public record.
    2.) All citizens need to be able to access their camera-phones and record as quickly as possible.

    accounts of word and type are not substance.
    accounts of audio alone are not substance but a start.
    accounts of audio and video with time stamps are the only hope to protect the person(s) who are in the right (be it the citizens or the police).

  • Archangel Englebrecht

    If there is any doubt in your mind that all cops are violent, thieving, murderers then try the following. Go to your local police station and calmly ask for a copy of the complaint form that is used to file a complaint against a cop.( They have to provide you with this upon request by law.) Then when they release you from jail or worse the hospital, let us know how that went.