US Cops Kill at 100 Times the Rate of Other Developed Capitalist Countries


Richard Becker |

One area in which the U.S. is unquestionably exceptional is the level of state violence directed against African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and working and poor people of all nationalities. U.S. police killings outnumber those in other developed capitalist countries by as much as 100-1.

How many people are killed every year by the police in the U.S.? The exact number is not known.

There is no federal agency that keeps track.

The FBI compiles annual statistics for “justified homicides” by police—and all reported police killings are registered as “justified” by the FBI.

But participation in reporting homicides to the FBI by police and sheriff’s departments is voluntary.

Of approximately 18,000 police agencies, only about 800 provide statistics.

The murder of Eric Garner on Staten Island last summer will not be counted in the FBI statistics for 2014, because the notorious NYPD has chosen not to participate in reporting.

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According to FBI statistics, there were 461 “justified homicides” by police in 2013.

However, the website reported that U.S. non-military police killed 748 people in just the last eight months of 2013, and 1,100 in 2014.

The KilledByPolice numbers were compiled using mainstream media sources. Actual totals are undoubtedly higher, as not all police killings are reported, and it is virtually impossible to check all of the tens of thousands of media sources in the country.

By contrast, in England, also a capitalist country with a long history of racism, police reportedly fired guns three times in all of 2013, with zero reported fatalities. Police do not carry guns on patrol in England.

From 2010 through 2014, there were five fatal police shootings in England, which has a population of about 52 million. By contrast, Albuquerque, N.M., with a population 1 percent of England’s, had 26 fatal police shootings in that same time period.

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police killing

In 2011, the FBI reported 404 “justifiable homicides” by U.S. police. Based on the data collected by KilledByPolice for 2013 and 2014, the real number of police killings for 2011 was likely over 1,000. There were two reported police killings in England, meaning that the rate of killing by U.S. police was about 100 times that of English cops in 2011.

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  • Frank Castle

    Guess we just have too many thugs!!

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      would seem to indicate we have problems at the core of our nation if the symptoms are this bad.

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    and these low IQ tin star thugs wonder why AMERICA hates them so badly, and feels no sorrow when they are killed

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    when you look at how a country treats it’s own citizens, you can see how far it has slid towards despotism, and/or fascism. or put another way. we are witnessing the fall of the roman empire. sadly there are those who refuse to see it. they instead bury their heads in the sand and pretend we are still living in 1955 suburbia

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        Nope. Our government has been hijacked. We are not supposed to have democracy we are supposed to have a constitutional republic

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        uh no. “American rich bastards like Rockefeller” fund one side while the bank of England (Rothschild) funds the other, and send us poor people off to die in a war killing other poor people. real Americans have nothing to do with it

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    The Cleveland police have been known to turn down applicants whose IQ were too high.

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    So what’s the problem with making the statements of “shoot cops”, “kill cops” ? Half of America should be doing that right NOW.

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    “Let the police handle it” What morons ! “Did you trip and fall”? That pig cop should have been shot in the head right then and there.

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    If that were MY wife there would be seven DEAD pig cops on the floor and then I’d do the entire sheriff’s department just for the fun of it.

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    Don’t EVER call the police for ANY reason. If they show up, shoot on sight and SHOOT TO KILL !

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    Every single person who just ASKS FOR A PIECE OF PAPER gets arrested. Why are you allowing these THINGS to live and breathe America ? WHY ???????