Avid Police Supporter “Heartbroken” After His Son is Kicked in the Head by Cop


James Walsh’s father says he is heartbroken.

An avid supporter of the police department, he has found himself in an odd predicament.

Last month the Walshes from Lakewood went to the Dublin Irish festival near Columbus to celebrate their granddaughter’s first birthday.

Twenty-six year old James was with them.

He says he was just standing there, minding his own business when a punch in the head knocked him unconscious.

Witnesses say the assailant continued to bash the unsuspecting victim even as he lay listless on the ground.

James said he did not know the man and nor had he ever seen him before.

However, the brutal perpetrator’s identity has now been disclosed.

In a shocking revelation, Dublin Police identified him as 27-year-old policeman John J. Kotchkoski.

According to witnesses – the officer, who was off-duty when he carried out the assault – had not been provoked.

In fact one witness say James did not even have his fists up.

James suffered a concussion and needed stitches under his left eye as a result. He also sustained serious injuries to his head and face.

“For whatever reason, he went after me. I don’t know him, I’ve never seen him in my life,” said James.

Witnesses say that the attack appeared to be totally random and unprovoked, almost like a “knock-out game.”

The Walsh family was shocked to learn the man who had randomly attacked their son was a member of the law enforcement.

Although his wounds are starting to heal, a visibly distraught James says that, to him, it does not matter who Kotchkoski worked for.

He says he was an innocent bystander who was enjoying the festival.

The officer has been charged with assault and is due to appear in court on October 1.

Watch the video below:

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