Protests and Resistance

These Powerful Political Posters Called Out Police Violence in L.A. and Beyond

Before political memes ruled supreme in our current age of social media slacktivism, political posters offered artists a tangible expression of empathy or outrage. It’s true that political graphics are

Seven File Claim Alleging Unnecessary Berkeley Police Violence

BERKELEY, California — Seven protesters have filed a claim against the city, alleging illegal use of violence by police during a June protest following a City Council discussion of the

Prison Guards Rage Over Colin Kaepernick Visit to Rikers Inmates

The city allowed Colin Kaepernick to make a surprise visit to Rikers Island on Tuesday to meet with inmates — enraging correction officers who feel the stunt will only endanger

Court Holds NYPD In Contempt For Refusing To Hand Over Documents Related To Black Live Matter Surveillance

The NYPD continues to extend a middle finger to every entity that isn’t the NYPD. The department’s long history of doing everything it can to thwart public records requesters has

New Bill Seizes Assets of Anyone Who Plans or Participates in Protests that ‘Disturb the Public Peace’

Imagine having all your assets seized because you planned a peaceful protest that disturbed the peace? That could be a reality under SB1142, which just passed the Arizona state senate.

A Cop Has Been Fired For Writing “Hahahaha Love This” On A Facebook Post About The Deadly Car Attack In Charlottesville

Breaking: Springfield police officer mocked Charlottesville protestors run down by car in Facebook comments. — Dan Glaun (@dglaun) August 13, 2017 A Massachusetts police officer, who sparked national outrage

WATCH: Charlottesville Police Chief Told Cops to “Let Them Fight” When Nazis Came to Town

“Let them fight.” That directive from the police chief as the violence started to unfold was only part of the massive failure of the response to the “Unite the Right

UNLV President and Students Demand Apology From North Las Vegas Police

LAS VEGAS — There are new developments in the controversy over a video showing North Las Vegas Police riding motorcycles on the UNLV campus without permission and immediately after a

BLM Leader To Sue NYPD For Police Brutality During Peaceful Protest, Says Cops ‘Almost Killed’ Him

A Black Lives Matter leader from the Bronx, N.Y. says he plans to sue the city because NYPD cops violently slammed him to the ground when arresting him at a

WATCH: St. Louis Police Shut Down Entire Mall to Violently Arrest Black Lawmaker For Protesting Racial Injustice

Police in St. Louis shut down a large shopping mall on “Black Friday” to arrest activists protesting police violence. The arrests included a state Rep. Bruce Franks Jr. (D), a

St. Louis Police Are Now Under Federal Investigation For Violating Protesters’ Civil Rights

This week, the FBI and the Justice Department opened investigations into the conduct of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officers for unconstitutional actions during protests in September. The federal investigation

During Protests Police Must Allow Journalists to do Their Jobs

The St. Louis Police Department has agreed to abide by tighter procedures to protect journalists from arrest while performing their jobs at scenes of protests. The procedures are better than