[WATCH] “Motherf***er! I’m Gonna Kill You” – Video Shows Cop Torture Teen to Death

04/26/17 MESQUITE, TX — Parents are devastated after learning the full story of what police did to their child. It began when Kathy and Robert Dyer received a phone call

Family of Elliot Williams Receives $10 Million after “Cruel and Unusual Punishment”

Via RT A federal jury has ruled in favor of the estate of an Army veteran who died on the floor of a jailin Tulsa, Oklahoma. Elliott Williams broke his

Cops Used Scalding Hot Shower to Burn Man to Death: Reports

Dade County, FL — “Please take me out! I can’t take it anymore!” screamed Darren Rainey, a schizophrenic man serving time in prison for cocaine possession — as he kicked

Report: Cop and His Wife Allegedly Torture Their Children for Months

TENESSEE — An alarming report has surfaced involving allegations that a police officer and his wife were sadistically torturing their children for over 100 days. Officer Michael McIntosh has pleaded

WATCH: Citizens Claim “Torture” in Response to Horrifying Police Footage

Jack Burns | The Free Thought Project When pepper spray was invented, it was, in the words of one of its creators, to be “used to avoid confrontation or injury.”

Video: Cop Torturing Restrained Woman With Mace Until She Falls Unconscious

Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project Dayton, OH — “I thought I might die,” said Amber Swink of her harrowing experience being pepper-sprayed while in a seven-point restraint chair

BREAKING: Cop Was Recruiting for ISIS, Planned to Torture – Charges

Tim Ryan and Brandi Buchman | Courthouse News Service A Washington, D.C., transit police officer was arrested Wednesday on a charge of trying to support the Islamic State terrorist group

Cops Pepper Spray Citizen’s Genitals and Anus, Must Personally Pay $450,000 to Victim

Jeff Gorman | Courthouse News Service 2016/07/17 Three Los Angeles County deputies who pepper-sprayed an inmate’s private parts should not be reimbursed by the county for the ensuing lawsuit, a

CIA Agents FINALLY Being Personally Sued for Human Experimentation and Torture

Brianna Blaschke | True Activist For the first time in U.S. history, the CIA and U.S. government will not exercise immunity for war crimes and other atrocities. Read More:

Cop Traps Citizen in “Immobilization Device,” Locks Him in Car and Begins Laughing: Lawsuit

Philip Janquart | Courthouse News Service SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Claims that a Union City, Calif., police officer put a man in an immobilization device and then taunted him will

Judge Orders Cop to Taser Peaceful Man Right Inside Courtroom: Video

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project Greenbelt, MD – A man representing himself in a Maryland court was shocked with 50,000 volts of electricity by the judge because he continued

Disturbing Video Shows an Austin Cop Torture a Handcuffed Man With Pepper Spray

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project Austin, TX — A video of Austin Police, taken by the cop watching group, the Peaceful Streets Project, was published to YouTube this