Video: Cops Didn’t Believe This Woman Could be a Banker, So They Threw Her in a Mental Asylum: Report



How would you feel if within 24 hours you go from being a successful corporate executive to being forced to become a patient at a mental ward where no one believes you?

It feels straight out of a psycho thriller, but this is the reality that Long Island resident Kamilah Brock faced on September 12 last year.

She was in a great mood , driving through Harlem and enjoying the music in her car. When she stopped at a traffic light in she casually took her hands off the steering wheel and started dancing.

A NYPD police officer approached her and asked why she was not holding her steering wheel. The 32-year-old banker explained she was at a light and did not think she needed to hold the wheel while the vehicle was stationary.

The cop asked her to get out of the car and she was taken into custody, then she was sent to the NYPD’s 30th precinct, although Brock was held for several hours she was not questioned and says none of the prescribed procedure was followed.

Then she was released without being charged with a crime.

Upon her release, the police told her that she could come back the following day to pick up her 2003 BMW 325 CI.

Much to Brock’s disbelief when she returned, the officers on duty refused to believe that she actually owned the expensive vehicle.

The officers put her in handcuffs, then emergency medical staff approached her and said they were going to take her to her BMW. Baffled by it all, she asked them why she was being taken to her car in an ambulance.

Turns out she was actually being transported to Harlem Hospital’s psychiatric ward. Once there, Brock’s clothes were stripped off, she was forced to take lorazepam and lithium and given powerful sedatives intravenously.

She says, once at the hospital the first thing a doctor did was stick a needle in her arm and next she remembers waking up to the medical staff removing her clothes.

“I woke up to them taking my clothes off, specifically my underwear,” revealed Brock in an interview.

She said it was like waking up in the middle of a terrible nightmare, heavily medicated she slipped in and out of sleep while the medical staff tried to convince her that she was neither the owner of the BMW nor a banker.

When she told them that she had President Barack Obama following her on Twitter, their doubts about her sanity only grew.

Brock had no former history of mental illness, yet the medical staff misdiagnosed her as bipolar and delusional.

In fact, records from the hospital showed that doctors regularly tried to pressurize her into denying that she had a successful career and owned a luxury car.

The distraught woman kept asking staff why she was there and they told her she was a danger to herself.

Eight days later she was released without an explanation.

Soon after, she received a bill of $ 13,637.10 for her stay at the hospital.

This is despite the fact that she was forced to stay there and had received a completely incorrect diagnosis.

It has been more than a year since Brock’s terrifying experience. However, she has now mustered up the courage to file a lawsuit in the federal court. It names the city, the hospital and the police officers involved.

Brock’s lawyer Michael Lamonsoff says it is “absurd” that she was labeled mentally ill for stating facts.

He adds all of this happened because she was African-American; had it been a Caucasian woman in her place there was no chance that similar treatment would have been doled out, it is thought.

Watch the video below:

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