Woman Calls Police for Help, Cop Strips His Clothes Off and Demands Sex

UPDATE: New Details Emerge in Sexual Assault Case

It turns out that the cop looked into the woman’s personal information online before showing up at her room and sexually assaulting her, according to reports.

Willamette Week spoke with the woman about the experience; highlights are included below:

The woman, Roni Reid-James, tells WW that Palaoro showed her his service revolver before taking off his clothes, groped her and asked for sexual favors, then warned her not to tell anyone because he was writing the report on her assault complaint.

She says he stayed in her hotel room for seven hours.

“It was terrifying,” Reid-James says. “I didn’t feel like I could leave. I didn’t know who I was supposed to call: I’m with a police officer.”

Reid-James says Palaoro said he had looked her up online and learned she did tantric massage. “He took all of his clothes off,” she says, “and told me I was giving him a massage.”

She says Palaoro had an erection, and lay down on the hotel-room bed on his back. Reid-James says she asked him to turn over, and gave him a back massage.

“After that,” she says, “it was a long time of him grabbing me, kissing me, taking my hand and trying to have me touch him. It was probably an hour of him telling me not to tell anybody. That he was a police officer, that he was a Navy SEAL, that he was writing my side of what happened.”

Continue reading the full report below:

PORTLAND, OR — When a woman called police for help, the last thing she expected was to be sexually assaulted under the presence of a gun by an officer who arrived, according to reports.

The woman called the police over a domestic dispute and needed help to keep someone from attacking her.

Officer Palaoro was one of the officers who showed up to the scene.

The next day at 3:30 AM, Officer Palaoro showed up to her hotel.

He was not wearing his uniform but he was carrying a gun.

He entered her room, then he pulled out his gun and set it on a table where she could see.

Then, he removed all of his clothes.

He began demanding from her that she perform sexual acts on his body.

He proceeded to sexually assault the woman for a full seven hours, according to reports.

One can only imagine how horrified the woman may have been — did she think he would pull his gun from the table and shoot her to death if she didn’t comply with the sexual assault?

A police spokesman with the department said that “the police bureau takes misconduct allegations very seriously” in an interview with KATU.

Also noteworthy is that Officer Palaoro has a history of misconduct. He was sued in the past for breaking into a private home without a warrant.

Despite the claim that misconduct is “taken seriously,” Officer Palaoro has received paid leave.

In other words, he is still collecting paychecks funded by American taxpayers. He has not been fired or convicted of anything yet.

Watch the video below:

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