Cop Raped as Many as Twenty Infants/Toddlers: Report

raped up to 20 infants

BOISE — Communities and families were deeply shaken after learning that now-former Officer Stephen Young confessed to a gruesome case of sexual abuse.

Officials stated that he likely raped up to 20 infants or toddlers.

“He absolutely has no idea the havoc and the confusion and the trauma that he has unleashed…” said the Ada County Prosecutor.

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The parents of the victims were horrified.

They said in court that they believe Officer Young would never honestly confess to how many infants and toddlers were raped.

Investigators said at least five of the likely 20 victims he molested were infants.

It is hard to imagine the pain and confusion an infant must feel to be sexually violated by a police officer, incapable of defending itself.

The sexual abuse was reported to have occurred again and again for up to 30 years.

All the while, Officer Stephen was viewed as a “good cop.”

He even attended a church, the members of which perceived him to be a “brave law enforcement officer” willing to “put his life on the line” to protect the community.

Evidently he had been molesting helpless infants the whole time, they would have stopped him.

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Disturbingly, friends at his church in “leadership positions” covered up his crime for months, even while knowing about it, according to reports.

Details arose indicating that the officer purposely worked at elementary schools with young children.

From 1995-2000 he worked in at least four different Boise Bench schools.

Then he became a “school resource officer” for another school from 2000-2004, and finally at Boise High from 2004-2006.

In all, Officer Young spent at least 11 years interacting with children who were most likely taught to “trust” police officers.

He worked for the police department for over 30 years, with government-approved authority to place his hands on citizens, including children — by force — throughout the course of his police work.

Now that he’s been caught, Officer Young issued an apology, stating “I wish I had the power to heal the many hearts that I had broken.”

Of course, his words will never undo the innocent lives he destroyed and traumatized.

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Young’s crimes were described as “appalling and unconscionable.”

He was sentenced to just over 20 years in prison, and the sentence included a chance for parole. If he raped at least 20 infants, that amounts to little over a year for each infant’s life he has destroyed — a mere slap on the wrist.

The injustice here is staggering. Especially when you consider that ordinary citizens have been locked up for victimless activities. One example is the case of Jeff Mizanskey, an innocent man who is facing life in prison for marijuana. 

Only in an absolute fascist police state will you find cases like this. An Enforcer of the State gets basically a slap on the wrist after destroying precious lives, while a peaceful man faces life in a cage for ingesting a harmless plant.

Watch the video below. 

UPDATE (5/23/15): Jeff Mizanskey Granted Small Degree of Mercy

According to a report by River Front Times, Jeff’s life sentence has been commuted by a governor.

He will be granted clemency, but he still has to apply for parole in order to have a chance to get out.

This could still take a long time, but at least the political rulers are giving him a chance now.

As River Front times reports: “Mizanskey will of course have to apply for parole and be approved for release. Malin [a researcher of cannabis use] says he should be eligible to apply immediately but wasn’t sure how soon he could get a hearing”

Watch the documentary “Here I Am” (full) below to learn about Jeff’s story:

audiobook rise 1

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  • Soledad vasquez

    I used to be proud to be a tax paying citizen of the United State’s until Social Media has Exposed the Corruption of our Government & The judicial system The Police Brutality. Human Rights Humanity we never had our Freedom!

    • Citizen Victory

      You’re a moron. It’s not the Government that is the problem, it’s PEOPLE that are sick. This monster isn’t the “Government”, he’s a sick, twisted pedophile. Get it right or stick a sock in it.

      • ben dover

        IT is there problem as local state and federal GOVERNMENT protects these POS’s under POBOR. Very rarly are they held accountable . YOU GET IT RIGHT you pos boot licker

      • Duh

        Yur a fuckin idiot. Officers are law enforcement officials, paid for by the govt. The govt is just as corrupt! Politicians and other elected officials steal and pillage and pass other corrupt laws to further their lifestyles… Then they support and hide the actions of people like this officer to further their own careers and agendas……

        it so IS the govt that is part of the problem in america.

      • SAW

        SHE’S a moron?!! The govt/judicial system is JUST as much to blame! 25 years max for this, & drug addicts/users get life?? Cops like this get away with this stuff EVERY day, & no one cares. Because the govt looks the other way, as long as these monsters help support the agenda of this farce of an administration!! You’re the one who needs to get it right!

        • dan

          They get away with it because their probably all part of MAMBLA. These rapists go all the way to the elite top!

          • PYak1967

            100% Correct! They (Elite families) are the very same ppl causing war, tech suppression AND Child rape/murders….time we take back OUR World I say!

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          I agree the only thing you got wrong is the govt. turning away, the govt. is exactly who is training them beat, torture, and piss on our constitution

      • Kelee Riley-Gries

        apparently your “government” is pretty frickin lazy about its hiring procedures look up what it takes to be a cop not much and they def can’t be very smart,the IQ can only be so high.

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          I live in a small town, around 25000. the starting wage for an entry level “officer” is 4500 $ a month…..gee I wonder why7 the country is broke….hmmmm

          • john

            4500 isnt shit after taxes there making under 30000

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            well that reminds me of these sports players bitching they only get 5 million year. “do you have any idea how much insurance is on a Ferrari”? and I said that’s just the starting wage for ENTRY LEVEL. these guys are buying Mercedes, corvettes, boats, expensive vacations. something most of us could only dream of

          • Brittany O’leyar

            30,000 is still more than minimum wage, they get more than min wage, to beat, molest, and harass american citizens. i think they are given more than fair compensation for that.

      • fatunclesam

        It’s government that enables and empowers aholes like this.

      • moron

        If only a sock should have stopped you from typing your rude ignorant little outburst.

        • moron

          Could culd cold

      • I hate to tell you, but the government is comprised of PEOPLE!

      • PYak1967

        The GOVT Is a huge part of the problem, as because of their corruption and allowing drug gangs to infect the USA WITH the help of the Orgs paid by Tax payers to keep criminals/drugs OUT of the western world. Read about the “Opium Wars” and the rich banker families infecting/addicting whole countries to cause crime, death, destruction, prostitution to keep the ppl down. If ppl grew up in a fair, prosperous and decent world there would be Less evil, not more!

        • George

          People like him are attracted to cop jobs because of the power. Not surprising at all. He will be up for parole in 12.5 years. My friend was addicted to drugs got 25 to 50 for stilling $62 under three strikes. There are lots of men in just like him on there. What do you think will happen when this pig goes in with parole date in 12.5 years for touching kids. PC won’t protect him. Sorry for you if you think it will.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        I think you’re the moron, just because the moron lefties have screwed up the country, doesn’t excuse the epidemic levels of police brutality, and corruption, planting “evidence”, or any of the other douche baggery

      • Jesse Sallee

        Lol the government consists of “PEOPLE”does it not? Or is the government actually led by a computer that runs on farts and candy? Please enlighten us.

      • disqus_owOP020tXs

        State is the name of the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it lies; and this lie slips from its mouth: “I, the state, am the people.”


      • Billy J Hatch

        the govt is People.

        • Leah Goodwin

          So is Soylent Green.

      • guy

        Ha you’re an idiot…

  • ben dover


    • Johnny Don’t!

      Not in Indiana it isn’t. Not anymore.

  • Marti McTini

    What a sick fuck. People like this need to be publicly humiliated before being hanged IN PUBLIC!!!!! I think people would think twice before commiting a crime if they saw EXACTLY what was coming for them if they stepped out of line. RAPIST and child MOLESTERS deserve DEATH!

    • ben dover

      Couldnt agree more! I will donate all bullets and my finger.

    • Sooriamoorthy

      To have them hanged in public would be too lenient; people like him should either be whipped to death or slowly plunged into an acid bath.

    • CalmerthanyouR

      yeah, public death is super gross. way medieval. has horrified me that we tolerate such a thing since childhood. and it won’t stop the rich and powerful from doing such things, for they never answer to the law… except in highly publicized anomalies that are meant to show that even rich people get slaps on the wrist

    • Jim Fulner

      we all deserve death

  • Charles Vella

    Wait til the other prisoners find out what this man did as a police officer…


      he’ll never walk on to Main Line, they will have him housed in PC til he dies or is released

      • Matt Alhazred Mercer

        Who knows, all it takes it a little paperwork mistake, maybe a sympathetic guard(s). Next thing you know he’s bleeding on the floor in genpop.

        • Sindessa Orellia

          Gaurd will open a cell door and turn his head the other way lol.

          • Miles Coleman

            Isn’t that as bad as police corruption, guards who break the ruled in order to impose their own justice……I often ask myself what the people commenting here a lot really stand for, Isn’t a guard releasing sodomites on someone in their charge just as bad as a cop who is beating and killing people and then lying about it…..are you people truly about justice, or is this just a personal vendeta for most of you. This ex-cop is scum…but if we are all asking for liberty and for the constitution to be upheld, shouldn’t that include everyone. When stories about a guard raping women and running a drug ring come out you all want his head, but it is alright for them to break the rules for you own revenge and convenience…….What the hell do most of you stand for…sit back and think about it for a while !

          • alex howard

            um in all honesty lady they should take that sick son of a bitch into his room and blow his brains out not throw him in prison cuz a crime against a child is a crme against god and the only crime unforgiven by the lord

          • I’m sorry but there is no legal or Biblical foundation for that nonsense. You want to hate the man, go right ahead. You want to see him dead, I get. Those are understandable feelings, but they are your understandable feelings. Take ownership of them and stop hiding behind God.

          • bccrn

            Years ago, I had a conversation with a co-worker of mine who, at one time, had been a prison guard. She told me that in her experiences as a guard, prisoners had an exceptional hate for child molesters. Someone incarcerated for something as heinous as murder did not experience the degree of wrath from fellow prisoners that a convicted child molester did. I would venture to say that maybe it was because many of them were molested as children, possibly? I have a feeling this guy may eventually meet the same fate as Jeffrey Dahmer.

          • Brett Platt

            He’s been confessing his crimes though. Guess if the bishops did report him, that means he’s forgiven…right?

            Also, commandment V.

          • Jonathan Mckeever

            Confession -the concept of “I told someone what I did, so that makes it all better”

          • Robinanna neibauer

            That would be too good for him. I say throw him to GEN Pop

          • Someone

            Don’t feel like logging in, so here’s my take, Miles Coleman, it’s not the fact about “good” or “bad”, it’s the fact he got away with it for 30 years, before coming forward himself. It’s not about what people want and don’t want, it’s the fact he traumatized infants. Have you ever been raped or molested as a child? Do you know of the mental scars it leaves? Do you know what corruption really is? I doubt it. What do you stand for? If this was a regular person, they would have GOTTEN the death penalty, they’d be shamed and hated for the rest of their life. This officer, this “scum” as you say, only gets 25 years with a chance of bail. Are you kidding me? You’re a blind fool who knows nothing about corruption because if you did, you would realize how faulty your response was before you posted it.

            Now, here’s another lesson, people are taught to trust police, so as a police officer, he abused that trust. Furthermore, the infants he hurt will grow up with horrific mental images and nightmares. While that being said, as an officer or ex-officer, his punishment is lesser than a theft. Considering those who do not and have not worn badges, would be given the life sentence or the death sentence, especially with all of those charges he has against him, you think he doesn’t deserve the same justice any other person would get? Where do YOU stand?

          • Yes 20 years is a joke, but no one gets the death penalty for molesting children and no one gets bail after they are convicted. You clearly have no understanding of how the legal system works and should refrain from admonishing those who do.

          • Nikki

            Clearly you did not interpret this persons comment. I am more than sure he Ment parole and not bail. If that is the only point you had to make then you wasted your time. Let’s also hope a child of yours is never abused in any sort of manner or you will be ok with a few months lock up…me I want his head on a spike.

          • Clearly you have problems understanding basic English.
            Despite the fact I opened my post with “Yes, 20 years is a joke. It should be more… you seem to think I would “be ok with a few months lock up….”

          • JimC

            Miles … When it comes to our kids ,And someone does this to them they loose ALL RIGHTS!! Specially because he was a police officer , And if it was my kid he would of never made it to court! As you can tell by the story that he always worked where he could be around kids , So he will spend a few years in protected custudy .. Then back out raping kids again . Hope and pray that we wont have to find out what it would be like for you if it was your daughter or grandaughter , I think that just might change your mind on how your commenting on here

          • Christine Stearns

            JimC, here is the thing though. No one under our legal system is EVER supposed to lose all rights. Ever. It is not supposed to work that way because who gets to decide who is bad enough? Evil enough? Who gets to decide which crime warrants a loss of all rights? Today you child this man loses all his rights. Tomorrow some guy down the road says this other person who committed some other crime looses all rights and so on and so on until jay walkers loose all rights. So no…no one loses ALL RIGHTS. That is not how real justice works. And lastly how dare you pull the “if it was you or yours” bullshit? That is disgusting. This person who committed these crimes is as foul as it gets…and he did not get what he deserved. But you can scream for justice only to turn around and behave unjustly.

          • Patrick H.

            And then there is that death penaltly, not a loss of all rights right?

          • Doogie

            So its OK if he rapes your son or grandson?

          • SageoftheSunWalkers

            Technically it is police corruption. Most guards are employed by sheriff or some other law enforcement agency. Making it police corruption….just saying. Don’t mean to nitpick…..carry on

          • CavScout

            Most DOC / DJJ facilities are categorized under Public Safety these days. They have no law enforcement training at all.

          • Abdullah Abu Ayyub

            Take his life like he has done to those little babies

          • Break it down bro !!

          • Ezmunnie230

            I agree with you Miles. Everyone who has replied negatively to your comment is basically saying the same thing: this cop is a piece of garbage (agreed) who got to light a sentence (agreed) and deserves to have horrible things happen to him (agreed). I doubt many people would take the other side on that particular debate. But I also don’t think that was the point being made. Although I personally wouldn’t mind seeing that guy bleed out on some dirty floor, I get the point that it’s not up to me (or an angry crowd of commenters) to decide what happens to the guy. Any guard who believes himself to be above the law and intentionally allows or encourages a violent act is not much better than the cop (I can’t bring myself to say that he is NO better, because apples and oranges). If we are going to hold people like that raping piece of crap accountable, we have to hold ourselves accountable too. We can’t just be better than them by degrees, we have to be an entirely different species. We have to have integrity is every aspect of our lives and have to rise above the desires that hatred, fear and rage bring to the surface. That said, this should be a death penalty offense.

          • خدا مانند

            But the so called “LAW” is corrupted. What we need is a “Community”…not government, who we now all know are under the organization of dark cartel syndicate that stretches from the US to Europe and all over. I get what you’re trying to say, but ultimately there comes a time when enough is enough and some people HAVE to go above this corrupted “LAW” system and do what needs to be done. Sometimes that’s necessary, especially considering what kind of system we’re up against

          • tha invisibleman

            I would like to know how you would feel if it was your child that was molested by this pervert,,there is no way these children will ever find justice,,they are marked for life,,maybe there is a reason that you want to protect this guy,,or others like him,,you sound very suspicious.. maybe you need a background check Miles Coleman protector of the perverts!!!

          • Joe

            If it was my kid, he would be found in dark ally with his cock cut off. Not dead. I belive that in cases of such monsterus acts, death is easy way out. He deserves to suffer.
            But it just my opinion

          • Why just your kid? Aren’t all kids deserving of a champion?

          • Robinanna neibauer

            Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s having a hard time in Gen Pop right now.

          • Christine Stearns

            The amount of stupid here is laughable. You can’t find or formulate a legit argument so you throw stones. Brilliant.

          • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

            there is a fucking GIGANTIC difference between someone hurting an innocent person, and someone taking revenge on a piece of scum waste of life. learn it.

          • minxx

            Cop or not….ANYONE disgusting enough to sexually abuse a child…deserves anything bad that comes their way! That’s called karma darling not revenge.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Yr post reads like a Libtard’s dream. What these pigs did, they did fr their own perverse amusement. If this pig was not coddled and hidden from other felons, he would swiftly receive the justice that he has eluded so far. Killing this pig would be justice, and bears absolutely no resemblance to what a pig does to an innocent on the street fr their own amusement.

          • Mark Hamilton

            Hey he sure going need some butt cream. Lmao

          • Robin

            Best point I have seen brought up in months.You are so very right.The thinking of the average person in this country is pretty hateful and violent.The way some rationalize is frightening.Only some are considered human beings the rest are consider animals .It is shame how stupid our country has become,We have so many “enemies” but ourselves are the worst.

          • خدا مانند

            Yeah, and then there are the people who just sit back with a frown and continue to let these scumbags go easily. Even though I see what you’re getting at, the guy needs an extreme case. There’s nothing wrong with me or any other because we’re willing to actually man up to the situation and see to it that those who do these things won’t ever do it again or even pause for a moment’s consideration for it. Some of us intend to take on this sort of issue head on and to deal with it so it never transpires again. It’s not about us being ‘animals’…it’s about us saying ‘enough is enough’ and putting a bold example out there about how serious we are on it. To each their own.

          • Robinanna neibauer

            Most of the time, it is. With Child Abusers, we all take special exception.

        • Patrick H.

          Jus got to randomly visit someone n let em know. Put a lil money in their commisary they’ll spread the word.

        • Robinanna neibauer

          Let’s hope.

      • Darrell Lynd

        But we have ways to have a Brother or a probate to join them in PC. If he’s lucky, he will run into a Brother that’s a quick take out guy. I hope he gets raped for all the years he serves, he can be the bitch of the block; and then take him out the day he is going back on the streets.

        • john

          My brother is idc and they already know about him coming

          • Janey Siegrist

            This good

        • India Aikens

          Now that’s true justice.

      • Richard Elphick

        That’s what they said about Jeffrey Dahmer. He was killed the instant he stepped out of the chow line for the first time. According to a friend who was there, some back to back lifers drew straws to see who got to shank him. The guards all turned their backs and let justice be served when the system failed. For scum like this that hurt children, something much slower and more painful is needed. Maybe I’m the sicko but I would live 10 minutes alone with this sub-human.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      they won’t get the chance, they don’t put cops in general pop.

    • Matt Alhazred Mercer

      Shorteyes on the yard. Give it 5 minutes.

    • Linda

      And they will find out, VIA GUARDS


      I hear you, but I believe they keep them separated.

    • Whitepigs rape babyboys

      Wait till your the slave prisoner white fkkk FAILURES!!!

  • ImNotGivingYouMyName

    Throw this bastard in general population for a while and, if an inmate doesn’t take care of the job, hang him after he has adequate time to be put through a small part of the hell that he put those children through! Give him life or give him death, without any chance for parole! 25 years? There are non-violent drug offenders doing more time than that!

  • Fuck You Pig

    yeah his 25 year sentence has a life expectancy of 48 hours, first he’s a cop, second he’s a child molester … I hope they make him suffer before they provide the justice that the courts never do.

  • Truman Golden

    What do you expect from these people. our government hired israeli companies to train these cops in their Zionist Nazi tactics. and we know the number of rabbis who are rapping children. TALMUD say there is no crime when you rape a child under age of 3. so if you hire these people to train you then something like this is bound to rub off on you… enjoy our militarized police forces.

    • T Smith

      Well if he’s Jewish then that makes everything OK! After all his people suffered a 666 million loss in the death camps. Or was it 666 billion? Or maybe 666 trillion? Well whatever, if he’s Jewish or even Jewish trained then he is beyond reproach. [sarcasm and satire intended]

  • JoAnn

    Castrate that bastard

  • KristaRichardson

    Appropriate sentence is only 25 years? It’s life for the victims. What the fuck is wrong with our fucking judicial system?!?!

  • againstcorporaterule

    What about checking his computer for more pedophile crimes and investigating his pedophile friends? Pedophiles ALWAYS work in rings.

  • DennisCLatham

    hmmm …. they give drug users more time than that …… he should be doing life without – but then again – specific crimes committed by specific people have tapered sentencing – to protect the specific criminals

  • gmo2ashes

    This piece of shit shoulda been popped in the head out back. No trial, no prison – just one dead, baby raper – dumped in a field to rot.

  • Thomas Smith

    Glad the tax payers’ money goes to pay for this pedophile to rape many children.

  • semi


  • shooter348

    The many hearts he’s broken? Does he think those infants were in love with him?

  • Kill that pig.

  • Sam Paroli

    Put a bullet in his head. Simple. I would volunteer to pull the trigger. I am sure there would be 1000s behind me waiting for the chance. What a dirty fucking scumbag! 25 years that is a joke and a slap in the face to everyone he hurt!

  • Bill Ketchersid


  • JmSr Smith

    The only good Sex offender is a Dead one Period, and a cop on top of it all even in PC he can be touched

  • WTF! I hope he’s brutally and slowly murdered in prison!

  • stacky512a

    Does anyone have what is necessary to properly deal with this man?

  • Brosky

    25 years?!?!?!?!!?

  • Raven Dawn Mckenzie


  • Damien Cross


  • Billy J Hatch

    I sentence you to be hanged by the neck until Dead, Dead, Dead!

  • Squeax

    He should never have a chance at parole. This is one of the most heinous things someone can do to a child let alone an infant.

  • EndtheTyranny


  • J.J.

    they need to execute this piece of fucking shit

  • Firegirl

    Why is it we have to pay for this asshole, My shotgun would solve the problem, Oh and a 5k fine,, What the hell,, He doesn’t to rot in jail he deserves to die,,

  • Idiot should have joined the catholic church. He’d be a bishop by now.

  • bmp2009

    He’s as good as dead….

  • bob

    how is it even possible to rape an infant? the dude must have the tiniest dick ever

  • Dawn Levesque

    he’ll never get out of prison, the inmates will make sure of that

  • Jesse Denby

    Don’t worry. If the prisoners don’t get him, the C.O.s will….

  • Katie Nunnally

    He waited to confess until after he retired so they couldn’t take his retirement, I had him investigated and no one believed me. He was a creep!

  • Scott Swearington

    Now that he’s been found out, undoubtedly, he’ll be compelled to “hang it up.” Even in solitare he will find a way to commit self-justice. Provenly, he’s not good enough for the standard hell. Being in the hole (the prison’s prison) for “his protection” is conditioning him for when he finally enters his new home in the hell of hell.

  • demaisra

    25 years? WTF! These children will never be the same, they have been given a life sentence by this monster. Maybe the judge needs to be investigated. I know he will most likely be “taken care of” in prison, but 25 years is a shameful embarrassment to the victims and their families. I apologize for the ignorance of the officials who don’t think he deserves life in prison. This is who prison is for. Justice has not been served.

  • Pikel

    Should be the chair for this evil bastard! They’ll never main line this fuck he’s gonna go PC hopefully he gets got by someone in there though this just makes me sick

  • uncommonsense2010

    1) Cops should ALWAYS be personally liable for ANY action they take.
    2) Any cop that does something wrong should have a marker tattoo on the forehead “COP” when put into prison
    3) Cops need to be reminded it’s a JOB. It’s just a job. They’re not Gods, they’re not heroes. they’re going to work in a line of work of their choosing.

    Cop work is dangerous, so is fishing. It’s a JOB. I once wanted to be a cop. And I can tell you. Cops don’t deserve any more respect and no less respect than anyone else with a job.

    They clock in, get paid and go home. They are not heroes, if they were they’d do it for America, not for money. They’re not the Government, because they have their own weekends and nights off.

    It’s a job. Nothing more. It’s JUST a job.

  • Brittany O’leyar

    i got a 5k fine for a couple grams of pot. this guy rapes a bunch of kids, and gets out with 12 years and a fine? I have no hope whatsoever for America. Thank goodness for the fact that the other inmates will get their own justice on this animal. he isn’t sorry, hes scared to go to prison. You cant apologize for molesting someone, let alone at least 15 BABIES. so sad.

  • Hang Co

    sick world that our children have to grow up in….

  • Nita Hiltner

    I hope they rip him apart piece by piece in prison. He works for the devil here and deserves it.

  • Sharni Ray

    what the fuck… this is why we need the death sentence back in order. freaked out sickos like this deserve to die in the worst way possible. we dont need creeps like this making the world worse and ruining the lives of the new generation, they’re already fucking themselves up with drugs, sex and drinking as it is.

  • Dave Williams

    You have to watch people who want to interact with other people’s kids. Boy scout leaders, priests, police officers, school security guards, etc., you can’t trust any of them.

  • Parker Gabriel

    You could have slapped butter on Stephen Young after what he had done.
    He was toast.

  • Guest

    The children will never recover from this. That’s why nobody should trust the police. I as an adult don’t want to be near them for whatever the reason is. I don’t feel safe near them and i never have any trouble in my life with the law. Not even once. Police are evil dumbest low life, bottom feeders

  • pissed off

    In the US a man is imprisoned his entire life for owning a beautiful plant, which is designed to heal our bodies. but when a monster rapes countless poor innocent children, ruining their only childhood, he receives only a fraction of a prison sentence. Many cases these monsters are let to be free from any jail time or charges. The amount of corruption in this country is entirely disgusting and could not be more disturbing.

  • nans11

    ANYONE who intentionally harms a child deserves capitol punishment! This guy will get paroled and attack more innocent children!

  • Lefty Blitzer

    This from the state that wants to declare itself a “christian” state. Typical. Sick piece-of-shit cops like this should be dragged into the street and skinned alive with dirty pliers.

  • Lydia D York

    What dumbass leaves their kid with a middle age guy anyway?!

  • Harry

    TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute,
    ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State,
    Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any
    rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or
    laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned
    not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts
    committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use,
    attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire,
    shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;
    and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if
    such acts include kidnaping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse,
    or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall
    be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or
    both, or may be sentenced to death.

  • Matt Holmes

    I never understood why crimes can just be lumped together like this, as is pointed out at the very end of the article. Being part f a singular event, okay yes, you broke and entered, stole, etcetc, you get a punishment for the overall crime committed. But his crimes were several, unconnected incidents. Each victim should be accounted for. As it stands, he only got a slightly worst punishment than someone who rapes a single child; which, in itself, is wrong. Teenage is one thing, but toddlers? Seriously? The punishment should be life, for the lives he had mangled.

  • Stian Uchiha

    Bring Torture back for those scums!

  • jay s

    these aholes should never be given parole let alone any p.c prison time they should be taken to the center of town and hung from the tallest tree

  • Scipio

    Cop and Pedophile in prison? Dont worry, justice will be served daily

  • A cop convicted of raping infants and toddlers? Did he try the “feared for my life” or “wouldn’t stop resisting” defense? Either one of those should’ve totally exonerated him. *eye roll*

  • That grandpa was NOT innocent. He sold drugs, he drove friends to deals..he’s a a POS and deserves to rot. He was too damn old AND A FATHER for God’s sake to be doing that shit. He didn’t learn his lesson the first 2 times he was caught? Not a victim the third time these were careless and flippant decisions of his and he needs to be removed from society.

  • dave

  • Patricia E Forker

    “Criminal Justice” not “Justice” read and comprehend.

  • duane elrod

    As I read through these comments I realize that a lot of the people posting these comments are committing crimes themselves. Crimes against grammar.

  • james

    Well fuck I got 5 years for possessing a single pain pill. Maybe I shoulda been a cop who molests children. Seems to be a less serious offense to judges. Fucked up justice system we have here.

  • Patrick H.

    He may not make it the first month or two unless in solitary.

  • Matthew Kissell

    He wont last a year inside so it wont matter. One thing about the general prison population (from what i understand) is that the only thing that all the gangs agree on: child molesters get whats coming to them on the inside.

  • LawrenceNeal

    willing to “put his life on the line” to protect the community. How does this relate to the constant whining about ‘fearing for my life’?

  • Juan R Martinez

    the bad part of cops going to prison is they are kept separate from general population for their safety. like johnny guitar watson would say , AIN,T THAT A BITCH

  • Juan R Martinez


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    cops rape children, cops murder people, cops love to smoke crack and then rape corpses . Good cops they can handle it .

  • Steve Fye

    How does anyone, including a cop, get access to babies and toddlers? Was he a babysitter at the church? I wish this story would elaborate a little, it might make a bit more sense.

  • Jeff

    Deserves the death penalty.

  • Ut-oh

    “Now that he’s been caught, Officer Young issued an apology, stating “I wish I had the power to heal the many hearts that I had broken.”

    So he thinks he’s a heartthrob that created a lot of broken hearts — sounds less like an apology and more like a self-congratulatory statement.