Police Now Taking Blood and Saliva from Drivers Across the Nation


WASHINGTON, DC — A federal program that began in Texas has now spread to an estimated 60 communities across the nation and shows no signs of stopping.

Police throughout the country are continuing to stop Americans at checkpoints to extract their blood and saliva under the direction federal government contractors, according to reports.

The agents responsible for the program claim that the extractions are being conducted to “reduce drunk driving” and that they are “voluntary.”

But citizens and civil liberties activists are deeply critical of the program, stating that drivers are tricked into submitting their fluids and that the program is fundamentally coercive.

“To the average person, all the authority and prosecutorial demeanor of an officer directing you to pull over amounts to an order, not a voluntary act,” said Rory Ellinger, an attorney.

“To the average person, all the authority and prosecutorial demeanor of an officer directing you to pull over amounts to an order, not a voluntary act,” said Rory Ellinger, an attorney.

The checkpoints are operated by armed agents in uniform, giving the appearance of the threat of force.

As far as the drivers know, if they do not stop at the checkpoints, they may be chased down, arrested, or worse.

Tom Neer, a sheriff of St. Charles County, said that his department was duped into participating in the program.

A subcontractor with the U.S. government reportedly paid six of Sheriff Neer’s officers to man the checkpoints and collect the bodily fluids.

“We will not cooperate with these federal checkpoints again,” said Neer.

“In essence, we got duped, and shame on me,” he added.

Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE), the agency behind the federal program, continues to insist that it’s “voluntary.”

Many poor Americans take the cash to feed their children. Federal agents then take the blood from their veins.

Many broke Americans take the cash to feed their children. Federal agents then take the blood from their veins.

Many consider that to be a lie, however, given numerous reports about the appearance of force and economic coercion.

When approaching these checkpoints, motorists are randomly stopped and instructed to pull over.

If they initially refuse to cooperate, they may be offered up to $100.

For unemployed drivers desperate to survive in hard economic conditions, the offer of $100 becomes a heavy economic pressure to comply.

Many take the cash to feed themselves or their children. Federal agents will then begin the extraction process, drawing blood out of their veins.

They may also be instructed to spread their mouths open so that agents can insert cotton swabs, absorbing saliva from the insides of their cheeks.

Aside from the economic pressure, the very presence of the checkpoints appears coercive rather than “voluntary.”

“To the average person, all the authority and prosecutorial demeanor of an officer directing you to pull over amounts to an order, not a voluntary act,” said Rory Ellinger, an attorney and representative in University City.

“How voluntary is it when you have a police officer in uniform flagging you down? Are you going to stop? Yes, you’re going to stop,” remarked Susan Watson, an ACLU executive director.

Some drivers report being coerced into giving up samples of their fluids, stating that they believed they would have been chased by police had they refused.

Carl Olund, one such driver, said he thought that “4 or 5 cops” would have chased him down if  he didn’t cooperate, and it’s the only reason he let them take his saliva.

Moreover, breath tests are performed on each driver before they can give their full and explicit consent, according to Frank Colosi, an attorney.

These tests can be performed with breathalyzers installed in the flashlights that agents point at drivers, making them fairly covert from a drivers’ perspective.

“They’re essentially lying to you when they say it’s ‘completely voluntary,’ because they’re testing you at that moment,” said Colosi.

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  • Gr

    What do you expect from the biggest hypocrites in the world.
    The same “public servant law enforcers”, are actually the biggest drunks and probably drug addicted users as well.
    Every cop I know drinks, so you know they drink and drive.
    What do you think that they’re drinking, and how “little” of it, at the award dinners, summer picnics and any other event that they sponser and attend?
    Why do you think that the media always anounces the event after the fact, on the late newscast?
    It’s because police and their co-conspiritors, the media, don’t want anyone to see the pigs leaving drunk and then driving themselves home.
    It’s too bad that the Amerikan sheeple lost their what little brains and balls the had long ago.
    Face it sheeple, we’re doomed.

    • LADY J

      NOT EVERY cop drinks or is corrupt. There ARE a few left. My father was one of them. Several I know now are Christian and are good cops, trying to do the right thing. However they ARE few and far in between, Due to the increased lack of good morals & values, more and more are becoming cops for the power of the badge, the thrill of danger and the opportunity to be corrupt, “legally.”

      Patriots NEED to wake up and prepare for a real battle like never before seen in this land… unlike anything ever dealt with before, for this battle will surely be good vs evil nothing more or less.

      People keep asking why is evil overtaking good? I can tell you why… because evil is united with all evil, corruption, illegal activities, wrong behavior and will all work together with the understanding that no matter what the activity, it’s all evil. While the so-called good citizens are so busy being distracted by stupidity they can’t focus on the true situation. The “good” are too busy arguing about skin color, political parties, religious differences, social classes, etc. United they stand, divided we fall. It’s just that simple.

      This collection procedure is NOT about drunk driving… for heaven’s sake, more are dying now on the road due to mobile devices & activities like txting. It IS about selling your soul and cowering down to those who want to control you. The more we sit back and become to afraid to say “NO” or refuse to comply the more power they will have over you. WAKE UP PEOPLE AND GROW A BACK BONE!

      • jak

        Yes exactly

    • not to mention high on the list of groups who perpetrate violent crimes against women … and of course against young, black men … and against anyone who dares question their ‘authority’

    • SourDxOGKush

      It’s not “serve and protect the people” anymore it’s “serve and protect the government”

  • Gr

    btw, how about we set up checkpoints near their events and check them?
    Too bad no one has the smarts or guts to do it.

    • Trav

      I would fucking LOVE to see that. That needs to happen!!

  • Paul goodwin

    History repeats, this will be more definitive than a tattooed forearm and EVERYONE is subjugated not a specific race or religion. The constitution is circling the drain!

  • Ryder

    Welcome To NAZI America!!

  • cicibabyu

    why on earth would these sheep just go along with this? the American public is just as much at fault… ignorance is our downfall!! ! wake up people! not one of you dumb assess so much as said,” not with out a court order!”????? or just spineless?!?- it sucks but it’s a known fact through out history the cops have used our ignorance against us hence the reading of the Miranda rights.

  • Bonnie Boduk

    The federal agencies involved are going to find themselves on the dangling end of a Class Action lawsuit.

    • Lisa Page

      By the time they get to court, they will have 1000s and 1000s of DNA.

  • MarkStolzoff

    It’s anonymous, voluntary and scientific, Not a Cop thing, wise up

    • Steve Morandi

      Not a cop thing???

      • Trav

        The guy is either a dumbass or a dumbass cop.

        • MarkStolzoff

          or I dont freak out at every fear mongering article and actually looked into what the study was ( and the fact they’ve been doing it every 10 years for decades) . We have a huge problem with our current police state, I live in LA I Know this all to well. Anonymous and voluntary scientific studies aren’t part of that problem.

    • Chris Lacas

      Once a person has been FORCED to pull over and stopped from continuing to his desired destination it is no longer voluntary. We are supposed to have the right to free movement in this country. No, we DO have the right to free movement in this country and I will not submit to this if I am ever FORCED to pull over. Voluntary would be if the person came to the police station of his own volition and offered the sample(s) without being told or directed to. You could also say it were voluntary if a sign was posted pointing a driver into a designated area telling them what the area is used for and giving them the option to pull in or not. This is NOT a voluntary action. If you want to live in a Nazi-like America you can. No wait, no you can’t because that would mean I have to live in it too.

      • MarkStolzoff

        nobody was forced to do it, it was volutnary, and obviously if Im hanging out at filmingcops.com I very much do not want to live in a nazi like america.It’s just that there are actual check points all the time with cops that are pulling people over and arresting them, Those concern me. These Volutnary and anonymous cheek swabs, not a problem

    • Trav

      Ok moron, how is this not a cop thing, how is DNA anonymous and since when is the state voluntary? It’s a shit opinion with a gun at the end of it. Fuck you, wake up slave you are PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!

      • MarkStolzoff

        Well For starters no DNA was collected, Educate yourself, seriously

        • tionico

          not true. DNA samples can, and are, gotten from saliva, and that is one of the things they were doing at these checkpoints. If it were TRULY voluntary, WHY do they hire armed cops in uiform? WHY did the Shjeriff of St. Charles County Missouri declare he had been duped by the Feds, and will not be doing this again? WHY are the armed cops a part of the stops if it is voluntary? Hire some college kids needing extra cash, put the orange or dayglo green vests on them saying DHS or whatever, and let THEM herd the sheeple about. No armed coppers directing ALL traffic off the road is NOT voluntary. NO ONE will get any blood, pee, spit, or breath from me at those checkpoints. YOU claim they are anonymous… no, once they have DNA it is no longer anonymous. Same as my fingerprints. They also are certainly recording plate numbers as they work this circus sideshow…. and if youy’re naif enough to think they are not associating the numbers with samples, you’re asleep and a danger to yourself and the rest of us. Wise up….. Papers, please!!!. Next…..

          • MarkStolzoff

            yea, you seem to be confused as to how DNA and finger prints work. and this study. Yes they collect blood & saliva, but they do not record your name anywhere. and no, they are not recording plate numbers, and The only thing the police were doing was directing traffic,

            ” They also are certainly recording plate numbers as they work this circus sideshow…”

            Who is they? And don’t say the police because you’ve already said that the police were the good guys in this situation Remember ?

            :Shjeriff of St. Charles County Missouri declare he had been duped by the Feds

            Hint: Feds had nothing to do with this study, so that sheriff is an idiot

  • Steve Morandi

    You go for it Mark, not me

  • person of truth

    this is just real proof of how stupid and timid the American people really are if that happened to me I’d tell if your charging with a legit crime that I am guilty of committing then sure . but if Im just driving on my way to point a to point b I’d say or you need a warrant I know my rights and until the U.S government tells the American people. that the bill of rights and the constitution have been outlawed and no longer stand as law anymore now the thing with that would be if that would ever happen.the u.s government will have broken the laws of it by outlawing the bill of rights and the constitution but the government braking the laws that we have is nothing new. its standard operation for them you are now living in a nation that is now heading towards communist rule and not only George w bush did a lot of damage. to our nation while he was the ruler of America now we have another communist ruler yes Mr. Barack H. Obama and he’s very busy sending our money and stripping us of more of our freedom’s.

  • gordon_wagner


  • aznfire

    Perhaps collecting DNA for use of something sinister like this?


    • Kenneth Kvasys

      Thanks, Fire. Wow… I posted it to my fb page.

    • Lisa Page

      I don’t doubt anything now. People have GOT TO UNITE! Stand up for our Constitution!!

  • YoUcantGetMeSukka

    DNA harvesting! They are looking for a bloodline.We are in the end times…Revelations..Just like King Harod was looking for the infant babie Jesus.As a soverign American you have the right to decline to pull over and be search. Just say no. Do not stop. you have the right to travel unobstructed this is your land. your body fluids!! DO NOT BE AFRAID!!!!

    • Lisa Page

      I totally agree with the DNA harvesting. Combine this with Obamacare and what do you come up with.They want to farm us.

  • Police State USA.

  • Bonnie Boduk

    People are essentially being bribed – or coerced – depending on your point of view. http://www.policestateusa.com/2013/federal-contractors-nhtsa-dna-roadblocks/

  • FreeOregon

    Disarm the police. You will attract actual peace officers to the profession, people who have courage without a weapon in hand. You will recruit people who know how to persuade or want to learn how to persuade without threatening violence. The thugs in uniform will find their profession less satisfying and will leave because, fundamentally, they are cowards. The thugs gradually will leave, or more likely, go on disability.

  • Ron Angel

    Waving $100 bills would be a legal way of getting blood I would go around the block twice! The danger here is not what they take from you it is what they might put INTO you.

  • jtecg

    Just a matter of time before all of our rights are taken away and we the people, fight back

  • NEVER wrong, got it?

    Look up right to travel court decisions.

    Also, that is another way to tie your DNA to your identity for go into a government database.