Cop Involved in Horrific Child Exploitation, Committing Sexual Acts on 2-yr-old Girl: Video Report




UPDATE: 11 Additional Charges for Officer

It is much worse than anybody imagined. Officer Joshua Smith now faces 11 more charges after investigations.

One of those charges includes lewd molestation.

It is difficult to comprehend the amount of pain and suffering the victims of exploitation may have experienced.

The Daily Ridge reports as follows:

Polk County Jail inmate Joshua Smith, who has been in jail since his initial arrest (see below) has had an additional 11 counts of Possession of Child Pornography – Enhanced (F-2) added on by the State Attorney’s Office after a forensic examination of his emails and cell phone revealed additional images containing child pornography. According to PCSO detectives, the images do not appear to be related to the original images found during his March 2015 arrest.

Smith will have a first appearance hearing today on the additional charges.

Incidentally, after his original arrest for one count Direct/Promote SexualPerformance of a Child (see below), Smith had two other charges added by the SAO — Possession of Photo Depicting Sexual Performance by a Child, and Lewd Molestation. His bond amount for the second charge was set at $25,000; his bond amount for the third charge was ‘no bond.,’ Due to this he has remained in the Polk County Jail.

OAKLAND, FL — A disturbing case of criminal child sex has emerged involving an Oakland Police Officer.

Officer Joshua Smith has been charged with directing or promoting the sexual performance of a child.

Officer Smith was committing sexual acts upon a 2-yr-old girl whom he had access to, according to reports.

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Officer Smith had been on a social media site sending pictures of the live child, when one of those pictures got him reported.

The messages that were sent along with the pictures were described as horrendous by those who received them.

Apparently Officer Smith had been bragging about his abuse of the child, referring to himself as the “No Limit Perv Dad.”

“The communication is so horrific, so graphic, so outrageous, that a normal person would never be able to comprehend what was said,” said Sheriff Grady Judd.

Officer Smith went into great detail about the sexual acts he would perform on the 2-yr-old girl, and added that his wife was away and would have no idea what he was doing.

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Officer Smith’s personnel file was obtained from the Oakland Police Department and it reveals that Smith has multiple disciplinary reports in his record over nearly a decade of working as a police officer.

Officer Smith has been given paid leave, according to reports.

Watch the video below:

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  • Rusty Bucket

    Law enforcement will take a bullet for you? Grady Judd sounds like a shit salesman with his jowls packed full of samples! Their more likely to put a bullet in you!

    • couchtripper

      his words were good enough until that point for sure

    • paul


    • Hp B

      Ain’t that the truth.

  • Walt Karma

    …Don’t think this is relevant to law enforcement as a group. Pedophiles are everywhere; they don’t discriminate along employment lines. The perv will be locked up for a long time, in segregation. Hope the little girl does well. Hope she is getting some counseling.

    • Eenai

      Fuck you! this perf will get special treatment minimum security because they will “fear for his safety” but if he was a carpenter, they would put him in gen-pop. It is relevant as they supposedly are trained, highly skilled and given assessments before hire, as to their ability to perform their duties properly I.E to eliminate these fucking garbage with a heartbeat cops from wearing a badge. Thank the police union for the fact this ass hole is collecting pay while waiting for trial to.

      • aric

        idk, sad he’ll probably plea it down (with no sex crime involved) so he don’t have to register and can abuse more children, thats what happens in these cases, we had one at the high school, giving 13 and 15 yr old alcohol and having sex with him, probation, smh

      • Do a little time, Eenai.
        PC (protective custody) is a lot like Max. I’ve never done the former, but I have the latter, and I’m pretty sure most pedos end up in genpop because getting beaten and raped means some human contact, something all humans crave. In less than a year he’ll be petitioning the courts to allow him to be in genpop!

        • Eenai

          I am not saying he will receive protective custody, but rather he will be sent to a minimum security prison. Some of those are pretty nice (individual rooms with T.V.’s, for example) considering they are prisoners, considering its a prison. He will receive this because they worry about him, and having been a cop, the story will be he is no flight risk, and deserving of the special treatment. I would be happy if he goes to a normal prison under PC, as he will always fear the day he will not be protected.

          • None have one-man cells. You have to buy a TV (clear, headphones) and minimum security is where all the newbuddies and youngsters on their first trip go; they’re wild and violent, and stupid.

      • Geoff Jacobs

        First of all, Penai, this fat pig should NEVER hav been accepted as an applicunt, he is NO cop! How he got past the interviews, the lie detectors, psychologicals, I’ll never know, but chances are, he’s either a great actor and a good liar, or somebody took a shortcut and left out a few tests because they were short-handed and it was a rush job. As for jail, every pervery molester that comes into the jail, even YOU, gets separated from population, as well, as every past & present cop, for obvious reasons. And, most likely, he was only on paid leave for a couple of days while the PD Admin and Human Resources got their paperwork together for the termination. Once he’s fired, it’s done.

        • H.B.

          Tests? What tests?

          Interviews, and “pyschologicals” [sic] are a thing of the past. Long, long gone. Few departments ever used them and almost none do today.

          Lie detectors? What? Since when have lie detectors been used to get a job as a cop? The police know that lie detectors don’t work!

          • Geoff Jacobs

            EVERY agency in the nation requires some form of lie detection, whether it’s a polygraph or voice stress. And, the do still require pschologicals, about 50% require physical fitness tests, some requite written tests for aptitude, but, for sure they ALL require a panel interview and a final interview with either a Chief or Sheriff, or someone in high command.
            Don’t believe me, check your local internet government classifieds for police officer wanteds.

  • avargas2001

    now we all know why this pervs strip search people.

  • FollowerOfFreedom

    Wait. Did he just say they rescued a child from a “dangerous person”? You see you CAN admit when an officer fucks up, you CAN admit there can be bad people wearing badges, and you CAN hold them accountable…. Now. How about we turn that on the ones murdering, raping, and beating grown ups too?

  • Harry

    TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute,
    ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State,
    Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any
    rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or
    laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned
    not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts
    committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use,
    attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire,
    shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;
    and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if
    such acts include kidnaping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse,
    or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall
    be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or
    both, or may be sentenced to death.

    • H.B.

      Yes and so who will enforce it?

      Ceratinly not the Department of In-justice!!

  • Steve

    I want his balls cut the fuck off. Him beaten to within an inch of his life every joint torn every bone broken. This pig needs to be made a very vicious example. This kind of behavior in society IS NOT TOLERABLE!

    • CJ

      I really hope that happens to him in jail, or he at least gets weekly gang rapes, fucking piece of shit!

    • Geoff Jacobs

      Sh it, this fatso is no cop…

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    the only good thing I see here, is in the picture, it looks like someone punched this pig in the face. of course he didn’t even come close to the beating that any NON-cop would get, but at least it’s something…I guess

  • Brent Alan Newton

    So you give a group of ppl total immunity from the law and you are surprised when they hurt ppl? Cops aren’t responsible for these crimes. You are. You allow them to be the thugs they are today.

  • Vinnie Vanderelst

    ‘the officers were scared to death’ ‘the officers are trained on how to handle mentally ill people’ WHAT A JOKE

  • Monika Sturgeon

    paid leave? seriously? Shouldn’t the fact that he’s a dangerous criminal automatically mean he lost his job for good and therefore doesn’t get paid… this is fucked up. I hope the girl’s mother has him killed and is given the same special treatment.

    • Jason Campbell

      Most pigs are dangerous criminals except they put on a magic suit and badge that makes it all legal.

      • CJ

        Fucking paid leave every goddam time! Fuck these assholes. I wish someone would pay for my vacation!

        • Geoff Jacobs

          They should have just fired him immediately and let the chips fall. Chances are, he was only on paid leave for a couple of days while the PD and Human Resources got their paperwork together so that the termination was right.

      • Geoff Jacobs

        BS. That’s like saying all blacks are lazy and stink. You can’t take everybody in a group and accuse them of some specific trait, that’s RACIST!
        This POS was a cop, but, he NEVER EVER should have been one, never should have passed any interviews, any polygraphs or lie detectors?! Psychological testing?! Chances are, somebody skipped something, somewhere because they were short-handed or needed a body in a hurry and he came along. Pathetic!!

        • H.B.

          What? How is it ‘racist’ to see the same trait in everyone in a group? Maybe you should look-up the definition of racist!

          Ever hear of the crips or the bloods or the latin kings, or the Jewish mafia, or any other gangs? The gang members are all the same, – they are violent! They are all hard core. Otherwise they wouldn’t be in the gang.
          It has nothing to do with race! It is the behavior. Too bad if that is a stereotype. Sterotypes apply in many situations.

          • Geoff Jacobs

            I meant to use it as an analogy, I guess I worded it wrong,. No, it wouldn’t be racist, it would actually be predjudiced. Predjudiced against an ENTIRE group based on the actions or appearance of ONE, which would bt WRONG and BIGOTED!!!
            There, feel any better now, BIGOT??

  • aric

    Paid Leave huh, smh, so sick of the BS!!!

  • KaiZen

    What the fuck? Rip him apart slowly, for assholes like this torture seems perfect.

  • Goodie Hernandez

    All I know is that this piece of shit better get what is coming to him…I am disgusted by how there is trash like roaming our streets everyday!!! Someone has to do something because if that were one of his partners child I know they would have executed him…I just cant handle this kind of shit…How can this police dept continue to allow this trash to live!!! Poor baby, it’s a freaking baby for goodness sake how can anyone do this!!! Get rid of him!!

    • Ellie_Light

      He’s on paid vacation AND he is NOT under arrest. After all, the POlice take care of their brothers in arms.

  • Carol Batten

    Well ain’t that a kick in the ass? Instead of continuing to hand out multiple disciplinary reports he should have been fired.You’re reputation will never hold when you continue to employ those who have no remorse for their actions or their victims.Seems to me that’s law enforcements prerequisite.You just can’t make excuses and sweep this one under the rug.

  • Chitowngal08

    This girl was 2 years old? I think this makes me sick. Shoot him now, not later. This is totally unacceptable.

    • Elinor

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    • Allison McKenzie

      He’s a cop! They are killing children, pets, and anyone else they decide to kill! Ever heard of fragging? Find out who these monsters are and get them(or their kids!)

      • Guest

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    • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

      Brainwashing in your submissive sleep if you can remember your dreams !!! Just pisses me off to exterminate your race and traitor tOilet mOnkkkeys !!! FORCING ME EVEN IN MY SLEEP LIKE A PEDERAST CHILD RAPING MURDERING WHITE FKKK POLICE TRYING TO BLAME ME EVER SINCE I WAS A BABY!!!

  • Jack

    Innocent until proven guilty. Once that happens, I hope he is treated like that two year old child in Prison. What a piece of shit.

  • Andre Leonard

    Let’s be glad that this pervert got caught.. He’s a pretty sick person to be in law enforcement. I hope he gets placed in the prisons general population upon conviction. There is no justice like inmate justice.

    • Guest

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      Can Find Out

      ►►► >

    • wifather2000

      Sadly I do not think he is ‘pretty sick to be in law enforcement”, I think he just got caught.

  • RationalThinker

    As far as I’m concerned, child molesters/rapists should be put down like rabid dogs. Maybe that’s too harsh for most folks, so I’d settle for them being locked up forever. That being said, I don’t see anything in this story that indicates his job had anything to do with his disgusting crimes – he could have been a doctor, a teacher, or a janitor. I don’t know what anyone can do to keep perverts out of their profession if there isn’t any criminal history or records of incidents, or something. If there are psychological tests that prospective employees can be given to identify potential pedophiles/rapists, then certainly those should be administered by law enforcement hiring departments, but other than that, how can anyone know before the person gets caught at something?

    • Stone Skull

      There are medicines that people need but take years to get out because of the need to do trials on animals. For the good of humanity, these molesters could be used for early human trials of drugs. There are cases of people being innocent going to jail and also I think some deserve a second chance, so I think anyone who is convicted twice loses their liberty. if something goes wrong in the trials or they refuse to co-operate, then putting them down like a rabid dog is fine with me. i guess it’d be up to them.. they can die.. or help science and medicine research.. Some might be of worth to people in other fields like psychology, journalism, crime writing.. as some examples.

      • Lori Hopkins

        Stone Skull I AGREE! We waste entirely too many resources on these bags of human offal! They cannot be rehabilitated and are a drag on our society as a whole. Get rid of them and be done with it. A sexual predator will continue to act unless they are stopped.

        • Eileen Kuch

          That’s right, Lori. We do waste entirely too many resources on pedophiles and other sex offenders. As you said, these scumbags cannot be rehabilitated as other offenders can; simply, because sexual predation is in their makeup. Robbers, burglars, swindlers, and even murderers can be rehabilitated in time; but sex offenders simply aren’t capable of overcoming their sexual urges; thus, they’re incapable of rehabilitation.

  • NotAPreacher

    Paid leave? I mean really? What “bizzaro world” do we live in that acceptable punishment for the the rape and exploitation of a 2 yr old little girl, deserves paid leave??

    Fucking dirty cops and their even dirtier handlers protecting cop culture.. Its sick and when the free ride stop for cops i will be laughing at all thise pigs beggin f

    • cvr527

      Police unions are the primary culprit.

  • What they do not want you to know today.

    Police Have No Duty To Protect Individuals

    Self-Reliance For Self-Defense — Police Protection Isn’t Enough! All our lives, especially during our younger years, we hear that the police are there to protect us. From the very first kindergarten- class visit of “Officer Friendly” to the very last time we saw a police car – most of which have “To Protect and Serve” emblazoned on their doors – we’re encouraged to give ourselves over to police protection.

    • H.B.

      Thank you for a good link to an excellent article!
      Perhaps folks will begin to understand that the police do not work for the public!

  • Geoff Jacobs

    Just FIRE this POS so that he won’t get any nore of the taxpayer’s money, or, ANY of his retirement pay!
    I can’t wait until he gets to Raiford, I hope they drill him 2 more rectums.

  • Privacy Please

    You’re done! Paid leave, give me a break.

  • Antoua B

    Wow, no words can describe this monster, POLICE OFFICER!! sworn to serve and protect and yet he destroys life of a most vulnerable little baby. Prosecutor should seek death sentence for this lowly subhuman….

  • steve618

    He likely yelled at the girl “Stop resisting! Stop resisting!” as his training ‘kicked in’. The police union will help him out, I’m sure.

  • Mister Jimmy

    Paid leave? Soon the charges will be dropped and he’ll get a job with a cop department 15 miles away.

    • H.B.

      Yes you got it right! The police union will rush to his defense and blame the public for not respecting police and thus causing too much stress to officers, like the thug cop union in NYC did.

      The chief will say that proper procedure was followed, and then internal affairs will cover-up the whole thing. The cop will tell a judge that he was in fear for his life and the judge will say that sounds good enough.
      Only if there is a public outcry will this cop get fired. As you say, he’ll have another job within a few days with a department only 15 miles away.

  • H.B.

    No matter what evil cops do, the STUPID public excuses and condones it. Even after reading the appalling evil reported in this article, some people here still made comments that directly or indirectly defend the cops.

    Such as, “Innocent until proven guilty”, and “BS. That’s like saying all blacks are lazy and stink. You can’t take everybody in a group and accuse them of some specific trait, that’s RACIST!” and “Don’t think this is relevant to law enforcement as a group” — [so it’s not “fair” to stereotype the police.]

    Maybe when every family in America has lost a relative to police abuse, murder and corruption then the public might finally get the idea that the police are a violent gang. Just maybe.

    Gangs impart a type of behavior to each of the gang members. There is no difference in the
    conduct of one gang member from another. They are all very violent. So yes folks, it is fair to stereotype people in a group and especially if that group is a gang. Stop making excuses
    for violent thugs.

  • Richard Wahd

    I would very much appreciate If someone could relay this message to Officer Smith: 1 Draw your weapon 2 Stick it in your mouth 3 Squeeze the trigger

  • jollyroger

    This pig and others like him should simply be taken out and shot in the back of the head. Blow their effing brains out.
    All cops are pigs!

  • Hp B

    ‘Get a rope’

  • Simon Sez

    Grady, (ham it up for the camera) Judd actually looked sincere during this video. However he was still getting face time so it looks like it’s only his acting skills that have improved.

  • Goodie Hernandez

    This is a baby not a child a BABY sick son of a [email protected][email protected] I cant even understand the sickness, well he will get what’s coming in jail, I know they dont like baby/child pedos in jail

  • Debra Rutherford

    I tell you what, when all is said and done, When the Uprising of Ppl. On Cops Starts. When it’s a lot of Funerals. They will do something. Or keep paying Out Lawsuits for Scums.

  • Debra Rutherford

    I realize this is about this child, but I’ve Spoke on Scumbag. But here’s the thing, I realize Ppl. Don’t want a Scam, neither. My Bank Manager
    Told me of this. I was Asking how I could set up a Fund thru the Bank.
    And she asked if I Tried Go Fund Me. She is my Bank Manager, and helps me Keep up with My Acct. so she would not tell of a Scam. Hit the Link, and Decide. I realize I’m Nobody, but I’ve Lost a Valuable part
    I really Need, and trying to get it back. But I can’t Wait for Gods time.
    Then I believe this is the Way, I’m patient, I just don’t want to be seen as a Person you wouldn’t help cause of Color. It’s What I seek to be Normal again. And I’m one to give from My Heart❤️

  • jbandsma

    Paid leave? Really?

  • Keith Mattia

    Tar and feathered, maybe stoned to death afterwards? I think these animals deserves medeval punishments none of this pampering we give by letting them live out their pathetic lives in the comfort of a cell which gives three meals a place to sleep shelter from the elements watch tv lift weights play cards etc we the tax payers get to pay to let scum like this live.