Cop Kept His Job After Child Molestation Charges, Now Charged AGAIN With First-Degree Rape — Still Keeps Job

ALABASTER — Officer Joshua Herbinger has been working as a police officer for nine years.

On October 9, 2014 he was charged with sexually abusing a child less than the age of 12. He received four counts of sexual abuse, according to reports. 

The child had been attending an elementary school and reported the molestation to the school staff.


According to the child, Officer Herbinger molested the child over a period of two to three years.

Instead of being locked in prison with other rapists, Officer Herbinger was set free after posting $80,000 bail.

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Officer Herbinger was never fired, and was granted “administrative duties” with pay.

It didn’t take long after his release for Officer Herbinger to be caught again.

This time he has been charged with first-degree rape of a woman. It is his second time in trouble this month.

Officials state that even more charges may follow.


Police Chief Curtis Rigney did not release details about who the rape victim is, but noted that the woman did not bear any relationship to Officer Herbinger.

After all the charges — the four counts of sexual abuse of a child and the first degree rape of a woman — one would think that this time Officer Herbinger would remain locked up.

Not the case.

Herbinger has been released from jail after posting $60,000 bail.  And he has still not been fired, but instead placed on leave.

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UPDATE: Officer Herbinger has now been terminated from his job, according to a report by

The termination was effective Friday, October 24th, 2014.

It is not yet known whether Herbinger will be convicted for the charges he faces, which include four counts of sexually abusing a child under the age of 12, as well as first-degree rape of a woman.

And even if he is convicted, will he receive an extraordinarily light sentence — perhaps a month or so in a county jail — due to his statist privilege? It remains to be seen.


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  • lolberals

    Typical cop. These assholes get shielded by the police union, and most “good cops” don’t dare cross the thin blue line to call these shitheads out.

    • Nopenoteven

      there are no “good cops”, only cops who haven’t been caught yet, or just “go along with the program”..

      • Christopher Dorner

        Wrong. There actually are some good officers. There in the cemetery.

        • Gordon Waite


          • cash

            Wrong- s/b “There are” in this case spelling checker!

      • chris9465

        good cop is a myth like unicorns

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          there was good cops, but that was 40+ years ago, cops these days are just another gang. but really, they’re worse than gangs, there are lines that even the gang bangers won’t cross. that’s how bad cops have become

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        as far as I’m concerned cops that just “go along” or “turn their heads” and pretend they no nothing, are every bit as bad as the rest of these animals. they either have honor, integrity, and courage or they don’t. if they don’t then they should NEVER be in a position of power! they need to erect a permanent gallows in front of the police stations and use it, and make it mandatory that ALL officers attend the hanging in uniform, let the public see their shame.

  • Shandi M Freedom

    Where did this happen??

    • Shane


  • Phasung Baccam

    do not trust police officer they are train to lie

  • Shane

    Cop is found guilty of rape, keeps his job and no jail time?? I don’t quite understand how that works.

    • TWolfe

      He was actually charged with the crimes. They cannot fire him based on allegations. They can only place him on leave because like it or not, he has to be proven guilty before they can terminate him.

      • Shane

        Which we both know will never happen, even with all proof and facts laid out on the table. This is what I don’t understand.

        • Tiger

          We are not SUPPOSED to understand it…..that’s why they keep getting away with it… needs to change…no immunity….for any cop, judge, or anyone else in that category. Laws are made for everybody….not a select few. No more “internal investigations”. Glad to hear this guy is busted….hope he gets as much as if not more punishment when convicted. Just have to wait and see….

      • clive

        They could refuse bail and keep him away from.the public.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        and yet we can be deemed “guilty”, and be executed by them on the spot

      • NayChan

        Yet they kill and beat so many with nary a justification

  • J C

    It’s funny how cops believe so firmly in innocent until proven guilty for other cops.
    He’d basically just bonded out on the first charge, and I’m sure the union made sure he wouldn’t be fired before his case went to trial.

    You see, just like all employers, they would never fire someone accused of child molesting–they like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Children are such unreliable witnesses.

    • Ted John Noga

      Fair enough actually.

    • Morgan O’Brien-Bledsoe

      What percentage of accusations are found to be false? Personally the only way I’d give a possible pediphile the benefit of the doubti s if that statistic is well over 75%. Raping or molesting a child is a big accusation.

      • Elle

        I can say from experience, that at 4-5 if you report being molested, they whip out language that many adults can’t understand. Basically, it was made impossible for me to see any justice due to my lack of adult vocabulary.

  • Jeezeybutt

    What the hell is our society coming to

  • ben dover

    I would like his address please , as i would like to pay him a visit ASAP before any other innocent kid gets raped again

    • jose

      Me too let me know if u need help

    • micheal

      i got three addresses trying to get them down to one

  • DisraeliGears

    Absurd, completely disgusts me.
    Magistrates are as much to blame.

  • Anna

    Kill him.

  • Chad

    This is a horrible crime that should have been handled in a diffrent way and he should have been fired on the spot and put into jail to be dealt with on a street level. No one has the right to scare a child in this manner. However with this being said. I do want to address those that feel all officers are bad. Im am sure if you look at you own work force or staff you have people who are not doing there jobs correctly or even illegal actions as well. There are all types of people in all types of jobs. YES not every officer is right but the majority of them do a good job protecting you and I. Why is it that when we need an officer they are wonderful people and when they do something off color they ALL are horrible. Not all are horrible just a few spoiled apples in the bunch.

    • Tiger

      Then I ask you this…if “good” cops do not turn in the “bad” cops…..does that not then mean there are no “good” cops? Put another way, regarding apples….if you have a bad apple in the bunch and it is not removed, do not the other apples go bad? Interesting thought , isn’t it?

      • pippet

        if you see something, and do nothing, you are just as guilty

        • Tiger

          That works also.

    • Steve Summers

      Alabaster police arrested Joshua Herbinger, 29, of South Forty Road in Alabaster

  • Ted John Noga

    Everyone is constitutionally allowed a reasonable bail and in no world do most people have $60k for bail. SO I have no problem with him being out on bail I have every problem with him keeping his job and with any judge that makes anyone posts $60k for bail, that’s messed up

    • spectrewriter

      After the first time, the bail should have been revoked. Seriously.

  • Michael

    So that’s where they been going, ? Nice gig, 50k a year plus immune to sick, illegal fetishes

  • Michael

    Meantime nice, decent, hardworking people are getting assaulted and or just thrown in jail over not trimming their bushes, and filming cops, singing in a subway, smh,

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      giving change to the homeless. and now reported on infowars, dancing can get you a felony arrest, even though they had the proper permits, or looking at a cop will get “the shit beat out of you”. these cops are out of control criminal. terrorists

    • Norma Colhoff-Witter

      …or a 90 yo vet feeding the homeless… =/

  • Kevin Dodd

    Lolberals is right. Police unions and the depts. of bad cops will protect them, and give them every benefit of the doubt. It’s systemic of gov’t, in general. In the private sector, even suspicion of criminal activity can get a person fired from their job. Not so, with cops and the gov’t. They’ve joined ‘the establishment’, and receive all the benefits that go along with it. These institutions are more concerned with their reputations, than they are with justice, and the public good.

    • spectrewriter

      So now you’re saying cops are liberals? What the HELL are you smoking, Kevin?

      • Kevin Dodd

        No, you misunderstood my comment. ‘Lolberals’ was the name that someone else posted under. I was agreeing with their comment.

  • Damien Cross

    I want to KILL this scumbag & those who let him out the first time!

  • Random_Hero

    Well since the system is failing its time for the citizens to take it upon themselves to carry out justice. First person to dox this asshole and put a bullet in his head gets all my internet points.

  • Remy

    To top it off if it were one of us our first bond would’ve been revoked. You can not get in trouble like that while out on bail or your bail is revoked and you sit in jail until your trial. But hey he has that badge so he’s allowed to do what ever right or wrong

  • dfg

    Rapey Cop Is Rapey

  • qweztionz5

    What a slimebag! What sort of inbred shithole is Alabaster?

  • Julia Anderson

    oh, well, serial killers, serial rapist you can do it all if you just have that badge!!!

  • Pete

    I would like to pound his face into the ground while I violently raped
    his ass with my size 10 and a half boot , fuckin piece of shit ripper…

  • pissedoff

    If I ever come across this little prick i’ll kick his teeth in and rip his cock off and shove it down his throat….. then the fun will really begin.

  • billed

    This also happens in Britain where 11 years old girls are molested and raped and the only MP’s that report in the Press aka Keith Vaz. Well Obama is the face taking America into North American Union & Police are a law unto themselves. Often well trained in Afghanistan where the Poppies are freely available…

  • inquisitor

    Time for some real justice.
    No what I’m sayin’?

  • BettyCrocker

    This is really terrible because it makes all police look bad but they aren’t all bad. We have some terrific, dedicated human beings that are willing to defend our country and our communities. Maybe our good policeman just need us to stand behind them so we can get rid of these kinds of despicable, and trustworthy individuals. However, if it with my child being assaulted, that rapist might wish the police were there to protect him.

    • Tiger

      Then I ask you this…if “good” cops do not turn in the “bad” cops…..does that not then mean there are no “good” cops? Interesting thought , isn’t it? I do agree with your last sentence though.

    • pippet

      if you see something, and do nothing, you are just as guilty.

  • Omar

    everyone should just become a cop and then we all can commit crimes and not get in trouble, who’s down?

  • Chuck

    Why when cops steal money or evidence, they get suspended with no pay; but when they commit egregious crimes, they get full pay? Once they get convicted, they should have to PAY IT BACK. If these cops want the public to trust them, then they need to be trustworthy. I grew up respecting them, but I sure as hell do not respect most cops these days because of what I keep reading over and over every damn day.

  • Morgan O’Brien-Bledsoe

    Rape isn’t a crime. Laws do not apply to the police. Period.

  • Samantha

    WTF day after day they really show who they are! I used to believe it was just few rotten apples, but no! Now, i believe most of them are f*** rotten

  • miked9746

    I’m curious as to where he’s getting all that money to constantly bail himself out??! Hhhmmmmmm

  • Candace BossNina Gmla Gonzalez

    Fuck these paedophile ass cops, they all need a fucking BULLET to there head n some!

  • theyarl

    wheres that guy Eric Frein when you need him

  • Lee Wilkinson

    It’s amazing at the absolute power a badge gives to a sick SOB such as this monster..And Alabaster is in Alabama from which I’m proudly “Born N Bred”, well not Alabaster, but not to awful far from it though..Don’t let one sick bastard like him paint a picture of the whole State, cause it’s not a bad place to live, and apparently, we have our share of pervs, just like pretty much, every State in the US does as well..I’m a proud Daddy of two teen girls & wish they’d castrate him should he be set free again or at least have “Molester” tattooed on his forehead at the very least..Personally..I’d prefer to let the family of the victims have 10 mins of alone time & let them do as they see fit while he’s handcuffed & defenseless..Like all his young victims were when he was violating him..

  • Brian Reese

    anyone gonna ask the obvious? the man was charged not convicted of shit and you all want mob justice. Granted if he did what they think he did, he deserves it. but this is still america right? the man gets a trial. Im all for stopping above the law police, and balancing the right and wrong in this world but if we get all fuckin goon squad on this guy we are no better than the cops.

  • Esther Chapa

    I think the only reason he is still on administrative leave is because HE WAS ACCUSED AND HAS YET TO BE FOUND GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW. Give it time people and remember GOD WILL dill with him !

  • Rob Hall

    It’s really quite simple. Cops, like everyone else, are given protections. There must be an investigation with a finding of wrong-doing in order to be terminated like any other employee. There are extra protections in place for police officers to prevent officers from being fired over political issues and being replaced by political hacks (read a history book about how that used to work) and therefore the investigations take longer than in most occupations. Once the investigation is completed and there is a finding of wrong-doing the officer is terminated if that is justified as it certainly was in this case. Like any other American, cops have the Constitutional right to bond. Child molesters and rapists are almost always allotted bond. Then, once there is a trial and a conviction – findings of citizens or a judge, not other cops – then the sentence is handed down which could include prison time or probation. In this case it should be prison time in the general population with all the ramifications that come along with that. However, since DOC is responsible for the safety of those in their prisons he will be kept in isolation so he doesn’t get himself killed – damn shame but true. If convicted he should be executed but no state allows capital punishment for child molestation or rape.

  • Squire Green

    He should be terminated, the vile cunt!

  • Kirk Selfridge

    Some one in Hollywood need’s to make a film about these rouge ass hat’s!

  • SketchyTheClown

    They should cut his penis off!

  • Laci Hart

    If he was found guilty then where is the sentencing? maybe he’s out on pending this..hopefully they get him in a jail cell soon, he’s a predator.

  • BC

    His Union reps and lawyers will fight on his behalf..where he gets no jail time and will go back to his job

  • Eddie Zamora

    Organized comunism and

  • Alan Jones

    That guy looks inbred. They must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel for Police recruits in America. Seriously be looks like he is 10 cent short of a dollar. 🙂 And they give this guy a gun, you couldn’t make it up.

  • Kandie Watson

    Im from alabama I know this officer, hes a prick outside n before I found this

  • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

    Let’s put up the baby brain washing TV game and electromagnetic manipulation of electronic biometric surviellence PEDERAST CHIKD raping police intellegence baby agencies all over the country with the money and resources we rob from everybody to cover up the white fkkk pig go rape your children and their toilet monkey slave niggers are your mommy and daddy your God but it’s really my penis juice my snake fruit your all chOking on!!!


  • Jim Simolari

    wow its now a conspiracy cop judge and the prosecutor only take 3 to conspire letting cop out without leg monitor bares responsibility of the justice system know he was a rapist allowing him to be around women and little girls well now your at fault sorry tax payers get ready for another 5 million dollar payout