Cop Profited from Ex-Wives Who Paid to Set Up Men for “DUI” Arrests,

CONTRA COSTA — Sheriff’s deputy Stephen Tanabe has been convicted of aiding in the set up of multiple men who were enticed by women to drive with alcohol.

Attractive actresses would go into bars and pressure men to drink and then leave in their cars, according to reports.

Tanabe would wait outside and as soon as the men began driving, he would arrest them for a DUI.

He was able to profit off of this scheme because he would specifically target men whose ex-wives wanted them to get arrested.

The ex-wives would then pay money once the men were arrested successfully.

Tanabe is alleged to have received cocaine in exchange for arresting men who were set up by actresses paid ultiimately by ex-wives. Image via Danville Patch

Tanabe is alleged to have received cocaine in exchange for arresting men who were set up by actresses paid ultiimately by ex-wives. Image via Danville Patch

“This was a case where what this officer did that was wrong was basically negotiating and receiving money or property to do his job, which he did,” said Judge Breyer, who sentenced Tanabe.

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“But he did so with the knowledge that the circumstances of the offenses were initiated by others,” he added.

A jury convicted Tanabe of conspiracy and extortion in connection with at least three men who were arrested in Danville.

The arrests were known as “dirty DUIs.”

The actresses used in the conspiracy were attractive and hired by a private investigator named Christopher Butler.

Butler had female clients who were going through divorces, and these clients offered to pay to have their ex-husbands set up and arrested.

Butler’s actresses would go into bars, find the men, and then pressure them to drive away after drinking.

Butler would alert Tanabe about the “targets” as they began driving away, and Tanabe would then make the arrests.

After making the arrest, Butler would pay Tanabe with expensive goods, such as a Glock firearm, according to reports.

The jury acquitted him of a charge which alleged he also received cocaine from Butler in exchange for an arrest. 

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Tanabe is reported to have said that at the time he participated in the scandal, he didn’t think that he was acting illegally.

“I justified it in my mind that it was a legitimate arrest of drivers who were intoxicated. In my mind, I was arresting people who were breaking the law in the town in which I worked,” he said.

Since then, he admits that “I did something wrong and made a mistake. I accepted a Glock gun from Christopher Butler and I made arrests.”

A prosecutor used text messages between Tanabe and Butler to show that there was evidence of “active participation and knowledge”  by Tanabe.

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The three men who were arrested are filing civil lawsuits against both Tanabe and Butler.

Tanabe was sentenced to 15 months behind bars and will be supervised when he gets out.

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  • Damn women are vindictive. I could never imagine a man doing this to his ex-wife.

    • Mo Reno

      This cop was a man. Who’s worse, the angry ex-wives paying for this, or the cop selling out for cash and cocaine?

  • Scott Swearington

    Karma can’t come quick enough for this mangina. I have only 2 words I would love to see added to the prison sentence he’s earned himself – general population.

  • williambaranowski

    Well, there you have it.

  • Ryan A

    Take a good look at that piece of shit. Yup that’s what America has come to. An ugly, pig piece of shit. Your parents would be proud fag.

  • Citizen Kane

    if you make an industry of prisons you’ll get a police state. It’s that simple. The cops are paid to make arrests and they become more creative by the day. I’m only wondering what took them so long.

  • James Fineman

    Thanks to slime like this, all my years of honorable service still gets haters looking at me as if I am the same. Forget prison, execute him.

    • anonymousbro

      There’s nothing honorable about being a police officer, it’s just one of MANY jobs that may or may not put your life at risk. If you think it is, it is still far from being the most honorable.

  • Thought_Criminal

    He only gets 15 months for something like that? If that were anyone but a cop they would have gotten 15 years.

  • Guest