Cop Sentenced to Death for Fatally Shooting Pregnant Mother and Her Unborn Child 119

It’s actually happening.

An officer is  being sentenced to death for shooting a pregnant woman and her unborn child to death, and injuring her husband.

The husband and wife were enjoying their dinner at a restaurant they owned when a cop came in, began harassing them, and eventually opened fire on them.

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In addition to being sentenced to death, the cop was ordered to pay the equivalent of $12,000  in compensation to the victim’s family.

That money is coming from the cop’s own pocket, not taxpayers.death

The husband suffered injuries to his right shoulder.

His unborn child died with the mother.

A people’s court has made the decision to sentence the cop to death for murdering the woman and her baby.

Does it seem unreal to you that a cop is being punished?

If so, it’s probably because you live in the United States.

In the United States, cops are almost never punished.

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You know that in the United States they’re found “not guilty” even when they’re caught on video beating innocent Americans to death.

You know they get away with it even when they’re caught on video Tasing handcuffed girls to death.

You know that in the United States, when victims are compensated with money for crimes committed by cops, it’s stolen from your paycheck — the taxpayer — not the cops individually.

So why would a killer cop now be put to death?

It’s because we’re talking about China, not the United States

The officer, Hu Ping, killed the woman in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

He is paying 73,324 yuan to the victim’s family before he is extinguished in accordance with the decision of Chinese citizens.

If a cop did this in America, do you think he’d be punished for it?

Even if he were punished, do you think he’d be put to death?

Officer Hu Ping is being sentenced to death for fatally shooting a mother and her unborn child.

Officer Hu Ping is being sentenced to death for fatally shooting a mother and her unborn child.

CHINA: Cops Were Seen Beating a Woman, Thousands of Men Leave Their Homes and Begin Killing Cops in the Streets (Warning: graphic images)

Make no mistake about it: like any people living under the rule of a government, the Chinese have their own horrors of police brutality.

In this case, however, they appear to be doing far more than Americans would do in dealing with a killer in uniform.



  • SirDanMur

    Cops should be Public Servants, as such they should act in great restraint with using force, even at risk to to their own safety and well-being. Being a servant means to be self sacrificing. Too many officers today put their safety as the number one priority, they draw their weapon and shoot if something moves. They shoot at trucks for being the same color as the suspects truck. It’s shameful and cops should be held criminally liable for much of what they do.

    • Arnt Johnsen

      In 2005 there was a court that actually acknowledge that the police organization in the United States dont have the obligation anymore to ” Protect & Serve ” US citizens. That’s a fact and by that we might have a thought or two what they are for the or for who they work for in the future and in present time. read this:

      • MoBetter2

        The police do not have an obligation to any particular citizen, and this has been the commonly accepted practice for generations. The system cannot work in any other fashion as there is no way there are enough officers to be able to protect every single citizen in the country. If it were required then police would be held responsible each and every time anyone was victimized and the system would collapse.

        • Reginald

          I would like to point out that the “system” has already collapsed.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            the system collapsed simultaneously with the start of the “war on drugs”

        • wiseoldsnail

          no, it hasn’t been ‘the commonly accepted practice for generations’

          we have a right to refuse to pay taxes to police for them to work for the chamber of commerce, but not for us

          what a dumb theory

        • TRS

          Your dumb

          • SirDanMur

            Clever retort TRS. MoBetter is right though. the police have no obligation to protect you. He followed this line of thinking to it’s logical extreme. Your response is so lame you should have not even commented. Go away TRS.

          • MoBetter2

            The correct word is “you’re”, not “your”, dummy! If you knew anything you would know police have a ‘general’ duty to protect and serve, that is to protect and serve the populace at large, they don’t have, and have never had, a specific duty to protect you individually. You are apparently too dense to understand the disastrous consequences of the extrapolation of the theory that you are owed a specific obligation by the police to protect you particularly. Try educating yourself, your ignorance is hanging out for all to see and you’re embarrassing yourself! Nothing in the foregoing should be misconstrued as condoning the violence and brutality perpetrated on citizens of this great nation by corrupt law enforcement officers, which is an entirely different issue.

          • Voogru


          • Dan


          • Chris Sebok

            lol really?

          • TheFlashingScotsman

            Although I agree that he isn’t making much sense, when you’re accusing someone of being dumb, use the correct word. Your does not equal you’re.

    • D Rod

      The police are not there to protect you, they are there to police you. Policing is enFORCEment. Sure, there are times when police can prevent a crime or make an appearance at your request to make you safe at times. But more often crimes are investigated after they are committed, and the police department’s primary role is to police YOU and generate revenue by fining you.

      • SirDanMur

        You’re absolutely right. I guess I’m old fashioned, dreaming of a day when your neighborhood officer served the community.

      • Gary Williams Jr.


  • SirTerrance Murphy


    • Damir

      you just gave them an excuse to keep shooting instead of letting them know they’re still human and more welcome amongst us than with their masters.

      • Phillip Cantu

        They surrendered their humanity upon taking up the job of a police officer. The only way for them to gain it back is to quit their job. You also forget that the reason cops harass the citizenry is because everyone is too big of a bitch to actually fight back, because of the threat of violence for doing so. If 300 million people dropped their balls and decided they had enough, tyranny would be dead in this country overnight.

        • JoBrown85

          If all the good cops quit, you’d be left with a police force of only bad cops. That’s not going to be helpful.

          • Phillip Cantu

            Good cops don’t quit, they get fired. Don’t believe me? Ask Regina Tasca.

        • isis1769

          Stop using gendered insults, as is being female means being weak and being male means being strong. It doesn’t.

  • yat282

    I agree with this, and believe that Police here should be put to death for ANY severe abuse of power, not just the ones where innocent people are brutally murdered.

    • ExtremeNicholad99

      cops should be put to death for being cops

  • Liniborn

    Cops are all Otraitors gestapo now, I would not help one for anything, the cops family could be dying and I would laugh and go on my way.

    • Patricia Perea-Silva

      You’re an IGNORANT for even bringing a “cops family” in the conversation…But let me guess, You’re probably one of the many cop haters who dials 911 for every little petty thing…People like you TALK BIG GAME and at the end cry like little girls for COPS help.

      • wiseoldsnail

        cops don’t help

      • Julie_thomas

        Everyone is afraid of the police in the united states. They regularly beat, tortured, rape and kill citizens and get away with it. It’s out of control in Los Angeles. OUT OF CONTROL. Where are the good cops? You tell us. I’m not sure where you can find them.

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          it’s not just l.a. the EPIDEMIC POLICE BRUTALITY, and atrocities are nationwide. but, since I grew up in cal. I know how bad they are there.

      • John Anzalone

        You are a sorry excuse for an intelligent person

      • TRS

        You`re a dumb ass and if you havrnt noticed cops arent public servants anymore they are the largest gang in america the only difference between cops and gangs is that gangs attack each other for the most part and the police attack the people they are suposed to protect

        • Patricia Perea-Silva

          Let me guess, you’re probably one of the little BITCHES who calls 911 b/c your neighbor’s dog barking or some petty thing like that…

          • Robert MacKay

            Why would you think that people who hate cops would call 911 ? That is the last thing i would do even if a criminal broke into my house and was assaulting my family. I would try to handle it personally because the cops bring no value to the situation. They would not arrive in time, they would not find the criminals and would most likely either shoot my dog or myself in the process of “protecting us”

          • Patricia Perea-Silva

            Hmmm…Let me see, b/c I’ve been doing this job for 9 1/2 years…And it never fails that the same little bitches who talk mad shit about us are the first to call…”Handle it yourself” HA! If more people actually had enough guts to “handle it themselves” this would be a much better world!!! Did I answer your question?

          • JoBrown85

            Go to hell bitch!

          • Patricia Perea-Silva

            Fuck yourself asshole!

          • Party every day panda style

            Ooooo, how professional of you. With your temper you shouldn’t have a gun. You’re probably corrupt too.

          • Tha Baztard

            Theres your true blue colors shining thru. Like this incident wasn’t enough to prove law enforcement isnt full of evil malicious little cock suckers (no doubt Pats a dyke too)…Patty here further correctly represents her brood

          • MoBetter2

            Piss off, moron – you’re exactly the kind of shitty attitude idiot in blue decent citizens try to avoid at all cost. All bluff and asshole, no brains, integrity or compassion!

          • Patricia Perea-Silva

            Well for trying to avoid us U sure didn’t do a good job…Next time try staying out of the conversation…JERK!

          • MoBetter2

            Thanks for making my point you ham-handed dipstick – Y-O-U decide who should be in the conversation, eh? Typical arrogant, badge-heavy, knuckle-dragging mouth breathing thugress!

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            since she lost the argument, and finished with profanity, and name calling, it’s safe to assume she’s dem/lib, that’s what they always do

          • MoBetter2

            Correct, Mr. Williams! They erroneously think the tin star gives them superior rights to the people they are allegedly paid to serve. One day they will find what we already know – they are outnumbered, outgunned, and surrounded… and they have additionally succeeded in turning the majority of the citizens against them. I wouldn’t want to be caught standing in those shoes….

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            what’s really funny is, they think that after they put us all in jail, fema camps, or just execute people cops like her, think THEY will still be needed. but why would the elites keep a massive army of cops when they’ve eliminated most of the population. I also am wondering if she really is a cop, or just another security guard that’s seen diehard too many times, of course that could describe many, if not most cops too. in decades past, these cops would only be security guards because no police dept. would hire 90% of these low rent morons

          • Tha Baztard

            Its a free country you cunt….but oh yeah you wouldnt know that…. Youre a pig

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            isn’t it funny how the female cops are always badasses….as long as they got 6 or 7 of the boy cops to protect them

          • MoBetter2

            They are all hat and no cattle…

          • JoBrown85

            After writing my comment with an apology to you further down in this conversation, I would like to add this Patricia.

            I can understand how you may feel threatened by the kinds of comments you read here, however it doesn’t help you to comment back in the style you are doing here. Obviously from the comments here, anyone can see that feelings run very stong, and I hope that you, Patricia, can accept and understand that. After all, people are being outright murdered by cops these days, and with impunity. This is just so wrong, and people are venting their feelings accordingly.
            Your replies show a strong “us vs them” mentality, which makes you look like you’re part of the “bad cops” or at least approve of their bad actions. Consequently you’re getting targeted with hateful replies.
            Please develop a different mind-set Patricia. Understand and accept that people will have these strong feelings and that they’re RIGHT to have these strong feelings because these police attrocities just shouldn’t be happening, and when they do they SHOULD be punished instead of brushed under the rug. Think about what you can do (or change in your own paradigm) to show people what decent policing looks like. Be kind. Be patient. Be *merciful*. Carrot, not stick, where possible. Turn a blind eye occasionally by letting someone off a minor (victimless) charge and telling them you expect better from them. (people love to live up to expectations) Think about how you can achieve the best outcome from a situation, for all concerned. Society doesn’t want you to be a revenue collector or a joy kill. They want a peace maker. Someone they can trust and look up to. Be that person Patricia. All the best!

          • MoBetter2

            Fantastic advice, JoBrown – I hope it is taken in the fashion in which it was given – from a good heart. If the police keep on their current track they are going to need to understand why they are being despised by the public they swore to protect, and now just seem interested in Thugging with a badge!

          • Mr. Freud

            yeah, it also takes real guts to abuse your power. eat shit. :)

          • Tha Baztard

            Shut up pig. Youre a part of the problem not the solution.
            Your even being here means you condone this shit, and why wouldnt you? Youre a gang member.
            and watch your mouth because many of us CAN and do handle shit ourselves…we dont need YOU…esp. when NO ONE CALLS YOU.
            so fuck off

          • Party every day panda style

            Let me guess, either you are a little piggy yourself or you lick their asses.

      • Charlie Lance

        I wouldn’t squeeze out a drop of puss if a cop or his family were on fire unless I thought it would make them suffer more. And no, I’m not ignorant and I only call 911 if my next door neighbors house is on fire. I felt like you once Patricia, and then I turned 12. Wake up.

        • Patricia Perea-Silva

          Wow…I see that you stayed in the stage of age 12 :(

          • JoBrown85

            I’d love to shove some mace up your vadge patricia, like two of your “esteemed” female pig colleagues did to some poor woman victim. Let’s see how you like that kind of treatment you stupid skank! I hope some pissed off victim of your piggery retaliates and messes you up real good!

          • Patricia Perea-Silva

            WOW! If can’t believe U are so full of hatred…U don’t even know me…Oh well better U than me…Glad that after a decade of doing this job I haven’t let the assholes like you get the best of me! :) It must suck to be U!!!

          • MoBetter2

            That’s because there was no “best of you” to get!

          • Party every day panda style

            Hate to tell you this sweetie, he did get the best of you and your attitude shows it. :)

          • Tha Baztard

            Who wants to know someone like you? you’re a goof…if 10 years hasn’t made you the cunt that you are you must have been a cunt to begin with… perfect pig material. you jump in with ad hominem comments and attack people and when they retort you want to bitch …what a typical pig

          • Charlie Lance

            I have grand children older than you. Think about it this way Patricia, If a person 1/2 your age came to you and tried to explain the ins and outs of something you had extensive real world knowledge about, would you try to open their eyes to what is obvious to you? That they still have a long way to go? Or just smile and say thank you? Think about it.

      • JoBrown85

        No, Liniborn is right, a “cops family” is relevant in this equation. Cops hurt families when they hurt family members. They have no qualms about tasering your daughter to death, and other atrocities. The cop’s own family benefits from his generous wage, taken from the taxpayers to abuse them. For these reasons, a cop’s family deserves to be in the cross-hairs too. Let the cops know their own families will be at risk of retaliatory acts every time they abuse the citizens in their jurisdiction. The cop’s family is of course free to sever all ties with the cop if they feel their own personal safety is more important… Ultimately, bad cops would be divorced and alone, and if they persist with pig behaviour, they’ll be dead in the end.

        • Patricia Perea-Silva

          I totally agree with you “BAD COPS” Not those of us who go to work like the rest of society does…I don’t see the rest of society being disrespected for “going 2 work”…Nor should they…We all have a job to do…It’s up to the individual on how they do it…At the end it’ll be between them and God!

          • JoBrown85

            Patricia, I apologise for judging you harshly, because I don’t really know you and so I don’t know if you do (or don’t do) your job honourably and with respect for the people you deal with. Please understand my strong feelings come from seeing so many police brutality stories that shoud simply never have happened, and the perpetrators getting away with what are essentially heinous crimes. I have no problems whatsoever with officers who behave honourably in what can often be a difficult situation. I have huge problems with officers who have some god-complex or the nature of a violent bully. They forget that society has instituted the role of the police force to benefit society – not to harm it.
            Actually, there is only one problem I have with “good cops” and that is, if they’re not part of the solution (of rooting out the bad cops) then they’re still part of the problem. I know it can be difficult or even dangerous to stand up against one’s own colleagues if/when they do wrong, but a degree of risk is what one accepts when one chooses to become a police officer, and in the fight against evil one must not be blind to the fact that that evil may come from within one’s own ranks. If you do what is right and serve your COMMUNITY (not necessarily your superiors) well and with integrity, I’m sure it would not go unnoticed. I have at times commented in support of vigilante action against cops, and if I were to ever do that, rest assured that no honourable cop would have anything to fear from me. Just the bad apples….

          • Thomas Smith

            Only takes a few bad apples to ruin the whole batch of the orchard.

            Only took a few school shooters liking video games for all those who play video games to be placed on the school shooter watch list.

            A good cop is not going to, nor should they, be placed in the spotlight for doing their job properly. When getting a special parade is required to get cops to do their jobs, there is a problem. Cops don’t want their face in the media and the label of child killer, daughter molester, father beater, deaf raper, drug king pin attached to it.

          • Bendy Bentley

            There is nothing to respect about you, or any other cop. You have proven in these comments that you are not worthy of respect. All cops look the other way when their brothers abuse the populace, if they aren’t doing it themselves. You come across as one who is doing it themselves, and some day, someone will snap and kill you for it. Be ready for that. THAT is why it is a dangerous job.

        • Bendy Bentley

          Especially spouses who stay with abusive cops.

        • isis1769

          Sometimes the families have no choice but to stay because the cop threatens them if they leave.

      • Party every day panda style

        Let’s get real, LEO’s don’t stop crime. They are only there after the fact to write reports.

      • Gary Williams Jr.


    • isis1769

      What did the family do? They are often being abused by the cop themselves? Why hate the family, who had nothing to do with it?

  • 187ona50

    No here in the US cops can go to a hospital and kill new born babies on tape and joke about it and they would be found not guilty.

  • Lloyd

    No-one is above the law!…. Unless you wear a badge.

    • noname

      fuck you badges are bullshit

      • C.Sence

        Apparently this guy is too slow to recognize sarcasm….

        • GestapoWasMoreHumaneThenCops

          LMAO I read nonames comment and just as I was getting a smirk I read yours. big guys a bit worked up, calm down we only like our pork smoked well.

  • WMC

    Not if the citizens start taking matters into their own hands.

  • fuzznarf

    If a cop killed my wife and unborn child, I would make sure the cop never made it to court.

  • Bonnie Boduk

    Well, at least China’s got the right idea about that!

  • Youprovide

    Proof or stfu

  • TheRealEvilGenius

    If people would stop having kids, specifically, boys with micro penis, I belive you would find less cops on the street in general.

    • Pearly B

      lmaooo i agree

  • Ste Bunches

    In China police routinely accept bribes from the guilty to keep victims from pressing charges. Consider last year’s story about the 12 year old girl gang raped and impregnated by three of her teachers. China is doing nothing positive. The victim here simply had the social standing to make sure the policeman was held accountable.

    • Robert MacKay

      Actually no, the crime happened in an autonomous region of China where the government doesn’t provide “services” and the local people handle all business.

  • David A McDonald

    Cops are public servants period we pay them they work for us not the other way around. They should be held to a higher standard for chosing to have that position.

    • Robert MacKay

      You are in fantasy-land if you think they work for the people, that is a clear example of repeating what you have been trained to believe ! Try to get a cop fired or taken off the force of your local police department then tell us how they work for us !

  • Jesse Silva

    The USA should take notes . We are the third world country when it comes to punishing cops for their crimes.

  • Mi

    While reading this I received a call from a police organization looking for money. The things I wanted to say. It was only God keeping me from doing it. Like I’m going to really give money to some police that kill, hurt and arrest without do cause smdh!!!

    • wiseoldsnail

      the fact that you didn’t say this directly to them means you’re part of the problem

  • Son of Liberty

    In the U.S. he would have received a Medal.

  • Michael Mayo

    Sad how a 3rd world communist country can make Americans feel envious.

  • Frank Mc Carthy

    In the United States Cops have now turned themselves into militarized Gestapo.

  • Tim Tempest

    I’ll believe it when the pig is executed.He wont be.

    • SlimJim

      Well he won’t be in the general population so he won’t be shanked but I tend to agree with you.

  • WesternerLovesAncientChina

    The government in China does far worse crimes against the Chinese people. This one incident is not representative of the state of affairs in China. This is just public appeasement because so many Chinese people were aware of this incident. A thousand other incidents were hushed up and the victims left for dead in China on the same day. Look up “China state secret organ harvesting” to see what the communist government in China is really like.

  • Damien

    ANY Cop that kills any civilian in cold blood deserves the same fate.

    The police are our enemies.
    They sure the hell are NOT your friends.

  • tammie

    to many so called p0lice officers get away with brutality ofone form or another. they are abusive to their wives and children, the citizens they are supposed to protect, and anybody else. we are at risk from the ones who are there to protect us. doesn’t make since for us to be afraid to call for help but that is the way it is in this country. the victim is not only victimized by the criminals but also by the officials we hire to protect us…..sad days!!!

  • Mark Holcomb

    If Barney Fife menaces my freedom. it’s just as wrong as if New Age Storm Troopers done it. There must be a mechanism activated where citizens have legal recourse against liberal ‘Good Ol’ Boy’ sheriffs whose conduct show them to be nothing more than badge bullies.

  • woody56x

    In the US or Canada The cop would be suspended with pay!

  • Mira Morena Taylor

    cops r needed because ppl r being oppressed and brainwashed. if we had a working system where humans wer humane there b no use for them. when life on earth was balanced there was no cops or jails

    • Flip

      Cops are the ones oppressing and you appear to have been brainwashed to think otherwise. Cops are the gun of the “state”. They are the embodiment of state violence. If you want people to act humanely, end governments, end the “state”. And when in all of human history has life on earth been balanced such that there were no bad people trying to take from others what was not theirs? Oh right, before governments.

  • R.Cole

    This is how Vigilantes got started. That’s how they cleaned up the corruption in the old west.

  • John Anzalone


  • whatchagunnadowhenwecomeforyou

    Pigs will continue being pigs until there is some accountability. Unfortunately for us, U.S. cops are held to none. Once they start facing charges they won’t be running around so trigger happy. Cops should be disarmed for the safety of American citizens. I don’t fear the gangbangers and I live in Los Angeles right next to the LA/LB port. We got our crowd here. I’ve never feared pulling up to a red light next to a cholo, crip, blood, whoever. They might talk shit at most. However, pulling up next to the gang in blue you better check yourself. If you don’t look at them and stare straight you look suspicious. If you look at them you look suspicious. Any fucking thing makes you look suspicious. Oh who needs warrants, beat them all down let God sort them out, US vs THEM mentality and we’re not even at war. Are we?.

    • whatchagunnadowhenwecomeforyou

      Cops don’t fight crime. They create criminals on a mass basis. Innocent folks are copping records in record numbers.

  • Usurper

    Cops are scum.

  • Jeremiah fugit

    All the police should get together and march on Washington and wall street if they were really there to protect and serve the people.

  • RoadRash

    The day an American cop is executed I will throw a party.

  • Alexander Wilkinson

    I hope every case of police brutality is dealt with in this manner..
    Either that or they should be eaten by dogs slowly piece by piece.
    I don’t care what you think, these guys are the worst human beings that exist

  • Enrique Elizondo

    America join the Chinese

  • J.J.

    If that happened in the states the cop would just get paid leave.

  • David Nevers

    hope it hurts you fucking cunt

  • Dr David Miller

    12’000 $… This is what worths life in USA …?…

  • aron grba

    And people want guns to be banned except for officers and military???

  • Jimbob

    there are no more cops in the usa- they are gangs of gestapo thugs that the government protects- a real President would issue an executive order for the national guard to go into the gestapo gang cartel precincts are turn out the whole lot onto the streets, disarmed at bayonet point. Then the people should be allowed to do what they want with the murderers who thought they got off free for their heinous right-wing supported crimes.

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