Cop Who Shot and Killed Dog Now Suing Woman Who Complained About It 54

ALABAMA — Officer Mike Azwell is suing Deborah Bosch, a woman who called the Tuscaloosa Police Department and complained after Officer Azwell shot a dog four times, executing it. Deborah is Azwell’s neighbor and apparently witnessed him killing the dog. The dog belonged to another neighbor who was not home at the time.

Officer Azwell’s attorney claims in the complaint that Deborah’s comments after the incident caused Azwell to feel “loss of sleep” and “emotional pain,” among other problems. Azwell is seeking $10,000 of Deborah’s money. 

Azwell claimed that the dog was vicious and was running toward him. But the dog’s owner, Rebecca James, says that her dog Sonic — an 8-yr-old, disabled chocolate lab — has never acted aggressive.


Sonic was a disabled 8-yr-old chocolate lab who couldn’t have been aggressive, according to neighbors and a veterinary manager.

“She was a sweet dog who liked everyone,” Rebecca said. “That police officer shot an innocent dog four times. He shouldn’t be on the police force, because to me, that is not a stable person.”

The manager of a veterinary clinic, Tana James, also said of Sonic that“she was overweight, eight-years-old, and had hip dysplasia so she couldn’t leap, jump or do a lot of active things.”

“In all the years I’ve been around her, I’ve never seen any aggression. I’ve never seen her growl or lurch at anyone,” said Tana.

Neighbors also stated that they heard gunshots on the morning that Sonic was killed, but no barking or growling. 

Deborah Bosch was one of the neighbors. She called the police department to complain after the dog was killed.


Imagery via andrews@istock

Now, officer Azwell is suing her. Azwell’s attorney claims in a complaint that Deborah made “slanderous, libelous and defamatory accusations.”

The complaint goes on to state that this caused ““injury to Azwell’s reputation in the community, embarrassment, humiliation,” and that Azwell has “suffered severe emotional distress, loss of sleep, emotional pain and anguish.” Azwell is seeking $10,000 from Deborah.

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According to the lawsuit, these are the statements that Deborah made about Azwell after he gunned down the dog:

“The dog didn’t attack him, the dog didn’t even growl.”

“He covered up the shooting by calling the City of Tuscaloosa Police instead of the County Sheriff’s Department.”

“The dog was not aggressive, I never heard that dog bark.”

“Why do our tax dollars pay for [Officer Azwell] to sit up at his Momma’s house for four hours to visit her while he’s at work, to visit her, on the police motorcycle while he’s dressed in uniform, why?”

“He’s over here at his Momma’s house drinking coffee, eating breakfast I guess, and visiting her. He can’t visit her on his own off-day time.”

“He stays there for three to four hours.”

“He has threatened to shoot my dog too.”

“He told (a family member) he would kill my dog.”

Azwell’s attorney claims that Deborah’s statements were made in attempts to defame Azwell’s reputation or cause him to be fired from the police department.

The suit requests $10,000 of compensatory and punitive damages.


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  • Garret Chambers

    what a pig

  • David Gilbert

    ”and that Azwell has “suffered severe emotional distress, loss of sleep, emotional pain and anguish.”

    smfh… I didn’t know sociopaths could feel emotional distress. If he does, it can’t possibly compare to how that woman felt when this subhuman beast shot her dog in front of her.

    • Janey Siegrist

      They don’t///they study emotion on tv and adapt to the appropriate

    • Robert Ramrattan

      Well said.

    • Ian Battles

      Hey, John Pike got $30,000+ for “mental trauma” after macing seated, non-violent students…

      Which is more than his victims recieved…

      • Darlene Molina

        Do. What? Please tell me it isn’t so. No, really. This is an outrage. Jaw = Ground.

    • Anthony Quatroni

      Most cops are subhuman sociopaths that had their lunch money stolen for years anyway.

    • Jim

      Heaven forbid that cop ever actually have to fight real criminals. THE stress might kill him. (Sarcasm)

  • Jeff Colwell

    Wow !!! The hubris of this mo-fo po-po !!!! Disgustingly common nowadays !!

  • Ventura Hernandez Jr

    hope your stupid ass cant sleep pig fuck u hope u lose! it should be the outher way! so stupid how cops are he needs to be fired! fuck the police asshole bitch rec the police sue the police!

  • Simon Shields

    people need to band together against these thugs. just because they wear a police costume doesn’t put them above the law.

    • phaed

      I really hope people wake up and start sniping these fucks from the rooftops.

  • Na_na99

    And consider: WE pay their salaries.

    • Dave

      Yep. They’re welfare recipients. They do little productive work.

    • cindereller

      Not too mention pensions, medical and dental coverage, vacation and sick leave.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        their salaries alone are CRIMINAL!! I live in a very small town, of about 5000 people, and an entry level cop starts out at more than 4500 $ a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for sitting on their ass in a 100,000$ cop car, texting and talking while driving, stopping to shoot a dog, body slam old peoples faces in the pavement, breaking a 10 yr olds shin by kicking him with a lot of force, and finally beating a homeless man to death!!! “whew, I need a raise” I would be as happy as a pig in shit if I could make half that much money in a month!!!

  • David Dena Wiseman

    He cant sleep. Its called guilt over doing something wrong. That is his emotional pain. How will it look when a Veterinarian, neighbors, and other witnesses take the the witness stand and testify that he shot an aging disabled dog that displayed no act of aggression. He ruined his own reputation by not doing his job.

    • Robert Ramrattan

      Exactly! And what is guilt? Well, it’s a feeling that folks like this get when they know they have run out of excuses for their lousy behavior.

    • hobbr

      It’s painful watching dogs with hip dysplasia attempt to walk or even get up from laying down. It pains me to see them on the streets and we’re lucky our dogs never had it. That alone should be enough to discredit that filthy officer.

  • FTW2012
  • alicelillie

    Deborah you had better move your dog temporarily to a friend’s or relative’s house in another part of town or better still to another town until this crazyman calms down. I am serious. Possibly other dogowners in your area should do that too. If it were me it would already be done in fact i might move myself. If this report is accurate this guy is nuts.

    • Alfred M

      Moving doesn’t fix the problem, everyone needs to get together and start fighting back with documenting Police activities and petitioning for Officer AssWell’s job! If that doesn’t work get the Mayor’s attention along with Internal Affairs.

      • alicelillie

        Moving does not solve the problem in the long run. But in the short run, moving the dog out of harm’s way is the only way to be sure he is safe for the time being. That I would do immediately. That done, then I’d fight in the manner you suggest for a long run solution. Once the problem is solved and the officer, and the department, are no longer a threat, the dog can be brought back.

  • Robert Ramrattan

    Just another prime example of a bully who is too eager to use his gun rather than his brain and who – in typically cowardly fashion – hides behind a badge and a gun and cries foul. “I hurt my hand hitting you. I’m suing you for definition of character!” When are police forces going to wake up and realize that they are not part of a solution insomuch as they are becoming a bigger part of a looming problem? Get the guns out of the hands of these mental defectives!

  • fuckpigs


  • ace

    What a pussy!! When was the last time anyone has heard of a man dying from a dog attack!!!??? “IF” the dog was “attacking” kick the dog! there is NO need to shoot that dog! IF the dog was to keep coming at him than maybe shoot it. Even at that..what the hell is he doing shooting a dog FOUR times!? Shoot the dog once and disable the dog. There isn’t a need to keep shooting the dog. If he is afraid of a pet family and reacts like that..what does he do with humans when he is a scared little girl about it? All I know is he better be glad it was my dog.H onestly if I sued someone for every time they said “mean” things do to my fuck ups I’d be a millionaire! Gain control of your emotional issues man. Cope with your mess ups like the rest of the world has to. Besides if anyone has lost sleep its the woman who lost her dog. Grow balls and show you respect for the family’s loss! Clearly your family didn’t teach you any sense of responsibility or man hood!

    • DAWG
    • Gary Williams Jr.

      well said. sadly the cops lately, have proven time, and time again that they are dangerous, unthinking sociopaths. if they will attack a 10 yr old kid, just for filming them, in his own house, or body slam an old lady face first, then they will do it to anybody!! what’s next a baby!!!!???

  • whyrbagsignorant

    The police are the new radicals. They love to shoot anything. You can no longer trust the police. They are the enemy of all innocent people and animals.

    • Phillip Fauble

      Sure seems that way lately.

  • Phillip Fauble

    It’s only slander when it isn’t true. That dismisses his case. Now, the dogs owner’s case against him can start any time…

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      and defamation of “character” only applies if he can prove he has lost income do to the “slanderous comments”, or if the comments had prevented him from being hired in a position because of said comments. since neither of those things happened he can just go back to fondling himself while he looks at “policemans quarterly”

  • Bonnie Boduk

    Emotional stress, my big toe! That cop is a rotten stinker who is looking to *extort* money from the victim! If I was his boss, his ass would have already been fired.

  • Clint

    He needs to be put down

  • phaed

    Dorner please come back and kill this fuck!

  • jimmyt

    more terrorism from police

  • steven_l_jones

    I’m surprised. Any self respecting attorney would not take on a case like that…. It’s just about the cop getting into hot water and wanting to take it out on someone else. Why was he near the womans house in the first place? Did he receive a call….. What kind of circumstances led up to this incident? Did he place charges on anyone during that incident? Does he have a history of excessive use of force?

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      it’s either a police union lawyer, or he/they threatened the lawyer, like they no doubt did with the Kelly Thomas jury!

  • Kelly M. Carpenter

    F that cop. good luck with your lawsuit you piece of shit. there are way more dog lovers than cop lovers out there. no jury would award you cash for killing a defenseless animal. you are a disgrace to your uniform and all law enforcement officers everywhere. do us all a favor. drop the suit and quit the force you scumbag.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      the only problem with that is, the jury WOULD award it to him, because he’s a cop. look at the damning evidence from the Kelly Thomas murder, there was audio, and video from three different angles, plus eye witnesses, and they STILL FOUND THEM NOT GUILTY! it’s bullshit, but that’s how things are going these days. police have nothing to do with justice, especially in the post 9/11 amerika

  • Chum Lee Jr

    He is highly trained in giving testimony – he can make Dr. Seuss into Texas Chainsaw Massacre as calmly as you can turn a tap. His testimony will make judges cry – and he prob will win.

    Is anyone really surprised by these gorillas anymore?

    They steal, beat, lie, murder – with gov’t training and pensions. No way to put the monster back in the bottle – the only way things will change is if the cops forget who their protectors are, and start treating rich/powerful/connected people the way they treat us peons.

  • Difster

    Well, one thing is for sure that if he’s visiting his mama during work house, at least he’s not out absuing people. I fully condone the laziness of public employees.

  • Gene Reed

    I don’t think he will win his suit. Now if he had shot a human being. that would probably be a small amount to ask.

  • rightffielder

    FVCK THAT piece of SHITT COP!!!

  • Darlene Molina

    According to the official court complaint, Chicken shit officer Azwell has “suffered severe emotional distress, loss of sleep, emotional pain and anguish.”

    ~Dear Officer Jack-Ass, please go throw yourself off a cliff as soon as humanly possible. TIA! – Signed, Animal Lovers of the World.~

  • Chris McNair

    Tell these scum bags exactly how you feel, we need to stand up!

  • Anthony Quatroni

    If this was my neighbor ,I would have taken his sorry butt out LONG ago.

  • Coolage01

    Just proves even more of what a doushbag this guy is.

  • The Hippie Hound

    ??? What a pussy POS! She should counter sue for the same thing in witnessing that pig kill an innocent animal.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      or bring a civil suit against the coward for attempted murder. if she shot a cop dog, that’s EXACTLY what they would charge her with.

  • bobfairlane

    Why was the officer in her house?

  • changr

    wait wait wait… i get that shooting the dog is an unnecessary cruel and evil… but has severe emotionally distressed because of things that were said? so why is he carrying a gun? i’m sure there are far worse and terrible things he’s encountered on the job… right? or does he just shoot his way out of those situations too? can’t have complaint if there are no witnesses.

    • The AntiMan

      Not really. Cops have an overall safe and cushy job.

  • Donald Scobie

    Keep it up, take pictures of the bastard. Post pictures of him killing the dog in his neighborhood. Tell the neighbor kids what he does to peoples dogs.

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