Cops to Americans Seeking Justice for Kelly Thomas: “Waiting to Smash Your F*cking Faces in”


FULLERTON — Protests over the “not guilty” verdict of two cops who were seen on video murdering Kelly Thomas have been ongoing in Fullerton, CA.


Former police officer Ron Thomas, the victim’s father, was among those joining the protest. “I’m ashamed of ever having been a police officer,” he told reporters.

Amid the protests, police engaged in the usual tactics to boost their arrest records, including driving around in unmarked vehicles and performing random “snatch and grabs” of citizens with cameras.

At least 13 citizens have been arrested so far and many more have been threatened with violence for “failing to disperse.”


Americans continuing to demand justice for Thomas after criminals were found “not guilty” of killing him.

But one incident has stood out to citizens as a particularly disturbing glimpse into the mentality of the officers.

According to eyewitness reports published at DCClothesline, 30-yr-old Adam Walder, a resident of Fullerton, was among those holding signs at the protest to express demands for justice.

“As he held his sign and videotaped the happenings, he was encountered by police in riot gear and ordered to disperse, but then thrown into a paddy wagon when he didn’t move fast enough,” according to the report.

He was joined by several other handcuffed Americans inside the van.

As they were transported to jail, the officers were described as grinning and laughing.

That’s when one of the grinning officers turned to the handcuffed citizens and with “malice in his voice” said “There’s a pack of 12 cops waiting to smash your fucking faces in.”

Another officer added, “And I’ve got two words for all of you, ‘NOT GUILTY,'” as the officers laughed.

Were they gloating about the fact that they now have license to murder because of the precedent set by the “not guilty” verdict?

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Really honorable and brave, isn’t it?

These are the kinds of guys living off of your tax money.  Can you imagine them laughing at you behind closed doors, waiting for the chance to beat you, grinning in the knowledge that they’ll get away with it?

Or don’t imagine it. Watch it happen.

Watch a department collectively giggle and cheer in cult-like adulation after shooting a woman in the head with riot guns.

Hear about them laughing and high-fiving each other after Tasing a teenage boy to death, finding pleasure in the fact that the boy’s “asshole tightened up” as they kept electrocuting him until he stopped breathing.

Watch them smile with pleasure after ramming a boy’s head into a wall, giving him permanent brain damage.

You may find this kind of behavior surprising.

But when you pause to think about it, it’s not surprising.

The reality of the situation is that psychopathy has always existed. And for most of recorded human history, societies have dealt with psychopaths accordingly.

What is surprising is that we’re now living in a society that gives these guys sophisticated costumes, drones, tanks and other high-tech weaponry “for our safety.”

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  • Richard Vickers

    Its time we all do something about this. if you are serious about stopping this increasingly violent gang of thugs, you will have to be willing to disobey and in some instances physically fight off the police when they are assaulting fellow citizens. remember, WE are the people, we have the power. No matter what they say.

    • John Belmont

      I’m with you. This is such bullshit. I think we should have law enforcement, of course, but they need to pass some kind of rigorous psych eval before becoming gun/taser carrying officers. Seems too many psychopaths are slipping through the cracks.

      • George Hopkins

        Not slipping through the cracks, they purposely hire men with low IQ scores. Research it. They are cultivating killers on purpose. They hired a Sheriff near my town who was a paroled convict and ex drug smuggler. He used to fly plane loads of drugs onto his nearby ranch in his private plane.

        • Edward The Great

          Indeed. Hiring people smart enough to follow orders, but not smart enough to ask why they must follow said orders or the morality or legality of said orders. It’s human trafficking. It’s legalized slave trade with the private prison system. What did they do to slaves that resisted? They killed them.

        • John Belmont

          Wow! That is messed up! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  • Scott D

    The revolution needs to start NOW.

  • JonEdHil

    Where are all the gun-nuts? Why aren’t they banding together like the “well-regulated militia” they’re supposed to be? All I hear from them is griping and whining about Obama this and Obama that; the revolution needs to start now; it’s time we do something; it’s a police state; they’re gonna take our guns away; blah-blah-blah. So why don’t they and their buddies call each other up and commit to meeting somewhere when you know there’s going to be a large police contingent like this one, and just have yourselves a good old fashioned wild west shoot-out? I’ll tell you why; ’cause talk is cheap and you’re really just cowards. Well, shit or get off the pot!

    • deathfrogg

      These cops ARE those gun nuts.

      • JonEdHil

        You’re probably right. But I see a LOT of posts on these sites from cowboys who are obviously not cops. They talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.

        • Funkasaurasrex

          Just like you.

        • Scum Bag

          you’re a real tough guy. killing cops, while a good idea, will only result in the iron hammer from both the state and federal forces. Violence won’t work, it will require changing people’s minds about the state. Abolishing all public police is the only answer.

          • The AntiMan

            Let it happen, better sooner than this dragged out tyranny that is KILLING us.

          • Dmitri Schwartz

            In favor of what? PRIVATE police? Libertarian detected. Get out of here, Ayn Rand.

          • Funkasaurasrex

            Dictator detected, you get out.

          • Scum Bag

            private police forces are the only answer. government police are abusive, corrupt, unresponsive, and unaccountable. Private contracts between people and contractors can be challenged in court. Do you realize how many government cops rape, kill, torture, and frame innocent people? They are almost never investigated or punished. P.S. real libertarians don’t like ayn rand, she wasn’t a scholar or an intellectual. Real libertarians like menger, hayek, mises, rothbard, hoppe, r. murphy, etc.

            here is a video on private security.

          • bloodyspartan

            A well regulated Militia being necessary for the Security of a Free state, the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to keep and bear ARMS, shall not be infringed.

            Militia= All of us.
            Working together for the Common Good.
            Real tough is it not.

            Cops and Govt are not needed or ever wanted.
            Only by fools , cowards and Evil power mad scum.

          • Kami3k

            What a retarded Corporatist you actually are. Yea because the PMCs, do you even know what that means, have a perfectly clean record.

            “. Do you realize how many government cops rape, kill, torture, and frame innocent people?” No different then what the PMCs have been caught doing. Retard.

          • John

            Ayn worshippers are NOT the only kind of libertarian. Many libertarians do not like ayn rand.

          • bloodyspartan

            You protect your self as GOD intended and work with others.

          • Jostalin2013

            The iron hammer is chipping away daily right now. Cartel Justice must come North of the Border.

          • bloodyspartan

            Violence won’t work but Force properly applied will.
            YOU cannot ever stop the Evil by Voting.
            Gandhi was an Freak Occurrence and if the Brits were the Commies or Nazi’s they would all be dead!!!

            Plenty of Cops deserve to go, I know several who would kill and then tell me they are protected and safe.

        • Joe Chagnon

          I’m just waiting for Texas to kick off the revolution, they are poising to become the center of it by trying to take in all firearms manufacturers that are being prosecuted by out of control government. When it happens I’ll be there.

        • Adrianne Hnizdil

          Same thing I said to JonEdHil up a couple posts..sheep.

        • jmw_123

          I wish you people would stop using “cowboy” as an insult. Cowboys get up before dawn and work every day. If they don’t animals don’t get taken care of. It’s damned hard work. It’s work every day and there’s no one saying, “Oh, you poor dear, you need more coffee breaks or it’s 5:15, time to go home.”

          • JonEdHil

            “cow·boy noun -ˌbȯi 1. a man who rides a horse and whose job is to take care of cows or horses especially in the western U.S. 2. a man who performs in a rodeo 3. someone who has qualities that are commonly associated with the cowboys in movies; especially someone who does things that other people consider foolish and dangerous.

            Please note the 3rd definition. :>)

    • Funkasaurasrex

      Is that what you do? Cry for shootings? Demand the mean ol gun nuts start killing cops? Is that your best shot. You, are an embarrassment.

      • JonEdHil

        Whoa, hoss–or hosses! I absolutely do NOT recommend retaliating against the cops in like manner WHATSOEVER. The Hatfields and McCoys may make for colorful TV, but the reality is a painful, idiotic bitch. I was simply pointing out the disconnect between what so many commenters say on these sites and what they actually do. I forget that this is such an emotional issue that perhaps irony or sarcasm isn’t the best approach to the argument.
        I am personally, for the most part, a pacifist. Have never owned a gun, never will, and do not allow them in my residence. I do believe in self-defense and the defense of loved ones and the powerless, but I am very circumspect when it comes to the using physical violence against another human being. It actually scares me that my original comment has gotten 8 up votes to 2 down. THAT’S what I’m talking about.
        I appreciate sites like this because they give us underlings information we can present to people who might be able to do something about the problem: fellow voters, our local councilmen, mayors, police chiefs, etc. They need to know that this kind of abuse of position will not, cannot be tolerated. Either they get in line and curb their attack dogs or hit the bricks.
        I should have done a better job communicating the intent of my original post. I wish all of you nothing but personal peace and prosperity. Thanks for the check!

        • RescuemefromObummer

          Actually, you meant what you said the first time, but you got to thinking that Big Brother watches everything we do and under the Patriot act, the “AUTHORITIES” can now come into your home and take you to another country that sanctions torture for some good old fashioned “Interrogation”.
          Your second post will not absolve you…

          Expect a visit from us … soon.

          • JonEdHil

            Ohh pulleeease! Spare me the hystrionics! The drama! The faux Matrix dialogue! What did you have for supper, a little meth with a Nyquil chaser?! I don’t particularly care for cops, but I’m far more afraid (and that’s still not much) of some gun-toting waterhead redneck who’s seen “Falling Down” one too many times and decides it’s an instruction video on how to handle life’s disappointments!
            But you are kind of funny…

          • Helena_Handbasket

            For fuck’s sake, can you go masturbate on xnxx like a normal human being…. instead of masturbating your ego here?

        • Usurper

          What should scare you more is looking at my account and see how many up votes my comments have got.

          • JonEdHil

            Note that I said I was still not much afraid.

    • NoJohnLocke

      Yeah, that or gun nuts don’t get pushed around like pussies to begin with.

      Maybe instead of asking the police or the gun nuts to fight your fights for you, you should nut up for yourself, coward.

      • JonEdHil

        See below.

      • Willis

        You missed the point entirely. Gun nuts are all about constitutional rights being trampled on…

        • NoJohnLocke

          Another out-of-touch, sweeping generalization. Anyone really interested in politics will check efforts to make things worse for the proletariat. You could take a swing at a stereotype, if you want.

          • Willis

            Sure ok buddy. Overly political nutbag who takes swipes at anyone who doesn’t agree with what you say.

          • NoJohnLocke

            “I am NOT a nutbag!” – please tell me you get that reference 😀

          • Willis

            LOL ok.

      • Debbie Vigil

        Love it

    • The AntiMan

      The smart warriors out here will plan and know what to do, when and how and where. Cops are stupid for violating the Constitution on a daily basis and then to top it off, doing the murders, rapes & many other heinous crimes that you or me would be sent away forever for. I’m no cowboy but I am readying for the day where urban combat becomes a reality to take these pigs down and take down the whole govt in general, fight by fight, street by street, slowly, steadily, carefully. They’re only making it worse on themselves & the rest the more they keep this up.

    • russ

      You call people cowards while never offering to fight the cause yourself. You wish to hide behind the courage of others. So, just sit on your pot and put or shut up. Pussy

      • JonEdHil

        I’m not going to get into a pissing contest with you (with my prostate, you’d probably win) about who’s really Billy Bad-ass here. I’m confident enough. Just prove me wrong. My original post was (poorly, I’ll admit) tongue in cheek, but look at the other comments, just on this one, small thread. How many of these guys do you think will actually “fight the cause”? Instead, how many do you think will just get mad enough to post something, stay mad a little while, suck down a few more brews, go to bed, and wait for the next incident that pisses them off and start this all over again? Same comments, same rants and raves, same old same old. I’m not asking anyone to fight my battles except for the case of foreign invasion, and I really think it would be stupid to do half the things people threaten to do on this site. That said, I do understand the anger and the sense of impotence people feel. I fear that the cops do not. Keep in mind: I am not your enemy. They are.

        • some of us have already taken serious blows while fighting the cause

          • JonEdHil

            Kudos to you. Hope you are still well. I really mean that, straight up, no tongue-in-cheek or sarcasm.

          • thx . mostly well, though myself and daughter suffer ptsd and physical pain from illegal abductions and assaults by police two years ago

            all relative, as i’m relatively free, compared to, for instance, leonard peltier

            meanwhile, i do believe the constitution empowers us and holds us responsible to use every tool available to defend ourselves and others against state sponsored violence and tyranny

    • albitzian

      I feel you, but it’s not time yet. It’s getting close, but not yet. “Prudence hath shewn that governments long established should not be changed for light or transient reasons” I still believe we can fix this without a civil war.

      • fix this? are you joking? this country was founded on genocide and slavery, and protected it’s power to continue on using both as weapons and tools to hold their power, no matter the cost . this system is working perfectly as it was designed … ie not fixable

        • Richard Lindberg

          Please name one country not founded on genocide and slavery. A finding of a country takes removal of the natives. We were just the newest country to do so. We are not special in that aspect.

          • ‘a finding of a country takes removal of the natives’

            what a sick notion … one on which so many depend to excuse genocide

            you disgust me

          • Richard Lindberg

            ALL you have to do is look at history. I’m not for it, but to blame that U.S. is alone in this is wrong. It takes conquering to create a country. Simple, yet effective. It is an elitist move, not something this simple citizen would ever think about doing. I’m for the people, not governments.

          • the u.s. is right up there with israel in this crime of genocide … and every other colonialist ‘nation’ … england comes to mind

          • bloodyspartan

            Spare me the Indians wiped each other out plenty of times and made war because it was easier.
            So what they never abused the land or so you think.

            They were backward and for all their good could not really prepare for the future or unexpected.

            Just like animals roaming around depending on nature to provide.

            Without American the Whole world would have slipped into hell a long time ago.

            But here it comes now.
            GET READY.

      • RescuemefromObummer

        A civil war is citizen against citizen. Citizen against cop, soldier, etc is not civil war. Come to think of it, I study war and have yet to read of any war that was conducted in a civil manner……..
        Let us not speak of killing cops. Of course there are bad ones, and a group of bad ones could be aptly referred to as a gang, or even a band of thugs, but most cops are good folk. The us against them attitude will only widen the gap.
        We may not like lawyers, but every cop should be held accountable EVERY TIME by bloodsucking lawyers dragging them through court and the press. That can fix this. Hurting people will only draw a line in the sand forever.
        Bad idea.

        • if most cops were ‘good folk’ … they’d have run out the thugs long ago . we live in a police state, and every person, cop, judge … who allows the gang to control people is in collusion with that gang

          don’t the courts charge people with conspiracy if they know of crime but refuse to get involved in stopping it? yes

          why don’t the courts charge cops who stand idly by and watch, even facilitate, deadly beatings and shootings by other cops?

      • bloodyspartan

        Wrong and it is way too late , add up the Dead and you might understand.

    • hippybiker

      You are either federal agent, or a raving lunatic, or both.

      • JonEdHil

        Damn! Cover blown! It’s back to the salt mines for me…
        No seriously, I’m a raving lunatic…
        No, really seriously…can’t be sure which post you’re referring to. I think it was my original one. The one now with (shudder!) 20 (!) up-votes to 4 down. I am not a federale, but if my original post were serious–it was supposed to be dripping with sarcasm–you’re right, I would be a raving lunatic. Just check out my follow-ups for clarification and sanity. Peace!

        • RescuemefromObummer

          Yer running scared now…………

          • JonEdHil

            …He snarled as he twirled his mustache and fingered his pearl handled Colt 45…

    • Uncle Arty

      aren’t you somebody? why are you sitting on your ass doing nothing trying to get others to do what you yourself are unwilling to do?

      • JonEdHil

        This was sarcasm. Wish you’d check some of my follow ups.

    • Adrianne Hnizdil

      It’s not that simple. As you would know if you were doing ” your part”. The gun nuts? Your a fucking sheep. Waiting for any Shepard to herd you away from danger. When the ” gun nuts ” do something, it will likely be at a point they have deemed to be of the greatest impact. Why don’t you get some guns and shoot some cops now just to get the ball rolling. Since you care so much. Martyrdom is much more effective than bleating from the sidelines.

      • JonEdHil

        Martyrdom is evidence only of a man’s honesty- it is no evidence that he is not mistaken. Lysander Spooner
        My part? I have no dog in this fight (yet) and I have no desire to be that mistaken man! Rest assured that IF I ever truly feel compelled to pick up a gun, it will be with calm and serious deliberation, not hysteria. Sheep? No. I don’t flock or herd well with others.

        • Adrianne Hnizdil

          You talk around shit like a politician. I tell you that you are in no position to be asking why and you get all philosophical. Your “gun nuts” as you so put it, seem to not be hysterical at all! Go figure! Maybe people who stockpile guns and ammo in preparation for the eventual collapse of whatever security the American people think they have are actually not very nutty! It might be fair to assume that people who plan for such an event might not decide to smash into some cop party and open fire at the first signs of increased police brutality. Some can talk the talk but not walk the walk huh? You wouldn’t know the walk if it walked up in a shirt that said ” kiss me, I’m the Walk” and then introduced itself. “Nice to meet you, I’m the Walk”.

          • JonEdHil

            Ooo-kaaay, “Walk”, nice to meet you. Not quite sure exactly what it is you’re trying to say, but I got to hand it to you, the “talk around shit like a politician” line is pretty good; it’s not often I feel insulted, since most of the people doing the insulting haven’t got as much sense as a sack of bird shot, but, “Ouch!” that one actually hurts! I think being compared to a politician is one of the few things worse than being mistaken for law enforcement that I can think of. I can only assure you that I am neither. However, I consider myself fairly well read and aware of current affairs, and — though I could be wrong — I just don’t sense the same urgency that you do…yet. Sadly — though there have, in fact, been plenty that should have by now — there has yet to arise the case that would force the media to elevate the issue to national attention and bring public outrage to such a crescendo that either, A. police (and policing) policy across the board changed drastically, i.e., the swine in blue actually held to the high standard they are said to be–and punished accordingly, or, B. violent retaliation became the default norm. Whichever happens, I am not ashamed to admit I’m not quite sure which tack to take, other that “wait and see”. After all, discretion truly is the better part of valor. I do not disagree with you entirely, and cannot quite grasp the reason(s) for your animosity. My original complaint, for whatever that’s worth, was in response to the frequency in these threads of people making incredibly violent threats and “If that ever happened to me or my (kid, wife, husband, etc.), I’d kill the son-of-a-bitch” or “we need to rise up and start shooting these assholes” kind of talk, etc., but it never happens. If it ever does, it will be quite uglier than most of these folks think; I don’t believe many of them have thought it through…
            Anyway, I’m a babbler; probably said enough. Take care, regardless, and hope you have a good day.

            P.S. I believe I have indeed met “the Walk” once or twice, and you are correct: most folks wouldn’t recognize him (or her). And he would never announce his presence.

    • Carnyx

      The reason is because most gun owners are not nuts. Also, if I saw something like this and decided to intervene I would feel pretty certain NO ONE would help me.

    • Debbie Vigil

      All I can say to that is wow.

    • Big Leo

      When we do that, you whine about the poor victim of the crime — the criminal. Think Zimmerman.

    • Boko Hos

      Because those of us gun owners that are willing to kill them are waiting for time when the rest of you weaklings come to see they are the enemy and will be begging for us to do it. Right now, you’re not worth the effort.

    • Gunt

      Been wondering for years, when gun nuts would stand up and fight against government tyranny. Anytime the second amendment is threatened, you see a million articles a day. Yet when the First and Fourth are outright pissed on, ammo sales don’t even increase. Gun nuts are cowards. It’s why they have more guns than they have shooter’s. I own a firearm. Stupid not to. I just don’t set a place for it at the dinner table, and I’ve never once taken it inside walmart. I’ve been punched, plenty of times, it hurts much less than the guilt of killing a man, to avoid being face-punched.

      • Gunt

        Jesus christ, this article is over two years old???!!! When are you fucking turds going to start dating these goddamn things?

    • jsy

      1. Neo Nazi’s and KKK have infiltrated every major and most smaller police forces. FBI data confirms that. 2. KKKcop are mostly KKKowards. They treat gun nuts like they treat Hell’s angels: very carefully and respectfully.

  • Carl Thompson

    Time for citizens to start to shoot back.

  • Truth

    Looks like Fullerton needs their own Chris Dorner.

    • half the towns in this country needs their own dorner

  • Luis Olavarria

    Chrtistopher Dolmner .

  • Alexander Vucelic

    Cops really really hate Americans

  • Adenhart

    Not sure why anyone would still be in California after all that.

    • Warren Wilson

      Your wonderful state of Texas that has all the great business growth and personal freedom -and Glen Beck- is the place the cops beat people up for no reason, isn’t it?

  • darenIII

    its been happening to black people for many decades … its good in a way that white people now see what the cops are like

    its getting worse obviously if its happening to whites so …

    but this also a result of the celebrations of mass murder in others countries by our military

    chickens must come home to roost

    • this is the crux

    • JonEdHil

      You are sadly correct. I am of American Indian extraction, and while I cannot claim the same level of personal experience with hatred and prejudice, I know exactly what you mean ’bout the chickens. “Do not be deceived; God is not mocked. Whatever a man [and I would say nation based on the messages of Isaiah and the minor prophets] sows is what he reaps.”

    • Helena_Handbasket

      It has always happened to whites, if they’re poor. No doubt those of dusky hue have gotten it a bit worse… but the simple fact is that they always have and always will do it to whoever they can get away with doing it to.

  • Christopher Rice
  • Chaosfeminist

    “As he held his sign and videotaped the happenings, he was encountered by police in riot gear and ordered to disperse, but then thrown into a paddy wagon when he didn’t move fast enough,”

    Wait- someone is still using the term “paddy wagon”

  • JB fairness

    A cop pointed a gun at a mother and daughter at one the protests, while
    making frivilous arrests on other protesters last saturday. Based on the
    trends, it easy to correlate the decision of acquittal for this heinous crime
    against Kelly T. to the toll of citizen deaths to law enforcement that exceed
    soldiers lost in to war in the last decade. The disincentive to use non-lethal
    force by cops has cost millions of innocent lives.

    The “not guilty verdict” decision was by those who were not unbiased since it had members vested interest with the dept. And most of the evidence was not presented, but in fragments.

    A cross-section sample of the population (unbiased and without a
    vested interest nor relation with law enforcement) who can see all the evidence of this case and millions police-involved shootings who were never charged but should have been, and all if not most of the “use of force” ranging to “deadly force” will be termed a criminal charge from manslaughter to murder, if looked at by the cross-section sample of people of “good conscience”

    The life of the mother and daughter was endangered and traumatic, when the cop pointed his firearm at them, and he should be brought up on criminal charges.

  • Jean

    Certain police oligarchies have become the most dangerous organized and sophisticated criminal gangs of our society. The FBI and National Guard should do their jobs and bring these gangs to task, along with their masters, controllers and commanders who sit comfortably in the offices of Police Chiefs, Mayors, District Attorneys, Judicial Chambers, Attorneys General and Governors. They are doing what they are told to do and allowed to do. The use of governmental power at any level to violate any law or human right is not a privilege or simple misdemeanor but is a capital crime, sedition, undermining legitimate government from within, which merits the capital punishment* that legitimate government can impose. Moreover:

  • Linda Tillotson

    The Kelly Thomas case here in CA. has really disturbed me since these officers were found NOT GUILTY. I have watched the videos, and there is no doubt in my mind that Kelly was murdered by these officers. The following is a poem I’ve written about this incident:













    Written By
    Linda J. Tillotson.

  • dagdason

    Send these Fracking Animals to hell. FTP

  • dagdason

    In the Movie “Premium Rush” the corrupt cop is popped in the back of the head by his gangland handlers after he fails to complete his evil task … seems an appropriate fate for all corrupt cops and other cops that turn a blind eye

  • Tom Taurosa

    This really does have to stop, we the people are responsible for changing it. The war on drugs are just eroding the constitution. Time to have a war on recovery,, Fix the problem not make it worse..

  • David Markham

    If I were Kelly Thomas’s father I wouldn’t care what consequences I’d face to bring justice to the pigs. I would seek them out and deliver my own vengeance – being a former police officer I would know how to do it w/o being caught or convicted. That’s how these ‘M-Fers’ are trained.
    I would do it and sleep well the same night.

  • Uncle Arty

    some animals are so rabid the only thing you can do is put them down.

  • Melissa Supersaiyan Earthseed

    March 15th I implore everybody to do SOMETHING, even if you’re alone – although I reccomend a friend to film, just in case. Stand on a corner with a sign if you have to. It’s the Day against Police Brutality, and Oakland, CA has events going on there. I think we should make it national. I’ll be on the corner with a sign, a mask, and information for people.

  • Adam Brian

    Nothing will happen except more.

  • 10 months and ten days to go….

  • Seth R Hazen

    Press your local town councils to pass citizen oversite boards of your local police departments.
    Ask for county sheriff input, all complaints and discipline run through the citizen oversite board.

  • Voice of reason.

    I will remember your faces. Every single person who has taken out acts of violence against someone whilst acting under a protection such as a police force. I will remember you. I will remember your face. It doesn’t matter where or when but I will have justice. This is just the beginning. I hope your parents and there parents look down upon you with judgement. Because the world does. I will not stand to see this. And I will make that known.

  • Aztex

    Since the NYPD have refused to make minor arrests in the past few days .. after the two officers were shot to death, the crime rate has plumited .. think it is just a small lull before they get back to business as usual .. please note the Justice system has repeatedly let We the People down for decades by failing to hold these gangsters accountable. Ultimately our corrupt judges and courts are just as guilty .. or might I say .. even MORE guilty than the cops that perpetrate the violation of our GUARANTEED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS regularly. The ONLY reason for violence is lack of JUSTICE and AMerica is no Longer the Home of the BRAVE and there is NO LIBERTY and NO JUSTICE for anyone :/ I will never forget sitting there watching Kelly begging for help and calling out for his daddy .. If I had of been there I would have gone down with him. There is NO EXCUSE IMHO

  • Olgie Harris

    The only good cop is a _________ cop.

  • Stop supporting government with your votes!
    (Why do you think Obama want to make voting mandatory??)
    They govern by our consent, and we consent by voting.

  • Boko Hos

    I’d laugh in the face of any officer that threatened to smash my face in. It would be the last face he smashed, as soon as I was bailed out.

  • Diabolicus Rex

    You all voted for this, unless you’re Libertarian and vote that way.