Man Tries to Save Stray Cat, Cops Shoot Him to Death


DOTHAN — Another innocent American citizen has been shot to death by police. This time, the citizen was simply trying to help an animal.

The incident began when Robert Lawrence found a stray cat in need of help.

Robert picked up the cat and promptly took it to a nearby animal shelter where it could be provided with food and safety.

Employees at the shelter asked to see Robert’s drivers license. It is not known why they needed to see his ID, but according to reports they insisted on seeing it as Robert was leaving.

Robert, who happened to be a Sovereign Citizens member, did not own government-issued identification.

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The Sovereign Citizens group describes itself as an organization that adheres to common law instead of State-corporate law. They believe that the North American State (commonly known as the US Government) is basically a corporation or a quasi-corporation, and that humans have no inherent obligation to serve as de facto employees of such a corporation.

Thus they reject the assignment of social security numbers, government-issued identification, and other forms of regimented control over natural identity.

CaptureeRobert explained to the animal shelter workers that he was a Sovereign and, since he did not use government-issued identification, offered to show alternative paperwork that would sufficiently identify himself.

Apparently, the shelter workers and Robert got into a dispute at that point. Robert was told he was not allowed to leave the shelter until he produced proper government-issued identification. The workers decided it would be a good idea to call the police.

When police arrived, the situation spiraled out of control. They informed Robert that he was going to be arrested.

During the attempt to lay hands on Robert to arrest him, Robert “became combative” and a struggle ensued.

The officers then shot him with a taser gun but the electrocution did not stop Robert from “being combative.”

It was at that point that one of the officers, whose name has not been released, pulled out his gun, aimed it at Robert, and pulled the trigger, shooting Robert in the abdomen even though Robert was unarmed and never threatened to kill anybody.

We guess the officer “feared for his life.”

Robert was rushed to a hospital, where he died shortly thereafter.

Domesticated, obedient writers at various media outlets have — in their typical authoritarian zeal — demonized the victim, highlighting the fact that he was a Sovereign Citizen who had anger issues. They categorize Sovereign Citizens as an extremist group, and make wild comparisons between the victim and “school shooters.”

Mainstream “news” organizations don’t realize that they no longer hold a monopoly on public discourse, that any reasonably sane person is able to see through their propaganda no matter how much neuro-linguistic programming they use, and that the free flow of information on the Internet has rendered their fake style of reporting obsolete.

Regardless of Robert’s past anger toward government officials, regardless of his political affiliations, the fact remains that he was unarmed and shot to death by police.

It is so boringly typical for pro-establishment media outlets to demonize victims of police murder.

Kelly Thomas was a “filthy bum” who “looked suspicious.” Tamir Rice was a “rebellious punk” whose parents shouldn’t have let him play with a toy gun. Allen Locke was an “anti-government extremist” who shouldn’t have been supporting Native American rights. Eric Garner was a “fat thug” who should have just “obeyed orders.” Alas Robert Lawrence was an “angry anti-government extremist” who shouldn’t have “got combative.”

“Conservative” and “progressive” outlets play an endless ping-pong game over the political views or social status of the dead victims, as if any of it justifies the fact that these people are being shot by officers.

In a society of domestication and social control, getting “angry” at injustice or holding “radical” views is all the justification needed, apparently, for police to shoot you dead.

Watch the video below for more

(Warning: pro-establishment fairy tales, bootlicking, brainwashing, and victim-demonization may occur.)

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  • Not pro Israel

    How much more are we going to take?

  • Scottie Hochstetter

    he wasnt a sovereign citizen he was a sovereign…….big difference!

  • Klokinator

    When are we gonna start shooting cops and then demonizing their deaths, hmm? Or is that not okay because they’re “protectors of justice”?

    • James Dore

      they tried that in New York, now police only deal with violent and dangerous offenders in protest of people not letting them abuse their authority and power…

      • Heeb Deeb

        Which sadly, was a win, wasn’t it?

        • evangelical

          Sadly? We need more of it.

          Blood waters the liberty tree.

  • Mahmood Pooyanfar

    Why didnt he just walk out of the shelter?! why did he listen to the shelter employee telling him he cannot leave? He was free to leave after dropping off the cat and he should have done so. Even so, the cop was a piece of shit for shooting an unarmed man.

    • Gregory Peter Dupont

      This is what I’m wondering… My response would have been an upraised middle finger on the way out the door.

    • Guest

      Shelters make it impossible to just “drop off” an animal. I 100% support shelters, ASPCA, and the Humane Society, BUT they make it very difficult to help rescue animals.

    • occam’s.razor

      Shelters make it very difficult to just “drop off” an animal. I completely support shelters, ASPCA, and the Humane Society, but in all honesty they can complicate things when you go to drop a stray off. When my family and I found out a woman in our neighborhood was neglecting the litter of kittens her cat had, we called several shelters – all refused to help. We even called the police, as per one of the shelters directed. They refused to help, also. We ended up taking in the kittens ourselves. Shelters are kind of like Children Services sometimes – they start out with the best of intentions, but they can make things worse. I mean, all the guy was doing was dropping off a stray, why was it so important to get his personal info? They want to keep everything on file, documented, in case he turns out to be an abuser. Like I said, good intentions, but sometimes they complicate things.

      • Jimbob

        Lesson is- ignore people who you feel are being assholes in inconveniencing you and get on with your life….. or just take the strays home and use kijiji instead to find an owner.

    • BigGat

      Guessing electronic/magnetic door or man trap doors.

  • Tommy Olsen

    For the 10000000000000000 time USA, why are the police on a power trip?
    I know there are some real cops there, why are you not speaking up? Please tell me!

    You know every year, you will get on camera it is called development, soon we can see you everywhere !
    Btw: When is your DAM gonna government react ?

    Is this ok ? Do something !

    • That Guy

      We are trying to speak up. We have a government which demonizes us, an apathetic population, and so many stimulus thrown at us that its hard to stay focused sometimes.
      It’s an uphill battle, but we’re (slowly) making progress. I think. It’s really hard to tell sometimes.

  • Brandon Swords

    What the police do can be compared to Nazi Germany. Gestapo 2.0 on the streets of America.

    • Tommy Olsen

      this is sadly worse considering our time age..

      • Brandon Swords

        Seriously! I’m pretty sure that in a few centuries future civilizations are going to say “Okay, let me get this straight. America had 4% of the worlds population, but they had 25% of the worlds prison population, and they thought they lived in the Land of the Free? Weren’t they taught about Fascism is school? How did they let that happen RIGHT AFTER they saw what happened in Germany? Americans are some of the dumbest people I’ve ever read about.”

        • Tommy Olsen

          I have never seen such brutal force since ww2 , its like the dam police : Ohh i have a Badge so i can do what ever i want?

          Oh man i just wanna be like the “HULK” sometimes UNFAIRNESS!!


          • Steve Simpson

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          • regressive white trash reli

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            ……………………… thoroughly flagged

        • Chuck Dean

          You suck American cock.

          • regressive white trash reli

            ………………..crybaby troll profile above,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

        • Carl Owens

          I doubt it will take centuries for future civilizations to say that about us! Its a shame that more people dont realize this sad truth. We are all slaves that think we are free! Wake up folks

    • Spelunker4Plato

      “Shoot first and ask questions later, and don’t worry, no matter what happens, I will protect you.”

      -Hermann Goering

  • Alan Williams

    What a shitty news story. Had almost nothing to do with what actually happened. Most of the clip was talking about a prior arrest that had literally ZERO to do with that happened. I guess you can shoot whoever you want as long as the news media is on your side…..Thanks for reporting the news…..assholes.

  • FlatusOhlfart

    celebrate every time on of these malfeasant thug/cowards is gunned down… we need more dead cops!

  • Anne-Marie Mazur

    Wow, totally fucking biased news “reporting”. Holy fucking shit!

    • Joe

      That wasn’t news reporting, they are part of the problem…

  • Anne-Marie Mazur

    And who the hell are animal shelter employees to think they can make you produce identification? What planet IS this?

    • regressive white trash reli

      the animal shelter probably is “Christian” run and felt they had their religious right to hold and hassle this heathen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Barbara Fahey

        excuse me, what happened had nothing to do with religion. Are you as DUMB as you sound?

        • regressive white trash reli

          I enjoy abusing intellectuals(???) who “think” that religion has any use to modern humanity

      • Heather Gaillard Ballew

        Wtf? Are you not aware that a lot, if not the majority of the American people who oppose over regulation by our goverment and militarization of our police as well as police using excessive and lethal force are Christian? What do you think conservatism and the “tea party” movement is all about? Protecting our God given rights and protecting our constitution that our founding father’s put together to assure us of keeping our God given rights and liberties. You need to educate yourself and know who the enemy truly is because you have it completely backwards.

        • Jay Warren Clark

          One, our comfortable “Christians” will not save us. The majority of them are pure authoritarians who will take the police over the Constitution every chance they get. Two, the Tea Party became, almost immediately, an arm of the Republican Party and not a citizen’s movement at all! And, in case you missed it, the Republican Party was the party that betrayed the only member-candidate that had a chance to win the White House, Ron Paul. And, if you have a party that doesn’t want to win, then you have a party that has a second, hidden, agenda. And they will help us! Surely you are kidding. Which Kool Aid pitcher did you drink out of Heather? You might want to start reading between the lines girl. JWC

          • Arr Dee

            Sorry Jay, no cookies for you, either. True Christians follow the teaching of Jesus Christ and do not behave as you and others SAY that they do. Just because many people falsely claim that title does not make them Christian. They should always be called False Christians. Help us out and do this for us. You will know inside your heart when to add the word “False”. And you guys ARE right – we have ONE government now, regardless of party names and claims. Our economy is about to collapse. I ask you and everyone to learn about True Christians; we are not who you think we are. Seriously, read the first book of the New Testament – you are challenged to read what WE believe and what we commit to. See then if you can still call us “enemy”.

          • oh for fuck sake

          • Mike

            Maybe you want to figure out wich sort of “christians” youre gonna talk about first? Because stating self proclaimed facts about an incredibly ambiguous term is just plain stupid and doesnt lead to any consensus. Quite the opposite, it furthers disagreement. So start asking questions, stop trying to make up facts.

          • regressive white trash reli

            where did cain get his wife?

          • BigGat

            oh no you didn’t
            –Michael, where is the popcorn

          • LeslieFish

            Heheheheh. From “The Other People”. Look that one up.

          • regressive white trash reli

            adam / eve,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cain & abel. cain nukes abel– sent ( marked) to the land of nod. 3 people left,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so where did the new chic come from??

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            The Land of Nod? One of the arguments I make when discussing my faith is how many other ancient text from other civilizations share a lot of similarities as the Bible.

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            Who are the other people? I’ve never heard of that before. I will look that up.

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            Adam and Eve weren’t the first people. And thats what I read in the Bible. It’s the only thing that makes any sense. And guess what, what the Bible says, when you start w the first chapter, and then the 2cnd chapter of Genesis in order. Like any good piece of literature, when you take something out of context, it completely skews what the story actually says and your just left w an excerpt.

          • regressive white trash reli

            wrong answer———– god created adam,,,, took his rib and made eve
            that’s whats in the “book” chronologically; unless U try to say that as “god” created animals first– some ” animals ” were people???
            bible is fraught with mistakes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,especially the mistakes who cherry pick said bible to fit THEIR agenda

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            No, The first chapter is all about God created day/night, earth, animals, etc, etc. I read God created mankind. The 2cnd goes on, after that and then describes God creating Adam and Eve. In the first chapter, he’s already created man(kind). 2cnd chapter starts talking about Garden of Eden, Adam & Eve etc. At least that’s the way I read it. Am I certain Im right in how that reads to me and how I understand that? No, I could be misunderstanding something. Do I feel I should or even have the right to push my views on others? Absolutely not. I realize Im wrong plenty of times about all kinds of things and then learn something. I promise you Im not the only Christian who feels this way. One of the biggest part of Christianity, as far as how I see it, is realizing and admitting that I am wrong. That I surely don’t know everything and definitely don’t do everything right. That I am fallible and am no better than anyone else. What it’s about is having faith in and believing that God made a plan for all of not perfect to be able to reconcile w God by simply accepting the gift of Salvation. And again, that’s just my beliefs. My faith. Im not trying to push that on you or anyone else. And that one viewpoint of mine does not dictate my viewpoints on politics or what all I see wrong w our country. You have a right to any viewpoint or opinion or way of thinking you have & to express that. That’s one of the things that makes this country great and Id like to see it kept that way. The only real disagreement I have w what you’ve said and feel I can say is wrong is that Christians or Christianity is our biggest problem. I do understand that people who feel like they can shove their views down others throats is a big problem. As well as people who buy into stereotypes and assign characteristics to all people who fit into one “category” or another.

          • fit2Btied
          • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

            I don’t view links,,,why not write it out for me,,,,,,but b4 U do; remember—— your VOODOO book has this as ITS history:
            adam and eve,,,cain & abel,,,,,,,,,,,cain nukes abel,,,,,,,god sends cain to land of NOD ( with a mark telling all others –see adam and eve– to NOT kill cain),,,,,, so we have adam and eve; aging,,,and cain who is BYE BYE. so— according to YOUR “infallible ” book— where did cain get his wife? did he wait 14 yrs ( adam/eve have a daughter…1 yrs pregnancy….13 yrs to be a ‘woman’) and cain strolled back by and said ” thanks ma & pa,,,Im taking the chic???” lemme know

          • Neil

            You are making a lot of assumptions. Firstly, none of us know how much time passed between the events you describe.God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply and fill the face of the whole earth.

            Adam and Eve had other sons and daughters, who themselves had other sons and daughters. Incest wasn’t an issue then. So the ignorant person who asked the question where Cain got his wife from has their answer.

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            All of you guys, and I haven’t had a chance to read or respond to all, are describing people who are nothing like anyone I know and doesn’t think like.anyone I personally know. But I get it. One thing I didn’t realize was I was NOT referring to any politican when I was.describing the characteristics of Christians, including myself, in personal life. But reading my comment i realize i didnt cleary comvey what i meant. Ill try to respond to all.the.comments. kids are.finally at their dads, so i have some free time

          • Lee Cadena

            Matthew 22:21

            so is this a matter of God or government ? If it’s government then leave your God out of it cause the last “law” he made was the 10 commandments and he’s been quiet since .. well he did sign off on Mormons with gold tablets but since we lost those his angel decided to take them back lol .. I know I’m mocking Christians and I mean every offense if I still believed in santa you would mock me as well .. reason why there is supposed to be a separation of church and state.

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            Everything you just said is true. And you described “comfortable Christians” I don’t know what that is or what type of person that describes? Someone too complacent? There’s lot of folks that way, including Christians. Too many people apathetic? Yes way to.many people and some of those people are Christians. But there’s a lot of Christians who feel the same way as you. Take me for example, why do think I read this page? And I only responded to the original comment in order to point out many Christians are in disbelief and outraged on What’s happening and been hapining rapidly since George Bush 1 & 2. Both Bush’s spoke very favoribly of a “new world order”. Being Christian is NOT a political affliation. And Im pretty sure at least half of Christians feel that way, just statistically speaking

        • regressive white trash reli

          wrong answer—- our RIGHTS are legally given– not “god” given. need some example??
          OK,,,,,try to comprehend: (a) womens right to VOTE?? legislated in the early 1900’s………(b).minorities EQUAL rights? legislated in the 1960’s……right to own a GUN? NOT “god” given,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, right to peacefully protest? LEGISLATED; not “god” given.
          tea party?? “conservatives”????? what EXACTLY are regressives (conservatives) ‘conserving’??? based upon the past 30 yrs it is NOT fiscal prudence or equality for ALL americans,,,,,,,,,,,,,so what is it???
          NOTE: JEEEEEEEESUS is not god,,,,,,,,god is not jeeeeesus

          • Rhoady

            But there is no doubt at this point that you are a ragged-ass, parasitic, piss-poor excuse for a human being, libstain scumbag.

          • regressive white trash reli

            yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the facts do paint me in a picture being exactly what U wrote
            ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,funny: U were too busy crying to answer my question; eh?
            awwww,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,U poor white trash regressive religious “patriot”
            ,,,,,,,,,,did U tithe today??

          • Chuck Dean

            The black fungus continues. You give your kind the rap they get. Do your race a favor and walk in front of a speeding train, black vermon trash.

          • regressive white trash reli

            wrong answer needledick “chuck”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,im a white man ( german/French/English lineage) born in coral gables florida,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so please edify us all with MORE of your white trash religious racist regressive scumbag comments,,,OH DO!
            here is my photo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,vacationing in AZ late last yr; holding my 13 month old( at that time) pet argentine TEGU
            poor crybaby “chuck”……not even top cut filet; just “chuck”
            ( NOTE: I have played rather well basketball all of my adult life; and did play saxophone before I was 14 and did a lot of cocaine in the early 1980’s,,,,does that make me “black” also?
            ………….oh; and “chuck”; it is spelled VERMIN,,,,, so your ‘edgy-kashun’ mirrors Jethro bodine
            keep crying “chuck”……………..and keep reminding us all how BRILLIANT you and your white trash remain!!!

          • LeslieFish

            A “right” is a promise that a society gives to its members in exchange for their defense of it. The fewer rights, the less/worse defense — as viz. history. That’s a natural reaction. In that sense, you could argue that our rights are given by Nature.

          • regressive white trash reli

            explain voting to me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and juxtapose that with nature

          • patriot156

            Listen up moron Bruce Jenner look a like. The phrase God given rights is more of a human nature thing in which God created to begin with. So when someone makes the statement of God Given they arent saying God gave them that right they mean that in being created in Gods Image they are indowed with certain natural rights that no law can or should be taken away. Self defence is a universal natural reaction all people everywhere have. So saying God given basically means we all posses the same need for self preservation.
            But when you make laws against it you put us all in the posisition to be something different than what is natural for us.

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            You have a rright to believe Jesus isn’t God and vice versa. But guess what, many many Christians, Id go so far as to say at least 40-50% of all Christians share a lot of the same views as you.I don’t understand how you identify Christianity, you see that as a political party or siding w a specific party.

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            Wait I meant jeeeeeesus is not guuooohd

          • regressive white trash reli

            I abhor all religions as all religions seem to TRY2 tell us that THEY are correct/ no one else is correct
            Im agnostic; which means I don’t know what/where/who/why/when ETC “god” is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and I don’t care.
            NOTE: the base problems in THIS country are stemming from “Christians” forcing their views upon everyone else legislatively

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            And you have a point. Our rights being “God given” is just a personal viewpoint. That I don’t expect you to agree with.

          • patriot156

            A bruce Jenner look a-like Yaaahhhgg lol

        • evangelical

          You teaparty assclowns support the empire in the same way the liberal asscloas clowns do.

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            I didn’t did not mean tea party in the sense of a political party, more as a social movement and Im supporting the part that deals w governmental conservatism. Not pushing my other personal beliefs on other people. I just don’t understand why someone would assume the animal shelter employees who demanded the man’s Id would be assumed to be Christians. The Christians I know are totally against that kind of thing as well as the rights of ALL of us being stomped on and the police state in which we now live. But I didn’t convey what I really meant in my original statement very well

        • Butt

          Please shut up your Christian faggot.

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            That’s funny

          • regressive white trash reli

            ^^^^^regressive crybaby^^^^TROL^^^^Profile^^^^

        • Guest

          Conservatism and the tea party movement are about restricting rights to women, and removing social services because people are too “lazy”, and most tea party members seem to see the rally against cops as anti-american… which considering that’s the law of america it is.. I suppose I’m anti American, because I don’t believe in anything the US does anymore, even though I live here. The tea party is not a bunch of saints, it’s a bunch of idiots telling other idiots global warming doesn’t exist and denying that the rich have a larger role to play in supporting the people because they take in resources without putting resources out to be re-used in what is supposed to be an economic cycle (rich make money, rich spend money, poor people get paid, except it stops at rich get money) I’m sorry, but the tea party isn’t christian, and place police and the boys in blue right up there with military vets in terms of honoring and loving your country. Most organized Christian groups also get behind ostracizing the minorites. Individual christians are fine, but in larger groups they hide behind flags and racism, with exceptions being noteworthy enough that they are reported in the media for their lack of hardlining against “sins” that aren’t really hurting anyone.. including the people sinning. Please, dont’ use the tea party as an example, they are horrible, horrible uneducated human beings.

          • regressive white trash reli


          • ArmedPatriot

            ….and yet as the USA has become more ‘progressive’ the more we see mass shootings and senseless rioting / looting by minorities.
            Some ‘progress’.

          • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

            mass shootings are done overwhelmingly by white trash regressive GOP voting losers. care to dispute that fact??? or: maybe we can look at GOP dead soldiers and GOP spending

          • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

            mass shootings are done by 82% whites in past 22 yrs. U just got served

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            I didn’t mean the “tea party” in the sense of a political party. I meant it in the sense of a social movement. But I didn’t convey what I meant properly.

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            And Im also anti what America is becoming and has become

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            Also, what do you mean about retired military vets? I don’t understand assigning characteristics to all people who fit in one certain “category” or another. I see very few situations, and none conclusive where you can assume people’s viewpoints based of fitting in one category or another. There’s some generalizations you can make, for example, Im Christian so you can assome I believe in God. Im also governmentally conservative, so you can assume I strongly disagree w our government dictating every aspect of our lives. Over regulating everything, for example FDA regulations that tell me whether or not I can grow a garden in my back yard. What I can and can’t grow, etc. That I can’t purchase whole cows milk or eggs from a farmer down the road. Our government is trying to control every aspect of our lives. It’s been in high gear like that since George Bush 1

          • ArmedPatriot

            yeah….because we all know that everyone on public assistance are such hard workers.

        • Colin V

          Heather, are you aware that Christians are the group in the USA that approves torture use overwhelmingly over any other group?

          What is the Tea Party about? It’s about a bunch of dumb joe schmoe down the street idiots being used by the Koch brothers. It’s no secret the Tea Party started much in part from funding by them, yeah so much for a grass roots movement.

          Just look at the Tea Party politicians, most of them are laughing stocks and can’t govern a small town school board right much less a national level political seat.

          • LeslieFish

            The sad part is that the Tea Party started out as a grassroots libertarian movement. It was quickly taken over by power-hungry conservatives, who then used it to justify the really reactionary wing of the GOP. I watched it happen, and was amazed at the speed by which a popular movement was corrupted. Be warned, all!

          • Colin V

            It started out being funded by the Koch Brothers, if you wanna call them “grass roots”.

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            I didn’t mean “the tea party” in terms of a political sense. I meant as more of a social movement. The thing is, every Christian I know, just wants to support the liberties and freedoms we have for everyone. Im quite certain, you could poll folks in the majority of cities /states here and at least half the people who would.stand up and oppose.this happening and the accepted, unpunished, lawless, insane police brutality were suffering from as a nation, would identify themselves as.”Christians”. So I have no idea how y’all are describing. And I don’t truly support any party we have, Although I described myself as governmentally and fiscally conservative.

        • Heather Gaillard Ballew

          I haven’t hard a chance to read or respond to respond to the comments till now. You guys are all describing people who have way different views and characteristics than the Christians I know, including myself, in my personal life. And really reading my comment, I realize.I didn’t convey what I was.trying to say very quickly. But Ill read and try to respond to all of your questions. But let me say, it was not my intention to say that Im supporting any politician’s in any party. Im not a fool. I know that very precious few arent already bought and paid for and fewer of those are “for the people by the people”. The problem is this. country isn’t.been ran the way it was intended. We are so far removed from that. Our political system is completely corrupt.

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            Not “quickly”. Meant “carefully”

        • John Dix

          Its funny that you tell someone to educate themselves after defending the tea party. Every elected tea party member that I’ve heard speak, from Bachman to Gohmert was a flipping ignorant fool that had no idea about American history or the Constitution. I’d be surprised if you even knew what the tea in tea party stood for.

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            i know its been a while since i made this comment. And i did not do a very good job of conveying what i was trying to say. I was referring to the tea party as more of a social awareness movement, not a political one. Trust me, Im well aware our 2 party system is a farce and any career politicians in the tea party are still “career politicians”. There must be a complete overhaul over our entire congress and senate. And term limits must be set. But I have no idea what I can do to help bring about these changes. I know many others feel like me, but we have no idea what to do to correct the situation. Both democrates and republicans are pushing us closer and closer to the goal of the elitist, the one world government NWO. And id be a fool if i couldn’t admit that im sure there are those in the political side of the tea party working toward the same goals and agenda.

        • adamjdlm

          down with all WASP, burn them at the stake

        • Lee Cadena

          Umm Heather it’s well documented that our founding fathers didn’t believe everyone should have the right to vote they believed land owners should have the right to vote due to the fact if you can run a business you probably can make an educated choice on leadership and other matters that required votes also did you know that the founding fathers oposed factions such as democrats and Republicans it’s actually unconstitutional for our senate to be divided the way they are. The enemy here is laziness and corruption .. laziness on us letting it go un checked for so long and always thinking someone else is working on the problem for us and corruption is the government officials who abuse there power point is history shows us how we got here but it also shows us how we can change as well start a movement why wait for someone why don’t you start a movement get your friends your family there friends and their families and others will follow but if you wait for me to do it and I wait for you then we wait for nothing =) let’s start a revolution and stop fighting amongst ourselves and combine our efforts

        • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

          hey stooopid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,our RIGHTS are VOTED in; not “god” given. shall we review voting RIGHTS or RIGHTS to bear arms or RIGHTS to own a home or RIGHTS to a trial??? Hmmm? our founding fathers didn’t want ANY REEEEEEE-LIGION in government; or did U ‘fergit’ that?

      • PawneeBill47

        Fuck you. Your mother should have had an abortion.

        • regressive white trash reli

          ……………. poor little loser: still suckling the flaccid tete of the useless book of VOODOO and lies?
          (see: bible)

      • Cilia

        Regressive white trash is certainly accurate.

        • regressive white trash reli

          correct,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I enjoy my moniker as abuuusing white trash regressive religious scumbags who are ruining America,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
          PRAISE JEEEESUS!!!!

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            You are taking away from the importance of this site. You are distracting us from What’s important about stopping this insanity of our government militarizing our police force. We need solidarity, not dissension. Goodbye y’all. Learning experience. I won’t do this again.

          • regressive white trash reli

            I agree with what U say regarding the militarization of ‘police’. And,,,,,,,,,,,,, there is no “law” with expanding topics on any site- this included

          • Heather Gaillard Ballew

            I didn’t say us arguing was against the law. But regardless of our resinous views, we do all need to stand together in solidarity and refuse to accept the police state this country has become and take our rights back. And it does have to be “us the people”. We all know our politicians aren’t going to do it. Their all already bought and paid for. The whole system is corrupt. So what do we all do together to put pressure in the right places and take our country back?

          • Ben J Petrone

            I know you say you do not believe in God or Jesus’ can tell by your name calling and the blasphemy rhetoric and name calling that you are a very angry unstable person. Why are you calling people WHITE TRASH. You do not even know them. You had better be sure you are right about what you are saying about God. Because when you die ,and no matter what you say here on earth. EVERYONE including you will kneel before GOD. And if you do not accept JEDUS CHRIST as your LORD and SAVIOR YOYU are going to sped eternity in THE LAKE OF FIRE Known as HELL. It is your choice and no one elses..PS why do you keep your site as private .Are you afraid to let people see who and what you really are. May THE LORD BLESS you and keep you and your family

          • regressive white trash reli

            (a) im soooooo afraid of a “god” which allows holocausts and people such as MAO and STALIN to die peacefully
            (b) you need to pray to JEDUS (sp) to help U with your infantile spelling
            it “aint” MY ‘savior”………………… when we are dead we are dead

      • Guest

        no asshole. animal shelters are not run by christian orginizations.

        • regressive white trash reli

          actually; here in south FLA we have PRIVATE animal RESCUE organizations which; tied to some CHRISTIAN churches ( allowing a tax free ‘business’) ,,,,so I guess im an asshole and YOU….you? well; YOU are uneducated and spouting erroneous posts instead of doing easy2 find homework which would allow U to not only be more erudite but would impinge upon you “Olympic gold-medal” winning ability to show us how F*CKING brilliant you are!!!

      • Ben J Petrone

        Hey regressive .Just by that one statement you are BASHING us Christians. You do not know all of he facts so why don’t you just keep drinking your liberal kool ade.
        Who made you judge and jury. Sounds like you do not like WE CHRISTIANS. Get over it

        • regressive white trash reli

          *(a) its spelled kool aid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I prefer the raspberry
          (b) I hate all religions as they all are full of “doo doo”
          (c) if you truly believed in the garbage VOODOO U preach; no one could offend you.
          keep crying

          • Ben J Petrone

            In reply to your ignorant remarks.You have a child i feel sorry for it as you are going to lead that child down the wrong road .You are a racist ,a bigot .a person who has no respect for other views .You brought me up on the term COOL ADE that is how this term is used.I always feel sorry for people like you as you live in a world of complete ignorance .Your type seems to know it all. Very sad because you don’t. You are the typical LIBERAL .With your name calling and your know it all attitude . You will spend eternity in the lake of fire for your blasphemy and your UN beliefs. I bet you are in Obama’s pocket also

          • regressive white trash reli

            hey chumly,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,its spelled Kool ade,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, do U – in your shining brilliance– have such a problem with such a HUGE word???
            respect for other views?? TOTALLY!!! as long as shitbag scum sich as you keep YOUR superstitious views at home,,,,,I don’t ant to be forced to hear them; see them,,,,,ok? what do U not grasp??? U shitbags CRY about muslims and atheists all the time; so when someone bitches about YOUR dead VOODOO ,,,now U are “persecuted”???? really??
            NOTE: my daughter graduated from UM (fL) with a 4.o GPA and now– at age 23– has her own car; her own business ( photography studio) and her own 1400 sq ft condo about 3 blocks from the beach. ( see: “wrong road”)
            I love how white trash regressive religious SCUM such as YOU transpose YOUR jejune ignorance upon others–
            “spend eternity in a lake of fire”……………… brought to us all by a book which kills women for being NON virginal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tells us NOT to wear blended fabrics,,,,,,,,,,,DONT EAT SHRIMP/CRAB/LOBSTER,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and TRIES 2 tell us some filthy clan of beggars built a sea faring boat and stocked it full of AL: creatures; but doesn’t seem to know where cain got a wife? really??????

    • PawneeBill47

      ANY TIME you turn an animal over to a shelter they ask for ID, if the animal comes up stolen they know who turned it in. Imagine that, some pain in the ass neighbor steals a cat or dog he/she hates and drops it at the shelter. Nice hat rack ya got there, try using it to THINK with.

      • evangelical

        So let’s just kill innocent people? Fuchk you pawnee.

      • Anne-Marie Mazur

        Because you made it up that makes it true? Do you think millions of people haven’t dropped off animals at the shelter before? If someone is missing their pet, let’s see, where might they look…..oh, and animal control doesn’t ask for ID either when they come and remove a nuisance animal reported by a neighbor, so please make up something else equally as stupid.

      • Ned Weatherby

        Perhaps. but if you don’t have ID do they kidnap you? And that’s OK – in your eyes?

      • LeslieFish

        Why wouldn’t they accept what ID he had? For that matter, why didn’t he just say “forget it” and walk out?

    • magormissabib

      Thats what I was wondering. He obviously knows his rights and why didnt he drop off the cat and leave.Why wait for the pigs and even then, if your not driving,. no law requires you to produce a drivers license.

  • shortygreensplat the uk its called freemanship and its catching on

  • regressive white trash reli

    ” in a related story……………… FOX “news” has proof that if America had MORE GUNS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, this would NOT have happened ” POLICE have given the cop a paid two week ‘vacation” whilst charges will not be filed– ending the investigation by the police force who hired and paid this patriotic well-adjusted cop.

    • Heather Gaillard Ballew

      Why would you call this cop a patriot? Any actual patriot would support this man’s stance that it is illegal and unconstitutional to make someone possess and show a government issued Id. Have you been living under a rock or something? How can your views be the opposite of actual reality? And since Im sure it will come up, let me go ahead and say that NO, I did NOT vote for or support George Bush and his far over reaching, over controlling governmental policies either. And neither did most of my fellow patriots that I know

      • Jay Warren Clark

        She was being sarcastic. JWC

        • regressive white trash reli

          thank U jay,,,,,,,,,thats my girlfriend pic –holding our pet 15 moth old tegu,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,here is another pic of her

      • regressive white trash reli

        not very good at comprehension,,,are ya’???
        >>>>>>see: ..S..A..R..C..A..S..M.. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • Sgt. Killgood

    This cop should get a raise , He’s a cop , a Judge , a Jury and an Executioner . Why do we need courts for .

    • Michael Brightmon


      • evangelical

        Dredd hated judges but hated chaos more.. he was a product of a nuclear war ccaused by America’s last dictator.

        Dredd would have killed this cop.

  • kate

    I guess Dothem City Animal shelter can no longer be considered a Kill-free shelter?

  • Adam Smith

    im sick of talking about it to be honest problem is we will never stand together and the government was successful in creating that platform they broke every law to the point their making laws to cover up bad laws

  • Robert Rosenberger

    I wish the same standard applied to citizens if they fear for their life. If somebody breaks into your house and you use any type of weapon in them you can go to jail unless you can justify real fear for you life

  • Duh

    “admitted the officer was a professional” … yeah, professional hitman

    • Brandon Swords

      It’s hilarious that people think being a government henchmen is a “profession.” They’re just imbecilic troglodytes with guns who force the opinions of a few plutocrats onto the public. They’re fucking losers to the highest degree.

  • Jimbob

    Now Where are those criminal-cop-appeasing Konts who usually show up speaking from their asses in these forums to declare cops only shoot you if you are doing something wrong…… I hope in 2015, every SOB criminal cop meets with the worst outcome possible while on the job.

  • Jay Warren Clark

    Names, we need names. Who was the man who called the police? Until we have this the reporting job is not done. JWC

  • Steve

    How can they claim to care about animals if they don’t care about people?

  • martymarsh

    What do the slugs at the animal shelter need to see ID for, much less demand it.

  • Joe

    Who gives a rats ass about other insidents that were tossed..This man was executed by pussy cops.that are gun happy!! How dare his past even come into this??? The cop should be indicted for murder…

  • jim

    every where I have lived you don’t need govt ID to drop off a pet, they do like something saying you live in there covered area
    but they had no reason to say he could not leave until he showed ID or call the cops
    and if the cops knew the law or their own job they would have heard the issue and said ok by nothing wrong here

  • Frank Andrade

    i think the first thing is the animal hospital they were the cause they were no better than the cops the had no authority to ask for id from some one that was being kind to an animal . shame on them they should have their medical licence pulled

  • John’s Kawasaki


  • Arnt Johnsen

    They are adding in other serious crimes with this, is that so they could justify the killing? Sounds like that for me.

  • Carl Owens


  • John’s Kawasaki

    Its more like Italy´s Mussolini´s days, not Nazi Germany, Franco in Spain, this is NOT A POLICE STATE, it is a STATE TERRORISM, , There no POLICE STATE if the Gov is not involved

  • This dude was a punk

    Want a city service? Show proof of residency. Starting shit with an employee and getting physical with a cop is the reason I have a CHL because of you anti govt idiots out there thinking you are above the law.

    • Shane Walter Pond

      That is your right to carry around that perspective.. as long as you understand yours is not the only one… i could come up with many.. but would i call it a city service, or a service for gods creatures… then again i wont sit here and blow smoke towards anyone i would simply be manipulating words to serve my point lol.. but i am sure you get the point and i made it without calling you wrong or implying it either…

  • Higzy

    Why would they compare this to Sandy Hook? Was this a false flag hoax as well?

  • SlimJim

    In the name of all that is sacred and holy, PLEASE; if you’re going to write as a journalist, at least abide by the tried and true: who, what, when, WHERE, and how. Dothan – I assume the author knew it was in Alabama. Add a comma and two letters. Don’t give me the “google it” shit and I should have to follow your links. I hate them because I’ve gone to linked sites that locked up my browser despite all the ad blocking, malware-preventing extensions I have in place. Just a simple DOTHAN, AL is all I am asking for.

  • old409

    Read the Treaty of 1871. Robert was correct.

  • Shane Walter Pond

    UMM who the hell gave the animal shelter the right to hold prisoner of anyone trying to save the life of a animal? if i was to stop my girlfriend from leaving the house in the middle of a argument i would be charged with kidnapping,false imprisonment etc… I hope family sues the hell out of the animal shelter.. this is crazy

  • PawneeBill47

    You all are so full of shit and this is a very slanted, half truth story, blacks and other self persecuted people believe this cop hater shit to be factual.

  • PawneeBill47
  • Lisa Shepherd

    According to FBI statistics, posted online…NO ONE was murdered in Connecticut in December of 2013. Sandy Hook….do the research.

  • Amber Kathleen Ryan

    Another example of just how fucked up this world has become. FUCKED UP.

  • Quintus Cornish

    Why would you need a government id to leave an animal shelter? Also if he was such a monster why was he trying to help a cat?

  • Maggie Still
  • Maggie Still

    A change of the Photo would be appreciated.

  • Notorio

    Human extinction is coming!!!

  • Lance Harris

    I’m guessing since he was a white guy this won’t make the mainstream news! Lol

  • Nikki_Never

    Arguing about religion, whether for or against is just like two people shouting about being the smartest kid with Down’s Syndrome. Either way you sound f***ing retarded.

  • Nick Mayo

    if I was in that position and they said I wasn’t allowed to leave I would have just flipped them off and made a run for it.

  • BigGat

    Animal shelter has no right to detain anyone.. wtf

  • jimmyt

    And cops wonder why Americans are ambushing police

  • Johan Ahokangas

    Rest in peace Robert.
    Justice demands retribution on these cops.

  • Tracy Jordan

    It was not mentioned that there was video of what happened but the police confiscated the cell phone. What do they have to hide?

  • James Michael

    We call this murder….not to mention treason of oath…

  • rat

    and then… CRaZYbatShit society lol

  • patriot156

    more and more it seems the list has been activated that weve all been told about. sovereign citizens are on that list.

  • noname

    Damn. rest in peace, soldier. we will continue to combat the police and their authority over us. police are citizens trusted to abide by us. they do not work for us. they work for the government now. i never asked for any cop to protect me, id rather protect myself in AMERICA, and if i couldn’t protect myself; id call a crackhead before a cop. at least a crackhead won’t call the cops and get us killed! Such swine, you cops. Sui Juris. And for the record, he’s not a Sovereign citizen. to declare independence then declare yourself a part of a country is moronic. he was Sovereign.

  • Pilonius

    Bad scene if you can’t leave a place without ‘showing ID’

  • Renshaw

    They require ID so just in case there is evidence of any forms of abuse to the animal, they have a paper trail for answers. It’s that simple, you’d be surprised how many people try to dump off an abused animal, so they can get rid of the evidence of abuse. Whether they’re under investigation for animal cruelty, or trying to hide what they did from family

  • ArmedPatriot

    ok ok….but why become combative? Stay calm and cooperate so you DONT die and then sue the sht out of the cops if they violate your rights.

  • Gisbert Milanowski

    America is one huge pile of shit. Laws are shit, judges are corrupt, police is more violent than gang members, Social inequality due to missing social system, foreign policy of conquering other countries. Fuck America!

    • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

      move to any other country; let us know how that’s works out

  • Judith Bradford

    Typical– first the police attack someone, then accuse the attacked person of being “combative.” Since the accused person is, conveniently, DEAD, it’s awfully hard for him to argue.

  • Squirrel poo

    I live in Dothan, and this makes me sick! Please give this animal shelter a one star review thanks!;si:12574286001307362990

    Thanks! Stay safe guys!

  • Shemp

    cops escalate situations to self defense murder all the time.. coward pussies scaredy cats, fuck you.