Parents Devastated after Police Say “We Don’t Have Time for This!” and Kill Their Mentally Ill Child



BOILING SPRING LAKES — A family is deeply devastated after police murdered their mentally ill son in cold blood, according to reports.

Mark Wilsey called 911 because he was worried that his son was having a medical episode.

The boy, Keith Vidal, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and suffered from depression.

The 911 call was made after Keith wouldn’t let go of a small screwdriver.

Mark wanted some medical assistance to calm down his son responsibly, so that he didn’t accidentally harm himself. keith vidal filming cops police brutality

When personnel arrived, they were able to control the situation by negotiating with the boy.

The father thought that everything was under control, but he never expected what was about to happen as a cop, who has not been named, entered the home.

“Everything was going good until this fat cop from Southport walks in the room,” says the father.

The officer became violent and started tasing the boy.

The boy was shot three times with the taser gun and immediately fell back onto the ground.

He was then dog-piled by other two other officers, crushing him under their weight.

The boy weighed only 90 lbs.

“Two officers were on top of him. You know, he’s got the little screwdriver. I mean, I would have went and got the screwdriver from him,” says the father.

The father then rushed over to help and tried to grab the screwdriver away.

But the cop said “We don’t have time for this.”

That’s when he stepped between the father and the child, pulled out his gun, and shot the child in the chest — executing him immediately.

“I went to help, and I hear a shot!” said the father, devastated.

The cop was aiming to fire another shot.

The father says that at that point he had to grab the officer to prevent him from shooting again.


“What did you shoot my son for?!  There was no reason to shoot my son!” the father yelled.

The cop who moments earlier said “We don’t have time for this” changed his story to “I’m protecting my officers.”

The boy’s parents watched their son die in a pool of his own blood, which caused the mother to suffer a breakdown at the scene.

Keith Vidal was only 90 lbs and five feet tall — he had no history of violence and got along great with other children in the neighborhood.

He was enrolled in college while still in highschool, on his way to achieving academic success. Sadly, it has all been taken from him.

“He just wanted to keep to himself but he really was just an outgoing kid, he loved to do stuff. He was talking about coming and pressure washing working with me in the summertime,” says his brother.

“He was only 18. He hasn’t even started his life yet, and now he’ll never get the chance to,” he continued.

The mother was deeply saddened after recovering from her breakdown. She believes that the officer is a murderer and should be put to death, according to reports.

“There was no reason to shoot my son. They killed my son in cold blood! We called for help and they killed my son.”

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The officer’s name has not been released.

He has been put on leave, still collecting paychecks from Americans who are forced to fund his career via “taxes.”

The Southport Police Department assured the media that they are internally investigating the issue, according to reports.

The family reports that the police are trying to cover-up the murder. Video below:

WECT, weather

 Department says first cop to arrive at the scene acted according to policy. Cop who killed child gets paid leave while under review.

The Boiling Springs Lakes Police department now claims that the officer who first arrived didn’t violate any department policies or laws. This officer was not the officer who shot the family’s son, though he was present at the scene. Reports have surfaced indicating that the officer who pulled the trigger might be Bryon Vassey, who is on “paid leave” and still under investigation.

Brad Shirley, chief of police, released a statement from the department regarding their “internal review”:

The Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department would like to express that our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Keith Vidal.

Communities are outraged after finding out "paid leave" was given to the cop who shot the boy in the chest.

Despite his schizophrenia, Keith Vidal was enrolled in college and wanted to be successful. He had no history of violence and was loved by his family and community.

Our agency has conducted an internal review of the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Officer who initially responded to the call for service and there is no indication that departmental policy or state law was violated by the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department officer.

I am unable to comment further on the investigation and will refer all requests for information relating to the investigation to the Brunswick County District Attorney or the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. Our agency is committed to assisting both the District Attorney and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation in their efforts.

Police Group Says It’s OK That Cop Executed Child

A group of cops who claim on their Facebook page to be “the voice of law enforcement officers” have been caught publicly defending the execution of the child.

The group calls itself “North Carolina Police Benevolent Association.” Its opinion on the matter was reported by CNN.

Unbelievably — yet unsurprisingly — they say that the cop was justified in killing the child because he believed the boy posed a “deadly threat” to another officer.

You read that correctly. A tiny 90 lb boy, surrounded by three cops with tasers and guns and bulletproof armor, was a “deadly threat.”

The cop who killed the child “employed authorized law enforcement action,” they say, “to stop the continuing threat of deadly harm to another officer.”

The Facebook page of the "North Carolina Police Benevolent Association."

The Facebook page of the “North Carolina Police Benevolent Association.”

Meanwhile, messages from Americans who are heartbroken and who have a sense of real justice continue to pour in on Keith Vidal’s facebook profile.

Keith was loved by his family and community and posed no "deadly threat" to anybody.

Keith was loved by his family and community and posed no “deadly threat” to anybody.

 Communities Want Justice, Holding Vigils

Communities continue to protest and hold vigils for Keith Vidal, a mentally ill child, after a cop said “We don’t have time for this” and executed Keith in front of his parents.

According to a report by State Port Pilot, hundreds of community members and families gathered recently for a vigil in memory of Keith.

“I think being a parent, I know that if the shoe was on the other foot, I would need support,” said Connie Propst, one of the organizers of the vigil.

Karen Fay, a friend of Keith’s mother, also promised to stand by her side until justice is served.

“I’ll be by her side until she accomplishes all that she needs to do to make sure that she gets justice and this doesn’t happen again to another child,” says Fay.

The family’s attorney, Adrian Iapalucci, concluded the vigil by saying, “Justice may take some time, but I know we will get it.”




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  • Stop calling the government for help! They do not help you.

    • Joey Begood

      You beat me to saying that exactly!

      • Greg Williams

        but he was calling for MEDICAL help – not the police. Why is that unreasonable??

        • someone

          Unfortunately, the med-team will not engage if the threat is too high. That’s what the police are for.

          • Unity Nowe

            the police are there to escalate any possible threat and make one where there is none

          • Wizard of Oz

            That’s very true. They will try to provoke responses to have reason to use force, then charge you with resisting arrest and obstruction of justice, etc. Or, they’ll murder you.

          • John Redman

            In another blog, they were discussing the “First Rule” of policing – make it home for dinner. I countered that with “Shout “Stop Resisting””.

          • ykronos

            It’s kinda like when you go to buy something and the sales rep tries to up-sell you more items to increase their commission. They know that if can escelate the situation they can literally charge you with a crime which makes it worth their time going out there in the first place. No crime – no charges – money lost for the police department. It’s simply business to them!

          • RN

            Exactly and in this case an 18 yo boy lost his life because the Officers Exerted LETHAL FORCE where it was clearly not called for. Police Depts are going to clear their officers because they ALL stick together,

          • mackpeterson

            Call a private ambulance company. Do not call 911.

          • Guest

            Which is many times more expensive.

          • Steven Boyd

            Better than getting killed

          • Chris Read

            The police are automatically alerted when an emergency call goes out, under the presumption that having police at a scene will be helpful for any kind of situation. Unfortunately, an officer’s need to assert his dominance often trumps the needs of the situation, and the police can cause more problems than they solve, often with lethal consequences. This article is identical to an event that took place near where I live, in Canada, on Vancouver Island. A mentally troubled child appeared to be having “an episode” so the mom called paramedics. The medics come in, cure, wrap up and leave, and then the cops arrive, beat the child and his mother, and then arrest the mother (who ended up needing 50 stitches to put her jaw back together). No charges against the family, all charges against the police were defeated in court. Sad, sad time

    • Marilen Blanco

      so very sad, so very true

  • Andrew Kurdziel


    • Beau Biever

      These pigs not them as a whole. Just because this website points certain cops out doesn’t mean they are all clumped together in the same boat.

      • Andrew Kurdziel

        Yeah only 99% of them are PIGS

        • Beau Biever

          Let me guess cops did something to you and you hate them as a whole for it. I could say the same shit, saw a article where two black teenagers beat a 12 year old white girl. But we dont go around saying DEATH TO NIGGERS

          • Justsomeguy151

            Let me guess. You are so stupid you’d rather bend over backwards to defend murderers than to acknowledge that there is an epidemic of pigs murdering citizens because they think they are above the law.

          • Piret Rhapsodos

            And lemme guess, you’re going to believe this site, since it’s been known to be one-sided? Really? Good. Go with him. If people started questioning media, instead of being dumbasses, more things could get fixed. And this goes beyond changing profile pics, wearing a defunct mask, or acting like a smug collegiate elitist, JSG.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Well genius, why aren’t you questioning the right media?? You are whining about an independent news site but not questioning the corporate media, the bought and paid for puppets of the criminal elite. So save that BS “question the media” lie. You only question any media that doesn’t reinforce your brainwashing by the tyrants who’ve enslaved you. You rarely hear any of these murderous cops that paints them in an unfavorable light. They ALWAYS investigate and protect their own so they are never held accountable.

          • Joseph Jove

            One-sided? Like you?

          • Jomann

            Some do.

        • Piret Rhapsodos

          Awww, did your old ass get arrested for being useless to society? Good! Go with him.

          • ace

            NO I am an upstanding citizen and a Patriot against such mistreatment by government and government lackys. WAKE UP OLD MAN

          • Andrew Kurdziel

            FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. I am a veteran of the Vietnamese war. I served my country by force, being drafted. The US is the EVIL EMPIRE, and PIGS are the elites lackies.

      • Keegan

        The pigs are not just the ones that perform the atrocities; the cops that turn a blind eye and allow this sort of thing to happen over and over again. The fact that the so-called consequence tends to be “paid leave” is absolutely despicable.

        • Beau Biever

          I agree 100% but this idiot above us commenting is just a moron. Yeah some cops do terrible acts but compared to what good most of them do they are a help, without them we would see a lot more things like this going around.

          • Justsomeguy151

            YOU are a fucking moron. The fact that this kind of murder is rampant says there are NO “good cops”. if there were, this lardass would have been fired long ago.

          • Andrew Kurdziel

            Get out of your dreamworld. Don’t you know that in the past years that MORE innocent civilians have been murdered by PIGS than all the deaths of armed forces in the ongoing illegal wars commited by the US. WAKE THE FUCK UP

      • Andrew Kurdziel

        You show me the GOOD pigs and what have they have protested against the bad pigs. There is none

      • Jomann

        no they all are terrible, they understand the stigma and they still join. they know what they are getting into. “wow being a police officer is a great way to help my community and promote peace and security” said no cop ever. They just want a fucking thrill ride these days. big guns fast cars and plenty of action. all they have to do is think up a scenario.

    • miki

      you are sick, my boyfriend is a soon to be cop and he is willing to got out to protect the lives of dicks like you

      • Ace

        Your boyfriend is soon to be a LACKY for the elite. Nothing more. Obviously there will be brainless wenches like you that will do anything for a uniform.

      • Andrew Kurdziel

        Your boyfriend is probably one of those kids that got his ass beat through school and now wants to hide behind a badge to pay back. Pigs are not normal people. They are psychotic sociopaths abusing their powers just for the sake of feeling powerful.

  • DanSimpson

    If the truth be known, the cocksuckers are not investigating a goddamn thing, they are just biding their time, hoping the uproar will die down in s couple of weeks, so the fat clob piece of shit can go back to work. Personally, I hope the fucking scumbag has a heart attack and dies. People need to take photos of his burning corpse and post them here,, or om FB. Hope someone is able to track down his name and address, and post it here, so everyone can get in on the lynching, & get a piece of this sonofabitch’s ass.

    • hello kitty

      we all need to work in a community. For example, we all can follow the cop and one of us can put highly concentrated cholestrol and fat in his doughnut and watch the magic heart attack happen.

    • Seth R Hazen

      Release name for some family justice.

    • Kimberly

      His name is Bryon Vassey. His phone # and address (according to the white pages) are:

      (910) 845-2211

      109 N. Shore Dr., Southport, NC 28461

      • Piret Rhapsodos

        You even sure? Since you think that tactic will work, they can get you behind any form of proxy. 😉

      • miki

        thats not a good idea, this may come back to bite you in the ass
        but he is a dick so whatever

      • Jomann

        send him pizza and glitter

    • Although our strong emotional reaction is justified any suggestion of people taking revenge and harming another person is NOT justified. Peace is not found by harming those who have harmed us. Let us call it what it is but lets not become the very evil we despise.

      • Jacob Lay

        An eye for an eye! That family deserves justice! They should break out the electric chair just for him!

      • Justsomeguy151

        Who wants peace? I think people want justice. Justice would be that pig being put down like the rabid animal he is.

        • popesergioIII

          Stop mooching off the state and get a job hick. My tax dollars are supporting your fat crack smoking ass. How else do you have time to write the same “statist”, “life creating life” statements over and over again like a retarded parrot. Get of your sloth ass, which is a sin by the way, and get a job. Blowing cops in the bathroom for nickels is not enough to support your crack habit.

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      • Piret Rhapsodos

        Sweetie, this whole site is managed and commented by Cop-Haters. What they want is a Chaotic World and Anarchy, but what they don’t realize is 75% of them would be dead the moment that happened.

        • Justsomeguy151

          Your stupid ass would be among the first. The pigs you worship will NOT protect you, idiot.

          • miki

            yes they will, my boyfriend, a soon to be policeofficer,has protect me, and many others many times so back the fuck up with your ignorant bullshit

          • Justsomeguy151

            You sound like a dumbass 8 yr old. So shut the fuck up and learn to form a coherent thought.

          • rastamanvibrations

            remember the la riots,130,000 strong police force,shit their pants and hid at home.they are the new praetorian guards but if people really believed in the power of unity they are scared of us but thats why they keep us divided with racism,bigotry.power to the people,look at the history of america,folks its time to bring back some of the folk heroes of the past and I am not american but canadian asian.thats what it means to be real,white,asians they keep us divided with bigotry,world jewry.time to pick up a gun and go into the hills.

        • Jen

          We don’t hate the police….we hate police brutality and the use of unnecessary force. We hate murderers….cops or not, their deadly tactics and actions are unnecessary and UN-JUST. We will stand up for those lost that can no longer stand up for themselves.

        • Joseph Jove

          Really? I would be dead without some low I.Q. twit there to protect me?

        • Wanda Switzer

          May I ask why you even visit this site ? It sounds as if your opinion of it is poor to say the least.

        • james Ryan

          lmao. the cops and goverment arnt the only ones trained. arent the only ones with explosives, armor vehicles, radar,body armor, fully auto weapons, machine guns, explosive rounds, well i think you get my point. and i think they thought the same thing during the revelutionary war. and im not a cop hater. but he will be let off leneintly when he deserves the death sentence.cops think there something more than a human being. there not. nothing gives them more power than the next man. a fucking screw driver. foreal.. a screw driver does not threaten the life of a competent man. in fact a competent man shouldnt even be worried about a screw driver. no less 3 competent men. lucky it wont my home. that cop woulda got a face full of copper.

        • Jazzi Blonde

          It states specifically the cop said “we dont have time for this” and shot the kid dead. “WE DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS” now hes sitting around on his fat ass, collecting a welfare check, yeah when you dont work and get tax payers money, its welfare ! Knowing he will be protected and get his job back. Where are the t shirts that read “We dont have time for this” ??? The fat bastard just shot the kid dead in front of his parents and is now trying to recant his story, if his fellow offices have any ounce of decency, they would step forward and TELL THE TRUTH, and have this fat ass held responsible for killing this young man. Again, never, ever ever call the cops. You will end up on the 6:00 news.

        • Mike Surack

          Look at this guy, trotting out that sad, tired old lie that civilization would collapse into anarchy without the authority of the police to protect us…..

      • mackpeterson

        You’d be surprised at how peaceful and HUMAN the cops are in many of those countries and communities where there is a history of citizens having arisen violently in opposition to the police’s brutalizing of the public. Jesus, look at Kiev. Revolution in the streets for a solid week, occupied government buildings and the cops have only killed a couple of protesters. If that happened in a real police state like the US, the cops and military would kill with impunity. Hundreds if not thousands of protesters would die and the public would cheer the bloodshed on.

      • Kay

        I understand what your saying it only hurts you to be that angry & vindictive. Although It may be different if it was a member of my family that was taken away at such a young age, in such a seemingly unfair,brutal, waste of a life. & if it was my child I know for a fact I would not be rational in the least bit, no way,no how, no matter how much my mind told me it was the right thing to do. Other then immediate family members, grieving humanity if you want to do something to honor this young mans life and the memories of him spend your energy by making this world a better more kind and loving place,stop the judgmental hate, stop causing pain to fellow human beings, be the change you want to see people! be the love! I agree with the fact you can’t call the police for help, I have heard too many stories like this, the police are not our friends,there is no such thing as PEACE OFFICERS” anymore they are not there to help anymore. People we need to help each other,humans for humanity. If you think our government is not there for us, you are sadly mistaken.

      • Swampfox

        So said the German Jew!

    • Swampfox

      Cops investigating cops, what an oxymoron. They deserve to be thrown in jail, post bond, can’t work until after a jury trail ( which will take 2 years and all of your savings). See the difference between cops and citizens? Cops have no honor.

  • anonymous

    Fuck the Police…expect us motherfuckers…

  • sickntired

    another reason to never call the thug cops.. too bad there isn’t more cops like the on in LA who when on a cop killing spreed

  • Dave Henry

    This was a white kid. NOTHING will be done about it.

    • Avery

      Fuck you idiot. This happens every 36 hours in black and Latino communities. Asshole idiot racists make excuses for cops when they kill black and Latino kids and then complain about them having immunity to the law. Maybe if idiot racists wouldn’t flock to the pigs defense whenever they kill kids whose skin color you don’t approve of then we wouldn’t then maybe they wouldn’t feel so fucking comfortable killing children. Fucking cowards. Racism serves the state. You are a good little puppet.

      • Theodora

        Well said, these things happen in stages, when the police kill black and Latino children with impunity without checks or balances and no condemnation from the majority in the country, the police become complacent and they start killing Caucasian kids.

        • Dave Henry

          18-5 You assholes lose.

          • Theodora

            Your too dumb to answer, so I’ll just tell you how thick you are.

          • Dave Henry

            I’d love to hear your defense of this.

          • Bievahh

            It’s fucking true. One thing happens to a black person if a white person did it it makes national news and is considered racist and a hate crime. Racism goes two ways. It’s also about time where the black community not all but most stop playing the slavery card shit. If the Jews got over hating Germans for the Holocaust you all can get over slavery and how we still oppress other races. We were not the ones that made you stay in the US could have event back to Africa but that shit hole is far worse so stop complaining a work hard and you will succeed.

    • Wizard of Oz


      • Dave Henry

        Niggers knock out white people=game
        White guy knocks out a nigger=hate crime

        Wake up assholes!

        • chris

          Look at the niggers and nigger lovers trying to make this about them. They are just starving for attention arent they. Fucking scum niggers! Let the white kid be mourned without making it about your nigger neighborhoods and what happens their. By the way there is plenty off poor white people who are oppresed and live below poverty. We will not feel sorry for you stank as nigglets as you wont for us. The longer you try to mock the whites the more we will have something to fight for. Keep it up.

          • JonEdHil

            Wow, you sound like a cop!

          • Bievahh

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        • Wizard of Oz

          I think this kid died unnecessarily. Murder is murder. PIGS kill people all the time. Mostly to what used to be minority races. They are no longer in the minority. Saying there will be no justice because he was White doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. The truth is that there never is any repercussions for pigs when they murder, whether it’s a young White kid or Black, or Latino. Those that wear the badge get away with it all the time. They tried to kill me a couple times. I am Latino, so you will likely call me a Spic, or wetback, or something originally brilliant like that. The fact is that with racial tensions brewing and being instigated by our ruling elite, the pigs will easily defeat civilians. They outgun civilians with DHS, FEMA, and the drones will be used soon in America, too. By the way, I was innocent when they blew up my house. But I was also not home, so I survived.

          • Bievahh

            Do you really realize how fucking dumb you sound? Blowing up your house and trying to kill you multiple times? If they tried that hard to kill you, you must be worth killing so I’d gladly kill you.

          • Wizard of Oz

            You’re just a pecker-neck, pencil-pecker, peckerwood, and likely a pig cop, also. I can’t elaborate on all the true details, lest I further jeopardize my future. But I will say that they didn’t actually “blow up” my house, but usual tactics and equipment were used to cause thousands of dollars in damage. There were flash-bang grenades, CN canisters, and other shit like a police tractor. My cat was inside, but I was not. Pigs are cruel, and just because they brutally beat me some years before doesn’t mean I deserved it or that I was even guilty of a crime. If someone tries to kill another, it doesn’t necessarily mean that person is “worth killing.” Victims of murder don’t usually deserve to die. Go back to Europe, and take all your peckerwood devil friends with you. The Indians never invited you to come and tell everyone how to live their lives, just because you think your shit don’t stink because of your skin tone.

          • Bievahh

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          • Wizard of Oz

            Typical racist ‘Wood. I suspect you’re a cop on duty, trolling for “anarchists.” I’m ending this discussion. Don’t bother with any more death threats, I won’t reply.

    • Spookie Bones

      Wow, you’re stupid.

  • anonymous

    According to the video, the cop who shot the kid was Officer Bryon Vassey @ Southport Police
    Phone:(910) 454-9792

  • chadp

    Murder! I pray for the family.

  • armed hick

    The mother is correct. The officer deserves the death penelty.

  • Daniel Dann

    That cop needs to be shot in the chest point blank to death,no prison payed by tax payers.

  • Cromwell

    This prick should be shown the same kindness Kim Jung Un showed his uncle.

  • Nate

    Like I have said time and time again, never trust the police.

  • Eddie Goins

    eye for an eye, if the system won’t help you, do it your self. I would give my life for my child in a moments notice. I swear by all that is holy, I would have dealt with that cop then and there, damn the the rest of them and the outcome, that one would be in hell with me!

  • Clive

    If this actually went down the way the family says it did, I’d almost certainly be on trial for having immediately killed that cop in lawful defense of my home and family if I were that father.

  • Alan Wescoat

    Once again, as in many reports such as this, no police officers involved are named. What kind of reporting is that?

  • David S


    • Christopher Smith

      You might get money from suing them, but know for sure there is almost zero chance that any of these pieces of shit will get worse than a few days paid vacation, even the shooter. And if you think your congressman or senator is gonna do anything at all to their number one protectors, you are totally dreaming. What would work is getting a bunch of people, get into this cops house when he is out and then wait for him to come home, scare him til begs for his life as I bet the little guy he shot was doing, then say his words back to him ” we don’t have time for this”, and then turn him into a sieve. Then torch the house.

    • daveschillaxin

      Fuck the money, money is what got us here. They should be shown eye for an eye. Death.

  • Stephen Triv


    • Christopher Smith

      A ninety pound kid with a tiny screwdriver validates lethal force by three fat pieces of shit who are too big of pussies to do their job without murdering people? Now who’s retarded? Btw, moron, the kid isnt retarded, he’s schizophrenic. If he was retarded, how was he on par or ahead of his peers in school then? I think you need to put down the koolaid, learn how to read, then go have a nice long game of ” hide-and-go-fuck-yourself”.

      • Bievahh

        How about the father stop being a pussy bitch and control his son. If he is 90 pounds I’d slap the shit out of that skinny bitch and hold him down

    • time to grow a pair

      you are a fool, how much damage would a little screwdriver do against their vests since the should have been uniform. Time for some justice, feed them a BONE plenty of dead critters in the woods or road side, their bones make good rounds without trace. find that gun!

  • Bird Messenger

    Kills your kid and now they kidnap the body~! Weird! Cops are Nazi sickos! Remember the Holocaust before you call meatheads in uniform!!

    • Bievahh

      You sir are a complete idiot and should either 1. Get a good education or 2. KYS

      • Bird Messenger

        Why am I an idiot? haha I can actually answer that question for you! lol And by the way im not a Sir!

        • Bievahh

          Wasen’t a question. And to call Cops Nazis is just outrageous

  • jake

    I dont want him to go to trial …I want someone to kill his fat worthless badge carrying doughnut slugging scummy hide.

  • Mraybell

    There is no way this can be true.

    • Christopher Smith

      Keep believing that. Right til it happens to someone you know. I have seen this stuff go down personally. It isnt even rare. Bet by tomorrow similar will happen to someone else.

    • Tom Prescott

      There is only one thing worse than the scum who would do this, and that is the scum who deny it happened, despite having no actual reason to doubt it other than it shatters their cosy little illusions about the world. How would you feel if it happened to your family, and no-one believed you? Do you have a single shred of evidence that it did not happen? So why do you not believe it? You think the family are just trying to use their dead son to make some money? That is a hell of an accusation to make without a shred of evidence. These kind of things happen DAILY. They rarely get on the media, so you don’t hear of them. Doesn’t mean they don’t happen. Just look at this website for numerous comparable examples. these pigs are a law onto themselves. And why not? Since they always get away with it!

      The best conspiracies are protected through public incredulity. True of just about anything.

  • Terri Tremmel

    What an ass. Makes REAL Police Officers and First Responders look bad. That kid didn’t deserve it. They called for HELP!! He sure didn’t help..

    • Christopher Smith

      Terri, obviously you dont get it yet. There are only badged offenders and badged pretenders. The ones that shoot innocent people, and their pets, and the ones that work with them who let them break every rule of decency and morality and do nothing about it. The only good cop is the one with three .45s in his dome, or swinging from a tree in the public square. Only two options there should ever be in a situation like this.

      • Terri Tremmel

        What?? Surely you have got me wrong!!!! I have been a police wife for 30 yrs!! Get over it!!!!!

        • What does your husband do when he witnesses rogue behavior from his colleagues? Very interested to know.

        • chris

          So what bitch, nigger

      • Bievahh

        You better start learning to speak with respect and learn that cops are the reason you are alive otherwise I would find you, murder you fucking waste of life self and family then hang you from a tree. Skinny piece of shit nerd.

    • time to grow a pair

      Don’t use first responders in that way. fire fighters and medics also wear badges and they are true heros, not these pig shits.

  • KTRK

    “…because the cops don’t need you and man, they expect the same”.

  • Tiredof Bullies

    Never call the police! Take care of the situation yourself

  • kevin

    they should have videoed the police when they came !

  • E. S.

    Cops are a plague on society.

    • Bievahh

      I know right? If they were not here I would be at your door then proceed to murder you and your family and then could go on with my life with no repercussions

      • E. S.

        You sound like a cop. Nobody cares about your hypothetical stories.

  • Chris Guittard

    Bomb the police departments!

  • pam

    I can’t believe the armed officer felt he was protecting his officers from a vhild with s screw driver.How many officers with tasers then dog piled him.No reason to use a gun among all the other excessive force. THE FAMILY has been thru too much as the officer is still getting a paycheck even.

  • Christos Ffotograff

    The police are bad no matter where you live. Keith R.I.P.

  • MissUnderstood

    This disturbs and saddens me so deeply I am beginning to feel physically sick. The police officer who remains nameless should be executed infront of his mother and father in the name of justice by the hands of the parents whos son was ripped away infront of them. This country is becoming a disgusting excuse for the once free, understanding, equal place it was so strongly intended to be. I hope for much of this world, but one must start small with expectations from a being so vast, I just aspire to one day be able to log onto my facebook page and read a news story that makes me proud and furthermore SAFE to be an american….. because for now it only depresses and disgusts me further with every post like this. To all hardworking americans, remember as you clock in today that somehow somewhere your hard earned dollars going into those taxes are filling the paycheck of a stone cold murderer as he sits at home on his worthless ass collecting it all as his punishment for ripping a life from this world.

  • albitzian
    • JonEdHil

      Sorry, but the link is just to the story about the first officer on the scene. BRYON VASSEY is still under investigation.

      • albitzian

        yea, my bad. You are correct

  • albitzian

    “Meanwhile an officer at the scene said, “We’re having problems with the family. They witnessed the shooting.”

  • MelissaEarthSeed

    When those enlisted to protect you are the murderers, then it’s time to take a look at your leaders and your government. We’re essentially a Nazi Germany already, just putting the last few pieces into place.

  • John Engle Jr

    wow we need to RISE UP as the NATION WE ARE and put an END to this

  • NoahZ

    This deserves Vigilanty Justice!!


    JUST TRIED EMAILING THE CHIEF AND NO SURPRISE I GOT THIS…..Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
    Remote host said: 550 No Such User Here [RCPT_TO]


    • Bievahh

      are you a fucking moron too like half the people that read articles on this website? Its called not having the right address has nothing to do with the Cops. Jesus learn how to email and use the internet it’s 2014

  • Michelle Hughes

    Y’all, the cops name is in the story!! Lol

  • Unity Nowe

    Byron Vasse is his name. Name HIM !!

  • Dick hertz

    The fact that race is being brought into this is fucking stupid on both ends of the “Black and white and latino” spectrum.

  • ace

    BOIL the PIGS in OIL

  • barney_5uk

    We should build Committees of Vigilance and their first actions should be to arrest the “police”.

  • Martin Klaui

    go out buy a gun and shoot the motherfucking pig cop

  • adam G

    All of you outraged idiots this story is screwed and skewed there is no way that’s the entire truth and if anything the father should be hung because his 90lbs kid with a “screwdriver” got killed by the cops he should of smacked that kid and taken the driver fucking idiots. The cops should have just shot everyone in the family to stop the blood line.

  • Arnt Johnsen
    • Bievahh

      The crime happened in NC you have the wrong person and Police department they are in Indiana. Just shows how much you know idiot

  • Guest

    Why would you call the cops for “medical help”?

  • Ashlynn Mitchell

    So Dad admits he could have taken the screwdriver away from his son so why did he feel the need to involve responders to this ?


    Too bad the father didn’t quickly grab the gun from the cop and kill him. We don’t have time for cops like that.

  • Christine Zeppieri

    He murdered that kid!!!

  • Meir Teichman

    this is the best news i have heard today. i am absolutely loving this.
    this story of a special needs child who only needed a calm voice to get him out of an episode but instead got shot to death asa cop’s timesaving measure should be joyous!
    the words “i dont have time for this” should be music to your ears.

    because this event is the final straw that puts the nature of modern cops front and center. Keith Vidal will be a martyr in this revoltuion. i believe this is what the second amendment referred to in he constitution: to fend yourself from governmental tyranny and who do these cops work for? and if this state has it you must raid Bryon Vassey’s home and stand your ground. this story is proof enough that he is an emediate threat resorting to murder as plan be to any situation so it is perfectly legal according to the zimmerman case.
    as i said before this is wonderful news.

    • Mr. Mister

      Nothing will happen. He will get a paid vacation, be back on the job in a week, and the family will be left mourning. No revolution is coming, and he is not a martyr.

  • Bievahh

    Bad cops exist, they need to be “weeded” out and the criminals, like Byron, need to be brought to justice. He is a bad cop and needs to go to prison for murder and treason against the people.
    I know we have a lot of good cops, and we appreciate them and want too see them rewarded for doing their jobs.
    Don’t become a bad cop by letting him get away with murder.
    The world is watching you. For all you idiots that say all cops are pigs and should die fuck you you piece of shit. Would you like to live is a shit country like Somalia?

    • Mr. Mister

      The sad truth is, most cops are bad cops and the good ones get fired or murdered.

  • Woodstuck

    Never, ever call the police. Someone usually gets killed or your pets and it is NEVER the cops – they walk away free. Police are NOT our friends… Times have changed and so have they – POLICE = Professionally Organized Liars In Concert, Etc.

  • Guest

    I have some friends who have made the force in different towns and will tell you , Cops are just people with a badge, no smarter, no braver, they do things that are wrong , and they cover for each other , like this “Voice of law enforcement thug group .. legalized hit men .. not even there at the Vidal home , but posting that they support the killing ? People need to rise up and remind Government that they work for the people, by the people , and Tax payers are not paying them to shoot and then ask questions.

  • Guruda Hooka

    This Killer should be run out of town and relieved from his job , because of the damage it will cause the department in operating with him on their force. he is a killer .. many heard him say we don’t have time for this and he shot the child the boy had issues, and in this country we do not kill people to make it easier, or because we don’t have time, His family called for help not to kill him so they could bury him. you fat piece of crap , you are paid by Tax payers dollars , we are you time.. you take what ever time it takes to Serve and Protect the Community .. Justice needs to be served here.. if this happened and it were a citizen, the law , and courts, and Judge would be making an example out of the criminal charged.. But a badge gives some special freedoms.. this douche and his whole family needs to be run out of town..

  • Piret Rhapsodos

    To those that favor Chaos and Anarchy, I address this to you: Since you hate Law so damn much, and cannot THINK like Law abiding citizens, you would be the first to die in the Chaos, just as much as Jews dying in the holocaust. Except this time? 75% of you would be gone from this Earth, while the rest of Society will take at least 15 minutes to ‘mourn’ your sorry asses, and make Earth peaceful and hospitable and fun again. You all immediately believe what you see, especially if it’s popular, or what you want to be fed. Good Job! You’re part of what’s wrong in this world. Do us all a favor? All of you whining about your weed being taken away, your dumb personal front yard ‘gardens’ being taken away, and many more? Go the fuck to Africa. Go and be useful for once. Get up off your lazy obese asses and go to Africa to fight Warlords and more. Help them be able to never have droughts, let alone famine ever again. If you can’t do this, GTFO and go hide. Otherwise, the very wishes of death you scream and fap to, you will get back to you 3-fold.

    Questions? Comments? Go here:

    • WORSEKarma

      Spoken like a good little Statist Tool. Tell you what, Bammie-Crap gobbling whore: You first.

    • Garnette

      Ignore her.. she’s just trying to get hits on her trash pages

  • Guest

    Kill the fucking PIG

  • pete

    “Everything was going good until this fat cop from Southport walks in the room,” says the father. – That pretty much sums it up.

  • Breathial

    The jack booted thugs *laugh* at your “vigil.” You have no power, they have ALL the power… to rape, beat and murder you for any reason. You want justice? You’ll have to TAKE IT.

  • Jen


  • Kitty Wolf

    I do not have time for assholes with ego,s and badges, Kill them,,,Do not stop at these,,Get them all I do not have time for them

  • Willow

    I’m calling for Anonymous on this one. You can’t trust anybody these days, but Anonymous seems to be the only party in all of this mess in the world who’s at least trying to make things more transparent. At least they actually get shit done.

    • Bendy Bentley

      I am going to try to find a place to contact them and beg them to start destroying the lives of these dirty pigs. Ruin their credit, get them evicted, whatever they can come up with. Have a place where people can alert them to a dirty pig, then let them decide which ones to go after and how to do it. I do question their abilities, since they said they would shut down Facebook, and didn’t (thank goodness! lol) and they also said they would destroy Westboro Baptist Church, and did not. Are they just all talk? Either way, it would be scarey to have them on your ass, I think. If they succeed at this, it may start to make these criminal cops think twice about murdering kids and citizens randomly and without remorse.

  • ccreamer_22

    I don’t support the death penalty, but I’m almost willing to make an exception in this case.

  • BiGMAc


  • tony111

    Personally, if He were my child. This thing that calls itself a Police Officer. Would be discussing this issue with Our Lord God. I Hope “IT” is gunned down by some one of “its” same caliber of SCUM !

  • Kylie

    That’s interesting that his excuse was that he didn’t have his taser yet this article explains that the boy was in fact tased.

  • Songbird888

    All i want to know is can we vote for this cop to get 25 to life? What can we do. This involves us as a nation since we are the United States of America.

  • adaptable

    That cop needs to be put to death and made to suffer like the parents are suffering. Yes, I believe the cops are covering up for their f e l l o w officer who should be exevuted by a firing squad for what he did. Vidal was WRONG TO shoot the boy.

  • Victoria JW Meyers

    Please never call the police on your children!

  • Roopods6

    I don’t know what to think. If a fat cop had just shot my kid after he’d already been subdued, he’d be lying there dead too. I just wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I’d stood there and done nothing. You just don’t shoot a person already being subdued, and restrained, period.

    But then you also just don’t shoot a mother holding her child standing in a doorway like they did at Ruby Ridge, or murder dozens of women, mothers, and children like they did in Waco either. But when you just stand there and do nothing, this is exactly the type of murdering thugs that get put in charge over you. Any of you Sheeple awake yet? No, I didn’t think so. You’ll type something to express some anger, but then it’ll all go away quickly after that. See what’s going on in Venezuala right now? Does anyone even know why?

    • Bendy Bentley

      And what are YOU doing about it?

  • Josiah Moss

    Now days people are so passive to authority these things will keep happening unless you literally fight back like the battle of athens, tennessee when the people to up arms against corrupt police. Enough of them start to feel the blow back and they’ll get the point. Don’t kill innocence people unless you want to be killed by family/friends.

  • Max Blood

    lmao not smart at all, they dont give out the name for a reason. cops are protected under some law for that reason. better hope no 1 reports this or u could have a bunch kicking down ur door

  • blitz14

    Quit holding vigils!!! Read how the brave citizens handled the murdering pedophile Leo Frank…

  • David McElroy

    The government is NEVER “here to help”! Government is NEVER honest, representative, or accountable to the people. Deceiving, enslaving, & killing people is their “policy”!

  • George Raybin

    When the town bands together, drags the p.o.s cop out into the street, and kills the pig will justice be served. The same action should be taken every time one of these “public servants” takes an innocent life or abuses their power. Then and only then will these kind of tragedies start to taper off. Till then it’s just another day at work for them.

  • withavengeance

    Get a load of this one:

    SMHS. Shoot first, questions later. Cops then close ranks to protect their own.

    How do they sleep at night!!

  • Michelle Hawkins-Hazelwood

    I hope this cop has kids, and I pray he has to watch every one of them bleed out as their mother screams.

  • Tsavo

    Honestly, were this any member of my family… I’d be out on the street gunning for the first pig I see. This is murder, they deserve nothing more or less.


    when will these peopelk wake up, i really don’t feel sorry for this family, this has been going on for years and they did NOTHING and it got them…WAKE UP AMERICA OR YOU MAY BE NEXT.

  • Jazzi Blonde

    My son after a car accident has some issues, and this is exactly why I never ever ever call the cops. I dont want to end up on the 6:00 news. I will deal with my son. FTP.

  • Zartan The Destroyer

    Nanny state only works one way, to control and punish, not help.

    The real heroes of the communities are the fire fighters.

  • Sgt. Killgood

    America open your eyes and see what these terrorist are doing to our country . Who is next your son or your daughter . Gather up all these cops and send them all to Syria . I’ll bet they would quit the force quickly . Stop the killing of our young children , Disband the police forces now . Does congress not watch the news . Why are our politicians turning there backs on our children getting murdered by their hired guns . Lord help us destroy this demon we have created .

  • John’s Kawasaki

    This can be taken to an International court of justice, the police and his department is liable, even the the city and and the state

  • stacell72

    Parents!!! When you need help calming down your child NEVER call the cops unless you want your kids dead.

  • Z54

    “Everything was going good until this fat cop from Southport walks in the room,” says the father.

    Take the “Fat Cop” out and shove a spit up his ass, shove an apple in his mouth and have a PIG roast in front of city hall with 500 to a thousand of your friends and neighbors!

  • Matthew Griffin

    This is truly sickening.

  • Matthew Bennett

    Someone should hunt down that pig and put wings on him?

  • Ovidio


  • Mike Ex
  • Mike Ex

    if that had been my kid, there would have been more than one death that day.

  • Koby Mansour

    This needs to stop imediatly… Anonymous needs to take this one down… Revolution really needs to happen… I am Anonymous
    I am legion
    I do not forgive
    i do not forget
    expect me
    to never stop thinking and praying that this nightmare will end

  • No comments. I have none. We have all read this story, we know how it ends.

  • Lisa

    All I know is if some cop kills one of my kids he wont be going home to his. And fat men should not be police officers.

  • alicia arol

    North Carolina detective indicted for killing mentally ill teenager: Now let’s see if the detective is found guilty and PUNISHED accordingly?

  • K Sean Proudler

    “…..they say that the cop was justified in killing the child because he believed the boy posed a “deadly threat” to another officer. ….”

    So… it is all based on the “believed” part. Thus a cops “belief” of a possible future action of a kid with a small screwdriver, deserves the kids immediate death. How far into the future can these cops see? A cop says, “I believed that this person was going to bomb a bank ten years down the road, and so that is why I shot and killed him in the here and now of today.

  • Maud Kennedy

    A 18 yo child???
    What a tragedy! I can’t believe cops apoligigsts try to justify that.