Young Boy Shot to Death by Cop Moments After Sitting Down to Watch a Movie in His Home

EUHARLEE — A teenage boy who was about to graduate highschool to join the Marines has been executed by a female officer.

The incident has left the community horrified, with many accusing the officer of incompetence and being “trigger-happy.”

Christopher dreamed of joining the Marines. All of that ended when he was executed by a cop.

Christopher dreamed of joining the Marines. All of that ended when he was executed by a cop.

The OP-Nat Eye reports that 17-yr-old Christopher Roupe was shot and killed moments after sitting down to watch a movie in his family’s home.

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At around 7:30 PM, young Christopher took out his Nintendo Wii controller to put on a movie.

As he was sitting down, he suddenly heard knocking on the front door.

A Nintendo Wii controller.

A Nintendo Wii controller.

He asked, “Who is it?” but received no response.

At that point he got up from his chair and opened the door.

To his shock, the female cop already had her gun drawn and pointed at him, according to reports.

She immediately fired a bullet into the boy’s chest and killed him, according to Renee Vance, the boy’s aunt.

The police claim that “he had a handgun.”

It was actually the boy’s small Nintendo Wii controller, says the aunt.

The officer gave him “no warning” to drop the controller before taking his life, the aunt added.

The police claimed to be at his house regarding a “probation” matter. It turns out that it had nothing to do with Christopher.

His 13-yr-old little sister heard the gun shot and ran over to the door to find her brother bleeding and crying.

The little sister held her brother and tried to comfort him as he cried in pain, according to reports.

That’s when the female cop pointed her gun at the child and said “Shut up!” according to reports, forcing the girl away.

Moments later Christopher bled to death.

Both the female officer and the officer who was with her have received “paid administrative leave” as the investigation proceeds.

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The boy’s family is deeply saddened.

They have set up Facebook page speaking out about the incident. Many of the boy’s friends are confused as to how this could possibly happen to a young man with so many plans for his future.”

“Prayers for his younger siblings, may they take pride in knowing what a great big brother they had, and what a great Marine he was going to be….” said one commenter.

Christopher leaves behind his younger sister, who was told to "shut up" as she cried and held her dying brother.

Christopher leaves behind his younger sister, who was told to “shut up” as she cried and held her dying brother.

Another commenter said, “God wrap your arms around this family in their time of grief!  So sorry for your loss!”

Another young girl recounted the time when Christopher saved her family from a fire, already displaying heroism as a teenager:

“I remember at Americas best inn my mom and my sister was at the pool so was my dad and a paper towel blew in my moms candle and you helped me stop the fire. If it wasn’t for Christopher the room would of caught on fire thanks for helping me Chris.”

“I’ll never understand why or how this happened,but what i do know is you were a great friend and more than that you were family.I miss you bro and i’ll see you again when our paths cross. FLY HIGH AND PROUD!” said one of Christopher’s friends.

UPDATE: Cop Who Killed Christopher May be Mentally Unstable

The OP-Nat Eye has reported that Nancy Beth Daniel-Gatny is likely the officer who shot Christopher.

Her official photo was removed from the police department’s website when investigative journalists tried to find it after the killing.

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But OP-Nat Eye discovered that her profile from another website wasn’t taken down in time.

Suspicions of mentally instability have risen after her cached comment was published, wherein she alludes to a weirdo being off of medication.

She describes her office mates as believing she is “more than a little odd.”


She continues, “I can try to pep talk myself into believing that I need to focus but the little weirdo that lives inside of me, she is off her meds, dancing through the trees and singing off key at the top of her voice…”

Her police report originally accused the boy of aiming a “gun” at her.

The boy’s family and attorney says that is false, and that Christopher only had a Wii remote control used for watching a movie.

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  • Joe

    Fucking cops always get PAID leave for murder, and they NEVER lose their job. OR THEIR GUNS. This is not right.

    • JoBrown85

      If you can’t take away their JOB or their GUN, what can you take away instead? Their LIFE! Problem solved!

      • Danny Chia

        I’m usually not one to condone violence, but it’s so hard to not hope for some vigilantism in this case!

      • Kevin Schmidt

        Let us know when you solve the problem.
        Oh, that’s right. You’re just an armchair vigilante agent provocateur.

      • Tripoli

        Spoken like a true sociopath.
        You know, most people with a shred of compassion would find a way to make some change in the police system WITHOUT shooting a bunch people (and thus becoming just like the officer in this article).

        • Jo Brown

          I have compassion for victims, not sociopathic power-tripping perpetrators of murder.

    • David Wh

      I know right! It seems more like an incentive to murder people for a quick paid vacation

      • Jay Smith

        now that i think about your right david Wh every time this happens they get paid leave ie: paid vacation i highly doubt this cop will loose her job or face any charges they just about never do and if she is fired she will cry to her union reps and they will get in on it and she will be back in no time i am not one to condone violence either but enough is enough and eye for an eye!!!

        • snortgurgle

          Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, leaves us all mumbling in the dark.

  • Christopher Usewicz

    When a jury makes the cops think twice about using their weapons is when this kind of reckless violence will subside. Just because you have a gun doesn’t necessitate the use of said weapon unless one truly fears there is no other way to solve a problem. It seems that these cops are just looking for a reason to use their gun. How does a cop knock on a door with weapon drawn unless they were looking through the window and if they actually mistook a WII controller for a handgun then they should better qualify these cops for active duty because they are either too blind, too stupid, or psychopathic.

    • Jim

      I’ve had cops pull guns on me before. ONCE when I was out shooting in the forest with friends. THE cops were driving up to us and I could see them from 1/2 mile away. I had everyone put their guns down as a precaution. THE COPS, got out of their car with hands on guns. I was like “REALLY DUDE? THIS is an AR-15. CIVILIAN version of the M16A2. If I wanted too, I could’ve shot you when you were driving up.”
      THEY put their gun away and said they came out cause someone heard shots and were afraid. ONE then started admiring my M-4 version of the other rifle I had. STATING he was on the SWAT TEAM at his department. Intrigued, I quizzed him on the NOMENCLATURE, windage, chamber pressure, muzzle velocity and all the other information that is DRILLED into MARINE RECRUITS in boot camp. THIS 300 lbs turd ball looked at me like I as speaking ancient Greek. GOOD LORD if you’re going to carry it, at least learn about it. BUT he probably knew as much about the weapon as he did the CONSTITUTION. Between ZERO and NIL

      • darts

        I don’t understand your use of caps lock.

        • fed_up_white_guy

          For emphasis maybe?

        • HezzLynn81

          Haha! Me either.

        • Helena_Handbasket

          It’s a typographical substitution for italics, when italics are not available.

        • Kevin Schmidt

          You just don’t understand the NOMENCLATURE.

      • Bob

        so. . in your story the cops responded to the sound of gun fire, they were wary when they approached people who were armed. They assessed the situation as non threatening and engaged you in conversation because they felt at ease and were trying to relate to you and your hobbies. . .I like this story, it makes me happy 🙂

      • Kevin Schmidt

        YEAH! Every turdball should know every tiny piece of NOMENCLATURE (trivia) about all of their firearms. Who cares about learning how to safely operate them?

        • Kate Kinkaid Brinkerhoff

          Um…nomenclature is just another word for name…not trivia. 🙂

          • Kevin Schmidt

            Learning the names of all the parts of a gun is trivia.
            Learning how to safely operate a gun is important, learning your trivia is not.

    • Rob Hughes

      how does a jury do that when it never even goes to court?

      • Danny Chia

        It can still go to court if the family sues and refuses to settle, assuming the lawsuit is approved. There’s only so much a lawsuit can do, but it’s one way to ensure the case will be heard by a jury.

        • Jay Smith

          but if they sue who really suffers the cops don’t pay it the tax payers do! until these cops are made to pay out of their own pocket nothing will change or take it out of the retirement fund anything other than making the taxpayers foot the bill for the cops incompetence

          • Mike Giangreco

            The lawsuit might actually cost the cop his job. See, the office might not care if one of their cops kill someone, but they’ll care when they lose a big chunk of their budget. It’s not a fitting punishment for the crime but at least it’s something.

    • Danny Chia

      The problem is that many juries do not have the balls to convict police officers.

      • Christopher Usewicz

        Hard to believe with all the dirt the cops have been doing that juries still refuse to believe that the cops aren’t acting in the public’s self interest

  • Fett Boba

    Rage meter…almost…full….

    • Tom Birmingham

      I’m getting really run down from all this. It’s evident that the human resource departments need to up the minimum test scores and change their prerequisite psyche profiles.

      • baladas

        They are actually doing the opposite.

        14 years ago a fed judge ruled that police depts. can refuse applicants who have too high an iq, which was already a practice that was being challenged (ineffectively) at that time.

        Welcome to hell on earth.

        • true iowan

          yep, they dont want smart people to be a cop then move on to another better paying field…or so i was told thats the reason.

          • Dj rOnO

            The reason is that smarter individuals who become police officers will know better to follow illegal, immoral, or unjust orders from on high. The powers that be want lemmings with guns to do their bidding and carry out their plans without questioning the validity of any order given. They’re literally letting the crazies run the psych ward… With weapons.

          • Jay Smith

            BINGO!!! i would say you nailed it on that one hit the nail right square on the head!!

          • Ashley

            Very good point!

          • Contessa Miller

            Exactly !!!

          • Justthefact1

            Its a shame and its so true… I am so pissed off at this BULLSHIT!! …omg ..oh wait but we have nothing to fear right… or so we have been warned ..i mean told.

          • BeverlyAnnArmstrong

            The judge that upheld the 104 Max IQ said the smarter officer would get board to easily and quit. I say Bull Shit!

          • Alex Rodrigue

            guess at 109 im not gonna be a cop…

          • Rick

            Well, he could use the extra time he had by looking up the word “bored” in the dictionary.

          • CVN65

            Or the word “too”.

          • Bobby Riffle

            OR, the words “grammar Fucking Nazi asshole’s” that would be right next to a picture of you two.

          • CVN65

            There’s no apostrophe in “assholes”.

          • Shemp


          • Tom Lowe

            Yeah, and he capitalized both letters of “Or”. Fifty lashes!

          • Tom Birmingham

            104 is pushing it. they were scoring 64% on average…..

          • Bill Short

            This is why we need to show our respect and gratitude for the 40 plus, UNIFORMED, police who drove all night to be with the protestors in Kiev and man the front lines against the thugs from the Kiev police who used machine guns and snipers to shoot their own peacefully demonstrating countrymen. Look at Oakland and you’ll see that the cops in the US are being trained to be a military force of oppression, and will kill you if their corporate paymasters don’t like what you have to say, or if you demand your constitutional rights.

          • Tom Lowe

            In my county the sheriff deputies get $120k-$180k per year plus massive benefits, and the pay for any administrative job is just outrageous, $300k and up plus benefits in many cases. They will ALL try to pull a lot of stuff to keep that kind of a gravy train going. And they all band together like the Cockroaches of Euharlee, because they all know they are just totally ripping society off.

          • Eddie Prewitt

            Indeed, they want mindless automatons that will carry out an order without question and march in formation towards danger. No biggie that will make it easy to win when the revolution starts.

          • medcannabis1

            you speak the truth… and it is a sad reality

          • Tom Lowe

            All of the top brass of police and sheriff agencies in USA need removed and replaced wholesale along with the thoroughly corrupt rank and file judiciary.

          • Contessa Miller

            Has nothing to do with them moving on to better paying jobs …… it’s about having robotic, brain-dead followers who will do any and everything their nefarious superiors tell them. This is already the beginning of a Police Station in this country.

          • Josh Hubbard

            Police state you mean? I’m guessing you got auto-corrected. Lmao. Stupid auto-correct!

          • Bobby Riffle

            You just can’t stop can you? Grammar Nazis eat boogers!

          • Josh Hubbard

            You just can’t read can you? Or maybe you can but you just don’t take the time to let things sink in. The time to allow your big ol’ brain to make sense of what is being said. The time to understand what is being said and reply in a meaningful way. You just take in the world at a glance and then open your big fat mouth to spew out whatever bullshit sentences you can piece together. Or then again maybe you did take the time to let the words permeate throughout your grey matter and you’re just too stupid to understand what it is that is being said. If you were paying any attention at all then you would have seen that my comment was nothing at all resembling that of a so called “grammar Nazi”. Hell, I wasn’t even talking about grammar. I was talking about spelling. And not even in a negative way toward the author of the comment. Perhaps you should look up the definition of grammar before spouting off about it; as evidenced by the fact that you commented negatively about it more than once in this thread alone but have no idea what it actually means. I was strictly stating that it was funny how the comment was worded. It was obviously accidentally entered into the comment as the rest of the comment was well written and the use of other words well done. So I was simply and obviously making a joke about auto-correct. I’m sure you use auto-correct as the main way to get your point across without it sounding like broken English. But for the people who actually know how to use the English language it is nothing but a nuisance that hinders typing. It seems as though the auto-correct feature has been dumbed down to not recognize less used words. Probably due to the fact that it doesn’t need to know or use those said words on a regular basis. For the majority of people can’t seem to spell; little own use obscure words. Anyways, don’t answer back ’cause I won’t reply for another year like I did to this one. This site is rarely used by me and I just happened to come across your stupid ass comment on accident. Otherwise I probably would never have seen your stupidity. Peace!

          • Ali Dronenburg

            “The time to understand what is being said and reply in a meaningful way.” This is an incomplete sentence.

          • lance baker


          • Ali Dronenburg

            “Perhaps you should look up the definition of grammar before spouting off
            about it; as evidenced by the fact that you commented negatively about
            it more than once in this thread alone but have no idea what it actually
            means,” should read: “Perhaps, you should look up the definition of grammar before spouting off
            about it, as evidenced by the fact that you commented negatively about
            it more than once in this thread alone, but have no idea what it actually

          • Ali Dronenburg

            “But for the people who actually know how to use the English language it is nothing but a nuisance that hinders typing.” Never begin a sentence with the word “But.”

          • Tom Lowe

            In some cases it is OK to begin a sentence with “But”, especially in verbal delivery.

            Example: “But you said you wouldn’t do that!”

          • Ali Dronenburg

            “Anyways,” is not a word. It is never plural. You might find a reluctant acceptance of this incorrect form of the word ‘anyway,’ only because it is so often used in this hideous fashion. Do you pronounce the word ‘always,’ like ‘oways?’ A lot of people who say ‘anyways,’ pronounce the word ‘always,’ like ‘oways.” This pronunciation is very obnoxious to those of us who speak English.

        • kraigrichard

          Briggs Meyer PSYC test weeds out applicants who won’t last on the job. People they screen out would quit anyway. Check out what the Philly Cop had to say about this at NYC Occupy.

          • Jess

            That is complete and utter BS if you know anything about the MBTI. (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.) It doesn’t work that way at all.

          • Raygn P Leisure

            Are you kidding me. The Myers Briggs does no such thing. What the heck have you ever taken the Myers Briggs. How in the world could you think it could. And shooting a kid for holding a Wii remote is not because someone couldn’t last on the job Those officers were either impaired or was to fearful and incompetent to do the job. If they already had their guns drawn before the young man answered the door they would have had to caused themselves to believe they were going to be shot which suggest impairment, incompetence or GOD forbid a sick morbid desire to kill another human being. And if you rule out the 1st and 3rd option the most plausible probable cause of motivation for the 2nd is self imagined fear. And a Myers Briggs cant even come close to determining if a person has any of the 3 issues plaguing their inability to perform their duties without causing unwarranted violence on another.

          • kraigrichard

            You may both be aware of this test and you may both be right but I know I am right in my depiction of police use of this Myers Briggs test. I’ve never applied for employment with a metro area police department, but evidently neither of you took those few moments to research that high ranking Philly police officer who eloquently explained this fact to us at Occupy Wall street.(while participating as a protester) I’ve seen recordings of him explaining this. Don’t attack the messenger for spreading truth. It’s not very attractive That Philadelphia cop had zero reason to lie.

          • Johnny

            I might also add that if the cops are using the test, they are stupid. Some studies show the test to be less than %40 accurate….

          • Clarissa

            Myers Briggs, that’s a joke. That thing is about as accurate as your horoscope.

          • Tom Birmingham

            or he could be parroting what he is told.

          • Devin

            You sound like a cop with all these excuses and shit. You may take your *paid* leave now…

          • Raygn P Leisure

            Interesting. You must not know how to read. Because I actually was coming against the cops.. Try using some critical thinking skills. I am not a cop.

            Try reading before you actually comment

          • ThomasThePaine

            I’m a gunsmith with over 50 years of experience. . . Trust me on this one: Most of those psychopaths live for the day that they can “blow away” someone!
            So, the answer IS the 3rd option. . .

          • Johnny

            The Briggs Meyer is a typical personality test. It does nothing for pointing out pathologies. Even still, major psychologists such a Jung (one of the three founders of modern psychology) criticized the test… even though it is based on his work… most ethics boards have stated that it is unethical to require the test for job applicants, and that if it is taken, the results are only to be for the professional and the test taker and employer of any kind cannot ethically demand the results of a test from an applicant. If you don’t believe me, go to the Meyers & Briggs Foundation and ask.

            That being said, the use of a test that is specifically “not to be used for screening” is unethical and casts doubts on the group using it in such a way.

          • craiggnt

            The police must be using this test like some use to do with kiddy porn. They would set new hires down hook them up to sensors and made to watch kiddy porn. If he is aroused he is fired for being a pedophile. That was later ruled illegal

          • Lorri Cotton

            Obviously that’s not going too well for them. And any good psychopath knows how to beat the Briggs-Meyer’s test. The questions are framed to look for one specific element in your character, be it aggression, obedience, frustration tolerance. If you want to become a cop really badly, all you have to do is know how to beat the test. It’s very simple, once you know the way the questions are structured.

        • vegan55


        • BeverlyAnnArmstrong

          They are not allowed to have an IQ above 104, that’s average intelligent, so if average is as high as they go, how low do they go? Cops today have no common sense, only blood lust! They are not there to protect us, and we don’t need them. Protect yourself and your family.

          • SirTerrance Murphy

            Your IQ has nothing too do with intelligent level .

          • bloodyspartan

            BULL CHit it may not be all., But it helps

          • JLH13

            Err. The intelligence quotient that psychologists use to baseline learning capability doesn’t correlate to intelligence? Alright then, makes sense

          • DNMEBOY

            You must have a low IQ because apparently you don’t even know what IQ stands for…..

          • Mr. George

            intelligence quotient

          • Matt Walker

            It does. It literally means “Intelligence Quotient.”

          • Eddie Prewitt

            The syntax of your comment is directly in conflict with the point you attempted to make. Your grammar is flawed and the statement is false. its “to” not “too” and “intelligence” is the word you should have typed. we can tell you are on par with the police in terms of intellect, that we can be sure of. (and I.Q. should be written as such “I.Q.” not “IQ”)

          • Chris Connolly

            Your IQ has nothing “to” do with “your intelligence” level……Ok now what were you saying? lol

          • Tom Lowe

            Which one of you three pedantic dweebs wants to look up who made up the IQ test? Can any of the three of you learn to think outside of the mainstream box?

            The IQ test works–but it works best for the people who made it up, and thus they use it as a tool against you.

          • Tom Lowe

            It has everything to do with who made up the IQ tests, and not much else.

        • Anthony Paolilli

          Smart people are cautious and smart cops hesitate. It is bad policy but it can save a life.

          Unfortunately for all of us, they have decided that stupid must be best so now they only hire the lowest IQs…

          • breadlore

            A hesitation would have saved that kid’s fucking life

          • Anthony Paolilli

            Yes, it would have.

            My point is…
            They see the value in the quick responses of those with lower intelligence. The problem is as a standard they look for stupid because stupid follows orders really well and never hesitates.

            So they only hire the lowest IQs.

          • Tom Lowe

            “smart cops hesitate”

            What far part of your backside did you pull that statement out of?

          • lance baker


        • Kerry

          New London, CT had someone who tried to join the force and scored too high on the IQ test, so he wasn’t allowed to become a cop. A couple months ago.

          And the actual reason why they don’t want high IQ persons to be on the force is the monotony of the job. It’s a lot of money to train individuals for that kind of work, and if they get bored and quit, it’s a sour investment.

          Plus, if someone has a high IQ, and they’re out there giving their lives- well, I think that higher IQ could be used for something else.

          • Lorri Cotton

            You just won the internet for the day… So, you want the stupid people to have the guns and the critical thinkers not?

      • Christopher White

        The new norm is low-grade morons with a chip on their shoulder who are control freaks, bullies and sociopaths. Throw in some steroid macho power-trip “above the law” Gestapo types and make sure they are all militarized. The cops go to boot camp, they use military ranks, they often dress in military style uniforms, they carry military weapons, they have military-style armored vehicles and they use military terminology. They are taught how to lie on reports, lie on the stand in trials, and how to abuse their authority without getting in trouble. They protect each other when a fellow “officer” breaks the law whether it is abusive language, shooting a family pet out of cowardice or killing for fun, or killing a disabled child or killing an old man in his bed. The ruling class want compliant, authoritarian zombie/robot – like A$$holes who will follow any order to “enhance revenue”, protect them from the citizens. The corrupt. treacherous and feckless politicians and bureaucrats know the crimes they have committed and they want a domestic army of thugs to enforce the “law” to make everyone a slave to the state. The vast majority of the police on the streets are without a doubt, the “standing army” that the country’s founders warned us about and feared. We have 4 ways to deal with this – the Soapbox: informing everyone of criminals who rule over us, the ballot box – vote out every politician and replace them with honest, moral and humble people, the jury box – where citizens refuse to indict innocent people the government is trying to silence or punish for no real crime if on a grand jury, and if on a trial jury, refusing to convict people of laws that are immoral or are government over reach. The final method is the cartridge box, where local constitutional sheriffs form citizen’s militias to use force to stand up against political and bureaucratic abuse. If the Sheriff is corrupt, vote him out and elect an honest and moral and humble man that respects his oath.

        • Usurper

          Most of them have sadistic personality disorder, with the subset under that heading of enforcing sadist. They are cowards to their cores and hide this by brazen belligerency. They are cowards so they generally brutalize the weakest of subjects, children, bed ridden grandmothers to hide what they think the world can see, their yellow colored hearts. This is nothing that can’t be screened out in the hiring process. The fact is they screen FOR this as a plus for the job. This increase of pig brutality is by design and with a purpose of inciting violence against pigs. They want that so they can cull the herd of those bold enough to confront them.

          • Christopher White

            I agree. They have serious personality disorders – and the ruling elite and their willing bureaucratic minions give them guns, badges and immunity from their abusive and lawless actions.

      • ThomasThePaine

        These are the current requirement for admission to the police academy:

        1. Irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults;

        2. Reckless disregard for safety of self or others;

        3. Failure to conform to social norms;

        4. Impulsivity or failure to plan ahead;

        5. Consistent irresponsibility;

        6. Deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure;

        7. Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another;

        • Commentor

          Source please

          • calipidgious

            the news

          • Commentor

            I asked for Thomas’s source for his list. I never found his list to be anywhere, most likely just in his mind.

          • CommentorSTFU


          • Commentor

            Big words from a little man. Please come and try to shut me up. How do you know what he posted is not what he believes? The only moron here is you. I only hope you never need someone from Law enforcement to come help you. But if you ever get in a situation and believe as so many here think, please don’t call them.

          • CommentorSTFU

            “Big words from a little man”… A… “I’m a moron? No, you’re the moron” style parry? Excellent work! And I see on your disqus record that you’ve been arguing on the internet with people over politics for past 16 days straights. Have fun being so right about how awesome ‘Murica is. *baAhhHh* Go vote, watch football, drink bud light and then argue on the internet a bit more ’bout ‘murica.

          • Larry Sandberg

            Dude, just calm your autistic self down. You are taking shit way too far out of line and you should think before you speak.

          • Gary45

            Hey, do me a favor and leave autistics out of this. Guy got a bit to hyped but calling him that as an insult is way too far out of line.

          • a_narwhal

            You shouldn’t use “Autistic” as a term to insult people. That’s fucked up.

          • bloodyspartan

            stop whining about a word.

          • a_narwhal

            Excuse you. I’m not “whining” about a word. I don’t have a problem with the word “Autistic”. I have a problem with someone using a term that denotes a mental condition in a condescending way in order to demean someone.

          • Commentor

            Unlike you, I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. Too bad you are so anti-american. At least I can vote, I guess you can’t. Football, could care less about watching overpaid boys playing a silly game. Oh by the way, America is awesome, beats living in some communist country like you want to be in.

          • CommentorSTFU


            “we don’t have to go all the way to socialism to have something fairer than this.”

            Good luck voting.

          • bloodyspartan

            YOU are in a Communist Country Maroon.

          • bloodyspartan

            What American in his right mind wants some paid moron to protect and save them.
            If they did not remove the tools or rules to protect ourselves no one would ever need them.

            All power comes from the people time to take it all back.

          • willyillkillufirst

            goofs like you deserv to be killed with the pigs when the world is turnd over to mashal law I hope they kill you first eny one hoo thinks this bitch cop did rite deservs to be with that pore yung little man ho they killed 4 playing Nintendo I have 4 babys and I don’t give a fuck id kill half the pig foce till I got the rite cop then id join my boyyyyyy

          • Tom Birmingham

   , also if you bother checking the bulletin boards searching for terms like (average test score police departmetn XXXXX) you’ll find alot of cops being very forth coming about what they scored. For one thing most of those guys scored in the 60’s and 70’s and were called back but the guys scoring 80+’s are upset they never get a call back. hmmmmm

          • Tripoli

            So… that article does not have the list you mentioned. It merely mentions the IQ part (which is still horrifying).

            So, again, you made up a list to back up your anarchist conspiracy theories, and still have not cited a single source for it.

            Now, the standards for police officers are frighteningly low, but that does not necessarily mean that every cop is a violent, mean-spirited thug. I notice you ignored my post that mentioned news articles about police officers actually defying orders in favour of being decent people.
            You can pretend it doesn’t happen, but that doesn’t make it so (no matter how fervently you wish it did).

          • Tom Birmingham

            not saying every cop, nor am I an anarchist or a conspiracy theorist. I personally detest the libertarian party and militias (their naivete is like those “communists” you run into in college). I also find the tinfoil hat guys and chem trail crowd exhaustive.

            As for a list, do you honestly think that statistical data like that would be publically posted by the HR departments of the various LEOffices across the U.S.? I would need an freedom of information act application and a few years to dig that up. All i can do is find bulletin boards and what’s posted on there. Specifically the BBS for applications to local police departments. You’ll see a very good number of folks crying about scoring in the 90’s and never gettign a call back and trying harder for a better score over and over. However you’ll see a few cops bragging about their 60’s and 70’s scores then explaining how the physical test weighted it upwards.

          • Talamascaa
          • ThomasThePaine

            Their own behavior!

          • Commentor

            Your reply made no sense. I am a law abiding citizen, are you?

          • ThomasThePaine

            You are nothing but a cop troll. . . You are not fooling anyone!

            I’m done wasting time with you!

          • Commentor

            So you don’t have a source of your list then, just as I thought. By the way, I don’t have any love for all cops, some are good. It just the bad ones that get the press. But you lump them all as bad, which is false. Therefore I have to conclude you are a not a law abiding citizen.

          • Bill Short

            If I ever read, or see a story about ANY cop who defies an order to harm, or shoot a civilian, and loses his, or her job over it, I’ll agree with you. However, at 67, I’m still waiting.

          • Tripoli

            So it only happens if it’s in the news?
            Interesting way to view reality.
            By the way, did you not hear about the officers that refused to arrest Occupy protesters in Albany, despite orders from the mayor to do so?

            There ARE good cops out there. The bad ones just get all the media attention; they’re like the WBC of law enforcement.

          • Guest

            So please tell….if the “good cops” do not turn in the “bad cops”…are there really any “good cops”? Frank Serpico tried to be a good cop…are they all scared now?

        • Mimi

          #2,3,6,7 are all characteristics belonging to psychopaths. Seriously.

          • ThomasThePaine

            Duh. . .

      • Raymond Setzer

        My guess is that most of the young police officers are former vets from the Iraq and Afgan wars. We know from many many reports that so many of our people are coming back home fundamentally damaged. Departments are taking people who have been in locations where the entire civilian population disliked them and there was no way to tell the person who wanted to kill you apart from someone out to get groceries. Many are scarred by the violence they were thrust into. Under circumstances like that it would not be hard to imagine that a number of the recruits would melt down in an unexpected and sudden stress situation and react exactly how they would have reacted when they were in a war zone.

        • calipidgious

          and if this is how they interact with people all over the world it is no wonder we are so widely hated.

        • autdrew

          I’m glad you said guess because you provided absolutely zero evidence to back up that ridiculous assertion. Military members are taught to handle stress & stressful situations. They are usually far more mature than others their age.
          That attitude is why up to 40% of vets under 30 are unemployed or underemployed. All those Hollywood movies showing ONLY vets being deranged caused this thought that everyone who serves is this way. Now employers won’t hire a vet who never even left the US!
          In every organization there are nuts & jackasses. Painting everyone with the same brush is not only unfair but unjust.
          People who serve in the military are the real 1%. 99% of the people in the US have never served and many don’t even know someone who did, yet feel justified in attacking & labeling the only ones willing to stand up & defend the 99% as all crazies ready to go off.

          • Raymond Setzer

            No need to get all flag wavy. It is easy to find evidence backing up an assertion that a significant number of people are returning with post traumatic stress. It is also easy to find evidence backing up the very poor way the VA and handling treatment. It is therefore, not a reckless suggestion to consider that the statistical likelihood of these recruits with untreated trauma disorders may be higher than non vets and that absent effective measures from the VA, that municipal police departments should consider some proactive planning.

          • autdrew

            Not being flag wavy. I am defending my friends and my family members from being stigmatized by someone who provided only assumptions. Who’s to say that those cops were even in the military much less “most” as you “guessed” or if they were, saw combat? Yes, there is post traumatic stress and yes, sometimes it is treated poorly or not at all but that is no reason to smear every vet with that brush. I saw the arguments above re the misuse of Myers Briggs and IQ testing for recruits to the police force. Why is it hard to believe that they may also pick up on psychological issues? Civilians get turned away from police forces because of them.
            I think this cop shooting without warning, service dog shooting, random road blocks for “voluntary” blood & saliva bs is turning our country into a police state. But I also am willing to say that if it came down to it, it would be our military members that would be the ones to uphold their oath, whether in or out of the military. I have been married to one who has served in both the Army and Marines for nearly 23 yrs. His job didn’t take him near the fighting areas.He works in communications, from radios to satellites. You WANT this guy on our side! He fired his weapon at someone once and that was in the Balkans. They were being sniped at from a mountain. Yet he is considered some kind of crazy nut just waiting to go off. Its wrong and it has to stop.

          • ThomasThePaine

            That must be why most of them have PTSD. . .
            Just the fact that they enlisted to get blown to pieces fighting endless wars with no intentions of ever winning, for the sole purpose of enriching defense contractors and politicians, does not speak well of their mental capacity!

            I they had any brains of integrity, they would deploying themselves on the Potomac, to fight the real enemy of America. . .

          • autdrew

            Most of them do not have PTSD.
            They enlist for many reasons. Do you have multiple college degrees? I know many in the military who do. As a matter of fact, in order to become an officer, one has to have at least a bachelors degree. The military also gives them additional training on the job, multiple schools to attend to learn various skills. Have you done that?
            Some enlist for the benefits and use those to go to college either while in or after they get out. Have you done that?
            I don’t see you deploying yourself on the Potomac to fight the real enemy. I guess you don’t have “brains of integrity” What does that say about your mental capacity, speaking about things of which you obviously know absolutely nothing?

          • autdrew

            Believe it or not, many I know enlist out of genuine love of our country. Not what it is becoming but what it has traditionally stood for. The way things are now, I am actively DIScouraging my teenaged son from following in his father’s honorable yellow foot prints (Look up yellow foot prints to get the meaning if you don’t know). I don’t want him to become part of this growing take over. But he loves this country, he worships his dad, he wants to be just like him and make him proud. There was a time I would have been proud to see him do it but not anymore.

          • ThomasThePaine

            I have an overabundance of those idiots on my family. . .
            Potomac? May 16th, 2014 The American Spring. . . See you there: Chose sides wisely!

          • Tom Birmingham

            oh stfu and go back to lisenting to prison planet and reading Storm front posts you twat.

          • ThomasThePaine

            If you enjoy the gloved hand of the TSA up your @$$, your don’t have to show up. . .

          • Tripoli

            So this is either going to be a bunch of wackos from Prison Planet all talking big behind the anonymity of the internet (as the chickenhawks always do), or a handful of psychopaths with shotguns & pistols trying to take on the Secret Service & US military.

            I don’t think this is going to turn out the way you think. (And I’m screenshotting this, for when nothing happens & you inevitably pretend that you never mentioned this date.)

          • ThomasThePaine

            I see that you have chosen poorly. . . You either enjoy the gloved hand of the TSA up you @$$; or you are one of those enemies of America with a badge. . .
            In either case, fluke you and the whore from whose @$$hole you where excreted!

            May 16, 2014 The American Spring. . . The Tree of Liberty WILL be Refreshed!

          • Katherine Kellett

            GO FUCK YOURSELF. I don’t even have a response to that ignorant comment. I dare you to go through what a damn soldier does overseas. FUCK. YOU.

          • ThomasThePaine

            I am not that stupid: Only a complete idiot would enlist today, to fight on behalf of the domestic enemy that has usurped the position on commander in chief. . .

          • Tripoli

            Yes, yes, the whole “keyboard anarchist” thing really seems to be working out for you.

            I suggest you get therapy. You sound a lot like the paranoid militants at Stormfront.

          • ThomasThePaine

            May 16, 2014 The American Spring. . . See you there: Chose sides wisely. . . You know what happens to those who chose poorly!

          • Tripoli

            Yes, a handful of traitorous Stormfront lunatics against the combined might of the Secret Service & US military (if you psychopaths even show up, which is highly unlikely). Let’s see how your hoarded AK-47s & handguns stand up against even White House security, much less unmanned drones & APVs.
            People like you tend to wet themselves at the merest hint of real-life confrontation. I’m screenshotting your post, so on May 17th, we can see if you really had the strength of your convictions… or if you just hid at home, cowering safely behind your keyboard & making excuses.

            I really think you need therapy, bub. That’s not an insult, that’s sincere concern.

          • Commentor

            katherine, ThomasThePaine doesn’t have the guts to be in the military. Besides he most likely would not pledge to uphold the constitution when they do the swearing in. Even if he did he would be cowering down like a coward when the bullets fly. I would not want him in my foxhole for he sure would not be covering my back.

          • bloodyspartan

            You are right about the Enemies location , but are you prepared to Kill the Commies in DC?

            PTSD is another fools cliche to take away weapons.

          • ThomasThePaine

            I’ll be easy to spot: I’ll be hauling the trailer with the 30 foot tall Bois de Justice

          • Tripoli

            Spoken like a true chickenhawk. With hints of treason & conspiracy theory, to boot!

        • Tom Birmingham

          my friends that are combat vets are alot more level headed than this …. and most of them have TBI’s and post traumatic stress so bad they can’t go out in public without a panic attack.

      • Slipmatwax

        Take their guns away. They’ll then have to figure out a better way to get things done – a humane way

        • Chaos34

          Didn’t stun guns get made for this very reason? Or even rubber bullets.

          • Tripoli

            I’d be okay with rubber bullets & beanbag rounds being used in most situations, honestly. Yes, they can cause damage at short range, but it’s much harder to accidentally kill someone.

      • Jamie Paul Bennett

        then we’d have no police because no person with intelligence would take a job of robbing their own friends and family

    • TepcoSushi

      Seems one would not want to open the door immediately, speak to whomever through the door, and only after you’re sure the situation is calm, do you then sit down your shotgun in the corner and consider opening the door….

      Also helps if no one can very easily see into your house and what you’re doing, that way they can’t confuse it.

      • Lisa Hayes Dunlap

        This kid dies and you point the finger back at him? A lot of people live in area’s that you just open your door without worry. You should be ashamed of yourself for the comment.

        • Christopher Reeves

          What kind of pussy dies from a single gun shot wound? Shit, this is natural selection at its finest. The human race doesn’t need weak scum such as this kid. Maybe if he wasn’t so fat and out of shape he would’ve lived. God bless America 😉

          • Blab

            Your an idiot Christopher. Shot in the right spot even a BB can kill.

          • Anthony Edwards

            He’s a troll. He is using the name of a disabled actor who died several years ago.

          • David Richardson

            I’d like to see you take a bullet to the head and try to survive.

          • Johnny

            There is a minute chance of survival… but that depends more upon the environment around the person.

          • Your Mom

            you’re being too obvious, but your first comment was quality bait my friend :^)

          • Kathryn O’Connor

            someone shot at point blank range in the stomach. Learn anatomy, you stupid dumb ass. that would kill anybody. the stomach is full of blood vessels and most people shot there bleed to death. Natural selection? May it get rid of dumb folks like you who never learned Science before you breed

      • Justthefact1

        Why did the police not answer back when the kid asked ..he was loved and had lots of friends why the hell would he think he was opening the door to his own harm? why did she have her gun drawn already would not matter if he was holding a glass of milk she was going to shoot ANYONE who opened that door!!

        • GriffonClaw

          Sounds like it was a set up to kill the kid. Maybe the cop had a grudge because her kid didn’t like him, or maybe she/ or someone in charge{read Political power} didn’t like 1 of his family members so this was a way to warn them 🙁

          • Tripoli

            Well, the report said it was about a probation violation. I’m guessing the cop thought she’d be big & bad, taking down a repeat offender. She shot the kid without verifying that he was the parolee.
            She was also obviously a bit unhinged, which should have disqualified her from police service… but too many precincts ignore psych profiles when hiring. Whoever hired her should be held partially accountable, imo.

        • Malchik

          I thought cops were required to make themselves known when asked. This wasn’t a bust. She should have never had her gun out and pointed at a person.

    • theburlyone

      Almost? This bitch deserves to have her badge shoved op her @ss. The people who “trained” her should be held accountable as well.

    • theburlyone

      Almost? This b!tch needs to have her badge forcefully shoved up her @ss. The people who “trained” her should be held accountable to some extent as well.

      • Kathryn O’Connor

        and if she was a man?

        • craiggnt

          If she was a man she should be made the chief,MORON.

          • Kathryn O’Connor

            No Moran. but you are a prick.

    • sinner

      spilling over dude,,,,,,,

    • Logan Robertson

      Take it from me… it won’t ever get full.

      It will only boil over.

    • What gets me the most is they are receiving PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE for this shit. OK, so they not only MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD a 17 year old boy, they also killed a future soldier, a future father, husband, etc.

      Everything this boy could have been, was going to be, some fucking bitch cop took that away from him, because of her incompetence, her stupidity, and she’s rewarded with it, by getting PAID TIME AWAY FROM WORK.

      The community should be at this cop’s fucking house with pitchforks and torches, chasing this bitch of a cop from the city limits! THIS is how this needs to start happening. RUN THEM FROM TOWN. And don’t let them come back. OTHERWISE WE WILL HAVE MORE ‘Chris Dorner’s and ‘Christopher ROUPE’S.

      • Kathryn O’Connor

        YOu love throwing the word bitch around too much. do you call the guy cops any names too?

        • because the cop is FEMALE. If the cop was a guy I’d be using the word ASSHOLE.
          And this is the language adults use on the internet. If you don’t like it, don’t use the internet.

          • Kathryn O’Connor

            the male equivalent is ‘prick’ assholes can be either gender. please, understand your sexism if you’re going to be throwing it around. and guys hate being called pricks. Call one that and see what it gets you. and if you don’t like me criticizing your sexism, maybe you shouldn’t use the internet. it’s not the language adults use on the net. only ones who don’t have a better vocabulary. Bestial fester.

          • Again this is your opinion. I don’t necessarily agree with you but I can’t force you to silence. You have a freedom of speech granted by our forefathers. and again, if you don’t like what is said on the internet, either don’t use the internet or leave the site of offending vocabulary. One statement of mine doesn’t necessarily make me sexist, especially when the intent behind it was nowhere in the ‘sexist’ ball park. 🙂

          • Anonymous

            This has nothing to do with gender. None of this does. YOU’RE bringing gender into the equation. It’s YOU that is being sexist by even bringing it up. Stop being a feminazi. Being a feminist is ok, feminazi is not.

            If a guy did this, it would be equally as wrong. I’d call him prick, as$hole, d!ck, any name I could think of.

            For this b!tch, I’ll call her whatever I want, too. She deserves all of the namecalling she gets.

          • Kelsey

            Okay, because it’s completely appropriate to compare her to a group of people who executed a mass genocide of a group of people. Yeah, calling someone a ‘feminazi’ pretty much automatically slaps the word ‘sexist’ on your head. We live in a world where terminology associated with being female is incredibly degrading. Grow some balls, be a man, stop being a pussy(female genitalia), stop being a little bitch…all things that are told to men commonly to discourage them from being anything like a women or girl. Because being a woman is undesirable to the modern world, and that needs to change. She crossed the line, she should be reprimanded appropriately, can we leave gender biased insults out of the equation?

          • Tripoli

            To be fair, there are lots of (female) feminists who refer to self-described radfems as “feminazis,” because the most vocal amongst them actually believe in mass mutilation/torture/murder of males. They’re few in number, but they’re the ones that anti-feminists & MRAs point to when they stereotype feminists.

          • Matthew Blake

            Kathryn you’re a little off topic. Go troll somewhere else. Bitch, this isn’t about sexism. Fyi never in my life have I been offended for being called a prick. Male/female, it doesn’t matter, she crossed the line i and now basically getting rewarded for it. It’s just not fucking right.

          • baconcheeswhiz89

            shut up tree hugger

          • bloodyspartan

            You know dick, never call a man by one of his better parts.

            Call him a Cant Understand Normal Thinking.

            GO IT>

        • adawg

          male or female, that murderer was a bitch. I’m thinking the same for you. Mostly because you are female, but also because you condone murder or innocent kids.

          • adawg

            of* innocent

    • Thomas Papashanz

      mine is full now

    • Josh Hubbard


    • ItsRoni

      Almost full? This child was assassinated in his own home! Then the officer denied him the comfort of his sister as he lay dying. My heart is broken for this family!! On top of it all? The officer gets a PAID vacation! My rage meter is off the charts!!

    • Stacey Croxen

      completely full

  • ambesa74

    starting to really be insensitive to a death of cops, it sucks to say that, but this is pushing it, & they getting out of hand. there is no penalty for their mistook actions at all. this whole ‘paid leave’ thing is absurd to the 10th degree. Cops will need to be held accountable for their actions, otherwise more & more & more people will become insensitive to when a true officer needs help. i used to be sensitive to the police, but that is diminishing real frikin fast!.

    • Usurper

      I have an orgasm when I hear a pig got smoked.

      • Commentor

        Bet you are a criminal too who got caught once.

        • CharlieAdamsInKY

          Bet you’re a badge-licker in Real Life, too.

          • Commentor

            Actually I am not, but then I am not law breaker. Are you?

          • CharlieAdamsInKY

            Nope. But I don’t defend lousy cops the way you’re doing here, either. If you’re not a badge-licker, you do a real good impression of one.

          • Tripoli

            Being disgusted by someone fetishizing cop-killing = Defending bad cops?
            The commenters on this site seem less & less about watchdogging police, and more about wanting to murder people without repurcussions (ironically, just like the bad cops they claim to hate).

          • CharlieAdamsInKY


          • Commentor

            Did I defend a lousy cop? No I did not. But Usurper seems to get his rocks off on any cop that gets killed, no matter if they was a bad or a good cop, there are some good ones you know. I hate it when people lump all of them together for the actions of a few bad ones.

          • CharlieAdamsInKY

            Bullshit. I’ve seen your comments all up and down this page, and I stand by mine.

        • Usurper

          With moronic logic like that I would say you are probably a pig or a wannabe pig that couldn’t even pass the low standards to join the force.

          • Commentor

            Sorry, just a law abiding citizen. But a person like you who gets off on someone getting killed is just sick and perverted. Unlike you I could have passed the test to be in law enforcement, just was not the type of career I wanted.

          • Usurper

            I don’t doubt you could be a cop, since one of the requisites for the job is a below average IQ. Just as I suspected, the real wannabe. You could have “passed the test”, spoken like the true delusional.

            A person like me. You are so stunted as to think I have an actual orgasm when a pig gets smoked instead of it being a figure of speech or hyperbole. Yes, a person like me is sick and twisted when they get off seeing the evil doer get theirs. I guess that is why every movie or play ever written where the bad guy gets it in the end was written by a sociopath. And all the fans of that media are psychopathic. Get off your high horse. The fact that you feel the need to protest so loudly makes YOU suspect in my book. Even more so than the fact you defend pigs like this. Keep trying to pretend you have some kind of moral high ground.

          • Commentor

            Nowhere did I defended the cop in question. But by your post you sure sounded like you got off on any cop that gets killed, whether they was a good cop or a bad cop. Seeing as I don’t know you I have no idea if you actually have a orgasm or not when a cop gets killed, but there are people out there that would. So how am I suppose to tell you are not one of them by your little post?

          • Commentor

            I apologize for insinuating that you are a criminal from your post. It just I think it wrong to lump the good with the bad. I do agree that not all cops are good, just as all cops are bad. I know from experience of this.

      • Tripoli

        That’s because you’re insane.
        No sane person enjoys the idea of someone else getting killed. Congratulations on being the wannabe-nihilist version of the officer in this article, though. I bet you feel like a big, bad, macho man now, huh?

        • Usurper

          Right, I’m the bad guy for seeing a pig that was hired to roll over, rape, sexually assault, murder innocent people get what’s coming to them. It used to be in this country, when a perp was shot, it was something to celebrate because obviously the scumbag had it coming. Now that we have the real picture the tables have turned. We see these stories of innocents murdered by pig every week. The stories of beatings daily. Excedingly rare is the case when the pigs even gets charged, let alone convicted of ANY crime. Sorry my friend, I assume you are a pig or the wanna be pig here, they themselves have brought this kind of ire on their own. “they aren’t all bad,” I hear that refrain from boot-lickers like you. I say if that were the case, we would be seeing more of them charged and convicted. They are a criminal organization, organized under their unions and the criminal court system. Macho has nothing to do with it, you just need to get your thinking up or maybe get out more often and pull your head out to take a look once in a while. I hope your are never falsely arrested by this criminal gang and tortured for hours, your child murdered out of cowardice, or any number of other heinous crimes they commit with impunity on a daily basis. You call me a nihilist, I think you need to find a dictionary and learn the meaning of the word.

  • Christina Woodruff

    If they were there on a ‘probation matter’ why was her guy drawn already? Why did the other cop with her allow her to have her gun drawn, and why the fuck didn’t he calm her down? Why did they not answer when asked who was there? Why didn’t they tell him to drop his weapon? And were they even at the right house? It said the probation matter didn’t involve him, so what? His little sister, his aunt? A neighbor?

    • Jay Smith

      good questions i was wondering that too who were they really there for? were they once again at the wrong house??? or??????

  • Jeff Hincks

    should post the pic of the mudering officer, so we know when to see her lay flat on the ground, hope she gets whats coming to her, OH wait she’s a cop she will get paid time off and a promotion and that’s all the victims family will get SFA

  • Breathial

    THE solution to out-of-control cops and bureaucrats… It’s been done before, and was quite effective.

    • Commentor

      So you advocating anarchy? Who controls the vigilantes?

  • PissedMomma

    She drew a gun on someone over a probation matter and didn’t bother to make sure it was the right person. I hope to god she isn’t a parent. Because she has no business making decisions.

    • Tripoli


  • Neil Forte

    Are they trained

    • yes . trained to shoot to kill first, ask questions later . trained to be obedient slugs to the chamber of commerce

  • Jeff Schmidt

    How about a pic of the perp?

    • Commentor

      Yours will do

      • ceramicsaturn

        This guy….people like him who are the problem.

        • Commentor

          No, unlawful citizens are the problem

  • David Bryson

    In China, this cop would be executed immediately.

    • Peter Horak

      really? communism clearly has a few upsides.

    • HezzLynn81

      Well, wish we had that mentality over here!

      • Commentor

        So you want to be a communist?

        • calipidgious

          I think she’d like some accountability and justice. Stop busting her balls just to be a prick

          • Commentor

            No, your being the prick. Just pointed out that I don’t want to live in a communist society. She forgot that police over in China shoot you for voicing your political opposition. Do you want that here?

          • calipidgious

            No but I sure as shit would prefer not to live in a country with a trolling a-hole like you. And by the way, being called a prick by someone like you is a compliment because I would hate to think that we had one iota of anything in common.

          • Commentor

            Yeah, I am glad I am glad I don’t associate with people like you that want to live in a communist society either.

          • calipidgious

            Wanting justice and accountability for out of control murderous cops and wanting communism are two different things. Pity you apparently can’t recognize that. Not everything is that black and white in the real world

          • Commentor

            I too want Justice and accountability, but I want it done the right way. Not by mob justice. That the point I have been trying to make.

  • yellowdogmichael

    I am sick to death of cops killing us. We need to start shooting back! Perhaps we will!

    • David Wh

      yes sir!

    • Commentor

      Then after you shoot at a cop, I will shoot at you.

      • ceramicsaturn

        ^how cops think. Above all morals and law.

  • Doge Wallace

    Over 5,000 people killed by cops in the U.S. since 9/11 — shouldn’t the war on terror begin at home?

    • Arnt Johnsen

      The terror are held like a puppeteer by your government that obviously don’t have second thoughts about hurting others, either its in by torture , murder or in any other way that conflicts others in pain and agony or even death. There are a state in US that have a law that agrees to shoot a cop if he or she are using deadly force on innocent people, if there are no other way to deal with it stand your ground. Its just a matter of time before they knocks on your neighborhoods doors doing the same without second thoughts about their behavior or act.

    • Jay Smith

      AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!! should but will it??

  • Spookie Bones

    this is so sad. i’m sick of hearing about trigger happy cops shooting innocent people. 🙁

  • Christopher White

    This is cold blooded murder under color of law. The dumb ass/incompetent cop should get life without parole. PERIOD.

    • JoBrown85

      She should get life? No, death! Why should the taxpayer pay for this vile murderous bitch to live?

      • Christopher White

        I was speaking of a minimum. Typically, a death penalty case costs more than it does to lock them up for life. When you count the trial, the lengthy appeals process (often lasting 10 to 15 years) just locking them up in a cell for life without parole ends up being cheaper. And of course, this is about justice, not money. If we could make sure that the guilty officer was hanged by the neck or shot by firing squad within a year or two, i would be fine with that. Unfortunately, the government’s justice system is so corrupt, that too many innocent people are railroaded and convicted for crimes they did not convict. When an innocent person is executed by the state, we collectively share in a charge of murder under color of law. There have been dozens of people freed from death row after several years – and i am sure a few innocent people have been killed for crimes they did not commit. Only when police and prosecutors that destroy exculpatory evidence and fabricate damning evidence and coach witnesses to lie under oath are locked up for 10 years or more will I have any faith in the justice system.

        • notasheople

          Thank you for doing the research on the death penalty! I wish more people were as educated on this matter as you. I can’t believe in this day & age of justice system injustice that people believe just because someone is on death row (or even just incarcerated) then they must be 100% guilty.

      • asdasdasd

        I would agree but the death penalty usually costs taxpayers more money then life does. Unless you mean just murdering her or some other illegal form of killing her.

        • Tripoli

          He/she probably does. Jo Brown is either a troll, or a violence-fetishizing psychopath.

  • Jonny Unite-Us

    Cops are out of control. Have been for decades. Only the internet helps us get wind of these incidences. Previously, they’d just say ‘I thought he had a gun.’ And nobody would find out. Family grieved in silence. Nobody knew.

    Today. We know. And we’re very pissed off.

    • now that they’re finalizing their plan of taking over the internet, it’ll become more and more difficult to find the truth

  • J Will


  • Mike Holton

    Police can kill without fear of repercussion:
    Senior Citizens
    Any animal
    Disabled people
    Homeless people
    Anyone who might have a weapon
    Anyone who looks like a suspect
    Anyone fleeing or resisting in any way

    Police may face repercussions for killing:
    Another police officer
    Football player (if they’re good)

    Help me finish my list?

    • GriffonClaw

      Anyone who Obama might claim “that could have been My Son…”

  • FaqUrNwoBS

    hunt that pig down. I mean c’mon.

  • guns

    Time to bring back public hangings

    • Commentor

      yep, lets start by hanging idiots like you

      • ceramicsaturn

        Obvious cop with inferiority complex.

        • Commentor

          Wrong you are. I am not a police officer, just a law abiding citizen. Which evidently you are not.

  • DontTaseMeBro

    With all that I’ve seen lately, I beginning to think Cops shouldnt even be given guns in the first place. They could perform their duties without reasonable danger to themselves (in MOST situations) with a taser and the old nightstick. Hell, Some of them even kill people with those. Or perhaps require all cops to wear a camera of some kind and quit this “Administrative leave” Bullshit. IF s cop shoots someone, They should be put on leave without pay, and the case/situation be put under review by civilians (Not other cops and federal employees). Been seeing too much of this shit lately. F*ck (most) Cops.

    • Halvar Fonn Dretvik

      All uniforms could be equipped with live-feed cameras w/ voice recorder. The camera and live feed would be powered by walking and a solar panel.

      • doesn’t matter . we have plenty video of plenty idiot cops murdering or otherwise abusing people : still they roam free and receive our tax dollars to carry weapons and use ’em against us

  • yvonne martinez

    Goddammn fucking cops!! What the fuck? When is this shit going to stop? Do they fucking hire murderous ex cons, full regards or what? E fucking nough already! !!! Cops are a danger and should be shot on site! They are no better than the black thugs killing people all the time! Fuckers!!
    Signed Joe Martinez

    • Gus

      Funny comment coming from a filthy wetback.

      • wow . this is beyond ignorant

        first of all, a large portion of land in this country was stolen by violence from mexico

        the rest was stolen from the native tribes

        finally, how do you pretend to know where yvonne was born, or her status as resident or citizen? you don’t know . but go right on ahead posting bigotry . eventually it’ll catch up with you

      • CharlieAdamsInKY

        Hey, Gus, go fuck yourself, you ignorant asswipe.

  • Barack Obama’s trained pistol swinging gestapo going about their normal duty. No doubt Obama will have this bitch promoted to a chief officer.

    • Mitchel J Fetting

      Obama didn’t create the police force, nor was it a non corrupt organization before he came to power. It has nothing to do with obama.

      • missmavis

        It has everything to do with any sitting President under which it occurs.

        Stop blaming Bush. It makes you look stupid.

        • Michael Smith

          No one blamed Bush. In fact, Mr. Fetting was simply pointing out that the police have been corrupt for years. For you to try to absolve Bush specifically with personal insults against Mr. Fetting is recklessly ignorant and deflective of the real issue being discussed and the fact that it lies at a local level, not a federal level. As long as local District Attorneys do not get pressured to investigate cases like this thoroughly and follow up their findings with charges against the police when they should, nothing will change. It is the lack of local prosecutors doing their due diligence where the problem lies.

      • Well Obama is certainly MILITARISING them with APC’s, Military trucks, machine guns, swat teams, hollow point rounds etc.

    • spike spiegel

      you fucking moron you always have to blame him just admit it you hate having a nigga in the white house

      • KingStan

        No! We just hate having a muslim,communist, America hating, theiving, lying, illegal alien, asshole in the white house!!!! Wether he be white,black or salt and pepper, which Barry is all three!!! Plus he’s stealing from the people who make America run and giving it to the ones that dont but will vote for him, the muslims that hate America (like him, read his books), He’s using the morons of this country to destroy it, and they are doing it willingly smiling all the while and saying thank u oh great one!!!

        • Rob Hughes

          hahaha still calling him a muslin….

        • Commentor

          Another low information and clueless voter

        • ceramicsaturn

          Heeeere we go. Fox news’ number one viewer.

        • CharlieAdamsInKY

          Hey, Stan? Go fuck yourself, you stupid sonuvabitch.

    • CharlieAdamsInKY

      So, the POTUS is in charge of city police, too, now? You fucking inbred imbecile.See what we get, kids, when brothers and sisters shack up for generations?

  • kaylee

    What are we as a society going to do? This was murder. The cops are only supposed to use weapons in extreme cases. There are way too many where they think they are judge, jury and executioner. Cops scare me.

  • kaylee

    Why would cops go to a door with a drawn gun over a probation matter? Does she not have enough brains to have any discrimination? And why, why, why would she not let the little sister stay by the side of her dying brother? I can’t understand the idiocy or the cruelty.

  • 13 Naga 13

    Now I understand why there is an eternal Hell.

    These type of people are put in karmic situations all the way up until the day they reside in the lake of fire. Good for them.

  • Ian Battles


  • Natedog Hicks

    cops have all the power and ZERO accountability

    this must end

  • IratePirate

    Cops all over America have a brutal ass stompin coming!

  • ertyu

    Was it really necessary to highlight the fact that the officer was female? This is horrific but I’m sure this atrocity had nothing to do with gender.

  • McGruff

    Anyone know who this killer cop is?

    • Commentor

      yep, you

  • Elhuero

    were that kid my relative, the officer would have to take her paid leave in hiding.

    • Danny Meanass Williams

      This is 2nd person she has shot.. Beth Ganty

      • Danny Meanass Williams

        Should b open season on cops

        • Commentor

          Should be open season on idiots like you

          • Jeesh

            No one cares about what you say bc your comments have already shown you to be an oblivious lemming. You are clueless about the big picture; your 8-bit board between your ears can’t process anything bigger than a dollar menu and a shitty tv show with a laugh track. Nothing worse than a dumb person that doesn’t realize they are dumb.

          • Commentor

            So you believe all cops should be murdered whether they good or bad? Do you not believe in the justice system and the rule of law?

  • Reptile Man

    This is what happens when the people decide to live in fear instead of faith. Kill first, ask questions later. It is the nature of the fearful mind, and ignorance of this fact will ensure the growth of fearful control over the populace.

    • Christopher White

      I would say a cowardly and unthinking mind. There are situations where fear is good and a correct response. But this authoritarian, bed-wetter was thinking ahead of the door opening…”Maybe he has a gun”, so her cowardly mind saw something in the person’s hand (she did not even notice who it was) and she saw “something”, which her brain told her was a gun because she had already thought it. She reacted out of cowardice and fear without thinking for even a millisecond. This is happening more and more. Just like the 8 LA cops who fired 108 rounds at two innocent women in a pickup truck when the manhunt for the cop-killer was causing all of the cowardly “fraidy” cat, control freak, above the law thugs in wet their pants at the sound of a car backfire. BTW, the 8 police who fired those 108 shots, wounding the unarmed innocent women will not be charged. Typical cover-up and corruption by the LA police. Not only are most police corrupt, lying and treacherous bullies and cowards, the prosecutors are even worse when it comes to not charging the cops, and knowingly charging innocent citizens just to put someone in prison.

  • J Blair

    she deserves execution

  • William Powers

    She’ll probably get a small slap on the wrist like most other law enforcement murderers!

  • WHY ?

    Simple question needs asking…When did Officer Safety trump Citizen Safety ?..they are paid to take chances in harms way, If they can’t handle that then they should be fired.

    • when police unionized … something that should be disallowed … it’s one thing to unionize labor, and a whole other thing to allow thugs with guns to unionize : to hire a bank of attorneys who can get them off for murders and assaults on a daily basis

  • Arnt Johnsen

    It puzzles me that the police officers in the US are so cowardly that they shoot down a child in cold blood in his own home, are there only thugs, murderers and low IQ’ed individuals and X Bullies in the staff or is it just a coincident that it happens all the time?

  • WHY ?

    Now will this go under the heading of HOMEGROWN TERRORISM ?

  • Harold Chase

    Time to start giving cops the death penalty for such incomptence.

  • Stan

    Ask yourselves this simple question. What kind of a person would want to become a cop in the 21st century United States of America? A power hungry psychopath. Someone who probably never had any particular talents, someone who is anti social, someone who couldn’t fit into society so their only way to get back at society was to become authority which allows them to rule over others. Being a cop today in United Sates gives you the right to kill, abuse and extort innocent people. Even though not all cops are corrupt a large portion of them still is.

  • tick tack

    The officer needs to be arrested for murder and her partner should be arrested for being an accomplice to murder because he did nothing. He didn’t even point his gun at his partner and telling her to drop the weapon. He’s just as guilty.

  • JoBrown85

    Perhaps it’s not just time for the community to hold this bitch pig accountable for the boy’s murder, but also her boss and her boss’ boss and so on, for failing to hire and train responsible people for the force and for failing to deal with these police brutality issues that have been plagueing the community for so long. As for this bitch pig, she should be dragged away from her family at some random time and summarily executed on her front lawn, without the opportunity of exchanging any last words with her family – since that’s what she also denied the boy she shot.
    WHEN OH WHEN will people fight back?! What will it take? Are you all a bunch of pussies in the USA? I can’t fathom how a family so brutalised by murderous cops would just ‘accept’ it and wait for an “investigation” by the brutal thug club itself! Should you not be so enraged as to not rest until that murderous cop herself stops breathing?

  • saint

    Charge the female police officer with murder and put her photo on facebook for everybody to know her. A murderess.

    • Commentor

      Lets post your picture on FB to show a idiot

      • CharlieAdamsInKY

        Post yours to show a *badge-licker*.

        • Commentor

          Wrong again little boy.

  • Lord Skeletor

    Executed? Who wrote this and does their mommy know that they’re up past their bedtime? If you don’t want to get shot by cops, don’t point shit at them that looks even remotely like a firearm. This “story” conveniently omits a ton of aggravating circumstances, including the police being there to apprehend a violent felon on two probation violation warrants. Don’t point shit at cops—plain and simple. Darwin at work, once again.

    • cosmos

      Was the kid the felon in question?,Wii remote vs gun don’t look anything alike.This is what happens when somebody is doing as job they really shouldn’t be doing.Her mistake his life.She should have joined the local fire dept if she wants to play hero, it’s obvious this is not the job for her.

    • Pat Lane

      Yea! Don’t answer your door holding a remote!

    • Funkasaurasrex

      How did you survive?

    • zaiger

      He answered the door in his own home and was shot without warning. You are a moron or a terrible troll.

    • CajunRay

      Maybe the police can pay an unexpected visit to your house while you are holding a cell phone or remote and shoot you because you had the audacity of being in your own home holding something in your hand you fuckwad.

    • Danny Meanass Williams

      Failure to pay .. u dumb fuck.. 7:14 pm valentines day.. get a life the cunt murdered a kid

    • josh hayes

      This is my cousin that was shot in euharley no he didn’t point the remote at the cops he was innocent and should have never been shot o hope she gets what she deserves Christopher was an awesome person!!!!!

  • Andrew

    Oh my good God just wow. A Wii controller doesnt even look like a gun. Cops are not above the law. They are suppose to serve and protect not going around terrozing slaying innocent children. That cop needs to be put on death row by the electric chair so she can die an agonizing painful death like this boy did. This is just so sad. He is with Our Lord and Savior now though.

  • hades

    Shes on payed leave for murder. any one of us would be sitting in a cell and have already lost our jobs.

    • Funkasaurasrex

      Ain’t that the absolute truth.

  • Roninf9

    What the hell is wrong with the people in that town where that dumb broad with a badge lives. She should be not able to show her face in public. She should be in fear for her life whenever she leaves her front door.

  • Anony Mous

    Declare war on police brutality by releasing their names!!!!

  • David Wh

    cop knocks on my door at their own risk, if that was my son there’d be two dead cops. I am so fuckin sick of people being killed in their own homes because they only want stupid people to be police officers. That badge doesn’t make them special the family should have killed them right there on the spot. This is why they want our guns so we can’t defend ourselves. All this propaganda making all you serfs afraid of the big mysterious and dangerous gun. Buy a gun educate yourself on how to use it. Don’t comply with their bullshit confiscation. Shame on all the people that accept this as normal and ok because that bitch had a badge, I hope she gets shot in the fuckin throat and dies slowly choking and drowning in her own blood!

    • Commentor

      Another idiot

  • David

    fuck cops. We don’t need them anymore.

    • Commentor

      Says the criminal

  • David

    citizen justice now!

  • Freedom?

    Disarm all police.

    Give them small plastic survival whistles and radios that can’t be removed in their cars.

  • spike spiegel

    anyone who can give me this cuntwaft’s address will be hansomely rewarded

    • Commentor

      Why? So you can be a murderer also?

      • ceramicsaturn

        Wow you’re admitting the cop murdered the kid then? Good for you!

        • Commentor

          No, just pointing out that Spike here wants to be a murderer and a criminal. As for whether the police officer murdered a child or not, that for the courts to decide, not for me or you to decide unless you are on the jury and presented with the evidence and facts. Not by vigilante justice.

  • Damien

    Execute that PIG!

    Officers like this have NO BUSINESS on our streets.

    Indite her on 1st Degree Murder charges, Give this CUNT the DEATH Penalty!

    Let’s find where this cunt lives and bring justice to this MURDERED child & his family.

  • Peter Horak

    The fucking cops are out of control in this country. Next time they’ll kill you for having a phone in your hand.

    • CajunRay

      They’ve already been there and done that.

  • zaiger

    My jimmies are fully rustled.

  • Tom DeVita

    And she even got a paid vacation! Isn’t she lucky. I swear man, that town should round up a posse, find this cunt and beat her within an inch of her life.

    • Commentor

      And the posse should beat up idiots like you

  • Tim Ernst

    Hearing these stories of uneducated, trigger happy cops killing innocent persons with complete immunity day in and day out is really wearing on me.

    • CajunRay

      I completely agree.

    • Jay Smith

      you and me both and alot of others

  • anarchy intheUS

    pathetic pig.

  • Denis byaliy

    Any cop who breaks their “oath” especially involving the death of a child doesn’t deserve life in prison, but deserves a potassium chloride injection to her main without sedatives, so she can curl and cringe as her body slowly shuts down as she dies. Fuckin cunt

  • Nora Roseberry

    The only thing I can figure may stop the killing is for one of these cops to kill one of their own. As trigger happy as they are now, mark my words, it will happen. Eventually…

  • Tom Fox

    Another life lost to Glock-first police policies.

  • citizen

    can only imagine how far skewed and incorrect this article is

  • Efesgirl


    • Commentor

      For you yes

      • Efesgirl

        That cop shot and killed a teenager for nothing aside from her own unfounded fear. She deserves to be in jail pending murder charges. Police should NOT be above the law in regard to incidents like this one. Police who are afraid of their own shadow should NOT be allowed to remain on the job.

        • Commentor

          So allow the law to run it course. The investigation is still being done. But then you already have them convicted without a trail.

          • Efesgirl

            I want to see the alleged gun produced in evidence. That should be interesting.

          • Commentor

            So do I, in a court of law

  • 2a247

    Wait till a open carrier kills one of you scumbag pigs for drawing your weapon on them for doing nothing illegal.

  • josh hayes

    Christopher u were an awesome cousin and didn’t deserve what u got… I will miss u until I see u at the gates of heaven..please watch over us bubba ill never under stand why but what I do understand is that u are in in gods care I love u bubba

  • Sekushii Adamina

    id sue, and have the cop up for murder. the rage that would fill my body if it was my son, no amount of money from a lawsuit would make this right.

  • Observer1964

    I am so angry that I had to say it..
    but now what… how manny..
    when will we… and what…

  • dagdason

    FUCK THAT COP … she dead

  • Usurper

    Another gutless turd pig doing what they do best, shyte themselves with fear and murder an innocent human being. They are cowards and they think they can hide this fact with belligerence. We have your numbers, pigs.

  • rolandclark

    How the hell can this cop still get paid after killing a child for opening the door

  • Winston M. Child

    I hope the family decides to take matters into their own hands and serve that cop some street justice.

  • sinner

    you MOTHERPHUCKERS! that is phucking it!

  • dthemajor

    That pig should be executed.

    • All The Way Alive

      Hush, she “stood her ground.”


      Yes, she should be.

  • kimosabe1960

    Happens all the time. And it’s only going to get worse. Get yourself a badge and you have carte blanche to kill whomever you please. And if you think she’s going to jail for it think again. Cops are above the law and this along with the hundreds of other cases where they just kill at will prove it. Case in point the kid handcuffed behind his back in the back seat of the cruiser who died of a “self-inflicted” gunshot wound to the head. Velkommen to Das Amerika!

    • All The Way Alive

      It’s always been- no getting worse. Just now with the internet it becomes nationally known when before it would probably make the local papers and go no further.

      • it has, indeed, always been . but it is getting much worse and fast

  • All The Way Alive

    Horrible sad and it’s disgusting that we are so in tune with fighting terrorism and we are way too jaded to see that the worst terrorist are in out own nation, working for our nation.

    • ‘working for our nation’ … and against the people

  • murder, depraved indifference, violence on a child, child abuse, abuse of authority, discharging a weapon …

  • Grant Armbruster
    • gr3e

      HAHAHAHA. Look at those fucking losers. What a bunch of pathetic fat pieces of shit. This is who your masters have decided get to carry a gun and play god over you? Those cops look like the lowest IQ brain dead idiots on the planet.

      It’s amazing how the system works. The evil assholes in power hire the dumbest fucking drones to do their dirty work. And nobody at the top is ever held accountable.

  • Mike Greenleaf

    Legalizing the phrase”I just wanted to know what it was like to kill someone”. Now they just give them a gun and a badge. My heartfelt condolences to the family and may they find peace in the Lord.

  • Begin

    Four thousand people in that town. I think they can take on one little crappy police station. Go rent a bulldozer and demolish their police station, then send the bill to JPMorgan. And then charge every officer there with a felony, serving a minimum of five years in prison.

    • fed_up_white_guy

      Now, I’m sure there are some decent cops there… wait, who am I kidding, if there were, they would do something about the bad ones, right?

      • joviss

        Nailed it!

  • Average Joe Canadian

    type in your anger and outrage, then quietly move on. None of you are actually going to do anything tangible about it. So complain to your hearts content, and keep takin’ it.

    • joviss

      Why is that? Is it something in the chem-trails, our food, the government backed/owned media?? What is turning north americans into a bunch of fat and apathetic sheeple?

      • Average Joe Canadian

        good god, any number of reasons! How about complacency: “Yes that happens, but mostly to homeless people and stuff like that. Not to me, I’m not like that.”

        Or how about conditioning: We see it happening, but we hesitate to become involved because “sticking our necks out” could get us into trouble. Better to just keep our heads down, keep chasing our consumer goods, and stay out of the way (kind of sort of like the way a zebra’s camouflage protects it in the herd). We’re not trained to question our leaders and hold them accountable; we’re trained to chase dollars and dig ourselves deeper into debt.

        Speaking of conditioning, look at the electoral system. Every election, you get the choice of a red bag of shit, or a blue bag of shit. The system is rigged to make you feel like you’ve had a meaningful say when you vote, like you are a participant in the democracy you all speak of. But really, when your choices are limited to what colour bag of shit you want, that’s not democracy; that’s deMOCKracy.

        Or just plain old fear: As a cohesive force, no power can withstand the will of the American people in their pursuit of what America should be. Trouble is, the System knows that, and knows all the tricks to keep Americans divided and afraid – to keep them in small manageable units that they can handle by force, to keep them distracted, to keep them fighting with and blaming each other, to keep them from morphing into the Voice Of The People.

        Alone you are weak. Together you would be unstoppable. Everything they do is designed to keep you weak, alone, helpless and small. And it’s working.

        • FedUpMom

          You said that perfectly and I have said the same things so many times, but it continues to fall on deaf ears. Until the people in this country start standing together to fight the common enemy this will continue to get worse and we will continue to watch, cower in fear, and rant online.. but do nothing tangible to stop it. We live in a sad, shameful world today. I’d like to say I see hope on the horizon but that would just be me wishing for it. There still aren’t enough people out there willing to pull their heads out of the sand and stand up with the handful who can clearly see what is happening. Our power is in numbers and thus they will always work to keep us divided. “We The People” has become a shameful joke. And those of us ready to stand up and DO something… well… we just don’t have the numbers yet to be effective, so we have no choice but to watch, wait, and attempt to educate and open the eyes of those who need to stand with us. Thank you for letting me know I am not the only one out here who sees it. THAT gives me hope. Now if only more will stand up and stand strong, we might just have a fighting chance.

          • Average Joe Canadian

            well you’re not alone but you’re definitely outnumbered, and up against a pretty crafty opponent. That “common enemy” is the machine that feeds and clothes us, but they give the masses juuuuust enough to keep the majority thinking that we’ve got it pretty good, and should just keep our mouths shut and be grateful.
            Those who do speak up? Well, they’re labelled as extremists and are dealt with quickly, quietly and sometimes violently, as a lesson to the rest of the herd.
            And they’re SO good at distracting us. Rather than paying attention to what’s happening in the Ukraine and Venezuela (not to mention here at home), most of us just worry about our favourite baseball team’s chances this year, or what’s going on with Desparate Housewives or The Amazing Race.

            Truly sickening, but somewhat awe-inspiring all at the same time.

          • Average Joe Canadian

            well you’re not alone but you’re definitely outnumbered, and up against a pretty crafty opponent. That “common enemy” is the machine that feeds and clothes us, but they give the masses juuuuust enough to keep the majority thinking that we’ve got it pretty good, and should just keep our mouths shut and be grateful.
            Those who do speak up? Well, they’re labelled as extremists and are dealt with quickly, quietly and sometimes violently, as a lesson to the rest of the herd.
            And they’re SO good at distracting us. Rather than paying attention to what’s happening in the Ukraine and Venezuela (not to mention here at home), most of us just worry about our favourite baseball team’s chances this year, or what’s going on with Desparate Housewives or The Amazing Race.

            Truly sickening, but somewhat awe-inspiring all at the same time.

          • Average Joe Canadian

            i did reply, but disqus seems to not want to post it.

  • POA

    “Of course I’m dangerous. I’m police. I can do terrible things to people, with impunity.”

    No truer words have ever been spoken. Too bad it’s from a actor playing a cop.

  • armedcitizen

    I’m saddened at the status of our law enforcement to date. Our police have been militarized all across this nation and they are tremendously overstepping their bounds of authority. It makes me sick to my stomach that they can just walk up to any residence and commit a violent crime such as this and only suffer a paid leave of absence. I read about many of these stories every day and I think these criminals should be held accountable for their actions just as any other violent criminal. I hope this trigger happy woman gets charged with murder.

  • Liberals Are Trash

    This is cold blooded murder. Cops get away with it as long as the public puts up with it. This sounds like a case where someone needs to catch this murderer on the streets and exact the justice that the government will probably not allow.

  • -5-element-shinobi-

    so.. what happened to the cop?

  • Phil Matheny

    shoot the fuckers!

    • Commentor

      Naaa, would rather shoot idiots like you

  • Jeremy B.

    This is a fucking out rage! That Cop
    need to have murder 1 charges and this Young Man Deserves Justice!

    Thank about your boy being shot to death by some trigger happy PIG! And then You know the fucking cops are just going to try and cover this shit up! NO FUCK YOU POICE DEPARTMENT! THIS BOY DESERVES JUSTICE NOW!

  • Rebecca Palacios

    Why are these men and women, that obviously have no control over their selves, hired on as public servants?!! They are there to protect and serve, not to beat and murder!!!#copsareoutofhand #sadsituation #fuckthepolice

  • Darcy Gardiner

    That cop should be shot in such a way as to die slowly and painfully

    • Commentor

      And idiots like you should be put out of your misery

  • Kimberly Spiece Bynum

    point blank there is and was no excuse for what this officer done let God judge their actions let us get them to him sooner than later give them the death penalty they are no different than we are

  • mommy in MT

    Where is this story coming from? I don’t see any reference to anywhere. The only reason I guess it happened in America is because of the word “cop”. Does anyone know any more about this incident! I would be a ranting, raving mess and the whole world would know about it!

  • bwark

    Paid administrative leave? She should be in jail, and charged with murder!

  • Marina

    This is horrible! Isn’t there a way to stop this sort of thing from happening. In California, recently, cops have been abusing their power, one incident being when two cops beat a homeless man to death, he had schitzophrenia and didn’t understand what was happening to him. There are protests begging we train our cops on how to handle the mentally ill better.

  • JoshLC2003

    Dude. Seriously what the hell is wrong with people now? She thought a Wiimote was a damn gun?! How stupid is this lady?

  • joviss

    About 5000 civilians killed by the police in the U.S. since 9/11. We’re getting the same thing happening here in Canada. The rates just keep increasing as they turn the police stations into armories. Nothing but helmets and body armor, various grenades and personnel carriers. What are they turning into?

  • joviss

    And the media makes it extremely difficult to get proper statistics on civilians killed by police while at the same time making it blaringly clear how many police die as this researcher found out.

  • Danny Leja

    Anyone else would be in jail and sentenced 25 to life cops are suppose to uphold the law what makes them exempt from being punished for wrong doing I may never know.

  • Linda Candelaria

    adrenaline junkees

  • Michal Meaders

    Another example of rogue behavior

  • Swivelgames

    Fucking murderer.

  • Ricotta

    We need to hang the cunt from the shadiest tree in town.

    • Commentor

      Would be more fun to hang idiots like you


    This is why females shouldn’t be cops, they have waaay too much to prove. dumb bitches. Don’t get me wrong, I still fucking hate cops, i hope they all die on duty.

    • Commentor

      Spoken like a true criminal

  • 4ehtehj5x

    haha what are you gonna do about it amerilards? they own you. you are not free.

  • Dave StrongArm

    This bitch and all other law bitches should feel lucky they are doing this in homes where people aren’t defending themselves against this action. Doesn’t matter who you are,…you murder someone I know or love and you’re catching lead in the face. Even if it means I’m going out too. Enough is enough.

    • Commentor

      Big words, little man

  • Regnum Hierosolimitanum

    Really I’ve had enough of this. Cops in America are psychotic. Petition your local council to disband the police department and set up citizen militias to keep the peace.

    • Commentor

      No thanks

  • Cruxifer

    This disgusts me on a level that I cannot even begin to describe without outright advocating immediate and violent retaliation against police who commit such crimes and get off Scott free with “paid administrative leave”.

    I really do not know how much more of this that I or anyone else in this country can take before we start pro actively hunting them down and dishing out vigilante justice in the absence thereof.
    There will be a breaking point and I fear the indiscriminate bloodshed that may ensue as a result. Certainly, there are a lot of corrupt cops out there, more so now than ever before, however, if a strict no tolerance policy is not drilled into these vicious offenders, you’re painting a target on the back of every single police officer in this country, regardless of how good or bad they are.

    That uniform will before a death warrant and no amount of arrogance or training will prepare them for the genocide they will suffer at the hands of an angry and vengeful population.

    This has to stop or the streets will eventually run red and those power tripping fucks will find themselves dead on every street corner.

  • Ihavenouseforaname

    It’s really easy to find out where people live. Just saying.

  • Michael Mahoney

    Kill that miserable cunt and anyone, anywhere who supports or defends her !!! No more excuses !

    • Commentor

      So what is your excuse?

  • Walter Baumunk

    Are the two raging maggots still employed, when they should be under the prison

  • John Dere


  • Ahsan Shahid

    Those asshole cops should get life for incompetency

  • Sean Hawes

    Murder Murder !! Pig needs to be charged or shot her damn self !! Murder Murder !! No damn excuse !! Death sentence for this Pig !!

  • Liniborn

    That cop needs to be in jail for premeditated murder, she had her gun already out and ready to shoot him. They clear her, their entire dept are murderers and punks.

  • Scot Hickerson

    To many Cops are looking for Excuses to kill someone or beat someone. The guy who was shoot and killed watering his neighbors yard holding a sprayer his families got millions.. This has to stop people will get justice them selves if it doesn’t stop or isn’t punished..

  • geddaklew

    Premeditated Murder pure and simple. Time for death penalty.

  • L chavez

    Where is the “media” in this? Oh…sorry, my bad they won’t report on this due their masters. For second matters, this bitch needs to be shot herself…yep, I said it. People, when you see a “cop” blatantly disregarding the liberty’s of the people….YOU/WE NEED TO STEP IN AND TAKE CARE OF THE SITUATION! If enough of these cops get gunned down (done right) we’ll not have these problems. Never give up your rights to your weapons against the tyranny of the goverment (because thats what the 2nd is for)….period.

  • Anthony Edwards

    Taxpayer funded murder.

  • dujaa74

    METRO NEWS BRIEFS: CONNECTICUT; Judge Rules That Police Can Bar High I.Q. Scores Gov’t needs PAWNS not thinkers.

  • Craig Miller

    I see they are graduating from slaying family pets.

    • Charles Anderson

      no doublt

  • lainierullo

    Never call the police. Never open the door to them, and, children especially have to have it drummed into them, never to open the door to anyone.

    If the person who is knocking on your door won’t identify himself and his reason for being there, DON’T OPEN THE DOOR.

  • Truth_Forward

    Friends always call before showing up because they know that I keep the door locked and won’t answer it unless I’m expecting them. Same with FedEx and UPS. If the driver won’t leave the package at the door I go to their office and pick it up.

    Some people call me paranoid but it’s incidents like this that put me in this frame of mind.

    Luckily we’re seeing the beginning of people saying “Enough!” such as the grand jury that refused to indict a guy for killing a deputy during a raid.

    Maybe there is hope for freedom in America after all.

  • Dayann Molina McDonough

    I was thrown into the police accountability movement in NY when my loved one was murdered by the NYPD this past July. I know,this is a very hard thing for you to endure. My heart aches for you, your son and brother was precious and did not deserve to die. These things are happening on a nationwide scale and we must join as one no matter,what color to demand that these senseless police murders stop. You have my deepest condolences, and i pray that unlike most people, you will know what it is to receive justice.

  • ThomasThePaine

    We need a “civilian vigilante squad” to start righting these ever escalating wrongs with the help of 24X “devices”. . . We need to put the fear of God on these criminals with badges and make them know that their union can not longer protect them!

    • Commentor

      Yep, need people like you locked up in the mental ward

      • ThomasThePaine

        I can only assume that you approve of the hundreds of innocent “civilians” AND their dogs killed by these psychotic gangs of criminals every year. . .

        • Commentor

          You must be thinking I am in law enforcement, well you are wrong. Vigilantism is not the answer. That only promotes lawlessness. So are you advocating for lawlessness?

          • ThomasThePaine

            It’s very hard to get more lawless than the cops and the government already are. . . Rest assured that you, scum of the Earth do not have a monopoly on violence!

            I’m done wasting time with a PBA troll!

          • Commentor

            Just like all criminals, you resort to name calling. I believe in law and order. I believe in the courts to uphold the law, don’t you?

          • Canadian

            Name calling?….All I see you doing, is a slight rebuttal(IF that) followed by calling everyone idiots.

          • Commentor

            I call them like I see them. Please stay in Canada and take that Bieber fool back.

  • John William Fontaine

    Dirty Rotten Basturds…Because they put a badge on them & make them go to a Police Academy (like the movie one!)! They think they have a right to shoot & ask questions LATER. This bitch needs to be charged with MURDER!!

  • Charles Anderson

    paid leave after killing a kid? pigs

  • ThomasThePaine

    These are the current requirement for admission to the police academy:

    1. Irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults;

    2. Reckless disregard for safety of self or others;

    3. Failure to conform to social norms;

    4. Impulsivity or failure to plan ahead;

    5. Consistent irresponsibility;

    6. Deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure;

    7. Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another;

  • Zulu Tango

    I want the cops name and badge number, I want which department she works for and her immedaite supervisors phone number. Rouge cops don’t deserve respect.

    • Commentor

      And you don’t deserve respect either

      • Zulu Tango

        must be a rouge cop.

        • Commentor

          Sorry to disappoint you, but no I am not a cop. Why would you want all the info you request? For what purpose? I don’t respect bad cops either, but do respect the good ones.

  • tiff
  • Whiplash

    The police are murdering us one by one. It’s a turkey shoot and we’re the turkeys. I suggest everyone arm themselves to the teeth and invest in some really good body armor. Let’s start remembering how the people at Waco responded when the cops tried to murder them.

    • Verge Mires

      I’m not sure if you’re serious or not. If so, then please seek some form of therapy or mental help. While I’ll agree that at times it seems really bad, what you’re suggesting is terrorism, murder, and suicide because of some kind of paranoia.

  • Phill

    Why can’t you dumbasses see he was a direct threat to authority and maby even your family? He could have easily killed the officer of the law! Note; Empty your paws before opening the door when you know the cops have arrived. You’re all delusional psychopaths by supporting that terrorist

  • Jason Stainkamp

    if I were the mom I would have walked straight up to her and shot her with her own gun…how can they give the woman Paid Administrative Leave? She should have been fired, fined and jailed. Her assets and money should go to the family of the child who got shot and the woman should be put in a prison with the criminals she arrested.

    • Verge Mires

      It’s standard practice in a case like this where an investigation is
      called for. Whether she’s guilty or not, taking her out of the line of
      duty until the process is completed is mandatory.

      And shooting back wouldn’t have solved anything and only made matters worse for the rest of the family. Sadly, we have to deal with the justice system we have because it’s the only one we’ve got.

  • Anthony Romano

    Fucking trigger happy cops man

  • Tylor2

    Some day soon things will take a turn for the worse with one of these incidents as a catalyst……Kiev comes to mind.

  • Shawntay Menuey

    She should not get paid why she is off on leave she is the one that shot the boy

    • Verge Mires

      It’s standard practice in a case like this where an investigation is called for. Whether she’s guilty or not, taking her out of the line of duty until the process is completed is mandatory.

  • Keith Houston

    Welcome to the American police state, brought to you by the democrats and the republicans! So just keep supporting these two tyrannical parties that are destroying Liberty and Freedom in this nation! This is what happens when we are forced to vote for the lesser of two evils, real evil is victorious, and We The People will suffer more and more until we stop the insanity, but hey, the dumbasses that support both parties just keep giving them more and more power over us…


    • Verge Mires

      So how is it that you can take a terrible story of a kid being shot and use it to be smug and condescending to anyone that votes to either party? Is it a special ability you have or are you seriously just that ignorantly arrogant? Because I really don’t see how much your post helped out ANYONE in or out of the system you despise.

      • Keith Houston

        This happens every day in our nation, and it will not stop until the two parties are stopped. Just that simple.

  • JD

    Why in the hell is she on paid leave? She needs to be fired and charged with murder!

    • Harry_the_Horrible

      Innocent until proven guilty.
      Though we’d be in jail, wait for a judge to set an extortionate bail.

  • renee aitken

    PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE????? for killing someone? a kid? for not even saying “DROP IT”? for not even yelling “police” when you knocked on the door? WTH??? they don’t need no paid leave, they need time off unpaid, give that money to the family of the kid shot for no reason!

    • rubisco

      Standard response when investigating an incident like this. Remember, this is the family’s side of the story. It’s possible that it is exactly what happened, but the assumption in our country when it comes to prosecution of crimes is innocent until proven guilty. They can’t punish her prior to investigating what happened.

  • commcowboy

    This police officer needs to LEAVE THE COUNTRY.

    • Harry_the_Horrible

      Nope. She needs to buy some rope, and take a walk in the country to find the right tree.

  • aszure42

    Pig cowards

  • Johnny

    I don’t normally believe in capital punishment, but when I do it’s because I just read in an article like this.

  • hardtruth00

    Police thugs murder a child and get a paid vacation. Welcome to the Police State, the Democrat Utopia ….

    • Verge Mires

      Democrat utopia? Where does that come from? Seems to me like it’s the same kind of trigger happy mindedness that comes with most NRA supportive, red state hive mind.

  • Truth hurts

    Hope the police gets death sentence

  • Manu Feildel


  • Subbub

    maybe its not right, but if I could, I would definitely assassinate that P.O.S. cop.

    • Commentor

      Big words when you hiding behind your computer

      • Acworth

        Hey Commentor – go ahead and post your phone number first mr PIGSHOT- or are you “hiding” behind your computer?? Miss Piggy (no offense to the late Jim Henson) murdered am unarmed teen in HIS home. She was locked – loaded / aimed and squeezed.
        Friends in that community that have LONG known the Euharlee Police have been HEAVY-HANDED against thier citizens. Open request complaints against the department. – it wouldnt have mattered WHO one opened the door. Wonder if she has kids???? wonder if she considers what it would be like if the shoe was on the other foot.

        • Commentor

          Let me tell you what Subub was really saying in his post for you so you can understand what he wrote. It would not be the word assassinate, but murder of that cop. I don’t condone murder no matter who they are. We are a nation of laws, not lawlessness. Did that cop murder that kid? That is to be determined in a court of law with a jury. Not by vigilantes and assassins.

  • fuckingidiots

    Listen retards.

    You don’t know the full story, no one here does. We don’t know why the police was there in the first place. We don’t know what happened, you’ve only heard the familys side of the story.

    • Verge Mires

      True enough, but no matter WHY the cop was at the residence, there was no reason for a shot to be fired just because he opened the door. Also, other articles have statements by neighbors about the incident which corroborate with this one.

  • David Davidson

    At least the officer went home safe thats all that really matters im sure she will get promoted for her efforts

  • John

    This is a horrible tragedy, and nothing I’m going to say is meant to downplay that in any way and it hits close to home because I am a retired Marine and still see anyone in the Corps/in the process of joining the Corps as a brother.
    But…as much as people are going to hate this (and potentially hate me for saying this), I understand why the officer reacted the way she did. When you are tasked with doing something that has potentially lethal consequences like going up to a stranger’s door for a warrant or probation, or for military going into an unknown situation in the field, you dont always have time to second guess your first instinct. If it looks like a weapon, it could be a weapon and when you don’t fire, it could mean your life. There are mistakes, this was terrible one, and it was on US soil, making it feel closer, and making it more prominent in the news (and it was on a child/young adult which seem more horrific). Its sad when mistakes like this happen. But the other side to this is that when we (as police or military) make the mistake of not firing when there truly IS a threat, then we have a dead officer, a dead Marine, Soldier, etc.
    I am in no way excusing what she did. And this doesnt mean that this officer should not be held responsible for what happened. It also doesnt mean that there aren’t officer and military personnel out there who abuse their power and I have no way of knowing if this was the case here. But hopefully this can give the people who are calling for her head a bit of a glimpse into what we deal with as men and women who willingly put ourselves in harms way to defend others. The decision to squeeze the trigger or NOT squeeze the trigger is never easy and the consequences are scarring no matter which decision you choose (even if you were right in choosing it).

    • Malchik

      Don’t have the nerve? Don’t do the job.

  • Saint

    I can’t stop these feels.. only murica.

  • Matthew John

    Weird hot his article DIRECTLY conflicts other articles. Some one is lying.

  • Jay Phillips

    Why in the f*** is the officer on “paid administrative” leave? Why isn’t she being held? Oh wait, it’s cause she’s a cop and above the law right? This cop should be fired and tried. I don’t care if she “thought” it was a handgun. It was far from being a handgun, not even remotely close to looking like a handgun. This fatal mistake should cost her career. Use her to set an example for all the other shady a** cops who believe they are above the law.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    The cop needs to be brought up on second degree murder charges. The family should also sue her in civil court for every penny she will make for the rest of her miserable life.

  • Andrew Fysh

    those fuckin pigs

  • Charles Patterson

    I’m not one to take things one-sidedly, but this woman needs to go to jail. I mean truthfully, I don’t care if it was a misunderstanding or not, this was just plain negligence and it cost a young man his life. From the sound of it, ti doesn’t seem like it was a misunderstanding as much as it was a gross disregard for proper procedure. That alone should cost her her badge and the ability to be an officer of the law. But the fact that an innocent is now dead should be ruthlessly punished by the law, and honestly the family should be compensated.

  • copkiller48

    A lesson to never open the door for the police. Instead empty a clip through the door.

    • Verge Mires

      Because THAT’S really the solution here. How about we find ways to weed out bad cops and make the entire country less trigger happy? Maybe some progress might happen then.

    • Commentor

      Spoken like a true crminal

  • Rick

    I don’t care about the Briggs-Myers test, or any psych test for that matter. My father is an ex-police officer, and he is not too keen about most police officers today. The abundance of police officers today (in any jurisdiction) are power hungry. They get the gun, badge, and arresting authority and all of a sudden they are 10 feet tall and made of steel. Look at the Christopher Dorner situation, a officer in the U.S. Navy (American hero), police officer (community hero), and because the man tried to do the right thing LAPD takes everything from him, and he snaps. This young man here (Christopher Roupe) had great dreams to serve his country and that dream, and his young life, was ended because some power hungry wench was too scared, or trigger happy, or whatever her excuse is, ended this young hero’s life. She should be brought up on manslaughter charges. When will police start to act like community servants, instead of insane, trigger happy gang bangers. We need to deal with cops like they deal with the community…with brute force. My thoughts and prayers go out to Christopher’s family.

    Good day to you all.

  • Pamela Battersby

    That could have easily been either one of my Grandchildren, oh My God that is awful. Are they serious? I don’t care if it is a cop or a private citizen,shouldn’t they know what they will be walking into? What type of probation was this person on that warranted a cop to have the Gun drawn before the person answered the Door? Wow !!!!! God Bless this Family !!! And even the Cop, she must have some awful things in her head when and if she can close her eyes at night.

  • joe duh

    Fake fake fake. What city? What jurisdiction did this fall under. What was the name of the police officer. You guys are sheeps.

  • Dizzy Gear

    i wouldn’t be surprised if they used the “stand your ground excuse”.

  • realnewsreport

    You guys have it all wrong. The cops ENJOY the murder they do. I know, I have heard them laughing and joking about killing ‘perps’. There AREN’T any decent cops – to me, they have been encouraged to be murdering scum. The ONLY way this is ever going end is if people in MASS start doing the same thing to the cops. No, I am not encouraging anyone to take out a few cops. I am just saying the people like this cops only understand violence.

  • jody

    Fake fake fake. What was the name of the cop. What’s his aunts name. Why was my post removed from this site earlier when I asked for hard evidence, you know things like details. I wouldn’t donate any money to the Facebook page if it asks either, but then again I’m not an idiot.

  • Alexis Goitia

    The fact that the police is withholding any information makes it obvious that they’re trying to protect the cop who shot him; when their hands are clean they’re very quick to say so to avoid problems and bad press.
    It was obviously a mistake, the cop didn’t know what the controller was, but assuming is the number 1 problem of the police in the US, they always assume that whatever you say, do or have near you is a threat and amidst their paranoia power trips they forget their duties.
    The cop should be fired and processed like any murderer would be, and not be shown indulgence just because she happens to own a vagina.

  • Xryptic

    Know what’s gonna happen to that cop now? Nothing nothing at all why because she’s a great and might police officer charged with upholding the laws she just broke fuck this world I’m out

    • Alexis Goitia

      Not just that, she’s a woman, and in this gynocentric society in which female rapists are awarded money from their underage male victims, a female murderer is obviously gonna call sexism and she’s gonna be showered with all the apologetic and benevolent sexism she can gather in her hands.

  • Drew

    Enough of this shit, its New Revolution or bust America..

  • Kenneth Pius

    This is disgusting. According what I’ve heard about the catastrophic incident, it looks like this officer was dead set equipped and eager to pull the trigger regardless of whatever. She refused to answer the kid when he responded to her call, maybe she didn’t even hear the kid speak due to her seemingly keenness to end the life of who ever opened the door.

    This is a perfect example of police brutality.

    My condolences to the family, loved ones and friends. I am sorry for the loss.

  • Lauren

    If we can’t trust our own police system to protect us, then who? I am thoroughly appalled. RIP Christopher.

  • Hansuke

    Wow, seriously? This cop better get life in jail!

  • neeb

    Yet people still think police rats are the only ones who should own firearms.

  • Brian

    As is so often the case, there is a bit more to this story than the above meme implies.

    • lolligirl5

      It does not matter. Even if it really WERE the action of a firearm the officers thought they heard from behind the door, and the child WAS holding a toy gun, here’s what the law states about one’s personal property, in layman’s terms:

      Individuals have a right to defend their personal property (their home) with deadly force, if they feel their lives are in danger.

      The officers knocked, didn’t announce themselves in a manner that could be heard. It was dark out. It’s logical to assume that in that particular neighborhood, the family felt unsafe at night, and a stranger who knocks and doesn’t answer themselves, is a high risk of being a danger to the occupants.

      Warrant or not, the officers are trespassing on private property UNTIL the occupants have been made verbally and visibly aware of the officers intentions and court-ordered right to be there to serve the warrant.

      This comes down to officers using “spider sense” to over perceive an imagined threat, and they murdered a child in his home, where he had a right to defend himself with deadly force against an unannounced intruder.

  • Brendon Stodder

    Kill all cops and their families if their departments won’t take matters into their own hands then we must.

    • Commentor

      Lets kill idiots like you first

  • Mylifeis4me

    At I.Q of 123 looks like I will never become a cop!

    • Average Joe Canadian

      pffft. you lost your chance when you crossed the 85 mark.

  • Kathryn O’Connor

    why was the cop at the door with a gun?

  • Lily

    A stupid IDIOT has murdered a hero, and a child at that. And she’s on paid suspension for it. Great. When will you learn?

  • boboooobobobboboobobobobobob

    “Executed” by a cop? No, he was murdered, plain and simple.

  • LoveTheBillOfRights

    Sue the hell out of them both for the son and the daughter.

  • Rob

    F*ck the police!!

  • Rob

    R.I.P Christopher

  • Sarah

    PAID Administrative leave?!?

  • Toban_Frost

    The police gun down a kid holding a toy, tell the sister to shut up, when she’s clearly freaked out for good reason, and these motherfuckers get a paid vacation out of this? Can somebody please explain this fucking shit to me, again? Explain this to me in a way that makes sense?

  • Jason

    Absolute outrage . How many more people must die and be brutalized by these incompetent dumbass cops. Leave with pay, let’s add insult to injury. Cops should be held accountable at a higher standerd than the average citizen but it’s the opposite, they are protected by other gun toating maniacs. We all need to pull together and make a stand as a unified people or God help us.

  • Bradley Hylton

    Where ever this happened they need to in force the death penalty because that ain’t right I think that cop should be since to death

  • Charles May

    And to think the Supreme Court just said that people can be denied jobs as police officers for being too smart.

  • Steven R. Onines

    It appears as if any contact with a police force can be considered deadly.

  • rockcitygrl8

    not sure where Euharlee is…. where did this happen? FL, AZ, CO?

    • ABC123

      Euharlee – GEORGIA. Outskirts of Cartersville

  • j. kutts

    I believe all officers should have to take a drug and alcohol test anytime they fire a weapon – I have to if a scratch my company owned pickup. being put on paid admin leave is BS

  • Jared Watson

    Why are we not watching cops 24/7 on CCTV?

  • sdf185 ~ TS Inc ambassador ~

    *Loads a 12-Gauge* Ya know, you cops give our justice system a VERY bad name, and were sick and tired of it. You boys ( and in this case, girls ) in blue better get your act together, before we give you a REAL reason to raise those guns!

    P.S. as soon as i get a gun, first cop i see who i know has done bullshit like this is getting one in the head, purely as a warning to all those so-called officers who abuse there powers. This shit is unacceptable, and it must be stopped!

  • fukthepolice

    How disgusting is this story it is unbelievable! Cops are so crooked and corrupt, people need to rise up against these crooked forces. There allowed to go out and murder people and go home at night. There asking for a revolution!

  • Ben

    That’s horrific… There was absolutely no reason for this officer to behave the way she did. She needs to be discharged and put in a good metal rehabilitation program.

    The Police Department better be doing their very best to make amends to help the family, and even still that won’t bring Christopher back.

    Any lawyer, department worker, or individual who tries to condone or even down-play the severity of the officer’s actions needs to be left out of making the verdict and be taught some common morals and respect. In today’s world, people with authority are allowed to get away with atrocious, poorly judged actions such as this all too often, and we can’t stand for it any longer.

    My heart goes out to Christopher, his family and his friends, and I really hope they get this officer the help she needs.

    • Josh Hubbard

      What is a “metal rehabilitation program”? lol. Just kidding. Well said. I think the problem is much, much deeper and most are beyond any sort of rehabilitation. They are sick in their heads and that is unfixable.

  • Josh Hubbard

    This is horrible. There has to be more to this story though. Why was the officer at the house? For what breach of probation? Where is this house located within the city? What city was this in? Why was the cop knocking on the door with her gun drawn? Why was this officer alone at the door? Or was she? I agree that this site is a step in the right direction but the articles need way more information in them. I also agree that what is happening in this society is horrific. That being said, I notice a lot of the articles leave out any information as to what the officers side to the stories are. This may be done to show how callous cops are in their decision making and to make it seem like the cops are 100% in the wrong all the time and everyone else is 100% in the right. But it also makes it look like they are just acting widely and are rogue officers which may not be the case. There may be no good reasons for an officer to do a certain thing but with no information on the back story to a lot of these articles, its impossible to know for sure. Being uneducated when making decisions about our outlook on groups of people is a recipe for disaster.

  • Josh Hubbard

    Police officers should NOT be placed on “paid administrative leave” when they are under any sort of investigation involving a shooting. Any time an officer is being investigated for actions that took place while on the job they should be on a non-paid leave of absence also. If an incident is deemed worthy enough to be investigated then there has probably been some indication of wrong doing. And if the powers that be think it’s worth their time to investigate then they obviously have just cause. The cops look out for each other. So if an investigation has been started then it means the incident in question is to big to be covered up and ignored like 90% of the wrong doings that go on within the “law enforcement industry”. It’s assinine that we the people allow our money to go into the pockets of someone that we pay when they are being investigated for doing something that is against the authority that we have given them. How anyone can think differently about that blows my mind! What is wrong with people?

  • James Fox

    Fuck The Police!

  • Scott Davis

    Praying For All of you! God Bless and Semper Fi! I pray for Justice and for God to wrap his arms around you!

  • FigmentOf YourImagination

    PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE? What the hell? So, why this poor family grieves and is forced to pay out thousands in funeral arrangements, this trigger-happy bitch gets to sit on her ass and get paid? And people wonder why we’ve lost faith in the system…

  • bbt

    if i was that boys family, i would kill that retarded cunt that shot my boy.. what a fuckin piece of shit….

  • likearadiowave

    I’m starting to think that one of the prerequisites of being a cop is that you have to be good at murdering people. Like the interview process goes something like: “oh, you shot a homeless man? impressive. Burned down an orphanage on christmas? good. Raped a few people because you could? excellent. Killed a few kindergarteners because they looked at you the wrong way? amazing. Seems like you’re a full-fledged sociopath. Welcome to the force!

  • Cheeseweasle

    Her comment on that particular website sounds like any young woman who is silly has an odd sense of humor. It doesn’t sound mental at all. Should she hang, yes absolutely. She isn’t incompetent, she knew what she was doing. She was trigger happy and the department is trying to cover it up. She should be jailed or hanged. I’m ok with either on.

  • we the people

    Arm yourself, then answer the door.

  • ThomasThePaine

    It takes 2 years of classes (and probably an IQ of at least 100) to get a barber’s license. . . It only takes 4 months to get a license to kill Americans in their own homes. . .

    May 16, 2014 The American Spring. . . The Tree of Liberty Needs Refreshing!

    • Commentor

      So you advocate the overthrow of the government? No patriot this one. Traitor yes, patriot no.

      • ThomasThePaine

        Fluke you PBA troll!

        • Commentor

          Just calling out a traitor when I see one. If you don’t like this country, please leave it. Harry Riley, COL, Ret is doing nothing more than inciting a treasonist uprising to overthrow the government that is lawfully elected by the majority. If you don’t like who in office, then vote them out, it simple as that.

          • ThomasThePaine

            Fluke you PBA troll!
            And, also fluke the whore from whose @$$hole you were excreted!

          • Commentor

            Goodbye traitor.

          • ThomasThePaine

            Fluke you PBA troll!

  • Funkasaurasrex

    Look at her eyes; crazy. And they give her a gun.

  • Even if Nancy Beth was mentally unstable, it didn’t stop the U.S. law enforcement from putting away the Aurora shooter. Why should this situation be treated any differently?

  • Vivian Demitra Yu

    This is so fucking ridiculous and disgusting. How can ANYONE mistaken a Wii remote as a gun? Like are you serious right now? Smfh. R.I.P Christopher.

  • a_narwhal

    This little boy didn’t have to die that day. This makes me sick. How am I supposed to teach my child that cops are the good guys, there to help and be trusted when stories like this happen more and more often. Heartbreaking.

  • “Mentally disabled.”
    Seems like a bad defense to cover up their crime on a cop show.

  • willow

    america’s largest street gang

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is up with cops now? F*cking seriously. As a kid, we were all taught that cops were supposed to protect us from danger, right? THEN SH*T LIKE THIS HAPPENS AND SOME HOW THEY LET IT SLIDE!!! I’m not saying they let THIS slide though. Other cases, police didn’t pay no mind. They don’t really care about us.

  • ashen

    Why was the cop at their house in the first place?

  • LiberalFascist

    That makes an even dozen civilians murdered, over tased, beaten while handcuffed this past week alone. Sure we can trust the police we don’t need guns to protect ourselves

  • cherrie

    “mentally unstable” wow yea right.

  • headshots

    Usually when this happens it means the cop had crooked dealings with the victim and had to silence the victim. I’m betting that is the case here as well.
    And BTW what a country huh? execute a teen with a wii remote at is own home and get a paid vacation. Hooray cops.
    Filth every last one of them.

  • RealDumbAnon

    I say murder the two female cops shot them in the chest 5 times and watch them bleed to death people like this should just be put on a list of people to die of cancer I don’t care they should die or get hanged or something above them lines, stupid police like fucking hell bitch’s like that should not be a cop if they think a fucking wii mote is a fucking gun.Atlest give the stupid fuckers a watergun and say its a real gun atleast then that kid would have been alive still… i hate things like this just as much as i hate people who abuse and hurt dogs.. if there was a easy button that when you pressed it and then the person you hated for doing this crime exploded and gibed i would spam that button over and over until all the evil people died!

  • Pigs as usual….dumb, and useless

  • guest

    Wtf are all of you talking about police iqs for a bout was shot and killed by a dumas ass police officer that is making any excuse to get out of the unforgivable murder of a young boy that should be the focus of your comments not if officers should have a high iq our not reading through your comments just made me sick and realize most ppl really don’t give a shit of what isright or wrong

  • therealcie

    Well, evidently she mistook the WII controller for a Star Trek phaser! Anyone could have made that mistake!
    In all due seriousness, why is someone whose psychological stability in question still carrying a gun?
    This is a very sad story. My heart aches for this family.

  • bendanger

    wtf Beth Daniel-Gatny look before you shoot

  • Anonymous


    This has crossed the line. A freaking POLICE OFFICER should not be aloud to knock on your door and SHOOT YOU DEAD to get off on “paid leave”

    An officer shouldn’t be SILENT when asked to identify themselves at the door…they need to do that IMMEDIATELY according to their OWN FREAKING CODE OF CONDUCT.

    Lastly, if you, as an officer, actually have the mental disability to confuse a WII REMOTE for a freaking HANDGUN, you should never have been an officer in the 1st place, meaning of course that the people in charge of the police (city government, at the least) failed their jobs MISERABLY.

    I think my rage meter DESERVES and HAS THE RIGHT to be MORE than full, and whoever’s ISN’T at this has no soul.

  • Anonymousguy

    We’ve lost more American lives to cops than soldiers in Iraq, or Iran… Apparently the government has declared war on us, the citizens it’s meant to protect

  • eman1973

    The only punishment for that cunt can be “anally raped to death with the large end of a baseball bat”

  • Real Muslim Real American

    How many more innocent people have to be maimed or killed unjustly by a out of control monster with a badge….?

  • Mitchell Rowe

    The retarded bitch kills the boy and then gets a paid vacation. Fucking insanity

  • Ger Doyle

    this world is getting worst every day them to pigs should be hung

  • jaci


  • Mark N Starla Traina


    THUG LIFE 101:



    As the kidnappers pulled
    into a quiet, upscale golf course community, they thought they were about to
    abduct an assistant district attorney who sent a high-ranking gang member to
    prison for life, authorities said.

    But they had the wrong address and when the prosecutor’s father answered the
    door, they took him instead.

    For five days, authorities said the kidnappers held 63-year-old Frank Janssen
    captive in an Atlanta apartment, tormenting his family by sending text messages
    threatening to cut him into pieces if police were called or their demands
    weren’t met. They even sent a photo of him tied up in a chair.

    On Tuesday, an indictment charged nine people in Janssen’s abduction, including
    49-year-old Bloods member Kelvin Melton, who authorities said was calling the
    shots by cellphone from his North Carolina prison cell. Janssen’s daughter,
    Wake Forest assistant district attorney Colleen Janssen, prosecuted Melton in
    2012 for his role in the shooting of his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.

    Court records show Melton has a long record of felony convictions in New York,
    the first being a 1979 robbery committed when he was 14. He pleaded guilty to
    manslaughter and robbery in 1998 and served more than 13 years in New York
    prisons before being released in August 2011.

    His conviction in North Carolina sent him to prison for life. Authorities said
    he wanted revenge.

    At first, Melton wanted the kidnappers to travel to Louisiana to abduct a
    family member of his court-appointed attorney from his 2012 trial. He arranged
    in March for each member of that kidnapping team to receive about $10,000,
    according to the indictment, but at some point, for reasons not explained in
    court documents, they called it off.

    Back to the JUNGLE or PLANET of the APES! This is DEFINITELY some NEW 3rd


    in U.S. HISTORY!

    … if you think for one second that PROGRESSIVE POLITICS works then I suggest
    that you visit one of the following PREDOMINATELY BLACK, BLIGHTED CRACK
    INFESTED $HYTHOLE U.S. CITIES or TOWNS – but don’t geaux ALONE and don’t geaux

    1) DETROIT

    2) DENVER


    4) ATLANTA

    5) ST. LOUIS


    7) NEWARK

    8) MEMPHIS




    12) MONROE

    13) HOUSTON

    14) DALLAS

    15) PHILLY



    18) OAKLAND

    19) WATTS



    22) Charleston




    26) JACKSON

    27) MIAMI



    30) FLINT

    FACT: “To be FORWARNED is to be FOREARMED!”


    The NAAWP is not in any way associated with the INFAMOUS KLU KLUX KLAN and we
    don’t believe in RANDON ACTS of VIOLENCE, nor do we PROMOTE RACIAL HATRED!

    FACT: Our MEMBERS came from all WALKS of LIFE and but we converge in our LOVE


  • deanna

    someone kill her you get bitcoins for a reward

  • fuck the cops

    Fuck those gay fucking cops, i hope they get cancer and die slowly the pieces of cunt.

  • travlinjack


  • melaniable

    Anyone who would post such an update on their workplace website is definitely off their rocker..

  • jim

    so no reason to even have a gun out – cops will save it’s a good shooting



  • Kang_Gary03

    I think we need not only smart officers, but compassionate officers. Ones who will want to help the community and not just abuse their powers and authority. Ones that actually care about the wellbeings of the people. But the key is that they STAY compassionate throughout their careers.

  • Bitgod

    I hope something horrible happens to that bitch of a cop.

  • humboldtrick

    ALL cops who betray their public trust should be summarily executed by the public. Same goes for politicians, bureaucrats and religious leaders.

  • Barack Obama

    They’re killing white people now. Shit is getting serious.

  • The police are looking for bully type individuals who blindly follow orders and believe that anything they are told to do is just. It’s common all over. Unless you’re willing to bring down anyone in your way you will never be able to gain any kind of power in todays world.

  • Maddog

    I grew up next door to a retired FBI agent (Rochester N.Y.) Who,s 2 sons were Monroe co sheriff deputies! Almost my entire life,I grew up with respect for law enforcement, The local,county and state police ALL had a strict coriculum before the hiring of officers,which included a series of mental aptitude tests,and several coarse,s they had to take in phsycology! Now it seems they are hiring the phsyco,s

  • Lisa Burgess

    Since when can you watch a movie on the WII?
    Also he could have had the gun add on for the WII remote for shooting games like I have.

  • Trevor Hoagland

    hmmmmmmm, when i was in LE, part of the interview was to intentionally try to rock or disturb or piss off candidates, i recall being screamed at belittled and generally harassed in the oral board for mistakenly spelling captain wrong! during the psych eval that agin was used to keep me off balance, when i had sucessfull survived that round and 2 others i learned that the spelling mistake was used specifically to check my mental stability, other applicants were subjected to other issues specific to their own written applications and tests, my point is back then, there was NO chance of putting an unstable cop on the streets! then just to make extra sure, they made us work in the jail for a full year before we ever saw street duty…… now its nearly 30 yrs later and suddenly the standards for becoming a police officer is lessened? in an age when technology has tripled from when i was doing the job….. i dont even see how this is possible! an unstable cop, with know tendencies. how the hell was she left on street duty!?

  • Meesh Nox

    ……seeing a trend?

  • Lemee guess, no grand jury indictment and police internal affairs found the shooting justified. I know, I know, those video game controllers can be quite menacing.

  • Talamascaa
  • LaVon Divine Minter

    This is just outrageous, the police have become the true terrorist threat to the American citizens, and everyone is just acting all oblivious to this unchained populace extermination force. The fuck is wrong with America in this day and age.Wake up people!!!

  • brandon1488

    needs her wings

  • Rosemarie Carreras

    This proves that anybody can be a victim. My prayers go out to the family.

  • Christopher Robles

    They don’t why intelligent people because they want dumbasses who won’t question immoral orders. Just like the fucking Nazis.

  • fishydude

    According to previous FBI data female police officer involved shooting occur at a much higher percentage than their number on the police force. Being smaller than most of the dirtbags they encounter makes them more likely to use the only real equalizer they have. The side arm.
    But even male police need better training.

    If a civilian kills an unarmed kid, even if they thought they were armed, still gets charged with murder. And civilians haven’t gone through the “identification friend or foe” training that police officers do.
    Or maybe this police department doesn’t even bother with training. Not sure how this police officer passed if they do.

  • anon

    thats just so tragic

    • FlatusOhlfart

      its not tragic, its criminal.

  • FlatusOhlfart

    these cops should hang. they are despicable cowards. scum of the earth.

  • MistyH

    Fry that witch!!!

  • Dmhalix

    What was the outcome of this case ??? going to guess they determined it was just another justified shooting and stuck a medal of bravery under fire on this pos chest ………. but if anyone has info about it would be great if they could post a linnk

  • Dmhalix

    nvm i found it A previous grand jury said that deadly force wasn’t authorized, but the case was handed over to a second grand jury for review. Looks like the prosecutor did not like the result of the first grand jury so took it to a 2nd grand jury and watered shit down to get her off …………

  • Paul Cote

    My IQ is 187, I guess that I could be two average cops.

  • Bill Catz

    And another innocent life taken and the murdering cop gets a paid vacation. When will this idiocy stop?

  • Haven Lee Angelus


  • Rob V Roy

    The one thing that ALWAYS pisses me off the most is,
    When a power hungry Deuchebag Cop decides shehe wants to go kill someone, so they stroll out looking for youth, pets, homeless,anything that wouldn’t be much of a threat, then kill them, say they were armed or fear for your life then you are good to go. One day the public is going to explode, it will be a war on pigs… They are scum and even death is not good enough for them. Wish they would become trapped in a cycle that they can’t wake up from. May they all enjoy hell

  • Enrique Elizondo

    She is a person with family and an address go and get her

  • Angylheart

    I am just at a loss for words when hearing these stories day in and day out…it’s a common consistency with the police killing kids, (IM NOT REFERRING TO CRIMINALS, IN CASE ANYONE WANTS TO GO THERE) people who are restrained, handcuffed, hands up – etc. etc….. I honestly have grown numb to feeling sympathy for any officer killed anymore…..they are taking lives like a 3rd world country – innocent lives lost – fair game for “all”, on both sides of this coin…serve and protect no longer exists in this society – shoot first ask questions later has now replaced their code of ethics and the oath of serve and protect…….an innocent child, playing a dam video game…..just incomprehensible – prayers for their family and for this poor young soul who had his whole life ahead him, getting ready to go into our military (Marines) to serve our country – so this POS cop could have her freedom!! Where is the justice in this?? Or any of these murdering bastards with badges…… idk….js…

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    The only good thug with a badge is a dead thug with a badge.

  • TomKi

    First degree murder under color of law with aggravating circumstances, please.

  • craig klucas

    If they have a low IQ, what does it say about detectives who are promoted from within?

  • Brian Keith Smith

    Most cops are mentally unstable. Otherwise they’d be something other than revenue generators for the state.

  • disqus_7lEAhytOR7

    The stupid c*nt should be executed by a firing squad.

  • Bendy Bentley

    “Shut Up?” Die, you worthless bitch. I hope a car runs over your hateful ass.

  • Winddancer Michael-Francis Ant

    Put this whore in rape prison for a few years of PAIN – then Execute her … do this to all cops that Murder to teach them a lesson – problem solved …

  • inerlogic

    she should put her service weapon in her mouth and do the country a favor

  • Hafsteinn Helgason

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The police in the U.S. aren’t really Law Enforcement Agencies but rather government controlled gang of murderers, rapists and psychopaths.

  • frederick

    someone needs to find that cop and hunt her down, EXACTLY in the same way. An eye for an eye… I hope they do and I hope she suffers. That will be a good example to other presumptuous cops.

  • Michael Timmerman

    That cop needs to get a gun load it put it in her mouth and pull the trigger…. child killer!!!

  • sithan

    Amééérrika… land of the free criminal dirty cop.
    But I prefer cop killer

  • nans11

    Here we go again…paid leave? Legalized murder!!!!

  • Shemp

    scum bag cops

  • Barry So-sotero

    In 2008 Obama called for a civilian “army” that was just as powerful, well-funded, and strong as the U. S. Army.