“I Just Want to Do You” – Cop Reported for Sex Abuse, Pressing His Groin Against Woman


ST JOHN, INDIANA — Reports of sexual abuse have shaken residents in the small community of St. John, Indiana, where two females have stepped forward independently and reported a police commander for sexually abusing and harassing them.

The now-former Police Commander Michael Fryzel resigned last Friday amid the reports.

“I just want to do you,” Officer Fryzel is reported as saying.

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As he said that to one of the victims, he then took his hand and began creeping it up underneath the woman’s dress, according to reports.

“I was deathly afraid of him,” said one of the victims in an interview with CBS Chicago.

“The tipping point came when I actually was sitting in a chair he came up next to me and pressed his groin on me,” said one of the women.

Disturbingly, there may be more than two women involved.

Christopher Cooper, an attorney working on the case, stated that he knows of four additional victims one of whom is scared to testify.

“This is not your typical harassment in the working environment. This is a person who is engaging in criminal activity,” said Cooper.

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“He definitely put fear in people around him,” said one of the women.

Whether Officer Fryzel will face justice for the reported crimes is yet to be determined.

This article will be updated as more information is made available.

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