Officer With History of Inattentive Driving Runs Over 100-yr-old Woman Who Was Taking a Daily Walk, No Charges for Cop



ST PAUL — An elderly woman was killed when a police officer with a history of accidents ran over her.

Roza Sakhina immigrated from Russia with her family to the United States to seek a life of peace and opportunity.

Roza was nearly 100 yrs old.

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She was taking a stroll through her neighborhood in St. Paul as usual, but what happened next devastated her family.

Roza was using the aid of her walker to help her across the street, when suddenly a police officer accelerated backwards and struck Roza with the patrol car.

Officer Goutlet, the driver, had parked her vehicle diagonally at an angle instead of parallel against the sidewalk, according to reports.

She then reversed from that angle and hit Roza. Roza died after the patrol car struck her body.

The question many have is: didn’t Officer Goutlet look in her rear view mirror before backing up?

It turns out that Office Goulet has a history of accidents on the job. Officer Goulet was in squad accidents in 1994, 1997, 1997, and 2007, of which three were sideswiping and two were due to inattentive driving, according reports.

In 2007, Officer Goulet backed into a vehicle and hit it, a crash that was determined to be caused by Officer Goulet’s inattention, according to reports.

Officer Goulet was still able to keep her job as a cop and continue driving, despite this history of preventable crashes.

Roza’s family was deeply saddened when Roza was killed and filed a wrongful death suit against Officer Goulet in January, 2015.

Officer Goulet “acted in a negligent manner so as to collide with Roza Sakina, a pedestrian,” the lawsuit stated.

But the city attorney’s office replied to the suit by claiming that Officer Goulet’s actions were “reasonable, proper, and necessary under the circumstances and authorized by the laws of the United States and the State of Minnesota.”

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The county attorney’s office has declined to file charges against Officer Goulet.

Instead, it has been determined that Roza was responsible for her own death, according to court documents.

Officer Goulet presumably is still driving and will not face charges or a conviction.